Why the Sex Attack by the eJews against the sex Holocaust will end with Sexual failure and loss of sexual Erection










How much Sex is there in the word ”Holocaust”?

The Phallocentric view of the Holocaust Extortion Cult


The Battle of the Holocaust sex Penis and the Holocaust Erection Cult

The Logos of Exterminationism

THE WAR OF THE SHITHOLE MEDIA:  Who will get the first ”Shithole Media Prize” in USA?  So far it seems CNN is a strong contender. In Europe it would be the German Zionist ”Bild”

What is the Difference between Anti-Semitism and Antisementism (anti-Sementism)? And why we should use Antisementism if we want to be clear according to the Jewish Bible and Numbers 31

Why anti-Semitism is a Sex Cult





The new Polish law and the clash with the Father of the Holocaust Extortion Sex Cult Stefan Szende










ISRAEL’S AND CIA’S DIRTY HANDS REVEALED AGAIN: How Israel and CIA used War Criminal German Angela Merkel to beguile Turkey with armament for the creation of National Terrorism (NT) and Domestic Terrorism (DT).  And how Scofieldite German BILD’s CUM scums are plotting and covering up their blood-soaked Dirty Hands with Zionism. How our military Dictatorships are using CCFAT to silence people for War Is Peace and how Christians use Romans 13:1-7 to excuse their War Is Peace terror




DONALD TRUMP: His Caustological Zionist upbringing, his Zionist mind, his battles with antiquated Christianity and clashes with Judeo-Christianity. A Catalyst of Fear and Despair standing before the angry Jewish tribal God Jehovah with fear and trembling

How ”America First” Movement became ”Israel And Zionism” first movement


How Bible bogus Israel manipulated Sweden’s Jan Eliasson of United Nations UN and Goran Persson to carry out terrorist acts, torture and abuse inside Concentration Camps to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes PFC and hide the Auschwitz Olympic training Swimming Pool

The Holocaust Sex Cult On Trial: The Witch Trial of witch Alison Chabloz and the origin and evolution of Jewstalking, Domestic Terrorism, Thought Terrorism,   Book Burning, and the turning of Equality Before The Law into acts of Terror: the Mechanization of Urban life

Did the Jews practice Child Cannibalism and did they use Jerusalem as a center for it? What does the Bible say?

Here is where the real Chutzpah begun with the Holocaust Survivor Syndrome. Eating children while weeping and wailing and the origin of crocodile tears

HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR SYNDROME:  How Scofieldite Jews created Exterminationism to extort lucrative pensions as the PFC from unsuspecting insurance companies using their Holocaust Survivor Syndrome

GLOBAL INSANITY:  Israel ”Chosen Nation Of God”.  Claiming Donald Trump is mentally sick. Americans should take a close look at themselves. What’s wrong with America today? We do not know one person who has been infatuated with Jerusalem First and who has not turned insane. Thomas Paine who gave America its name said so ages ago

Will Donald Trump succeed in extending the Borders of bogus Israel from the Persian Gulf to Nile according to the plans of Exterminationism?

Quot Homines, tot sententiae  The art of Creed Making


A complete synthesis of the doctrinal corpus, Extermination Cult (EC), and the Practical Theology of accused witch, Alison Chabloz; fully revelated by the sexual defective impoverished, and, pornocaust ailment contagious sinners, of the Holocaust Survivor Syndrome afflicted faithfuls; divinely devoted, that via Tithe extensions rake in the Head And Tale Extortions (HATE) offerings (Deuteronomy 28:13), to revel in the plunder from Insurance frauds and pension extortions (PFC). To which, with pious graceful caust accord, is, supplemented, all about the accused witch, Alison Chabloz’s blasphemy against her heresy, hunting missions and TT missionaries of kleptomania money hungry Jeremiad (Lamentations) afflicted adepts (Deuteronomy 6:10, 11), anointed and submerged with Messiah semen drenched, hot fury pornocaust contaminated baptismal ointment, fully certified by the Cult Of Insatisfaction. (Psalms 137:9). HOLY AND INSPIRED PORNOCAUST CHAPTERS (2 Timothy 3:16, 17).   1. The Mourning And Wailing-Walling CUM Merchants (Revelation 18:11).   2. The Witches’s Sabbath before the Coitus.  3. The Passion.   4. The Foreplay.  5. The Shoah Candy Ass Licking: the Skirthanging (pons asinorum, Zechariah 8:23).   6. The Holocaust Masturbation Movement.  7. The Holocaust Erotic Moment.  8. The Holocaust Erection Movement.   9. The Pornocaust.   10. The Climax (Psalms 126).




Here you see the Auschwitz Brothel where Jews, especially the Jewish Sonderkommando responsible for slaughtering their Six Million Jews had their sex. To the right, out of reach of the picture, is the largest building inside the Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp, the Auschwitz huge Kitchen, which Stalin painted black in order to hide it. When Capitalists took over the Relief Camp, it was painted back into white. Stalin’s work was to cover up his Katyn Massacres.

To the left, is the Auschwitz Holy Temple where the Jewish Sonderkommando butchered their Six Million Jews which then went up a mystical chimney, and for the six million martyrs never to be seen again. The erotic claimed chimney, is often called ”The Auschwitz Erect Penis” because of its high, erected stature.

If you go straight up you will find the Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool in which; the Jewish Sonderkommando who could swim played Water Polo. It is this Swimming Pool which UN Jan Eliasson and ruthless, Johan Hirschfelt, both claiming to be Jews, had Ditlieb Felderer tortured and abused inside Concentration Camps, goaded on by West Germany and ”Israel’s” corrupt and vicious politicians. After their act of Thought Terrorism (TT) and Domestic Terrorism (DT) was over, they then had all the books of Ditlieb Felderer burned up in a secret Pyromaniac Book Burning (BB), Fahrenheit 451 act. Goran Persson, Jan Eliasson, and their team of professional gangsters then claimed they did so at the request of United Nations.

To the right you find the Post Office which Stalin also painted black to hide it in order to sell his story so he could hide his Katyn Massacres. Even further right, was the huge modern laundry, and not far, the building in which the Photograph School for the Reliefers was located. Near the then super modern laundry stands the Auschwitz Theater. Close to here was also the Water Tower Tank giving water to the buildings, the laundry, and the hydrants used in case of fire.

In this area the Jewish Symphony Orchestra played their Auschwitz Waltz to which the Reliefers danced. Some even found their sweetheart at this moment. There were other fun places for the Reliefers to enjoy, such as playing soccer, football against the German SS. In this whole area, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others helped in decorating the place, including the pavements. They also put up bird cages for the birds. Stalin then removed the tiles and put Jehovah’s Witnesses into Concentration Camps, some ending up in Siberia. After collaborating with the Nazis in butchering Six Million Jews, West Germany, had the Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando moved into fancy homes, such as Filip Muller, who landed in Mannheim,  the same city where Ernst Zundel was abused and tortured. And the American Corporation of Jehovah’s Witnesses got huge indemnities for their killing operation in helping the Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando to kill their Six Million Jews. When Ditlieb Felderer requested to speak to the Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando who had survived, and willingly killed in exchange for women’s underwear; and to record their story, he was told none were around. After three months all were killed off and a new batch of Serial Killers would take their place. That’s why none were around any longer.

A new story goes that the Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando tossed their Six Million Jews into cement mixers. The human sacrifice of cement mixed with human flesh, blood, and bones, were then used in building projects. Building material was scarce so humans came handy in finishing off the Final Solution. Some claim the baby bones can be seen all over sticking out from Block 10, the Holocaust Manna Semensmeared Bazaar Bauhaus (HMSB).

Pilgrims claim that the Maternity Ward Block 10 is almost entirely made of children’s corpses with baby bones sticking out from all over the place. To exhaust the babies for the killing  they were made to dance by the Jewish Sonderkommando while going in for the inhalation of the gas at the Auschwitz Temple, doing so, to the hefty music of the Jewish Orhestra. They thus died, not from gas but from exhaustment of dancing to wild Jewish Orhestra music. Evidently versions of the Pied Piper of Hamelin and Dance Macabre which now becomes dance macabre de enfants.

It was an easy task now to chop the children up into pieces. The body parts choped up by special Jewish butchers who normally were working at the huge kitchen, then tossed the cut parts into the cement mixer, and then were ready to be used for the gruesome Maternity Ward, Block 10 building, where thousands of Jewish babies were born. Pilgrims who have seen Block 10 tell baby bones are sticking out from almost every brick, testifying to the truth of the story which deniers (HD) first claim originated inside the toilet (Latrine Gossip, LG) while the martyrs were talking to each other about thier preference of food served from the huge Kitchen or, the latest cinema they had seen.  And if it wasn’t for the crave for women’s underwear by the Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando, the killing of the Six Million Jews would never have been possible.

A recurrent doctrine a bit similar to the Holocaust Manna Semensmeared Bazaar doctrine is in connection with Semenology and Sementology, and has to do with the HSS: Holocaust Semen Smeared affair. It also has to do with the White Stuff Doctrine. There, the claim goes, that the Six Million Jews at Auschwitz were not killed by gas, but by covering them with manna semen, sent by their tribal God Jehovah for having been unfaithful to his covenants. By massive covering of semen manna the Six Million Jews died from suffocation as the manna semen would enter their lungs, thus making them unable to breath any longer.

An older version, is the Auschwitz Fart Doctrine, a popular Doctrine with many Pilgrims who have felt the perfumes of close-contact Pilgrims while doing their pilgrimage to the Auschwitz Vomitorium. This Doctrine claims that it wasn’t the dancing, the semen, overeating at the huge Kitchen, or the swimming at the Auschwitz Olympic tranining swimming pool that killed the Six Million Jews for Hitler’s Final Solution, but the farts emanating from the Jewish Sonderkommando (Fart Doctrine, FD).

Each crusading faithful adherent embracing their special Doctrine for Hitler’s Final Solution would call you a Holocaust Denier, HD, should you in any way doubt the veracity of their claim. In Germany, War Criminal, TT woman, Angela Merkel, would give you 5 years inside her many Concentration Camps for abuse and torture should you dare to deny any of these Doctrines. This while they would invite the Serial Killing Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando to Germany to live like royal kings as they did with self-proclaimed mass killer, Filip Muller, who administrated the killing at the Auschwitz Temple for many years. He was invited to West Germany from East Germany, and settled down at Mannheim where Ditlieb Felderer got in contact with him. It was at Mannheim where the totally corrupt German pseudo-judge, TT man, Ulrich Meinerzhagen, threw Ernst Zundel inside German Concentration Camp for abuse and torture claiming he was a HD operator.



Three Stooges…

Pelt, Longerich, and Evans, three Knighted so great,

all sat on the loo,

thinking what causting would do.

But wasting no time,

inventing grand tales went far wild.

And so birthed the suffering woos.



C1253   ANTISEMITISM, ANTISEMENISM, ANTISEMENTISM   LACK OF MORAL ETHICS EXPRESSED BY JESUS AND A DAMNING CASE AGAINST JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY  JERUSALEM A PLACE OF HELPLESS CORPSES NOT WILLING TO HELP A PARALYTIC MAN ACCORDING TO JESUS CHRIST   GOOD SAMARITAN    A damning case against Jeudeo-Christianity and its Antisemitism (Antisementism), accusing eJews to be Antisemites and Antisemenites, putting Christ Jesus himself under severe suspicion of abetting a bunch of hard core criminals. The text is found in the Bible at John 5:1-6, the section itself evidently supporting Magicry and Demonology, apart from claims of text being filled with ”Jewish fancy”, and ”spurious content.” Verse 4 is completely elided in the 1917 Swedish translation, NW translation and others. Meyer calls it a ”legendary addition”, Mill and Tischendorf omits it while Griesbach marked it as spurious. The case of the Paralytic Sufferer is neatly suppressed by Christians who prefer conflating it with another Paralytic Sufferer case whose victim entered into a room below through the roof. There are very few real sermons existing about this damning text indicating Jerusalem to be a center for wanton hooligans and cut-throats. It moreover gives support to the mass killing Jewish Sonderkommando of which are claimed to ruthlessly kill over six million Jews inside Auschwitz Holy Temple. If a victim of disease had to wait for 38 years!!! to get healed, what does that say of the people of Jerusalem? ”Let us go up to Jerusalem!” should instead be: ”Run for your life and let’s get the hell out of it!” Psalms 122:2; Micah 4:2 endless of hymns have been made on the ”let us go up to Jerusalem” theme. And what do the Scofieldites believe? Well here it is:  When Jesus returns, Jesus Christ is going to assume David’s Throne….where is that?  Jerusalem, of course.  The place where Scofieldite Donald Trump will move the embassy having promised the Zionist Jews to do so. And he has the whole USA Evangelical force to back him up. Would you like to live in a world where a Jesus will rule from Jerusalem? Wait for 38 years for a tooth ache fix?

1716_Preview of “=”


C1254    WIKIPEDIA AND HOW IT COVERS UP THE HANDWRITING OF THE FATHER OF ANNE FRANK, OTTO FRANK    There does not exist any proof of that Anne Frank’s budding authorship ever existed except Wikipedia’s black ink. The actual handwriting of Anne Frank inside her falsely called ”diary”, in fact an autograph book, stands and remains with the autograph book. Everything else is spurious writing purported by the father Otto Frank to belong to his daughter Anne. Otto Frank accused his detractors disbelieving his version, their disbelief is just because he is a Jew. It has nothing to do with this. Only: Present your case. After you done so we will tell you if you are found to be yet another hoaxer, Jeg or not. Mr Frank no longer lives. It is now up to Wikipedia to produce evidence for the Anne Frank Drug Cult or desist from its claims.



C1255    HOW COVERING UP IN TRANSLATIONS CAN COMPLETELY LEAD YOU ASTRAY    Few people today are competent in several languages. And it is easy to fool people by mistranslation, or not translating at all. The name ”Dussel” is important in connection with the alleged ”diary” of Anne Frank, which was no diary but an autograph book made out falsely to be a diary. ”Dussel” in German means ”Crazyhead”. It is a terrible thing for a child to call anyone for Dussel in German, and that, a much older person. In fact totally unthinkable not the least for that this, 40-years older man than Anne Frank, is claimed to have sex problems and evidently, was in bed with Anne. Yes, they were sleeping together in the same bed! Just like David slept with his young child Abishag at Jerusalem. Theologians tells us David was then 70 years old.  Thus a child younger than perhaps 8 years old had sex with David as the Bible tells us she heated him up enabling him full sexual pleasure with child Abishag. By leaving the name Dussel untranslated Otto Frank was able to cover up yet another important matter that would have brought suspicion and questions about his purported ”diary”.


C1256    THE STAIR DOCTRINE IN RELATION TO BIBLE JOHN 5:1-6 AND THE SIX MILLION JEWS MEEKLY GOING DOWN THE STAIRS AT THE HANDS OF THE JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDO TO DIE AND BRING IN THE PENSION FRAUD CRIMES, PFC    The Stair Doctrine shows a group of ruthless Jewish Sonderkommando methodically at work in gassing at least Six Million Jews who went downstairs, singing and dancing, suspecting nothing amiss as the Jewish Sonderkommando tricked them to think of that coming luscious ice cream, orgiastic singing, dancing lambada, to tumultuous pornocaust music. Consider it with the Paralytic man of John 5 and you can see the connection. Both tell of ruthless Jegs who cared nothing of their fellow race and who only craved for their reward of women’s underwear. DOCTRINAL PERPLEXITIES: Did Jesus commit suicide by his Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem? Was he unaware of the hopelessly ”care nothing” attitude of the inhabitants of Jerusalem who had stolen the land? Why would a just God bother with a people who had so little care of their own people in desperate need? A people who evidently all were Antisemites. And now that we have a new Museum of the Bible at Washington, D.C., USA, how many years will they take to share this ethical Bible story to the public, written right there inside their Holy Bible? They are supposed to have received the help of the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate. Until this date they have not dared showing even a photo of the padlock supposedly keeping the six million Jews inside the Holy Temple at Auschwitz, not far from the Olympic training swimming pool Hitler built for the Reliefers. And of course, they won’t tell about the upcoming censorship Show Trial against Alison Chabloz in England for having brought attention to the massive fakes at the Auschwitz Holy Temple where millions of skirthanging pilgrims (Zechariah 8:23) are told all sorts of fairy tales out doing anything the Holy Bible can muster. And is the Censorship TT trial against Alison Chabloz yet another covert pornocaust religious Sex Trial?




         With the tribal God Jahweh (Jehovah) worshiping, vigorous jubilant Jewish Sonderkommando, ordained with super power, fully ornamented in swirling sackcloth and turbo laden erect spitting penises (Lamentations 1:10); salvational realizing they are now being the head and not the tail rump (Lamentations 1:5).  Torrential inundated with rupturing Godly blessed sounds and visibly flooding sanctimonious tears, as they enthusiastically strutted forward, accompanied by intensely continued lamenting (Lamentations 1:2, 5, 16; 2:5) over their soon martyred 6 Million Jewish brethren; they, accordingly grasped hold of the Six Million victims’ hands (Lamentations 1:7, 14; 2:3, 4, 7, 8; 5:6, 8, 12) (Selection Doctrine)); and, henceforth; bravely and courageously tricked them to stride forward into the Auschwitz Holy Temple, and thusly to successfully butcher, killing their Six Million Jewish martyrs inside. Done so within the fully comfort outlaid Auschwitz Temple. All the while they were weeping and wailing for the lost Six Million souls; firmly assured that the soon to be Saints would be richly compensated with the Promised Land heritage of Jerusalem above (Lamentations 5:2; Galatians 4:26; Hebrews 11:1) of a heavenly reward where they would reign together for evermore with their Tribal God Jehovah and his cozy mighty and erect penis in the sky (Isaiah 32:1; Revelation 22:5).


With a complete exegesis and theological investigation of amount of heresy and blasphemy contained in the holy Psalm.  The Song of Praise can be heard on the Internet to help those analyzing the heretical content of the hymn of praise.

My name is Irene Zisblatt and I come from Hungary

Can you believe what evil Nazi bastards did to me

I was gassed not once but twice

I mangaed to escape

Over the electric fence

Landed on the train

I saw them taking babies and tearing them in two

And creepy Dr Mengele he removed my tattoo

They tried to turn my brown eyes blue

Make lampshades from my skin

For months I swallowed diamonds

And shat them out again

Tell us another

Come on, my brother

Repeat the cover

For tribal gain

Safe in our tower

Now is the hour

Money and power

We have no shame

Let’s lie and cheat on film

No one suspects a thing

Bigger the lie is better for us!

Every fake survivor

Every fake survivor’s laughing

Fake survivors’ tongues are wagging

All us frauds are busy blagging

Spin and yarn there’ll be no gagging

You shall pay

All the way

Every night and day!

My name is Elie Wiesel may I show you my tattoo

I wrote a book for US kids to study while at school

It’s full of nonsense tales of course

What do you all expect

But it made me very wealthy

As a liar I’m the best

At Auschwitz they burned

babies tho the water table’s high

Fred Leuchter’s work on ditches well it almost made me cry

Treblinka was a another one

There was no funeral pyre

I cannot speak Hungarian

But oh boy can I lie

History repeats itself

No limit to our wealth

Thanks to your debt we’re

Bleeding you dry

We control your media

Control of your books and TV

With the daily lies we feed you

Suffering victimisation

Sheeple have no realisation

You shall pay…

My name is Otto Frank and my daughter’s name is Anne

The poor girl died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen camp

She wrote an introduction

To her famous diary

The rest was penned by Levin then publishèd by me

Two thousand and sixteen the copyright came to an end

The Anne Frank trust decided once again the rules to bend

We truly had no choice although

The whole thing really stank

But the book now has two authors

Anne and Otto Frank.

Bank notes let’s print some more

We love to see you poor

Let’s start a war

Our pockets to line

There is no more doubting

Every nations debt is mounting

While the bankers keep on counting

Pension fund has now gone awol

Nothing left upon your table

You shall pay..



Our destiny was sealed. The Hitler Final Solution was on. I sent my last letter to my friend Stefan Szende, went into the post office and gave it to the sensous volunteer, post office attendant, Judith; stroked her bare breast and kissed it,  and so, strolled over to the gas chamber inside the Auschwitz Holy Temple. There I was met by the Jewish Sonderkommando who all spoke Yiddish well, and who, escorted each one of the Six Million Jews soon to be martyrs to their right queue for the chimney departure and destiny. On faithful duty as usual, there was JS Filip Muller. We hugged each other for our last farewell by me vomiting into his mouth which he graciously accepted as a best Selection on the day’s menu. The Jewish Sonderkommando who selected all the martyrs had selected me to stand last in line, thus, allowing me to carefully observe every movement and their efficiency in mass killing could not be denied. At close distance I could see how the martyrs smiled happily,  strolled forward, many danced and sang joyful songs, waltzing right into the Temple of death (1 Kings 19:10). Some even played the piano as they accompanied the martyrs to their last station on earth.  I decided to join the dance macabre. We all gave thanks to our glorious and precious Hitler who had in his exquisite greatness and undeserved kindness, allowed our selection to this great event and way of dying, by going straight up the chimney without hindrance, and where smoothness and elegancy in death, were the royal martyrs’ marks of excellence, departing earth without tears or wailing walling for not even a fart was heard. —1 Kings 18:4; 1 Kings 19:9; 1 Kings 21:13; 2 Chronicles 24:20fol; 1 Maccabees 2:27f; 2 Maccabees 5:27; 2 Maccabees 10:6; Hebrews 12:9.


C1259    YAHWISM AND THE OCCUPATION MENTALITY OF ISRAEL AND WIKIPEDIA    The Christian world has been lead to believe that a tribal God Jehovah created Israel and therefore the whole world must accept Zionism AND Yahwism for it is the scaffold of the Bible. And because the Bible is ”the truth” we all must bow down to this dogma. Abrahamism and Scofieldism is accepted as ”the truth” which all politic and religion, along with knowledge elite, must rest on. At every American election the world is told how great Christians the participants are. For that glorious ideal, Abraham, we are told is the ”Father of all faith”. But he was also the ”Father of immigration and emigration”. How can that harmonize with those sick and tired of it all?  In order to prove to the world the justification of these pretentious claims, one created the Anne Frank character. The super intelligent child writer with a super intelligent mind, is all there to help us in our affliction should we for one moment start to question this tribal God Jehovah whose Yahweh wrath rest upon us all in case we doubt his fury.  His awful power and strength and ruthless anger is pornocausting us all to hell, so you better purchase your next ”Anne Frank truth”; and before you go to sleep, read your next chapter for upbuilding inspirational experience, with a clutter kid sent here to save a world ready to fight its next World War. DISCUSS: Dussel had a sex problem. How would you solve it? Could the Franks solve their sex problems with the right kind of beds? Remember Cialis and Viagra were not available in those days.

1056_Blank 29”_2



Points of interest on Jehovah’s Witnesses and Russia.  Here are some peculiarities.

  1. The Russia ban evidently has its origin in the war of USA against Russian wanting to dominate the whole world and not themselves.
  2. The first real good anti-JW book was curiously written by an East German in East Germany.
  3. Politic has been ascribed as the art of hate. All parties have ”whips” eradicating renegades, sometimes very violently so.
  4. Curiously the Scofieldites which are the most loud anti-Russians are not affected. Maybe because the are mostly for Zionism hoping that Jews will soon rule the world, and when so happens Jesus will come.
  5. Charles Taze Russell and many of his companions were Freemasons. This got JW in trouble with the Roman Catholic Church.
  6. Curiously JW were working right at the gas chamber at Auschwitz. Instead of being charged as participating in the gassing of more than six million Jews the JW got huge grants of money from the governments.
  7. JW helped in the running of the Brothel at Auschwitz and its Olympic training Swimming Pool.They also helped in its huge kitchen, worked in the mail office, run the cinema projectors and handled the decoration of Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp.
  8. This is basically a fight between Russia and USA. Unfortunately JW have gotten caught in it, likely because their headquarters are located at Brooklyn, New York.

Any objections, please let me know.




But What Else Could Donald Trump Do?

Nikki Haley to UN:  ”Our decisions on immigration politics must always be made by Americans and Americans agone. We will decide how best to control our borders and who will be allowed to enter our country.”

But Donald Trump is an avowed Abrahamist, and Abraham as the ideal man to guide us is also considered to be the Father Of Immigration encouraging immigration, he himself setting a good example by emigrating from Iraq.

But there is a solution for this massive problem was started by USA. First by its support of stealing land in Palestine helping in settling it with mostly people of Khazar ancestry whose ancestors never put their foot in Palestine. This caused complete confusion in the region. Then there was the Korean War, so came the Vietnam War. Iraq was claimed on God’s Truth to have Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and the Bushes demanded Europe to help in getting rid of the evil leader. It was all a refurbishing of the Oriental Despot. Then it was Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. Next in line is Africa. And Libya is now supposedly reintroducing Slavery thanks to the works of the West. And with the help of the West, soon Cannibalism may be introduced.

So while Abraham and his immigration policy as ”Father Of Immigration” doesn’t fit in with the present state of American affairs, Europe must take care of the mess America caused. What’s next in store for us? perhaps the obliteration of our earth, all in the name of saving Israel from its madness of being a Chosen People to run the earth and get all for free, with us paying the bills.—-Deuteronomy 6:10, 11.


Preview of “)”_x1


They have promised return of Sephardi people to Europe at behest of Spain. Now there are over 300 million Sephardi in Africa who could make claim without having a Zionist Rabbi to do so. Can there be any doubts any longer that the inmates of the madhouse have come loose and are now running the asylum!

Preview of “'”_42



The Holy Mission Of Donaldo Trump

       While wealthy philanthropist Donaldo Trump engages in his ritual Lamentation weeping and wailing at the Wailing Wall in Israel, a devout eJew by the name of Israel Jerkoff comes near to him and starts telling him about great blessed things necessary to carry out in Africa and to bring happiness, health, and peace to the region. Israel Jerkoff finds in Donaldo Trump just the right pilgrim to carry out the Crusade Of Happiness which he is the Director of.

Donaldo Trump instantly falls in love with the thought he can be of great blessing to Africa, but, realizing huge sums of money are needed to bring the happy mission to successful conclusion, his enthusiasm begins to falter. Israel Jerkoff then informs Donaldo that a certain wealthy man by the name of Sir Alex Jon of Es in Estonia will help him to cover the huge cost. Sir Alex Jon of Es wants to bring fortune and happiness to Africa and is the owner of a huge estate at Info, near lake Wars, south of Bless, a town renowned for its multiple miracles and blessings.

Donaldo Trump now reaches out for recruits for the holy crusade mission and finds, Caust Pimp, near a famous Pissoir in Paris, France, a Christian Revivalist connected with the Evangelical churches of USA. He is worried about Terrorism due to him owning a bakery that refuses to bake luscious cakes for Homosexuals. He had a cream bomb cake tossed into his face by a terrorist Homosexual who then smeared him full with the white stuff, claiming it was the semen from his Homosexual brethren who had a Homo church at Brooklyn. Caust Pimp is concerned that the Homo terrorist bombardment of tossing semen cakes into faces of saved Christians will spread into Africa where he has opened several cake shops for poor Africans who can’t afford the cost of bread. Spurred on for the fight against international terrorism by cream cakes thrown into faces of Born Again Christians, they, now recruit Hust Ler, a pious Born Again Christian, who leads several African missions, devoted to saving young African children for Christ Jesus, the Savior of the world. They decide the mission to save Africa will be set up at Americ A First freedom sanctuary, deep inside the African jungles where the Homo terrorists will find it hard to bombard them with Homo cakes.

Well guarded by the most esteemed apes in the jungle just as blessed David was guarded by the Kleptomaniac elite and the Kreti and Pleti gentile savages (2 Samuel 8:18; 1 Kings 1:38), the mission begins by distributing cream cakes, each embroidered with a specific salvatory Bible text, charited out to the destitute African victims who just recently had been plundered by another heretical Evangelical mission outside of the fully licensed mission at America A First mission. Its bereaved mission subjects, smeared down with cream cake bombs now pour into America A First mission, making it rapidly become Africa’s largest refugee camp out doing anything Angela Merkel had hoped and dreamed for.

To alleviate the pressure put onto the America A First sanctuary, Donaldo Trump, puts in Jungfrau Merkel as Commandant of the Sanctuary. She was the glamorous lover of Israel´s Propaganda Minister, Doctor Josef Mengele, who was a newly reborn Born Againer, fully devoted to bring peace and salvation to all CIA global centers with focus on Israel as an outpost, for eternal peace and happiness.

Sweden, a country expertly engrossed with Book Burning BB, and throwing doubters into Concentration Camps for abuse and Torture now enters the salvation picture. Per Vert, is a Swedish Evangelical philanthropist, married to Born Again lusting Cli Max. Per Vert is concerned about Security of Israeli females and their being targets of Biblical Gang Rapes. His skill in female safety gave him the confidence of Donaldo Trump. To make sure they can walk safely, Per Vert, and his lusting wife, Cli Max, now order Israeli girls to wake up and carry with them refurbished condoms coming from the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate. The girls are assured and tranquilized that by carrying with them these new washed and cleaned condoms, they stand ready for any occasion even if they should come near Jerusalem, the deprivation of cities, according to Bible book Lamentations.

C1260    THE JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDO KILLING SIX MILLION JEWS, THE STAIR DOCTRINE, THE SELECTION DOCTRINE – EVERYTHING TOPSY-TURVY IN CONNECTION WITH BIBLE JOHN 5:1-6   Full confusion ahead. Discussed are fundamental Exterminationist Doctrine telling us the abysmal hopeless state of the greatest con ever created in modern times all for the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. For 38 years the paralytic man of John 5 was waiting to get healed but none in Jerusalem wanted to even get near to him and help him until Jesus Christ came. DISCUSS: Should Jesus Christ have stayed away from Jerusalem and instead feed his donkey(s)? with a good bale of hay than select himself for certain suicide? What happened to all those poor souls who didn’t get into the gas chamber and were left behind? They now could play sports, dance, listen to the Auschwitz Waltz, or take a good bath inside the Auschwitz saunas. And for the first time in their life get rid of all their lice, infested onto their bodies right there at the Warsaw Ghetto so notorious for its filth.

C1261    WHY ARE ALL THOSE PEOPLE INVOLVED WITH PORNOCAUSTING AND EXTERMINATIONISM SO LAZY? BEING A SPOILSPORT AND THE NEED OF HAUTE VULGARISATION TO CLEAR THE MESS UP    People feel they have a liberty to be lazy in order to claim liberty to put you inside Concentration Camps in our age. They shout for liberty to put you away in order to rule supreme over you. The liberty to make you a skirthanger (Zechariah 8:23), a slave,  is old and will continue to be with us.


C1264    OTTO FRANK’S METHODOLOGY TO DIVERT ATTENTION WAS TO ACCUSE YOU FOR PERSECUTING HIM JUST BECAUSE HE WAS A JEW—THE ”ONLY BECAUSE OF JEW DOCTRINE” IS HERE AGAIN.  If you are an experienced crook your experience is shown by how well you divert snoopy people who suspect something more than rotten fish on the dinner table. And so they come up with ready arguments. One of the favorite by those holding onto the Holocaust Extortion Cult is to accuse you for being a nasty hatemonger just in there to attack ”poor me” just because I am a Jew. And so was made the ”Only because Jew Doctrine”, OBJD. Otto Frank was an expert in this camouflage for making you a fool and defenseless victim of his racketeering.


C1265    THERE WERE NO SUPERMARKETS IN THE 1940’S.  YOUR WERE SERVICED BY PEOPLE BEHIND THE DESK WHEN BUYING FOOD    Food buying in itself proves the Anne Frank Dairy to be a hoax, a colossal fraud. Each time you went to buy food you were attended by a person behind the desk. There were 8 hungry people, plus loads of cats inside the ”secret annex”. All very, very hungry—all forgetting that their hunger state would reveal to the world that Otto Frank was there to screw us.

C1266    SUPERMARKET BUYING IN ANNE FRANK TIME WAS WIDE OPEN TO ALL, ALSO TO THE OTHER PEOPLE BUYING BESIDE YOURSELF    As supermarkets did not exist in Anne Frank time purchases were done wide open so all could see what you was buying. The customers waiting for their attendance had to see what you was buying as you came before them. Here is yet one more indication the Anne Frank Diary is a hoax. As silly as tits on a bull.


C1267     THE FOOD STORES IN ANNE FRANK DAYS WERE MUCH MORE THAN JUST BUYING FOOD    Yes, here people gathered for the daily gossip so all would know the Frank family had moved. They were the gossiping places, the places for the latest news, those who had died, were sick, and those in need. The Anne Frank Drug Cult has been given free hand to cook up a bunch of lies and nonsense. The Secret Doctrine has no relevance at all. Most eating took place in the homes. If you worked in a factory,  a  special place for eating may have been found. There were hardly any fish-and-chips places around. No pizzas which word was introduced in 1935. No McDonald’s, founded in 1940 was there to serve you. No Kentucky Fried Chicken, first operating in USA at Utah in 1952. No Burger King, founded in 1953 existed in Europe. In Sweden there were the ”varm korv” stands, but where, as they were set up only at special occasion. So you were forced to go to the food store to hear the latest news. Who died, who was sick, who won on gambling. BETTER THAN ANNE FRANK BED? Avanafil, Cialis, Dastinex, Levitra, Sildenafil,  Viagra, did not exist then either. Condoms could not be bought anywhere openly.  The State had sexually castrated you from birth, and today all people are remained about an  Anne Frank kid who had to get help to sit on her potties, and while sitting there wrote the world’s greatest book ever, all according to Bild and Angela Merkel.



C1269    WHY THE RACKET OF THE ANNE FRANK IMPERIUM CAN NOT RESPOND AND WHY THE HOAX HAS TO CONTINUE ON     Once you begin with a racket of this extent you have to continue with it hoping that the world will remind ignorant of your racket. So Wikipedia and others will continue on covering up the money racket along with the establishment media.


C1270    POLYGLOT EDITIONS AND THE WRITINGS OF STEFAN SZENDE, ANNE FRANK, AND RUDOLF HOESS    We need the ”smoking gun” to get as close to what actually was written. Polyglot editions are not much help here. The time is much closer to the actual happening and not as with the Bible some 2000 years ago, or even more as with the Old Testament.

2015_39 (2)

The Testimony from the Father of the Holocaust Extortion Cult Stefan Szende brings Poland’s new law into a holocaust sexual meltdown

       The Father of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Stefan Szende, declared on his Gospel Truth, that Jews, in order to escape being killed by Hitler, put onto their  penises new, and fresh foreskins. In this way they could fool Hitler and they survived the Gas Chamber at Auschwitz. The Gas Chamber at Auschwitz is today often called the Holy Shrine or the Holy Temple. It has been seen by millions of pilgrim people and is the foremost Cult object of all the relics found there.

The surviving Jews were able to survive by putting onto their penis a new foreskin, apparently stolen from the Poles. Doctor Josef Mengle is supposed to have put onto the Jewish Sonderkommando such foreskins which he stole from the Poles, Gypsies, invalids, etc. Stefan Szende himself was fortunate to survive the affair by donning onto his penis a prima quality Polish foreskin.

Now what does it do to this new Polish law? It means in plain English that the Jewish Sonderkommando that killed the Six Million Jews were in fact Poles, and not Jews, as no Jew would walk around with a foreskin, especially not, one coming from a Gentile Pole. A Jew was known by his foreskin and Hitler knew that. That means, that the killers of the Six Million Jews were all Poles, and so the blame goes onto the Poles and not the Jews.

At the same time, the victims now were the Poles, who now found themselves without their foreskins, and thus being bona fide Jews at its most extreme type. That also means, that the Jewish Sonderkommando could feel happy about not killing their own brethren, as those that were killed were the Poles who no longer were Gentiles but Jews. Hence, 6 Million Poles were killed, not Jews.

Thus, a vexing problem about the foreskin and Stefan Szende’s fortunate testimony is solved, and now we must get Yad Vashem and Israel to clear up the mishaps in order that Donald Trump can happily move on with his holy mission to make Jerusalem the world capital, just as the Holy Bible tells it should be.

Perhaps some Monty Python film could be made out of this whole thing.

Why are the Jews and Israel so angry about the Poles? It should be clear to all. Israel and the Jews were hoping for huge indemnities based of fake pension claims, the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), and thus, by Wiedergutmachung (Reparation, Restitution), extort massive money from enslaved Poles.  When this is understood, the rest makes sense. They didn’t get it from Soviet Russia, where they were put under scrutiny if they tried. Putting this law in, if properly executed, will notify every extortionist and their anonymity is gone. As the Zionist leader Nahum Goldmann put it so well: Jewish life consists of two things, to extort money and to protest.

It is a known fact that the Jews with Israel’s help and American AIPAC, the Rothschilds, and Germany’s Angela Merkel, are working hard for the extortion of Poland and the Polish people. Donald Tusk has been a helpful Polish operator in this also. The money racket is to make Poland as yet another extortion project and to extend the Pension Fraud Crimes, the PFC, to Poland and Ukraine, and then Russia. In this way CIA can continue operation with its wars and sales of American arms. This is not only immensely lucrative but will make Poland and the Polish people even more subservient to Israel than it already is.

C1271    A brief, but important part on the issue of debating Exterminationism.


C1272    DEBATE AND DEBATING, DISCUSS AND THE PROBLEM OF DISCUSSING WITH CULTS    In a world and field where catch words are used to win an argument, one is limited in ways to proceed. The sectarian has no interest to discuss something he knows he make a fool of himself. Argumentation is much a field in knowing what to say unless the opponent will throw down his telephone and you are without the information you was hoping to get.


C1273    TEXTUAL CRITICISM AND THE ANNE FRANK QUELLE (QAF1 or QAFF1; QAF2; QAF3; QAF4)   Seeing everything surrounding the Anne Frank Drug Cult is sell-sell-sell, it is a major task to untangle the fraud. Evidently Anne Frank never wrote in German but wrote in Dutch, while Otto Frank may never have written in Dutch but wrote in German. How much did Otto Frank’s secretary, Isa Cauvern help him in his fraud? If Otto Frank could not handle the Dutch language, did she help him, and how much responsibility does Otto Frank have in her suicide, or perhaps clandestine assassination? Inside the so-called secret hiding place they likely spoke in German and that may be the reason the German Dussel name appears, which is the English for Crazyhead. Anne Frank may never have used the word ”Dussel” as name for the apparent sex maniac who now landed in bed with clutter kid Anne Frank. The name was a pure invention of forger Otto Frank. If it can not be found in the purported writings of Anne Frank, than evidently it is just another indication the pornocausting novel is a forgery.


C1274    BUYING IN THOSE DAYS WAS A FAMILY AFFAIR   At the food store people behind the desk would soon know all about you. Indeed even what you taste was. The food stores became whole family affairs. The Secret Doctrine of the Anne Frank Drug Cult would make no sense at all here.


C1275    DONALD TRUMP, FAKE NEWS, AND THE ANNE FRANK DRUG CULT   In the days of Anne Frank all we had were wicker baskets, glass containers, and paper bags along with wax paper. Every day you would most likely go to the food store. My mother sent me often there to buy something for the home. Anne Frank Drug Cult is all about business. That is why Wikipedia and others won’t say any negative thing about the Cult as the job is to sell, not to discuss about fakes and hoaxes. All these stores surrounding Anne Frank were concocted up at the latrines. At the food store there was communication all around. If the Franks had moved, all would know, and kids were all around wondering what was happening and would want a ride to their new home at that very ”secret” place, jumping onto the horse carriage, or what, bringing the furniture there.


C1276    EARLY GERMAN SHOW TRIAL AT LUBECK IN 1961 AGAINST TEACHERS LOTHAR STIELAU AND HEINRICH BUDDEBERG CONTRA VOODOO MAGICIAN MINNA BECKER   Who would you have more confidence in? A Voodoo Magician, Minna Becker, or two teachers teaching penmanship to school children? Otto Frank took these people to court and won the case with him hiding in Switzerland claiming he could not attend because he was suffering so much, all manifested in the Holocaust Survivor Syndrome (HSS): the ostentatious parading of excessive and spurious emotion in order to land those Pension Fraud Crimes, PC. An adult handwriting can never be a child handwriting, and a clutter kid at that. The l961 West German Anne Frank Lubeck Show Trial instigated by Otto Frank was a continuation of the Einar Aberg show trials in Sweden where corrupt politicians operated as Thought Terrorists TT and Book Burners BB. The hope of the Jewish Kahal was to put everyone inside Concentration Camps and swindle the world with six million of rackets and get away with it. Isa Cauvern, Otto Frank’s helper ended up with suicide as did Sweden’s Herman Zetterberg who introduced the Anne Frank Drug Cult into Sweden, and so many others. For not to talk about all those kids dying because of drug abuse.


C1277    ALL SHOWING ANNE FRANK DIARY TO BE A HOAX     We have covered many issues so far all dealing on the Anne Frank Drug Cult and all showing the alleged ”diary” is a hoax, and which fraud, has brought in millions of undeserved money to racketeer Otto Frank.


C1278    THE REALITY OF BYING IN THE 1940’s PROVES THE ANNE FRANK DIARY A HOAX    Paper bags were the main storage places for food in those days. I used to carry a wicker basket when asked by my mother to go and buy food. I used a metal milk can to put the milk into. A glass jar I may also have to put food into that needed it. Service was all done by attendants. All knew what was going around. That is that either the Franks and Crazyhead went to the stores to buy or they sent someone else. And if so, all the buying of food for eight people would soon reveal any secret that you may have.


C1279    WIKIPEDIA FABRICATION AND LIES    If there is a ”budding” authorship with the Anne Frank fairy tales where does Anne Frank come in here? And where does the father, Otto Frank, come in? Seeing all we have are the various papers of Mr. Frank, none of the clutter kid, Anne. Hence, Wikipedia has been lying through their teeth all these years by not telling the truth of double authorship, a thing I told already in the 1970’s. This is what happens when a bunch of fanatical racketeers start peddling their ”truths” into a world where sooner or later someone will catch up with the lies and make you stand naked with not even one sheet of Anne Frank paper.


C1280      WIKIPEDIA AND ITS COVERING UP OF THE FRAUDULENT ANNE FRANK DIARY    It wasn’t even a diary but an autograph book and that is diametrically different beast. Through the synagogues the Zionists continue on with their war against humanity already mentioned in the Old Testamenty and which we also can call Abrahamism. The fact of admitting for the first time two authorships after denying it all these years may some positive step. It is now evident that the so much pleaded for universal respect of Anne’s genius with her, ”Anne’s already literary ambitions”, has turned the Anne Frank hoax to a full circle. It was after all the father, slimeball Otto Frank, who stood behind the budding literary ambitions, doing so in his daughter’s name. SCHOOL EXERCISE: Check up on how the Synagogues meddle with the educational system of your school. In Sweden kids were forced to read the Anne Frank Diary and listen to boring ”survivors” telling about their sufferings of which Rabbi Morton Narrowe seemed to have an endless flood of. Instead of calling it ”hate”, they called it uplifting and inspirational talk with our youth.


C1281    CENSORSHIP IN EUROPE, WIKIPEDIA, AND THE BRAINWASHING OF THE PUBLIC WITH ZIONIST PROPAGANDA    In Sweden the censorship with Book Burning, BB, has thrived ever since World War 2. For many years it was lead by an American seditionist Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, who organized a complete spy network, much in style with Harvey Weinstein, chasing after people with a divergent view or those having caught up with their fraud activities. And as for Wikipedia, it has taken them ages to even admit there are two Anne Frank authors. But then it took 30 years to catch up with Harvey Weinstein.

C1282    BY THEIR LINKS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM! BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM!    Yes indeed, the links tell you an awful lot of the bias of the author. But also of the interest for book sales which is why this is going on. To make a fast buck on your ignorance. But our strength is DOUBT. That protects us against all these charlatans wanting to make you a slave for their Cult. If you want to get at the facts just watch their links which will lead you into their black hole of ignorance and despair, hoping to have catched you in the spider web.

C1283    LAUNDRY, WASH DOCTRINE, SMELL DOCTRINE, STINK, DRYING, AND WASTE WATER DISPOSAL    The concentrated stink inside the ”secret annex” must have outdone anything from the Warsaw Ghetto. How did the Franks and Crazyhead cope with the stench coming from their Holy Temple: the Secret Annex? In those days you needed water to get 100 degrees centigrade to get the washing clean. And did they hang up their wet clothes at the outside? At Auschwitz they had the most modern laundry, cleaning the clothes from people and the bed sheets and towels of the patients in the various blocks.

C1284    METHODOLOGY, DOMESTIC TERRORISM DT, THOUGHT TERRORISM TT, OLA LARSMO, SWEDEN TERROR, DIRTY HANDS, PERPETUAL TERROR, RADIO ISLAM, AHMED RAMI, TORA HOLST WITH RAJO BOHMAN, THOMAS BODSTROM    Ola Larsmo’s attack against Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam AND THE ILLEGAL WITH HUNT INVASION OF THOMAS BODSTROM.  The modus operandi against doubt, doubters, and doubting. Ola Larsmo gives us the Dirty Hands of the operators behind the scene. Why can’t these people clear up the mess in their own homes with the abuse of drugs and alcohol abuse? Instead they want to Fahrenheit 451; do pyromania acts against anyone not swallowing 100% what they dictate? Steal creative authors cartoons, their music, their very thoughts in order to satisfy their Zionist madness.  See: Ola Larsmo, Ahmed Rami, Radio Islam, Dirty Hands, Tora Holst, TT, DT, Domestic Terrorism.


C1285    JESUS CHRIST SAID TO THE PARALYTIC: TAKE UP YOU BED AND GO. THE FRANKS’ BED WERE DIFFERENT King James translation at 5:8 tells us Jesus told the Paralytic ailed man: take up thy bed, and walk (KJ). But those beds Jesus talks of were not the same beds the Franks slept in. The were huge luxury beds and virtual nothing is original anymore at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It is very much the same as the Holy Temple at Auschwitz. So everything is a fraud here, and with charity frauds are common.




The Bible was not first written in English or German. The word ”holocaust” is not Hebrew, German, English, Spanish, but it is Greek. Exterminationist Jews (eJews) of the Holocaust Extortion Cult should pick a Hebrew word for their Extortion Cult and not a Greek Antisemitic word such as ”holocaust”. They pick a Greek word in order to cover up their money racketing Cult and in doing so, out of haste, picked an Antisemitic term. Above you see proof of the real holocaust as found in the Greek Septuagint Bible. No one denies the ”holocaust” for the simple reason no one denies the fact that the penis moves up (or down) in order to obtain a holocaust erection ready to do the job it was intended to do.


C1286    HANGING UP THE CLOTHING ON THE SIGFRIED LINE. THE NEED OF GETTING YOUR LAUNDRY DONE  There was full stink inside the secret Anne Frank annex. The stench of excrement would be all around, perhaps even awakening the members at the near by church as they had fallen asleep hearing their next Calvinist sermon. How did the Franks wash their clothes. They bought green soap, put the water to a boiling point, and boiled the clothes with help of the green soap. Green soap was scarce and anyone buying up soap to wash 8 filthy, dirty elites of the town would require investigation, again, making the whole Anne Frank story ludicrous. The buyers wouldn’t want to be included in the black market trade so they were forced to tell the truth. ”We are 8, dirt-covered, filthy, members in need of washing our clothes, linen, towels, and more. That’s why we need all this soap!”  And so they got the soap, the secret was no longer a secret, and the Franks could happily live and continue on with their washing day in and day out.


C1287    BUT THE FRANKS DIDN’T NEED TO WASH THEIR CLOTHES AND OTHER ITEMS AT HOME.  THEY COULD GO TO THE CLEANER!    That may seem an easy way to get out of the debacle  as professional cleaners could handle the task. But that needed to get out of the house and to the cleaner with the wash. Then the cleaner would ask for identification lest he would by mistake give Anne’s underwear to the Rabbi. A professional cleaner may seem an easy answer to the debacle but it wouldn’t help and only engage us into more difficult questions. The House of Frank has fallen, and the house is now filled up with dirty wash, making the occupants pant for air, trying to avoid suffocation in the midst of all their filthy dirty clothes.

C1288    THE EXCREMENTS AND URINE OF 8 PEOPLE BESIDE CATS—WHERE DID IT GO? THE SECRET DOCTRINE AGAIN EXPOSED TO BE A HOAX    There was a lot of sitting on the potties up there inside the secret annex. Where did all this go? Thrown through the windows landing on top of the heads of SS men going by. Or, on top of the mail man or the paper man bringing the latest news?  The Secret Doctrine falls to pieces once again clearly showing the Anne Frank Drug Cult to be a hoax.

C1289    THE CENSORSHIP BY GOOGLE AND WIKIPEDIA.  MAN IS THE PROBLEM HERE AS HE IS A CENSORING ANIMAL   Censoring in favor of the lie has been going on all through history and obviously will never end.  Infowars gets censored and so do the rest of us. The American historian Henry Adams said it right: you can trust nobody and nothing. So take a look at yourself: If you say we have Free Speech you obviously never had it for that means an endless fight against bigotry which will never end.

Preview of “{”


C1290    HOW DID THE FRANKS DO THEIR WASHING OF CLOTHES?  WHERE DID THEY HANG IT UP FOR DRYING?  HOW DOES THE SECRET DOCTRINE FIT IN HERE?   Two special things were necessary to do the washing of clothes in those crucial war days. One was plenty of water which was brought to a boiling point. Then you used green soap and let the clothes wash in it for some time. For this you had to have big kettles and ways to put them over the fire as wood was used as fuel. There were no wash machines in those days and manual labor did the work. So there goes the Secret Doctrine again, all showing the gigantic silliness of the Anne Frank Drug Cult, as silly as tits on a bull.

C1291    THE BIG BUSINESS OF SELLING BOOKS BECOMES PART OF WIKIPEDIA THROWING OBJECTIVITY OUT THE WINDOW.  THE HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR SYNDROME IS FULL AT WORK    After you have studied the Anne Frank Drug Cult you soon find out the hands of the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate whose mission is to sell Israel. To do so Scriptures like Deuteronomy 6:10, 11 has helped them out a lot and the racist claim of that the tribal God Jehovah has his mission clear in creating a ”Chosen People” whose right it is to take any land and make it theirs because God Jehovah has given it to them. Scofieldism and Abrahamist go hand in hand and clutter kid Anne Frank was made to help them out. Anyone doubting will be faced with wailing-walling, lamentations, mourn and tears.

C1293    FLUSH TOILETS AND THEIR USE WOULD IMMEDIATELY REVEAL THE 8 PEOPLE SUPPOSEDLY LIVING IN SECRET INSIDE AN ANNEX.  THE SECRET DOCTRINE FALLS TO PIECES AGAIN.  THE ANNE FRANK MUSEUM HAS BEEN REPEATEDLY ALTERED IN ORDER TO COVER UP RELEVANT FACTS   There is nothing authentic left today with the Anne Frank Museum at Amsterdam. Not even the beds are authentic. Everything has been manipulated in order to conceal those days and  bring it up to modern times. The noise coming from the toilets would be audible to all. Eight people were using the toilet. And so there was no longer a secret except in Otto Frank’s novel called the Anne Frank Diary.


C1294     TEXTUAL CRITICISM: OMISSIONS JUST AS INTERESTING AS THE ADDITIONS.  THE PARALIPSIS OF RUDOLF HOESS AND THE FAKE ANNE FRANK DIARY   The selling of books is a great industry today. And manipulaltion has become the routine to help in the selling. By not telling the people about the only free speech available they make people believe they have free speech. And by not touching the subject we assure ourselves that free speech will never come, not even in the essential real world, and only to continue on in the dream world.


C1296    MARTYROLOGY JUST LIKE EXTERMINATIONISM   Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross May 3. According to church history the mother of Constantine the Great went on search for the true cross Jesus is supposed to have been hung. The quest is to have been successful and she took it with her and so came the commemoration on May 3 of this event, totally legendary but still a fact.


C1297     THE SPREADING OF LIES ABOUT PEOPLE ON WIKIPEDIA AND TURKEY’S REACTION    In 1993 the Zionists were fervently hoping they could use Turkey for their cause. One way was in using the Anne Frank Drug Cult. And to get rid of opposition they invented the lie that Ditlieb Felderer was producing and distributing videos in how to kill Islam people, especially Turks. Sweden and Germany linked into that lie and had Ditlieb Felderer put inside Concentration Camp for abuse and torture. One of the promoters of the lie was Jan Eliasson, of United Nations, who in 2005 forbade the world to make mention of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool in order to cover up Israel’s Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. Today Zionists have some problem with their strategy as such catch words as Holocaust Denier, HD, won’t stick  as easily as before.


C1298    CENSORSHIP IN EUROPE.  FREE SPEECH DEPENDS OF WHAT THE SYNAGOGUE ALLOWS US TO READ, HEAR, AND SEE    Europe is filled with corrupt politicians and judges who make great money and prestige by throwing doubters into Concentration Camp for abuse and torture. These literary sellers publish so-called ”complete works”, be that either of Burke, Jefferson, Paine, Orwell, or others. But as usual they let out the most interesting part and cover it up with ”complete works”.


C1299    EUROPE’S CORRUPT POLITICIANS ATTACK TURKEY AND ISLAM WORLD SCOLDING THEM FOR HAVING CENSORSHIP WHILE THEY THEMSELVES WORK 24 HOURS AS CUM MEN TO COVER UP THEIR OWN CENSORSHIP    The whole Islam world is repeatedly denounced for their lack of free speech. European press is much payed through huge grants handed out by its corrupt politicians. These attacks are handy as the European citizens then look down upon the Islam world for its lack of free speech. Turkey  is often reminded about their ”lack of free speech” by these corrupt politicians who themselves have put in laws all over Europe to stop free speech. And for their  benevolent work of enforcing censorship, these political con men get huge wages with huge pensions.




When corrupt, vicious Jewish thugs, put Ditlieb Felderer inside Swedish Concentration Camps for abuse and torture, goaded on by the cruel American Seditionist Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, they claimed they suffered intensely from the offensive stork cartoon.

The ”offensive cartoon” was showing extreme ”hate” against Judeo-Christianity. Jews don’t accept storks because they are ”unclean” and extreme hate was done by creating this unlawful cartoon (Leviticus 11:19; Deuteronomy 14:18). But not only storks are unclean, the ”frog” is likewise impure and the picture derides the Jews for being the tribal God Jehovah’s Chosen People. Because of being so filthy, unclean, wicked, and obnoxious, the Jews drowned Egypt with frogs making the Egyptians die from vomiting, being on top of the nasty creatures (Exodus 8). To the Egyptians the frogs were sacred so the Jews covered the whole of Egypt with the critters, cauasing Egyptians die from vomiting. Too much frog was just too much, even if you had the frogs dear. And of course, the frogs were unclean, slimy wicked creatures prohibited to get near the tribal God Jehovah’s clean, pure, and Chosen People (Leviticus 11:12,19).

The Frog and Stork as expression of extreme hate

The Christians agreed with Jehovah’s Chosen People, and reminded the court and humanity that the Holy Bible equates the frogs (Hebrew: tsephardea, from which Sephardi stems) with ”unclean inspired expressions” (Revelation 16:13). The frogs are loathsome to Jews and any depicting of them is causing Jews excruciating pain, immense sufferings and offense (Leviticus 11:12).

Furthermore, the attention was brought to the two unclean and wicked illustration to the left showing an eJew riding on an evil unclean and impure dragon with gaping mouth (Revelation 12:3, 4; Revelation 12:7, 9; Revelation 13:2, 4; Jude 6). The divine court rightly decided that such blasphemy cannot be tolerated in a society built on the grounds of civilized high moral law, and Judeo-Christian standards (Romans 13:1-7).

If that isn’t enough, the Hebrew text brought attention to the word Holocaust which evidently the rider tries to kill with his spear. Also, the surrounding grass was said to be actually erected penises, dildos, swallowing up anyone trying to show the negative side of Antisementism. The cartoon was ”hate” all over, and not the least for the text ”Don’t Ever Give Up” showing the true Antisementic nature of the art work. It meant not ”Never Again”, but a continuous hate against tribal God Jehovah’s elect and his Chosen People. It was an insult to the eJews for the Bible says 10 Gentiles will take hold of the skirt of a Jew (Zechariah 8:23). For that to happen there can be no ”Don’t ever give up!”, but always give up to feel the joy of holding onto the skirt of a Jehovah man.

After careful consideration,  and intense contact with the German Government, and Israel, the corrupt judges unanimously agreed that the cartoon was indeed showing extreme ”offense” and ”hate”, and, had to be burned (Acts 19:19;BB) in order to comfort the Jews and their ”chosen” status, and, their pious Skirthangers (Zechariah 8:23), the Christians. The distinguished crooked judges who decides this, were the two wicked Jewish pseudo-judges, Jan Levin and Johan Hirschfelt, much at the behest of the self-proclaimed ”Jew”, Jan Eliasson, of the United Nations. Pornocausting the whole criminal affair was the seditionist Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, of Stockholm Synagogue. These Mafiosos also stood behind the torture and abuse of Einar Aberg.


A Happy Group of Just arrived Sephardi Jews from Africa on European land are in joyous expectation of taking hold of Europe’s Milk And Honey offered them by EU and thanks to America, NATO and Israels wars in Africa and Asia

The intention of European Union (EU), America, Israel and NATO is to locate the over 300 million Sephardi Jew Africans in Ukraine, a country deemed exceedingly fit for such an invasion as Ukraine can get the Refugees working on farms as Ukraine has much skilled people working on farms. They can now teach the Sephardi Jews European farming with its cold climate, and slippery roads. A special Scofieldite Abrahamistic, Christian sect running ”Christ TV” is helping with the operation to assimilate the Africans in order to smoothly run the blessed operation. It is also believed that by centralizing the African Sephardi Jews inside Ukraine, Ukraine will serve as a bastion against Russia and also help European Union with votes. It is expected that the Sephardi African Jews will enlist into the NATO army, serving as cannon fodder to aleviate Europeans so that they can keep watching their latest football show, or go pornocausting to Auschwitz to see the latest pornocaust play inside the Holy Temple.

C1300    CULT CREATING AND SEX. SEX TALK ABOUT JESUS CHRIST, ABRAHAM, ABRAHAMISM, EXTERMINATIONISM, ANNE FRANK, PENISOLOGY AND SEXOLOGY  Did Jesus have erections? Did he masturbate? Did he have erotic dreams? And what about Abraham the supposed ”father of all faiths”? What about his prostitute Sarah? And what about the Anne Frank House where Crazyhead evidently was in bed with Anne Frank?


C1301    GOD AND SEX, JEHOVAH AND SEX, DISCUSSION ABOUT THE PROHIBITED. THE APHRODISIAC GOD JEHOVAH    God and sex just never must be talked. Did Jehovah have sex with angels? Did Jehovah masturbate? How much male was he? Did he have sex with the angels?  Why does he want short penises while he has the longest? How short of a penis is short enough to satisfy him? Can we please him by shortening our penises?


C1302   WESTERN LAND BOREDOM: THE STATE OF BEING WEARY AND RESTLESS THROUGH LACK OF INTEREST.   MAN AND HIS NEW LOVE COMPANION: A MOBILE TELEPHONE  THE GIVING IN TO A BUNCH OF UNSCRUPULOUS ROUGES  Institute for Historical Review is tired, David Irving got tired after losing his libel trial against Holocaust Denier (HD), Deborah Lipstadt.  Holocaust Denier (HD), theologian, Exterminationist Mark Weber, a 3rd class protégé of Holocaust Denier, Jan Eliasson, of United Nations; famous for his denial of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool and the Auschwitz Brothel is of special interest to the investigators of con men.  TT and CUM man, Jan Eliasson, claims himself to be a Jew in order to make his life easier to visit the galas of restaurants, clubs, and entertainments. HD Jan Eliasson’s friends, such as former Swedish Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, managed to railroad Comparative Religion and Antiquarian expert, Einar Aberg, into various Swedish Concentration Camps for abuse and torture, with the help of criminally accused medics and a cortege of vagabonds, operating under the cloak of being ‘’distinguished’’ high class society men and drug abusers, while approving the use of violence and terror against doubters of the sacred Temple. The Thought Terrorists (TT) have also up to this date refused to clear up the War Crimes when two French Jewish Generals illegally entered into my parents home in Innsbruck, Austria. As bogus state ”Israel” does today in Palestine. Stole everything, including the toilet seats. Put it onto their military trucks and carted it either to what then came to be Israel, or to France. The family had fled into Italy. We came into a terrible snow storm.  Our death was as close as a hair straw. But perhaps thanks to my youngest sister who refused to give up walking in the snow, we made it, finding an abandoned shepherd’s hut. The  urine of us kids had frozen onto our bodies. The hoodlums now want to stand as judges over me and my family, while Don Juans strut around earning their wages through hard work that was done by others, to clear up the Holocaust Extortion Cult (HEC), a term which these Establishment darlings don’t dare to use. Jan Eliasson was also one of those ‘’distinguished’’ elite men, who stood behind the torture and abuse of Ditlieb Felderer, as he was violently forced and thrown into Swedish Concentration Camps for abuse and torture.  And the more money, the more tired they get. The theologian, Holocaust Denier, and, CUM man Director, Exterminationist Mark Weber, of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) is supposed to get a wage of some $50,000 a year!  Not tired of course, not to pick it up.   I WOULD RATHER HAVE A MIND OPENED BY WONDER THAN ONE CLOSED BY BELIEF. THE MYSTIFYING OF THE HOLOCAUST EXTORTION CULT AND THE OBSCURANTISM OF ITS ADEPTS.  If you believe you will never learn to swim, you should never become a life-saver. Not even one pretending to be one. You work is fitting for a Rabbi or a Theologian. Or as a salesman for bed comfort.  Man gives up while some like Strindberg feel its is part to make life interesting. Today man sleeps inside his mobile telephone. A mobile object has taken over his life and health—and death, and sometimes suicide. It wakes him up, lulls him to sleep, and gives him prestigious motive to live on in a world that would turn mad should the telephones suddenly stop to ring and turn dead.  Think of it, would mankind go berserk if the batteries of every mobile phone went dead?



Seeing it is so obvious that gassings of Six Million Jews by the Jewish Sonderkommando did not take place at Stalin’s Holy Temple at Auschwitz; and even much less at Birkenau inside the morgues of Crematory 2 and 3, where else did it happen? Here are some alternatives to seriously consider.

  1.   The Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando tossed their 6 million Jews into the huge Auschwitz Olympic training Swimming Pool where they all drowned while doing their Kol Nidre prayer.
  2. The Six Million Jews ate themselves to death inside the Auschwitz huge Kitchen which Stalin painted black to hide it. This was done by shoving down pork sausages causing the Six Million Jews to choke to death. They were then cut up according to Bible tradition (Judges 19) and served as today’s specials (Lamentations).
  3.  The Jewish Sonderkommando killed their Six Million Jews inside the Auschwitz Brothel and sexed them to death by non-stop sexing.
  4.  The Jewish Sonderkommando killed their Six Million Jews by forcing the Six Million Jews to dance to death to the Auschwitz Waltz played by the Jewish Orchestra, just near the huge Kitchen and the Auschwitz Mail Office. And times at the Auschwitz Holy Temple.
  5. The Jewish Sonderkommando killed their Six Million Jews by forcing the Six Million Jews to play soccer (football) against the German SS. Always winning, they expired out of happiness knowing their names would not be forgotten at Yad Vashem.
  6. The Jewish Sonderkommando killed their Six Million Jews by forcing the Six Million Jews to play Volley Ball. The Six Million Jews got so happy they washed themselves clean inside the huge Sauna, cleaning themselves so much up they lost their  skin, then their bones, and finally their souls.


C1303    PATRIOTISM, NATIONALISM, STATE BUILDING, ROMANS 13, PURITANISM, ABRAHAMISM, SCOFIELDISM, FLAG SALUTE, CON BUSINESS, SETTLER, THANKSGIVING DAY, IMMIGRATION, AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, AFGHANISTAN WAR, VIETNAM WAR, MILLER TO FIGHT FOR GLOBALISM AND HIS PROFESSOR GENERAL DAVID HOGGAN, GENOCIDE IN THE NAME OF GOD,   DONALD TRUMP AND HIS BELOVED JERUSALEM  When my grandfather emigrated from Norway to USA he was totally naive. Together with a Jew he opened a Singer sawing machine business. He was to handle the technical part, the Jew, the business part. My grandfather lost all his money as the Jewish companion stole all and wrote it over to himself. Letters from immigrants reveal that those going to America were without a plan except getting rich. And the plan of the clergy was to steal your money. Because once in USA, the various crafty clergy had the plan of stealing just as described in the Bible, Apostle Paul had.  And in the Civil War you was at once enlisted into the army, making your dead body come back home in a cheap wooden casket. Making America great again evidently means the art of selling arms, get strife and contention going, and pronto, you are in war again. Thanksgiving day just ended. Now read David Brainerd, John Bunyan, and many of the Puritan writers. There you see they were thanking the Jewish tribal God, Jehovah, for being God’s Chosen People, and be handed out those free gifts which Jehovah promises his children if they obey him and slaughter all the Canaanites.—-Deuteronomy 6:10, 11. They called it ”righteous warfare”, ”just war”.


C1304    THE JEWISH TEMPLE AT JERUSALEM PAID PY HEATHEN GENTILES TO MAKE IT KEEP GOING. APOSTLE PAUL BECAME THE BUSINESS AGENT TO TRANSPORT THE MONEY TO JERUSALEM    Read Acts 21 to 28  and you see how money was important in the virgin Christian beginning. Money was taken from the heathens on pretense of having the joy of going to heaven, which money then went directly into the hands of the Temple priesthood. How similar all these charity collections are to the Anne Frank Drug Cult which forces us to pay, even though we don’t support it.


C1305    MONEY LAUNDERING AND THE TRANSPORTING OF MONEY TO THE JERUSALEM TEMPLE COMPARED WITH THE ANNE FRANK HOME TO THEIR NEW HOME INSIDE A SUPPOSED SECRET ANNEX AT AMSTERDAM    Paul and his team went all around Asia Minor asking for money to help pay for the Jerusalem Temple. But how was it done?

C1306    CREATING NEW POLITICAL PARTIES WON’T GET RID OF THE CENSORSHIP    All wishful new party creators have voted for Censorship and Censorship won’t go away by creating new parties.


C1307     THE MAIN PROBLEM OF HISTORIANS TODAY ARE THEY ARE LAZY BUMS. WORK TO THEM IS AN AWFUL WORD AND SO THEY PREFER TO SIT ON THEIR BUMS, WRITE THEIR FAIRY TALES AND HOPE PEOPLE SWALLOW IT.  We touch on German historian Martin Broszat, Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt, the Three Stooges of Richard Evans, Peter Longerich and van Pelt. Viewed by Wikipedia as distinguished historians, by the fact they can’t get to work.  Sitting around being a teleprompter is the way of writing history today. How lazy can these accredited historians get. A heap of misfits trying to trick the public in believing they aren’t sleeping but wide awake and hunger for truth. DISCUSSED: Sweden’s Dan Andersson who died from Zyklon B at Stockholm, Sweden. The use of Zyklon be in Sweden. The Auschwitz Olympic training Swimming Pool, Jehovah’s Witnesses and their work inside and outside of Rudolf Hoess home at Auschwitz. Jewish Sonderkommando, Six Million Jews, Auschwitz Holy Temple. Auschwitz Holy Shrine.



C1308    WHAT ABOUT JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES AT AUSCHWITZ AND RUDOLF HOESS? WHY DO SO CALLED ”HISTORIANS” NOT WANT TO WORK?  We go into the issue of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Did they help the Jewish Sonderkommando in the gassing of 6 million Jews inside the Auschwitz Temple? DISCUSSED: Minna Becker, Three Stooges, Ian Kershaw, Raul Hilberg, Martin Broszat.


C1309    HISTORY TODAY IS WRITTEN BY A BUNCH OF CHARLATANS   American historian Henry Adams was right: You can trust nobody and nothing.


C1310  THE ORIGIN OF CHRISTIANITY IS SHROUDED IN MYSTERY  THE EVOLUTION OF JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY  Was there really such a great difference between Jewry and Christianity? How can we harmonize the seeming conflicts between the Christians and the Jews? Or was it all a massive conspiracy used in order to make the pagan world into cosmetic Jews?

C1311    OUR DISSECTING OF THE HOLOCAUST EXTORTION CULT, THE HEC CULT. THE SIX MILLION JEWS SHOWN TO BE A LIE. QUELLE USE NO LONGER MAKES YOU RUN IN CIRCLES FOR RIGHT INFORMATION    Investigators and readers today can now for the first time identify the Smoking Gun, the Material Evidence by following our nomenclature. No longer groping in darkness is necessary  and even the documents now have their own Quelle. Through visual inspection the public can for the first time IDENTIFY the tools the Jewish Sonderkommando used in killing their six million Jews.


C1312    JUDEO-CHRISTIAN PARACHUTE (JCP) – ITS EFFECT UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE AMERICAN MEDIA    Whenever the American Media, specially its ”alternative media,” are at loss to explain what they mean, they stoop to the Judeo-Christian Parachute, thinking it rescues them out of the dilemma. And so they let us know they are faithful Skirthangers of Abrahamism and Hegelianism with all its contradictory ideology. They can’t stand on their own feet but beg Jehovah for help. It is like David Brainerd controls their mind, a pessimist and shipwrecked Puritan who only felt well when everyone else felt miserable. And they always must have a villain justifying their domination. For the moment it is North Korea, but anyone may be the next target. The fact that they no longer can use the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, only makes them more miserable, hampering their dance around the Golden Calf.


C1313     SWEDEN’S MEDIA IS TOTALLY STATE CONTROLLED AND STATE PAYED.   ITS SKIRTHANGERS ALWAYS REQUEST THE STATE TO PUT DOUBTERS INSIDE CONCENTRATION CAMP FOR ABUSE AND TORTURE   One such case, well documented by himself, is the case of Thought Terrorist, Ola Larsmo. He and his friends, such as Thomas Bodstrom, both using state propaganda, Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet, and the rest of the Abrahamism herd got prosecutor Tora Holst to chase after Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam because he took the forbidden right to doubt and think for himself without being yet another Skirthanger (Zechariah 8:23). Yet he claims his views are similar to Ahmed Rami’s. So does Ahmed Rami want to put himself inside Swedish Concentration Camp for abuse and torture?   Why do all these people working for PEN Club, Wikipedia, Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate, always want people inside Concentration Camps for doubting? Can’t they use their mind and pen to lead those fallen astray, by showing them their errors which surely will be accepted once shown in full clarity. They love to instruct us about the market place for ideas, but seem impotent to use it when they need it most.


C1316   JERUSALEM TEMPLE TALK ABOUT JESUS CHRIST AND SUICIDE.  DID THE THEOLOGIANS WARN JESUS NOT TO GO UP TO JERUSALEM OR HE WOULD GET KILLED?   They must have known the prophetic Scriptures telling the Messiah would be killed. The Jerusalem theologians knew it, and so did Jesus. The Scripture is found at Luke 2:41-50.  If they warned him, and Jesus went up anyhow to Jerusalem, was he then not conducting suicide to himself? And suicide was considered the worst of crimes. Three days talking to the Theologians and the Bible does not tell us what all this gab was about.

C1317    QUELLE RUDOLF HOESS, KOMMANDANT OF AUSCHWITZ RECREATION SPORT AND RELIEF CAMP, ARSARC, JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES, AND TEXTUAL PROBLEMS OF AUTHENTICITY AND COMPOSITION    The Evangelium of Rudolf Hoess was for a lengthy time used as a main proof of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, until we showed it to be a hoax and for the first time made it available as a research tool by identifying the various compositions. Martin Broszat of Germany wouldn’t touch it lest he be forced to do some homework. The forgery was likely fabricated at three different places, Warsaw, Cracow, and Auschwitz, with Warsaw perhaps being the ultimate state prior to its release. Possible participators with the forgery are: Jan Sehn, Kazimierz Smolen, Hermann Langbein, and Tadeusz Szymanski. Neither Langbein, Smolen, Szymanski ever denied having assisted with the forgery.  And that was also the reason why these men held prominent positions after World War 2. Jehovah’s Witnesses employed at the Rudolf Hoess house at Auschwitz demolish the whole document proving it to be a hoax. The Temple of Auschwitz where the Jewish Sonderkommando are to have exterminated their 6 million Jews is located just by the Rudolf Hoess house. Although the Temple where the 6 million Jews, and more, are to have been killed, Jehovah’s Witnesses never saw, heard, or smelt anything unusual. The only smell came from the delicious huge Kitchen which was operating near the entrance of the Recreation Camp.

The German Fake News Media are at Faking Again

         Apparently the German Scofieldite and eJew fake media are at it again spreading Biblical hate to the German people. ARD on its ”Tagesschau” of Thursday, 25 January 2018, choked themselves but not the media. Boosting the sound of US President Donald Trump’s speech at the point of booing and baaaing by the Zionist supporters, they now claim it was just so one could hear that the people did not appreciate what Donald Trump said.

        So just beware! If you are not in line with Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and Zionism, ARD may just put in some extra booooos where there aren’t any, and German schoolbooks will then say how much they hated your speech. ARD by the way is heavily Government sponcored like all the German media and fully in line with Hegelianism and Abrahamism and its nonsence that Censorship is the best thing for the people, next to staying away from the Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool. None are as blind as those who do not want to see.


C1318    MARTYROLOGY: THE WAR OF THE MARTYRS.  THE ANTISEMITIC JEWS KILLING THEMSELVES WHILE HEATHENS WERE DANCING AND HAVING A GOOD TIME   All martyrs of non-Christian faiths were evil, violent, and terrorists. We turn to the Bible and Hebrews 11 and 12 and find a list of Kosher martyrs, those approved by the Christians.  All of them were murderous killers, violent, and serial terrorists. Some cut heads off, others put spears into vagina of their own Jewish women, hacking people to pieces, Gang Raping, sawing people asunder for pleasure—of their own, putting innocents into ovens to slowly burn, and so much more. None were for peace. All cherished violence and became famous for their hate and violence. They loved killing their own prophets, it was all Jew against Jew. A real ritual of Antisemitism to use their own propaganda term.  About Antisementism see: Genesis 22:17; Lamentations.


C1319    MARTYROLOGY AS CHRISTIANITY WANTS THEM.  TERRORIST MARTYR SAMSON   Once again we turn to the Christian Bible and chapters 11 and 12 of Hebrews. All these violent martyrs are not written of in the Islam Koran, but in the Christian Bible. Violent Samson and sex maniac Samson, was just one of them. He was also an extraordinary Pyromaniac.

C1320    WE SAY WE ARE CIVILIZED AND THEN WE THROW STONES WITH THE HELP OF OUR CHILDREN ON RARE BIRDS.  Then we go as ”helpers” to Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and elsewhere ”teaching” the people to become ”civilized”. We seem unable to look at ourselves and the harm we do, thinking that by our mere presence, miraculous things will happen, and our ”aid” will bring speedy recovery and civilization to the world.


C1321    SPYING AND CHRISTIANITY    Christianity started in a spying atmosphere and developed by spying. Jesus Christ was spied upon. Apostle Paul was spied upon. Movistar spies and got it from the Christians doing it from very start. Guardia Civil is deeply involved with spying. Christianity became a huge spying machine were each Christian became a spy, and whole churches and synagogues became CIA spy operations. You can read it in Galatians and indeed, all through the Bible. And did not the tribal god Jehovah spy upon Eve?

C1322    THE ORIGIN OF CHRISTIANITY.  CAN IT BE FOUND?  HAS IT BEEN FOUND?  DID IT START BY FEAR AND MONEY?  A MONEY RACKET FEAR? FEAR AND TERROR ALL POLITICALLY AND RELIGIOUS PRODUCED    Christianity is like a puzzle. Intensely confusing, easily to get side-tracked. From start it got going by fake, hoax documents, invented operators, some named – possible using fake names. It started by Jews duping Jews. Hence Jews, not Goyim, became the first victims of Christianity. The next targets became the Gentiles, which wasn’t too difficult as Jews were slave owners and slave sellers, forcing the slaves to adopt Christianity. These Gentiles or Heathens, now became Uncle Toms to the Jews. It has a lot of similarity with the Pension Fraud Crimes, the PFC and the Holocaust Extortion Cult which Europe’s corrupt politicians have made it mandatory to pay for.

C1323    WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF CHRISTIANITY?  FEAR AND MONEY   My experience, my revelation,  tells me fear and money is the origin of Christianity. It has nothing to do with compassion, love and peace. And so I cam across the stealing of money by the members of the churches and synagogues of their own faithfuls. Cooking the books was usual and there was little, of none, about putting treausres in heaven. It was all earth contact and very materialistic. Money talks and even God will take it. You only ask your clergyman and you will find out.

C1324    MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.  MY CASE WITH THE STOLEN MONEY DONE BY ONE OF THE OLDEST MEN IN THE CONGREGATION — CHURCH   Here is a first hand experience with Richard Openshaw whose money was stolen by the Anointed member, Percy Lee, a proto-Jehovah’s Witness, who had requested the Watchtower Society to help him to get back his money from the anointed Percy Lee. Percy Lee had full congregational credentials. He had met Charles Taze Russell, the originator of the sect, then called Bible Students. I was at the second floor, just above where the conversation took place. Below sat the representatives from the Watchtower Society. They were the branch servant, Nathan, and his assistant Greenly. There may have been a third person also but I can’t remember his name.

C1325    WHO STANDS BEHIND THE TERRORIST ACTS IN SWEDEN? AND HOW ARE THEY RUN? WE DELVE FURTHER INTO THESE MAFIA SECRET GROUPS OF PEOPLE WHO OPERATE BEHIND THE SCENES CARRYING OUT THEIR TERRORIST ACTS FOR THEIR FANATICAL CAUSE OF SUPREMACY   Modern censorship was brought to Europe by seditionist Zionist Jews who just had taken the American oath of allegiance, claiming they would adhere to Article 1 and others in the American Constitution. The contact men of arms in Sweden were such ruthless gangsters as Sweden’s big Jewish judge, Johan Hirschfeldt. Behind him, in secret operating Bertil Wennberg, who was the real Fahrenheit 451 of Sweden.  His name is so secret, although he was the REAL person behind all Censorship laws, that I still haven’t met one Swede that knows him, or even knows what he is doing. At the back, organizing the carnage, stood the American seditionist Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, of the Stockholm Synagogue. How these ruthless kahal crazed individuals work is much the same all over Europe. Their job is not only to kill you, if they can get away with it. Their job is to make you out of work for the rest of your life unless you submit to their vicious dictatorial demands.

C1326    THE DOWNSIDE OF TOURISM.  TERRORISM AGAINST BIRDS.   FAMILIES TURN BERSERK IN HURTING AND KILLING BIRDS    How can the term civilized society be defined when one starts look at the behavior of men in nature. Grownups ask children to gether up stones and to them. The small stones the kids can throw. And so all together they start throwing stones at the birds with everybody laughing and having fun. If we don’t in the name of civilization have bull fights, bird fights, we also have bird fights.


C1327    JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES AS NAZI COLLABORATORS.  KOMMANDANT RUDOLF HOESS.  PRESIDENT KENNEDY, THE POPE AND THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH    In the 1960’s Jehovah’s Witnesses were busy in spreading anti-Roman Catholic propaganda. I was involved with this. It took some time before I begun to analyze what I was really doing. Jehovah’s Witnesses were pacifists and interned at Auschwitz. There, they became active workers in the home of Rudolf Hoess. They worked in the garden just by the alleged ”gas chamber”. Helped in decorating the ”gas chamber” and the surrounding. Helped in teaching, cooking food, washing the laundry, decorating Auschwitz, and helped in putting up bird cages, and so much more. Every building was of importance at Auschwitz, especially the huge kitchen. The Laundry, the Brothel, the huge Swimming Pool—everything was important. If Exterminationism was true, then in deed Jehovah’s Witness could not have been the victims, but the perpetrators of the killing of Six Million Jews by the Jewish Sonderkommando, helping them perform this gruesome task.


C1328    ABOUT JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES AND CUM MAN HISTORIAN MARTIN BROSZAT ALONG WITH OTHER ESTABLISHMENT PROPAGANDISTS    Why was Martin Broszat so afraid to visit Auschwitz?  Why was he afraid to talk to the Jehovah’s Witnesses? Why was he so interested with Fake News and running as errand boys for Israel? And what about the Pension Fraud Crimes? Holocaust Denier Ian Kershaw is mentioned. The re-education of the Germans and the supposed death activities of the Jewish Sonderkommando, along with the Rudolf Hoess enigma of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

C1329    MARTYROLOGY ONCE MORE THE VEHICLE TO SHOW THE OTHER SIDE EVIL AND MY SIDE RIGHT  One of the most incredible literature production was Fox Book of Martyrs. This massive work dealt about the Protestants’ martyrs being Roman Catholic Victims. The Roman Catholic Church came back with their own. Today the martyr are coming back in vogue, this time between Christendom and Islam. Hebrews 11 and 12 tell about the Jewish martyrs of the Gentiles. Samson was one of those, a most ruthless despot who even used animals for his ruthless life of slaughter. The martyrs of Martyrology reach their top with the Six Million Jewish martyrs killed by the Jewish Sonderkommando, most inside Auschwitz Temple which millions of pilgrims have visited, except the Popes. There does not exist one photo of a Pope even near the Auschwitz Temple. And what could be the reason for this?





If Evangelical Christians and Jews get their way countries will prohibit dogs and other animals to be called ”Israel” out of respect over Donald Trump moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, and to prevent Antisemitism from spreading.  Jews have always opposed calling dogs Israel and feel it is an offensive word causing grave mental disturbances within serious Jews and anyone calling their dog ”Israel” will be charged under the special Jewish code of hate.

After Donald Trump has shown his willingness to fight for Israel and its expansion, both Evangelical Christians and eJews feel it is time to stand up for the Jews and the blessings that this move by Donald Trump will give to the world.

The reason for this distress, grief, and anxiety, stems from the Bible prohibition of dogs and to associate a dog with ”Israel” is felt as the highest form of offense causing massive distress to Jews, and Evangelical Christians in turn, who like American missionary David Brainerd, felt offended and distressed over the Indians dancing when they should instead pray day in and out to the Jewish tribal god, Jehovah. As Peter Grief, a leading Evangelical preacher stated:  ”When the Jews feel distress and grief of a dog being called ”Israel,” then we out of love for the Chosen People feel anxiety and distress. The sooner governments prohibit dogs from being called ”Israel”, the sooner will our Lord come and establish his throne at Jerusalem and bring lasting peace to mankind”.

While a prison term of 5 years inside concentration camp as in Germany has been suggested, others have vouched for more, with some even suggesting it should be a life sentence, since dishonoring Jehovah must be a capital offense, if not in total, than as near total as possible.  So far no European politician has stated this to be an unduly harsh law, feeling nothing can be too harsh in pleasing Trump’s Chosen People, who, will lead us all into an everlasting lasting peace, centralized from River Nile to Persian Gulf, also called Arabian Gulf (The Euphrates Persian Gulf Doctrine), as stipulated in the Holy Bible (Exodus 23:31; Deuteronomy 1:7, 8; 11:24; Joshua 1:4).

C1330    NOT CHRISTMAS, NOT EASTER, BUT PENTECOST IS OUR REAL SMOKING GUN TO DISCOVER THE ORIGIN OF CHRISTIANITY SO LONG MYSTIFYING WITH A HISTORY TOTALLY CONTRADICTORY    The birth of Jesus Christ with its commercial Christmas has become  the main teaching source for the origin of Christianity. secondly, Easter has been used in a similar manner, but this time without a Santa Claus. About Pentecost we find in Acts of the New Testament, and this is where the plot starts.


C1331    PENTECOST AND NOT CHRISTMAS TELLS US ABOUT THE ORIGIN OF CHRISTIANITY    Why are we lead to believe that Christmas and Easter lead us to the origin of Christianity? Why do Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell about the intense murderous minds of those killing Jesus, yet, in reading Acts the Apostles who all fled Jesus because of Jews wanting to kill them, are now meeting openly at Jerusalem without hinder? Right there at the Jerusalem Temple, where the commands went out to kill Jesus Christ and the Christians. After Apostle Peter had been implicated in the murder of two elderlies, fear spread over whole of the community, thus showing fear and terror, not joy, was the force joining the people together. And the fact that the crucial point where these meetings took place is located at the Temple which was the center where all these furious, murderous clergy set out to kill Jesus Christ makes the whole story incredible. You can’t have pudding and still eat it.


C1332    ANNE FRANK DIARY APOLOGISTS CLAIMS ”MONEY PROVES AUTHENTICITY DOCTRINE” (MPAD) TO DEBUNK DOUBTERS OF THE ANNE FRANK DIARY FORGERY  The Anne Frank Diary has achieved in the sales of million of copies. The fact that it has been sold in the millions, they tell us is proof of its authenticity. But, does a book become true because it has been sold in the millions? And it isn’t even a diary but the direct opposite to a diary, an autograph book.  Rather, does it not show great probability of being a hoax?


C1333    MILK PROVES THE ANNE FRANK DIARY A HOAX. DIS THE MILKMAN BRING THE MILK TO THE FRANKS?    A lot of milk was drunk by the people supposedly inside the Secret Annex. To do all that sex and dancing required energy and so a lot of milk was drunk inside the secret holy temple. No Tetra Pak was available in those days. One bought milk in glass jars or in metal cans. I used such metals can and went to the milkman who would pour the milk into my milk can. Putting myself on my bicycle and away I went to my home making sure I wouldn’t spill any. Again, all this proves the Anne Frank Diary story is silly as tits on a bull.


C1334    NO TETRA PAK WAS AVAILABLE IN ANNE FRANK’S DAYS WHERE MILK WAS STORED.  ALL YOU HAD WAS A GLASS BOTTLE OR A METAL CONTAINER WHICH YOU TOOK WITH YOU TO THE MILKMAN    Going to the milkman was often a daily job in a home. I would place myself on a bicycle and would be served by a pretty girl who would use a big spoon and fill my metal can. So the Franks had to do the same thing. To claim therefore all this was done in utmost secrecy is chutzpah drivel of the first class. How did Otto Frank get away with all his fabrication of endless of tales?



C1335    TO SURVIVE MAN IS DRIVEN BY MONEY.  SO HOW DID JESUS CHRIST AND HIS TWELVE APOSTLES SURVIVE?  FEEDING THIRTEEN PEOPLE IS A VERY COSTLY THING. The Bible does not tell how this was done. We are told of a fig tree that Jesus got mad at because it had no fruit, and it died. So how did these thirteen people feed themselves and from where did they get their money? All is secret. Did they sell drugs, or what? We are never told.


C1336     WHILE AT THE CENTER, FAR AWAY FROM THE MADDENING CROWD.  It is not a good idea to stand at 5th Avenue waving an Israeli flag, thinking none will see you. And it is not a good idea to claim to be in a secret place while at the same time having to survive each day. Buying milk for 8 people would put you in the category of celebrity and takes away all your sanctimonious claims of secrecy.



C1337    THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN AUTOGRAPH BOOK AND A DIARY.  AN AUTOGRAPH BOOK IS OPEN FOR ALL.  DIARY IS CLOSED TO ALL BUT OPEN TO YOURSELF  For some 80 years the Anne Frank empire gave false information claiming Anne Frank had written a diary in a checkered  book. And so people wondered why the father, Otto Frank, did not display it. In fact, he frowned to even hold it in his hand. Now we know the reason for this secrecy. Otto Frank knew the checkered book was no diary but an autograph book, a book to be shown to all. But in the writing of the diary Anne was very concerned about that people did not look into her diary. The story is all a hoax. And so Otto Frank was left with the hoax and it took some 80 years to reveal it though Ditlieb Felderer had written about this already in the 1970’s.


C1338    FAKE MEDIA CELEBRATIONS OF FAKE BOOK ”ANNE FRANK DIARY”  On 12 of June the Fake Media (FM) goes through its ritual reminding a world of the tremendous intelligent clutter kid called Anne Frank as this was the date of her first entry into the diary, supposedly found inside the checkered book. Instead we now know that wasn’t Anne Frank’s handwriting at all, but her father, Otto Frank. The world’s greatest, single book literary hoax was thus born and when challenged, corrupt politicians and courts set in to protect the crook and hoaxer Otto Frank.


C1339    THE ANNE FRANK DIARY IS NOT A ”DIARY” BUT AN ”AUTOGRAPH BOOK”   WIKIPEDIA STILL REMAINS SILENT OF THAT IT IS NOT A ”DIARY” BUT AN ”AUTOGRAPH BOOK”    And that is a big difference like night and day. An autograph book is the inversion of a diary. How can these forgers continue on with their forgery without no one complaining?


C1340    DISHWASHING PROVES THE ANNE FRANK DIARY A HOAX   The mere case of washing dishes shows the Anne Frank Diary a hoax.  Running tap water would be heard by all, that is, unless the Franks got the water from the outside carrying it to the top floors. Once you wanted the dirty dish water to escape you opened the tap and down it went with a loud noise.  All people in the house would hear it. Even the connected house would like hear it. And this went on day after day, week after week, month after month all showing the hoax again wide open.

C1341    Hitler wants to meet Anne Frank and sees her at Auschwitz busy in writing her famous diary. He begins to talk to her and Anne spills the beans with Hitler attentively listening on.


C1342    Hitler gets fascinated with Anne Frank while visiting Auschwitz and clutter kid Anne tells Hitler all about her great book she intends to publish.


C1343    Hitler is at Auschwitz and meets Anne Frank at the Holy Temple, also called Holy Shrine, where 6 million Jews were killed by the Jewish Sonderkommando for underwear. Hitler sees Anne with a checkered book in her hand and Anne handing it to him Hitler becomes astounded of the dramatically opposite handwritings. And so the discussion begins. Hitler finally asks her if that is her handwriting noticing the penmanship of an adult longhand handwriting. Hitler then asks her if the elaborate adult handwriting is hers, with Anne responding: Yes, my daddy says it is!




C1345    OTTO FRANKS COWARDNESS IN DEFENDING HIS DAUGHTER ANNE FRANK MAKING HIMSELF OUT AS THE VICTIM   Coward Mr. Otto Frank made great show of his concern in defending his daughter Anne Frank and her ”diary”, which wasn’t a diary at all but an autograph book. Yet, when it came for proof and action he run away to Switzerland for hiding and refused to prove himself and stand up and defend his daughter. So his court cases went without him, claiming he was victimized and severely suffering by people who did not accept his fairy tales about Anne Frank. Under the protection of Switzerland he now felt safe, and so the world never saw him ever at court defending his own case.


C1346    ALL EXTERMINATIONISTS AND HOLOCAUST DENIERS HAVE DENIED GIVING INFORMATION THAT THE MASTER FORGER OTTO FRANK REFUSED TO COME TO HIS OWN COURT TRIALS EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE HIS SHOWS   THE MASTER FORGER OTTO FRANK TURNS CHICKEN AND DECIDES TO HIDE HIMSELF IN SWITZERLAND WHERE HE FOUND HIS BIBLE CITY OF REFUGE   The Holocaust Extortion Cult defenders as the Three Stooges,  Christopher Browning, Richard Evans, Ian Kershaw, Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt, Peter Longerich, Robert Jan van Pelt, Laurence Rees, and not the least, Wikipedia authors, have acted as CUM men for the Pension Fraud Cult, The Holocaust Extortion Cult. Otto Frank should have been the first at court, gladly and positively defending his daughter. Instead he abandoned her and left her out in the cold. Pack of delinquent retards who can’t get their asses from their comfortable beds of roses, and, who are used to put doubters inside Concentration Camps for abuse and torture: The Three Stooges are holocaust deniers (HD): Richard Evans, Peter Longerich and Robert Jan van Pelt, Skirthangers of Holocaust Denier, HD, Deborah Lipstadt; who,  embellished themselves with snobbery as ”holocaust experts” in what became a Show Trial against David Irving, where Judge Charles Gray manipulated the trial to be about David Irving’s feeling of immigration, instead of the Material Evidence of fake chimney, doors, peephole, hinges, padlock, vents, Corpse Door, Gallows Door, swimming pool, cinema, brothel, kitchen, mail office, theater, and relevant material, all clearly showing the Holy Temple at Auschwitz is a colossal fake.



Undesputable Fact:  When this article was written in 1964 the Newspeak sex word ”holocaust” was not used. Ditlieb Felderer was in contact with many of the accusers, including Hermann Langbein and Stefan Szende. They never used the catchword ”holocaust” which Exterminationists use today for the Holocaust Extortion Cult.

Not one of the accusers believed in the ”gas chamber” fable, nor in the fable of the Six Million Jews martyred. They all seemed to mock it. And as for the Jehovah’s Witnesses there was not one who believed it and considered it as spite and latrine gossip. NAMES MENTIONED IN ARTICLE:  Wilhelm Boger, Pery Broad, Klaus Dylewski, Rudolf Kauer, Josef Klehr, Herbert Scherpe.



C1347    WIKIPEDIA KEEPS THE SECRET LID ON THE CUM OPERATORS BEHIND THE ANNE FRANK FORGERY NEVER TO DISCLOSE OTTO FRANK NEVER CAME TO HIS OWN SHOW TRIALS    Master forger Otto Frank won all his court cases except one against Ditlieb Felderer who requested him to bring the checkered diary with him and present it in court with him and  being cross-examined. Ditlieb Felderer suspected the checkered diary was not a ”diary” at all but an ordinary Autograph Book which he and his sisters had as children. If this was the case, then, Otto Frank was grossly lying and all his inventions of ”secrecy” and the ”secret diary” was a huge hoax. There would also fall the secrecy of the ”secret annex” purporting to be the home of the Franks and friends. But Otto Frank was very fortunate, for Ditlieb Felderer won the case when his hoped for Show Trail came to abrupt stop. And by that time, Mr. Frank himself was no longer interested in the case as he was dead bent not to show his alleged ”Anne Frank Diary”. This shows the Wikipedia articles to be nothing else but sales gimmick only able to survive thanks to such as Jan Eliasson of United Nations and Wikipedia. All in order to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC.


C1348      CENSORSHIP BY OMISSION.    GENOCIDE AND SCOFIELDITE ZIONIST GERMAN PAPER BILD AND HOW IT SPREADS ITS ZIONIST SEPTIC TANK AROUND THE WORLD  SPREADING LIES ABOUT TURKEY— HOW DOES IT GET AWAY WITH ITS SUPPORT OF MAN SLAUGHTER?   By having created an Exterminationist, Zionist circle, it encircles its victims inside a holy Temple Black Hole where no one is able to think independent anymore, forcing innocents into the holy Temple language. So it can attack Turkey freely and any other nation whose people can’t see through the Zionist smoke screen. By using holy Temple language, they assure themselves master of the show where they and the rabbis can peddle their puerile Zionist Biblical nonsense throughout the world. German Bild has been described by Ditlieb Felderer as ”A fanatic, rabble-rousing, Scofieldite Jewish Sonderkommando underwear outfit, erotically groping at the  politicians’ crutches who are craving for constant notoriety due to their abysmal lack of creativity; hurling these foul-smelling Jewish underwear corrupt political operators into the fawns of the CIA refurbished German nincompoop judiciary, all scaffolded onto Hegelianism and Israeli Abrahamism to a coitus frontal collision halt with empirical reality”.


C1349    CONQUEST OF AMERICA SAME AS JEWISH CONQUEST OF CANAAN.  CHRISTIANS NOW BECAME THE NEW ”JEWS” READY TO CONQUER AND TAKE OVER A LAND OF ”MILK AND HONEY” GIVEN TO THEM BY THE JEWISH TRIBAL GOD JEHOVAH  Deuteronomy 6:10, 11 are the basic Bible versions dealing on the conquest of America by shipwrecked whites running from Europe and away from persecution of Kings and Queens who used Romans 13:1-7 as an excuse for their cruelties. The bored to death settlers did not view this conquest as a stealing of land but as a gift from the Jewish tribal God Jehovah and called the plunder, theft, as a ”gift by the Grace of God”.


C1351    IMMIGRATION TO AMERICA AN ORGANIZED THIEVERY.   SETTLERS HAD STOLEN AT HOME AND ONCE LANDING IN AMERICA AND EVEN BEFORE WERE STOLEN FROM    A DOG EAT DOG SITUATION    Many of the immigrants to America were thieves. Some were killed right on the boat, many were thrown overboard, never to be heard from again. Once on American land, there was a whole organized gangsterism ready to steal from the immigrants. One, who became a victim of these gangsters was my grandfather from Norway, who lost everything when he linked himself with a Jew who made him sign over his fortune to him. This was all in accordance of Deuteronomy 6:10, 11. A dog eat dog history hidden from our history books and who prefer talk about the poor and brave settlers who risked their lives and whose Jewish tribal God Jehovah would give them land and riches for free ”by the Grace of God”.


C1352    INTERNET, TEXTUAL CRITICISM, AND THE USE OF TRICK LINKS (TL)    THE SIMON WIESENTHAL CRIME SYNDICATE (SWCS) AND THEIR MODUS OPERANDI FOR THE PENSION FRAUD CRIMES (PFC)   THE DECEPTION EXPOSED ON THE FORGED ”ANNE FRANK DIARY”, RUDOLF HOESS, AND OTHER LITERATURE OF FAME  WIKIPEDIA’S DIRTY HANDS WITH TRICK LINKS   We take the Anne Frank forgery to show what ”trick links” (TL) are. Such as Wikipedia will link you for proof of the evolution of Anne Frank’s clutter script. Going to their link you find out instead examples of advanced adult long hand script instead of being shown the development of the clutter child’s writing. Then we can take the writings of Rudolf Hoess. His actual handwriting of his alleged book is rarely shown, if ever. Instead you have an English, French, or other translation. Such a purported quote of Rudolf Hoess is useless for the serious investigator. He wants the source, the Smoking Gun, and not some mediocre translation which frequently leads you astray. The Internet is filled with ”Trick Links” (TL) which aim is to confuse, omit, and deceive you.


C1353    WIKIPEDIA USED BY THE SIMON WIESENTHAL CRIME SYNDICATE (SWCS) FOR ABUSE AND TORTURE AND TO THROW DOUBTERS INTO CONCENTRATION CAMPS    THE DAVID IRVING LIBEL TRIAL AGAINST HOLOCAUST DENIER DEBORAH LIPSTADT    THE THREE STOOGES FIGHT AGAINST FREE SPEECH    ZIONISTS’ USE TO THROW PEOPLE INSIDE CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR ABUSE AND TORTURE: THE EL MUNDO FREE SPEECH CASE AND DAVID IRVING    Zionists and their bootleg alcoholics against Free Speech such as the Three Stooges use the charge of doubters being thrown into Concentration Camps that their Holocaust Extortion Cult is unblemished and deserve the full control and protection by corrupt politicians who are all in there to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.


C1354    FINDING OUT ABOUT WHAT WAS CLAIMED TO BE THE WORLD’S GREATEST CEMETARY FROM PEOPLE WHO LIVED THERE FOR YEARS DURING HITLER’S TIME   There was Smolen, Szymanski, Czech, Brandhuber and a slew of others living there in Hitler’s time in what was to be the world’s greatest horror place, and here they were enjoying life to the full as if such never happened. And there was the Auschwitz Temple supposedly used for gassing more than Six Million Jews done by the Jewish Sonderkommando. And my discovery Auschwitz was the best place to live by all these Survivors and I had to agree with them.


C1355    AUTOGRAPH BOOK CONTRA A DAIRY    THE ANNE FRANK AUTOGRAPH BOOK    The Anne Frank Drug Cult deliberate deceives the world by selling it out as a ”diary” when in fact it is an Autograph Book. For some 80 years the world has been fooled by the Anne Frank Drug Empire to believe it was a ”diary” when in fact if was the very opposite to a diary.


C1356    WHAT DOES THE ABBREVIATION ”CUM” STAND FOR?  The acronym CUM stands for Cover Up Man which equivalent can be HD: a Holocaust Denier. Go to our Holocaust Denier list and you find out who these CUM men are. CUM can also be a woman, such as Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt.


C1357    ISRAEL AND USA ARE THE MAIN COUNTRIES RESPONSIBLE FOR THE KILLING IN SYRIA AND ELSEWHERE.  ANGELA MERKEL HAS SENT SLEW OF WEAPONS VIA NATO FOR THE KILLING.  ISRAEL REFUSE TO TAKE ONE REFUGEE INTO THE STOLEN COUNTRY CLAIMING A RACIAL PURE THEOCRATIC NATION RULED BY THE TRIBAL GOD JEHOVAH   This country given to them by their tribal God Jehovah is believed to expand from Nile to the Persian Gulf supposedly all prophesied in the Bible. With the help of Donald Trump, the Established Media and Alternative Media, they hope that very soon they will be rulers of the world. While Trump can take over the mosques and place golf courses on them for recreation of the world.

C1358    EUROPEAN COUNTRIES AND USA HAVE FURNISHED WEAPONS FOR THE SLAUGHTER OF AMERICA’S NEO-CONS CRUSADES AGAINST THE WORLD TO SELL MORE WEAPONS.    THE RESULT IS AN INVERSION OF REFUGEES WHO FLEE FROM THE BOMBS AND BOMBED OUT HOMES ALL THROUGH THE HELP OF NATO SHIPPING IN WEAPONS THROUGH TURKEY AND BULGARIA  But refugees came long before. Especially from Soviet Union slew of Jews came to Europe claiming they were persecuted. How, and in what way? Not because of hunger or imprisonment but because they were refused to go to Israel from these countries.  And so they came to Europe and as soon as coming there they got pensions making them wanting to stay. Entered the synagogues and started to spy upon their countrymen and Gentile dogs. The intention was to find out if they stated and were engaged in any criticism of Zionism. Such were then labeled Holocaust Deniers, Antisemites, and such. Most of the spying was made by using the telephone, spy on the media if anyone said something they didn’t like, infiltrating into politic and influential places where Thought Terrorism was breeding.

C1359    JEWS ENTERING SWEDEN AS REFUGEES CHANGED THE WHOLE NATION TURNING IT INTO A SYNAGOGUE OF THOUGHT CRIMES WHERE EVERYTHING NON-KOSHER WAS CONSIDERED BLASPHEMY    THE SWEDES COULD NO LONGER THINK FOR THEMSELVES BUT LET THE SYNAGOGUES MAKE UP THE MIND FOR THEM AND THE PEOPLE    Many of the refugees from Middle East come with strong opinion and little consideration of different opinion, especially when they can see a collapse of the society all around them. The political leaders all in there to line their own pockets and feather their own interest simply have no other reason for existence. With Sweden’s arrogant courts which can say they have no time for considering the matter which they already have decide upon beforehand, simply tell their victims:  ”We have no time to listen for we have to eat”, as in Show Trials of corrupt Swedish prosecutors Torsten Jonson and Agneta Isborn Lind.  In Sweden the arrogance of its political serving bureaucrats knows no end.


C1360    SPYING IN THE BIBLE   It seems incredible to believe spying was perhaps the most active work within early churches and synagogues—for they were the same. Apostle Paul in Galatians records how spying went on, not from the outside, but right inside, and that done by Bishops and others. Read Galatians 2:4 and there you find out how Apostle Paul mentions about spying going on right inside his church without mentioning who these spies were. This assures problems ahead, and so Christianity became nothing more than centers for spying. Soon heresy and blasphemy charges were in full swing, and Christians did little else but excommunicating each other and run for their life as the heat was on to strike fear and intolerance into the community supposedly set up for tolerance, compassion and peace. Never had a faith so quickly collapsed with all its aspirations and hopes thrown into the gutter.

C1361   WAR IS PEACE,   NATO, CIA, AND WAR CRIMINAL ANGELA MERKEL WITH HER ISRAEL    HOW WAR CRIMINALS ISRAEL AND GERMANY CREATE WAR CRIMES BEHIND OUR BACKS   Europe and USA supplied weapons behind our backs, smuggled through Turkey and Bulgaria, to create War Crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria with NATO and CIA operators secretly behind controlling and administrating the war machinery behind our back. Germany was softened up prior with the aid of professional liars as the Bild Zeitung, Kurt Schrimm, the Evangelicals, Scofieldites, Protestant and Catholic Church. The Auschwitz Holy Temple was refurbished for use, and even BBC was involved with reintroducing the Stair Doctrine and the Auschwitz 6 Million Dead Jews stories and action. War Criminal Angela Merkel then hypocritically went out to the German people making herself out as she was shocked by the Refugees flooding in, when she in fact along with her Israel friends brought the whole bloodshed into action. Surreptitiously Turkey was brought in, and when the Zionist coup failed in Turkey, the whole secret War Crime operation of Angela Merkel blew. Europe has to bring these War Terrorists to trial. If this does not happen, full chaos, even more than we have now will spread all over Europe. This operating War Is Peace operation by Germany will not end unless the perpetrators of the bloodshed, that includes Jens Stoltenberg, of NATO in Norway, will be brought before a free court, judged, and put inside prisons they themselves have created for their critics and exposers as not only War Mongers, but as operators of bloodshed and terror.

C1362     THE MILITARY- INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, JIHADIST AND WAR CRIMINAL ANGELA MERKEL, FAKE NEWS, FLOOD OF REFUGEES, THE USE OF TURKEY AND BULGARIA FOR SHIPMENT OF WEAPONS FOR WAR, SYRIA, SIX MILLION JEWS AND THE AUSCHWITZ HOLY TEMPLE, JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES, JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDO, SPAIN, GUARDIA CIVIL USED TO CONFUSE THE SPANISH PEOPLE, COUP IN TURKEY—PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL PEACE   The scenario of the war machinery brought to light. How the heavy weapons that destroy complete concrete buildings were brought into Syria by USA and Europe and then handed out to the warring parties to slaughter each other with the hope of controlling Middle East by Europe’s War Criminals, USA, and Israel.

C1363   DONALD TRUMP AND THE FAKE MEDIA    YOU CAN TRUST NOBODY AND NOTHING      A FIRST IN WORLD HISTORY?:  This was said some 100 years ago by American Historian, Henry Adams.  Today the media is used for lying as never before. Huge companies lend their hand in Fahrenheiting 451 artists instead of protecting the few freedoms we have left. Behind such aged in violence terms as ”feeling offended” this bigotry is sought to stop doubters to find out the root and circumstances, and, by isolating them it is hope this is achieved. Donald Trump may be the first president, or, political leader, ever bringing attention to the fact of a fake media while in charge of the boat.


C1364    THE CONQUEST OF CANAAN   SPYING IN THE BIBLE   SPYING IN THE OLD TESTAMENT AND SPYING IN THE NEW TESTAMENT    BIBLE IS FULL OF SPYING AND DAGGER WORK     WHY IS NOBODY MENTIONING ABOUT IT?    Moses sent out his plundering spies for stealing, conquest of the Land Flowing With Milk And Honey, that supposedly a tribal God, by the name of Jehovah had given to Moses. The New Testament is filled with spying and dagger work. The Apostles were spied upon, and the Apostles spied on the others. Jesus was spied upon, and he spied on others. All around, there was spying going on. Apostle Paul complains about it, while he himself spied. What a world! And why is this never mentioned by the Media, nor the hypocritical Churches of Judeo-Christianity.

C1365     SAINTHOOD   HOLINESS   POWER   MIRACLES    SPEAKING IN TONGUES is it all a bunch of ballony?  The Bible speaks a lot about powerful and good men coming from the Abrahamic tribal God Jehovah war tribes. But is it all a cover up of barbarism? And once the Bible had stopped writing, in came a whole line of Saints supposedly being involved with great and marvelous things. And we forget that this was the way things were written in those days. It was all flower language, embellished writing. Much like the hippies put flowers on their heads, spoke their flowering language, and smoking pot. It was all a matter of fooling and being fooled. Could it be otherwise?



Pornocaust   Waltz

The woman’s enjoyment of revenge

        What does the ”Pornocaust Waltz” mean?

      Pornocaust Waltz means the enjoyment and satisfaction a woman gets, mostly, still a virgin, when she sees her boy friend or husband being forced into having sex with another woman while watching the affair with her own eyes. This normally happens after repeatedly denying her sex unless she climbs up the huge Auschwitz chimney located just by the sacred Auschwitz Temple where more than 6 Million Jews got gassed or flushed down the toilet by the intensely agitated Jewish Sonderkommando who craved for women’s underwear.

The Auschwitz Temple, situated close to the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool and the Brothel, is dubbed as the ”Auschwitz Erect Penis” where male ”Brides Of Christ”, BOC, request their females to climb up, and first after their successful climb, are willing to partake of sex, preferable inside the Auschwitz Temple, called the ”Auschwitz Gas Chamber” by  Stalin, in order to hide his Katyn Massacres.

C1366    WHY ISN’T GERMANY’S ANGELA MERKEL CHARGED AS A ”WAR CRIMINAL”?   Having been responsible for selling and shipping weapons to warring parts in Syria, one would think Angela Merkel is one of the most responsible for the bloodshed  in Syria? And what about all her shipping of armaments to ever War Criminals in Israel? There she becomes the main excuse of War Crimes by excusing everything that the tribal God Jehovah’s Israel does. How can it be that people were all hanged at Nuremberg for crimes they had never done?  And for crimes at Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp, which crimes Stalin and other invented, all made up in order for Stalin to cover up his Katyn Massacres? Not that the other side was any better. There must be a reason why these barbarians never get charged. It is because of the Military Industrial Complex, supported by NATO cover ups of all the black market weapon industry that Europe can muster, and by keeping it secret all these wars will continue on with the full sanction of Germany and Israel, and the huge weapon industry behind them.


AF             Apocalyptic Fantasies

AG            Angry God

AJ              Anti-Jehovist, anti-Jehovah

AMF         Action Makes Free. KNOWLEDGE, unless it does not determine action, is dead to us. Dead Knowledge. Fabricating irrelevance while sneaking up on victims telling them about the irrelevance of others while stressing the relevance of oneself.  How to recognize a spy and a mole. Knowledge unless it does not determine action by physical work, is dead for anti-Exterminationists. A Yawhwist Jew, or cosmetic Jew, who is always a Zionist Jew, can easily be ferreted out:  1. Like a born human mole he is inactive and only comes to the fore when he knows his existence is suspected or threatened doing so by constant blabber.  2. He functions as an intrigue-maker, blowing himself, influencing up, influencing unsuspecting targets, casting his possible and real opponents in the dirt.  Hence, the equation of a mole and spy is a man without work who depends on his surreptitious and deceiving acts. The equation of actual work would expose himself, as he only can work through his ever blabbering mouth, and thereby hopes to convince and prove himself before gullible and hoping suckers. The moment he exerts his physical body for work he opens himself to scrutiny and exposure. A prime example of this is Mr. Holocaust, Mark Weber, who, through mere blabber was able to much extent create the Holocaust Cult.

APC           Auschwitz Perpetual Condom. Story goes that Simon Wiesenthal, in charge of the Nazi Brothel at Auschwitz handed out refurbished condoms to the Jewish Sonderkommando for their sex, claiming they prefered used ones to new condoms.


AS             Anti-Semitism, or Anti-Sementism, or Antisementism. Anti-Sementism is not about how eJews are treated but how THEY treat others, the goy, the heathen, the pagans, their ”dogs” and ”pigs”, their ”slaves”. Ape State

BOC         Bride Of Christ; The Sexual reality of Union; soft holocaust porn and hard-core reality. A wreckless person who does not think about the consequences giving raw apple to a child who will choke on it.

BOCC       Bride Of Christ Controversy

BTD         Born To Death

CA           Crisis Actor: a con-man claiming to be at places he never was. When the HEC cult is under repeated suspicion they put in their fake Crisis Actors who pretend they have been at Auschwitz, Birkenau, or the other Recreation Sport And Relief Camps. After Internet entered into the picture the Holocaust Crisis Actor (HCA) has found it more and more difficult, as it is now possible to investigate much what is said, and mostly derived from latrine gossip (LG). In Soviet Union time each claimant had to go through rigorous tests as claimants were often found to be Nazi collaborators. Hence, today it is much easier to expose their racketeering. The theme of his acting is often as a person afflicted with the Holocaust Survivor Syndrome.

CAA        Correct anti-Sementic Answers; Condoms Available Auschwitz

CIA         Crisis Internet Actor:  A person whom the Status Quo Establishment sets in to cover up (CUM) the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, and the cult of Exterminationism with its Holocaust Extortion Cult. The Crisis Internet Actor works on the Internet frequently acting the part of an affliclet Holocaust Survivor Syndrome man where he goes through the motion, hoping to convince the spectators that to give more money for his cause is worth more than all the free cream cakes he can get. He is often very insulting on the Internet hoping that in this way he will stop the critic and doubter. The trick is not to connect with his hate and diversionary tactics but calmy ignore his hate and intimidations and present the cold facts letting his Yahwism wrath wash off like water on a goose.

CB            Checkered Book; Anne Frank’s fake checkered diary

COW        Cutters Of Wood. These were slaves who slaved for the Yahwist Jews in cutting wood, take care of excrements, and fight in wars for the Jews. Joshua 9:21.

DIN          Ditlieb International News

DS           Deep State

DSP         Deep State Pornocaust

DT            Domestic Terrorism

DTF          Deep Throat Fully. Dirt, drivel, and damnation, Deep Throat Fully penetration of the Corpse or Gallows Door of the Auschwitz Holy Temple till fully to discover the stimulation and erotic joy inside.

DTP         Deep Throat Pushing. A pornocaust form of graceful frotteurism perpetrated by over-sexed pilgrims inside the Auschwitz Holy Temple to stimulate obsessed sexual depravity and the multiple climax ejections resulting thereof, often invoking Yahwism grace for debauched completion.

DTS         Deep Throat State. Deep Throat Sucking. A manic repetition of the sex word ”holocaust” to forcibly stimulate sexual depravity for sexual unfulfillness. A constant reminder of State Supremacy commanded by Apostle Paul in Romans 13:1-7.

eH            eHolocaust; exterminationistHolocaust

FN            Fake News

pH           pHolocaust; pornoHolocaust; pornocaustHolocaust

eHistory Extermination History or Exterminationist Historian

eJEW       Extermiantionist Jew; Extermination Jew

ePolitic  Exterminationist Politic or Exterminatinist Politician

EU            Emory University; Erection United/Unity/Unanimous; European Union

FS             Facebook Spying; Facebook  Spy: A Deep State clandestine operative secret clan gathering information for personal details of citizens around the world to aid Israel in its world supremacy ambitions. This mercenary Sicarii outlet helps bogus state ‘’Israel’’ in gathering details for its fake passport department used by Israel assassination squads around the world. The surveillance company to the outise world portrays itself as a ‘’social media’’, thus covering up its Pornocaust and CUM activities much like Department of War became switched to Department of Defense. They act as GR (gang rapers) of human minds, snooping into every part of the human soul hoping thereby to control it. Their mercenaries work around the world, never tired of spying for the supreme Yahweh kingdom believed soon to rule the world.

FSS           Final Solution Sex

GAG         Grip And Grope; an advanced form of Frotteurism

GCG         Gas Chamber Grin; JR

GL            Gropers Lust; Grope Lust

GM           Grope Me; Grope Man; General Motors

HA            Holocaust Ape; Holocaust Affe; Holocaust Apa. Holocaust Actor

HAS          Holocaust Ape Syndrome; Holocaust Affe Syndrome; Holocaust Apa Syndrome. Holocaust Actor. An Establishment sick person and Establishment derelic playing the Exterminationist acts to please the corrupt system. An ass licker who licks up to anything the Exterminationists dish out for mass consumption.

HATE       Head And Tail Extortions

HC            Holocaust Controller; Holocaust Control.  It is essential for a major Cult to have Holocaust Controllers and Holocaust Entertainers to surface above the crowd of perplexed humanity.

HCA         Holocaust Crisis Actor. The HEC Cult whenever under scrutiny will put in Holocaust  Crisis Actors to rescue a sinken ship. Unless these Actors can prove, giving at least six authentic proofs of their being at the place as a fact and not Martyrology hocus-pocus, such Actors are fake Actors and put in their as CUM men for the money racket Cult.  Also see: CA: Crisis Actor.

HCT           Holocaust Cock Teaser:  A person deriving sex gratification by hearing the word Holocaust, often resulting in erection with ejaculation.

HDP          Holocaust Denier Penis

HE             Holocaust Entertainer; Holocaust Enslaver. A  mobile person who is either unknowingly used, or fakes his Exterminationist reality by entertaining the public through discources etc., and making show of being anti-Exterminationist but is in actual a Pension Fraud Crimes clandestine operator. A more static pornocaust operator is the Traditionalist Enforcer or Tradition Enslaver (TE). Bishops; colporteurs, speakers of organized groups, political or religious; Circuit Servants and District Servants of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Missionaries, evangelists, Prophets, Born Againers,  are all in the HE classification due to their mobile operations where they even may travel around the world. Examples could be given as Jehovah’s Witnesses, William Schnell and Charles Taze Russell; and the Roman Catholic, Charles Chiniquy.

HEI            Holocaust Entertainment Industry: A lucrative enterprize using Revisionism and other super gullible groups for ones own clandestine lucrative benefits. It consists of using speakers to prowl out, searching for more suckers to milk. A successful such became the IHR. They will always tell how inept others are while hiding their own wicked selfish operations and ineptness, using various spy methods. The Bible mentions Apostle Paul was such an Entertainer.


HG            Holocaust Grin; a reflexive grin on eJews’ faces on hearing word ”holocaust”, meaning the penis moving up into an erection, also called ”JR”, Jew Rictus. This was especially noticeable at Ernst Zundel’s second censorship Show Trial as Holocaust Crisis Actor and Holocaust Entertainer, Exterminationist Mark Weber, uttered the word ”holocaust”, as he and his buddy in holocaust bed, John Pearson, uttered the word ”holocaust”, making the whole CUM ceremony into one colossal Pornocaust ritual.

HHS         Holy Holocaust Sex. Deep Throat pornocaust sex inside the Auschwitz Holy Temple for multiple climax enjoyments.

HLC         Holocaust Litigation Consultant: A person who is working at a Holocaust Litigation Factory and who is mobile and travels, often around the world, offering himself to ”help” and ”rescue” an estate while in fact he is there to destroy it in order to line his own pockets and feather his own nest. Much like missionaries, bishops, monarchs, political loud-mouths.

HLF        Holocaust Litigation Factory: An office of more than one person piously working for Holocaust Extortion Cult propaganda. Such outlets always disguise their operations pretending to work for Revisionism, openess, facts, and truth. They are zealously engaged with litigation procedures against criticism of Yahwism and Abrahamism. The know-how and skill is then offered out to others involved with inheritance societies which they then will help to bust to award money to the group most authoritarian and unrewarding. As example of the profitable busting of an Estate, see: the Farrel Estate, which money derived from the inventor Thomas Edison, was turned into a Holocaust Casino in favor of play-boy, Mr. Holocaust, Exterminationist Mark Weber. Also see: Holocaust Litigation Consultant.

HOW        Hewers Of Wood; pornocausting slaves by torturing them to death by hard work as expressed by the Jewish ruthless leader Joshua as found in Joshua 9:21.

HRM        The sexual laden affliction when pilgrims enter the Holy Auschwitz Temple and start erotically acting as in former Christian Love Feasts. It is not know how many babies have been created inside this building, but if it hasn’t reached six million yet, it is anticipated it soon will reach that level.

HSS         Holocaust Surviving Syndrome:  The ostentatious parading of excessive surious emotions.

HWB       Holocaust Whipping Boy: A victim of a Holocaust Entertainment Industry missionary who takes the blame of the Holocaust Entertainer. The trick is for the Holocaust Entertainer (HE) to hide himself behind others and to shield insight into his Holocaust Entertainment Industry (HEI). Also see: Scapegoat.

IB            Idle Bragger. A Zionist operator who constantly brags about his projects, his coming books and uses it to divert attention from reality of real published material.  Some IB such as Mark Weber has gotten away with being an IB for years. He was heard mocking Arthur Butz and his book, The Hoax of the 20th Century already in 1979. Then in 1988 his great achievement book was still not seen, but the brag goes on. Now, in 2018 the world is still waiting for the deliverance of his baby but somehow the baby just keeps inside his mind with the deliverance being nigh.

IHR         Institute For Historical Review: A clandestine Zion Jerusalem above (Galatians 4:26) outlet using creator Thomas Edison money that went through a variety of purges for then to become sanctified and tabernacle cleansed according to latest Israeli fashion. It is similar to the film ”She Danced for a Summer”, for then to die in boredom, never to be revived again except for its Holocaust Entertainers to beg for more money and tell the suckers how indespensable they are. A bottomless funel for the more you put in, the bigger the hole gets. Such impostors can always be found out by the language they use.

JEG         Jew Enfant Gate: A spoiled Jew knowing the world is full of Skirthangers who won’t mind being diaper-wrapped and ready to serve.

JET         Jan Eliasson Torture.  While going before United Nations Jan Eliasson made it a global crime to cast doubt on that the Auschwitz Olympic Training swimming pool, was not a pool. That over Six Million Jews were gassed inside the Auschwitz Temple that couldn’t even gas one Jew. That Auschwitz had no kitchen. That Auschwitz had no sex brothel.That Auschwitz had no cinema. That Auschwitz had no post office. That Auschwitz had no photograph school for the Reliefers. That Auschwitz had no laundry. That Auschwitz had no hospitals, and so much more. He had anyone saying otherwise put inside Swedish Concentration Camps for abuse and torture.

JHJ           Jew Hate Jew.  Yahwism builds on threats and hate. But we are rarely told of that the Bible is also built on fear and hate. And they seek to hide the fact that there are endless of cases where it is nothing about Gentiles ”hating” Jews, but Jews hating Jews. Why do they keep this secret from us? The Holy Bible could in fact be called the Hate Book instead of the Holy Book.

JR              Jew Rictus; the reflexive grin of eJews hearing word ”holocaust”, also called the ”holocaust grin”. The start of this was at the Ernst Zundel witch trial of 1985 where eJews would grin when hearing the Newspeak work ”holocaust” being mentioned.

JS              Jewish Sonderkommando; the high class Jews, also called Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando, responsible in killing Six Million Jews, in exchange for women’s underwear. This is to have happened inside the Auschwitz Temple.

LAP          Lethargic Apathy Protege. A lap dog.

LFG           Lust For Groping; a pornocaust ailment often conducted by holocaust reflex movements where the afflicted one seeks to pornocaust his victim.

LG            Long Goy; Slaves of Jews who attended to Jewish females. Boys used for breeding purposes, dressed out as angels (using women’s underwear perhaps), having sex with males and females. The Jerusalem Temple was famous for its sex orgies and promiscuous males and females. Luke 1:31. By constant breeding it was believed, and often as an excuse, that the Messiah would eventually evolve through such Love Feasts (LF). From such sexual oriented activities at the Temple, the erotic acts then moved into Yahwist congregations far outside Jerusalem.

LGD          Latrine Gossip Dependant

MOSSAD     A Deep State operator. An agent of Zionism and its Doctrines of Yahwism, Abrahamism, Hegelianism, and the Exterminationist Cult. He is either a payed Israel agent or a mere Skirthanger (Zechariah 8:23). He comes in various levels. MOSSAD1 means he has reached as far as he can get on the Zionist ladder which is always determined on the manner of speech and related matters all connected with the Exterminationist Cult. He is as far as he can get, as with the grading of Masonry. A good example of such is Mark Weber, which Exterminationists portray as USA beggest anti-Zionist when in fact he helped in creating the Holocaust Extortion Cult. When various surveillance companies were found out about them collecting data of people which then are used by Israel in making their false passports, the surveillance businesses such as Facebook changed over to be called ”social media”, in other words, you become a knowingly and willing victim for the surveillance personal details scheme. In USA the Department of  War was switched to Department of Defense. It is all an elborate work of Newspeaking making the public unaware of the lies going on behind them.

Mr Holocaust also Uncle Mark of IHR called so for his servile and cringing to prosecutor John Pearson at the 1988 Ernst Zundel Witch Trial. Name Mr. Holocaust was given him after; he, in an article in January 2009, named ”How Relevant is Holocaust Revisionism”, revealed his Israel-Zion mole activities and disinterest to find out facts and more interested in selling books and project himself as a Guru for Palestinians. Instead going to Auschwitz to assure himself of relevant facts, he is seen in China. By this time Cult investigation of the Holocaust Extortion Cult had gone a long way, exposing virtually every racket of the Cult. He along with David Irving may be the two who solidified the Newspeak word ”holocaust” onto the extortion Cult more than anyone else. Neither Exterminationist Mark Weber, nor David Irving, have explained what a ”Holocaust Denier” means and WHY they feel such a name is wrong for them, especially mysterious as both of them contributed to this term.

MrZ         Mr Zion.  A slimeball who makes money out of supposedly helping Palestinians and is used by the Zionists to inject tension and discord into the rank of critics who have seen through the whole scheme. A clandestine Zionist operator working under the guise of anti-Zionism.

MS           Movistar Spying; Movistar Spy

MWC        Mark Weber Credentials. Judge Ron Thomas supposed ”expert” credentials to Holocaust Denier (HD) Mark Weber aren’t worth a Simon Wiesenthal refurbished condom filled with all the semen of a Jewish synagogue to be thrown at a printing page.

NBG          Nothing But Gab/Grab.  Impostors of the Holocaust Extortion Cult frequently thrive by being manic gabbers of things unrelated to the Cult. Thus, Ditlieb Felderer, reports that not once, did HEI Mark Weber show any interest in the material of photos taken in connection with the Cult.

NOW        National Organization For Woman

NOWG     National Organization For Women Gropers/Groping

PC             Porno Caust; also written pornocaust, pornocausting, pornocauster, pornocaustly, pornocaustless, pornocaustingly. A Pornocaust Controller: his mission is to stay away from topics he can’t control, and is too lazy to find out about it. Thus, Holocaust Entertainer (HE), Exterminationist Mark Weber, stayed away from discussing the Holocaust Extortion Cult, and focused on the point he served as a helper for Professor Robert Faurisson at Washington archives as he can control this, and accordingly bragged about it. The Pornocaust Controller will also fabricate stories about his ”expertize” inventing fame by claiming he served as ”expert” in courts, when all he did was witnessing as in a pocket-thievery case about the stealing, thus totally personal and nothing with public relevance to do. One wouldn’t make a big case of pocket-thievery as thousand of such are carried out every moment of the day.

PFCA         Pension Fraud Crimes Actor. A similar case today is that done be Andres Avelino Anduaga who got $360,000 out of his scheme in America.

PG            Pornocaust Groping

POZ         Promoter Of Zionism.  A clandestine person adorning anti-Zionism as pretext to suck his money from Skirthangers.

PP             Penis Performance; Partido Popular

PSFS        Pilgrim Sex Final Solution

PTW         Pickpocket Thief Witness

RCH          Robbers Control History

RS              Rabbi Stink; Rabbi Stank, Rabbi Stinkfinger

sAS           Sex-Antisemitism; sex-antisementism; sex-antisementic

SG             Smoking Gun; the material evidence in actual empirical existence in rejection of Martyrology and the Holocaust Extortion Cult. Continue reading

Holocaust Organized Crime Syndicate, HOC or HOCS


The HOC and the HOCS

Its occult and secret manipulations; its mysticism, its fabrications, and its occult operators behind the scene of the crime

How the Auschwitz For War Doctrine became the start of the Bush crusade against Islam and the cause of Refugees today

How Terrorism disguises itself under Free Speech, Peace, and anti-Jihadism

How Zionist terrorism disguised as Islam terrorism was sold to Europe’s corrupt politicians

The Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate exposed

HOCS secret use of Sex to gain innocent virgin youths for a violent Cult of Supremacy

The semen smeared tentacles of holocaust organized crime

The Science of Criminology, Penology, and Organized Crime

The operators behind the scene fully exposed

The arcane operations of Murder Incorporated and how it was tracked down in Europe

The holocaust Underwear Doctrine clearly shown and how to do it. A sympathetic teaching tool for young and old scientific shown for Democrats and Book Burners (BB) of all genders and age. Sharpen your tools and put yourself in turbo motion, for here we go




  • HC:  Holocaust Crime or Holocaust Criminology. Holocaust Criminology entails the forensic investigation of Exterminationist claims
  • HOC:  Holocaust Organized Crime
  • HOCS:  Holocaust Organized Crime Syndicate
  • HCS  Holocaust Crime Syndicate

A basic ingredient of the Holocaust Crime Syndicate, is, they are all  total Totalitarians (TT). They are all Thought Terrorists, TT men. We haven’t met, or heard from one of them that does not subscribe to Censorship, against Free Speech, and for Hegel’s Censorship and his Totalitarian belief that Free Speech is not for the people, only for a select and chosen few, the Supremacy Caste




Al Capone is here presented as the world’s gangster number one, yet, Al Capone never stole one nickel from the public. It was all based on voluntary acts if you wanted to take a grog or not, smoke a cigar or not, have fun with a prostitute or not. Do some betting, or not. Read a porno magazine or not. No one forced you. Al Capone left you alone. He never touched a hair on your head.

Al Capone never forced you to look at a porno show, a strip teasing, even if it was good. He was not like the Jews who enjoyed getting their own people stone drunk and look with sexual excitement and enjoyment at their sex parts wishing some turbo sex with the stone drunk victims. This was common enjoyment among God’s Chosen People (Habakkuk 2:15).

Today citizens are forced to pay for huge wars either they want it or not. And so we have wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Africa, and elsewhere, with no end in sight. As George Orwell said: WAR IS PEACE!

Al Capone never forced you to believe in a Cult. You could believe what you wanted. Even that he was a crook. But today states such as Germany put you inside Concentration Camps for torture and abuse for 5 years. And that for mere ‘doubting’.  And they call themselves ‘civilized’ and a ‘democratic’ country. Al Capone never lied like that to the people. As the American historian Henry Adams said we are being swindled 24 hours a day.


And a perfect illustration of this



 C867      WHAT DOES THE ERNST ZUNDEL SHOW TRIALS AT TORONTO IN CANADA TEACH US ? ABOUT THOUGHT CRIMES, THOUGHT TERRORISM, TT. WE FAILED IN CLARITY OF LANGUAGE. HOLOCAUST EXTORTION CULT IS BUILT ON EXTORTION. ABOUT CAUSTOLOGY AND EXTERMINATIONISM. CHOOSING JURY. COOKING OF BOOKS BY VOLKSWAGEN. COURTS ARE NOT IMPARTIAL, INDEPENDENT, NOT PREJUDICED, OR EVEN LEGITIMATE. TAKE GREEK ARISTOPHANES COMMENT THAT ALL COURTS ARE CORRUPT BECAUSE ITS JUDGES ARE PAYED BY THE STATE, HENCE; AN INDEPENDENT COURT DOES NOT EXIST ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. MANDEVILLE CLASSIFIED COURTS AS AN OPERATION OF EVILS.  EVIL, NOT VIRTUE WAS THE FOUNDATION OF SOCIETY     THE USE OF DACRYPHILIA, DACRYLAGNIA, PARAPHYLIA TO ACHIEVE ONES EXTORTION END    David Irving starts his Wailing Wall acts (Dacrylagnia, Dacryphilia, Paraphylia). Use of term ‘holocaust’ is built on Extortion. ‘Holocaust’ threatened by words Exterminationist and Exterminationism. By battling of Cults you can’t start using Cult’s own language. Use of Greek term ‘holocaust denial’. Exterminationists deny the fact of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, a full-fledged competition Swimming Pool which type is used today in world championship. About Douglas Christie as defense lawyer and such not found in Europe, if so, only in England. Choosing of the jury was based on status quo people; a sure factor of getting a negative decision for Revisionism also called, Realism, and nick named, the Smoking Gunners. Conservatism is static, an immobile object, vulnerable for attacks when it comes to literary disputes. Be absolutely aware of that you will lose at the Witch Trial, the Show Trial that it is. Courts are biased and corrupt. What to say if you win in court. Courts are prejudiced and you must prepare for a negative decision.


C10     YES, AUSCHWITZ HAD A NICE OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOL!    Nazi alleged survivor agrees with that Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp had an Olympic Swimming Pool.





All was vibrating. Even the tits of the butterflies were dancing in the wind, as they stripped naked and handed over their underwear to the holocaust heated horny Jewish Sonderkommando. And the bees kept sucking the flowers as they were young tits springing up from the ground of the Promised Land.—A Jewish survivor of the sex orgies conducted at the Auschwitz Holy Shrine.


C868    BIBLE CONVERSION.  BIBLE CHANGES LIFE.   The Bible is claimed by its exponents to be the only book that can change life. But what can it change you into? A pedophile? A Gang Rapist? A mass murderer? A Book Burner, BB, a Pyromaniac like apostle Paul? A terrorist? A Thought Terrorist (TT)?



LUKE 16:1-13

SLAVE FOR GOD BY BEING A THIEF AND CROOK    The below text involved with the ”unrighteous riches” of the ”dishonest manager” (in German: Vom ungetreuen Haushalter); also mentioned as ”slave for God”, ”faithful or unfaithful steward”, is an embarrassment to what seems to be the very foundation of Christianity: That thievery using slaves to gain richness (Luke 16:) is morally right and Just.

This robbing, kleptomania activity is however parallel to Old Testament mentality and morality. It is fully supported by such texts as Deuteronomy 6:10, 11 which legitimized theft of private property and land and the text is a vexing problem to be harmonized with Roman law, for in fact it justifies Crimes Against Humanity. The more you read this text the more you get astounded over Christian moralist theologians who try their very uppermost to squirm them out of the delicacies of swindles portrayed as justifiable in this hypocritical text.



1774_Preview of “;”

The Manifest Destiny of the Bible

Whenever the Christians talk about Messiah, a human being be that God or not, the Bible speaks of Land, not a person with flesh and bones. The ‘promise’ was to the Jews only, not the heathens, and it was the promise of land that would be given provided the Jews killed off all the heathens. Christian theologians twisted this into a person, a Messiah with flesh, bones, and blood.

C869      FAHRENHEIT 451 ARSON ACTS LIVE AND THRIVING. SWEDEN AND BOOK BURNING. BOOK BURNING (BB), PYROMANIA, IS POPULAR IN SWEDEN. WHO WILL BE NEXT? Sweden uses Book Burning, Pyromania, in order to stop heretical views. Its highest official as Lars Tynell of Sweden’s Kungliga Biblioteket, testified in court at one of Sweden’s many Witch Trials, that Book Burning is the way to handle Blasphemy and so he helped in putting inquiring minds inside Sweden’s Concentration Camps for abuse and torture? Sweden uses its youth to carry out arson and Book Burning, Pyromania activities. How far have we come from when helpers of  ”heretics”  had their house burned down and were stripped naked in full winter and sent  out in the field?  God is consuming fire, they were told. It was totally Biblical (Hebrews 12:29). The Fires of Smithfield put people to the burning hot fires such as Bartholomew Legate and Edward Wightman soaring in pain for Bible scriptures as ”godly fear” (Hebrews 12:28), for God is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29), for the reason of sustained Church authority and power (Hebrews 13:17). And that God indeed is a consuming fire was proven by the screeching victims, the Terrorists of the time. So indeed, God exists. Who could deny it? Who dared to deny it?


 Knowledge is Terror

Books are Terror

Liberty is Terror

To tyrants, indeed, and bad rulers, the progress of knowledge among the mass of mankind is a just object of terror; it is fatal to them and their designs.—Henry Brougham, Practical Observations upon the Education of the People, 1825

C870     HISTORIA Y VIDA, AND ITS CLAIM OF METHODICAL KILLING. WHO IS THE PRESTIGIOUS JOAQUIN ARMADA AND GRUPO GODO?    We investigate the arcane scam outfit of Historia Y Vida. How could the ovens function inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine when they can’t function and with the huge Chimney just being a pile of bricks? So how could over 6 million Jews be executed inside this building with the help of the Jewish Sonderkommando who voluntarily worked there for women’s underwear?

 Why is crime so beneficial for Society? It excuses the State from taking up real crime which is escalating all over Europe. The State now has time over to spy on its own harmless citizens and collects data on them to cause injury, when need is shown necessary, to maintain its authority over the people.

C871      CORRUPTION OF POLICE IN SPAIN AND ELSEWHERE . SPAIN’S SECRET POLICE THAT NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT  There is no reason for police to help in STOPPING crime as every policeman makes his living on crime. There is nothing there to encourage a stoppage of crime, even if it was possible. This fact was already mentioned by Bernard Mandeville in 1714. There are no good reasons for stopping war either. Tens of thousands would lose their job if ever this was to happen. Therefore evil must continue and expanded upon in order for the Society to thrive. So millions of Christians are waiting a return of Jesus Christ, doing nothing to change the status quo as he will come in any case to change it.

Copulating in a turbo rapid pace with brisk penetrating in and out holocaust pelvic movements the Exterminationists seek to Gang Rape virgin minds and make them submissive objects for manipulations and State created holocaust debauched orgies (Romans 13:1-7).


C872     THE CONSPIRACY OF THE CAR INDUSTRY TO SELL THEIR CARS Claiming cars are now made emission free Volkswagen was able to fool a whole world. This lie in turn made people get rid of their old cars wanting to get the latest cars as they were safe for the environment. It was all a great hoax, and now even gasoline driven cars of all makes were involved in the scam. Modern man has become an object of continuous scams and perpetual manipulation.


Where was European Union in the exposing the Volkswagen emission fabrications? Where was European Parliament in clearing up the Volkswagen emission hoax? It was ordinary people: you and me, who got suspicious and begun to signal to the world we were getting hoaxed once more.


Carefully observe the below picture. It shows a group of Volkswagen Pilgrims to Auschwitz Vomitorium. Volkswagen had just delivered to the Auschwitz Vomitorium yet another free car, seen at the back of the acolytes. Directly to the left and out of reach of the picture  is the Holy Shrine and clearly visible to the people inside the SS Hospital seen to the Right. That building alone, has some 31 windows facing the alleged ‘gas chamber’, the Holy Shrine. Both the Stalin alleged ‘gas chamber’ where supposedly 6 million Martyrs died and the SS Hospital were located OUTSIDE the Relief Camp. Thus being far from secret all sorts of people walked around here including the Jehovah’s Witnesses who worked in decorating the area and working in the vegetable and fruit garden just located to the left, again, out of reach of the picture.

THE ‘SECRET DOCTRINE’ A COMPLETE HOAX    Inside this SS Hospital building were voluntary working such Nazi collaborating dignitaries as the former director of Auschwitz Vomitorium, Kazimierz Smolen. Others frequenting the place was another director, Tadeusz Szymanski. Then there was the Brandhubers, the Langbeins, the Czechs, the Lingens, the Wolkens, the Ludwik Rajewskis, the Wasowiczs,  and a host of others. Some of them had been  some 5 years at this location. Yet when Ditlieb Felderer questioned these people, who  were then all alive, about the Six Million claimed Martyrs supposedly killed inside the Holy Shrine, none could come up with an answer as they all twisted and twirled to get away from the questions coming at Tsunami speed upon them. None had seen a blooming thing of the Six Million nor of the 900 supposed Russians gassed inside. They even felt most uncomfortable when Ditlieb Felderer asked which door the Martyrs went into, and where rests of the corpses were located. How can there be 31 windows to this  side alone, yet nobody saw anything?



You can see from this picture alone with some 50 Volkswagen Pilgrims filling the place what would happen if 1000, 2000, 3000, 10,000, 100,000, and more, filled the place which was necessary if the 6 million Martyr story is true. Without a toilet catering for the the massive crowd, with endless of underwear and luggage for the Jewish Sonderkommando, and with people running with hot soup from the huge Kitchen which Stalin said wasn’t there, and so forth. We were told some Martyrs even had their pianos with them as they went into the ‘gas chamber’. Even whole Zoos with elephants, tigers, lions, giraffes, horses, rhinoceros, serpents, crocodiles, are to have entered the ‘gas chamber’. What is needed here is a Monty Python movie, because this is as crazy as tits on a bull.

But the case gets worse. What about the alleged SMELL? What about the alleged SMOKE? What about the alleged BROOMS? What about the alleged SWEEPING? What about the alleged MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS? What about the alleged DOGS? What about the alleged SCREAMS? What about the alleged SHOOTING? The more questions Ditlieb Felderer asked, the more uncomfortable were the very people LIVING and WORKING there at the time the Germans run the camp.

At the center of the picture you see the con man, christian Camorra leader, Christoph Heubner; the little sweet pin-up darling of the German Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Zionist paper Bild Zeitung. While the Auschwitz Vomitorium director, Kazimiers Smolen, used the SS Hospital building as his office and harem for himself and the Polish secret police; soldier of fortune Christoph Heubner’s friend, Tadeusz Szymanski entertained his virgins inside Block 25.

Not one of these men felt the least uncomfortable living there at the time the Germans run the Relief Camp. Not one of them felt anything else but pleased in living there at the ”death center” after the war thanks to Stalin. And the fact that at  the same time Stalin’s propaganda was, that over 6 million Martyrs died here didn’t bother them in the least. Indeed, and as a matter of fact, after Stalin had entered as a Savior of the Relief Camp, Stalin invited them to live there and enjoy their life in the best of luxury. They didn’t even have to cook their own food any longer. It was all provided and ready for them at the former Hitler canteen where those employed at the Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp ate.

And here it gets more interesting: Stalin invited them to live there, yes! It was the best place to live in the whole of Auschwitz. So none complained. They were living a life of luxury all catered to by Stalin to hide his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes and to make Poles feel subservient to the Soviets. The propaganda went, it was thanks to Stalin that not the whole of Poland’s population went up the huge Chimney as his 6 million Martyrs had gone up. Gone up a pile of bricks with no connection to the ovens inside the Holy Shrine! But here at the canteen kitchen the food was for real as were the chimneys. Perhaps Hitler gave the volunteer inmates the food because he wanted to make them eat themselves to death. Zyklon B was costly and tedious to get. Food was all around and the quickest way to join the Six Million dead.

THE AUSCHWITZ FOR WAR DOCTRINE IS BEING COOKED UP WHICH IS THE CAUSE OF OUR REFUGEES TODAY.   THE CONSPIRACY OF NATO AND VOLKSWAGEN  While this Volkswagen show was going on, NATO officials secretly came to the Auschwitz Vomitorium, to fabricate the next coming war Doctrine to replace the Domino Theory, or Doctrine. The Auschwitz For War Doctrine, the Bushes and the Zionist Jews darling to find justification to invade Iraq, ending up with our present Refugee debacle, while creating their fables of Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Never in such a short time has lying been more effective in history.



C873      ALL SORTS OF VICES NECESSARY FOR SOCIETY AND EVIL, NOT The VIRTUES IS THE ORDER OF SOCIETY  TOTALLY AGAINST PETRARCH    Bernard Mandeville (1670-1733), and his book, The Fable of the Bees or Private Vices, Public Benefits, 1714, seems to be the first book that made note of the fact that vices and evil steer Society and not virtues. Guicciardini and Machiavelli came to that conclusion some time before him, but Mandeville was more direct on the target. How much easier life would have been if I as a child known that. Instead I was taught the very opposite as a child. Evil is indeed running Society.


The art of getting tricked and deceived

The evolution on the thoughts about the State from Petrarch to our age


  • Francisco Petrarch launches his Doctrine of a virtuous, brave, knightly, and honest society based on Bible belief
  • Niccolo Machiavelli to the contrary shows the Society, the System Of Things, the State, to be lead by a bunch of crooks, gangster, and cutthroats
  • Francesco Guicciardini moves further claiming much the same as Machiavelli. The State is run by a bunch of gangsters
  • Britain’s Thomas More declares the State is totally corrupt, stating it is simply a conspiracy of the rich who call their intrigues laws
  • Bernard de Mandeville moves one step further, claiming the State is run by gangsters and that gangsters are necessary in order for the State to thrive and exist
  • Henry Adams, the American historian, concludes the entire Society is lead by crooks and says we can trust nobody and nothing
  • Aldous Huxley claims the State is methodically out to deceive us
  • George Orwell says the whole State machinery is a monster of fraud, incompetence, and deception
  • Bertrand Russell forwards his look stating modern men will be so utterly deceived he won’t know who is running the show and unable to decipher lies from truth




C874      AMERICANS CAME TO SWEDEN AND ORDERED THEM TO BURN BOOKS. BOOK BURNING IN SWEDEN. BLASPHEMY AND HERESY IN SWEDEN AND THE FACT THAT WITCH HUNTING IS LIVE AND THRIVING. THE SECRET BOOK BURNING IN SWEDEN AND ITS OCCULT FAHRENHEIT 451.  BOOK MARKS ARE COMMON ALL OVER EUROPE. YET WHEN SWEDEN’S ROYAL LIBRARY DIRECTOR LARS TYNELL FOUND ONE HE TURNED BALLISTIC AND TURNED THE PAPER OVER TO POLICE. Lars Tynell turned a book mark over to Sweden’s police to get it criminal charged as blasphemy and burned. He succeeded and got it burned up along with other heretical material. His library is one of a number of libraries responsible to collect one piece of every written material for the public, including collecting book marks for history study. Yet he turned the book mark in. That such is possible in our day shows how little toleration bureaucrats have for their own laws and literature.


C960     WILL BE BURNED UP!  FAHRENHEIT 451 IN ACTION  EARLIEST VOICE EXAMPLE OF JIHADISM     This may be the first example of vocal Jihadism ever recorded. The deputy to the Rabbi of Sweden’s foremost Synagogue in Stockholm, seditionist Rabbi Morton Narrowe, calls Ditlieb Felderer up on 21 March 1979, and tells Ditlieb Felderer his material on history and religion will be ‘burned up’.  Which in fact was done by the corrupt Swedish government. Attempts were also made to burn up his car.






 Undergoing several high trials up to the Swedish Supreme Court and Strasbourg with its bogus European Commission Of Human Rights, represented by the equally bogus ”democratic” European Union, EU, it was anonymously decided the Stork of the Stork Cartoon was a terrorist bird which had to be annihilated by fire, exterminated forever from the face of this earth.

The reason for this has its precepts in the Bible. The Stork is an evil, terrorist, filthy bird that must be destroyed (Leviticus 11:19; Deuteronomy 14:18).

The Holy Bible connects the terrorist bird in with the apostasy of the Jews and their tribal God Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky. Apostates were considered to be Terrorists and therefore had to be killed off from the face of the earth. Apostasy was the most evil of crimes and the Stork is in connection with this (Jeremiah 8:7). When Jews saw a Stork flying in the air, to them it was Mr. Terrorist himself spreading apostasy around them like a Drone spreading poison.


Nothing could be more terrorist than the Stork and it was connected with the woman called ”Wickedness” (Zechariah 5:8) which is encased in some sort of a Pandora’s box (Ephah) and which lid was opened for a moment (Zechariah 5:6-11), and so terror came upon the earth.

The Holy Shrine was a sort of an ‘Ephah’ in which the underwear of the Jewish Sonderkommando were kept, having stolen them from the Six Million Jews at the Holy Shrine, much similar to when the Jews, God’s Chosen People, ripped off the clothes from the Egyptians and then run away to the Chosen Land of Milk and Honey evidently using them as aphrodisiacs.

The Swedish Supreme Court along with Strasbourg of European Union agreed with that the Stork was very evil and a chief terrorist source causing severe threat and insecurity to members of the glorious union sanctified by God Jehovah in heaven himself (Romans 13:1-7). In Chaldean to quake violently, shake from fear, terrorized, is called ”cia, or zia”, frightfully close to the American CIA well known for its many terrorist attacks in order to help NATO out or some other Crime Syndicate. And so it was that the Stork, the feathered Terrorist, finally in a solemn moment was burned up to stop terrorism to reach mankind and man can move onward in peace with his salvation, in union with state operating licensed terrorism with its bureaucrats, all put in there to terrorize both storks and man.







 The director of Sweden’s library Kungliga Biblioteket Lars Tynell was warned about a blasphemy evil stork and a frog and to get it burned up.

Possible being threatened Lars Tynell went to the police and got the evil stork and the frog legally burned up.

C990      STORK IN THE BIBLE     OATH BREAKING    STEALING    ALL BROKEN AND NO PUNISHMENT       About Zechariah 5 and the bird Stork.  The Stork is connected with evil, stealing, oath breaking, apostasy, the worst things in Jewish faith. Just below you hear how the deputy of Rabbi Morton Narrowe concemns the Stork and says it will be burned up along with other things.

C991     FILTHY STORK     CARTOON     TRANSPORTATION INTO THE HOLY SHRINE      Complete Zoos went into the Holy Shrine along with the Six Million Martyrs. Chicken farm, baby buggies, pianos likewise all went in. Even trains went into the Holy Shrine. Perhaps those who according to the Father of Exterminationism, Stefan Szende, were ordered to head for Auschwitz instead of Belzec.


C876     CENSORSHIP AND BOOK BURNING IN SWEDEN AND THE COLLAPSE OF THE SWEDISH SUBSIDIZED MEDIA. CRITICISM FORBIDDEN UNLESS . NOT EVEN EVALUATION ALLOWED IF NOT SANCTIONED BY STATE. THE REFUGEE CASE IS TOTALLY COVERED UP Sweden had mainly two types Refugees: 1. The Jews who went from Soviet Union were greeted as kings and queens offered al l the benefits a luxury home could offer. 2. People came to Sweden to work and make money and then go back when possible. The Jew never contributed anything to Sweden. All was complaints and extorting money via the Pension Fraud Crimes , PFC. Sweden’s highest court claimed books had to be burned to save the world. One of those claiming Book Burning was a must was no less than Sweden’s foreign minister to USA for many years, Wilhelm Wachtmeister.


C877    BOOK BURNING IN SWEDEN. SWEDEN JUSTICE MINISTER HERMAN ZETTERBERG IS FORCED BY AMERICAN SEDITION JEWS TO INTRODUCE LAWS FOR BURNING BOOKS. The Einar Aberg case when endless of books were burned. The director of Sweden’s Royal Library Lars Tynell puts in order to burn books because of heretical content. Sweden has a foundation of Book Burning, BB. Book Burning is a sport in Sweden. A country which foundation is Book Burning will get problems. Agneta Isborn Lind as Sweden’s prosecutor takes over Torsten Jonsson work in burning books. Sweden Jan Eliasson stops discussion of a Swimming Pool at United Nations. More about the book burning nation Sweden.

A Holocaust Cultist is out to Gang Rape your mind. For this reason he knows he has to Censor out vital information showing his Cult to be a hoax. Such hoaxers operate within Wikipedia, the Media, Politic, and Religion. That is why the name of Ditlieb Felderer is methodically left out as it would expose the Cult being a fraud. Thus all those people mentioned by Wikipedia being for Free Speech is yet another hoax necessary for the Holocaust Extortion Cult to survive. None of their alleged Free Speech acolytes ever lifted a finger in the cases of Ditlieb Felderer, David Irving, Ursula Haverbeck, or anyone else. Everything is a fraud and a dance around the Golden Calf.


C878      THE USE OF INFORMERS BY POLICE TO GET INFORMATION THE EASY WAY. FOREIGNERS ARE USED BY POLICE TO WORK FOR THEM AS SPIES. The foreigners are often used by police to work for them as spies or to act as criminal agents for police. Frequently the police are as criminal as the criminals they deal with. At times even more criminal than the criminals. These secret criminal are then set in causing various offenses to the targets the corrupt police have indicated to the informers. This may go so far that the police target even gets killed or seriously injured.


C879      THE BRIBING OF POLICE TO CARRY OUT PRIVILEGES FOR THE WICKED AGENT. The police gets bribe money and is being asked to carry out criminal acts against the target which the money lender has pointed out. This may end up in making arson and carry out various terrorist acts in favor of the paying agent or agency.


C880      BERNARD MANDEVILLE AND HIS BOOK THAT SHOOK ENGLAND. EVIL NOT VIRTUE IS THE FOUNDATION OF SOCIETY What is your opinion? Will this knowledge help us more than to think everyone is innocent until proven guilty? Or, show me your works and prove to me you are worthy of my confidence?


C881      BERNARD MANDEVILLE AND HIS VIEWS OF SOCIETY HAVE YOU PREPARED YOUR MIND TO CARRY A GUN? EVIL RUNS THE WORLD NOT VIRTUE Evil is a virtue wrote Mandeville. What is the sense of carrying a gun when you believe everyone is goody, goody? At least before carrying a gun you should be aware there are a lot of crazy men out there wanting to do harm. And this especially comes if you are not for Exterminationism and Zionism. Pepper spray may save your life.


C882      HISTORIA Y VIDA AND ITS CON OF ‘METHODIC KILLING”   STATE AND MEDIA DECEIVES US   LAURENCE REES AS ‘EXPERT’   ONLY METHODICS INVOLVED HERE IS TO STEAL OUR MONEY   THE ARROGANCE OF OUR TIME   TO COVER UP ALL TRACES OF THE CRIME AND THE COVERTLY BRAINWASHING OF THE PUBLIC  Witch Hunting today, They have 21 pages and not one page giving example of ‘methodic killing’ for which they get money for. At Auschwitz Vomitorium there are 4 ovens, a huge chimney along with two entrance doors. All out for huge pensions, the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. Stalin used Auschwitz to cover up his Katyn Massacres. Today they circumcise all out of their alleged ‘gas chamber’. Arrogance, power, money stand in way for truth. We are being deceived. Article written by an obscure person supposedly named Joaquin Armada. He is mentioned under Grupo Godo as one of their ”prestigious specialists”, yet; the article shows it is material lifted directly from Israel’s propaganda center, Yad Vashem, and the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate. No picture of this ”prestigious specialist” Joaquin Armada is given so he may not even exist. Director of the possible European Union scam outfit is Isabel Margarit. The magazine says in tiny letters it is getting financial aid from Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport. Yet it can’t even show a picture of the sporty Auschwitz Swimming Pool which type is used today for world championships, with a Spanish girl even making world records in. Look up FINA here. The cons of BBC and Laurence Rees.

Below is just one of the many examples of the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, and which money was never recovered. These fake claims were all made on the basis of Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz Vomitorium, that over 6 Million Jews got assassinated with the help of the Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando. Voluntarily taking the job in mass murder, the Jewish Sonderkommando did their killing of Stalin’s Martyrs for women’s underwear.









In order to get their swindle across and to impress the public the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate of Wikipedia use fake links in support of their allegations. When you study them you often find they have nothing to do with the topic they are supposed to discuss. You may not even find the word they supposedly harp about. Another trick of the holocaust witch doctors’  trade is used, by simple in heading (example: methodical killing), claim the material is discussing a specific main subject. Then when you go  to it, such as in the case of HISTORIA Y VIDA here, you find that not a word is discussed about the ‘methodical killing’, or ‘systematic killing’. All is pure air, pure hogwash, and Emperor’s New Clothes affair and the various European states force you to pay for this deception often via European Union (EU) money!

C972     JIHADISM FROM SWEDEN’S MAIN JEWISH SYNAGOGUE    ALL ARABS WILL BE EXTERMINATED    Spoken in Swedish. This Jihadist Stockholm, Sweden’s main synagogue threat was delivered to Ditlieb Felderer on 21 March 1979 and secretly taped stating Ditlieb Felderer will be assassinated by the Zionists for not accepting their belief and claims. But not only Ditlieb Felderer will be assassinated. No! All Arabs will also be exterminated.  And it doesn’t stop here: All will be exterminated critical of Zionism! This Jihadist threat came from the deputy of Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, in 1979, long before the group of Jihadism were invented and created. Please now, invite this Jihadist right into your living room and listen to his words of ”peace” and ”love”:





 If you were to sell a mobile telephone with only the cover it would be a fraud. If you say a magazine tells you all about ”methodic killing” and then you find there isn’t a word inside about ”methodic killing” how it was done and only the words are used, that would be a fraud also. In some 21 pages you can’t find a word about how this ”methodic killing” was done even though all the Relics; those objects of veneration, are intact which Stalin put there. Both European Union and the Spanish Government are paying for this fraud with your money; which, is attempted with yet another fraud by the readers knowing nothing about it unless they use a magnifier. The scam tactics are the same as the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate inside Wikipedia use.  To make the Cult of Exterminationism seem impressive they give you endless amount of fake links. Such fake links make people forget what their subject was, lead them astray in endless goose-chasing and tire them out to look further. When you go to the links they say nothing about what they claim. Only by deception can Cults thrive so it is up to us not to rush through the material but check up on exactly where and how they try to swindle us and steal our hard earned money.

The promised information on ”methodic killing”, ”systematic killing” in magazines such as Historia Y Vida works like Wikipedia’s links. Wikipedia’s links tell you to go there for supporting information and you discover there is nothing there, just as there is nothing about the fabric machinery at Auschwitz of which we don’t even know which door the Six Million went to their martyrdom with the help of the Jewish Sonderkommando. Today we have come so far they don’t even want to discuss it as it would throw the hoax wide open. It’s all about the blind leading the blind.


C883     VOLKSWAGEN DECEPTION OF EMISSION FREE DRIVING AND THE LITERARY DECEPTIONS The deception of Volkswagen and the car industry. What is the difference between Historia Y Vida deception and the hoax of Volkswagen?The Six Million Jews killing is covered-up? The similarities of technical and literary deception. The Media deception.


What was the reason and aim of America which Constitution demands Free Speech to send Jews on military planes to enforce Censorship on Europe?  Both aim and reason are quite clear: By enforcing Censorship on Europe America could control Europe and make Europe its obedient slave against Soviet Union. It is easier to control by Censorship than shipping huge armies.

C884     THE BRINGING OF CENSORSHIP TO EUROPE BY OATH BREAKING AMERICAN SEDITION THOUGHT TERRORISTS, TT ’s   THE  JIHADISM OF FEAR BRINGING INFORMATION ABOUT AMERICAN CENSORSHIP AND HOW IT WAS FORCED ONTO EUROPE     Justice Minister Herman Zetterberg introduced American Zionist censorship laws into Sweden. The Zionist conspirators came on American military airplanes and as soon as they landed in Sweden they begun to twist the elbows and minds of an alcoholic ridden Herman Zetterberg. While this conspiracy was happening, Sweden’s Prime Minister, Tage Erlander, informed the Swedish people there was no country in the world that was so free of Censorship as Sweden. This he said while he had all the books of Einar Aberg burned, forced him into a mental hospital with the help of corrupt medics and further mishandled him inside Sweden’s Concentration Camps. His bookstore was totally destroyed and Tage Erlander had his whole stacks of books burned up in a Fahrenheit 451 arson operation.


When Tyranny becomes law resistance becomes duty


C885     THE CONTROVERSY OF GUNS    WOULD A GUN HAVE HELPED?     READY BEING SACRIFICIAL LAMB  The first thing the Jewish conquistador invaders did was to disarm the real owners of the land which their ruthless, wicked, and depraved tribal war and penis god Jehovah had promised them was theirs if they committed Genocide to all those conquered. The first thing Colonialists did was to disarm the Africans so when the French invaders ravaged in Africa the first thing they did was to disarm the Africans. And the same thing they did in Islam countries. They demanded their Slaves to be submissive and obedient and the Church told them to obey Apostle Paul’s command in Romans 13:1-7, and be submissive and obedient to Caesar. What about our day. I give two cases asking you: What would you do? Is there any other way to avoid being a sacrificial lamb than having a gun? Prayers sure wouldn’t help. He does not listen in any case (Habakkuk 1:2). Two concrete cases for response are given where action was must.


A favorite trick used in deceiving by Exterminationists is to embellish the con authors with special royal titles as ”prestigious”, ”honorable”, ”distinguished”, ”accredited”, ”admirable”, ”Noble”, ”Baron”, ”Baronial”, ”licensed”, ”stately”, ”illustrious”, ”renowned”, ”eminent”, ”esteemed”, ”estimable”, ”imposing”, ”Reverend”, ”Pulpitarian”, ”Revivalist”, ”Shepherd”, ”Resplendent”, ”Exalted”, ”Lordly”, ”Majestic”, ”Monumental”, ”Rabbi”, ”acclaimed”, ”honored”, ”reputable”, ”prominent”, ”venerable”,  etc., and make the authors out as some super specialists on the Exterminationist Cult. Then, when you start investigating you find out the material used comes from such Zionist propaganda outlets as Yad Vashem in Israel, or, the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate, which is used to cover-up the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. As for the ”prestigious specialist” Joaquin Armada, not a trace of existence can be found of him except for some mere words of participating in war utilities. Not a picture can be found if this man truly exist, or, he uses a pen name. Instead of honestly showing his existence in the Historia Y Vida article they skip his whole identification making him an anonymous person trying to cover himself up. Such persons, real or not, will then be used by corrupt politicians to incarcerate you inside Concentration Camps for abuse and torture.


C886     MONEY IS HANDED OUT BY EUROPEAN UNION, EU, AND STATES TO ACTIVE CRIME SYNDICATES   THE CHUTZPAH OF STEALING YOUR MONEY Historia Y Vida which belongs to the big company Grupo Godo gets money as if they were a struggling creative company. Roman Polanski a millionaire evidently got money to support him. Everything is manipulation while European Union helps in financing groups supporting Thought Terrorism, TT. The supposed author of the Auschwitz Vomitorium article in Historia Y Vida can’t be found and he may not even exist in reality. No picture of him is given. Joaquin Armada is sold as a ‘’prestigious specialist’’ of history with no evidence of anything written except dished out from Yad Vashem in Israel or the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate. Wikipedia claims its supporters of Thought Terrorism, TT, are people working for Free Speech, such as Richard Evans. The American seditionist Raul Hilberg appeared at the Zundel Toronto Canada Show Trials and he is reported by Wikipedia to support Free Speech when in fact he was an enemy of Free Speech. European Union with its states support Word Terrorism yet present their darlings as the very opposite. Where was Raul Hilberg when I was forced into Concentration Camp to be abused and tortured? Nowhere! Wikipedia says that prominent Exterminationists are out for Free Speech while operating under the Emperor’s New Clothes agenda . Corrupt states with their hooligan workers are giving money to Genocide promoting outlets and are keeping quiet about it. Historia Y Vida is just one example of this thought terrorism going on today. It is time to wake up and we start looking around us and at reality and just not accept every Scofieldite Zionist pie in the sky manipulations trying to drug us down.


C887     PEOPLE ARE FORCED INTO CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR THEIR OPINIONS This is achieved with the help of Holocaust Deniers and Thought Terrorists as the Three Stooges (Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, Robert Jan Van Pelt), Ian Kershaw, Christopher Browning, Raul Hilberg (now dead), Laurence Rees and his BBC Exterminationist fornicators, HD Deborah Lipstadt, and a host of other academics calling themselves ‘holocaust experts’. What is it that drives these corrupt men (MOV) to support violence and Thought Terrorism, TT? The Ernst Zundel Censorship case and the Canadian Show Trial against him. These acts of vicious Book Burning are totally hidden by Wikipedia and status quo Orwellian media. As for Ditlieb Felderer, his name is never mentioned in relation to the violent acts committed by Exterminationist Cult members. Those wielding corrupt powers do not want to show and tell they are carrying Sicarii daggers underneath their cloaks, spiritually beheading everyone whom they feel threaten their despotism to shield their coward life hiding behind government guns.

C888     MAKING MONEY OUT OF INVENTED SCHEMES AND HOW TO BAMBOOZLE THE PUBLIC WITHOUT THEM KNOWING    THE ART OF DECEIVING THE PUBLIC AND THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD OF SMEARING CRITICS WITHOUT ANSWERING THEIR QUESTIONS   Exterminationists have no interest with proofs, only an intense urge for power and a methodic drive for supremacy. Thus, they never get into the Relics; those objects of devotion, found at Auschwitz Vomitorium. The Material Evidence, the Smoking Gun, is beyond their capacity to fathom. Never having used their mind for skeptic inquiry they can’t understand why anyone has an interest in spending energy to find out when governments hand everything to them on a platter and when one can make fortunes out of blabbering and thin air. The first question the Exterminationist looks at, is: Can I make money out of this one?


C889     THE ”REDUCTION DOCTRINE” IS IN FULL SWING WITH NUMBERS GOING DOWN EVERY MOMENT  THE SACREDNESS OF FICTIVE NUMBERS  THE COOKING OF BOOKS (Habakkuk 2:6, 8)    Once it was the 8 million, the 6 million, the 5 million of the father of Exterminationism, Stefan Szende, 4 million, one million, and now thousands. What number is next? This  racketeering sounds very much like the Unjust Steward example in the Bible.


 THE SCIENCE OF TT AND THEIR SHILLS: 1. Thought Terrorism  2. Total Totalitarianism  3.  Total Terrorism —The Three TT’s

They covertly disguise themselves under Free Speech, Peace, and anti-Jihadism

C890     THE MANIPULATION OF BIG BUSINESS AND THE USE OF THE MEDIA TO BRING DISSENSION AND TO SPY AND CONTROL YOU AND ME   How can I detect if it is the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate that stands behind Wikipedia’s Exterminationist articles or any article dealing on history and World War 2?  Governments thrive in bringing dissension to the public. But it is all for a purpose: to control and spy upon you and me. The Media is used as a prime tool for such criminal acts of evil. In Chaldean the word CIA or ZIA means terrorism, shake violently, fear, fright.


C891   THE LIE OF EUROPEAN UNION OF COMMUNISM STEERING THE MEDIA WHEN THEY AS BIG BROTHER DO THE SAME AND EVEN WORSE     THE LICENSED, KOSHER MEDIA ARE GETTING SECRET MONEY FROM EUROPEAN UNION, EU, AND WESTERN ZIONIST PEDDLING CORRUPT POLITICIANS   Ronald Reagan said that the only way to stop corruption is to give politicians no money. EU with its corrupt politicians and working as Big Brothers are secretly handing out public money to Media in support of their Exterminationist agenda. The public never know how their money is spent and where it is going. It is all in for the secret agenda that despotic, anti-Democratic ring run their show, using Newspeak terms as ”democracy”, ”holocaust”, ”terrorism”, and other useful Newspeak terms, to cover-up their organized crimes.

ON THOUGHT TERRORISM, TT:  Ditlieb Radio became the first major work ever done cataloging and systematize intellectual Thought Crime Syndicates in Europe, showing how they operate with help of State, police, corrupt politicians and church.

C892    THE SIMON WIESENTHAL CRIME SYNDICATE    SICARII: THE CLOAK AND DAGGER CARTEL    STATE KIDNAPPING    PROTECTION RACKET    INSIDE TRADING    INFLUENCE PEDDLING     THE KAHAL CODE OF SILENCE    SKIRTHANGING   KLEPTOCRACY     CABAL    CONFEDERACY OF LIARS  THE MODUS OPERANDI OF EXTERMINATIONISM  Western Universities are today used as accomplices in Protection Rackets and Inside Trading of information. We have given attention of such Wikipedia propped up ”university big wigs” as Richard Evans, Laurence Rees, Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt, Ian Kershaw, Peter Longerich, Van Pelt of Canada, Christopher Browning, Raul Hilberg (now dead), Wolfgang Scheffler (now dead),and a host of other Thought Terrorists (TT), often operating behind the scene and specifically engaged with the cover-up of the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Intellectual crime is often the very foundation of hard-core crime and violence. Frenetically they copulate together to stop Free Speech and information to come out. One of the best examples of this is Wikipedia. This discourse goes into the epicenter of crime and how it function and how its cartels mate together with one end in mind to stop you from knowing.


C988      THE DECEPTIONS  OF THE ”GAS CHAMBER” AND WIKIPEDIA     In order to get around the deception of the Holy Shrine, the ”gas chamber” at Birkenau, trickster now put the killing place at Birkenau, perhaps an even more ludicrous choice. But  what does one not do once the ship has sunk  and gotten stuck into the mire? Stalin’s Relics, his objects of devotion were all  centralized at Auschwitz and there was no one less than the head historian at Auschwitz, Danuta Czech, who revised the whole history of Communist Auschwitz, when he made known that by the time the crematories at Birkenau got going gassing had stopped. The reason? The inmates were now running the show. That would of course mean that those claiming this nonsense would have to admit it was the inmates who gassed, not the Germans. Maybe that is why we can’t find any witnesses?  As Thomas Paine said: It is easy to tell a lie but difficult to hold onto it once told.



C893     USING DEFLECTION METHODS TO DRAW ATTENTION AWAY FROM CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES WHILE SUPPORTING THOUGHT TERRORISM (TT)    THE CURTAILING OF ALL TRANSPARENCY    The Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, need cover-up to make it go. European Union is involved with aiding Thought Terrorism and how they do it by controlling distribution. Since distribution is of vital importance we must learn who these agents are, and how they operate behind the scene to make it go.

In order to get the support of the Christians for his Iraq War Crimes Bush Junior started off by using the word ‘Crusade’, in remembrance of the Holy Wars Christians fought for their fanatic faith. Next cherished jargon was ”for or against”. It was you were either for or against him, also lifted directly from the Bible. In this way the American Christians could rally around him for his Holy Wars

C894     ORGANIZED CRIME IS THE SELLING OF WEAPONS    NATO AND BUSH BEING THE MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REFUGEE DISASTER    WIKIPEDIA’S CON AND THE CASE OF DITLIEB FELDERER AND THE CULT OF EXTERMINATIONISM    Holocaust Extortion Cult, HEC Cult, Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, and the Censorship of Wikipedia of Ditlieb Felderer. The racket of Exterminationism and what became the Newspeak work of Holocuast Denial and Holocaust Denier, HD. Why is Wikipedia so afraid to put me onto the list of its Holocaust Denier list? Wikipedia continues to censor and cover-up the name of Ditlieb Felderer. Just one transparent case here: Wikipedia has never linked any of the articles of Instead they link to sites that don’t go into the issue they claim their link will go to, or, of people who are totally disinterested about the Cult of Exterminationism.


C987      EXTREMISM AND RADICALISM WITHING THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH    THE DIRECT CONFRONTATION OF CULTS AND THE OUTCOME THEREOF    Christian Cults are met with piece of papers such as on ”how to boil eggs”. Such turned out to become acts of violence done by the Cultists believing the leaflet dealt on attacking their belief. When Christians can become terrified by mere paper what are we to say of our state of mind today? Testing the confrontation out I discovered a hate that was underneath all these Sects and Cults which all now try to attack Islam for such behavior. The progress of man, is it moving forward or back? Now at Christmas with all its message of peace and love, what does this say of ourselves?



You need to have the name of your enemy in order to fight him. But what if he is prepared to fight you? That’s why Wikipedia hides the name of Ditlieb Felderer.


What does the Acronym ”CEP” stand for? The Acronym CEP stands for ”Censorship Executive Program”. The program deals on finding out Thought Terrorists (TT) using the cover-up of Free Speech in order to peddle their Censorship agenda to an uninformed public bombarded with disinformation orchestrated by Censorship Jihadists promulgating dictatorial and totalitarian actions under the guise of Free Speech.

CEP watchers watch the Internet, the media with its spoken, printed sources, to search out whether any occult group calls for Censorship of someone else while demanding that they SHOULD NOT be Censored, or, that they do not need to be watched for the very thing they accuse others for. By such camouflage Censorship Jihadists seek to deflect attention from themselves, smearing others in order to stop them, often legally so.

Thus for instance, the Jihadist Holocaust Deniers (HD) sought for a long time to call for laws and Censorship against those interested in the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. In order to do so, they stole the term ”holocaust denier” from Ditlieb Felderer making it out they stood for Free Speech when in fact by violence and terrorist acts they prevented Free Speech to flourish in the world.

CEP is the notice that every man can be activated to help in spreading Free Speech and curtail all Censorship from whatever direction it comes and under whatever guise it may appear.

C960     YOUR MATERIAL WILL BE BURNED UP!   In Swedish. Possibly the first recorded voice of a Zionist Jew Jihadist shouting retribution and violence against Ditlieb Felderer, secretly recorded 21 March 1979. It is the threatening voice of the Deputy to the Stockholm Synagogue Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, which congregation secretly carried out numerous acts of terror and violence in Sweden.  But  also in Norway where MOSSAD in open daylight and road assassinated wrong person. The Norwegian corrupt politicians with the help of Interpol, then freed them from custody and hurriedly shipped them back first-class to Bible bogus Isarel where they continued on with their acts of terror. Here is a perfect example of people officially and to the world claim to stand for peace, non-violence, and openness, when in fact they use it as camouflage for their copious acts of terror and violence they invent on a foundry basis.


C971  Same as C960 but this time the Jihadist informs that everyone who is against (almost sounds like Bush junior’s FOR OR AGAINST) will be assassinated. It was later discovered that the Swedish Government was in daily contact with the assassin Jihadist, aiding, in carrying out numerous terrorist acts.


C984      DITLIEB RADIO STILL THE ONLY RADIO BASED ON FREE SPEECH     WHY ARE WE BEING MANIPULATED AND WHY IS IT THAT PEOPLE ARE SO AFRAID OF FREE SPEECH?  Exterminationism is based on Censorship but so is most of other isms and Cults. If we don’t have Free Speech we have no Democracy. The hypocrisy continues along with the lying to the people.



C895     CAN REVISIONIST BE TROLLS AND CAMOUFLAGING THE CULT OF EXTERMINATIONISM BY MAKING THEMSELVES OUT AS EXTERMINATIONIST CRITICS?   CAN REVISIONISTS BE MEMBERS OR STOOGES OF THE SIMON WIESENTHAL CRIME SYNDICATE?    LOOK AT THE LANGUAGE BEING USED.  By using language observation you soon find out where such outlets as Wikipedia stand on issues, whether they are biased, or tools for Zionism. The easy way is to find out what they say about the world HOLOCAUST. If they don’t define it, we can be sure they are secret Exterminationists using methods to cover-up their criminal activities just at the ordinary criminal on the street out for to steal your money.



C896     ACRONYM ”PERVERT” AND ITS MEANING    The acronym PERVERT stands for the revolving door of the Cult of Exterminationism. It stands for ”Peer Energized Robots Voicing Established Revolving Trash”. It stands for all those devotees fanatically linked in to the the Cult of Exterminationism. As an outlet of PERVERT acts can be seen such bewildered propaganda machines as Wikipedia, the Shengen Agreement being a good example of the confusion caused by PERVERT scam operation. Once you entered Exterminationism you have entered into the perpetual Revolving Door.


 Exterminationism is a Cult using language to spread the Cult. To prevent you to become one of its unwilling missionaries change words such as visitor, people, tourist, heading to the Holy Shrine into ”Pilgrim”.

  • Tourist becomes Pilgrim
  • Visitors to Auschwitz Vomitorium becomes Pilgrims.
  • People coming or at Auschwitz Vomitorium becomes Pilgrims.
  • Travelers to Auschwitz Vomitorium becomes Pilgrims.
  • Sightseer to Auschwitz Vomitorium becomes Pilgrim.



C898     EUROPEAN UNION BEHIND SELLING FAKE HISTORY    BIG BROTHER IS OPERATING SECRETLY BEHIND OUR BACKS TO  PEDDLE THEIR EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES HISTORY HOPING THAT SO IT WILL BE They accused Communist party to stand behind the media, and claimed the Communist media was not free but peddled the Communist party agenda. Now we find out that the Capitalists are doing just that by paying wealthy magazine outlets for their propaganda. All this money racket is supported by manipulations and cover-ups.


C899    THE VOLKSWAGEN CON AND HOW THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT    MUTUAL INTEREST TO KEEP THE CAR INDUSTRY GOING IN SPITE OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION AROUND US    WE WERE TOLD THAT BUILDING SUPER CONCRETE ROADS WAS OUR SALVATION    The Volkswagen hoax was created for us in order to buy more cars, better cars, cars claimed to have sold the poison emission problems. Today huge smog is covering European cities, thus putting to lie all those claims the car industry have solved the poison emission problem. And that comes to factories also. We are inundated with smog as never before.


C900     CENSORSHIP AND THE MEDIA WHICH BIG BROTHER ALLOWS US TO READ     THE MEDIA IS CONTROLLED AND CENTRALIZED FOR TOTALITARIANISM    The end of the road for the media exposed men is drug abuse, chain smoking, alcoholic submergence, while the politicians are manic involved in bringing us into war. The distribution of media is of vital importance. The media is controlled not only by its contents but also by the control of distribution. By holding iron grip on distribution with the help of European Union they can force us to read their own self-served propaganda all fabricated for their own agenda. And they can do so by throwing their smoke screens sermonizing on the crimes of Communism: How the Communists duped their people by financing the media so our eyes are lead away from seeing what is really going on around us. For this is precisely what they themselves are doing.

Ditlieb Radio is an independent, non-subsidized radio, enabling us not to fall into the trap of Newspeak language by adopting our own to curtail chutzpah and unbalanced thinking

C901     ABOUT DITLIEB RADIO AND OUR SINGULARITY WITH FREE SPEECH    WHY IS DITLIEB RADIO STILL THE ONLY FREE RADIO IN EUROPE?     Corrupt politicians and big wigs have tried to stop us in order that the liars can sell only their own agenda. But we have nothing else to sell than our thirst for knowledge and our quest to understand what is going on all around us. Not the least with all these corrupt politicians implementing one war after the other, trying to take us by the throat and direct our minds and steps according to their selfish agenda.


C902     USING NEWSPEAK LANGUAGE    THE EVOLUTION OF THE CULT MONEY RIP-OFF WORD ‘HOLOCAUST’     HOW EXTERMINATIONISTS SOUGHT TO FIND A WORD WHEN REVISIONISTS, THE REALISTS ALREADY HAD ONE    THE WIKIPEDIA’S INVOLVEMENT WITH THE SIMON WIESENTHAL CRIME SYNDICATE     THE USE OF THE TERM ‘HOLOCAUST DENIAL’ AND ‘DENIER’ BY ME AND BY THE CULTISTS   HOLOCAUST IS A FERTILITY CULT    HOLOCAUST AND PHALLICISM     HOLOCAUST SEX CULT         The word ‘holocaust’ for the use in Cult language had a slow and tedious struggle and it could have been the Realists, the Revisionists, who in effect made it finally succeed. To use a Cult word for a fraud and a money racket. The breakthrough of the word ‘holocaust’ begun when David Irving begged for mercy telling he was not a ‘holocaust denier’. That made the word ‘holocaust’ go viral, culminating in the strongest year Exterminationism ever had, in 2005, when the Swede con man Jan Eliasson said at United Nations it was prohibited to discuss about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool and related issues, such as the huge Kitchen, Brothel, Cinema, Library, Post Office, Hair Dressing, etc. David Irving’s Wailing Wall libel trial against Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt was doomed from beginning to fail and as expected Judge Charles Gray wasn’t enthused and decided against him. Year 2005 was the year when butterfly and backstroke simultaneous swimmer Laurence Rees and his BBC buddies came out with his Flush Toilet and Pisspot Doctrine supporting book , AUSCHWITZ: The Nazis and the ‘Final Solution’. By miracle strikes the world discovered that the competition Swimming Pool at Auschwitz was just a pool of water. And who dared to deny it? Or, doubt it? If you did there was five years Concentration Camp waiting for you in Germany. Here was Martyrology and mass psychosis operating in full force. The fact of a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz  had by that time been known for some 30 years! And of the fake huge chimney where supposedly over six million Jews went up for an equal length of time!   The Gallows Door Doctrine was still the absolute Gospel Truth. Slowly a new Director of the Auschwitz Vomitorium was shaped into being, Mr. Piotr Cywinski; fabricated to launch NATO’S new war doctrine prepared against Russia and Islam world: the Auschwitz For War Doctrine. Remarkably, most so called Revisionists fell in line. Gradually the Cult mesmerizing got weaker by the use of data, when people could photograph more easily the surrounding and show the Material Evidence, the Smoking Gun. The Ernst Zundel Show Trials are touched on. The covering up of the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. Stefan Szende, the father of Exterminationism and his claim of Belzec in Poland 5 million exterminated Jews. Cult words have been used for thousands of years, and the well use of specific words is the easiest way to convince and win an argument.

Holocaust is a sex Cult, Phallicism, a Fertility Cult

thousands years old



C903      THE FABRICS OF CULTS     USE OF NEWSPEAK LANGUAGE    THE GANG RAPING OF MIND     THE USE OF TERM ‘HOLOCAUST’     ABOUT HISTORIA Y VIDA AND ITS USE OF HOLOCAUST DENIER LAURENCE REES     The cover-up of Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, by use of BBC  Holocaust Denier, Laurence Rees. If media only uses Exterminationists in support you know at once the Holocaust Extortion Cult stands behind. By watching the references you know you are dealing with Exterminationists. So, if you read Wikipedia watch the references. Who are they referring to? And there you got it. It is the references of the Cult theologians of Caustology, Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult.



The Cults using Wikipedia as vehicle for their covert propaganda make it easy for us to find out about such Crime Syndicates as Simon Wiesenthal. By watching the sources, the references. Go to our list on ‘holocaust denier’, ”thought terrorist’, etc. A typical fanatic Cult adept is Laurence Rees of BBC. The fanatics of the Holocaust Extortion Cult only use their own faithful adepts as links and references. The Exterminationists expose themselves by their language and by their links and references. If you are engaged as a Christian investigator you know all Scofieldites are Christian Zionists and Exterminationists. Then you have to inform yourself by frequenting their magazines, books, media outlets, to inform yourself of their theological stand, but here very few do not belong to the Holocaust Extortion Cult.



C905    HOW CAN I AS A NOVICE UNSKILLED IN HISTORY KNOW WHO BELONGS TO THE CULT OF EXTERMINATIONISM, CAUSTOLOGY, THE HOLOCAUST EXTORTION CULT?   LOOK AT THE REFERENCES – IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT    THE CASE OF HISTORIA Y VIDA      If you have the printed source before you look at such names as Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, Three Stooges consisting of Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, and Jan Van Pelt; Ian Kershaw, Christopher Browning, Laurence Rees in cooperation with BBC. This is an excellent way to ferret out the con men. If you use Internet and such covert brainwashing outlets as Wikipedia, the approach is the same. Another quick method, is, watch for my name, Ditlieb Felderer. If I am not mentioned in connection with Exterminationism, you know there is something fishy. Could it be any easier than that?




C906     THE HOLOCAUST CRIME SYNDICATE   THE COVERT OPERATIONS OF THE SIMON WIESENTHAL CRIME SYNDICATE     ARISTOPHANES STATEMENT LAW IS CORRUPT    BERNARD MANDEVILLE AND HIS STATEMENT THAT THE SOCIETY IS CRIME AND VICE AND NOT VIRTUE    Bernard Mandeville and his book of 1714, The Fable of the Bees was the opening knowledge that societies  are all corrupt no matter who runs it. The NATO seeming fiasco but with an intentional operation for violence against mankind. Angela Merkel and her MOVs and War Crimes in Africa. Changing the tune to that the Colonialists are there in Africa to save the people from Ebola. The Genocide German newspaper wants inquiring people inside Concentration Camps. What does Sweden have to do in Afghanistan teaching about Democracy and Free Speech when at home they have neither. The False Flags are thrown upon us. When the opportunists become politician the first thing he does is to vote for war, whatever war for that means promotion for him.




C907     GERMANY’S WAR CRIMINAL CORRUPT POLITICIANS AND THEIR WAILING WALL THEATRICS    HOW GERMAN POLITICIANS ARE USED TO FAN TERRORISM AROUND THE WORLD     THE SIX MILLION WHO WENT UP A FAKE CHIMNEY AT AUSCHWITZ VOMITORIUM NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN     BILD ZEITUNG AS A VEHICLE FOR TERRORISM    WHEN ERNST HEMINGWAY AND MY MOTHER WERE SIPPING THEIR COFFEE IN NICE CAFES IN PARIS THERE WAS FULL TERRORISM GOING ON IN ALGERIA AND ELSEWHERE   The world is to draw attention from the fact that Syria may soon have half a million dead because of Western interference creating dissension among people in order for the sale of weapons. The War Industry must thrive and no criticism must be launched against it or more False Flags will be done. Instead we are demanded to focus our attention on France which today is one of the world’s leading countries for Censorship. When Ernest Hemingway was writing his diary in the 1920’s in Paris, in Algeria the French army was playing football with the cut off heads of blasphemy Algerians and others.  And the ever so close French clergy were of course ready for a theological OK for the beheading. ”Did not David cut off the head of Goliath”? Maybe Jehovah God arranged for some football with the trophy? ”Did not Jehovah God stand behind the dismembering of bodies”?  And there was of course a Scripture ready for this one too. Daniel 3:29. Certainly Jesus Christ never spoke against it. Indeed there was a Bible scripture ready for every occasion! The show must go on. We are puppets in the hands of criminal forces with their agents of corrupt politicians.



C908     AUSCHWITZ FOR WAR DOCTRINE AND EUROPE’S CRIMINAL WAR CRIME POLITICIANS AS ANGELA MERKEL, JENS STOLTENBERG OF NATO AND OTHERS     Europe has been involved with endless of wars without asking the people. The ”eminent” leaders just did as they wanted, waling on top of their dead bodies smiling and cheering on for that more innocent blood be shed. War Is Peace as George Orwell said. The atrocities committed by Angela Merkel against the Palestinians dealt on. Martin Luther and his acts resulting in endless of European Wars. The Thirty Years War of 1618-48. The use of Newspeak terms to catch us into their warmongering and lose our direction.


C909     EUROPE LEAD BY WAR CRIMINALS     FRANCE AND ITS CRUEL COLONIALISM     MY SISTER’S FRENCH LOVE AFFAIR    THE FIRST  TIME WORD TERRORISM AND TERRORIST FIRST USED IN LITERATURE     Today as before, politic, religion, and commerce are constantly engaged with wars and terrorist activities. People have neither right not choice in the acts of terrorism and wars our politicians decide. We are all puppets and tools of their blood soaked hands. The first time I read about political terrorism was in the 1950’s and it dealt about the terrorist acts of France, an interest caused due to my sister. The French army invaded my family’s home in Innsbruck in Austria and carted everything away on French military trucks. France still refuses to look into it and rectify their Crime Against Humanity.


C910     THE IMPORTANCE OF LANGUAGE AND WHY THEY WANT US TO USE WORDS IN SPECIFIC WAYS WHICH THEY DECIDE     ANDREAS LUBITZ WAS NOT A TERRORIST AS HE WAS JUST MENTALLY SICK    GEORGE ORWELL AND NEWSPEAK    Language is the most important part of our corrupt politicians. They make us kill and go to wars through language. Israel made Palestinians into terrorists. Europe calls those terrorists in order to force them buy weapons from them. Then they no longer are called terrorists. Once the word was ‘witch’, ‘trinity’, etc. All is done for the Auschwitz For War Doctrine. To legitimize their War Crimes and blame others for their own crimes.


C911    WATCH OUT FOR MANIPULATION     WE ARE DEALING WITH AUTHENTICITY AND NOT PIE IN THE SKY    The American historian Henry Adams and his statement that you can trust nobody and nothing. When taking note of this important fact we can survive the turmoils of our times and not fall astray and into the hands of scam men and a confederacy of authoritarian totalitarians.


C912     WAR IS PEACE. WE ARE A MEDIA FABRICATED AND MANIPULATED DICTATORSHIP.    EUROPEANS HAVE NO RIGHT IN DECIDING WHETHER THEY SHOULD GO INTO WAR OR NOT.    THE SECRET  WAR HANDS OF NATO CLEARLY VISIBLE.   ALL IS DECIDED BY THE WAR INDUSTRY WHOM EVERY CORRUPT POLITICIAN CRAWLS FOR     Paris was a NATO and European Union created False Flag. Citizens are never asked about their opinions each time the War Criminal politicians enter into a war which they always do through fake reasons and bogus schizophrenic arguments. Nothing  shows more clearly that we are living in a Dictatorship than the fact citizens have no rights in deciding whether they should enter into a war or not. As George Orwell stated: War Is Peace. What has colonial Europe to do in Africa if it isn’t to maintain its colonial Terrorism at the cost of the natives and in there in order to sell their weapons? We are living in a Totalitarian Dictatorship as penetrating as the world has ever seen.


C913     THE GANGSTER SYSTEM AND THEIR ‘CODE OF SILENCE’    COVERTLY BRAINWASHING THE PUBLIC BY MEANS OF LITERARY FALSE FLAGS    THE PROMOTION OF THE AUSCHWITZ FOR WAR DOCTRINE THROUGH FAKE HISTORY    In tiny letters we are informed by the Spanish history magazine, Historia Y Vida, that it is subsidized by Big Brother. It promises to deliver the goods of ‘methodic killing’, yet, when we are finished reading the some 21 pages on the Auschwitz Vomitorium, there is not one example of ‘methodic killing’.  They have all the Relics; those objects of veneration, yet can’t give the public one case of ‘methodic killing’. The paper may in fact also be subsidized by the European Union, EU, in order to complete the covert brainwashing of the public. Here we have a perfect example of the crime syndicates and their ‘code of silence’. Our money goes to articles that avoid what they claim their article is all about, and an ‘prestigious historian’, Joaquin Armada, is dishing out as the writer that no one knows anything about. The fake and manipulating magazine dishes out numerous photos, but can’t deliver one photo of its main Exterminationist propaganda author.


C914     HOW THE EXTERMINATIONISTS OF THE HOLOCAUST EXTORTION CULT LIE TO US     WE MENTION THE LEADING CUM MEN OF THE CULT BY NAME     THE VOLKSWAGEN FRAUDS     MADRID COVERED BY POISON GAS     ALL EUROPEAN UNION HAS DONE IS TO DESTROY NATURE AND REPLACE IT WITH CONCRETE     HISTORIA Y VIDA FRAUD VENTILATED    We are being lied to on a 24 hour basis. We can expect millions of refugees to Europe by the made NATO bombings all fanned by our warmongering War Criminal politicians, right left, and center. —SOURCE: El Pais, 13 November 2015:1, 12, 31


C915     THE MATERIAL EVIDENCE, THE SMOKING GUN SHOWS THE CULT OF EXTERMINATIONISM WRONG AND ITS EXPONENTS AS CRACKPOTS    Wikipedia denies showing Stalin’s Holy Shrine. The Martyrology of the Cult created for the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, can’t even show the simplest photo of the Smoking Gun. Behind all this racketeering is the Auschwitz For War Doctrine specificly created for the War Industry. We go into how the Cult’s avowed ”experts” hide the material evidence as these would throw the Zionist Cult wide open.


C916    THE CREATION OF FALSE FLAGS     ALL LIES ABOUT NATO    NATO WAS THOUGHT OF BE DONE AWAY NOW IT IS ALL OVER ESPECIALLY AFRICA    NATO RESPONSIBLE FOR REFUGEES     NATO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FREE SPEECH      STATES PROMOTE VIOLENCE BY THE MOVs AND TERRORISM   NORWAY AND THEIR WAR CRIMINAL SECRETARY OF NATO JENS STOLTENBERG  WHO SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO TRIAL FOR CAUSING ALL THESE WARS     FRANCE WAR CRIMES IN ALGERIA     NATO’S NEW MISSION IS THE NEW COLONIALISM OF AFRICA      NATO IS THE NEW SAVIOR    THE CLASHES OF STATES    THE VICIOUS CORRUPT TERRORIST POLITICIANS     The art of certified terror promoted by States and its vehicles of fear such as NATO. People are today psychotic through these created False Flags resulting in needing care to cope with imagined terrorism cooked up by corrupt politicians who profit from it. There is endless of violence in movies, in music, in magazines, in schools, on the street, yes, violence permeates Western culture as never before.  We are denied Free Speech for a specific purpose: not to be able to clear things up. We are denied to talks about violence and terror because the State thrives on it.



C917    REALISTS CONTRA EXTERMINATIONISTS    WIKIPEDIA AND ITS PRESTIGIOUS HOAXERS OF HISTORY MAKING HISTORY INTO A FANTASY WORLD    We deal on the HEC Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult and its preaching gurus as Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt, Laurence Rees, Ian Kershaw, Peter Longerich, Jan Van Pelt, Christopher Browning, Richard Evans, and others. The Pension Fraud Crimes are discussed, PFC, and the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate. The way how the distinguished hoaxers describe Martyrology to the public. The racketeering of history today and its copulation with fantasy, masturbating their Cult to the public.




C918     FRANCE AND COLONIALISM     THE VIOLENCE CREATED IN CONQUERING LAND SUPPOSEDLY GIVEN TO YOU BY GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF    My first introduction with the word ”terrorist”, and ”terrorism”, was in connection with the French colonial forage into Vietnam, Algeria, Africa, and elsewhere. One of my sisters had become interested in a man fighting for France in Africa. I was determined to find out more. The writers in those days did not shy from describing an act the way it was. And evidently they were proud of grotesque behavior of all sorts.



C919    WHO STARTED THE VIOLENCE AND THE ACTS OF TERROR?   MAKING BEHEADING INTO A SPORT BY THE JEWISH TRIBAL GOD JEHOVAH     DAVID AND GOLIATH IN THE BIBLE    Forced into Sunday School I learned one of its central stories: the killing of David of Goliath and the cutting off of his head. I was told of brave David, and the wicked terrorist Goliath. All the essentials of the story was left out. I was only to focus on David and the cut off head of Goliath. This gruesome wicked story did one thing: it started my interest in finding out who was the guilty one and for what reason was it done. If Abraham only had stayed at Ur and been happy there, all these fights would never have begun. A conquistador will sooner or later find out violence just isn’t a one way road. The Bible is not only about violence but it is THE book of violence. Witch Burning is supported by endless of well known Scriptures, and others not so well known as Zechariah 9:4. Knocking out teeth from Zechariah 9:7. Building Concentration Camps from Zechariah 9:8. Human Sacrifice, Ritual Slaughter, and Cannibalism from Zechariah 9:15. Cannibalism eating babies from Deuteronomy 28:57. We have already shown a few of all the numerous Scriptures in favor of thievery, loot, embezzlement, loansharking, and extortion. Yet I am constantly drawn to the Bible. Why? Because without it I cannot understand history and the world we live in. Nor outside Western world. Its Colonialism brings me back to the Bible because every step in Colonialism was reasoned out with the help of the Bible.


C920      AN INDEPENDENT WRITER WILL SOON ENTER INTO THE WORLD OF VIOLENCE AND THOUGHT TERRORISM   GOVERNMENTS USE THEIR MEN OF VIOLENCE TO ACT OUT THEIR PLANS OF CENSORSHIP AND ALL MEANS ARE LAWFUL FOR THEM    EUROPEAN UNION’S CHARGE AGAINST COMMUNISM AGAIN SHOWN TO BE A PACK OF LIES   Voltaire wrote that ”To hold a pen is to be at war”. Any writer who intends to be authentic and free from shackles will soon find that out for the state has endless of ways to create acts of terror against a writer that is upsetting the corrupt machinery. All sorts of terrorist acts are used to stop the independent writer. Book Burning is a favorite one even before the writer gets charged with Blasphemy and Heresy. Apostle Paul was a specialist in Book Burning as the Bible so clearly indicates. Einar Aberg had all his books burned up by the Swedish Socialist Government even though most of his literature had nothing to do with politic but dealt on philosophy. Institute For Historical Review had their office burned up. Ernst Zundel faced the same issue. Arson was attempted against Ditlieb Felderer by Government instigated hooligans. Pedro Varela of Libreria Europa in Spain had his bookstore destroyed several times. The French Government has repeatedly burned books as has Sweden. And on it goes. Fahrenhiet 451 is with us and here to stay.


Secretly behind our backs European Union with its national fraudsters in the union hand out money to their crony minions in order to Fahrenheit 451 any material deemed to them dangerous exposing their racket. People know nothing who these crony money grabbers are, but here is a picture of the Spanish distribution racketeers involved with the manipulation and the handing out of stolen EU member money to their own buddies in the craft. People whom they deem ‘dangerous’ to the Mobocracy  they put inside Concentration Camps as Barranco Seco in Spain which they did to Ditlieb Felderer on the basis of false claims made about UNESCO resulting in that Spain destroyed numerous historical documents and photographs while at the same time exposing their racketeering inside their Concentration Camps to the world. Second from left is culture minister, Jose Ignacio Wert. The Ministry of Culture was changed in 2011 into Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and deals with clandestinely hand out public money to their buddies favoring State monopolized historical views.


C921     WIKIPEDIA AND ITS WORK OF DISINFORMATION AND SUPPORT OF CENSORSHIP ONCE LINKED IN WITH GOVERNMENTS YOU ARE THEIR PUPPET HOW GOVERNMENTS MANIPULATE PEOPLE TO BECOME THEIR PUPPETS THE BECOMING OF TOTAL PROSTITUTES FOR THE STATE DISTRIBUTION IS USED BY BIG BROTHER TO CONTROL YOU HOW TO FIND OUT WHETHER WIKIPEDIA IS MANIPULATING AND ACT AS A FRONT FOR THE STATE WITH MISSION TO LIE AND DECEIVE YOU THE DECEPTION TODAY IS MORE SEVERE THAN IN SOVIET TIME In their covert brainwashing operation for Big Brother such media outlets as Wikipedia uses various schemes such as citing their own Thought Terrorist racketeers who are used by corrupt Governments to put people inside Concentration Camps for abuse and torture. To successfully achieve their totalitarian aims distribution is closely controlled by giving money to select groups and people who are loyal to the Crime Syndicate. By watching sources, links, references, selection of photos, proofs, etc., you have a perfect picture of the Crime Syndicate and its operations.




C922    THE GENOCIDE GERMAN MAGAZINE BILD ZEITUNG IN DEFENSE OF WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND GERMANY’S FOREMOST AGENT FOR BOOK BURNING AND THOUGHT TERRORISM   EUROPE IS VANISHING THANKS TO BILD ZEITUNG   THE PROMOTING OF ISRAEL’S EXPANSION FROM THE RIVER NILE TO EUPHRATES    We dwell on the German Zionist front magazine, the Bild. Their Thought Terrorism, TT, and how they peddle Thought Terrorism throughout the world. We analyze the German Bild as none has done before and attempt to get their Zionist fanaticism into the limelight. How one promotes Fahrenheit 451 attitudes and how one covers up Racism behind the cloak of German supremacy.


C923     SUPERSTITIOUS AFRICA OR SUPERSTITIOUS EUROPE    THE POT CALLS THE KETTLE BLACK   THE EXPONENTS OF EXTERMINATIONISM ARE ASKED TO DELIVER THE FACTS AND REFUSE TO DO IT    THE WIKIPEDIA DEBACLE THE FIASCO ABOUT THE ‘HOLOCAUST EXPERTS’    Europeans have been told over and over again about the ‘superstitious Africans’. About their with craft and primitive ways. At home in Europe students are afraid to ask their witch doctors, their academic prestigious elite educators about proof of Exterminationism and are getting none. Only complete silence. This silence brings fear into the the students and stops them from asking the most simple questions as: Where did it happen?  How was it done? There reigns a complete superstition of the acolytes to ask the witch doctors of Exterminationism the simple questions. Fear is what reigns and not the thirst of knowledge, the thirst of finding out. And so the guru witch doctors of Exterminationism such as Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, Deborah Lipstadt, Jan VanPelt, Ian Kershaw, Christopher Browning, Laurence Rees, and others, continue selling their witchery and get away with it, making it become only a matter of lining ones own pockets and feathering ones own nest. The quest for filthy lucre effectively stops all discussion. Never has superstition reigned stronger than in Europe.

1002;” (3)


C924     SUPERSTITIOUS GERMANY    SUPERSTITION IS FOUND NOT IN AFRICA BUT IN GERMANY TODAY    DO NOT ASK FOR THE SMOKING GUN    DO NOT ASK WHERE IT HAPPENED!   THOUGHT TERRORISM REIGNS SUPREME Germany’s corrupt politicians are now putting inside their Concentration Camps 87 year old ladies for the mire ‘crime’ of asking where a certain alleged crime has happened, this time at Auschwitz Vomitorium. That a whole nation succumbs to such totalitarian and dictatorial, uncivilized behavior indicate quite well how far corruption has gone with German politicians who prefer sending their coward troops to Africa to enslave its people once more. Of course also sent there in order to teach Africans not to be superstitious.



C925    THE HOLOCAUST EXTORTION CULT IN A REAL MESS     THE OPENING OF THE PANDORA’S BOX     NATO AND ITS AUSCHWITZ FOR WAR DOCTRINE     AFRICA SUPERSTITION MAY BE IN GERMANY     HOW ZIONISTS PEDDLE THEIR WARES IN GERMANY    Old 87 years lady, Ursula Haverbeck is forced inside Germany’s Concentration Camps because she asks the simple question where the six million Jews were killed? She won’t get an answer for that would mean that Germany’s corrupt politicians would be shown to all be a pack of liars and money grabbers who are all Skirthanging onto Israel and the Jehovah God who has promised them land from River Nile to Euphrates. Who ever said that politic is less superstitious than religion?



C926     GEORGE ORWELL AND HIS NEWSPEAK AND THE USE OF WORDS FOR PROPAGANDA TODAY   THE PORNOCAUSTING OF THE HOLOCAUST EXTORTION CULT     Cults are specialists in words. If you use their words you will be caught hook, line, and sinker. Never ever use their special Cult words without adding to it your meaning. Thus ‘holocaust becomes ‘holocaust extortion cult’, ‘pornocaust’, ‘caustology’, and so forth. Christianity which is nothing but refurbished Judaism is nothing but words, a religion of words. David Irving’s trial against Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt clearly showed the madness of using a Cult’s own language. Once you get entangled into the Cult’s lingua, you are permanently stuck to their superstition of words.



C927     THE JIHADISM OF USING FEAR AND TERRORISM BY THE EXTERMINATIONIST CULT    THE SCIENCE OF NEWSPEAK    GETTING BEHEADED BY USING CULT’S OWN WORDS   GETTING SYMBOLICALLY BEHEADED    ARE YOU A TROLL’S BEST TARGET?     Fanaticism puts superstition into words. If you use words the way the fanatics have decided and are interpreting you are a sure lost case. Corrupt authority use a double-edged word approach. One of coercion, the other of pretending of wanting to help you.


C928_Audio     THE SACREDNESS OF WORDS. THROUGH WORDS WARS ARE FOUGHT. OPERATIONAL PROCEDURE OF THE HOLOCAUST EXTORTION CULT Words are holy moving acolytes to violence and terrorism. What to do when confronted by Exterminationist courts and media? Using word ‘holocaust’ to get the upper hand and excuse state violence. Holocaust is an Antisemitic Greek word. Moralism hinders combating chutzpah action. Tolstoy and his state riding. Exterminationism is superstitious, a sex cult having nothing to do with killing people. Troll operation. This is what to say to Prosecutor and Media:

I don’t belong to the superstitious Exterminationist Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult. I consider the word Holocaust to be a sex Cult and Antisemitic, meaning the Penis moving up into an erection to do the job it was meant to do. Is this what you mean?

The Sex word ‘holocaust’ has nothing to do with killing Six Million Jews or anybody else. It is a word full of joy and happiness thankful for the good things earth gives. The Jewish religion changed it into a word of evil perhaps because it is an Antisemitic word



C929      THE SUPER SILLY HINGES FOUND AT THE HOLY SHRINE. ‘’A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.’’ The Holocaust Extortion Cult, Exterminationism, and its hinges are as silly as tits on a bull. The hinges on this plastic container serves well for its purpose. The hinges at the Holy Shrine are useless to serve in killing Six Million Jews, or even one. That would mean the Jews couldn’t fight themselves out of a paper bag but the Bible tells of Jehovah God coming to assistance and times of stress—so what happened here? Did he go to the Privy and stay there? (1 Kings 18:27). Perhaps reading some Pornocaust material? The hinges at the Holy Shrine clearly indicate Caustology, Exterminationism, is a hoax, a fraud and a racket to extort money and sympathy from the public. Now take a look at the hinges of the container. How is it, they are stronger than those found at the Holy Shrine? Tag word ‘hinge’ and you get more examples of hinges.





C930      JEPTHAH’S VOW AND STALIN’S HOLY SHRINE AT AUSCHWITZ VOMITORIUM.  SUICIDE AND THE DAUGHTER OF JEPHTHAH A MESSIANIC FOREPLAY OF JESUS CHRIST AND NEW TESTAMENT. SELF-IMMOLATION WAS JEWISH HARAKIRI DONE AT THE HOLY SHRINE?     The Jewish Sonderkommando flushed the Six Million Martyrs down the toilet and the hush hush was about sanitation which could not be admitted. This miraculous Flush Down became a prophetic fulfillment of Psalms 62:2: ”I have sunk down in deep mire, where there is no standing ground. I have come into profound waters. And a flowing stream itself has washed me away”. So what really happened with cruel, butcher Jephthah and his daughter? Jephthah prayed to his Sex God Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis In The Sky. Was Jephthah’s Vow done at the Holy Shrine. Beheading, stoning, cruelties of all sorts. Jephthah’s Vow played out at the Holy Shrine, tricked inside the toilet by the Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando. How were these Six Million Martyrs massacred by the Jewish Sonderkommando? The Six Million dance, sing, and frolic at the Holy Shrine before being flushed down by the Jewish Sonderkommando into the toilet. Thus, fulfilling the prophetic Scripture of Psalms 58:7:  ”May they  dissolve as into waters that go their way”. None of the Six Million corpses have been found explaining why none of the Martyrs have been discovered as they were all flushed down into the toilet. Evidently flushed into a huge black hole below. The Jewish Orchestra it seems helped in smoothing the way down into the hole below where the sweet Martyrs were never to be seen again.


 They were wild with joy, something like what’s going on at our Black Friday day, as they pressed forward trying to get first into the toilet as the Jewish Sonderkommando kept struggling their best and gently lead them onward, speaking softly in Yiddish to make the whole occasion a Jephthah festival (Habakkuk 3:18). The music of the Auschwitz Waltz made them step with springy powerful steps into the toilet. Next what was heard was a gushing sound, as the suction sucked them into the toilet never to be seen again. It was all very dramatic and none of us can forget the smiling faces of the Martyrs as the jovially handed over their life to a hole in the ground as if it was the most pleasureful moment in their life.—A Nazi survivor tells of an unique experience at the Holy Shrine


C931_Audio      HOW WERE THE SIX MILLION JEWISH MARTYRS EXECUTED BY THE JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDO AT AUSCHWITZ HOLY SHRINE? THE ORIGIN OF THE ‘FINAL SOLUTION’. A GREAT MYSTERY OF SYSTEMATIC KILLING CLEARED UP ONCE AND FOR ALL The fake ovens and fake huge chimney discussed. Did Jephthah’s Vow be the foreplay of the Jewish Sonderkommando. Women’s Underwear given to the Jewish Sonderkommando for faithful killing of their Jewish kin. The Six Million Jewish martyrs danced into the toilets to become flushed into the black hole below. By playing the Auschwitz Waltz the Jewish Orchestra helped in the operation of killing by the Jewish Sonderkommando. Hearing the popular Auschwitz Waltz the Martyrs almost rushed into the hole before even flushing. Fulfilling prophetically the Scripture of Joshua 7:5 the ”people began to melt and become as water”.  The make-up of an original Auschwitz toilet which had a handle to be pulled down. We can’t find a trace of the Six Million martyrs because they flushed themselves into the ground below. No Wailing Wall (Dacryphilia) sorrow here. All was happiness. All was beautiful. Huge fake chimney and ovens explained.


C932     Without flush toilet sound and the same as C933. If you want it with the flush toilet sound, listen to C933.

How reliable are the Bible prophecies of the Pelt Flush Toilet Doctrine and the Pisspot Doctrine, two prestigious Doctrines of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult?






The popularity of the Flush Toilet Doctrine has much to do with the prestigious world leading architect Jan Van Pelt who enthusiastic sermonized Auschwitz had no Hydrant. That is why the Flush Toilet Doctrine often is called the ”Pelt Flush Toilet Doctrine” cohabiting with the ”Pelt Frotteur Syndrome”

  1. The Six Million martyr Jews were killed by the Jewish Sonderkommando
  2. The Six Million Martyrs killed themselves and forced the Jewish Sonderkommando to kill them
  3. COLlATERAL DAMAGE: The Six Million Jewish martyrs did not want to die but slipped into the toilet by mistake
  4. Stalin killed them because he needed Martyrs to show off against Christian martyrs and their Martyrology
  5. The Jewish Kapos killed the Six Million Jews sneaking up behind them and hurling them into the flush toilet never again to be seen (Joshua 7:5; Psalms 58:7;  62:2)
  6. SHORTEST WAY TO TRIBAL GOD JEHOVAH:  The religious Kahal Jews felt the flush toilet was the quickest way to heavenly paradise, bliss, and riches and to play on golden harps with virgin angels flickering about
  7. Instead of being resurrected up, the Jewish martyrs invented a unique method of being resurrected down into a mystical hole on the ground
  8. At the time there was a mysterious epidemic going on at Auschwitz where Jews once infected wanted to commit Suicide very similar to Jephthah’s daughter


C934    THE FLUSH TOILET IN OPERATION    FULL TURBO FLUSH TOILET SOUND    HOLD ONTO SOMETHING STRONG OR YOU GET SUCKED DOWN INTO THE SURGE     THE JEPHTHAH’S VOW     Was the Jephthah’s Vow suicide operation done at Auschwitz Vomitorium? Wicked Jewish king Jephthah had promised he would sacrifice the first one coming out of his Door (the early beginning of Door Doctrine?). Out first came his own daughter, called Seila at times, whom he now had to sacrifice to his tribal sex God Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky.



THE INVERTED HOLOCAUST DOCTRINE (IHD) OR INVERTED DOCTRINE (ID)      A  much treasured eminent Exterminationist claim, is, that the Six Million Jewish Martyrs went UP the chimney. The art and technique of going up – the Olah erection movement. But we are also faced with the Inverted Doctrine (ID). The Doctrine that people did not go UP, but DOWN. Here are some cherished examples of these  distinguished Doctrines:

  • The Six Million Martyrs instead of going up through the huge Chimney at Auschwitz Vomitorium, went down into the Chimney to get sacrificed. Very much like Santa Claus (Santa Claus Chimney Doctrine) has to go down into the Chimney and get his beautiful white beard turned into black while coughing and spitting black soot all around him. Santa Claus was now in rage, fearfully scaring the daylight out of kids  and the hell out of sweet children. A venerable close simile is when Stalin painted the huge Auschwitz kitchen into black in order to hide it as it upset his Starvation Doctrine.
  • The Six Million Jewish Martyrs went through the window, hence down; and, into the ‘gas chamber’. So Six Million climbed through the window falling headlong down into a section of the death chamber. There, the Jewish Sonderkommando were ready with their Final Solution stretchers. The Six Million Jews would fall down and land onto the stretchers of the Jewish Sonderkommando. All the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando now needed to do was to toss the millions kins into the ovens after having snitched away the women’s underwear. This eased the hard and turbulent work from having to drag their brethren and sisters from the execution room as they now landed right before their very noses and all they needed was to toss them into the ovens. These technical skilled killing operations at automated foundry speed and level had to be done at the side of the Corpse Door as the Gallows Door side had no windows.
  • The Six Million were thrown into holes from above the roof and bounced hard onto the cold concrete floor. This enabled the Jewish Sonderkommando easy access to their underwear and no screams could be heard as the hard concrete floor would kill the Six Million Jewish Martyrs at once and no sound would be heard. It was all now only a matter to quickly get the underwear from their sisters and then swiftly hurl the Six Million into the oven never to be seen again, part of the Never Again Doctrine.
  • The Flush Toilet Doctrine.  The Six Million Jewish Martyrs would be flushed down into the toilet at the Holy Shrine, Jehovah’s Sanctuary, either voluntarily (Jephthah’s Vow), or, forced down by the Jewish Sonderkommando. Thus prophetically fulfilling Joshua 7:5; Psalms 58:7; and 62:2.

CAN TOILETS KILL YOU? DRINKING COFFEE IN PARIS MAY BE SWEET BUT ERNEST HEMINGWAY COMMITTED A TERRORIST ACT AGAINST HIMSELF. OR WAS IT THE SKYLIGHT’S FAULT? THE OWNER OF THE PLACE? OR WHO?   That strange things do happen at toilets can be seen by that Ernest Hemingway got a permanent scar on his forehead when he pulled down a skylight instead of the handle of his flush toilet in Paris, France, causing the skylight to hit his head. From this Ernest Hemingway suffered a severe injury that stayed with him, visible by the prominent scar he received.

C935   THE FLUSH TOILET DOCTRINE COME LIVE IN 4 SECOND AUDIO   On september 23, 1982, what possible could be the Flush Toilet Doctrine was revealed to the world by a Nazi Survivor at Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Evidently the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando put their soon to be Martyrs kins into holes. Hear her testimony as she presents it to an expecting audience before Merle Pollis:


C942   AUTHENTIC HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR TURBO TOILET   Same as C935 but with authentic flush toilet sound.


C943   AUTHENTIC HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR TOILET    Same as C942 but with nine authentic flush toilet repeats.


C650    FULL AUTHENTIC FINAL SOLUTION PISS POT SERVICE     FINAL SOLUTION DOCTRINE     The ”Final Solution” tale was started by Stefan Szende and his Stalinist friends who claimed that at Belzec in Poland 5 million Jews were exterminated inside some sort of swimming pool. When Ditlieb Felderer visited Belzec several times he could not find a trace of the supposed location nor find any person who could confirm it although living there at the time when it was supposed to have happened. The ”methodic killing” place then shifted to Auschwitz. In talks with Ditlieb Felderer, Stefan Szende insisted that what was written was the Gospel Truth and that the Jewish outfit Bonnier which had published the book had cheated him in not paying a nickel.

C981     FLUSH TOILET OBJECTIONS CONSIDERED    PROPHETIC SCRIPTURES ANALYZED  Objections to the Flush Toilet Doctrine considered.  What was the location the Jewish Sonderkommando stripped their Six Million Jews martyrs? Location was at the Gallows Door of the Holy Shrine at Auschwitz. God’s Chosen People after stealing all Egyptians’ money, attack Egyptians and strip them bare naked nude. It was a ”hand me your clothes or Jehovah will strike you dead!”  The Egyptians were now running around in the cold stark naked nude.  It was a Never Again situation. To keep fit, Six Million Jews bicycled inside the Holy Shrine. The huge Chimney is discussed and lack of corpses. Fulfillment of prophetic Scripture: Joshua 7:5; Psalms 58:7 and 62:2. For previous recording turn to C982 below.


C982      UNDERWEAR OBJECTIONS   We are here tackling some real Underwear Doctrine objections. Please turn to C981 which is a sequel to this recording. From where did the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando strip naked nude their Six Million martyrs? Was it inside or outside the Holy Shrine at Auschwitz? The Flush Toilet was INSIDE Stalin’s Holy Shrine, Jehovah’s Sanctuary. The Six Million martyrs were standing OUTSIDE the Gallows Door bravely and joyfully listening to the Auschwitz Waltz, with them gliding into dance filling the whole area with joy, mirth, and expectation of The Flush. The Flush was the code word for the process of being flushed down into the toilet. The main problem for the Jewish Sonderkommando was now to try and interrupt the dancing Jephthah motion and get their preys to the Gallows Door;  for there, to strip them bare naked nude (Strip Doctrine), grabbing hold of their underwear, and then in Yiddish gently lead them into the Flush Toilet where The Flush (Flush Doctrine) would be administrated according to Kosher Rabbinical rituals. ”It was all singing and dancing, kissing and hugging”, testimonies of Nazi survivors tell us who miraculously escaped from being flushed down, thanks to their ability of knowing how to swim. Find out more here by turning to the Hug Doctrine, Whip Doctrine, Kiss Doctrine, and Corpse Door Doctrine, the Corpse Door. As the miraculous Nazi survivors went down the flush toilet, they followed another conduit which lead to the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, and there they popped up, now taking the opportunity to jump and dive from the exquisite trampolines located at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.


C983      UNDERWEAR AND FLUSH TOILET PROBLEMS CONSIDERED    NEVER AGAIN TO BE SEEN THEY WERE FLUSHED      How did the Jewish Sonderkommando killing the Six Million Jews get their underwear when located at the Holy Shrine, Jehovah’s Sanctuary, and the Gallows Door? A Never Again situation cleared up for humanity. There was no undressing room inside the Holy Shrine. Six Million happy singing no Wailing Wall lamentations here; only mirth, dance, singing, and frolicking to the Jewish Orchestra playing the Auschwitz Waltz. The Jephthah Vow motions where done at the Auschwitz flush toilet. All was voluntarily done with the help of the Yiddish speaking Jewish Sonderkommando.


Six Million Jews sat on the Loo,

Six Million Jews all had to do their Loo,

And with Final Solution, there at the Loo,

Found their Salvation there at the Loo,

 all went down into the Loo.


Six million Jews sat on the loo,

had nothing to do,

Six Million Jews sat at the Auschwitz loo,

had nothing to do,

Then six million one entered the loo,

said: let’s do!

So six million one went down the loo,

Never again to loo,

at the Auschwitz loo.


C936     TERRORISM IN SWEDEN      ORGANIZED JIHADISM IN SWEDEN    ORGANIZED JIHADISTS IN SWEDEN      RADICALISM IN SWEDEN    STOCKHOLM SYNAGOGUE DEPUTY CALLS DITLIEB FELDERER TELLING HE WILL BE ASSASSINATED    RABBI MORTON NARROWE IN RADICAL JUDAISM     TORSTEN JONSSON CALLS LARS TYNELL OF SWEDEN KUNGLIGA BIBLIOTEKET TO HELP WITH FAHRENHEIT 451  The use of youth to carry out terrorist acts. Sweden’s Skoloverstyrele after carrying out terrorist acts changes its name to Statens Skolverk whose head becomes Anna Ekstrom, the daughter of prosecutor Torsten Jonsson who maintained contact with the assassin caller. Jihadist ADL sends Sweden and its Jihadist Prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson, greetings and thanks for kidnapping innocent people and throwing them into Concentration Camps for abuse and torture.  Sweden police engage itself with kidnapping and Fahrenheit 451 radical activities. Sweden Foreign Office continue its radical Jihadist activities.


As Bernard Mandeville showed the war on terror is rally a war against your own terror. A terror which is beneficial to the society. A terror which the system creates in order to survive terror it itself creates. Therefore; a war on terror is there in order to create more terror, not in order to cure and heal the wounds. So in order to fight ‘terrorism’ the States will reap more terrorism. What you sow you will reap. And the policies they implement to heal the ‘terror’ which they themselves create will actually increase terror. Thus the populace become the suckers of corrupt politicians who are all in there to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.






C938     UNESCO AND THE SIMON WIESENTHAL ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE    How the Crime Syndicate uses UNESCO for its own end by spreading hate. The Crime Syndicate use Turkey as an excuse for the media.



C939     THE  SIMON WIESENTHAL USE OF UNESCO TO SPREAD LIES ABOUT ANTI-ZIONIST WRITERS    Accuse their critics of distributing material in how to kill, especially Turks. Makes media believe this is what is discussed at the UNESCO meeting in Barcelona, Spain. How they clandestinely operate behind the scene to assassinate their critics who have discovered their hoax.


C940     REVISIONISM SHOULD PERHAPS BE CALLED REALISM    HISTORY AND HISTORICAL EVIDENCE     WE ARE NOT MARTYROLOGISTS    On the HEC Cult. Putting on a new coat to dupe public. Material Evidence not fantasy is the working tool. We don’t deny anything. We want to know how it works. You got the Holy Shrine, Jehovah’s Sanctuary, so show us! The Wikipedia links, peephole, chimney, and so much more clothes of the Emperor’s New Clothes.


C941      ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THE SIX MILLION JEWS   SIFTING OUT THE LIES AND FACTS   Pope not responsible for the killing of Six Million Jews. The Exterminationist Cult examined. Attacking Pious XII on ludicrous claims. Zionists should pay Roman Catholic Church indemnities for their lies. The Jewish Sonderkommando stood behind Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz.


C944      THE SCIENCE OF THREATS AND CURSES THIS TIME COMING FROM THE CULT OF EXTERMINATIONISM    About the leading exponents of the Cult of Exterminatinism today: Lipstadt, Kershaw, Rees, Longerich, Evans, Pelt, Browning. The evil within and the Black Magic of Exterminationism. The selling of your soul to the Devil. The intricate of Satanism worship. Its method of spying upon each other. Its vicious crimes and totalitarian system to keep its victims toothless and forever incarcerated in the frenzy of hate.

Jewess Judith cuts head off Holofernes being commanded to do so by Israel’s God Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis In The Sky



C945     HEAD CUTTING, BEHEADING ENCOURAGED BY PRESENT EUROPEAN CORRUPT LEADERS    Jews stealing land causes retaliation from the Philistines. Goliath’s head cut off by David – whole Christian church applauds. Highway robbery, Sicarii dagger frenzy killing, the daily dose coming from our Bible which is the darkest side of humanity. ISIS actions started at Hague in the Netherlands at the International Court of Justice and therefore fully sanctioned by Europe’s highest court as they never spoke against it until now. France in the frenzy of head cutting and its legitimacy from Bible Judith, the woman head cutter who is the ideal woman of Jewry.

C946     THE HYPOCRISY OF POLITICIANS      LOUD IN MOUTH BUT SLOW IN ACTION     ON THE QUESTION OF REFUGEES       Find out how many Refugees live inside the homes of our politicians? Yet they are now making laws that citizens must open their homes to them when they should be the prime example of doing so. Police will now have the right to force Refugees into homes or suffer the consequences of 5 years in Concentration Camp in Germany.

C947       SPAIN’S WARMONGERING LEADER AND INSTIGATOR OF TERRORISM IS UP FOR LEADERSHIP AGAIN AND WE WILL HAVE YET MORE YEARS OF TERROR   Warmongers ”war on terror” is creating more terror. These salesmen for violence and destruction tell us we have to wage war in order to fight Terrorism, but their policies actually increase Terrorism. The Spanish corrupt state payed media is frenetically cosmetizing up their Warlord, Mariano Rajoy. Instead of Jesus Christ as the Messiah for Christmas, they will now have Mariano Rajoy as both the Messiah and Santa Claus at the same time. In fact, a possible new Maximilien Robespierre and his ”Committee of Public Safety”. War Criminal Mariano Rajoy is today planting his vicious army all over the world making himself out as the Messenger Of Peace and his soldiers as the vehicles of Security. All this, while in Spain, the people feel less and less secure for the ever increase of insecurity, stealing, loansharking, and violence in homes and street. As George Orwell put it: War Is Peace!


The Spanish crusading Jihadist Mariano Rajoy has a very personal interest (not only for making money on wars) to radicalize Islam in order to justify his War Crimes, be that in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Africa, and elsewhere. In this way he can deflect attention away from his own crimes by blaming others for that which he himself caused. The pot tells the kettle black!


910_does santa claus get an erected Penis when spanking naughty children”_2


C948     PROSTITUTING ONESELF FOR EVIL     Mandeville’s observations shown to be right again. The case of the Three Stooges: Evans, Longerich, Pelt; Rees, Kershaw, Browning. Voluntarily becoming partakers of violence and evil for filthy lucre sake. Violence is ruling Mankind today as never before and is here to stay.


C949     THE AREA OF VIOLENCE AND THE AGE OF VIOLENCE    THE EJACULATION OF VENOMOUS HOLOCAUST SEMEN INTO THE FACES OF INNOCENT YOUTHS    EXTERMINATIONISMS SECRET USE OF SEX TO GAIN INNOCENT AND VIRGIN YOUTHS FOR VIOLENT CULT OPERATIONS     The increase of violence in Europe today. The age of violence has come upon us.  As  soon as I discovered the vigorous cohabitation with the Exterminationist Cult I noticed something was rotten more than smelly fish.



C950     SIPPING COFFEE IN PARIS WHILE EXPORTING TERRORISM ABROAD     Reality come to life. While my mother and Ernest Hemingway were sipping their coffee in Paris, France, there was endless head cutting, acts of terrorism, and violence exported abroad and done by the French army. A reality no one wants to know, nor talk about. The American author, Ernest Hemingway, who was at Paris at the time, was born the same year my mother was born.


A Test Of Reality Of A ”Civilized” Nation




While criticism is heaped upon ISIS  we are reminded of the  fact that NATO, USA, and all European countries funds it. Spain for instance has soldiers stationed at the very place where youths are encouraged to join ISIS and Germany frequently sells weapons to ISIS. In fact, even head cutting, beheading and mutilation is encouraged by USA and European states. Thus, at World War II Memorial in The Hague, Netherlands, near the International Court of Justice, a memorial is found celebrating mutilation of humans and beheading. This fact in turn, has encouraged and goaded on all sorts of death methods by ISIS and others and it should  only be a matter of time before it becomes once more common practice in Europe and USA. Endless examples can be given of a crooked justice so clearly mentioned in the Bible (Habakkuk 1:4).

WHO IS THE TERRORIST?  MEDIA GOES INTO JIHAD CARDIAC ARREST USING NEWSPEAK WORDS    THE GAME IS TO RESTRICT SPEECH AND GET AWAY WITH IT      Spain’s  Marianoo Rajoy and his manipulated state payed, and state run media, condemn ISIS, and to stop them, Rajoy has sent his Christian crusading soldiers to ”protect” certain areas in Africa, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., at the very places where recruits to join ISIS are organized. This is kept a military secret by the Spanish media lest the public find out of yet another political con going on right behind their back. As the saying goes: If you want to join ISIS head for where Spain’s soldiers are. There is no better recruiting place.





Spain’s Maiano Rajoy  is trying to change the vocabulary in favor of his terror agenda. In this way he has bamboozled the entire Spanish media to swallow his Doctrine that War Is Peace.


WHAT IS THE REASON? After studying Crime in Sweden for many years Ditlieb Felderer has come to the conclusion that overwhelmingly of violent criminals in Sweden are Socialists.

When my mother forced me into Sunday School something happened to me she and the school didn’t expect. I came to hate Christianity and that for a simple reason: They wanted to make me into a hypocrite.

It all begun when they told me over and over again about the command THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. But I had read in my Bibles at home, because we had many, that the command was THOU MUST STEAL. In fact, if the Jews didn’t steal, Jehovah, their tribal God would exterminate them all. And before that, mothers will eat their own children; yes, even their afterbirth! (Deuteronomy 28:57). Hence, Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, was making his own Chosen People into Cannibals for defying the command to steal.

It was for stealing that Jehovah ordered Abraham out of Ur. That was clearly stated in such texts as Deuteronomy 6:10, 11. In fact, stealing was part of the act in creating Genocide and both were promised moments of benefits and joy.

If it wasn’t for stealing Israel would never have been. And if it wasn’t for stealing Jesus Christ would never have been. Jesus Christ was the Messianic hope for a successful theft. And he himself said, that all those before him were thieves and plunderers (John 10:8).

The undeniable fact was clear to me. And I shivered as I went to bed realizing what world I had been brought into not because I wanted to. I begun to hate the world of hypocrisy more and more and my daily concern became not to disappoint my mother, my teachers, as I realized they knew no better. My task was to avoid all hypocrisy, violence, and terror. To run away from it all and make me hide from it all. But where?

C951     URSULA HAVERBECK    SIX MILLION SMOKING GUN     LOCATION SECRET    WHEN AND WHERE SECRET    THE PANDORA’S BOX OF EXTERMINATIONISM    Where is the locations for the Six Million martyrs? Today nobody knows. At one time it was easily answered: The mass killings of Six Million took place at the Holy Shrine, Jehovah’s Sanctuary, at Auschwitz Vomitorium. All Exterminationist books are depended on the Holy Shrine. With the Holy Shrine  blown through the windows, what will the Exterminationists do now?


C952     URSULA HAVERBECK CONTINUATION OF THE SIX MILLION MARTYRS WHOSE LOCATION OF DEATH CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND     THE PANDORA’S BOX OF THE HOLOCAUST EXTORTION CULT.  The Cult of Exterminationism is now in a complete shambles. No Exterminationist today dare say it happened at the Auschwitz Holy Shrine. We are up for some real gymnastics which the defenders of Exterminationists now must face. Are they ready to fabricate a war to make all these questions go away?



C954     THE HOLOCAUST ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE AS TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS    THE LEGITIMIZING OF TERRORISM BY STATES FOR THEIR TERROR ACTIVITIES    HOW TERRORISM DISGUISES ITSELF UNDER THE COVER OF ANTI-JIHADISM  Discussed matters are: Skoloverstyrelsen, Birgitta Ulvhammar, Auschwitz For War Doctrine, Skolverket, Statens Skolverk, Anna Ekstrom, Torsten Jonsson, Frank Hirschfeldt, Johan Hirschfeldt, Lars Tynell, Nils Bejerot, Jorgen Weibull, Sigurd Dencker, Lars Tingstrom, Hakan Holmberg, Riksaklagare, Taby Police, Clark Olofsson, Lennart Groll, Dagens Nyheter, DN, Forum for Levande Historia, Lillehammer, Norway, Interpol, Svante Nordin, Kjell Henriksson, Kanslihuset, Ahmed Bouchikhi, Morocko, Hakan Holmberg, Swedish Foreign Office, France, Terror, Terrorism, Steal, Show Trial, Agneta Isborn Lind, Mossad, Israel, Front, Jihadism, Jihadist, Tremble, Security, Cartoon, Concentration Camp, Zionism, Fertility Cult, Phallic Worship, Belzec, Poland, Swimming Pool, Stefan Szende, Favoritism, Laurence Rees, Auschwitz Swimming Pool, Birgitta Ulvhammar, Mafia, Crime, Cover up traces of crime, Witch Trial, Kungliga Biblioteket, cover-up, Religion, Cult, Politic, Islam, Jan Eliasson swimming pool holocaust censorship fiasco, UN, United Nations, Auschwitz Swimming Pool

8176 A and B    Jihadism coming from Stockholm Synagogue.  In Swedish language. The deputy of Rabbi Morton Narrowe of Stockholm’s Synagogue secretly calls me up on 21 March 1979 informing me, that not only I, but others will be assassinated.


C989    EXTERMINATIONISM AND ITS ADEPTS ARE STUCK WITH RAKING UP OLD HAY     THEY CAN’T GET OUT OF THE MUCK AS IT IS THE MUCK THAT GIVE THEM THE MONEY   THE  EXTERMINATIONISTS GIVE TREBLINKA A TRY     THE FINAL PROBLEM CONTRA THE FINAL SOLUTION     Case of Conan Doyle and his Sherlock Holmes that he discovered he couldn’t get out of just as Exterminationists can’t get out of the Holocaust Extortion Cult because it gives them the money. The changing of killing place to Belzec, Treblinka, Birkenau, and elsewhere. Behind it all are the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). The case of the Three Stooges and other Exterminationis luminaries.  Once a liar, always a liar.





One of the best way to find out what is the latest mode in Cult changes is to watch the Cult of NATO, the world’s leading warmongering Cult infested by all sorts of War Criminals from top to bottom.

  • First it was the war Doctrine against Vietnam, the Domino Doctrine, or Theory.

Once sufficient money had been made on that Doctrine and with sufficient many corpses to count, a new Doctrine was necessary.

  • In came the Auschwitz For War Doctrine, started off by the Bush family against Iraq claiming it had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Once these crusade wars were finished Iraq would flourish with ‘Democracy’ with a McDonald’s hamburger at every corner and a Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate at every center. And of course, with every youth reading the Anne Frank Diary.

Then the problem with Russia entering into the religious war machinery mess, a new Doctrine was necessary. This was also because it was revealed the Auschwitz ”gas chamber” was a complete fake.

  • So the War Criminals of NATO concocted up a new hate Doctrine: The Islam For War Doctrine which is now replacing the Auschwitz For War Doctrine. How long do you think NATO will use their latest fanatic Doctrine telling us we must hate all except NATO?  And that our new Messiah, especially now for Christmas, is Messiah NATO. Tell us and let us know what you think.



George Orwell: War Is Peace

There are several good reasons for this and all we need is NATO to explain this latest invention of a confraternity of the war industry in singing peace while waging war.

It was not only that the Holy Shrine, Jehovah’s Sanctuary, at Auschwitz had been seen to be a fake, but much was the case of Russia. You couldn’t lure Russia into the Auschwitz For War Doctrine any longer after sanctions against it were made by NATO War Lords.

So one looked frenetically. Got things organized. And pronto their new inventions came into being: The Islam For War Doctrine. Islam For War Doctrine will now serve NATO and the war industry not only for Ukraine and Syria and elsewhere. One simply fans up sufficient hate in Africa that people turn to violence, and pronto NATO will be flying in Africa dropping its peace bombs, resulting in yet more Refugees, yet more corpses for peace, and yet more Nobel Peace Prizes for the perpetrators. And with a chest filled with gold made from blood. Never has war been so sweet and hate so profitable.


The expansion of of not to be able to know from Tony Blair to present


My project for December 2015 will likely be yet another investigation into the claim of Modern History that the Roman Catholic Church is guilty of the Six Million supposed dead Jews Doctrine. I think this is fit issue to deal on in the month of December as I will reintroduce my findings that this accusation against the Roman Catholic Church, and particular Pope Pius XII, is a blatant hoax without a scrap of reality.

Interestingly enough the Roman Catholic Church itself has never indulged it to show the ludicrousness of the accusation orchestrated to steal money from the Church, and it was first yours truly, Ditlieb Felderer, who in detail went into the Subject. A devastating knowledge was the Jewish Sonderkommando Doctrine who supposedly organized and executed the whole killing operation. My repeated question was: Why is it that these Serial Killers, these Mass Murderers were never brought to court? Seeing over Six Million Jews died at the Holy Shrine, Jehovah’s Sanctuary, executed by the Jewish Sonderkommando, how is it that one of the biggest Serial Killer ever, Filip Muller, was secretly brought into West Germany from East Germany,DDR, and was given a luxury life? Filip Muller was becoming an uncomfortable mass killer in the home of DDR who of course wondered why this man never got charged as a Nazi Collaborator of the most extreme, and so the astute politicians feeling the heat were more than glad to get rid of him. The risk was always that the people would do so.

Again I will show to you the accusation against the Roman Catholic Church is as silly as tits on a bull. My purpose is not to exonerate the Roman Catholic Church, or its Popes. My singular interest is to delve into what really happened.

As always it is up to the exponents of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult to counter my statements. But how could they? These fanatic Cultists can’t even tell us any longer which door at the Holy Shrine the six million Martyrs went through. Perhaps through a concrete wall? Through the roof? Was it the Gallows Door? Was it the Corpse Door? Or, perhaps the huge chimney like Santa Claus? Or, the windows?

My findings have been shown over and over again, to be undeniable and irrefutable. And if you want to be yet another fool on the list to try and refute, go straight ahead. Your refutations will be amusement for the world who enjoy Monty Python stories to cheer up a boring Society whose God has become Bore God Dom.

Preview of “9”_63

Why is the Pope not allowed to see Swimming Pool?







Fanatic Hegel censorship worshipers are requesting gags on Twitter to stop what they call ”ISIS recruiting online”. Nobody is recruiting for ISIS more than the Hegelian fanatic worshipers. What the world need is not more Censorship but more Free Speech as it is the only way to stop all forms of extremism. ISIS would never have come to life if it wasn’t for Hegel’s Censorship Doctrine.

Why don’t these people demand the same for Israel’s Kibbutz recruiting? French Foreign Legion recruitment? Recruits for more bullfighters to torture bulls in arenas?  Mercenaries to fight in African wars? Stop Israel’s bulldozing of homes on stolen land of Palestine? Ask Sweden to stop its Fahrenheit 451 Book Burning (BB) war against dissidents? Ask extremists of Germany stop putting 87 years old ladies into Concentration Camps for five years only because of ”doubts”  just to please Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Israel. Ask NATO to stop recruiting War Criminals for its senseless wars in Africa and elsewhere.

Instead recruitment should be made to get Twitter get the Nobel Peace Prize. At least in this case someone will be given it that is worthy of it.


Donald Trump on barring Muslims from USA.

The petition to the British parliament to stop Donald Trump from entering Britain has now reached almost 300,000 signatories, which seems to be way over expectation. It is believed however that as soon as Donalt Trump reached Bible bogus Israel, constructed on the scaffold of Terrorism, this will change, and if the count machine can move backward there will be zero supporter. Such countries as Spain frequently bar people for years to come back to Spain when criticizing the Zionist Israel. That means that in spite of the 300,000 figure Donald Trump can expect a hero’s welcome and business can go back to normal. Another petition asking to stop all immigration has been signed by about the same number of people. We ourselves are asking for a stop to drones which are  coming up as Christmas gifts. Not only are these game drones destroying our bird life but dangerous as any wrong movement can end with them striking a person and killing him, or severely injuring him.

C992       PETITION TO STOP TRUMP FROM VISITING ENGLAND    The Ernst Zundel case, Mormons persecuted in USA and had to move away going to Utah, persecution of Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others. Oaths broken on basis of Kol Nidre. American’s ways of stopping people from entereing.


The contest was hot and close. German War Criminal and Thought Terrorist, Jihadist Angela Merkel who always likes closeness with Israeli War Criminals was a tied battle between the two. But Time choose War Criminal and Thought Terrorist, Jihadist Angela Merkel perhaps because of her skillful terror activities in putting people inside German Concentration Camps for ‘doubting’ her and her successful recolonization of Africa by sending her butchering troops to Africa for brave mission of reconquest.

Some got however suspicious over the whole voting claiming it is run like Volkswagen ‘truth machine’ on fake emissions. They say that when NBC asked viewer choice for the award, only 1 % of over 736.000 votes went to War Criminal and Thought Terrorist, Jihadist Angela Merkel. That would seem that ISIS after all was a certain winner with War Criminal and Thought Terrorist, Jihadist Angela Merkel  not even considered. Time for her to take her Israeli made Drones from Afghanistan away and pronto make Time her new target instead of innocent men, women, and children.


McDonald’s is being investigated for swindling the public as European Commission finally makes play of clearing up some of its huge scandals which Jean-Claude Juncker and his friends pulled through with great success. It was McDonald’s and the Jewish owner in Sweden who pulled through the obligatory reading of the Anne Frank Diary   fake at Sweden’s schools after Ditlieb Felderer had come out with his Anne Frank Diary A Hoax.

Hence; we have to deal with not only a fake literary work, but now also with additional swindles at European Union level. One racket follows the next one.

SOURCE: El Pais, 3 December 2015:40.


Italy is next  having supposedly used doping. As for myself, it seems to me today virtual all sport people use some kind of dopes to improve their ranking.

SOURCE: El Pais, 3 December 2015:38.


Volkswagen scandals continue with no let-up in sight.

SOURCE: El Pais, 10 December 2015:40.


C986      WAR IS  PROFITABLE    CANNON FODDER     WAR IS FUN     WAR IS PEACE      WAR IS EASY WHEN NEWSPEAK WORDS COME EASY   THE ART OF RESTRICTING SPEECH   PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL PEACE     Main purpose of war is to create a police state.  Never has a man spoken more in favor of State Terror for quite some time than the Spanish leader Mariano Rajoy. He may even end up in getting a Nobel Peace Prize if his friends can pull it through. Warmongering political leaders believe that by throwing their shoulders around they can FORCE peace on people. Whoever wins in Spain’s election coming up, such will have a great time to get things in order again after all these War Criminals engaged with war against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, African continent, and yes: the whole universe. Historian Tacitus said it well: God and riches are the chief causes of war.  The library is the Temple of learning and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history. That is perhaps why Europe makes sure to burn libraries. To burn books they don’t like as such would stand in the path for perpetual wars.  WAR IS PEACE!

C984     SOV: System Of Violence.  Violence and terror is upon mankind. Who can deny it? And we say that God is directing all things and does not Romans 13:1-7 show this? The Crusades against Islam and others. Spain in for violence. So is Wikipedia. Bernard Mandewille was perhaps right in sating our SOV can not exist without it. It makes the system go. Move ahead. Each act of terror is a step to next terror. Even Jesus Christ came not to bring peace but war. We are stuck with SOV, the System Of Violence. It is here to stay.

C395    CHRISTMAS GREETINGS AND NEW YEAR GREETINGS GIVEN BY THE SPANISH MEDIA AND PRESIDENT MARIANO RAJOY IN 2014   MARIANO RAJOY A REFURBISHED MAXIMILIEN ROBESPIERRE AND HIS COMMITTEE OF PUBLIC SAFETY (Comite de salud public)   THE POT TELLS THE KETTLE BLACK     An Euphoric War Criminal, perfumed up and cosmetic embellished was seen dishing out his yarn that war is peace and security. If you know Spanish this is a perfect clip to hear how corrupt politicians use Newspeak words to lure the public for their support. By restricting speech War Cults manage to monopolize discussion and the Media.  And of course, just as in the Holy Bible, the ”terrorists” are duly identified in order to cover up ones own terrorism. What does Spain, or Europe, have to do in Africa? In Afghanistan? In Syria? In Iraq? They can’t even make peace in a football game where violence appear daily. So, how can they make peace in the world? Descartes: Conquer yourself rather than the world.



Would you like to live in a country where police write its history? Welcome to Sweden!


If you know Swedish listen to this tape of threats against Ditlieb Felderer by a main representative of the Jewish Synagogue in Stockholm and you know how Swedish justice is run. The threat call was made 24 March 1979
Language: English, MP3, Time: 21:56


Just one example of such: The Witchhunter General Agneta Isborn Lind and her Witchhunters Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin kidnapping of Ditlieb Felderer

The Show Trial went up all the way to Sweden’s Supreme Court where its head pseudo-judge, Johan Munck, not only approved of it but also declared that to commit Crime Against Humanity was totally right in Sweden as a ‘civilized’ country

When Thought Terrorism (TT) rules criminal elements and hooligans take over activating themselves as Saviors of Society.
How closer to Hell on Earth and George Orwell’s 1984 can we get?

The claustrophobic terror evoked by Sweden comes from taking common-enough prescriptions for state-appropriate behavior on Censorship to their logical conclusion


The use of Navi Pillay of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for imprisonment, Censorship, and Torture


SWEDEN WAS BEFORE STALIN PUTTING PEOPLE INSIDE MENTAL INSTITUTIONS FOR THEIR BELIEFS OR DOUBTS: The same time United Nations was created, the same time Sweden incarcerated people inside Concentration Camps and Mental Institutions for the mere sake of quoting and being interested in Comparative Religion. All while Sweden signed papers to the contrary, even avowing respect for UN Article 19


Navi Pillay 3
Language: English, MP3, Time: 26:21

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers—Article 19, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted 10 December 1948.

Things the State media won’t tell you. UN Madam Navi Pillay is entering the former Auschwitz Sport and Relief Camp via the sign of the Main Gate. Facing her, to the left, is the largest building, the huge Kitchen which Stalin painted black to hide it as it contradicted his Starve Doctrine. The odor of its delicious smell permeated the whole of town Auschwitz. To the right in coming up is the Auschwitz Brothel for the Reliefers and which the Jewish Sonderkommando vigorously used, such as Hermann Langbein, Kazimierz Smolen, Tadeusz Szymanski, Brandhuber, Filip Muller, and others. Going straight up, she would come to the Auschwitz Olympic training Swimming Pool. To the right, Block 10, where kids were born

Facing UN Navi Pillay, to her left, would be the largest building inside the Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp, the huge Kitchen, which Stalin painted over from white to black to hide it to comply with his Starve Doctrine. Here the Jewish Orchestra also played their Auschwitz Waltz and other popular music. To this date the Kitchen is kept secret by the Auschwitz Vomitorium. The potent food odor coming from the super modern Kitchen, the most modern in whole of Poland; had its delicious vapor filling the whole surrounding so even the Auschwitz town people could smell it.

Facing UN Navi Pillay, to her left would be the Auschwitz Brothel, Block 24, used by all the former Auschwitz Directors, such as Szymanski, Brandhuber, Wasowicz, Langbein, Filip Muller, and others, along with the Jewish Sonderkommando.

Going straight up, UN Navi Pillay, would come to the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. This type of a pool is used in world competition up to this day, with world records struck virtually every year.

Straight up, going to her right, Navi Pillay would come to Maternity Ward, Block 10. USA Dick Cheney may have visited it on January 27 or 28, 2005. Conflicting days have been given. They are coming out of the former Soccer or Auschwitz Football ground. Facing Dick Chiney, to the right was Block 11, used to hold Pyromaniacs, Rapists, Murderers, Embezzlers, Child Killers, Serial Killers, War Criminals. They also used the court for ball playing.

592 UN Madam Pillay appears with the Wailing Wall cake inside the football court between Block 10 and 11. To her left is Block 10 where thousands of kids were born, and according to Stalin reasoning, all while the Jewish Orchestra played their Auschwitz Waltz and danced. All supposedly done while the Jewish Sonderkommando killed their Six Million Martyrs. Who be the first to make a Monty Python movie on this one?


Preview of “Blank 29”_3 IMG_0048_4_2 31_488 Preview of “Untitled”_57

The Holocaust Extortion Cult ‘Sweep Doctrine’ and the Fear of demonic forces in Brooms



694_220px-Goya_Caprichos SWEEP DOCTRINE The superstition of the Auschwitz Vomitorium Sweep Doctrine has a long history. Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky, the tribal God of the Jews would be entering a New World Order, by the Demonic Babylon which will be swept to oblivion and annihilation (Isaiah 14:23). In Luke 15:8 a woman is depicted so worried down with her money she is ready to let go of them to sweep for one lost, which in the meantime would make her lose 9 more. Money speculation gone the Bernard Madoff Way into a Black Hole! From these Biblical metaphors it is a short way to riding on brooms. The broom became a ready Scapegoat seeing everyone had one, making the whole Witch hysteria personal, as everyone had one and used one. Thus making everyone suspect of being a Witch too.

Exodus 22:18: ‘’You shall not permit a sorceress to live’’.

In the HEC Cult magic the supposed Trains to Auschwitz take the place of the Brooms to some magic Devillish mountain where Witches assemble in massive amounts. Here is the origin of the Six Million Doctrine. Thus in primitive, hysterical imagery the Trains act like the brooms of Witches. There is evil lurking all around and the State and Church must be set in to extirpate the demonic forces to alleviate mankind from sin, perdition, and annihilation. Nobody understands anything. All is Witchcraft and Magic just as Exterminationism is. The Witch Hunt Demonology started with Exodus 22:18 is once more Resurrected and gets a New Revial in our materialistic age.

BOOK BURNING 2 deals on the History of Fire and Burning by Sweden’s corrupt politicians and judiciary


History of Book Burning, Fire, and Pyromaniac activities by the Sweden judiciary and corrupt politicians. A first ever disclosure of facts behind the veil.
Language: English, MP3, Time: 37:59

Never before has the Swedish people been told about the Fire and Book Burning done in Sweden by its corrupt Judiciary and corrupt Politicians. Here for the first time in Sweden history information is revealed about the pyromania operations and how fire is used to spread fear into the populace and force people to submit to Totalitarians.

An American response to Sweden Censorship laws and Witch Hunts


Sweden which has severe Censorship Laws and promotes active Witch Hunting against investigative writers, this American response is interesting.

It is interesting because Sweden uses a specific word to justify Witch Hunts and Crime Against Humanity. They use ‘missaktning’, which means no criticism against corrupt politicians, its corrupt media, and its corrupt bureaucrats.
People are brainwashed not to despise but to tolerate anything crazy coming from the Totalitarian system’s crazed clergy, bureaucrats, courts, judges, and police. And not the least, from its hysterical promoting education and indoctrination of youth.

Under Sweden’s severe Censorship Laws set up to cover-up its crimes, the below picture could easily land you two years in jail. In Germany 5 years Concentration Camp. They call this ‘freedom law’, just as described by George Orwell in his 1984.