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AUSCHWITZ SWIMMING POOL IS A REALITY. Join our Joy Swim. See you at Auschwitz Swimming Pool


PRINCIPAL CLAIMS: That Ditlieb Felderer produces material in how to kill, especially Islam people. This lie was originated by Israel agents who came to Barcelona for a meeting with UNESCO who in 1993 were holding  group talks about Genocide and such matters. The ´´kill claim´´ became a notice in the media around the world. It was claimed that especially Turks and Turkey were the targets of these killing material.

I then went in contact with UNESCO who made an investigation about it, and informed me that NO such talk about me was ever made during these sessions. Hence, the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate had once more lied about me.

YOU TUBE then renews these claims, stating that material was removed due to FLAGGERS and LAWYERS. Who these ´´flaggers´´ are and ´´lawyers´´ are is evidently top secret. In other words: YOU TUBE and others are lying through their teeth.

The alleged criminal material consists of mainly three subjects. They are:

1.   My claim that Auschwitz Recreation and Sport Camp had a Swimming Pool. This Olympic training swimming pool was introduced as yet another sport activity within the camp. Hermann Langbein, Tadeusz Szymanski, Kazimersz Smolen,  Czeslaw Pilichowski, Danuta Czech, Tadeusz Wasowicz, Adam Brandhuber, were all involved with it.

     Today Auschwitz is open to all visiting pilgrims. Not as before when anyone could deny it as few visited Auschwitz outside Soviet countries. But even before. The Auschwitz Swimming pool never was a ´´criminal mention´´ in law. Sweden has no law against mentioning about the Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool, nor does any other nation. Hence, the whole notion of that mentioning the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is a crime is pure balderdash.

2.    THE ANNE FRANK DIARY: Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank begun court cases with those who doubted the authenticity of the Anne Frank Diary. He started one in Sweden against me, but it was stopped by the Swedish Chancellor of Justice, a matter which he hid.

That the so called ´´diary´´ is a complete forgery I have given numerous proof of. Moreover, it is not even a ´´diary´´ but an Autograph Book which is the exact contrary to a diary.

3.   HOLOCAUST TERM: THE TERM IS A SEX TERM: My claim that the word ´´holocaust´´ is neither Yiddish, Hebrew, German, etc. As Exterminationism need a simple term in which they can hide behind their Cult of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, they begun to use that term. Stefan Szende, the Father of the Exterminationist cult and the Holocaust Extortion Cult, never used the term holocaust. Nor did Hermann Langbein or any of the other Cult originators.

My translation of the word, using the Hebrew Olah for it, is: the male penis moving up into an erection. That in fact, is the best translation of Olah: a going up into an erection. In other words: it is a typical sex word, and nothing more special about it. It has nothing to do with killing Six Million Jews, or even any person on the face of this globe.

Hence, the claim that INTERPOL is chasing after Ditlieb Felderer for his criminal material is pure nonsense. My material has been on the Internet for years. And although the New York Times and others denied the swimming pool, today denial of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool can no longer be made. Anyone can go behind Block 6 and see it there. The Canadian newspaper, the Globe and Mail, was the first, (I believe), to publish one of my photos about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.

Therefore, all claims about Ditlieb Felderer distributing criminal material is pure nonsense.

Let truth be truth, rumors be rumors, and the confidence schemes will be exposed for what they are: An Israel attempt to maintain Supremacy over the world through its multitude of lies.

     Sincerely, Ditlieb Felderer, November 29, 2020


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