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What is Babypotting




Babypotting relates to the infant or childlike behavior of academics and so called scholars inability to come to grips with reality, and so; their minds are in a constant wandering movement inside a world of infantilism.

EXAMPLE OF SUCH: A good example of Babypotting is when holocaust deniers such as the Three Stooges and their skirthanging acolytes deny the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. A first denial is they do not want to go to Auschwitz and see what is right before their very eyes and so they are dependent on either inventing their own negation yarn, or depend on what other Babypotters as Laurence Rees, Raul Hilberg, Christopher Browning, Stefan Szende, holocaust denier Deborah Lipstadt,  have stated about Auschwitz and the Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool.

Donald Trump brought meaning to Babypotting by reminding us of our constant ´´fake news´´. Fake News is reigning the  Western world today, and is by no means abating. Think only how long the fable of the Anne Frank Diary Hoax has been able to go on with continuous money grabs landing in the Jerusalem Holy Temple money chest.

Today more than ever Babypotting is ripe within the Western media, as one yarn is spread to the next writer as if they all sat on the Auschwitz loo fabricating their next Latrine Gossip.

The notorious swindlers and deniers of reality of the Three Stooges are: Richard Evans, Peter Longerich  and Robert Jan van Pelt,  who set out to make themselves the sewage of totality  fools and idiotry .  By defending holocaust denier Deborah Lipstadt in the David Irving ludicrous suit, where David Irving stated he was not a ´´holocaust denier´´ when it wasn´t even defined what that phrase means.

Holocaust denial primarily means the denial of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, and the fact that the Penis moves up at an erection in order to do the job it was meant to do. Both of these facts are undeniable, unquestionable and we have offered endless of pictures and illustrations to depict these undeniable facts.

If it was not for the fact that the penis moves up at erection I would not be able to write this, nor would you be able to read this. This is what facts are all about. By denying the undeniable the Three Stooges and their Skirthangers become but chatter boxes, endlessly blabbering about something they either do not know or care about knowing.

As long as the money comes in from all those gullible faithful and their Cult is protected by Church and State, there is no reason why they should turn to reality and begin to look at things as they are and not as they wish to be just in order to line their own pockets and feather their own nest.


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