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Toboggan Doctrine of the Holocaust Extortion Cult




The Toboggan Doctrine is part of the famous caust Stair Doctrine of which it is a subsidiary  doctrine. It consists of various testimonies in how the Jewish Sonderkommando gassed over six million Jews at Birkenau, almost all at the famous Crematory 2.

One of the first to claim million death figure was Stefan Szende, the indisputable Father of Exterminationism and what is expressively called the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult.

Stefan Szende had declared on honor and truth that at Belzec the Jewish Sonderkommando had liquidated some 5 million Jews inside some sort of underground swimming pool that became deadly by administrating electricity to it. Strangely enough this top modern kill machine was not implemented either at Auschwitz or Birkenau.

Stefan Szende’s fantastic achievement of his UNDERGROUND death machineery now merged into Birkenau’s absolutely shoddy Crematory 2 and its Stair Doctrine with shoddy, tight stairs, that became a far cry from the sophisticated death machinery at Belzec in Poland.

There exist a variety of detailed methods on how the Toboggan Doctrine functioned. In all the Jewish killing methods, speed and confidentiality of the soon to be six million martyrs was of upmost importance in order that the German SS could be held in darkness of the Jewish killing operations.

ONE OF THE TOP METHODS IN KILLING OVER SIX MILLION JEWS AT BIRKEANU was supposed to have been organized by a team of freshmen religious faithful,  all craving for female underwear, and therefore nothing would stop them in the holy mission to satisfy this thirst for women´s lingerie. One had to invent methods in killing based on super speed and the keeping the soon to be Martyrs calm and happy, without knowing what was coming to them.

In summer the children were given ice cream to make them calm and happy. In winter time they were given lollipops to such while waiting for the ride and the powerful kick by horse Bravo that would bring the Six Million Martyrs down the stairs and into eternal martyrdom. Kids sexually experienced on by a doctor Wiesenthal at the Warsaw Ghetto turned out transexual. To female transexual kids a female doll was given with a penis. Male transexual were given a teddy bear.

The operating machinery was located below ground at Birkenau near Auschwitz, precisely at Crematory 2.  There were striking similarities between the Jewish Sonderkommando mass slaughter at Belzec and the killings at Birkenau.  As in the case of Stefan Szende´s description at Belzec, the Jewish killing operations at Birkenau also went on underground.

A team of Jewish Sonderkommando killers where selected by Miklos Nyiszli and Simon Wiesenthal, who under oath of silence, were to effectuate both speed and secrecy in killing, the Six Million Jews without the Martyrs suspecting anything amiss. That the Jewish Sonderkommando spoke Yiddish was a great help in getting the confidence of the soon to be Six Million slaughtered Martyrs.

Selected in the engineering enterprise for killing were the notorious Jewish Sonderkommandos as Filip Muller, Henryk Mandelbaum, Miklos Nyiszli, Elie Wiesel, and Rudolf Vrba, all of course faithful Jews.

For the winter mass killing this particular project consisted in using Toboggans in getting the Martyrs down the stairs which was believed had a massive depth underground as none of the inventors of the story seemingly themselves had seen it with their own eyes and everything was built on latrine gossip.

Toboggans were made at the carpenter building just close to the Stalin Holy Temple gas chamber at Auschwitz Vomitorium which was located not far from the Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool just behind Block 6 and 10.

SEATING CAPACITY: Some sleds are to have been capable of comfortable seating some 9 people, even more with children. They would all be calmed down by the Jewish Sonderkommando speaking in Yiddish and some even sung beautiful tunes to make the occasion a joyous one and wishing the sled seating martyrs  a happy journey down the stairs. At times the Jewish Sonderkommando would dance to Warsaw Ghetto music tunes.

After numerous successful trials in the killing operation the selected team greatly improved on their Selection operations by getting the strongest horse available to help in speeding the whole Genocide killing machinery up.

The horse´s name was supposed to be Bravo (not to get mixed up with holocaust denier Richard Evans’ horse Bravo. Evans belonged to the team Three Stooges). Horse Bravo was made to face the opposite direction of the stairs. A powerful cord made of horse hair went around a wheel attached to the back of Bravo and also connected with the sled. The horse hair cord was similar to the horse carpet put onto the Swimming Pool trampolines at the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool.

The rope had a special knot that was precisely placed at a specific length so when the soon to be martyrs on the sled had come to the bottom of the stairs, Bravo would know it by the knob hitting a bell and at that given moment Bravo would give his full strength by launching forward; in a direction against the stairs.

THE CATAPULT KICK BY BRAVO:  The sled was now launched down the stairs by Bravo giving it a super hard kick and the Toboggan would virtually fly down the stairs. That saved in the use of smearing the sled with the Kosher Jewish Fat, invented by Simon Wiesenthal for this Special Treatment operation. People who saw the explosive kick rendered to the Toboggan swear at, that they had never seen such an effective kick administrated by a horse.

RESULTING FLY INTO THE CREMATORY OVEN: As horse Bravo now launched forward in the opposite direction with full force and furor, the Martyrs on the sled came to an abrupt dead end stop and were catapulted; virtually flying into the crematory oven which doors were open. The super speed flight into the Crematory Oven was so powerful that all the Martyrs on the Toboggan were made into Ketchup.  In mere split second the operation was over and the Martyrs were now coming out of the chimney as smoke with droplets of colorful rain making the whole area look as if it was covered with rainbows.

 According to such experts as Arnold Friedman and others, German Jewish martyrs had a typically yellow color to them with the scent of Bratwurst and Sauerkraut. French smoke was blue and smelling blue cheese. Polish Jews came out in red, smelling as if they just had been at the Warsaw Ghetto and invited to dinner by Stalin. Spanish Jews were also in red smoke in line with its Bull Fights where brave bulls are soaked in blood and in full pain trying to evade the Bull Fighters´ blood soaked spear. Hungarian Jews gave off a color of pumpkin pie with an odor of Goulash. The Italian Jewish Martyrs felt a bit jealous at the other Martyrs, but soon regained their honor and virtuoso skill by appearing as long rainbow colored spaghetti strings, dancing in the air. Never has the moment of dying being so full of expectations and glamor.

It is reported that after a day´s hard work in killing, Bravo was getting a bale of the best hay, along with sticks of carrots, as the Jewish Sonderkommando celebrated their new female underwear plundering which they had acquired for the day´s hard work at the gas chamber, singing to their tune NEVER AGAIN will we forget, and WE WILL NEVER FORGET we had such fun, tomorrow is another day.

THE BIBLE AS MORAL ETHICS FOR THE JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDO MASS KILLING: Many of the Jewish Sonderkommando were strong Bible believers and found numerous Bible scriptures and justifications for their ghastly slaughter of the Six Million Jews. They were called out as Yahweh’s, God’s Executioners. Bible support as found in God’s executing his own Chosen People can be found at Isaiah 28 and 29 where God condemns the Jews for their pretense worship and rotten state of Jerusalem.

Another much beloved Bible support was found in Phineas’ spearing to death two Apostates, the women through the vagina, killing both. This was counted to Phineas ”as righteousness”. Numbers 25:1-3, 6-15; Psalms 106:30, 31.

KEEPING THE MASS SLAUGHTER KOSHER AND HAPPY: The most important task for the Jewish Sonderkommando was to keep the soon to be Martyrs happy. Their Yiddish speaking helped greatly to calm down the whole gruesome task of Genocide. Up to nine soon to be Martyrs could get room on one sled, and by being close together, Bravo could kick the sledge at the perfect spot, making the entire sledge with people fly down the caust stairs and the coming jolt gave it the finishing touch, as they now in unity, hugging each other, stormed into the Crematory 2 huge oven.

At times the Jewish Orchestra would be there, standing ready to the tunes of the Auschwitz Waltz and other glad, hefty Warsaw Ghetto tunes.

The occasion of joy and mirth filled the air and many a person since have envied the Six Million for their smooth ride to eternal bliss.—Matthew 7:14; 2 Peter 3:3-13; Revelation 21:22:5.


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