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SEX IN MOUTH: Wearing a Mask is just like Wearing a Condom if you don’t want kids


Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer sets forth mitigation orders of restaurants and bars to take down names of its customers to aid in contact tracing and case investigation efforts. Michigan Department of Health directs the health issue of Coronavirus, Covid 19.

This may seem novel but a lot of times names are given for just traveling a short distance as by train and bus. Or in flying. All this entails contact tracing. So why fight it? You can stay home. You don´t have to go to the restaurants. You don´t have to travel to the Church convention. You can convene at home.

I was a young boy when I first learned about contact tracing in Sweden even though I understood very little either of sex or of tracing. All I knew was that my mother who was running hotels was very careful in getting identification of the hotel guests.

Some of the cleaning maids had two jobs. One of cleaning the rooms, the other, in having sex with the hotel guests. Such a job could be risky. You could get syphilis or Gonorrhea and as soon as any of the women got it, contact tracing went into effect. With whom did she have sex with? Who was the carrier of the disease? In this way the Smoking Gun could be found, and a cure was set in.

All sexual diseases are nasty as can be confirmed by those who have been stricken. And so is Coronavirus and there is no magic in tracing than just what happened in my mother´s hotels.


If an airplane goes down. Explodes in the air. Who were in it? Contact Tracing sets in. Who stand behind the world´s greatest Pension Fraud Crimes? Contact Tracing sets in. Who got the money? Contact Tracing sets in. So what´s so strange about restaurants taking down names? It´s partly for my own sake, my benefit and the neighbor. There are no short cuts to good health. And none has forced you to eat at the restaurant. You can eat at home. You don´t need to go to church and pray. You can pray at home just as well, and it´s cheaper.  

Auschwitz Recreation and Sport Camp Brothel

Here you see the Brothel of the Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp. One who carried on the Contact Registration for tracing was none other than the staunch Communist Stalinist, Herman Langbein, along with former Auschwitz Director Kazimierz Smolen. When Herman Langbein discovered that I had found out about his curious past he became speechless, and his companion Smolen was no different. They both testified against German guards although they were in fact in with the team and should likewise have been prosecuted. That’s how wars work.

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