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Name some Holocaust Cult Doctrines in connection with Stair Doctrine of the Holocaust Extortion Cult

WHAT ABOUT THE AUSCHWITZ BROTHEL? Watch out for those underwear!

Here are some important Holocaust Extortion Cult doctrines in connection with Exterminationism and the HEC cult

  1. Slide Doctrine
  2. Slip Doctrine
  3. Glide Doctrine
  4. Toboggan Doctrine
  5. Fat Doctrine
  6. Soap Doctrine
  7. Skip Doctrine
  8. Trip Doctrine
  9. Bird Doctrine
  10. Trip Doctrine
  11. Spit Doctrine
  12. Cat Doctrine
  13. Dog Doctrine
  14. Animal Excrement Doctrine
  15. Feces Doctrine
  16. Urine Doctrine
  17. Horse Doctrine
  18. Pig Doctrine
  19. Baby Carriage Doctrine
  20. Hair Doctrine
  21. Teeth Doctrine
  22. Foreskin Doctrine
  23. Female Underwear Doctrine
  24. Jew Pig Doctrine
  25. Gentile Doctrine
  26. Horse Fly Doctrine
  27. Flatulence Doctrine
  28. Frog Doctrine
  29. Mosquito Doctrine
  30. Stork Doctrine
  31. Stair Jump Doctrine

We have gone through all these Doctrines of the Holocaust Extortion Cult (HEC) before and will come back again with more detailed cult posts. They all deal on ways and methods the Jewish Sonderkommando are to have used in order to get at the females underwear. For not all the womens were so willing to part of ther underwear no matter how much Yiddish lamentations and entreaties were offered by the Jewish Sonderkommando.

The American Thomas Paine wrote the following truth below

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