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The fight over a Swimming Pool that Israel and Sweden lost

The Smoking Gun of a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz could no longer be denied

The fight begun in the 1970’s when Ditlieb Felderer declared that Auschwitz had a Swimming Pool which the Germans built. The Swimming Pool had all the bona fides characteristics of an Olympic Training Swimming Pool. Ditlieb Felderer himself as a young boy had trained one summer for the Swedish Olympic swim champion Arne Borg.

Immediately there developed a hysterical atmosphere within the Cult of Exterminationism stating that that was a lie. There could not be a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz because of all the gas chambers. That the pictures were falsified because Ditlieb Felderer was a skilled photo creator. He was even threatned with law suits, especially coming from the Swedish Chancellor of Justice Office, COJ. Which eventually happened.

Ditlieb Felderer was inundated with hate threats, most identified as coming from the satellites of the Jewish Synagogue in Sweden. Death threats became the norm. His home was attacked, as his Philippine wife, property, and name. A full Witch craze was set in as Sweden had never seen. Newspapers like Expressen, Aftonbladed, Dagens Nyheter, and a host of others kept the Book Burning (BB) spirit kindled. It was a free for all public frenzy caused by the Swedish politicians and their media goons

The denial continued throughout the years even after the borders became open to visitors of Poland. The Deputy United Nations minister at the time, Jan Eliasson, was specifically chosen in order to stem the rumours that the world greatest so called ”Extermination Camp” had a Swimming Pool. It just didn’t fit in with the Cult of Exterminationism and the Holocaust Extortion Cult.

Ditlieb Felderer was once more put before a Witch Trial in Sweden where all outsiders were practically denied. Svea Hovratt at Stockholm told Ditlieb Felderer they court had no time in listening to his claim as they had to go home and eat!

Present at that Show Trial were the corrupt Swedish prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind and the equally corrupt pseudo-police agents, Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin.

And so it continued. Auschwitz had no Swimming Pool. It was all fiction made up by Ditlieb Felderer.

But now we know better. It can no longer be denied how much Israel and Sweden seeks to stop information about it. As Abraham Lincoln put it:

It is true that you may fool all the people some of the time….but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

The Auschwitz Olympic training Swimming Pool can no longer be denied so why be a Holocaust Denier?

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