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Ditlieb Felderer’s Sixth open letter to President Donald Trump


       Dear President Donald Trump,

      But how is it argued for in favor of Ethnic Cleansing either of books or of land? One never finds any information of it. I have watched Alex Jones´ site INFOWARS. There is no mention of the modus operandi. His co-worker David Knight who deals much on  Biblical issues completely ignores it.

 I know of no encyclopedic work dealing on it in any language. I handle several languages and have never found it. Today, the arguments for Ethnic Cleansing are never given.

So let´s go directly to the Holy Bible to find one of the main text in support of Ethnic Cleansing and we will pick Chapter 6 of the book of Deuteronomy, verses 10 and 11 (Deuteronomy 6:10, 11). The Predatory behavior is glaringly clear and that perhaps is why you never see this text mentioned.

Let us now step to Isaiah Chapter 6 where Jehovah God enters the Holy Temple at Jerusalem. You must read the whole chapter. It is fascinating and a favorite of the Evangelicals, Scofieldites, and others, who feel Jehovah God has legitimate rights to be in the Real Estate business and hand out land for free because the new occupants now claim it is THEIRS because their God says so. It is called Predatory Behavior.

Verse 2 mentions of the sacred number ´´six´´ in connection with the Seraphs who are also inside the Holy Temple. Then, at verse 3 an announcement is made  that the ´´fullness of all the earth is his glory.´´ So everything belongs to God: countries, land, water and atmosphere.

But a God of Arms being alone with a lot of wealth and stuff isn´t a happy God for long. And here is where the catch is. Seeing he is master of all he can also give it to whomever he wants. All is his!

So the question is to whom does he share it with? And so the clergy have made the clever trick that God has a particular favorable Chosen People. They are called God´s Chosen People.

And thus it came to be that plunder is not plunder. Steal is not stealing. Rob is not robbing. God has given it to you. He owns all and everything. And he gives it to whoever he wants. This is called circular reasoning and circular modus operandi.

It is all in there at Isaiah 6:3. I have never read a contrary claim by any Christian theologian. Augustine, Aquinas,  Luther, Calvin, John Bunyan, and all the rest accept it.

You just create a God. Then you say he owns it all. Then you create a Chosen People. Then the Chosen People create their own wants and needs. This is called Predatory organization. Just like thieves joyfully divide up their spoil (Isaiah 9:6).

Yes God owns it all. So how can he be a Predator? How can God Steal?—Again, Deuteronomy 6:10,11 tells it all.  

         Sincerely, Ditlieb Felderer

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