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The reality of the sexual Holocaust and the Slide Doctrine



The Sexual holocaust is deeply rooted in the Bible. Practically on every page there is some hint to it although clouded in usual Biblical euphemism.

One example of such double-talk is without a doubt Isaiah 6. There, Jehovah, whose unutterable name is already found at verse 3, and whose sacred name means ´´The Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky´´; evidently with full holocaust erected penis, is, seen inside the Holy Temple wearing a woman´s skirt.

In order to demonstrate his erection mission and qualities of his sex organs, he lifts up his skirt, exhibiting, exposing his holocaust erected penis to the holy ones, unquestionable testifying that his holocaust erected penis is indeed the greatest one, which none can deny.

Here we have a good example of Biblical Holocaust Denial as a negative attitude for no one can deny his monstrous holocaust erected sex tool, once he has exposed it to his Holy Ones inside the Temple.

´´Lifting up the skirt´´ in order to discover what is above has always had a meaning to exhibit sexual desire, sexual need and want. Thus, women on the highway ´´lift up their skirt´´ to passersby´´, drawing attention to the fact there is more to holocaust than just the skirt, as men drive by, emotionally thrilled to discover what´s next.

It is claimed that the Jewish Sonderkommando, those Jews who were busy in gassing more than six million Jewish soon to be Martyrs inside the Auschwitz Holy Temple, turned mad in seeing women lifting up their skirts, just before being gassed. At Belzec this sex madness was cooled down a bit, by the Jewish Sonderkommando skiing down huge mountains of women´s underwear which the Jewish Sonderkommando is to have confiscated from the martyred women.

At Birkenau, near the Auschwitz Holy Temple, women are to have slid down the stairs, or pushed down the stairs, exposing their underwear, driving the Jewish Sonderkommando sexually berserk. This is part of the Stair Doctrine, those famous stairs at Gas Chamber 2. In fact, the sex heat was so intense that there was semen flowing down the stairs in buckets. This enabled the Jewish Sonderkommando to exert less strength, and the soon to be Jewish martyrs would just slide down, directly into the gas chamber.

Semen is oily, and a lot of it will make you easily slide at emotional moments. Inside the Holy Temple there are to have been huge vats filled with semen from God´s Chosen People.

The Slide Doctrine is an important part of the Stair Doctrine. Stairs can cause traumatic effects as we can see from the German political leader, Helmut Kohl, falling and sliding on the stairs, causing severe harm to his body. He is still on a wheelchair after all these years.

In order to soften the bump as the Jewish women hit terra firma below, huge bags of ´´pure Jewish fat´´ were placed, thus enabling the martyrs a smooth landing, and, they could now happily dance into the gas chamber with full joy and mirth (Psalms 105:43, 44), Yahweh fire consuming eternal love. An entering into the Promised Land.

An improved version of the above is that the Pure Jewish Fat (RIF), which the Jewish Sonderkommando had collected from the six million Martyrs was used in sliding down the soon to be martyrs into the gas chamber below by smearing the Jewish fat onto the steps. In this way any Jew who may have looked with scare upon the room below was simply pushed and he would neatly slide down the steps thus enabling the Jewish Sonderkommando to concentrate more effort on the underwear and saving strength from unnecessary coaching their victims down the stairs.

 Never has gassing of people been done so joyfully and with so much love. Indeed the Holy Bible at Psalms 137:9  speaks of the joy of smashing Gentile babies against a rock. But this time it is the Gentiles who get killed by the Jews, and not the Jews killing their own people, their six million.

NOTA BENE: The Smoke Doctrine at its early stage can be seen from verse 4 where it mentions the whole Temple was filled with smoke. Even the pivots of the Temple were quivering; euphemism for multiple orgasms with semen outbursts. At verse 3 is found the famous and popular theme of Israel: Jehovah Of Armies (God Of Arms), whose Jehovah is famous for his Ethnic Cleansing, today of Palestinians. The whole of chapter 6 is filled with poetic symbolism and one of the most cherished by the Evangelicals and Scofieldites without going into details about it.

Below you see Hilary Clinton very close to the Jewish Sonderkommando stairs perhaps wishing she could give it a try for a bit of sliding as break from daily political gab.



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