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On the trail of Victor’s Madness



This brief story is about the imaginary hero ”Victor”. He is the very image of the Seductive Liar who is out to con the world with his charm and ostensibly charitable mind and good behavior.

Victor lives in Madrid plush homes area. There are a lot of old people there. They are in need. The oldsters haven’t had much contact for a long time. Now with the Coronavirus matters are getting worse. In fact, they are getting critical.

The oldsters are virtually abandoned. They were abandanoed before but now with Covid 19 they are living in a world of despair and human madness.

At this moment Victor steps in. He is here to help. He has the answer. He is working at an old age complex where lots of olders are cared for so he has the experience. And he carried with him another experience. A very deep experience. And he has told no one.

Apart from Victor’s deep secrets, here are some methods of his. All tried out. All working. And Victor is getting richer and richer. Never has business been so good. Never so much need for it. Never so much need for him.

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