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Never has Crime been so easy

Has the madness of madness begun?


To me the wearing of mask has a point. Another aspect is that the introduction of mask has made it virtually impossible to detect a thief entering a building or thievery at the food store.

Some masks on the market virtually cover the complete face. It is impossible to detect who is behind it. We are now faced with the position of having to be dogs in order to sniff who is behind the mask.

That means that ordinary crime will increase and hardly reported due to the trouble of contact. That could mean also that stores have to close due to constant theft.

In those homes that have TV watch in entering, you can’t identify the person because he is wearing a mask making it that anyone can get in. Cameras are useless as they can’t penetrate the covering of a mask.

Man is in a Catch 22. Ireland just recently went into lock down again and others will likely follow.

The crime of Seductive Lying, Baubophilia, will increase where predators will engage old age people with their ”help”, escorting and helping them out, to finally find out the whole home now belongs to the predatory ”helper”. Whole blocks will now fall into the hands of predators, very similar to what Happened in Germany after World War 1.

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