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Ditlieb Felderer’s Fourth open letter to President Donald Trump

Two ”authentic” doors at the Auschwitz ”gas chamber” where over 6 million Jews were gassed at the hands of the Jewish Sonderkommando. Both ”authentic doors” are fakes.

Dear President Donald Trump,

What has interested me about your work as a President is your open statement about fake news. Your intervention in Sweden may not be a direct connection with Free Speech but does have some relation to it.

Recently You Tube had a censorship case against me in connection with Radio Islam. They claimed that material published by me had been flagged. Secondly they claimed that their lawyers had investigate and found that it was prohibited in certain countries.

There is no open law in Sweden prohibiting a Swimming Pool. Although it was the Swimming Pool at Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp that triggered Sweden’s Show Trials against me, no mention of a Swimming Pool was made in the records for fear of that then the Court itself would be guilty of being criminal in mentioning a ”prohibited word”.

Who these You Tube ”judges” are is kept totally secret and I doubt they even exist. Why are accusations made without the accusers coming to the front? I find it absurd that any sane lawyer would openly dare claiming that a Swimming Pool must not be mentioned. Or, that it does not exist.

Although it is true that the New York Times years ago mentioned about a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz, as did the Canadian Globe And Mail, they could not be definite on the issue of a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz because Auschwitz was then located inside the Soviet sphere and few from the West went there.

First, with the opening of Poland people could now readily see for themselves that there truly was a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz and that I hade not lied about it. In spite of this opening the Swedish media continued its propaganda against me, not even go there to take a picture of it.

Then the claim is made by Google’s You Tube that they got flaggers. Well, which active writer with a clear mind hasn’t got flaggers against him? But I don’t believe that is true either. Just as I doubt they got bona fide lawyers looking into my case, nor do I believe they got bona fide flaggers for a bona fide flagger would not be interested in Censorship, but interested in investigating the issue and then get in contact with his critic. To commit himself to unanumous vengeance and hate seduction, would not be his choice.

As for yourself, I would suggest you to go to Auschwitz and take a guided tour with me and I will show you the Swimming Pool. It is located behind Block 6, not far from Block 10 where children were born to happy parents.

Sincerely and with you against fake news,

Ditlieb Felderer

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