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Are Women turning sexually crazy because of Coronavirus, Covid 19?

BERNARD ARNAULT of Sweden is being escorted. He is to have raped hundreds of women yet got only a couple of months prison in Sweden. So what is rape? Something for elderlies to look forward to these days of Covid 19.

Why the Sex syndrome Gerontophilia is now at the head position fabricating all kinds of crimes, some never heard of before

Disintegration of personality

Disorder of feeling

Egocentric behavior a norm





Manic Depression

Predatory instinct


The isolation of old age poplation is making them easy targets for criminals

The isolation of old age people was a problem long before Coronavirus came in, but now it is truly overwhelming as the Coronavirus make them become no persons in the midst of emptiness.

And now, in comes the resque. Helping old ladies over the street. Help them emptying the garbage. Even helping them to wash and prepare meals. Without the old age victim realizing she is now the target of a Coronavirus predatory behaviorist thieve.

Soon the target is asked to hand over the rights of the apartment, often with some logical reason, or even outright sign it over the the Predatory helper.

THE CORONAVIRUS IS MAKING WHOLE AREAS TURN INTO GHETTOS The situation is now made that the old age person becomes unable to help herself or himself, and is shipped over to an old age home where she or he become forgotten. The whole home is now in the hands of the carpetbagger. This Coronavirus is making it easy for hooligans of all sorts take over complete buildings, with virtually no way to get the thieves out. And soon the whole building, yes the whole area turns into a human ghetto with rats running around all over.

Fights and drugs along with alcohol abuse become the most normal things. The homes that may have started to be taken over by relatively better and more honest Predator, will now come into the hand of the more violent , who in turn, will help to spread the Coronavirus even further.

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