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How Sweden and Israel sought to Assassinate Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife

Sweden was the first nation in the world able to fabricate a nation of complete Thought Terrorism (TT). No previous nation was able to achieve this feat. And the objective was obvious. To impose and rule the minds of the people through the dictates of its Chancellor of Justice.

NEVER MIND DEMOCRACY Just sufficiently bribe the Chancellor of Justice the field is free and you get away with anything which then will be called Free Speech.

Because of its chaotic behavior and never ending bunglings Israel and Sweden can continue bamboozling the world with Free Speech which does not exist. And for this reason, and others, a hoaxer of caliber one, called Jean-Claude Arnault, could get away with supposedly raping women for perhaps over 30 years! These were women, not at the street level, but, of rich Swedish families whose parents were judges, clergy, bank officials, lawyers, politicians, medical people, educators, ruling class. All these supposed raped women came from upper class homes of Sweden. And this took place over some 30 years! Without anyone knowing! Without anyone daring to talk. All were afraid of the big shots in Sweden whose interest was to maintain its lies about the Swimming Pool. It did not exist.

But what did exist for them was the Auschwitz Holy Temple, where supposedly more than six million Jewish martyrs found death by the hands of the Jewish Sonderkommando. This is called Martyrology. A group of people all consisting of Jews.

And I have shown endless of photos of the Swimming Pool which did not exist, as I have shown of the Auschwitz Holy Temple where supposedly more than 6 million Jews died by the hands of the Jewish Sonderkommando. But did this really happen? Did more than 6 million Jewish martyrs find their crucifixion there? Was even one Jew gassed inside this sacred Stalin Holy Shrine?

According to the Father of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Stefan Szende, these happenings are to have taken place at Belzec. But that was some distance away. And, he also claimed Jewsh had their penises restored to an uncircumcised penis in order to fool Hitler. In other words, the circumcised Jews once more had a complete Foreskin. But how was it put on? How was the Foreskin put on? Was it glued onto the penis? And what if it fell off? What in the midst of having sex his companion discovered a Foreskin in bed? The question would now be whose Foreskin it was. Here is something for a new Monty Python movie!

But the qestions do not end here. From whom was the Foreskins taken? What person would be willing to say: Here is my Foreskin! Put it on in order to fool Hitler just like people today cover their faces with masks in order to fight Corona Virus.

Assassinating people over a Swimming Pool

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