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The Controversy about Alex Jones and his Wish to be a Jew



On the question of being a ”Jew” it may be said that Alex Jones has more right to be a Jew than many of his adepts since seemingly women have reported him to be thoroughly Kosher circumcised.

And in being a ”Jew” that is all what matters.

Circumcision is so important that dead people inside their graves have been dug up and circumcised.

Circumcision of the male penis, and now also with transsexualism, the female penis, is of such importance than nothing matters more than that. Circumcision was the absolute proof of being a Jew. You can run to the Synagogue 6 million times a day if you could, if you wasn’t circumcised you still wasn’t a Jew.

Therefore Alex Jones has all the ecclesiastical rights to be a Jew. And this he knows, and that is why he never goes into the subject of circumcision and instead supports himself by selling pills.

And who knows. Perhaps some pills will come up making you circumcised just by eating them. And why not a double-action pill? One pill today, making you a Jew. Tomorrow another pill, making your foreskin to come back again. Something like the claim of the Father of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Stefan Szende.

And why not a triple choice giving animals their rights? Put on a penis of an elephant to really make you big. Or, the penis of an ant. Making it really small. It is a wonder what pills can do, especially if you believe and have strong faith.

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