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Israel rules Sweden and Sweden is in a secular and ecclesiastical chaos

Bertrand Russell on getting Deceived

And the end of no swimming Pool at Auschwitz Doctrine

Are we seeing the collapse of the Society as we know it?

American Historian Henry Adams: One can trust nobody and nothing.

For many years Auschwtz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp was pictured as the very epitome of evil. Then, Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife, set out to find some reality of this and other sites.

Instead of discovering an epitome of evil, Felicidad his wife and Ditlieb Felderer discovered an Olympic training Swimming Pool at Auschwitz and other peculiar facts, all which indicated a complete different picture as that which the Commercial Exterminationist historians made it out. All came as a complete chock. How could it be that these Exterminationist cultists had so thoroughly fooled us?

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