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How ”You Tube” scares the world by fabricating laws to help Israel in their lies about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool claiming they have received censor claims against it

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The above shows pictures of the Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool which is still kept secret for visiting crusade Pilgrims to see. Thus Mike Pence and his Pilgrim crusaders who recently visited the Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp were not invited to see it, nor has any of the Popes.

SIX MILLION GASSED:  In sanctimonious piety we were told that more than 6 million Jews were killed (most by gas) inside the Auschwitz Holy Temple. In fact, it was more than the 4 million which stood written in huge letters on the wall. This we were told was a highly conservative figure.

The 6 million Jews were supposedly gassed by the Jewish Sonderkommando in exchange for women’s underwear. In order to hide Stalin’s Holy Temple, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others had decorated the whole area, even putting up bird cages for singing birds. At times the Jewish Orchestra would play their Auschwitz Waltz there to which reliefers would dance, and at other places.

When Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife told about it, Sweden put Ditlieb Felderer inside various Concentration Camps for abuse and torture. The Swedish Government put in various assassins. One stone almost hit my wife and it could easily have killed her. Israel had forbidden the mention of a Swimming Pool as that would expose the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) and the Holocaust Extortion Cult (HEC) to be a fraud.

Calls which were traced to the Jewish Synagogue surroundings in Stockholm repeatedly told they would assassinate Ditlieb Felderer and his wife. Later on the Swedish Court said, that killing people for Israel was perfectly OK, for Swedish politicians were very concerned about God’s Chosen People, and the clergy reminded about the Wrath of God and the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. The Jews had been ´´slaves´´ in Egypt and as liberated they were now allowed to do whatever they pleased. They were a special classed people with special laws to support their elect state in society.

The Holy Bible tells of Hebrews (Jews) running away with Egyptians’ underwear. It is not clear yet what draws Yahwism to underwear. At Belzec in Poland there were supposed to be huge mountains of underwear which were used to skee down by the Jewish Sonderkommando.

Some question whether Jesus Christ wore any underwear. Others claim he and his 12 Apostles went around doing their missionary work in the nude. There were no wash machines available in those days. Others feel to question this is anti-semitic (Antisemitism). Some even claim spelling ”antisemitism” in the wrong way is antisemitism. And we don’t want to be called ”antisemitic” so we spell it any way people like. What is your choice? It almost seems to be like the taste choice of underwear.

For years its has been argued about in how the word ´´Antisemitism´´ should be written in order not to be antisemitic and offend the Elect. What really does the Newspeak word ´´antisemitic´´ mean? One can´t even agree on how it is written. The very writing of the word ´´antisemitic´´ is antisemitism depending on the censor. We like to use the original way, ´´Antisemitic´´ or ´´Antisemitism´´, but people tell us we are ´´antisemitic´´ because we spell it wrong. Some holy roller antisemite purists say it should be written ´´anti-Semitic´´. What´s your opinion?

IN WHAT WAY SHOULD THE WORD ”ANTISEMITISM” BE WRITTEN IN ORDER TO BE KOSHER AND NOT ANTISEMITIC AND OFFEND JEWS, GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE? It is clear from historical sources that writing this catchword as ”anti-Semitism” or ”anti-Semitic” is defenitely Antisemitic. Why this word became to be written as ”anti-Semitic” and thus further Antisemitism is interesting indeed. People, groups, media, etc. writing this word in ”Antisemitic” form ”anti-Semitism” thus show themselves to be Antisemites.

We should not forget that these controversies over the Newspeak word ”Antisemitism” is only the beginning in this drama. For there also comes the vexing problem of pronouncing the word correctly in order not to offend schlemiel AIPAC, the sellers of their own shadows for sheckels,  and Yahwism. Yes, if you pronounce ”Antisemitism” wrong you become an Antisemite. But we will deal with this later on and already at this stage you can train using various sounds (remember: shibboleth) and pick the one you believe will pass the censorship. When you feel satisfied in pronouncing this sacred and holy word correctly, send us 6 choices you feel will pass the censor and make everybody happy.

Webster’s 10th edition, page 52 uses the Antisemitic ”anti-Semitism” claiming a beginning date of 1882 which seems anachronistic. While Antichrist does not become ”anti-Christ”, but ”Antichrist” (page 50). There has to be some clear up on this mess of conflicting meaning of the same word. No one therefore should accept this controversial word unless he explains its meaning as he sees it.

A favorite present meaning is A denial of Jews being gassed inside Stalin’s Holy Temple at Auschwitz by the Jewish Sonderkommando in exchange for women’s underwear. This also seems to be fully in harmony with holocaust denier of Emory University,  Deborah Lipstadt’s interpretation and Biblical hermeneutics which inspiration is found in Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Old Testament barbarism.

Maybe that is why the Father of Exterminationism, Stefan Szende, claimed people arrived by train naked (in puris naturalibus) to the places such as Anne Frank. Anne Frank knew about Stalin’s Holy Temple there at Auschwitz having heard of it at Amsterdam in Holland. By arriving nude Anne Frank was spared from being gassed by the Jewish Sonderkommando as there were no underwear to grab hold of by the women underwear crazed Jewish Sunderkommando.

Stefan Szende’s explicit mention of people coming stark naked nude to Auschwitz and that this may have saved them from being gassed by the Jewish Sonderkommando has developed in a special Doctrine of its own: the Stefan Szende Anne Frank Naked/Nude Survivor/Survival Doctrine, the SSAFNSD. Whenenver you see this Acronym you know what it means. If you are a nudist fan and perhaps visited Auschwitz in the nude to celebrate Auchwitz healthy past, you probably want to make Auschwitz into Poland’s best Nudist Camp, but we want you to be honest and put away naughty thoughts for the moment and just look at it as an ordinary school question for first graders.

Hence, a more accurate figure of causting Jews being gassed by the Jewish Sonderkommando at the Holy Temple is 5,999,999 million and not 6 million as Exterminationist faithful tell us and Exterminationist books.

And Back To Shibboleth: How should Antisemitism be pronounced in order not to be Antisemitic pronounced? A merciful God settles a caust controversy.  Jehovah God, in terrorem; the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky is the tribal God of the Jews and he is a God of perfection. And AIPAC, his godly representatives on earth, now fully certified by Donald Trump, demands perfection. Just as he doesn´t want anyone messing around with spelling his most holy name, he also demands complete submission by pronouncing ´´Antisemitism´´  correctly. Just hang onto our skirts (Zechariah 8:23) for a while and we´ll reveal to you the kosher correct pronounciation of ´´Antisemitism´´. In the meantime just call it Natas, and we will deliver the goods for glorious Shekinah eternal satisfaction.

The caust lesson here is´´damnant quod non intelligunt´´, not to get carried away by latrine gossip where CUM men crazier than shithole rats, such as the Three Stooges of the David Irving Show Trial; or, the Three Stooges of the Anne Frank pedophile sex stories, scribbling their nonsence of facts on water. Such tales are as silly as tits on a bull.

Anne Frank arrival Sonderkommando

According to the Father of Exterminationism, Stefan Szende, Anne Frank may have arrived nude to the Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp, thus sparing her from being gassed at the Auschwitz Holy Temple as one of the six million gassed inside the Holy Temple due to the Jewish Sonderkommando had no clothes to grab as this unfortunate Jewish girl Judith had to face.

Some stories go that as soon as Anne Frank hit the Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp (ARSARC) she jumped into the Swimming Pool for instant relief. She hadn´t had a bath for years, hiding in secret high up there in a Secret Annex in Amsterdam, Holland. That became instant relief to young Anne Frank and it shows she was concerned about hygiene and wanted to smell nice. And thanks to Hitler she smelt good for the first time.

That brings us back to the Bible and Jesus Christ. Read as much as you can you never read of him ever washing himself. Nor of the Apostles washing themselves. You read of Jesus hurling a herd of swines into the water. Nothing about him joining in with a good healthy, much needed bath. Being that close to swine would make you smell swinish. The reason why people shunned Jesus may be for his smell. In his whole life he never washed himself. Would you like to be around a person smelling filthy fish all around him? Fish have strong odor, and nothing to enjoy even if the person promises you won´t go to hell if you stick close around him.


There is supposed to be a song called ”Love Train” by singer Graham Hart that maybe goes into the question of the holocaust underwear which seems to be a fundamental doctrine within the cult of Exterminationism. Perhaps Monty Python film Life Of Brian explains some of these hermeneutic theological vexing doctrinal problems and controversies.

To make peace in this theological squabble perhaps we should call for a world Synod gathering where the question of underwear and whether it was unethical for Jews to dance to the Auschwitz Waltz there at Auschwitz while the Jewish Sonderkommando, those who didn’t at the moment, busy causting themselves at the Auschwitz Brothel or play football (soccer); these other Jewish Sonderkommando were luring their Rabbis into the gas chamber who at a split second moment would come causting out of the huge chimney standing there just by the Auschwitz Holy Temple.

1533_Preview of “Welcome 6”_35

HERE IS HOW ´´YOU TUBE´´ SEEKS TO SWINDLE NOT ONLY THE ISLAM WORLD BUT THE WHOLE WORLD The following notice in Swedish was sent to Ahmed Rami and his Radio Islam.

Vi har fått ett juridiskt klagomål som gäller din video. Efter granskning har följande videor: Ditlieb Felderer exposes ‘Auschwitz’ survivor blockerats och kan inte visas på YouTube i följande länder:

The above is translated into English from Swedish:

We have obtained judiciary laments concerning your video. After examination the following videos: Ditlieb Felderer exposes ´Auschwitz´survivor has been censored and can not be shown on You Tube in following countries:

LAWS OF THE JUNGLE IN FULL FORCE:  Here we have a classic example of Censorship and laws of the jungle in style with Witch Craft procedure. This video exposing the cult of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, about the Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool was made at Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on September 23, 1982; hence, some 35 years ago! No complaint was made then. In fact people called in to the radio station where this was made and told them it was the best program they ever heard.

An not one complaint about this video has ever been received from the start it was made.

Now of a sudden, in the wake of a You Tube huge censorship campaign for Israel, we are told a ´´judiciary´´ has complained about it. Pure Zionist and Israel invention using their specialty of corrupt judiciary to stop Free Speech.

Now, who is this ´´judiciary´´ group of censorians?  America has in its  Constitution, Article 1, Free Speech. Not approved speech by governments. So who in America would be involved in working as seditionists, breaking and wanting to destroy Free Speech in America? The only group we can think of are the Yahwists, those who constantly complain of people who refuse to submit under their dictatorship.

Furthermore, the European Censorship laws are very complicated, such as those in Sweden. For a lengthy time in Sweden the only persons making sense of them was Ditlieb Felderer, who had become a target by the Yahweh mob; and, Bertil Wennberg, the real Fahrenheit 451 mobster working behind the curtain of Sweden´s censorhip Temple.

In order to understand Swedish law you must understand Swedish. Translations won´t help as this is special language with their own twists of defenition. This, and other things, now starts to make You Tube´s fabrication of great interest; for in Sweden (as other countries as Germany), the only ones working in this manner are the Jewish Synagogues, such as the Stockholm Synagogue. And they of course won´t let the public know about how they arrive at their heresy and blasphemy accusations.

Why is You Tube so afraid to tell the world who these special group of legal experts are? Any group that would get away with this sort of legal judiciary crime would be a number one law agency in our corrupt soicety of today. But here it is full scare. A full Monty of scares. The Wrath of God is upon them and Yahwism is shaking in the boots for a swimming pool!

Now we are going to work hard to make You Tube disclose not only who these judiciary fanatics are, but also the contents of their accusations. Sweden does not have a law against showing or talking about a Swimming Pool. So how did they arrive at their Bulla Edict? It is up to You Tube to deliver the accusers and their accusations, or desist from making Europeans and the rest of the world as idiots and permanent Israel Skirthangers (Zechariah 8:23). If you can´t be in business in an honest and fair way, go back to Israel, the Chosen Land of God, where you will find full accomodation for your hate of Free Speech. You want to run the world and you have chosen to run it the Yahweh way. And you want to do so in secrecy behind the Jerusalem Temple curtains.


Never before in the history of Censorship, heresy and blasphemy, has anyone attempted to prohibit a swimming pool. If outlets such as these succed in prohibiting a simple thing as a swimming pool, what is next?



Take a good look at this lock which supposedly Hitler put there to shut the Auschwitz Holy Temple.  In order to keep the six million from running away and from getting killed by the Jewish Sonderkommando.

Supposedly inside the Holy Temple building more than 6 million were liquidated. All ´´went up the chimney never to be seen again´´. The lock is situated just where Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah Brown leave the Auschwitz Holy Temple. Just a bit away is located the Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool which Israel and You Tube don’t want us to know about.


Humpty Dumpty sat on the

Auschwitz Holy Temple wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All the king´s horses,

And all the king´s men,

Couldn´t put Humpty together again.



A Scientific Taxonomic Classification Of You Tube’s Violations of Free Speech and its fanatic religious Abrahamist Yahweh Mission To Enslave Mankind And Hurl Authors And Artists Before Courts For Abuse And Torture To Salvage Bible Israel And Its Pension Fraud Crimes



Achilles’ Heel

Agent Provocateur

Ahmed Rami


Alex Jones Baby Throwing Doctrine

FACTS: As Donald Trump euphemism with ”America First” rung out and visiting his real ”America” country, Bible bogus ”Israel” through AIPAC, Alex Jones, tried to come in as second best telling how much of a Christian he was. And when Donald Trump’s excesses with a professional prostitute came out, Alex Jones, joined in, that he wasn’t any different. He had his, and Trump had his. This developed into the claim that Alex Jones was throwing, what seemed to be an unruly kid to the ground, resulting in Censorship from Twitter and others. When first looking at this short video, before these hysterical claims came out, it was evident the one claimed to throw, was not Alex Jones, but another person alltogether. So how can such accusations develop? What are the reasons?

REASONS: Alex Jones had explicitly declared himself to be a Christian, a Kleptochristian, and it was evident through, not only Alex Jone’s own erratic mind, but also those of his close co-worker, David Knight, that Judeo-Christianity, the Kleptochrist ideology permeated the whole Alex Jones cult. Kleptochrists tell us that not only throwing kids to the ground but also smashing their heads against stone was indication of satisfying Jehovah’s wrath, the Wrath of God (Psalms 137:9). Christians all approve of stealing land, young virgin girls for sexual pleasure, women, home, gardens, animals (certainly also for sex), and goods (Deuteronomy 6:10,11). Work was a sin. Everything was for free, gratis!

Obama was harmed for stating ”you didn’t build that by your own”, while hypocritically holding to a cult of theft,  steal whole countries taking all their estates and goods for your own. The stolen loot now became your loot because God had given it to you (Deuteronomy 6:10, 11). The arrogance of these Yahweh tribal god votaries know no bounds as they hand out land to fellow thieves and then dance around their Golden Calf. Jesus Christ called them a flock of thieves (John 10:8).

There does not exist one Christian theologian against such wanton cruelties and barbarism. Gang rapes of thousands of baby virgins is encouraged and you will get away with thanks to God’s gracious sanction. It was from this raping of young baby girls, that the next divine claim got concoted, this, that a child feels no pain. In fact, babies just love getting raped for God created them this way. While having such an abysmal religious belief he hypocritical makes out as he feels terrible of young kids being abused, obviously just another smokescreen, for not only does God feel it OK, he also orders it!

Being a cannibal is a must when needs come to best. Cutting heads of people, including your best friends is obligatory. Quartering people is religious ritual to satisfy the Wrath of God. Usury is a must as it shows God’s approval. Homosexualism is a preferred. Eating afterbirth is almost a delicasy. Waging endless of wars for nothing, a standing must to please yourself and God, the God of Arms. Lying and stealing beyond  a religious honor. Slavery a way to richness. Persecution of opposition sanctioned. Betraying your best friends, including Jesus Christ, prophetic.

Scalping, skinning, trophy hunting, Fetishism, and other sports enjoyed in full. Threatening, extortion, money racketeering, stealing from church members, unavoidable. Pyromania and Book Burning are religious requirements. Pedophilia fully sanctioned.

Now, from this short list of a ”Christian”, throwing kids to ground is nothing unusual. If you say you are a Jew or a Christian you simply have to grin and take it. You have already promised to follow Christ and his model of life as presented throughout the Bible. If Alex Jones didn’t throw the kid, which he evidently didn’t, symbolically, he did it, and if Jesus ordered him to do so, he of course would. That would include being a necrophiliac as accused Filip Muller. With such a track record of violence and approval, are we any suprised of that Alex Jones is thrown into the heap of violence making and sexual orgies, where throwing kids to the ground becomes ordinary fun and required occupation.  Brave men would get an erection for doing so. So don’t blame Twitter. Blame yourself and your own religion, whatever Christian church that is.

Anne Frank Absolutism

Anne Frank Relique



brutum fulmen

Burden of Proof





Certified Antisemitic



Convival Mob


Court Manipulation


Dies Irae



Ditlieb Felderer


Due Process Of Law

A legal principle dating from the Magna Carta (though ill followed), and today the general Doctrine that legislation must promote the legitimate aims of government (substantive  due process) and that nobody can be deprived of liberty or property through unfair procedure (precedural due process).

You Tube Due Process Of Law means You Tube and Israel take over the laws and decide what is legal to write, say, play, etc. The Law Of The Jungle takes over with Israel and You Tube creating their ”criminals” for consumption use.

End Time

Equal Protection



Exclusionary Rule

Fake Media

Fake News

Fertility Cult

Flag, Flagging, Flaggers

All You Tube Flaggers are robot, machine made. I have never met one in flesh and body. Have you, unless it is yourself? By extension, they are Israeli mobs used by You Tube internet to troll and create support for Israel.




Habeas Corpus

Hearsay Evidence





Homestead Act

Hung Jury



In terrorem




Israel Genocide

Israel Supremacism


Jerusalem Center


Jury Trial


Legalized Lynching

Lynch Law

Lynch Mob

Lynch Trial

Magna Carta

Malade imaginaire

Mala fides

Mob law

Mob rule









Prior Restraint


Protective Custody

Radio Islam

Red Light District



Rouge Law

Rule Of Law (ROL)

You Tube and Israel take over the rule of law. Through Donald Trump´s manipulation making Bible bogus ´´Israel´´ Jerusalem as the center of the universe, this now will be a lot easier and with all the corrupt politicians we have, it will be a mere Yahweh song.






Show Trial


Six Million


Statute of Limitation

Stefan Szende

Substantive Right


Textual Criticism

Trumping For Israel

Trumping For Israel And Christ


World Criminal


You Tube Legal Team, Judiciary


A fictitious You Tube censorship mob robots claimed to be real persons. That this is not the case can easily be seen by examining their supposed ”presence” such as Sweden, or any other country. Sweden does not have even one person interested in Free Speech, that is unless they are highly payed, and then he is for Censorship and against Free Speech, such as Zionist operator, Bertil Wennberg, Sweden’s secret Fhrenheit 451 executioner. No country in Europe apply American Free Speech of unlimited Free Speech. Hence, anyone claiming to strive for Free Speeh would himself be a state”criminal” as laws exist against Free Speech which must be religiously obeyed. And of course, You Tube can not produce any such flesh and bone person, and never even try to find one. You Tube’s ”legal team” is total fiction and all is Israel made propaganda and hypes. For should any such person dare to stick his neck out he would soon be found out being yet another AIPAC censorship, Free Speech hater troll.










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