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The love affair of You Tube and Israel, the Love Triangle of Victor Gunnarsson, claimed Olof Palme murderer, and the alleged rape by Sweden´s ersatz Prime Minister, Jean-Claude Arnault of Ditlieb Felderer´s Philippine wife

How an accused and convicted Serial Rapist, Jean-Claude Arnault, got entangled with Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam and Ditlieb Felderer of Radio Free Europe and why You Tube and Israel must keep on with their fabrications and lies

The murder of Swede Victor Gunnarsson of Lyndon LaRouche  European Workers Party by policeman Lamon C. Underwood. The murder of Olof Palme and how Israel accused Ditlieb Felderer to have killed Olof Palme

Did Sweden´s de facto Prime Minister, Jean-Claude Arnault have an affair with Ditlieb Felderer´s Philippine wife?

— the unfolding of a drama straight out of crime and the Bible

The clearing up of a possible rape

The case for Roydem Tit Sucking

Jean-Claude Arnault_2

Skirthanging on a de facto Sweden Prime Minister

The heat is on. De Facto Sweden Prime Minister, Jean-Claude Arnault, is lead by two of his princesses to his palace, closely connected with a love strap, ceinture girdle, preventing his two princesses from eloping for some extra royal love affairs


1979    Ditlieb Felderer´s Anne Frank Diary a Hoax is declared blasphemy by the Jewish Stockholm synagogue and Israel. The then acting Sweden Chancellor of Justice, Ingvar Gullnas, takes up the case and in a stinging rebuke accuses the Stockholm Jewish Synagogue to engage itself with Old Testament blasphemy hate charges. He tells the Jewish synagogue mafia to let Ditlieb Felderer alone and instead answer his criticism. The Synagogue Jews now fulminate with hate and inform they will finish Ingvar Gullnas off for refusing their hate.

  • There does not exist one law in Europe prohibiting Swimming Pools, or the discussions of Swimming Pools. This is all You Tube Israel (YTI) propaganda.

1982    Ditlieb Felderer gets repeatedly kidnapped,  attacked and assaulted by Israel Sweden´s (IS) utterly corrupt prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson. The Taby police now starts to abuse and torture Ditlieb Felderer. Israel Sweden refuses to state what the charges are. Corrupt prosecutor Torsten Jonsson finally states a certain anonymous woman did not like his cartoons.

1983    Ditlieb Felderer gets hurled into various Swedish Concentration Camps for abuse and torture. Israel Sweden refuses to tell what the charges are. All Habeas Corpus denied. Full hush up by the Swedish state run media. Attempts are made to spy on Ditlieb Felderer by using Scofieldite priests belonging to Sweden´s terrorist political party, Folkpartiet,  to which many of the abusers and torturers belong. All due process of law flatly denied. The Jewish synagogue praise the authorities for their brave acts of torture and abuse.

1989    After Israel carried out several terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife with the help of Sweden’s endless violent prone and corrupt Swedish politicians Ahmed Rami becomes a target. A Lynch Trial is set in order and Ahmed Rami has to face a mob of crazed and deranged State pseudo-law men such as corrupt Israel henchman Hans Olov Stark and Mafia mobster, Per-Hakan Bondestam. The Witch Trial drags on for lengthy time.

Around the same time of the Israeli Show Trial, the Rothschild, Svante Hansson gang in France seemed to have agreed on that Sweden was in need of a new Tit Licker as commanded by the tribal God Jehovah in Isaiah 60:16, and decided on the child of a Russian family’s son emmigrated to France whose name was changed to Jean-Claude Arnault. Evidedently to impress and tickle the corrupt Swedish Israeli run patriarchy, the fancy name Arnault was picked. Today Bernard Arnault is one of the world’s richest man. The fully corrupt Swedish High Society fall on the ruse, and adop the ”Frenchmen” as one of their own promised Messiah. Soon his French name gets paraded as the coming Swedish cultural Messiah. A mediocre and infantile Swedish writer, Katarina Frostenson, now sees a French name connected with hers would launch huge opportunities as it would bring wealth and fame, and the two now become married as the Israel venom now gets induced into the sloven Nobel Prize confused elites. The heat against Ahmed Rami accordingly gets pitched up to Abrahamistic volcanic pitch and Yahwism now promptly penetrates every corner of the highly Israel infected Swedish leadership.

Along with the Biblical Tit Sucking rituals the Anne Frank Drug Cult gets more an more into the cultural frame of Sweden. Her youth is promised revival of Sweden’s bored to death high society. Exterminationism, the Anne Frank Drug Culture, and the Phenomenon Arnault Sweden fight over as Sweden’s most beautiful woman.

Israel Tit Sucking entered Europe as soon as the Jewish run synagogues in Europe eloped over into heathen hands. Jewish theologians would now tell the Gentiles of their obligation to provide Jewish tit suckers and Tit Sucking as commanded by the Old Testament and as the whole New Testament is nothing but a Yahwist ploy masquerading as something ”new”, the Gentiles fell for it who in any case were still holding to their Circumcised leaders, but who actually were losing power more and more inside the Synagogues as they now turned ”Christian”.

The Yahwist Israel scheme was now to make Jean-Claude Arnault as the promised Tit Sucker Messiah (Isaiah 60:16) for the Swedish royalty vanity home, and who now, methaphorically, or in actual fact, begun to Tit Suck the elites using his fancy French name to overwhelm the primitive Swedes by sheer catchwords. Deliberately the name Arnault was used by Arnault´s father as a showoff and make people believe he was in relation with the billionaire Bernard Arnault. Thus people would run to the Arnault family for financial benfits just as people run to Bernard Madoff begging him to become his sucker. For gullibility and vanity runs deep when it comes to fame and fortune (FAF).

Of course Jean-Claude was also to be used to cover up the invasion of the Felderer home by two Jewish French generals who carted everything away on military trucks as the French were occupying Austria. The stolen loot worth millions is now reported to have landed in Bible bogus state, pretentiously calling itself for ”Israel”, yet another fake and catchword used to impress and obtain domination over suckers and bored power hungry system oppressed victims.

  • Barack Obama´s holocaust elevating high point causting came when he was chosen for the Nobel Peace Prize, supposedly suggest by Jean-Claude Arnault after having done not one blooming thing for peace precisely as was the case with Sweden´s de facto Prime Minister, Jean Claude Arnault. And the first place in Sweden for Barack Obama´s Swedish visit took place right in Jean Claude Arnault´s Stockholm Synagogue. And now the American Democrats weep and wail in front of their Wailing Wall scolding Donald Trump for taking home the bewildered soldiers, none really knowing what they are ´´fighting´´ for except for Israel-Sweden (IS) supremacy.
  • IN PRODUCTION: Monseigneur Bernard Arnault: The secret Sex life of probable and not so probable sex of the honorable and distinguished Monseigneur Arnault by Ditlieb Felderer. Just below you find the most complete index on caustman Jean Claude Arnault, all included in the index to the above book.


NAPS        Nobel Arnault Psychopathia Sexualis

NC             Nobel Cabal; Nobel Camorra; Nobel Camarilla

NCS           Nobel Crime Syndicate

NCUM      Nobel Cum: Nobel Cover Up Man


NK            Nobel Kahal

NO             Nobel Omerta: Nobel Prize code of silence. Thanks to strict adherence to this code criminal activities within the clan enables the gang to operate beyond state legal laws. Thus, although criminal activities have gone on for decades, tight mouth control kept all intrigues, extortion activities and sexual extravaganca totally out of reach for the ignorant public. Thus, the crime syndicate and terrorist political party Folkpartiet and its Israel propaganda rag, Expressen, secretly kept all information under the carpet.

NP             Nobel Prize: All pious sacred orders requires initiating procedures. A favorite one used by the Nobel Prize was the Deep Throat, the entry of the penis through the mouth to determine the depth and thereby obtain sacred voices from the deep, enabling prediction and prophetic hints of winners for the Nobel Prize.

NPP          Nobel Peace Prize

NPS          Nobel Psychopathia Sexualis: The various Nobel sex requirements for participation in its closed sacred meetings.

NS            Nobel Sex: The various scientific sex acts which brings its votive members into special relationship with the Rothschild higher sphere. The one reaching the highest mark ever in sexual proficiency was unquestionable Monsigneur Jean-Claude Arnault.

NSAAA    Nobel Sexual Ailments and Afflictions

NSC          Nobel Sex Club

NSO          Nobel Sex Orgy: Although un-officially to the world no required sex laws exist, it is expected that each member participate in at least six sexual Nobel acts per six days. Failing to do so may result in reprimands and non-washing of condomes as punishment and the Wrath of Nobel is prompty applied.

NSS          Nobel Sex Syndrome:

NSY          Nobel Sex Yahwism

NW          Nobel’s Wrath: The Wrath of God; the God Wrath striking all those harboring independent heretical and blasphemic thoughts which have to be ferreted out for eternal peace, joy, and happiness. Also stems for the New World, while NWO stands for New World Order. New World Translation.


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Israel Censorship (YTIC), Zionism,

A flush of documents are circulating purporting to stem from Mossad of Israel giving details and names of those carrying out the terrorist acts by Sweden and Israel against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife. Above is only part of names and tags that now have to be sifted out and connected. It is clear from these documents alone that Sweden and Israel were very much concerned about a Swimming Pool at Auschwitaz and decided to carry out prescribed terror against those informing the public of any Swimming Pool of Auschwtz at all. Six million died there in a gas chamber and a Swimming Pool does not fit into such a clinical picture.








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