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You Tube Israel (ILP) censorship, torture, abuse; Turkey and Anne Frank Drug Cult and the American scare of a swimming pool

The expansion of Israel to the Persian Gulf and Donald Trump as the coming new Jewish Messiah

How Israel tricked European Union (EU), Turkey, and Africa into accepting the Anne Frank Diary forgery as genuine, using it as a Trojan Horse to inject Exterminationism, Scofieldism, and Zionism and anti-swimming pool propaganda


Israel (ILP) begins to use UNESCO as a vehicle to spread lies about people. The UNESCO Barcelona meeting of 1993

How Israel (ILP) infiltrated Turkey via European Union (EU) by using the Anne Frank Diary forgery

You Tube’s Sex attack on the sexual Holocaust

Undeniable proof of that You Tube denial of the sex Holocaust is sexually in error

Why You Tube Hegelianism, Abrahamism, and Yahwism is wrong and why it clinges onto Caustology and the HEC Cult

How You Tube and Isreal seek to caust and emasculate the Holocaust by stripping its erectional capabilities


France´s War Crimes and Illegal war in Syria

France, one of the main sources of War Crimes in Syria and the horrific cause of mayhem and refugees flooding into USA and Europe. Why do its War Criminals refuse to leave Syria?

When the occupying forces of France took over Austria, two Jewish French generals entered into the Innsbruck home of the parents of Ditlieb Felderer. The Felderer family had fled under hostile circumstances into Italy with the whole family almost perishing due to an increadibly uexpected forceful snowstorm.

The two Jewish generals now entered into the Felderer home and stole everything it contained, including the kitchen sink. Most of the material was inheritance of the mother that she had brought via train to Austria from Eds Turisthotell in Sweden. It consisted of many valuable items her Norwegian father had brought from USA to Norway. All this material would today  be valued into millions. Material obtained by honest  paying for the family were hard workers and not thieves like so many others.

When finally being allowed to leave Italy the family came as refugees and landed in Salen which was then one of Europe´s main  centers of clandestine political and commercial operations. There was also Sweden´s Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, who promised Mrs. Felderer he, and Sweden, would take care of the matters, recovering the stolen goods and bring charge against France and America for having committed Crime Against Humanity.

Nothing was done. Instead Herman Zetterberg begun a ruthless war against Einar Aberg, a Swedish antiquaraian and specialist in Contemporary Religion and Contemporary History. Einar Aberg was now hurled into Swedish Concentration Camps and mental institutions for having quoted Bible scriptures. Einar Aberg was promptly abused and tortured by criminal medics who were either alcoholics, drug abusers and rapists. So Sweden´s ersatz French Prime Minister, presently in for multiple rapes, Jean-Claude Arnault, was not the first one. His plus was he had never written anything, only acted in the name of ILP Israel and his lusting rage.

The looted material from the Felderer home is believed to have been brought to looters paradise Israel, which was by this time still not stolen from the Palestinians. Herman Zetterberg along with others committed suicide after bringing in laws that would prevent such information to be discussed in Sweden, all brought in now through American Jews who recently had taken the American oath claiming to uphold, especially its first article on free speech.

But some of the stolen loot is also to have landed in France´s occupied colonial slave  islands, where on some, France begun destroying the islands by conducting atomic tests. The stolen loot were taken by French officers to these islands handing it out as free gifts in order to entice the enslaved victims to support France in  its colonial slavery and atomic tests..

You Tube and Israel (LPI) are now using these enslaved islands as ´´proof´´ of that they have laws prohibiting the swimming pool. No such law exist in any of these mentioned slave islands and it is a pure invention by You Tube and Looters Paradise Israel  (LPI) to cover up its constant Crimes Against Humanity, with Sweden taking an active part by covering up the whole affair by putting Ditlieb Felderer inside its Concentration Camps for abuse and torture.

The Bible bogus state calling itself pretentiously for Israel, a looters’ haven, is of course obliged to do everthing in order to cover up its Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) by swindling the world in claiming that inside the Auschwitz Holy Temple, 6 million Jews got killed by the Jewish Sonderkommando, doing the killing because they craved women´s underwear, something which evidently Sweden’s ersatz Prime Minister, the Russian Khazar Jew, Jean-Claude Arnault, also craved for. It is evident in reading the various testimonies from this sex trial, that there were a lot of underwear movements.



There is Cause to take the Jews and their sex underwear serious

Who stole our underwear?

The Holy Bible tells of Jews being commanded by its Tribal God, Jehovah, to rape 32,000 virgin baby girls. Most of them evidently were virgin babies. We say ´´virgin babies´´ here because Talmudic writing commands baby girl sex.

Talmudic writing also says that the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary, the Virgin Mary, was raped. When Jesus Christ asked his mother about it, she is, according to Talmudic writing, confessing to Jesus that she was raped while Jesus is to have tortured her, his own mother.

It is evident that Sweden´s eminent and highly distinguished, interim Prime Minister, the Russian, Khazar Jew, Jean-Claude Arnault had a lot of underwear movement going on while he supposedly raped all his women, which rumour now says went into the hundreds.

From the time he begun his Israeli rape operations, starting in 1989, the very year Israel Looters Paradise (ILP) begun their notorious Witch Trial against Ahmed Rami, where the two utterly corrupt and violent prone Swedish Israeli Skirthangers, Hans Olov Stark and Per-Hakan Bondestam became the main Israeli Comstockian operators for the propagation of Genocide, Exterminationim, Caustology, and the Holocaust Extortion Cult (HEC)—at this time the underwear operations must have been begun.

Hence, especially from the year  1989 when Israel begun to twist the arms of corrupt and vicious Swedish politicians, bored to death in swindling the public—we should regard phase 3 of Israeli genocide to begin in Sweden.  In 1990 the Show Trial and Lynch Trial against Ahmed Rami begins. Onto him Sweden forced an Israeli ´´pseudo-lawyer´´ by the name of Ingemar Folke, who, of course, did everything he could in turning the Witch Trial into a farce in favor of Thougt Terrorism (TT). The end result, thanks to Sweden´s gangsters laywers and Israel enforced laws, was, that Israeli Genocide was considered OK in order to fulfill Bible prophecy of ´´Israel´´ reaching from Euphrates to Nile.—Deuteronomy 6:10, 11; Genesis 15:18. By circulatory argument, one came to, that the fact that ”Israel” exist on the map, proves the Bible as interpreted by Scofieldism, to be true.

STAGE 1   Witch Trials in support of Israeli Genocide starts against Einar Aberg.

STAGE 2  Witch Trials in support of violence, terrorism and Israeli Genocide starts against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife.

STAGE 3  Witch Trials against Ahmed Rami in support of Israeli terrorism and Genocide starts.

STAGE 4  A Swedish state arranged Witch Trial begins against Sweden´s actual Prime Minister, the Khazar Russian Jew, Jean-Claude Arnault who is exonerated and praised for getting away with his crimes. He is of course not tortured or abused as Sweden`s politicians and ILS now make him out as a victim and not as perpetrator. A Swedish Prime Minister should have the rights of women´s underwear! Sweden´s ersatz Prime Minister, Jean-Claude Arnault becomes victorious and tells the world, just as women abuser Moses, a ´´Jew´´ can do no wrong—Numbers 31. Once upon a time, it was, a king can do no wrong. We are moving ahead into the Orwellian world.

For the clarity of history here we should not forget the Khazar Jew, Stefan Szende, who declared that Jews had put onto their sex penises fresh new foreskins in order to fool Hitler. He then took these Khazar Jews to be Gentiles because of their foreskins. At Belzec where 5 million Jews were supposed to have been butchered is the Stalin martyr cemetary site where supposedly this is to have happened, inside some kinds of huge swimming pools or swimming pool. Huge trains with their locomotives and wagons, yes, everything went into the pool(s) never to be seen or heard or smelled again. And the locomotive chimneys are supposedly still belching underneath the water! All state laundered scatterbrained Disney ”historians” as Three Stooges: Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, Robert Jan Van Pelt. Other Israeli stooges are:Lurence Rees, Ian Kersaw, Christopher Browning, and not the least, Underwear Doctrine champion, holocaust denier (HD), Deborah Lipstadt herself of Emory University.

Belzec is supposed to have huge mountains of female underwear, some 30 meter high. At winter time the Jewish Sonderkommando could skee down the hills of women´s underwear. Something Scofieldite and Abrahamist Donald Trump could take up on to improve physical shape, health, and stealth—and of course skin tones.



      ONCE UPON A TIME it was the Red Scare. The American Indians who had no souls and who felt no pain when butchered. Then it became the Yellow Scare, the Chinese Scare. Re-living today by Infowars and other scare outlets. So it became the Japanese Scare, morphing into the Italian Scare (In fact America had Italians hurled into concentration camps). Then came the Nazi Scare and Hitler scare—capable because of hiding the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. Then popped up the Islam Scare. Oh yes, before it was also the Jehovah´s Witness Scare. How many more scares can America take? The latest is the Swimming Pool Scare. And maybe we are forgetting the Russian Scare? Oh, what money we can make out of ´´scares´´! So far none have come up with ´´Underwear Scare´´. Be ready and try it!

1920’s     Jehovah’s Witnesses (then called Bible Students) skip around with placards offering their latest goodies. Whole America is scared to death, requesting police to help in exterminating the plague of humans.

1920’s    Jehovah’s Witnesses begin skipping with slogan: ”Religion is a snare and a racket” causing upset within the American clergy class which demand stoppage to the insult.

1921 ABOUT Mother of Ditlieb lives in USA as a young woman. While walking in the street she is approached by a photographer who asks her if he can take a series of photos of her. Her boss approves and suddenly she is a famous American favorite woman who now is used as a pin-up girl. When her Norwegian father hears of it he gets all scary. He contacts her and immediately sends her back to Norway, warning her if she stays she may end up as an Al Capone victim. Some 20 years after, American army, invades her home in Innsbruck, Austria, where she now lives as a married woman. The American army steal everything in the home. She now wakes up to the reality of life. As American historian Henry Adams said: ”You can trust nobody and nothing”. The American ruling elite do everything to hide their past. They concoct up tales of German Gas Chambers and reminded her she should thank the Americans ”saving Europe”. If it wasn’t for them, everyone would end up in the Hitler ”gas chamber”. That’s how easy it was to”win a war”.

1936     Neurath’s Boat puts a question into all religious and political charisma by stating the world had moved into a state of no return and there was now nothing left to rescue it. Hitler challenged the thought and ended himself buried beneath the collapse of the world. Utopia was evidently empirical not possible and only workable in a fantasy world.

1936    At a time when TV was still not available, Jehovah’s Witnesses start demonstrating at their conventions with sandwich placards or signs, scaring the whole religious and censor worshipping High Society. They would parade through the street carrying these placards which looked like motion-less TV screens that were walking. American law makers in Pittsburg, Philadelphia and elsewhere say they will legally put an end to such illegal propaganda. The laws not workable in America get instead exported to Europe by freshly arrived Jewish ”persecuted” who arrive back into Europe on American military airplanes. They now demand European politicians to enforce the failed gag laws. One most receptive to the stringent censorship laws was Herman Zetterberg who now sees to it to enforce these laws into Sweden’s law books under the guise of ”Free Speech” laws.

About 1942    BELZEC SWIMMING POOL TRAIN SCARE.  The father of Exterminationism, Stephan Szende, declares Belzec as the number one world scare. Huge train loads went into pools (or pool) with 5 million Jews inside, never to be seen again. As the trains never came back, these massive amount of trains also were liquidated. Next, Stefan Szende and others had new foreskins put onto their penises in order to avoid detection by Hitler (part of Caustology). Asked to produce his penis for documentary evidence and photography, Szende declined, stating this was to persecute the Jews. Seeing that Stefan Szende at this time declared himself to be a Jew, was his now, uncircumcised penis with a possible cardinal’s stolen foreskin on it, once again circumcised? What money would all this latest mode bring in to the Synagogues! Here was full time job for Synagogue mohels of survival penises. Stefan Szende never used the word ”holocaust” receiving ”catchword”, ”Newspeak” used by David Irving, Mark Weber, and others. In fact, you can look it up yourself. Try and find the term ”holocaust” in Jehovah’s Witnesses official history book, Jehovah’s Witnesses Proclaimers Of God’s Kingdom. They were right inside there, helping in decorating the Auschwitz Holy Temple and the surroundings. Judiciously they avoided using the Newspeak word ”holocaust” that was being introduced by the doctrinarians as yet another political-religious catchword. When found in the book, it concerns book titles which others had written.

1945     LOOTING FROM REFUGEE’S HOME, EISENHOWER AND HIS ”MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX”:   American and French troops enter the home of the Felderer family at Innsbruck in Austria. Two Jewish French generals load evertyhing from the home, even the kitchen sink, onto American military trucks. The Felderer family had fled to Italy over the mountains and landed in a snow storm that could have killed all. Where all the stolen goods, including family photos went no one seems to know, and much less anyone wants to tell. At this time American seditionist Jews who had just landed in America and taken the oath on the American constitution prepared themselves for a return raiding Europe with their ”freedom and peace message”. This grand coalition of thieves now demanded from European leaders to implement Yahwist censorship laws into European law books. A special target of hate became Einar Aberg, a Swedish antiquarian and expert in Contemporary Religion. The Yahwist Jews attacked Einar Aberg for citing Bible verses which exposed Yahwist Supremacy, Rabbinism, and racketeering.

1945 ONWARD :  Sweden’s Grand Coalition Of Thieves (SGCOT) now get organized against Einar Aberg, spewing their hate and incompetence, spitting the Swedes stright into their faces, demanding from them full loyal royal support, or a plague of freedom will strike them all. The Swedes are told that fervently being masturbated by the Jewish Stockholm Extortion Synagogue, invigorates mind and body, and now opt for introducingv a grand coalition of Holy Chosen God’s Race to run the lives of every Swede and thus assure full happiness and glory of the weak vessels. Hosianna is now heard all over Sweden, and for the first time a Zion freedom permeates every class of people, feverish ejaculating their heavenly sperms onto all as the dance around the Golden Calf intensifies and the glories of Auschwitz Holy Temple starts to open up, welcoming the Jahweh crusade pilgrim saved souls to participate in the holocaust passion.

1946 ABOUT Having escaped Austria, the Felderer family now live some 800m above sea, in the Alps. The American army decide to visit the area and after having stolen the complete home in Austria they now turn their rage against everything and everybody. Entertaining themselves by throwing their army daggers at the domestic animals, they laugh their heads off when the hens try to avoid the slaughter. Animal cruelty infliction is now presented as a circus entertainment, which the American military constantly laughing with each injury they can invent against the screaming animals. Evidently the military animal torturers were incarcerated by the Mussolini’s for their cruelty against defenseless animals. The Americans let them out of prison, and now put them inside American soldier uniforms. After having done their cruelties, they return for more ”fun”, but this time adding by throwing peppermint chewing gum at us. Wonder is, if this is part of Donald Trump and his ”making America great again”?

END OF 1970″s. Various editions of Anne Frank Diary A Hoax by Ditlieb Felderer come out. Immediately the Stockholm Synagogue, lead by the American seditionist Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, try to stop it using violence and attack Felderer’s P)hilippine wife Felicidad. Numerous terrorist acts were now carried on by the Swedish media, its corrupt judiciary, and confused police. One of the ring leaders becomes Birgitta Ulvhammar, who by that time may have suffered under cultural senilty and Alzheimer. Trusting her uselessness and inept character,  the cosa nostra political machine now makes her into a leader of UNESCO. In an unexpected move, Ingvar Gullnas refuses to comply with the dictates of the Zionist gang of the Stockholm Synagogue, and declares the book totally legal and that the synagogue holy rollers should start to show its wrongs instead of constantly using threats and violence to achieve their end and world supremacy. The Anne Frank imperium now goes ballistic seeking American help to rescue their lie machine Ghetto. The Thought Terrorists (TT) now turn more and more to the Swedish corrupt media to rescue them, while America begins assailing the corrupt Swedish Foreign Office, dictating them to start legal procedures against Ditlieb Felderer or the whole world will deny Sweden’s place in the sun. Sweden’s Foreign Office always waiting for the next best harem dance and semen wet bed sheets, fully comply, and praise the supremacist racketeers trying to do their best against the Holocaust Extortion Cult (HEC Cult) from being scrutinized.

1982    AUSCHWITZ SIMMING POOL SCARE: Already launched in the 1970’s receives first confirmation by a bewildered ”Nazi Survivor” testifying on the Merle Pollis, Cleveland, Ohio, radio. You Tube now tries to censor all historical details about the Auchwitz Swimming pool and has censored it for most part of the world.


































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