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Why You Tube Israel swimming pool Censorship does not make sense: the case of the Jewish Sonderkommando and the Christmas Feast of the Holy Innocents

The Exterminationist Doctrine of  Childermas, also called Massacre of the Holy Innocents

Did really the Jewish Sonderkommando massacre 6 million Jews to death inside the Auschwitz Holy Temple?

The Jewish Sonderkommando are to have assassinated 6 million Jews inside the Auschwitz Vomitorium in exchange for women’s underwear. As extra gift they would use the Auschwitz Swimming Pool playing Water Polo and enjoying other sporty events as extras

How real is this? As proof the Christmas time Feast of the Holy Innocents is given where the Jew Herod the Great had all the children at Bethlehem and vicinity massacred

If Jews can do this to their own children just because of a Christmas child was born, why wouldn’t they do it to their own—Exterminationists argue

And here is a good reason why Israel uses You Tube to Censor away the Auschwitz Olympic training Swimming Pool

And there must be a good reason why all these theologians keep hiding from us that Herod the Great and his Herodian gang were all Jews. Thus God’s Chosen people were in fact killing their own kids there at Bethlehem and surroundings

What a gruesome story intertwines all this Christmas stories with ”peace on earth” and ”Merry Christmas!” To have peace we have to sacrifice—sacrifice our own kids just as what happened at Bethlehem (Matthew 2:16-18)

And if we are to accept Predestination, then all those kids had it coming to them—they were for-ordained to get butchered just in order for the Christmas child to be born—one child was born so that millions had to die



Preparing those great Auschwitz Swimming Pool shots for Christmas which demands the best for the season of joy and mirth


1671_life saving at the pool”_2

Herod the Great was a Jew responsible for rebuilding the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem. Did he kill all these kids at Christmas time? Just because he was afraid he lose power.

That he did is argued for that all those Jewish Sonderkommando, using the Auschwitz Swimming Pool to keep in shape, did in fact kill six million Jews at Auschwitz. If the Jew Herod the Great was not only ready, but did massacre all those innocent children at Christmas time, why couldn’t the Jewish Sonderkommando, ready to use the Auschwitz Swimming Pool over and over again, kill all those 6 million Jews just because they craved for women’s underwear? The Jew, Herod the Great craved for power and authority. The Jewish Sonderkommando craved for women’s underwear. It is as simple as that. One craved power, the other one underwear! Could things be more simple?

Yes indeed! The facts are in the eating of the pudding. Israel and You Tube have simply joined together to stop all information about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. It just doesn’t fit in with the Holocaust Extortion Cult—does it? Ask the world’s leading DD Exterminationist historians, the Laurence Rees, Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, Christopher Browning, Robert Jan Van Pelt, Ian Kershaw, holocaust denier (HD) Deborah Lipstadt—all those using Wikipedia for their Holocaust Extortion Cult propaganda. Isn’t it about time they get their comfortable asses away from their rocking chairs and get to Auschwitz Vomitorium and take a close look at it? After all, they are making huge money on the racketeering.

Haarlem_Bethlehem massacre

Here, the Jewish King, Herod the Great, is full speed ahead with his Jewish Sonderkommando workers selecting out kids for the slaughter. One of the early starts for the Selection Doctrine of Exterminationism.

Would this lend credability to that the Auschwitz Swimming Pool users, the Jewish Sonderkommando were fully engaged with slaughtering 6 million Jews at Auschwitz just for a bunch of women underwear? Looking at their naked bodies, perhaps that was the only stuff for them to keep warm?

So give your male companions some warm underwear for Christmas or you may find yourself beheaded just like those innocent kids.



Besides regular swims inside the Auschwitz Olympic training swiming pool the ever so occupied Jewish Sonderkommando kept fit by regular bicycling inside the gas chamber where they killed their 6 million Jews.

    Above we see how three European political Sonderkommandos try it out to keep in shape. To deny their positive approach for good health and composure would befall a charge of blasphemy, besides, who could deny their happy, smiling faces?


And here is why You Tube and Israel have to hide and lie about the Swimming Pool: In order to cover up their own crimes. One the crime of denying Free Speech in using Lynch Laws and the Law of the Jungle and defend the macabre. The other one in order to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes PFC which Communism flatly rejected as they could see through the scheme, but which was forced upon a vanquished people whose corrupt new leaders were all in there to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.


And this leads us to another undeniable fact. When I got into the business of the business of racketeering investigation the word ”holocaust” was never heard. You think the word is Hebrew. No! You think it is German. No! You think it is English. No! You have been told it is Yiddish. No! The word is Greek and has to do with old fertility sex cults. Nothing to do with extermination of any people, not even a little mouse. Through fake news and fake propaganda the word got changed, and first now in the last 10 years the word is coming back to its origin.

 The most important thing for any cult, any religious quack are easy words to identify belief. And so one chose ”holocaust”. If you listen to the Merle Pollis radio show tape neither Merle Pollis or myself use the word ”holocaust”. It wasn’t in then. That took some years, but then what blew it all, was, when people could see actual photographs of the various Exterminationist doctrinal claims. Fake doors, fake chimney, fake ovens, fake lids, fake rooms, fake peep holes, and so much more all came into the open. It could no longer be denied: the holocaust cult was a hoax, an undeniable swindle staring into our faces. And all that was left for the Exterminationist cultists, was to take a swim inside the Auschwitz Swimming Pool and go for a long walk inside the Auschwitz Birch Garden.



And just before Christmas the big German paper Der Spiegel came out with the revelation their number one writer, Claas Relotius, 36 years old, had been making Fake News for years. They claimed it a revelation. But what has Der Spiegel or the Israel satellite paper Bild been doing from start, and all the others? Doing Fake News because they can’t handle facts and truth. They do only what they can do. And you can’t blame them for doing their best, can you?

The German Zionist paper Bild is one of the foremost promoters of the Anne Frank Drug Cult with its fake ´´Anne Frank Diary´´ which never even was a diary but an ordinary autograph book. It specilizes in acting as Skirthanger for Israel and to put critics inside German Concentration Camps for abuse and torture.

And now they get angry at Donald Trump for him telling about Fake News. Instead of doing something about it they turn their hate and anger against a man who has exposed it for what it is: A racket run by racketeers.

And just at this moment one of Exterminationism most cherished doctrines, the Stair Doctrine is in for more debacles causing its Final Solution revolving into a black hole. Madrid´s mayor, Manuela Carmena, got badly injured in her home. And Spice Girls, Melanie Brown, fell on stairs, causing multiple injuries. Something Helmut Kohl and his Holocaust Extortion Cult faithfuls told us didn´t happen. Kohl himself fell on stairs and he has been on a wheelchair ever since. So there goes the Stair Doctrine just as we told already in the 1970´s.


The first ever attack on You Tube Israel Censorship (YTIC) Published 1612

In 1612 You Tube didn’t exist. Nor did the Bible bogus state Israel. But the mentality of hate and censorship was all there, very much organized, full of hate for Free Speech.

The soon to get killed man by the then YTIC was Baptist believer Thomas Helwys (1575-1616). He believed in Jehovah, the Hebrew Bible God and believed he was a god of justice and for justice. And so Thomas Helwys attacked the beliefs of Absolutism, Divine right of Kings as handed down from the Old Testament, and Romans 13:1-7. But he did believe that looting and thievery was right which all believed in those days as do so many today (Deuteronomy 6:10, 11). Had he known how corrupt the system was he may not have challenged the King who supposedly could do no wrong.

King James I could take it no more. He had Helwys picked up on blasphemy charges and thrown into Newgate prison for abuse and torture. There, the king finished him off, and Helwys died a young man, some 40 years old. Just because he believed in the free conscience of man, and a free mind to inquire man’s mysteries. Few know it is the same king from which we have the King James Version (KJV), a Bible most used in English even today.

Today You Tube and Israel have gone much further. In fact, we have no record of when this hate of YTIC begun. Even the Old Testament with all its cruelties of barbarism can’t match it. Today You Tube and Israel need only say they got flaggers being offended of free speech. And so therefore the whole world must listen and obey what You Tube and Israel commands.

Today these YTIC haters need not worry. For there are no longer any Thomas Helwys around to challenge their despotism, a despotism of such a grand scale the world has never known.

How could we get so far? What made us give in to a bunch of barbarian savages who feel offended over a swimming pool? There was a time when man shouted blasphemy over a doctrine, some claimed revealed truth. Today we have come so far it is over a swimming pool! And there is no one there to stop all this madness. It is a world in a vacuum. A world without a bottom, without an end as insanity takes over more and more, ready to destroy us all.




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