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How You Tube and Israel are using a Swimming Pool to gain control over Islam and Third World

You Tube´s and Israel´s problems with facts come to light

Why Israel doesn´t want you to know about a Swimming Pool

Take a good look  at the Swimming Pool below. For years Israel didn´t want you to know about it. They said it didn´t exist. Then, when they could no longer hide it, they tell you it is prohibited to be seen. Claiming laws exist forbidding you to see it. There is not one such law in existence anywhere. It is all ´´fake news´´ and Emperor´s New Clothes. Here below you see it in its stark naked truth.


Now to the real interesting question: Why don´t they want you to see it?

They tell you six million Jews went into a ´´gas chamber´´ having showers where a Jewish Sonderkommando finished them all off. But the only place were you find shower is right here at the Olympic training swimming pool. How can you explain this?

  1.    This swimming pool with shower, which has been in circulation for years, You Tube now says is prohibited to be seen in numerous countries due to laws restricting it to be shown. There exist no such law anywhere and is pure fantasy of You Tube and its Israeli operators.
  2.     You Tube now claims it has flaggers that were offended of seeing the swimming pool. You Tube does not have one bona fide flagger and of course don´t want their alleged flaggers identified. For, if they had any flagger, it would be shown they are Israeli operators who don´t want the Pension Fraud Crimes, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, to be known.
  3.      And seeing, the center operating place is Zion and France, they of course want to hide that in entering the home of the parents of Ditlieb Felderer by two Jewish generals who carted away with everything the home contained and thereby committing Crime Against Humanity, they have good reasons to keep all information of such crimes hidden.



How You Tube and Israel are using a Swimming Pool to hide it to gain control over Islam and Third World


We should not forget that only a short while ago, You Tube, and Israeli bullies used the so called Anne Frank Diary, forcing various nations such as Sweden to partake of this literary hoax. It is now admitted the ´´Anne Frank Diary´´ was a complete hoax fabricated by the girl´s father, Otto Frank. And it wasn´t even a diary. It was quite the opposite: an ordinary autograph book, which is the total contrary to a diary.

One hoax follows another hoax. Can these people ever speak the truth? And why is this so difficult?


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