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We appeal the Swedish King to prevent You Tube from attacking and obliterating Free Speech in Sweden by Witch Trial methods destroying Due Process of Law

800pCarl XVI Gustaf)


We appeal to the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf of  Sweden to prevent You Tube from attacking and obliterating Free Speech in Sweden by Witch Trial methods destroying Due Process of Law in favor of You Tube Thought Terrorism (YTTT)

We appeal to the Swedish King to prevent You Tube from further introducing You Tube Lynch Law (YTLL) into Sweden

We appeal to the Swedish King to stop You Tube from using You Tube Law Of Jungle (YTLOJ) and inform You Tube such made in Israel laws are not accepted in Sweden




Facts about Auschwitz Swimming Pool and the You Tube outrageous, totally illegal censorship you should know

Here is why You Tube has to wage war against a swimming pool and against Ditlieb Felderer who made it known

Recently You Tube begun its purge against Radio Islam and Ahmed Rami by censoring material originating with Ditlieb Felderer. It seemingly concerns (the material is totally censored for most of Europe, so one can’t be for sure but have to guess) a Talk Show in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, done on 23 September, 1982.  Thus some 36 years ago! The talk host is Merle Pollis of WJW850 in Cleveland.

The woman’s name who confirms the Olympic Swimming Pool at Auschwitz is unknown, but listening to the tape, it appears she belonged to a Synagogue known to Merle Pollis, and he may even have belonged to it.

The interesting fact is how one person; indirectly claiming herself to be a Jew, and is actually confirming a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz. This is the first record ever of an alleged person admitting there was a swimming pool at Auschwitz. The admittance of a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz came as a surprise to Ditlieb Felderer, and as a complete shock to Merle Pollis, who evidently did not expect a confirmation of a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz.

This material has now been censored by You Tube although it has circulated throughout the world since 1982. Such an act of censorship is totally unknown in human history. Never before has it happened, that material, over 30 years old has been censored in any country for the simple reason there exist no such law of censorship in any European country, including France, from which center the Thought Terrorist censorship conflagration act seems to originate.

Usually European censorship which follow old heresy and blasphemy laws,  has to be done within half a year, to a year. From then on it is prescribed. Otherwise states could start censoring the Bible, forcing its inhabitants to bring the Bible to the state for burning, for Fahrenheit 451 action.

A hate act against Free Speech of this nature has never been done in Europe, and one is at wonder here as You Tube is an American company where Free Speech is part of the first section of its Constitution. After the Talk Show, people called in stating it was the best Talk Show they ever heard.

Who stands behind this outrageous violation of Free Speech? We seek to delve into the mystery as You Tube refuses to tell us who the actors are. Everything is hush-hush, everything secret, secret. More secret than those Christmas gifts you are getting in the soon coming Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all and for the first time we have a real surprise. How a company claiming itself to stand for Free Speech is at the front of destroying it. Not only  in the United States, but the whole world. Let us hope the Swedish King sends the world an answer.

Hush! I hear Santa is on his way. I be back for more suprises. More real, and not just fake news. The proof is in the eating of the pudding.


Joy Swim. See you at Auschwitz Swimming Pool



Country blasphemy crime committed: U.S.A.

Location blasphemy crime committed, state and city: Cleveland, Ohio

Newsmedia location blasphemy crime committed: WJW850

Talk Host possibly infected with the blasphemy: Merle Pollis

Calling lady possibly possessed witch: Name not given

Date: 23 September 1982, around 11:30 am

Subject: Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool

Number of complaints received: 0 (in some 36 years!)

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You Tube’s lost battle for Exterminationism and why Pornocausting for Israel is a lost case

The secret CUM men behind You Tube’s attack on Ditlieb Felderer

It is about time for Sweden to stand up for Free Speech and United Nations Article 19

A Swimming Pool is nothing to fear but an instrument for health and enjoyment

Swedish law does not have Prior Restraint, at least not on paper, so how can You Tube claim Sweden has Prior Restraint?


If sanity has any meaning at all a restraining order against You Tube is required to prevent further abuse of free speech while promoting Abrahamist pornocaust smeared You Tube’s hate thought terrorism (TT) which is clearly a flagrant  attempt against all civilized norms and bound to turn into Orwellian dystopian nightmare. The ban is also a classic example of Prior Restraint on the showing of the swimming pool discussion video.

As to the nebulous claim of ‘’flaggers’’ imposing perpetual fires of Fahrenheit 451 to burn, to prevent citizens in selected countries to see the Swimming Pool discussion video, it should be noted that no one is required to see it. If you don’t want to see it, you don’t need You Tube nannies to help you out. The fact they have stepped in to censor indicates more than rotten eggs exist here.

Civilized law allows for no secret denunciations.  Instead of cowardly  hiding behind black ink accusers, they should be required to boldly present their accusation so that an intelligent dialogue can be achieved and causes of error corrected.

Moreover, governments or corporations should not dictate what doctrinal and religious views should be endorsed or banned, nor should government favor one doctrine, one ideology, one religion, one dogma, over another. If Sweden, or any European country, particular France in this case, is used to prevent citizens with their fundamental human rights to enlighten their minds; by, decreeing what can or cannot be read, heard, or viewed, freedom is not only endangered but eradicated for all time.

In a speech written for Parliament, the great English poet John Milton gave one of the most stirring defences of freedom of speech ever penned:

What should ye do then, should ye suppress all this flowery crop of knowledge and new light sprung up and yet springing daily in this city? Should ye set an oligarchy of twenty engrossers over it, to bring a famine upon our minds again, when we shall know nothing but what is measured to us by their bushel? … Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.



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In 2006 there was held in Iran a ´´Iran Holocaust Denial Conference´´ dealing on the proofs of the Holocaust Extortion Cult. What proofs were there at Auschwitz that 6 million Jews were to have been killed by the Jewish Sonderkommando? Not one proof was found.

Instead was found a swimming pool where Jews happily and full of joy played waterpolo inside, not far from the Cinema where they also could go to, the library, the huge kitchen, the post office, the brothel, etc.

This was in  2006. Now we are in 2019. And now we find there are no proofs. All was fiction and manipulation. Not one person has come forward daring to give an open testimony.


The colossal debacle of the Holocaust Cult, the HEC Cult, can now glaringly be see by the constant alterations of the signings of the Auschwitz Vizitor Book (Visitors’ Book). In charge of this cult ritual has been Piotr Cywinski. Where is this signing going on today in the year of 2019? At the original sacred ground of the Auschwitz Holy Temple? At the alleged ”gas chamber” where some Six Million Jews were liquidated by the Jewish Sonderkommando, doing so for the receival of women’s underwear? No, at a deserted area just by the former Volley Ball and Football section of Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp, ARSARC. Just by the place where Europe’s most modern and possible best hospital was located. The whole section was then burned down in order to hide it as it flatly contradicted the cult of Exterminationism.

Just recently, USA Vice President, Mike Pence, along with former convict and Zionist operator, Jared Kushner, and others were at Auschwitz at the above fiasco session, signing the Auschwitz Visitor Book. Not at an alleged ´´gas chamber´´ but in a field yonder where no one disputes Reliefers were located and enjoyed their meals at the kitchens, some still seen but never talked about. And some of the farmers just by the sport camp told me they watched football being played and delivered food to the Reliefers. They had never seen any killing being done here, nor heard of it. As for the smell they told me it was most delicious coming from the kitchen and the bakeries. The place was a paradise.

Not so far away lived Mr. Jan Urbaniak, the caretaker of the place, and, who told me there was no proof of gassing at all.

Interestingly a former convict, supposedly claimed to be a ´´Jew´´, Jared Kushner, is to head the coming Palestine meeting. What a fitting person indeed! Does not the Bible tell us that Jehovah God gave Jews the land and they were to steal all the hard-earned property from the Gentiles (Deuteronomy 6:10, 11). I am still waiting for an Answer from America, where my stolen loot from the Felderer family home at Innsbruck in Austria went; when, two Jewish Generals from France used American military trucks, carting away everthing while the Felderer family had fled to Italy. That is called War Crime! A Crime Against Humanity.




Below you see how Britain´s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, a confirmed War Criminal, and his wife Sarah are skirthanging through the Auschwitz Vomitorium, the Auschwitz Holy Temple, where supposed 6 million Jews were killed by the Jewish Sonderkommando. And without one of the Six Million Martyr corpses ever found.

In order to cover up the War Crime today, Gordon Brown and wife are claimed to work for Third World nations, especially for Africa. Do Africans need any ”education” from Gordon Brown who so fanatically worked for Fake News and fake Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD) turning Iraq into a bedlam with thousands of children murdered? Instead of hanging like they did with those ten at the Nuremberg Trials who were hanged for cartoons, Mr Gordon Brown struts around the world as a Survivor Emperor raking in money for every performance he indulges into.



1533_Preview of “Welcome 6”_35

One wonders why America’s Vice President Mike Pence didn’t sign the Auschwitz Visitor Book here. Or, at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. Sign it here, and afterward jump into the swimming pool the whole lot of them and find out that while Hitler could not build a ”gas chamber” he could build a swimming pool. It even works today, more than 70 years after it was built!

And as for former convict Jared Kushner his mind might be refreshingly cleared. He came to America, mysteriously becoming a millionaire. Investing on Palestinian stolen land. The same year he came to America we came to Sweden. It was in 1949. Jared Kushner came to America which earned its money by stealing our property, stolen by two French Jewish Generals carting everything away on American military trucks. We ended up starving in Italy, and in Sweden we were classified as poor. But we didn’t steal from anyone but earned our money through sweat and toil.

”Make America great again”! Aha. By stealing land and selling weapons so that man can continue on with their War Crimes. I get it!





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