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You Tube in full paramania caust force affliction (YTP), censoring Islam and Third World Countries. How You Tube’s caustologs seek to caust the world into Yahwism, Exterminationism, Abrahamism, Hegelianism and the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult.

You Tube And the Pornocausting of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, Anne Frank Drug Culture, Abrahamism, Hegelianism, and Exterminationism



You Tube in full paramania pornocaust caust force affliction (YTP), censoring Islam and Third World Countries. How You Tube´s caustologs seek to pornocaust the world into Yahwism, Exterminationism, Abrahamism, Hegelianism and the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult and Anne Frank Drug Cult

The hierarchical force of parasitomania (Deuteronomy 6:10, 11): How You Tube seeks to deny (HD) the Auschwitz Swimming Pool (ASP),  visible to all that go there, and the holocaust sterling inviolable truth of the penis resurrerectional moving up into an erection to do the job it was meant to do when so called. Facts clearly proven, observed, and attested, from below undeniable holocaust proofs

Full tubal YTP tube’s providence of God proof of, that, the penis truly goes up into a strong holocaust erection and that You Tube can find remedy for their dysfunctional sex tool, and, that Exterminationism is way out into magic and witchcraft, suffocating inside heresy hot burning sticks, in need of a Never Forgotten (NF) Comstockian cure which are hereby finally (YTFS) freely offered from inside the Most reverent Auschwitz Holy Temple, our sacrificial sacred house of Yahwism. Hallelujah joyful praise we sing may Yahweh´s Wrath caust the world for their everlasting eternal salvation

How You Tube intends to foment Mosaic hate against humanity under the guise of Donald Trump’s arcane Zion Jerusalem salvation  Censorship mission codes, and holocaust sterility (HS) Final Solution (2 Samuel 1:20).

You Tube´s fear of Free Speech and why it opts for Biblical blasphemy and Limited speech in accord with Abrahamism and Exterminationism. Such vulgar and obscene blasphemy charges are hereby reverently met in mind of the sacredness of Yahwism and the spirited beheading of Goliath in everlasting remembrance of God’s Wrath with David Brainerd  circumambulation dancing for national recovery and Donald Trump Scofieldism

You Tube claims falsely they have ‘’Flaggers’’ to boost their blasphemy  Censorship hate against humanity when they haven’t even got one bona fide flagger to prove it. All is Merry Christmas and Santa Claus

Santa Claus is coming and Merry Christmas is here. What to give to the Jews to make them happy and make Yahweh´s Wrath go elsewhere for satisfying lust for hate

Is it not rather strange that You Tube’s censorship is exactly that used by Israel Abrahamism and Donald Trump’s Scofieldism and Biblical Jerusalem zion center Chosen People race Zionism (Micah 4:7)?

You Tube’s Censorship (YTC) is nothing but an open and flagrant attack against humanity to make Abrahamism and Exterminationism the new world religion joined in with political absolutism

At the center of the battle stands the Auschwitz Olympic Training Swimming Pool

Unbelievable proof You Tube is moving into holocaust Abrahamism and sexual absolutism

You Tube begins to make Islam and non-Abrahamist religions into criminal religions. How they do it, and how they intend to make it stick.

Undeniable proof that You Tube is lying, the Auschwitz Swimming Pool (ASP) just being part of the scheme for absolutism and mental control to eradicate freedom and free speech

How You Tube seeks to cover up its Crime Against Humanity

How You Tube plans to rule the world.  We see here the foreplay of Corporative World Rule that is taking over the former national, state aggression for imperial stealing according to Deuteronomy 6:10, 11. YTWD: You Tube World Domination. Man is turning back to pre-stage savagery

Why You Tube’s alleged ‘’flaggers’’ are humbug and nothing but Israel propagandists, if at all existing, seeking to dominate world opinion by the beheading of holocaust lust

Why You Tube’s ‘’lawyers’’ are nothing but Israel propagandists using France as center for their operational activities to cover up Crime Against Humanity. Our details about how Israel fooled and tricked Interpol with the Anne Frank Drug Cult and other criminal activities will clearly prove this

You Tube demands that Ditlieb Felderer be thrown into Concentration Camp for abuse and torture, and, makes him into a criminal worse than world’s greatest Serial Killer, general Moses

Innocent until proven guilty has no relevance with You Tube. They just make you into a criminal for thinking for yourself—and that is it. Israel says so. Israel thinks so. So it must be true

Full extensive Acronyms potpourri are offered along with a workable Maledicta making this yet another excursion into the art and science of Verbal Aggression, spiced with sweetness and erotic love potions

YOU TUBES WORLD CONQUEST AMBITIONS.  In making innocent people into criminals You Tube’s secret flaggers (possible non-existent) and Judaic prompted lawyers lustfully wallowing inside their enormous Pandora Box which blasphemy creates and clearly not as an  easy travel as when the Moses gang in a cake walk circumambulatory dance went into making innocent people into criminals

You Tube’s secret flaggers and Judaic prompted lawyers fabricate an enormous Pandera Box in creative creation, and not as easy heaven joy ride conquest as when the Moses gang in a cake walk circumambulatory dance went across the Red Sea for sacrificial  YTWD: You Tube World Domination

Preview of “auschwitz fatsos at swimming”_2




  1. A classic first ever anti-Exterminationist video with the title: ‘’Ditlieb Felderer exposes ‘Auschwitz’ survivor’’ is claimed to have been ‘’flagged’’ for its blasphemy content and therefore its view must be censored. The You Tube heresy bulla message is in Swedish and directed to Ahmed Rami, who is claimed to be in charge of the censored message. It is impossible to control and investigate the You Tube’s fictitious heresy claim supposedly based on ‘’flaggers’’ as it can only be seen in ‘’allowed’’ selected circumcised countries, curiously enough centered on France. This is a flagrant violation of free inquiry and free speech itself for how can you investigate the inquisitorial blasphemy accusation without checking its source? Since this is done under the code of a ‘’criminal act’’, it is like claiming Ditlieb Felderer has killed a person (which in fact the Yahwists did) without producing the body? Hence, totally unlawful and beyond all civilized norms and Habeas Corpus. Obviously the right thing to do is to put the video back again so that the public is aware of what is going on and can do their own investigation, and stop all this hanky- panky galimatias and playing around with people. This must also be done in order that Ditlieb Felderer, the origin of the tape video, can investigate and make correction if found necessary.


  1. You Tube claims thy have, what supposedly are bona fide flaggers in charge of blasphemy censorship. Not robots or deceased persons. This is an outrageous lie for You Tube does not have even ONE bona fide flagger as none exist nor can be identified. It is pure fiction. You Tube should produce its flaggers, giving complete identity of the accusers (required by Article 19 of United Nations). And we can move onward from this. Secret HEC operators behind the blasphemy accusations must also reveal themselves for glaring inspection and scrutiny. You will be given undeniable facts here that You Tube operators are lying through their teeth and they are fabricating blasphemy accusers out of thin air.
  2. None of the holocaust masturbation charges will stick as it is abundantly clear that the penis moves up into an erection as duty to nation is called, and, Donald Trump Jerusalem salvatory psalm are sung to make America great again. Let us hope he and his cortege will move up into heavenly Jerusalem above to give the world some needed rest to regain sanity in a world choked up with parasitic Yahwism strangulating all freedom, to totalitarianism and Yahwistic boredom of action and mind
  3. You Tube claims they have received a judiciary ‘’lament’’ (the term used in Swedish is the same term which absolute Monarchies used against the subject slaves applying Bible scripture support using the Bible book Lamentations and other Biblical social boost scriptures to defend slavery). And who are these people supposedly in charge of this ‘’lament’’? Again, totally opaque rules and processes, anonymous, and out of reach. Does this concern a written blasphemy denouncement, verbal accusation or both? As this is so legally absurd, facts of which we will go into, it is obvious again that You Tube is fabricating judiciary inquisitorial claims for blasphemy without the Inquisitors being there. They simply concoct up inquisitorial charges for then to deliver their own accusatorial; all, made up in their secret upper rooms and temple walls. Civilized law requires exactness, not the whims and fancies made up in public Hollywood marble clad latrines.




The Theogony of the Worship of Coca Cola in Holocaust: a new providential salvatory drink for all those seeking a close connection to a holocaust in standing autoerotic motion—Hallelujah and praise to Jah!







The first actual evidence the world has entered into a dystopian nightmare

How Ditlieb Felderer is made out as a criminal by You Tube

Location of the dystopian nightmare (DDN: Ditlieb Dystopian Nightmare): Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Position of the DDN: Radio Station WJW850

Actors involved in the dystopian nightmare drama:

Ditlieb Felderer, Talk Show Master: Merle Pollis; woman calling in claiming to be a ”survivor of the Nazi camp”. Notice at no point is the word ”holocaust” mentioned. This was a later Newspeak designation made to create a new world cult.

Date of the Dystopian Nightmare Drama: 23 September 1982 at around 11:30, some 36 years ago!

Merle Pollis (1937-2006) asking the ”survivor of the Nazi camp”: How is? May I ask you a couple of questions? How is your swimming pool? Was it a nice Olympic size?

To which the self-claimed ”survivor of the Nazi camp” astoundingly answers, causing shakes to a visible trembling Merle Pollis:

  ”Yes! They took me once….”

THE FULL NIGHTMARE CYCLE OF THE DYSTOPIAN DRAMA   Hence, the You Tube Free Speech controversy does not even concern something Ditlieb Felderer said but Merle Pollis who is asking the caller a question and who then responds. For this then, Ditlieb Felderer is made out as the criminal of the drama when clearly here are comments made not by Ditlieb Felderer but Merle Pollis and the caller. Under this clear proof: How can Ditlieb Felderer be the criminal when comments made were not by him but by two other persons? Who can fabricate such a Chutzpah but Yahwism with their dogma of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult?



CAI                       Censorship Against Islam

YTA                       You Tube Abrahamism

YTAHS                   You Tube Arnault Holocaust Sex

YTASS                    You Tube  Arnault Sex Syndrome

YTC                         You Tube Censorship. You Tube Corporcracy: Mob rule by Corporations who gradually take over the freedom of the people, enforcing lobbying Corporcracy,  replacing Free Speech and Unlimited Censorship with Thought Terrorism (TT), Censorship Against Islam and the World, Abrahamism, Lynch Laws, Hegelianism, Exterminationism, Caustology, Yahwism, Law Of The Jungle (LOJ), and the Holocaust Extortion Cult (HEC).

YTCAI                     You Tube Censorship Against Islam


YTCT                      You Tube Confidence Trick

YTD                        You Tube Doctrine, You Tube Dogma, You Tube Denial that  Penis moves up into erection when called.

YTE                 You Tube Euphemism. You Tube Exterminationism.  There exist no law in Europe making it a criminal offense to criticize the Exterminationist Cult. The clear humbug of You Tube becomes glaringly evident when all those places You Tube cite as supposedly having laws against revealing the racketeering of Exterminationism as none of these location have laws against those exposing the Holocaust Extortion Cult which is part of Exterminationism. To claim there exist laws forbidding the investigation of a swimming pool is the height of impudence.

YTERV             You Tube Exclution Rule Violation

YTF                   You Tube Flagger

YTGPI                You Tube Guilty Proven Innocent: You Tube’s inversion of Civilized law making innocent guilty by complete inversion of ”Innocent Until Proven Guilty”. Also see: YTG: You Tube Guilty. You Tube’s inversion is in accord with the Fundamentalism of Yahwism, which inverts civilized law into the ”law of the jungle”, ”Lynch Law”, and ”Witchcraft”. Under such stratagem endless of accused women ”witches” were brought to be burned for heresy and blasphemy with the claim by the state it was at the order of the church; with the claim of the church, that it was the state who is responsible.

YTHSEF             You Tube Holocaust Sex Erection Failure; You Tube Holocaust Sex Erection Flagger

YTFOSS              You Tube Flagging Orgy Sex Syndrome

YTH                     You Tube Heterosexism;  You Tube Hate; You Tube Hegelianism





YTIG                     You Tube Interest Group


YTL                      You Tube Lobby; You Tube Lobbying; You Tube Lust

YTLL                    You Tube Lynch Law: How You Tube is introducing Lynch Laws into Islam and Third World nations.

YTLOJ                   You Tube Law Of Jungle

YTN                      You Tube Neocracy

YTNSS                  You Tube Non Stop Sex

YTO                    You Tube Orgy

YTPH                  You Tube Piscina Hate      Never before in history have man turned their hate against a Swimming Pool. But here it is. Happy swim!


YTSC                    You Tube Sex Censorship      You Tube Sex Censorship has its origin in the belief-passion plays that erotic, sexual motivation and feeling are derived from prohibiting certain considered as spell utterances deemed bewitched and anti-Jehovah mystified words. Uttering or writing such spell words would cause the reproductive multiplication of enemies of Jehovah to flourish, and thus cause God’s Chosen People to lose domination and power over its slaves, animals or man. As to animals, the word ‘’cat’’ is therefore never mentioned in the Bible as cats were known and hated for their independence. Independency or individualism was hated by Yahwism whose God Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In the Sky tolerated no self-consciousness.

YTSC has an almost pre-human libido stage. Therefore long before the witchcraft believing William Blackstone and his Christian-Judaeic (Judeo-Christianity)  predecessors came up with that everything is allowed to be written, but once written stands under Monarchial sexual censorship. This must follow strict denial of extra, outside fancied Jehovah congregational libidinal psychic drive.

The pre-human, fossil stage of YTSC is exposed from 2 Samuel 1:20 which warns the Yahwists not to publish matter or sexual libidness will arouse the Philistine daughters and thus gladden the uncircumcised.

What this does to the Stefan Szende people who claim to have adorned themselves with  new foreskins to please Hitler, is, dynamic enigma riddle of grand proportion. The savagery state of the YTSC is described elsewhere, such as by prophet Micah with his revealed religion (Blackstone favorite ism) announcing he will be a streaker; exhibitionistic performer walking around in nudity under the pretense of weeping and wailing (Micah 1:8-11), a pre-literary satirical case of Emperor’s New Clothes. Here we see the expression of a contrary Jewish Sonderkommando who adorned themselves with the underwear coming from the Six Million gassed women inside the Auschwitz Holy Temple.

It is quite possible You Tube operators well inside the deep precincts have their own skinflicks of Jewish Sonderkommandery strutting around in nudal exhibits to the joy of You Tube operators having an orgasm each time they succeed in censoring an innocent hard worker, yet not skirthanging victim.

The whole Jewish Sonderkommando lucrative  business with their crave for women’s underwear may have started, as the Skull and Bones, at the Jerusalem Temple, whatever bits there was, craving for the skin of an animal presumable presented by an Israelite for burnt offering (Leviticus 7:8). Sanctimoniously skin, by man or animals, was a symbol of an ascetic life-style thus submerging savagery into that the gainer now clothes himself in pious sanctimony pretending his superiority in spite of his terror and violence (2 Kings 2:8; Mark 1:6).

The same moral teaching is found at the early stage of the Jews running out of Egypt after they had skinned it poor. Before the run, ending up, not with Milk and Honey, but a wilderness desert, the Jews skinned the Egyptians stark naked nude, and, who now were running around shivering in the cold, while the Jews were warmly dressed and well taken care of with luscious manna stakes coming out of heaven all for free (Exodus 3:22).

The YTSC sexual nudity assault exhibition is further attested in Micah as being yet in the age of savagery where cannibalism and dismemberment of ligaments and the flaying off of human skin is the norm of justice and peace (Micah 3:1-4). Justice has no meaning there and evidently used in selecting male organs for decapitation in erotic passion plays. Thus, here was a beginning in the production of dildos (Micah 3:1-4, 9).



YTSS                  You Tube Sex Syndrome

YTT                    You Tube Theophany. The arcane and nebulous claim by You Tube to be in direct contact with forces delivering to them identities of demonic possessed people set to bring harm to the world. You Tube Theology. You Tube Thought Terrorism

YTYT                You Tube Yahwism Theonomy. The claim You Tube is governed by Yahwism whose laws must be strictly obeyed or face consquences of obliteration in society.

Meaning of holocaust Theological Catch Words and possible euphemistic Theological doctrines in support of the Holocaust Extortion Cult



Holocaustolog or Holocaustolgue:    A specialist and scientist in penis erection and the rapidity of the holocaust sex action.

Holocaustology: the study of holocaust sexual movements in relation to adequate sexual motion satisfying politicians and Bible theologians for holocaust Yahwistic salvation.

Pornocausting: Spreading the holocaust in schools, synagogues, and Sunday Schools, to revive broken hearts in hope for eternal salvation and sitting at the right hand of Jehovah God himself, playing golden harps and singing songs of making America great again with the sucessful mission of making Bible bogus ”Israel” reach Nile to the Persian Gulf as promised to Abraham while sitting on his loo waiting what next to do.



JEW STALKING (JS) The Jew Stalker, Terrorism, and as Domestic Terrorist

JewStalking The plundering Jewish invaders of Biblical, Old Testament Times.

The invading crime syndicate evolving into Sicarii and Zealots in time of Jesus.

Yahwism  as a criminal force in time of World War end and its attack on Free Speech

SHORT RESUME OF JEWSTALKING (JewStalking) and Yahwist Gangsterism

Cain kills his brother Abel out of sheer jealousy and envy (Genesis 4:8).

Jehovah now gets smelling blood and begins killing all humans except family of Noah out of jealousy and envy. Apparently even the animals are permeating with sin as they also have to get killed along with the whole of world population.

Thought Terrorism (TT) gets organized and is used by the plundering Chosen People Jews to spy and invade for Milk and Honey treasures all for free (Deuteronomy 6:10, 11). Abrahamism begins with Jehovah promising his elect Jews, his Chosen People, they will get lots of land absolutely free, reaching from Euphrates to the Persian Gulf provided they kill off all inhabitants except for the virgins, who will be raped and then killed. The Bible tells of 32,000 virgins being raped by invading Jews, and then killed in sacrificial offerings for Theophagia eating, a form of Cannibalism (Lamentations 4:10). By consuming flesh of virgins they felt their youth and potency would melt into their bodies awarding them everlasting life.

A story now begins that a young child, perhaps only 7 years old, gets visited by an angel. Without her consent, and how could she, being only 7 years old? she is ordered to prepare herself for heavenly sex orgy, which would make her pregnant. Out of this non-consent union, a baby boy is born which they then call Jesus. Just as those 32,000 virgins never gave their consent for sex with the invading Jews, nor did young Mary give her consent but did as she was told (Luke 1 :26-38) .

Yahwism with its organized crime syndicate now gets established. Operating as secret killer gangs with  time turned into the Jewish Sonderkommando that killed Six Million Jews at Auschwitz inside the Auschwitz Holy Temple, supposedly fulfilling prophetic warning to disobeying Jehovah followers (Micah 4:6).  This will not help pagans too much as they also will be pulverized just for the sake of Jehovah’s joys (Micah 4:13)

The Sicarii , the Zealots, and others in Jesus time get organized assassinating all who do not comply to their view of world domination. Jesus gets killed along with all the twelve apostles that are with him. In spite of all these killings, the words ‘’love’’ and ‘’peace’’ is heard over and over again. It is all Merry Christmas, a never ending hate and killing of humans by humans.

Already, before the end of World War 2, American seditionist Jews, who just had taken the American Oath, upholding Article 1 of  the American Constitution respecting Free Speech, go back to Europe and force European corrupt politicians (as Swedish Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg) to adopt strict censorship laws. Sweden with the famous Einar Aberg libertarian case, along with West Germany, now adopt stringent Jewish Bible Censorship laws in support of Thought Terrorism (TT).

Jewish synagogues now get organized, training its members for JewStalking (JS) and Thought Terrorism (TT) , used by its CUM men to terrorize the people without them knowing the source (Just as YT does, using secret ‘’flaggers’’, making sure they remind secret and out of reach for investigation. The plot is to maintain all eyes away from the Pension Fraud Crimes PFC), which will rake in Millions to Israel as promised by their Mafia mobster, their tribal God Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky (MAEPITS).

The Swedish antiquarian, Comparative Religion specialist, Contemporary History specialist, Einar Aberg, now gets targeted as Europe’s most hated and wanted criminal. His crime was to cite Bible texts which the religionists have hidden and out of reach of their indoctrination.  Einar Aberg is ruthlessly hurled into Swedish Concentration Camps for abuse and torture.

People start dying under suspicious circumstances. Olof Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister gets murdered on open street with killer still on the loose. The Anne Frank Drug Cult which invaded Sweden short after World War 2 now starts operating with open drug use now getting on all over Sweden. Swedish kids are forced in reading the fraud Anne Frank Diary, causing yet more young people going for drugs. Many a Swedish family now end up with having their child killed by the drug market drug abundance.


Assassination Attempts are carried out against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife directed by the Swedish Foreign Office and the Stockholm Synagogue led by the American seditionist Rabbi, Morton Narrowe. They almost succeded in the killing activities which went on for years, and finally  succeeding in finishing of his Philippine wife



It is feared that a group of Yahwist Sicarii terrorist gang operators who stood behind the assassination attempts of Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife, also stand behind the recent You Tube gang up of Ditlieb Felderer. It order to understand the vicious circle of hate operations and their notorious international hit gangs, the following information is given for protection to humanity so that others my likewise not become targets of their hate for humanity and hate for Free Speech. These two, almost everytime go hand in hand.


Ditlieb Felderer was contacted regarding the accusations against him and notified by the Los Angeles Police he had been targeted as responsible for the riot, but finally absolved, and there was now no longer any case against him. The purpose of the gang up by these Zionist sources was to prevent Ditlieb Felderer from giving his lectures in USA about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool and the fact that the Auschwitz Holy Temple where supposedly 6 million Jews were gassed by the Jewish Sonderkommando was filled with fakes. Also, the Newspeak word ”holocaust” in reality concerns old Greek fertility rite cult customs and means the penis going up into an erection.

Assassination Attempts are carried out against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife directed by the Swedish Foreign Office and the Stockholm Synagogue led by the American seditionist Rabbi, Morton Narrowe. They almost succeded in the killing activities which went on for years, and finally  succeeding in finishing of his Philippine wife



It is feared that a group of Yahwist Sicarii terrorist gang operators who stood behind the assassination attempts of Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife, also stand behind the recent You Tube gang up of Ditlieb Felderer. Int order to understand the vicious cirle of hate operations and their notorious international hit gangs, the following information is given for protection to humanity so that others my likewise not become targets of their hate for humanity and hate for Free Speech. These two, almost everytime go hand in hand.

In 1992 a young colored man in USA, Rodney King, was beat up, which incident was recorded. On 13 August, riots begun at Los Angeles regarding the beat up of Rodney King. Ditlieb Felderer was now pointed out by certain Zionist Thought Terrorist (TT) groups as ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate (SWCS) as standing behind the riots.


Another prominent gang up assault using character assassination was when a gang of French Zionists came to Barcelona in Spain under the tutelage of a session organized by UNESCO for racial harmony . The group now made it out as if the sessions concerned Ditlieb Felderer who now was accused of distributing films in how to kill people, specialy Islam people, and in particular Turks. The Israel Zionists were at that time engaged with trying to get the Anne Frank Drug Culture going in support of Israeli attacks against Palestinians. Turkey was nos seen as a good introduction location in handling the introduction of Zionist refurbished propaganda as well as South Africa.

Progressing their assassination predatory tentacles to South Africa, Mandela was made into a Zionist puppet skirthanger with the help of the European Union and the Israel lobby. Mandela was now used in bringing in the Anne Frank Drug Cult into Africa and the Islam world. Previously the Jewish Israeli synagogue in Stockholm had sought to force Sweden to throw Ditlieb Felderer into their Concentration Camps for dissenters and for abuse and torture.

Being in Spain at the time, Ditlieb Felderer was now violently taken by force by the Spanish, National Police and thrown into  cells filled with human excrements. This happened several times without reasons given. It was the same basment prison where police were accused to have killed people, such as Antonio Fonseca, in May 20, 2000. Ditlieb Felderer was finally taken at gun-point to Barranco Seco, a former General Franco, penal camp for abuse and torture, where he discovered indescribable abuse against Africans in the name of Democracy anf Free Speech conducted by Spanish Socialist Party, Guardia Civil head, Luis Roldan. He was later imprisoned for stealing an outrageous among of money, which money still hasn’t been found.

Ditlieb Felderer was then illegally evicted to Madrid where a group of Guardia Civil curiously contacted him, telling him they felt bad about what had happened and that the Jews gave them nothing but trouble.

In coming to Sweden, the Swedish Foreign Office under the direction of the Stockholm Synagogue now ganged up against Ditlieb Felderer accusing him of illegal thinking. A supposed state crime, started by Sweden’s corrupt Prosecutor Torsten Jonsson. Ditlieb Felderer was now tortured and abused under the the jurisdiction of State Jewish Synagogue Prosecutor, Agenta Isborn Lind. The abuse and torture continued inside the various Swedish Concentration Camps he was brought to.

Vicious guards, on par with Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison guards now were set in to persecute Ditlieb Felderer for thinking, being told as Prosecutor Torsten Jonson had told the Swedish Witch Trial court:

”Free Speech is allowed in Sweden but one must keep it to oneself. The Swedish law therefore protects and respects Free Speech and Article 19 of United Nations”.

ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate thanked Torsten Jonson for his great service in being so effective in helping them out. Torsten Jonsson was now promoted to Sweden’s highest prosecutor job in helping the Jewish Synagogue out in torturing and abusing Ditlieb Felderer, thus sparing them to directly engage with the vicious acts of terror themselves. In fact, precisely the same method as when the Christian churches handed over heretics and blasphemers for state abuse and torture to make it out they had no part in the horror.

In a verdict against the freedom haters, the Exterminationists, made by Sweden’s Justice Chancellor, Ingvar Gullnas, regarding Blasphemy charges brought by the haters, Justice Chancellor Ingvar Gullnas told the Exterminationist haters to stop their hate, and instead start answering the criticism Ditlieb Felderer had levelled against the haters.

So, how can You Tube claim that the video about the Swimming Pool be Blasphemy? Since when has criminal blasphemy become legal blasphemy? It is a brazen, open lie by You Tube, declaring the Swimming Pool video to be blasphemy. It is a crime to turn innocent citizens into criminals, and much more so when the state fully agrees that the Exterminationist represent a hate group and should stop with portraying themselves as anything but hate, and, not use violence and terror to prove their point. This hate group, You Tube now uses as ”proof” against Ditlieb Felderer.





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