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Auschwitz For War Doctrine and Germany’s War of Aggression against Africa using Africa to bolster War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Censorship throughout the World. Germany’s latest Show Trial against former underwear aid to the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, Oskar Groning. The Holocaust Sex Cult, and more on Political, Commercial, and Religious frauds and cons. A world in war and violence gone amok by perpetual corruptions

Auschwitz For War Doctrine and Germany’s War of Aggression against Africa using Africa to bolster War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Censorship throughout the World. Germany’s latest Show Trial against former underwear aid to the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, Oskar Groning. The love of women’s underwear is no laughing matter. Russell Williams, a Colonel in the Canadian Forces, agreed to murder. He had a craze for women’s underwear. See further on Holocaust Sex Cult, and more on Political, Commercial, and Religious frauds and cons. A world in war and violence gone amok by perpetual corruptions


1539We examine once again the Strip Doctrine, the Piss Pot Doctrine, the Hug Doctrine, the Bikini Doctrine, the Sex Doctrine, Whip Doctrine, Latrine Doctrine, Bicycle Doctrine, Voyeurism Doctrine, Grope Doctrine, Frotteurism Doctrine,  Shower Doctrine, Soup Doctrine, Tooth Doctrine, Dance Doctrine, Vagina Doctrine, Ass Doctrine, Stink Doctrine, Smell Doctrine, Rectal Doctrine, and Auschwitz Swimming Pool Doctrine

C634_Audio   Cults and their Doctrines of lies. The origin of the Piss Pot Doctrine. No one can escape the Piss Pot Doctrine.

1542_0”_40 1523 STRIP DOCTRINE PUT TO THE TEST According to Gospel Truth Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando claims, these super  sexed Jews were fervently involved in stripping 6 million Jews or more at Stalin’s Holy Shrine, before the Martyrs went into the ‘gas chamber’ to die; for then to go up the huge chimney outside. Our question to the readers and listeners is: How long would it take for the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando to strip this well underwear clad lady outside the Gallows Door?



Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando coming to the aid of the party

Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz does not have one toilet! So how did the over 6 million Jews manage to so effectively, and with smiles on their faces, endure their nature necessities?

C636_Audio   The necessity of toilets are not there, so how was the alleged ‘systematic murder done? Cults never like to speak about necessities, the human needs of daily life. Exterminasionists like to speak of ‘systematic murder’ but don’t want to tell how this ‘systematic murder’ was done. The Gallows Door puts an end to the Cult of Exterminationism. The killing operational work of the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando. Only ‘systematic’ existing is the systematic bla blaa. The Three Stooges and the HD Cult preachers are all magicians and con men which the lack of sanitary toilet proves showing the HEC Cult a  hoax.


The early history of Exterminationism and the Holocaust Extortion Cult

The word ‘Holocaust’ was never used when the Cult of Exterminationism begun. Wikipedia and others are distorting history in making it out that the Greek Antisemitic word holocaust, meaning the ‘Penis moving up into an erection’ was used. Holocaust is not a Hebrew word but is Greek and has nothing to do with killing 6 million Jews or anybody else. It was a word of joy and mirth, dance, music and singing. The fanatical Jews turned it into a Wailing Wall religious Cult. Neither Thies Christophersen, nor any of the early critics of Exterminationism used the word ‘holocaust’. Words such as ‘Auschwitz denial’, ‘Auschwitz lie’, ‘Auschwitz denier’, were used. Thies Christophersen named it the ‘Auschwitz Lie’ as title of his booklet (Die Auschwitz Luge, 1973), as did Ernst Zundel, Ditlieb Felderer, and others. The originator of what became Exterminationism, the Holocaust Cult, Stefan Szende, never used ‘holocaust’. Stefan Szende claimed Extermination was hindered by Jews donning onto their Penises a fresh, new Foreskin. Where these were taken, or stolen from, he never made clear.




The Auschwitz For War Doctrine


This historic photo taken on 27 of January 2005 in commemoration of 60 years of Nazi defeat, shows Russian leader Vladimir Putin. At the left of Putin is France’s leader, Jacques Chirac, who later was ousted due to corruption. Secretly, NATO and Israel, had visited Auschwitz and decided upon to replace the Domino Doctrine with the Auschwitz For War Doctrine, which would be turned against Russia, China, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Evidently Vladimir Putin was not aware of what was going on: That Stalin’s Holy Shrine Doctrine, which Stalin used against Capitalism, was now hijacked and to be turned against the very place which begun it, namely Russia. The Polish Pope, was to large extent the originator of that Doctrine, introducing it by his first official visit to Auschwitz Vomitorium.

Britain’s propaganda outlet BBC was put in on the scheme. Goaded on by Holocaust Denier (HD), Zionist promoter, Deborah Lipstadt, with the help of such Exterminationist Cult gurus as Laurence Rees, Richard Evans, and Ian Kershaw. In 2005 Laurence Rees came out  with his book claiming Auschwitz was the ultimate of crime ever done, while of course effectively covering up such things as the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, the huge Kitchen Stalin painted from white to black, the Cinema, the Theater, the Brothel, Mail Office, Library, and other Material Evidences, showing BBC’s claims to be a hoax.

The old director of Auschwitz Vomitorium, the former Nazi Collaborator who had turned into a Stalinist, Kazimierz Smolen was now ousted, and in came an anti-Russian promoter, Jerzy Wroblewski, who in turn in 2006, was replaced by Piotr Cywinski. Auschwitz Vomitorium had by this time become a central propaganda place for Zionism and Israel. How both the Roman Catholic Church and Russia’s leaders could have fallen into this trap of promoting a Zionist Cult that was used against them is an intriguing question. We are told that some 40 world leaders attended to 27 January 2005 propaganda NATO meeting. Interestingly enough, some 40 world leaders again turn up at the 11 January 2015 gathering at Paris, France, organized to peddle Limited Censorship against Free Speech. Here now the world was solemnly informed that Europe was a bastion for Free Speech and that NATO had an obligation to defend it by invading whatever it deemed useful for its own cause. Evidently, by this time Russia had learned its lesson: Auschwitz was now used against Russia which Stalin begun by using it against Capitalism and to cover up his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes.


Testing the Toilet Doctrine

At the Auschwitz Gallows Door where more than 6 million Jews are supposed to have been killed, does not have one single toilet available for Sanitation use. That means, that even with the best of help from the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando running around with their Piss Pots, sanitation could not be taken care of.

This by itself  proves Exterminationism is a complete hoax for without proper sanitation facilities there can be no Holocaust Extortion Cult!

640px-Amish_OuthouseAt Stalin’s Holy Shrine there does not exist one single toilet available to the supposed 6 million exterminated Jews. Indeed, not even the most primitive type of toilet exist there. All clearly showing any type of Systematic Killing, extermination here, is a hoax.

C631_Audio   What about the Rectal Doctrine or Ass Doctrine (AD, ASS)? The Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando are to have rectally examined each of the more than 6 million Martyrs for any gold, silver, jewelery, money, entire gold candles, and other treasures. This is called the RECTAL DOCTRINE or ASS DOCTRINE (AD or ASS). The Jews are to have gathered silver, gold, jewelry, precious gems, and treasures, like mire on the street (Zechariah 9:3; Zechariah, chapter 9, theologians describe as ‘Israel’s coming delight’, or ‘Israel superior’).  All these inspections and prowling around into by the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando are to have happened inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine.


Preview of “q”_24jw_Audio   While Jehovah’s Witnesses were fully busy with keeping the place decorated and beautiful, the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, such as Filip Muller, supposedly were busy inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine prowling around inside rectums and vaginas, searching for the latest treasures of money, gold, silver  and costly items secretly stored therein.


The term ‘holocaust’ was never used by early exponents of Exterminationism. In connection with Thies Christophersen it was never used, for the word ‘Auschwitz’ became the central word. But in virgin Exterminationist time ‘Auschwitz’ was neither used. The Father of Exterminationism, Stefan Szende, claimed it was at Belzec where the worst of crimes happened. Auschwitz was not mentioned. And the figure given for number of people killed at Belzec was 5 million, not 6 million. Even after the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials, Auschwitz was still not much mentioned. Dachau became the central place outside the Iron Curtain. Such con ‘historians’ as Holocaust Deniers (HD) Richard Evans and Deborah Lipstadt loved the word ‘holocaust’ as it put a NO PLACEMENT onto the Holocaust Extortion Cult and mystified the Cult, covering up (CUM) the quack Cult of Exterminationism  behind a secret veil.

C637_Audio   The use of the Antisemitic word ‘holocaust’ used by Wikipedia keeping secret how this word was used. The propaganda of the Antisemitic word ‘holocaust’. How Thies Christophersen used word ‘holocaust’. The erotic word ‘holocaust’ and how the word was used.

1544_g”C628_Audio   About Bibliography. How book titles are used to confuse the public, the word ‘holocaust’ being a good example of covering up and confusing the public. The word ‘holocaust’ tells us nothing of the Material Evidence, the Smoking Gun. Holocaust Denier (HD), Deborah Lipstadt along with Wikipedia are masters in deception by covering up the WHERE and WHEN and in this way these Gurus can muddle the whole history up basing the whole study on Martyrology. About Laurence Rees and his book: Auschwitz: The Nazis the ‘Final Solution’. The start of Exterminationism at the Gallows Door where the Cult also ends.

1517_Anasyromenos_statuette,_Rome_art_marketTRANSVESTISM, SEX, CHRISTIANITY, JEWRY


Why does the Bible condemn wearing of skirts by man at Deuteronomy 22:5, while at Zechariah 8:23 hailing it?

The Deuteronomy text refers to the tribal God Jehovah worshipers. The Zechariah text refers to how the Pagan, Heathen, Goyim, the Gentiles are to submit themselves to the Jews by belittling the evil dog Pagan, by him holding onto a woman’s skirt, hanging on a Jew, and in that way show the meanest position that a Pagan could expect at the hands of the Jews. The Pagan, the Gentile was worst off than a dog which was considered an evil animal, a symbol of devilry. By the Heathen holding onto the male Jew’s skirt he has voluntarily submitted himself to total slavery to the Jew who now can treat him any way he wants as the Goy himself allows the Jews to do so.

C632_Audio  Transvestism, Caustology, Skirthanging, Caust Sexing, Sex, Christianity, Jewry, and the Holy Bible. The voluntary submission of the Pagans, the Goys, Heathen, Gentiles, to the Jews by obediently walking with the Jew in whatever erotic passion and Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) he may cook up while praising his tribal sex God Jehovah for his huge and mighty  sex Penis, ruling in totality over mankind for in perpetuum swindles, frauds, and cons. What about the Bible texts Deuteronomy 22:5 and Zechariah 8:23? By the Jew wearing a skirt he has no Underwear (see: Underwear Doctrine), so the Gentile can in vivo, at once, pronto, Masturbate him for his total bliss and eternal enjoyment.

C639_Audio   Skirthanging text of Zechariah 8:23 is one of the most interesting Bible texts showing how the Christian theologians are making sissies of their own paying slaves. The ordinary person is to enslave themselves by believing he is holding onto a master of the universe, when all he is holding onto, is a foul smelling skirt of a Jew who is hocus-pocus made into Christ Jesus, wearing a skirt. A feminine Christ who can’t do anything except for being sucked by his adepts. By the same hocus-pocus, the Holocaust Deniers (HD) make a fully competition Swimming Pool at Auschwitz into a pool of water for kids splashing around.

THE SOURCE AND CENTER OF THE VAGINA DOCTRINE. It was inside this building where it was claimed that the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando were kept busy by prowling into the vaginas of females, grown-ups and babies, in order to find treasures of money, gold, silver, jewelery, and other precious items which would make the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando rich and influential before the Goyim. It is claimed that this wealth of money and goods, was then taken with the Survivor Jews to such places as America where they then opened up big stores, became lawyers and politicians, for then to head back to Europe and demand for Censorship and the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Roman Polanski is almost facing the Corpse Door. At the back is the Gallows Door where it was preached for some 60 years, that the six million Jews went through to their death of martyrdom.  1548_A”_57 C629_Audio   THE VAGINA DOCTRINE. THE OSKAR GRONING SHOW TRIAL. THE SMUGGLING OF DOPE VIA SEX ORGANS.  Christianity went through several vicious acts of persecution where men were fighting arguments and wars over the Trinity which solved absolutely nothing. Would the Almighty God be any happier in three or one? But the central part of the mysterious god was never discussed at church doctrinal gatherings: Was God sexual? Did Jesus have a Penis, an Erection? If so, what did he do with it? Did God urinate? Go to the toilet? Did he produce holy shit? Everything was hushed down as that would obliterate all discussion of God. And so it is with Exterminationism. We are told of the Vagina Doctrine but refused to go into it, as with so many others of the Exterminationist Doctrines. Here, for the first time in history, at ditliebradio, you hear these matters discussed. If you postulate a Doctrine, you have to eat your humble pie. What was the ‘why’ and ‘where’ and most of all, in this case: the modus operandi? It happened INSIDE the Gallows Door. We open the veils and search for the facts. The veil no longer is there to stop us from asking questions.

WAS IT THE DOCTOR JOSEF MENGELE SOUP THAT KILLED ALL THOSE SIX MILLION JEWS OR MORE? WE INVESTIGATE THE SOUP DOCTRINE 864_-0” C633_Audio The Soup Doctrine is being analyzed and found tasty as long as it is Kosher soup. Did too much Soup kill all those 6 million Jews? Was Josef Mengele’s fault he gave the visitors too much Soup? Did all that good Soup make the Martyrs dance into the gas chamber?


C635_Audio   The Media and their lies. How the Western media lies. The industry of peace, War Is Peace, by making weapons. Censorship is considered Free Speech. Our Free University, the education of ‘cons’.

WHEN CONNING THE WORLD CAN BE DOING RIGHT. LAURENCE REES AND BBC WITH THE BOOK DEALING ON AUSCHWITZ VOMITORIUM: Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution. How Mankind Committed The Ultimate Infamy At Auschwitz, BBC Books, 2005. C638_Audio   How a book title can lead us to the facts. The case of the Laurence Rees book on Auschwitz. How a book title can lead to confusion. The case of HD Deborah Lipstadts books.

Below you see part of the Relics involved with Stalin’s Holy Shrine where it is claimed over 6 million Jews were gassed or shot. The whole place does not have one toilet available for hygiene purposes to the millions of soon to become Martyrs. None of the Exterminationists have dared to go into this huge problem and all of them wish to escape the obvious hoax to be brought up. The huge chimney is a total fake. All it consists of is a pile of bricks intentionally built to fool the Pilgrims that millions went up this huge chimney.



 Some of the greatest minds have considered Politic to be an act in deception and lying through your teeth. Sartre, Ibsen, Mencken, Nietzsche, Jesus Christ, Orwell, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Adams, and so many others have brought attention to the farce of voting. Here Fefo Garcia lets you know in Spanish what he feels politic and voting consist of. What is your opinion?

Fefo_2015_May_13_Audio   Fefo Garcia speaks in Spanish on politic.

Preview of “YEATS”



Was William Yeats right in 1938?

Was Adams, Aristophanes, Aristotle Helvetius, Ibsen, Jefferson, Mencken, More, Nietzsche, Paine, Sartre, Stirner, right?

Forcing people to be free.

It isn’t who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.

Thomas More: The State is simply ‘a conspiracy of the rich who call their intrigues laws’.


Is ‘Voting’ the absolute proof of mental disorder?1526 Time and time again people get fooled in voting. Yet, they vote over and over again. Is this a clear sign of mental disorder? Just as Martyrology must be. As in case of Stalin’s Holy Shrine? His Sex Doctrine, Strip Doctrine, Piss Pot Doctrine, Gallows Door Doctrine, Chimney Doctrine, Peephole Doctrine, Hug Doctrine? People are made to believe that Saints could walk around with their heads, as Dionysius on the right. Stefan Szende claimed Jews put new Foreskins onto their Circumcised Penises? How much are we to believe? Is belief itself a mental disorder?




‘Sir’, Teleprompter, Exterminationist, Holocaust Denier (HD), Martyrologist, and Three Stooges operator, Knight Richard Evans, had millions of suckers around the world believing in Stalin’s Holy Shrine, the fake huge Chimney, fake ovens, fake doors, and other Relics at Aushwitz Vomitorium inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine. He is accused of having abetted in the Torture of doubters, searchers, questioners, in Austria, Germany, Sweden, and other places. He is listed as one of United Kingdom’s (UK), strongest Thought Terrorist (TT) and CUM man, never having once spoken, or worked for Free Speech. Here he stands at Gresham College preaching his Cult of Exterminationism and helping in covering up the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). CUM man and Knight, Richard Evans, still tries his best to hide the competition Swimming Pool at Auschwitz, obvious for the simple reasons it obliterates to pieces his Exterminationist Cult.



All CUM men, Exterminationists, Holocaust Deniers (HD), TT men, and Holocaust Cult operators fervently work behind the scence to cover-up the Material Evidences at Auschwitz and pretend that the Stalin Relics are genuine and authentic.

Some of the leading TT, CUM, and Holocaust Deniers today are: Deborah Lipstadt, Ian Kershaw, Laurence Rees, Peter Longerich, Richard Evans, Christopher Browning, Van Pelt

Even remote areas have toilets, sanitary places for the Public. Yet, Auschwitz, a central historic place did not have even one toilet to cater to those over 6 million Martyrs who supposedly were executed at the hands of the Genocide

Jewish Sonderkommando

1566C640_Audio   How the Holocaust Extortion Cult is being used to extort filthy lucre from the public and to excuse Israel’s continued Genocide against Palestinians. When putting the Cult’s claims to the test, you get no further than the Gallows Door at Auschwitz. Because of all lack of proof, such men as Jan Eliasson of Sweden and United Nations, who, prohibited discussion of the extortion Cult (PFC), ruled that one must have no doubts and no discussion or questions. The HEC Cult falls on the Sanitation fact by its own without the massive problems of other facts. What shall we say of those people who preach this fraud, this easily detected hoax?

C641_Audio   In order to make the Auschwitz For War Doctrine tasteful and NATO as honorable agent for War Is Peace, Germany, with its corrupt media retouches the photos of ‘Just War’ minister,  Ursula von der Leyen, transforming her into a tasteful pin-up girl. A woman such as this can of course not be involved with War Crimes. Of course not. The German Zionist Genocide Bild, regularly uses fixed up and perfumed photos of its corrupt politicians to portray them as angelic messengers of God. How soon will Ukraine be used as yet another Milking Cow? And made ready as the next Wiedegutmachung Milking Cow?

C642_Audio   WHEN SELLING A DOCTRINE CAN BEGIN TO SMELL:  The Piss Pot Doctrine alone proves the HEC Cult a colossal hoax. The Wikipedia ‘holocaust experts’ are dragged into the Zona Zero of Stalin’s Holy Shrine to discover the Relics do more than smell. The theater is on with all the eminent scholars in place running around with their piss-pots catering to the Six Million Jews center without a toilet. Artistic stars are such Holocaust Deniers, HD, as Deborah Lipstadt, Ian Kershaw, Van Pelt, Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, Christopher Browning, Laurence Rees of BBC.

C643_Audio   With Islam people coming back to Europe, politicians and media now worry about re-integrating them into our happy and peace-loving society and give them that well used re-education treatment, forgetting it was NATO and the operation of Europe’s foolish politicians who brought them into this mess in the first place. Islam is now blamed for all the Book Burning and artifact destruction on earth, forgetting such as the Einar Aberg case when Sweden’s Justice Minister Herman Zetterberg had all of Einar Abergs historical artifacts burned at the behest of the Stockholm Jewish Synagogue. Why all this re-education and re-integration? Our courts are filled with Book Burners, as are our police, as are our churches, and of course, we still have not got one politician that does stand up for Free Speech. The Emperor’s New Clothes is with us as well as the show must go on.

C644_Audio   THE SHOW MUST GO ON. We consider the Western man with his cons of Free Speech and Underwear Doctrine. The Six Million Doctrine and how Ditlieb Felderer met sweden’s Sodermannen while incarcerated inside a Swedish Concentration Camp for those asking questions. Einar Aberg, and how Sweden Book Burned, BB, Fahrenheited 451 all his material on basis of Free Speech. The Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, and Jesus’ skirt to be used for bliss, security, and protection.

C645_Audio   THE SCAM OF THE ‘EMBLEM OF EVIL’.  ONLY CHARLATAN ‘HISTORIANS’ TRICK THE PUBLIC BY USE OF ‘SYSTEMATIC MURDER’ WITHOUT PROOF. We dig into pseudo-historians and ‘holocaust experts’ as Walter Reich and Richard Evans. Stalin’s Holy Shrine does not have one toilet for use by the over 6 Million gassed, shot, etc. inside the Auschwitz Stalin Holy Shrine. How con men use honors and titles in order to scare and con the public. We delve into the Piss Pot Doctrine, Toilet Doctrine and the extortion use of the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC.

C646_Audio   THE PURPORTED ‘BOOK BURNINGS’, FAHRENHEIT 451, BY ISLAM. The modern Book Burnings, BB, did not start with Islam or in Islam countries. They were started by Zionist Jews going to America, took the oath on the Constitution and Free Speech, headed back to Europe on American military airplanes, and twist the arms of corrupt politicians and judges as Tage Erlander, Herman Zetterberg, Adenauer, etc. Human targets as Einar Aberg was burned down by Sweden, while a new Book Burning Rabbi, Morton Narrowe came to Sweden, introducing incarceration of critics of Zionism inside Concentration Camps for abuse and torture. Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami became targets of Zionist infuriating rage for not conning down to their fraudulent Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. If you sow hate and Censorship, you will reap the results. So Islam had nothing to do with it. The blame of Fahrenheit 451 is right there in USA and their Zionist hate mongers using corrupt judges and politicians with a manipulating machinery to achieve their supremacy rule.

C647_Audio  EUROPE’S CENSORSHIP MEDIA TRY TO TWIST THE FACTS. ON THE GERMAN GENOCIDE BOOK BURNING BILD. EUROPE’S CORRUPT POLITICIANS WANT ISLAM INTEGRATED INTO THEIR SCHEMES. HOW SWEDEN CARRIED OUT ITS TERRORIST ACTS AGAINST FREE SPEECHERS. The first ones, what later were called ‘holocaust survivors’, came on American military airplanes, forcing European corrupt politicians to introduce corrupt Censorship laws that would protect them from criticism. So no re-education and integration is needed. All that is needed to move in with the system. Europe is filled with Book Burning politicians, judges, clergy, and police. Even their names are known, such as Lennart Selin, Svante Nordin, Kjell Henriksson. The Prosecutors names are known as Torsten Jonsson, Agneta Isborn Lind. The Judges are known as Jan Levin, Johan Hirshfeldt. Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam became a Book Burning target, not the least by Justice Minister, Thomas Bodstrom. So moving back to Europe means you are entering the legitimate world of Book Burners all run by the various European States. The Strasbourg court openly stated and ruled that Book Burning was the thing to go for. How much more clear can it get that Europe loves its Book Burning. And they don’t have to go to Islam countries to do it. They do it all at home!

C648_Audio   We seek to penetrate the mystery of the new Auschwitz For War Doctrine, the cases of Russia and Ukraine; Reparation (Wiedergutmachung), Cult of Exterminationism, how West fabricates wars, Auschwitz as emblem of evil, Yalta European Strategy-YES, Material Evidence, Demjanjuk case and Germany, Crusades for brotherhood turning into war against own, Six Million swindle, word ‘holocaust’ not mentioned, Communism and Capitalism, Free Speech and Censorship.

C649_Audio   Sweden and its fight against Free Speech. Its corrupt courts and police and how such activities made Sweden into a Crime Syndicate. The art of Sweden’s Book Burning and Fahrenheit 451. Jan Eliasson and the Sweden Foreign Office and its cooperation with the Stockholm Synagogue for acts of violence and terrorism.

C650_Audio   THE EMBLEM OF EVIL OF STENCH AND SLIPPERY GROUND. Action Toilet Doctrine being played. If you preach and concoct a Doctrine you have to face doctrinal fall out and doctrinal failure. The Three Stooges act along with Holocaust Deborah Lipstadt and other distinguished and honored Exterminationists.



The Genocide Serial killing Jewish Sonderkommando killed for women’s underwear. How often are such sex killings done for sexual gratification? You can read about Canadian army Colonel, Russell Williams who killed for underwear. So the Genocide Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando are no joking matter. It is for real. But no one has succeeded so far in the killing as the Jewish Sonderkommando. Six Million were involved, or more, according to Stalin. One of them, Filip Muller, was even invited into West Germany, where its corrupt politicians handed him all the luxuries of a State, with huge pension, home, all expenses payed, and women when wanted. Self-confessed Serial Killer, Filip Muller, even testified at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials, not as a perpetrator of the murder, but as a victim! Somehow, Colonel, Russell Williams, and others, missed out on becoming a victim instead of the perpetrator as the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando.


Yes indeed, and you can read about it in the complete Holy Bible and not that Protestant Bible which the Reformers Censored.

Her name was Judith, and a whole book is found in the Bible about her. Judith became the most great example of a Jewish woman, and she is greatly respected and worshiped for her violent murdering both by Christians and the Jews.


Volley Ball became and enjoyable activity to substitute from Bible murder activity and at Auschwitz and Birkenau the first international Volley Ball matches were held. It was also in this areas the the first international Football, Soccer teams were played, along with other sports. Stalin and his friends covered it all up, and put a lot of memorial stones in the place of Birkenau, and in that way hiding what was once joyfully going on at the place. The huge Kitchen at Auschwitz he painted over to black to hide it. And the Brothel he completely hid while one of its users, Hermann Langbein was made into a head accuser at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials.




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