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Germany politicians Ursula von der Leyen, Angela Merkel, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Thomas de Maiziere, accused as War Criminals and Accessory To Murder. The Barbary of killing Drones. The Fiasco of the German Show Trial against Oskar Groning

Germany politicians Ursula von der Leyen, Angela Merkel, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Thomas de Maiziere, accused as War Criminals and Accessory To Murder. The Barbary of killing Drones. The Fiasco of the German Show Trial against Oskar Groning. Current Political and Religious scams and cons

As soon as the questions Where? and When? are asked, all Exterminationism end, and the Holocaust Extortion Cult comes to a Final Solution abrupt end.


What similarities are there between the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando HUG DOCTRINE and the one below?

We investigate further the Strip Doctrine, Hug Doctrine (HD), Tooth Doctrine, Mengele Doctrine, Sex Doctrine, and other potential and influential Doctrines of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult of Exterminationism

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATHE BEGINNING OF THE OBSCENE HUG. THE HUG DOCTRINE. HUGGING EACH OTHER TO DEATH   We further investigate various Jewish Cult Doctrines and about the Jewish Tribal God Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky


Hug Doctrine (HD) is hereby discussed in which the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando kept busy by hugging the soon to be Martyrs to death, while assuring them of Hitler eternal joy and health, and giving them comfort that nothing was amiss. By closely hugging them they could fool their brethren victims not knowing that soon they would go up the huge Chimney. Hugging was both obscene, erotic and assuring, resulting that no panic would arise, but, all of the victims would love the operation much like all those people who begged to get fooled in giving all their money to Bernard Madoff with a hug and a smile.


THE HUG DOCTRINE IN FULL SENSUAL AND EROTIC MOTION. THE CLIMATIC TRUTH OF THE HUG DOCTRINE. The world’s leading Holocaust Deniers (HD) participate in the Final Solution of the Hug. The highly esteemed performers are: Christopher Browning, Richard Evans, Deborah Lipstadt, Peter Longerich, Van Pelt, Laurence Rees,  Kurt Schrimm.


THE HOLOCAUST HUG IN FULL ACTION AND MOTION. THERE IS A TIME TO HUG (Ecclesiastes 3:5). We are using established historical methodologies in action we show you various Holocaust hug positions with the Final Solution of the THREE HUGS. ‘Yes we can!’  A hug to you all!

THE SEXUALITY OF THE BIBLE WHICH BIBLE BELIEVERS SEEK TO HIDE FROM YOU: The Jewish Tribal God Jehovah meaning the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, Ezekiel 23:20 of the Old Testament is just part of it.

Why are the Evangelicals, such as Richard Pierard, so hot on their Sexy, Sex holocaust religion? Could the below be the reason?


1415_q” - Copy


A detailed investigation of the possible criminal activites of former Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando underwear aid, Oskar Groning. Was Oskar Groning a notorious Mass Murderer killer like the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller who was invited into West Germany? He must have been so if the charges of Kurt Schrimm of Zentrale Stelle in Germany are true. And why did they refuse to question Oskar Groning about these things? Was it in order to hide the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) of the corrupt German politicians and their accessory to murder and War Crimes, and their War Of Aggression against Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere?

1. UNCLEARED CRIME ONE: Was Oskar Groning involved with an alleged Gang Rape of Gypsy mothers at Auschwitz, and, did he deliver underwear to the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando (SS)  for work well done? The Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando (SS) are supposed to have Gang Raped Gypsy women at Auschwitz in full sight of their children. Is Germany trying to hide this supposed act at Auschwitz by instigating this Show Trial against Underwear Man Oskar Groning, Groning Underwear Man, GUM? In this way, they were able to stop investigating the matter and to hide all traces of the crime. Was the cutting short of the Show Trial in order to hide the Pension Fraud Crimes of the German corrupt politicians?

2. UNCLEARED CRIME TWO: A group of Zionist Genocide Sonderkommando Jews supposedly stole a can or more of extreme deadly Zyklon B gas with the help of an alleged, still unknown German underwear operator, which may fit the description of underwear, Santa Clause-type gift giver, Oskar Groning. The deadly Zyklon B gas, was then used to kill a group of anti-Zionist Jews who were in conflict with the Zionist Jews. Thus when Oskar Groning is to have discussed about it, he may in fact express views of what he himself was involved with as only those extremely close to the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando knew about such wicked killings.  We still can’t get hold of the whole audible Cult statement of Oskar Groning. Is it being Censored? If Oskar Groning was involved with this affair he is a guilty man and is Kurt Schrimm of Zentrale Stelle and the German corrupt politicians deliberately covering up both affairs because they want to protect Bible Bogus State Israel in order to line their own pockets and feather their own nests?




Jehovah’s Witnesses accuse the German Government for fabricating Show Trials such as the Oskar Groning Show Trial in order to hide their culpability in creating War Crimes for NATO

Using fake artifacts in order to bolster excuse for ‘JUST WARS’


The Latrine Doctrine shows without a question of a doubt that such Holocaust Deniers as Laurence Rees and BBC are lying through their teeth!


CLOSE YOUR NOSTRILS. SIX MILLION HAVE TO GO TO THE TOILETS! STENCH DOCTRINE AND LATRINE DOCTRINE  (PISS POT DOCTRINE) STRONGLY EXAMINED AND THE FRAUDS FOUND THEREIN.  Stalin’s Holy Shrine in which Stalin claimed that more than Six Million Martyrs (Stalin did not use the term ‘Jew’) did not have toilets. Yes, not one toilet! So how then did Stalin manage to bolster his claim  that 6 million of soon to be Martyrs could use such a place? It was for this that the Latrine Doctrine came up and visually showed to people the farce of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult. Holocaust Deniers (HD), Laurence Rees and BBC, which helped in fabricating the Auschwitz For War Doctrine are culpable of deliberately tricking the world for war excuses. While giving Israel excuse for their Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) and eternal War Crimes against innocent people.

 1532_Preview+of+“Welcome+4”Thought Terrorism (TT) Alive And Thriving

Wikipedia continues on with the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate (SWCS) manipulating the evidence for their Holocaust Extortion Cult to get that Bernard Madoff Pension Fraud Crimes money

Viewers going to Wikipedia for Info dealing on Germany’s latest Show Trial in support for Censorship were surprised that on Oskar Groning there was no article in German which is the language used at the Oskar Groning Show Trial at Luneburg. And when looking at the articles in the languages found, one discovered manipulations done to uphold the HEC Cult. Now, it is not difficult to see why Wikipedia should engage in such manipulation in their support of that Cult which brought extreme Censorship to Europe. By letting out the German part, people were stopped from delving into the facts surrounding the case, a case which ended in abrupt stoppage of Oskar Groning which should have taken months to clear up. It also effectively stopped the German media which mostly knows nothing of investigative writing. Did Wikipedia get some extra money for their manipulation? Here was a case of uppermost interest for the German people and the rest of the world—censored by Wikipedia in order that the English language in which the Wikipedia World War 2 are based on, can continue on peddling thier nonsense of Exterminationism. Indeed so, as the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate holds the pen, deadly in fear of getting their Holocaust Cult tarnished by fake translations, not approved Kosher by them. Now, all we are left with are freak links, none which offer any help to the subject in question. One being, how could Oskar Groning have stated a thing which clearly he never stated in German? In other words: we are being faced with blatant frauds and manipulated translations.



Making a Bible Jehovah God of War into a Prince of Peace

At the latest Censorship Show Trial against Ditlieb Felderer it was discovered that behind it stood such Thought Terrorists (TT) as the followers of a camouflaged Thought Terrorist and Nazi activator Adalbert Ruckerl, who, was much responsible for smuggling in the world’s greatest self-confessed Serial Killer, namely self-confessed mass murderer, Filip Muller, a former Genocide Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando. One of Ruckerl’s favorites was Filip Muller’s protector, Scofieldite, Barbara Just-Dahlmann, who falsely accused Ditlieb Felderer, amongst other things, for fabricating criminal stamps! As proof she gave a stamp showing a motive of Sweden, its Skansen, which she claimed was depicting people going to the Gas Chamber! In came an equal Nazi infected TT idealist activator, the ever secretive and evasive, Kurt Schrimm, who has done his best to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) for Zionism, by fabricating fake charges in favor of Israeli Genocide. He has been careful not to make such charges against the Jehovah’s Witnesses which would expose the fraudster for what he is: a dictatorial Thought Terrorist and accessory to murder, not only for such cases as the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller, but also for his help in support of Germany’s War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and not the least; for Germany’s War Of Aggression against Africa, which Germany excuses on the basis of necessity, to bring Free Speech to Africa. Free Speech to Africa by a nation that upholds years of Concentration Camps for mere ‘doubting’.  It certainly would be interesting to find out what connection Oskar Groning has to the notorious Mannheim TT Crime Syndicate.


The Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando

are supposed to have helped the 6 million

Jew Martyrs to get stripped at Stalin’s Holy Shrine

Only Jews were inside the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando.
So the killing was all done by the Jews.
After three to four months all the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando were killed. That is why none knows about  the gassing, Stalin told his people. Can we believe it?


“Let’s get your underwear! Lose it!”

Only Jews were allowed inside the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando

And only the Jews were allowed their daily portions of underwear

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO HUBERT ZAFKE? THE BIG INTENDED GERMAN ZIONIST SHOW TRIAL THAT WENT AMUCK. WHAT WAS INTENDED TO BE ZIONIST GERMANY’S GREATEST SHOW TRIAL EVER, STAGED BY THOUGHT TERRORIST, TT, KURT SCHRIMM, GOT HIS FAKE SHOW TRIAL EXPOSED AND THE RACKETEERING HAD TO END. Here is why Zionist agitator and Asseccory To Murder, Kurt Schrimm; and the German corrupt politicians accused as Accessory To Murder had to shorten their Oskar Groning Show Trials at Luneburg in Germany. And here is why BBC and Laurence Rees lie about Auschwitz is as silly as tits on a bull. And here is why Wikipedia and their Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate (SWCS) writers have to censor all and instead give you heaps of trash and Bla Blaa.


Using Auschwitz For War Doctrine for fake JUST WARS and Censorship.


The entrance to Stalin’s Holy Shrine can be clearly seen in this wintery and cool picture. It was here that the Genocide Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando stripped all the Six Million Martyrs before going into Stalin’s gas chamber. At winter it was specially important to keep the Martyrs cozy and warm, and so the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando would do their hugging to all the naked men, women, and children, assuring them safe journey into the wonderful world of wonderland and that Hitler loved them all, men, women, and children. After successful completed killing mission, Oskar Groning is supposed to have given them their well deserved women’s underwear. It is claimed by some that Eva Kor’s father belonged to the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando and that Max Eisen helped in carrying the women’s underwear to the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, and helping in bringing toys, such as dolls, that were given to the stark naked children before entering Stalin’s gas chamber.  They have never denied this to this day. At least they had their dolls here. That was more than what Moses ever gave to the Egyptians as Jehovah’s Chosen People conquered Canaan and took possession of the Promised Land filled with Milk And Honey, stealing all the land and properties, killing all children, men and women not virgins, and enjoying in Gang Raping all the virgins before killing them (Deuteronomy 6:10, 11). At the back you can see the huge chimney where Stalin told that the more than Six Million Martyrs went up and out the chimney after having been cremated inside the 4 ovens.



Charlie Hebdo will get the PEN annual award for it being devoted to defending writers’ freedom of expression from attacks by governments.

Why not? Obama the Drone killer, got the Nobel Peace Prize, so why shouldn’t PEN get it for their Censorship?

PEN is one of the world’s most authoritarian outlets against Free Speech and has contributed to that thousands of innocent people have been put inside Concentration Camps. Europe does not have on record one instance in which PEN has defended Free Speech!

Nota Bene: One should not confuse the fighter against Free Speeh PEN with the acronym PEN, Penisology Erotic NATO


Really what is the PEN club? Well, one thing it certainly isn’t about it is Free Speech. And here is Why. We take up the Censorship by PEN of Einar Aberg, Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam in Sweden, Ditlieb Felderer, and others. Their constant internal and bickering strife. Their morbid fight for notoriety. Their intense urge for being along with corrupt politicians, and their ever want of putting you inside Consentration Camp. It is all but a continuation of Hitler Concentration Camp for Thought Crime of an old music that never ends. There does not exist one example of PEN ever standing up for Free Speech because they interpret Limited Speech as Free Speech. Here is the evidence.


OUR CON MEN OF THE WEST. A NEVER ENDING FLOOD OF WILLING SERVANTS, SERVING AS CONS FOR THE MEDIA AND GOVERNMENTS. Speech intended for those outside the West of political and media influence. The frauds of the Crime Syndicates operating in the West. The corrupt educational systems and how we corrupt ourselves by being obedient slaves and tools for the Establishment. The suppression of Free Speech and thought to tickle the ears of those who have prostituted themselves for the System. We deal about men such as Thought Terrorists (TT) and Holocaust Deniers (HD): Deborah Lipstadt, Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, Van Pelt, Laurence Rees and BBC, Kurt Schrimm, and others, and we don’t forget about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.


How the West dupes and lies to the world. The Gallows Door, Shower Doctrine, Strip Doctrine, the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, Kitchen, Soup, and the System of lying considered and analyzed.


About people and locations of schools preaching the Cult of Exterminationism.The Mythomaniacs of Western education. Names considered: Deborah Lipstadt, Sibylle Steinbacher of Vienna University, Ian Kershaw, Christopher Browning, Laurence Rees and BBC, Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, and others.


WORD ‘HOLOCAUST’ NEVER USED. THE OSKAR GRONING SHOW TRIAL. Thies Christophersen never used the word HOLOCAUST as made out by Wikipedia and others. I knew Thies Christophersen personally and this word was not used in discussion about Auschwitz. Thies Christophersen would have used the word HOLOCAUST when Cult adepts of Exterminationism used it perhaps, but that Cult term was not used in any other way. Auschwitz-leugnung, Auschwitz leugner, Auschwitz leugnen was used as these words identified the source of the alleged mass crimes being made. Ernst Zundel was aware of the tricks Exterminationists used in order to obfuscate facts, as did Michael Hoffman. The term HOLOCAUST stops you from identifying the problem and puts mystery and fantasy into an alleged real crime that is supposed to have happened. Exterminationists now try to Cult-Newspeak themselves out of their dilemma by using HOLOCAUST in order to confuse and stop identifying a place which has been proven to be a total fake. At the Ditlieb Felderer and Pollis confrontation the term: ‘I am a survivor of the Nazi camp” was used. This talk show illustrates well what terms were used, and shows its use also by Exterminationists who still had not themselves been sold on using the Antisemitic Greek word HOLOCAUST. Those interested in facts should now more than ever identify their Cult hoax location, and use Auschwitz denial, Auschwitz denying, and such terms which directly identifies the hoax location.


Kurt Schrimm’s Witchhunting for the Exterminationist Cult and the origin of the Cult and its use of Newspeak words. The original HEC Cult begun with calling it ‘Auschwitz denial’, and ‘denying Auschwitz’. The word HOLOCAUST was not used, and Thies Christophersen did not use the word Holocaust in his polemics against Exterminationists. The German ‘Auschwitz-leugnung’ and ‘Auschwitz leugnen’ was used. Using a Greek Antisemitic word was frowned upon. Laurence Rees and BBC used Auschwitz as the central place for the crime and the confusion was limited as to the LOCATION of the crime. Exterminationists now are forced to change the place or to hope people will not see what is going on, that of relocating the crime somewhere else. You can’t have a place with a Swimming Pool as a central place of the ultimate crime. The Holocaust Extortion Cult is in a dilemma and time will show where all this confusion will end up. The HEC Cult is needed in order to bolster the new NATO war Doctrine, the Auschwitz For War. The selling of Thought Terrorism, TT.

THE ARRANT NONSENSE OF WIKIPEDIA. The following is found on today’s (May 4, 2015) Wikipedia Holocaust Denial article on Oskar Groning:

Upon his return to Germany he led a normal life, reluctant to talk about his time in Auschwitz. However, more than 40 years later, he decided to make his activities at Auschwitz public after learning about Holocaust denial. He has since openly criticised those who deny the events that he witnessed, and the ideology to which he once subscribed.

The above is pure hogwash for the so called reluctant behavior (probably an invented habit by the con Media) of Oskar Groning is no different than that of Tadeusz Szymanski, Kazimiers Smolen, Brandhuber, and others, all former Nazi collaborators who then switched over to Stalinism. It became so ‘reluctant’ in fact to talk about the Katyn Massacres  that were you to discuss it, you be put in jail in Poland during Soviet domination. Moreover, such people as Ditlieb Felderer was always willing to hear all the sides and Oskar Groning could have gone to him in expressing his views instead of using the corrupt Censorship worshipping Establishment Media which would twist all relevant information. Moreover, in relation to Thies Christophersen, there is not one proof that Oskar Groning ever used the term ‘Holocaust denial’, which was a gimmick set in by the HEC Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, extorting money for the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. That also concerns his claim of ‘openly criticised those who deny the events’. Pure hogwash here. I, Ditlieb Felderer, have been dealing with this Cult since the l950′. Throughout all these years I have encouraged exponents of Exterminationism to appear before my camera and recording their message. Oskar Groning, like so many others, never bothered in showing any interest in such a moment chance of letting his own voice to be heard and his testimony to be seen. Moreover, the ‘ideology’ of the Wikipedia’s Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate is no different than the purest of Nazism. It is all about the pot telling the kettle black. Germany is at war against Africa today, something which Hitler never was. All those accusing Oskar Groning for ‘accessory to the crime’, are themselves assessors to the crime and their Auschwitz For War Doctrine.

It would be interesting to know when Oskar Groning first used the term ‘Holocaust’ in describing the new found Cult which he is claimed to cherish today. I prefer to call, like the American historian, Henry Adams, all these people as being hypocrites, liars, and seekers after notoriety. I deny the Media or the State has any right over me to draw my conclusions, and am convinced, had I Oskar Groning before me, and before my camera, the story would be quite different as Wikipedia and the Media makes out, as I have found out in every case of confrontation. If anyone is reluctant here it is Wikipedia, which continues to let its articles by written by biased Zionist, Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate (SWCS) operators in total anonymity, lest, they be found out as yet another media frauds.

My hunch is, that Oskar Groning never begun using the Newspeak, Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate invented term ‘holocaust’. Thies Christophersen never used it in my contact with him. And I happen to have met the man in person. The proper term was ‘Auschwitz leugnung, Auschwitz leugnen, Auschwitz Leugner’. At the time, as other things show, Laurence Rees with BBC, and other Establishment media, considered Auschwitz as the focal place of the crime and it was upon this that the newfangled modern Cult of Exterminationism hinged. Auschwitz was the central place, and therefore ‘Auschwitz leugnung’ was the term used, not Holocaust.

The term ‘holocaust’ is a Greek, Antisemitic word. It isn’t Hebrew as many believe. And it concerns the Fertility Cult of the area at the time when people were celebrating with joy, dance, and mirth, the produce of nature. It simply means, the ‘penis moving up into an erection’. Holocaust has nothing to do with the Jewish Wailing Wall religion, and is just a gimmick utilized by Exterminationism in trying to make itself Kosher.


Below is a historic tape of the time. The alleged ‘survivor’ woman does not use ‘holocaust’ in talking with Ditlieb Felderer, nor does Merle Pollis. She states: I AM A SURVIVOR OF THE NAZI CAMP.  Later on, Merle Pollis, the talk host, responds in the same way. The term ‘holocaust’ simply wasn’t used.


In 2006 he won History Book of the Year at the British Book Awards for his book on Auschwitz making him the first person to win both a BAFTA for a television series he has written, produced and directed, as well as a British Book Award for a book he has written.

It is really much thanks to Laurence Rees and other Exterminationist Zionist supporting writers for Auschwitz For War Doctrine, that, this fraud of the Auschwitz fake Chimney and other fake Stalin Relics, and Auschwitz no Swimming Pool, could go on for such a long time. Neither Laurence Rees nor BBC have to this date admitted they used fakes in order to bolster their ‘facts’ on history.


Maximum health and how to avoid back pain. The secret revealed for good health.


A REASON FOR EXCUSE FOR THE ‘AUSCHWITZ FOR WAR DOCTRINE.’ WHO REALLY IS ‘OSKAR GRONING’? Why has Oskar Groning been kept so secret and first now at crucial moment that German politicians stand accused for committing War Crimes in Africa and elsewhere, Oskar Groning is the playing actor in deflecting attention away from Germany’s present War Crimes?


EXTERMINATIONISM IS TODAY A DEAD MOVEMENT. THEY DON’T HAVE ONE IDENTIFIABLE ADEPT READY TO STAND UP FOR THE CULT. Exterminationism, the world’s largest Cult with NOT ONE identifiable person daring to back it up. Even the trolls are all dying after we started to show the Material Evidence, all proving it is a wild grand chutzpah hoax. About United Nations (UN), Germany, Show Trial, Laurence Rees, BBC, Oskar Groning, Richard Evans. How this propaganda is being sold to Africa, Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere. The Free Speech fraud. The Gallows Door Doctrine puts an end to the whole Cult of Exterminationism. The con of the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Wikipedia and their peddling of the Holocaust Extortion Cult. The Revolving Door of Newspeak words in support of the PFC: 1. Indian Peril. Scare against native American Indians and their need of conversion. 2. Yellow Peril. Scare against Asian people. 3. Jehovah eyeball scare. Zechariah 2:8. Scare against those criticizing Israel. 4. Skirthanger Scare. Zechariah 8:23. Scare against those not wanting to hang onto Jews for protection. 5.Communism. Scare against Soviet Union and Russia. 6. Nazi. Scare against Hitler and Germany. 7. Six Million. Scare that Six Million didn’t die. 8. Pius XII. Scare against Roman Catholic Church. 9. Mengele Scare. Scare against Doctor Josef Mengele for giving toys to the Auschwitz kids. 10. Holocaust Scare. Scare that the Penis goes up into erection. 11. Auschwitz Scare. Scare that Auschwitz has a Swimming Pool. 12. Never Forget. Scare of forgetting scam of Six Million.. 13. Rouge State. Scare against Islam on behalf of New World Order. 14. Muslim. Scare against Islam.


AT THE GALLOWS DOOR EVERYTHING BEGINS AND WHERE EVERYTHING ENDS. YOU DON’T EVEN GET INTO STALIN’S HOLY SHRINE. How Cults operate and how the Holocaust Extortion Cult operates by not designating the location. Both word and location can mean and be anywhere. Laurence Rees gives location as Auschwitz in 2005. As soon as you begin ask the question WHERE? the HEC Cult  ends. What is ‘Book Denial’? Ask police for location without telling where it is by just saying ‘somewhere’. Going to a doctor for pain without giving location of the pain.


A HUGE PENSION FRAUD CRIME (PFC) WITH NO ONE DARING TO BACK UP THE SWINDLE. Exterminationism is a dead movement.. They don’t have one identifiable guru ready to stand up for the Cult. We dissect the Gallows Door Doctrine and how BBC and other Thought Terrorists (TT) sold it to the world. The Gallows Door puts an end to Exterminationism. We teach real History and show how it is taught.

The Gallows Door Doctrine and its fakes completely destroys the rants of the following hysterical Evangelical rant written by a holy roller Exterminationist guru Richard Pierard.

Holocaust Denial:

What it is and why evangelical scholars must categorically reject it

Richard V. Pierard

The Holocaust, the effort of the German Nazis to wipe out the entire Jewish population of Europe, is the greatest tragedy that the Jewish people every faced. It is also a Christian problem because most of the perpetrators of the Holocaust were baptized church members, and the bystanders, those who did nothing to halt it or even to assist their beleaguered Jewish neighbors, as well were members in good standing of Protestant and Catholic churches. Unfortunately, there are people out there who claim the Holocaust never happened. For them to say that the Jews imagined or invented their tragedy is the most vicious and virulent form of anti-Semitism imaginable. It negates the shared experience of the Jewish community today and lays the groundwork for the possibility of another attempt at total destruction. Although Holocaust deniers may try to infiltrate our ranks, we as evangelicals must sound forth a firm and deliberate “NO” to all efforts of deniers to spread their pernicious ideas among us.

THE HOLOCAUST SEX CULT (HSC). SCHOLARS NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. IT IS ALL FOR THE FAKE PENSION FRAUD CRIMES. RICHARD PIERARD AND HIS DEFENSE OF PENISOLOGY AND THE ‘PENIS’ (Penis Erected Nonstop Intensive Sex) CULT, COMPLETELY FALLING ON THE GALLOWS DOOR DOCTRINE: The words ‘holocaust denial’ and ‘holocasut denier’ (HD), was first used by Ditlieb Felderer and then stolen by the Exterminationist Cult. The word ‘anti-Semitism’ is an Antisemitic word stolen from the Latin and Greek. The word ‘holocaust’ means: the Penis moving up into an erection to do the job it was meant to do. It has nothing to do with a Wailing Wall religion of ‘Six Million’ dead Martyrs as Stalin claimed his Holy Shrine at Auschwitz proved. Exterminationism is so void of PROOF that they can’t even get through the Gallows Door to prove their  point built on fantasy! And no one has ever tried it, well realizing it would be shown a hoax at once. And all the killings were operated and done by, according to the HSC Cult, by the Jewish SS, the Sicarii Sonderkommando, the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando (SSJS).

It should be taken note of that when Richard Pierard wrote the above rant it was easy as the modern technique of Internet was still at start. Today with complete imagery where we can in detail see and examine the Holocaust Extortion Cult in all its incredible Smoking Gun angles, the whole ideological corpus has fallen to pieces right before our very eyes. Seeing is believing. The Material Evidence now show the colossal hoax that Exterminationism truly is. Only the Gallows Door Doctrine itself puts the end to all further defense for an ideology already tossed to the garbage heap by its own devotees.


  • 1470_^”_23Evangelical Christians Eating their own Doctrinal pudding

Word Holocaust means the Penis moving up into an Erection

to do the job it was meant to do

  • The Evangelical Christians are now stuck with their HEC Cult, Holocaust Erotic Cult, and have to eat their own Doctrinal pudding. Which a few are:
  • Strip Doctrine
  • Underwear Doctrine
  • Sex Doctrine
  • Hug Doctrine
  • Piss Doctrine
  • Stink Doctrine
  • Nude Doctrine
  • Rape Doctrine
  • Voyeurism Doctrine
  • Stefan Szende Doctrine
  • Piss Pot Doctrine
  • Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando Doctrine



Zentrale Stelle der Landesjustizverwaltungen zur Aufklarung nationalsozialistischer Verbrechen


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