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Irrefutable facts that the Holocaust Extortion Cult is a Hoax and that Holocaust means Sex, and the Holocaust Deniers of Wikipedia and the Oskar Groning upcoming German Sex Trial


Irrefutable facts that the Holocaust Extortion Cult is a Hoax and that Holocaust means Sex, and the Holocaust Deniers of Wikipedia and the Oskar Groning upcoming German Sex Trial

The word ‘Holocaust’ is an Antisemitic word. The word is Greek, not Hebrew

Holocaust means the Penis moving up into an Erection to do the job it was meant to do


The word Holocaust is not Hebrew. It is Greek. It is an Antisemitic word. The word Holocaust has nothing to do with killing Six Million Jews or anybody else. Instead it means life. Not death. It refers to the ancient Greek Sex Cult, the Phallicism of the area around what is today Greece. The word Holocaust simply means the male Sex Penis moving up into an Erection to do the job it was meant to do. It was celebrated with mirth, joy, dance, good music and good food. It had nothing to do with the Wailing Wall religion of the Jews


The Holocaust Extortion Cult used to extort money from hard working people is used in order to steal money from the public via its Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Europe is forced to pay for crimes the SS Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando (SS: Semen Squirter) carried out if the HEC Cult, the Holocaust Erotic Cult, is right. One of its fundamental Doctrines is the Women’s Underwear Doctrine. That Sex maniac Jews craved for women’s underwear and so to get those underwear they were ready to kill the Six Million Jews or more.

Hitler was very kind to the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, the SS Semen Squirters. Whereas at the Jewish Tabernacle and Holy Temple, their tribal God Jehovah, refused to accept any long Penis, Hitler in his kindness and mercy to the Jews, requested for any seize as he did not want to discriminate against anyone. Here it was not: ALL MEN ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. Thus for the first time in history, Jews, were free and liberated to serve a holy cause without restrictions of Penis length.

The Sex urge to get at those women’s underwear was so strong for the SS Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando, the SS Semen Squirters, they do anything to get at them. CUM man Oscar Groning is to have handed out these women’s underwear to the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando which were basic for the Final Solution. Hitler was more interested in providing these underwear to the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando than in building tanks or winning a war. His plan was for the Final Solution to finally liberate the Jews from the oaks of size. Now everyone had a right to his own size.

And in order to keep the fitness up of the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, the SS Semen Squirters; Hitler built a huge Swimming Pool, set up a Brothel at Block 24. Hitler got the Jewish Orchestra going dancing to the Auschwitz Waltz; all, so that these SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando could enjoy themselves by whoring around while killing their own race, Six Million or more of them. All went up the Chimney! Never to be seen again! Forever forgotten! Up the huge chimney they went!

Today in doing Pilgrimage to Auschwitz Vomitorium the truth of the huge Chimney can be seen by all Pilgrims as they stand there full of awe looking at that very stiff object where finally every child of Jehovah God disappeared into the cosmic everness.


If the Women’s Underwear Doctrine is correct, evidently Hitler had nothing else to do but to make women’s underwear to please the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando. As tastes varied within the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, the women’s underwear came in a variety of models. Send us you own private choice which you think the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando would have loved to use.


But the problem, there was always the FITNESS, health, care, and style. Killing Six Million Jews or more, requires a lot of fitness. No slack moment could be had except for exercise. to keep yourself fit and ready for the utterly secret task and mission of the Final Solution, as not even the SS knew about it, except Oskar Groning, who handed out the women’s underwear to the Serial Killing Jewish SS Sonderkommando, the SS Semen Squirters. While the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando themselves were too shy to reveal their innermost yearnings and demanded CUM man Oskar Groning to keep everything top secret.

Besides the use of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, Hitler let the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando run around inside the gas chamber on Bicycles (Bicycle Doctrine). The SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando had to be careful with their bicycle runs or they would bike right into the glowing super hot ovens reaching a temperature of 1200 centigrade, ready to burn your balls and tits up in no time. But thanks to these fitness exercises the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando was ready for any task and mission that Hitler may have asked for. But of course, they always had to be cautious or they themselves may end up inside those super hot ovens. Many a SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando went up the Auschwitz huge chimney, never to come back. Never to be seen again (the Never Again Doctrines), and thus became one of the Six Million Dead Martyrs.

When you go to Auschwitz, why not take your bike along with you and give it a try? Start with a brisk trial run, using some invigorating sex music to keep you in balance, and show the world what you can do. Arbeit Macht Frei, but it also can be fun, just as the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando had their fun in running around inside the gas chamber to keep fit and ready.

Quality of recording low. The first trial run ever by audio dealing on the Bicycle Doctrine. The Bicycle Doctrine is used in explaining how the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando kept fit in killing Six Million Jews or more by hefty bike runs inside the ‘gas chamber’. We try it out and forward the first audible test run ever done in order to discover how much health we can get out of this very special Exterminationist doctrine. We still think Sex inside such a place would impart more health and strength. What is your opinion after hearing this badly recorded trial run due to audio interference.

Incredible but true test run, testing out the Bicycle Doctrine which claims the SS Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando kept fit and ready for gassing their 6 Millions racial brothers along with Jehovah’s Witnesses and others at the Stalin Holy Shrine at Auschwitz in Poland today. Listen to the bicycle test run as we Never Forget those runs done by the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando inside the Holy Shrine implemented to keep in shape to kill all those 6 millions and more inside the Stalin Holy Shrine ‘gas chamber’.

THE ‘UNDERWEAR DOCTRINE’ IS TESTED ON BICYCLE. For the first time the Underwear Doctrine is tested in an audible recording celebrating the Oskar Groning handing out women’s underwear to the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, responsible for the killing of 6 million Martyrs or more. This incredible recording brings memories back to the hot incidences going on inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz Vomitorium.

THE POT TELLS THE KETTLE BLACK. Wikipedia with Jimmy Wales goes out to the world pretending they are spied upon when in fact Wikipedia itself is the source of spies and spying. The Red Herrings of Wikipedia making it out as being concerned of spying when its very operators are engaged with spying upon the world assuring themselves that Wikipedia remains Kosher with plenty of Chutzpah ammunition to throw at doubters. The trying to cover up the crimes of Europe done to the people by its corrupt authorities. The smoke screen fights by Europe’s corrupt leaders against Venezuela.

WITCH TRIALS IN EUROPE AND PERSECUTION CONTINUE ON IN EUROPE. EU wants Venezuela to have Free Speech. EU tries to cover up its corrupt politicians by attacking. While condemning Venezuela for Censorship EU incarcerates writers, cartoonists, doubters and questioners for the mere crime of ‘thinking’. EU approves of calling its victim a ‘witch’ and condemn such person for Concentration Camp. Making the Political squabbling of Antonio Ledezma a problem of the European people when its leaders can’t let their hands off cartoonist, independent writers and other bad ‘witches’.

BIG BROTHER IS HERE AND OVER YOU. The anti-democratic and dictatorial European Union (EU) being investigated for their Censorship and fight against Free Speech as they pick on Venezuela for their Red Herring to cover up as CUM men for their Censorship. The fact that Europe does not have Free Speech should open the eyes up signalling to us we are here confronted with a bunch of scam boys trying to steal our money to cover up for their life in luxury, women, clothes, and fame.

Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia being further investigated of the scheme making Wikipedia out as being interested in Free Speech, when in fact they are fighting it and using it to cover up the Holocaust Extortion Cult Pension Fraud Crimes. The getting money from poor people is not proof Wikipedia is not run by the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate who have vested interest to lie about Saudia Arabia, Islam, the Third World nations, Venezuela in favor of Zionism and to protect Zionism from insight by using dirty tactics for that end.

GERMANY’S BOHEMIAN GROVE? LIST OF THE JEWISH SS, THE SEMEN SQUIRTERS. Bicycling amidst the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando handing out the Women’s Underwear to Filip Muller, Alter Feinsilber, Miklos Nyiszli, Henryk Mandelbaum, Shlomo Venezia, Stanislav Motl, Simon Wiesenthal, Otto Frank and other Genocide Jews.

Distinguished and Legitimate FARTers, CUM man, and Holocaust Deniers, Richard Evans of Wolfson College, and Cambridge University, along with Distinguished and Legitimate FARTer, CUM man, Holocaust Denier, Peter Longerich, take part in testing the Underwear and Bicycle Doctrine which aided the SS Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando to slaughter their Six Million Jews, or Martyrs, as Stalin called them. How much did these Underwear help the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando to kill their fellow brothers?

PART 2 OF UNDERWEAR DOCTRINE AND GENOCIDE JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDO. THE UNDERWEAR DOCTRINE IS CLOSELY CONNECTED WITH THE ‘STRIP DOCTRINE’. Distinguished and Legitimate FARTers, CUM man, and Holocaust Deniers, Richard Evans of Wolfson College, and Cambridge University, along with Distinguished and Legitimate FARTer, CUM man, Holocaust Denier, Peter Longerich, take part in testing the Underwear and Bicycle Doctrine which aided the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando to slaughter their Six Million Jews, or Martyrs, as Stalin called them. How much did these Underwear help the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando to kill their fellow brothers?

1387_Bicycling inside Auschwitz”_2

A present major study for such Holocaust Deniers (HD) as Deborah Lipstadt, Omer Bartov, Gordon McFee, Alan L Berger, Sybille Steinbacher, Laurence Rees, Ian Kershaw; the Three Stooges: Richard Evans, Robert Jan Van Pelt, Peter Longerich, and those sexually easily aroused at BBC, Zentrale Stelle, Forum For Levande Historia, etc., is, to find out what type of women’s underwear the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando fancied most. This requires a hard study by these Holocaust Deniers (HD), and may take up the time for the rest of their life. No doubt, some will perhaps be revealed at the coming Show Trials against CUM man Oskar Groning.


While you are doing your Pilgrimage to Poland and see Stalin’s Holy Shrine and Relics consider the joy of making Sex. Perhaps the best Sex moment in your life. Think of the prestige, the distinguished moment, and the legitimate operative Sex moment done with full methodological gusto, to bring forth to this earth ridden with idiots, to bring forth yet another faithful slave and servant for the New World Order. Here is your opportunity for Sex to Max. But be careful, or all the Pilgrims will join in the Sex and it won’t be known whose father it will be who has to change the diapers.


In order for the methodological Sex act to sustain Holocaust Denial criticism be sure to lock yourself inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine or others may get in on the act. You can defend your sexual act inside the Holy Shrine by locking yourself in by using the lock outside at the Corpse Door entrance. Once in and one the necessary precautions you can feel yourself at ease and start the Never Again felt movements and just feel the surge of going up the huge Chimney with a climatic orgasm Never Before felt or heard.


Be sure to make yourself methodological empirical secure by methodological locking yourself in for the Final Solution Sex act. This will make it that the Final Solution will flow smoothly and the child will be legitimate approved by the Grand Legitimate Kahal and the ever so demanding lobby of Holocaust Deniers. Remember: Only the legitimate approved will be approved, or they will be disqualified non-approved thereby causing the approving methodological legitimate approval legislature to be non-approved, forcing a Revolving Door action approval, causing the legitimate approval a severe and certain turbulent methodological end

Wikipedia article on HOLOCAUST DENIAL and its use of ‘legitimate’. We show its use to be a hoax using SMOKING GUN methods indicating to us it is a hoax. Exposing the scam behind using the word ‘legitimate’. The Tadeusz Szymanski fraud of the Chimney.

1556_u_8 Lock 55

We investigate Wikipedia’s article on Holocaust Denier and discover how the manipulating racket is done. The hidden Zionist authors can not produce one photo of their own alleged ‘gas chamber’ and cover up this catastrophe of noneness by using Newspeak jargon to confuse the lack of proof. Since they cannot produce one picture of a ‘gas chamber’ we have to help them out, and so we present the most famous of all the ‘gas chambers’, Stalin’s Holy Shrine found at Auschwitz Vomitorium.

We continue to expose the racket behind the Zionist Wikipedia article on Holocaust Denial (HD), a term Ditlieb Felderer introduced in the 1970’s but now used for Zionist propaganda. We investigate and discover that the essential argument for the Wikipedia article which is the alleged ‘gas chamber’ for humans is hardly touched and instead pictures of no relevance are shown such as the book cover of Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt. Evidently a sales gimmick. We hope that this classic article on political-religious-cult deception remains as a perfect example of how Zionists play around with us in order for us to be their suckers and pay huge sums of extortion money to them.

PRESSAC OPPOSED EXTERMINATIONISM TO HIS END. We dig further into the guts of the Zionist Wikipedia article HOLOCAUST DENIAL and discover yet more hoaxes. The word AUSCHWITZ is found some 40 times, often in connection with book titles. The controversy here is much if Jean-Claude Pressac ever spoke about HOLOCAUST EVIDENCE or a hint to it as such. To me, Pressac was much of an ordinary status quo coward who was afraid to go the whole run of an honest investigator. Fear of job, fear of friends, fear of family, and perhaps in fear of himself. From start Pressac, like myself, were suspicious of how the perpetrators of the crime, the Jews themselves, became the victims and made themselves the victims. The Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando simply were made into Holy Cows. And Pressac to his end denied the very foundation of Exterminationism and therefore did not go into the fakes of Stalin’s Holy Shrine which just were a stone’s throw distance from where he stayed, always close to the new Brothels which the Soviet Communists had set up.

We expose the Zionist Wikipedia article on Holocaust Denial showing what happened with Pressac and how facts are left out in order to support Zionism.

ZIONIST WIKIPEDIA HOODWINKING ISLAM AND THE ARAB WORLD. We penetrate yet deeper into the Wikipedia Zionist hoax article on HOLOCAUST DENIAL. We discover word ISLAM is found 5 times and how the Wikipedia Zionists make it out as that Islam would see some sort of a revelation when coming to the Auschwitz Vomitorium to investigate it. Of course the competition Swimming Pool there would be sufficient to put and end to the ravings of a Cult gone mad and so a visit there by Islam people would make the Zionist Auschwitz Vomitorium face with the head of a dog. Anybody crazy enough to invite the world to this Hollywood show place would be digging his own grave. This investigation is fun. Hang with us as further swindles are seen in the Zionist Wikipedia article on HOLOCAUST DENIAL.

We continue dealing on the concealment of the Wikipedia Zionist articles covering up the real Zionist authors behind the Wikipedia HOLOCAUST DENIAL propaganda article. By concealing the sources of their propaganda they keep people in darkness lest they find out that it is Zionist propaganda outlets that write their own fake stories making them out as factual and news. What is this ‘respected Holocaust research institution’ claiming Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, are supposedly defending ‘Holocaust Deniers’ which happens to be themselves.
The concealment of the source of propaganda continues.

HOLOCAUST DENIER ROBERT SATLOFF AND WASHINGTON POST IN THE SEARCHLIGHT Zionist Wikipedia article on HOLOCAUST DENIAL informs: In 2006 Robert Satloff writing in The Washington Post, reported that “A respected Holocaust research institution recently reported that Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia all promote Holocaust denial and protect Holocaust deniers.”[92]
We try to find out what is the ‘respected Holocaust research institution’ by asking Wikipedia’s Zionist authors to get in contact with Holocaust Denier, Robert Satloff, of Washington Post. Will we ever get it?

THE PROTECTORS OF THE GENOCIDE JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDO. WHO IS PROTECTING WHO? Accusing Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia for ‘protecting’, while they are protecting the real killers: the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando. How Holocaust Denier Robert Satloff and Washington Post CUM men, cover up the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando from protection and insight.

WHO IS PROTECTING WHOM? ZIONIST WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE ON ‘HOLOCAUST DENIAL’ BEING INVESTIGATED We discover that it isn’t Islam with Egypt, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia that is PROTECTING and Covering Up, but it is Holocaust Denier, Robert Satloff himself who does the protecting along with his Zionist friends. This time we talk about France and its two Jewish Generals who committed War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity against Ditlieb Felderer’s Family. And here is a short list of other famous protectors of Genocide killers: Bild – Germany, Frankfurther Allgemeine…Germany, Zentrale Stelle – Germany, Bundesprufstelle – Germany, Verfassungschutz – Germany, Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate. Click the tags and you should get to them.

FABRICATING ATROCITY OUT OF PURE WIND. THE MOST TERRIBLE CRIME BECOMES AN OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOL! Below you see why Exterminationists, those preaching the Holocaust Extortion Cult reasons and why these Cult adepts are so deadly in fear of the Material Evidence and never want to go into them. This is beautiful because it comes directly from the horse’s mouth. What is pure fiction becomes ‘fact of history’, using Antisemitic Newspeak words to back it up. It is taken from 10 March at hour 14:16, 2015, under heading ‘Holocaust denial and antisemitism’.

Who is it that have made the Antisemitic Holocaust’ THE VERY EMBLEM OF EVIL IN THE MODERN AGE’ except those who want to profit from it for the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)? As for those for whom it its ‘infuriatingly inconvenient fact’ our readers can just listen to tapes from Cultists of the HEC Cult, listening on how they threaten with assassination and hurt to those daring having questions.

THIS SAYS IT ALL! Now, let us turn to reality and facts for here you can see why they are so infuriatingly inconvenient when they hear about an Olympic Swimming Pool at Auschwitz. It just doesn’t fit into the forged fabricated imagery of the Cult which need their Wailing Wall atmosphere in order to survive. Add to this the fact that it was the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, which even to them, committed the Genocide against their own people, the whole nonsense falls flat on its nose. Exterminationism simply has no proof except for using Newspeak words and those best to prove it are Cult members of Exterminationism, such as Zionist Cult promoters Walter Reich themselves:

According to Walter Reich, psychiatrist and then senior scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, one-time director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and now professor of international affairs at George Washington University:

The primary motivation for most deniers is anti-Semitism, and for them the Holocaust is an infuriatingly inconvenient fact of history. After all, the Holocaust has generally been recognized as one of the most terrible crimes that ever took place, and surely the very emblem of evil in the modern age. If that crime was a direct result of anti-Semitism taken to its logical end, then anti-Semitism itself, even when expressed in private conversation, is inevitably discredited among most people. What better way to rehabilitate anti-Semitism, make anti-Semitic arguments seem once again respectable in civilized discourse and even make it acceptable for governments to pursue anti-Semitic policies than by convincing the world that the great crime for which anti-Semitism was blamed simply never happened—indeed, that it was nothing more than a frame-up invented by the Jews, and propagated by them through their control of the media? What better way, in short, to make the world safe again for anti-Semitism than by denying the Holocaust?[159]

The footnote is left in the quote so that you can more easily find it in the Wikipedia, Holocaust Denial article.


Here is yet another DOOR the Exterminationists have played around with to fool the world. All is scam, all is fraud!

Why do the FARTERs, the CUM men, Holocaust Deniers, and PERVETs hide behind Wikipedia?

All FARTERs, Thought Terrorists (TT), Holocaust Deniers (HD), CUM men, and PERVERTs are Zionists, or Zionist supporters. Zionism is concidered as a madman’s disease built upon the mad notion that a Genocide active tribal God whose name is Jehovah, somewhere up in the sky ordered his CHOSEN RACE, his CHOSEN PEOPLE to march out and conquer and kill defenseless people.—Deuteronomy 6:10, 11.

To this insane Cosa Nostra type Crime Syndicate also belongs the Christian Scoefieldites, which Scofieldism Doctrines preach that peace on earth will first be achieved when the border of Bible bogus Israel, will reach from Nile to river Euphrates. To Scofieldites, the true patriotic country is Israel as they think that Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky directly steers his Milk And Honey plundered territory. The more the Chosen People steal, the better Genocide they perform, the more they believe their Holy Book which to them is the infallible word of this Penis Sex God Jehovah.

Reading the Wikipedia article it becomes evident this has all to do with spying and extorting Pension Fraud Crimes from the world in order to stand on top with their boots in your face. He who holds the gun, holds ‘FREE SPEECH’, and you are now a puppet in their hand, submissively catering and crawling before their lofty and distinguished TT esteemed seat.


THE QUESTION ON FART. We renew the questions
What is FART?
What is FARTing?
Who are the FARTers?

FART stands for: Forged Atrocity Revival Terrorism (FART). It concerns a factory creating forged documents to gain money for the Pension Fraud Crimes. FARTers are those engaged with assisting in such secret crime operations. This may also be written as FARTs. All FARTs are Thought Terrorists (TT), and, fight such; as the first article of the American Constitution which demands UNLIMITED FREE SPEECH, not LIMITED SPEECH as the FARTers do. EU, European Union is total FART. EU should not be mixed with EU, Erotic Union.

Most Government agencies are FARTers working according to George Orwell, Big Brother, and Orwell’s books, 1984, and, Animal Farm. Stealing money from the public belongs to a beloved sport by the FARTers. As FARTers can therefore be mentioned EU with their chief top FARTers, Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker, always so ready to sell any junk to the gullible adepts; European Union payed members, the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate, MOSSAD, NATO, Forum For Levande Historia in Sweden, and other secretive and authoritarian Crime Syndicates. As one of the world’s foremost FARTer can be mentioned, Kurt Schrimm, of the famous CUM Zionist run Zentrale Stelle. His strong FARTing goes far beyond Europe as he tries to dictate his FART forgeries upon the world, especially focusing on the non Christian-Judaic free world which he tries his best to drench with his noxious potent FARTs.



People are now staying away from using the Antisemitic word HOLOCAUST in reference to Exterminationism and its Holocaust Erection Cult, the HEC Cult. Instead they now call it BLA BLA, BLA BLAA OR BLA-BLA, OR BLA-BLAA. Especially the youth of Europe are now adopting this term for the Zionist propaganda created Antisemitic word HOLOCAUST. What is your opinion? Will the new term of Bla Blaa be the term people will designate this fanatic Cult?

And how did this all get about? A change in Newspeak terminology is much the cause of Wikipedia where people suddenly discovered that each article dealing on the Antisemitic HOLOCAUST was just bla blaa, and hence they wanted to use a descriptive term for this Cult, and so Bla Blaa became the in word. Do you feel Bla Blaa will be the winning new term for the Holocaust Cult? Let us know.

People supporting the Holocaust Extortion Cult are now called the Bla Blaas for their endless mouthing of something they, nor the audience understand. And so Bla Blaa was in.


WIKIPEDIA AND THE SWINDLE OF THE OSKAR GRONING FAKE TRANSLATIONS. The Oskar Groning Wikipedia falsifications. We compare English, Spanish, and Swedish editions and find interesting manipulations and totally twisted translations. We ask why the most important language in this case being German is not there. Censored perhaps? By Germany and Wikipedia? Or, the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate. Why all this manipulations and fake quotations and translations?

FIRST EVER AUDIO ON DOCTOR JOSEF MENGELE. Doctor Josef Mengele has handed out toys at the Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp for the kids to pay around with right inside the ‘gas chamber’.

THE HOLOCAUST DENIERS, THOUGHT TERRORISTS (TT), FARTERs, and PERVERTs PRESENT THEMSELVES. The world famous Stair Doctrine tested together with Holocaust Denier and IC Deborah Lipstadt, and, TT FARTERs and PERVERTs, the Distinguished Three Stooges, Richard Evans and Peter Longerich, while Pelt is swimming around in the cloak catering his best services to smelly huge rats. ACRONYM: TT for Thought Terrorism or Terrorist; IC for Irrational Crank or Identity Card (IC).

Investigating various translations of Wikipedia on Oskar Groning clearly indicates manipulation and outright fraud being done by Wikipedia editors. Interestingly enough, what should be the primary article on Oskar Groning in German does not exist. We ask why? Also, what is the use of having Wikipedia when we now see it is all a matter of manipulation evidently done by the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate (SWCS) seeing no one else has an interest in doing such.

We compare various Wikipedia translations dealing on Oskar Groning and find all of them wrong and trying to boost the Cult of Exterminationism. The English, Spanish, and Swedish translations are compared leaving the German out as it either has been removed or for good reasons is not included as frauds with original language are always more difficult to do and less chances of getting detected.


Former swim champion on Hitler Auschwitz type Swimming Pool, France, Camille Muffat, died 9 March 2015 by helicopters colliding in Argentina.

Death of French Swim Champion Camille Muffat by helicopter accident in Argentina. Camille Muffat was a champion of the Auschwitz type Hitler Swimming Pool.

2_ (2)_340



With the throwing to the garbage heap the Gallows Door Doctrine there went the whole scaffold of Exterminationism. The Cult no longer had anything to hold on. And Commandant Rudolf Hoess was falsely charged and hanged. Here is the door where the 6 to 4 million Jews are supposed to have gone through NAKED waiting for a shower, only to be killed by poisonous sperms squirted into the room (Sperm Doctrine) by the ever so Hitler faithful Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, instantly killing those inside from the potent sperm ingredients




By Ditlieb Felderer’s interest and contact with Cults, he learned the potent use Cults use of words in order to gain the upper hand. There was in fact an ideological war going on around us without us being aware of it. This empirical experience made Ditlieb Felderer use terms as ‘Pornocaust’ and ‘Holocaust Denial’ (HD).

1399_1” (2)




When you go to the Wikipedia article HOLOCAUST DENIAL (HD), a term which Ditlieb Felderer introduced in the 1970's, people are lead to believe that this is a neutral article dealing on factual material. You soon discover the opposite when reading it. That is, if you are versed in reading the Zionist hocus-pocus articles and versed in their use of Chutzpah. The truth of course is; that, this article, along with Wikipedia's articles on history of World War 2, and specially if connected with Zionism and its conflicts, both within, and without; are all written and edited by the Zionist front outfit, the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate (SWCS).

It is now generally believed by independent scholars that Wikipedia is both sponsored and payed by Zionist interest money; money often extorted from Governments through open or veiled threats. Ditlieb Felderer can not forget when the Deputy of the Jewish Synagogue in Stockholm, Sweden, called him up, threatening him with violence and assassination unless he submits himself to Zionist dictatorship.

In the Wikipedia article on HOLOCAUST DENIAL, a term stolen by the Zionists, all we know of the writers is, that it is a 'Part of Jewish History'. Now there are a lot of differences and controversies what pertains to Jewish History, and evidently once you dig into it, you find it means a cover up for the extortion of the Jewish Pension Fraud Crimes, which to large extent is centralized in the Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate (SWCS).

From here on, if Wikipedia will have any credibility left, they will be forced to identify the source of these biased, and shoddy written articles evidently written by ideological fanatics. They may have gotten away with this deception in the past, but people are now asking for much more details about those who peddle the various political and religious Cults which are all in there to dominate the minds of man. Zionism is just one of them, but a very formidable one as they obtain tax money from hard working people, given to them on anti-democratic basis. Thus Sweden’s main cover-up Zionist outfit, Forum For Levande Historia, is in fact payed by taxes stolen from the public. Stolen, for the fact of that Sweden ostensibly is not run by quasi political and religious fanatical groups, when in fact corrupt politicians are using public money to this end and doing everything in their power to keep this secret from the people.

By stealing the word HOLOCAUST DENIAL from Ditlieb Felderer, the Exterminationists are now in the dilemma to identify themselves.


THE OPERATION OF NEWSPEAK: The Exterminationists had hoped to mystify their Cult by using words in a specific way to deflect attention away from their Chutzpah and scam operations. And to serve as ready argument for critics and doubters. With this con having failed, everyone now knows who they are by using the term ‘Holocaust Denier’. The term has returned to the person who used that word in the most logical manner. If only tits could talk? Like mice seeking for cover, the Holocaust Deniers will now run for the tits, hoping to keep them safe and warm, at least for the moment of heat, poured upon them by an ever questioning and skeptic public.







The Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando soon discovered the problems with the stairs going down into the death hole far below. In spite of all the soup given, friendly Yiddish speaking, and consoling the soon to be Martyrs, problem could appear, such; as grave tit size problems. Sometimes their fellow Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando and Kapos had Selected too big tits, causing the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, working at Birkenau, and, at the stairs, having huge problems of getting the women into the gas chamber due to turbo over sized tits. The stairs had been made just too small by the Jewish architecs, in order for the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando to make their grand Jehovistic killing task to gently flow through. So, in spite of all the Selection and pulling of the tits from left to right (Left And Right Doctrine), the tits wouldn’t get in, causing great consternation amongst the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, fearing they wouldn’t get the latest of the Women’s Underwear and Condoms, and, perhaps miss out of a Brothel visit.


Few things excited the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando more than to see those girls walking down the Stairs into the Gas Chamber
An epistemology and methodological investigation into the Helmut Kohl and his Stair Doctrine and finding out the scientific validity of the Cult Doctrine based on FART methodology and CUM slight of hand.

Stair Doctrine come live by testing Doctrine with validity and reality. We go down stairs helping the Martyrs to feel at home and cause full secrecy for the Genocide Jewish Serial Killing operation.

W_ (2)_413

All leading Jews in the Bible were SS Genocide Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando. From reading 2 Esdras 1:32 we learn that they were extremely cruel, cutting their bodies up to please their Tribal God Jehovah. This Bible verse reads:

I sent unto you my servants the prophets, whom ye have taken and slain, and torn their bodies in pieces, whose blood I will require of your hands, saith the Lord.


The Jewish Sicarii and Zealots were typical Jewish cut throats at the time and Jesus and his Apostles may have belonged to them. Bible Jewish Sonderkommando types can be mentioned as Aaron, Abraham, Eleazar, Jehovah, Moses, Phineas, Samuel. Without a doubt, the Jewish Tribal God, Jehovah, is himself the greatest Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando who begun by mass killing both man and animals in the Noah Flood. Evidently animals were also guilty of sin and to be exterminated. Zechariah 11:4, and 7, tells of Jehovah commanding to ‘shepherd the flock meant for the killing”.

Here is a short list of the world’s greatest criminals who were protected by Germany and Israel. Some of them served both as SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommandos and Kapos. The short for them was SS, the Semen Squirters. It is claimed that in order to hide detection they had Doctor Josef Mengele put onto their circumcised Penis a fresh and snug new Gentile Foreskin. Germany even was so thankful to them for their killing of six million Jews that it gave these monstrous killers luxury homes and huge pensions.

GENOCIDE JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDOS: Szlama Dragon, Jack Eisner, Alter Fajnzylberg, Alter Feinsilber, Henry Friedlander, Salmen Gradowski, Stanislaw Jankowski, Salmen Lewenthal, Henryk Mandelbaum, Bernard Mark, Petro Mirchuk, Stanislav Motl, Filip Muller, Elie Wiesel, Simon Wiesenthal, Otto Frank.

The SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando secretly worked together with the Jewish Kapos. Sometimes the Kapos and the SS Jewish Sonderkommando were the same. Both the Kapos and the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando directed the Selections (Selection Doctrine) at the Ramp (Ramp Doctrine) to various duties such as the Brothel or for gassing inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine where the Martyrs then went up the huge Chimney outside. The ovens had a temperature of some 1200 degrees Centigrade. None of the Kapos, nor the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando were ever charged for their Genocide, not in Israel, Germany, or anywhere else.


THE PERVERTs, FARTers, Holocaust Deniers (HD), Thought Terrorists (TT), and CUM men case against David Irving

Distinguished and well honored FARTers, PERVERTs, Holocaust Deniers (HD), Thought Terrorists (TT), and CUM men are such unforgettable gurus as the Three Stooges: Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, Van Pelt; Holocaust Denier (HD) Deborah Lipstadt; Laurence Rees, Christopher Browning, Omer Bartov, Ian Kershaw, and other famous and strong PERVERTs inside the Exterminationist team methodological involved with FARTing and PERVERTing scholastic activities.

AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION: We examine the PERVERTs’ case and find it a silly as tits on a bull.

PERVERT is an acronym and stands for Pisser Extortion Royal Virus Epidemic Revolutionary Terrorist. Please click tag ‘Pisser’ and you find out what that words means and who the Pissers are. It is all a matter of pissing out, instead of pissing in and find out the source of the Pissing.



The Methodology of the serial killing by the SS Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando

How the Sanitation and Decoration artist work of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Hubert Zafke functioned

Hubert Zafke had to obey the orders (Befehl) of the SS (Semen Squirter or Semen Smeared), Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, the Serial Killers, whose slogan to their underlings was BEFEHL IST BEFEHL!, Command is Command! They took the command from Moses in the Holy Bible who tolerated no rivalry and no questions as the tribal God Jehovah was in direct contact with them.— Numbers 25:11, 13.

One of the most important and invigorating Sanitation work, was, to keep the toilets in order which the Serial Killing Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando used. Therefore, obedient as always to the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, Hubert Zafke, had to inspect the toilets as a regular routine task. In this way he knew, he could keep Hitler happy, as Wailing Wall theatrics were not in vogue at Auschwitz at the time. Stalin begun it, but soon the Capitalists, who took over the Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp for their Auschwitz For War Doctrine, initiated to outdo Stalin in Wailing Walling (WW), to serve for the Capitalist New World Order world.

Included in the happy team of Decorating and Sanitation, worked such religious groups as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jehovah’s Witnesses specialized in keeping the Auschwitz gas chamber clean and ready, decorating it in a pleasant, joyful, appealing, inviting manner, to aid the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando in their mission to gas the Six Million Jews or more. This had to be done in a joyful, pleasant and orderly manner without the Martyrs knowing it.

All the acts of joy were done at Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz, located not far from the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, the Auschwitz Brothel, and huge Kitchen.

Inside the huge Auschwitz Kitchen, the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando had stationed their aids, cooking spicy smelling soup all day long. Baking delicious bread caused this special odor to permeate the entire Sport and Relief Camp. The delicious smell would at times reach all the way to Krakow. In this way the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando could hide their assassination of the Six Million Jews from Hubert Zafke, and, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who now thought the whole place was nothing else but a huge Sport and Relief Camp which additionally was filled with luxury restaurants catering to an ever increasing million audience expecting the best of cuisine the world could offer.

And from the Gestapo building, the SS Hospital, and all other buildings, the people could enjoy the best Porno show of the day, by watching how the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando disrobed their Six Million obedient Martyrs before being gassed by the SS Jewish Sonderkommando. And just at a stone’s throw distance, the still not gassed Jews were dancing to the Auschwitz Waltz while the Auschwitz Brothel went with full speed catering to the Brandhuber, Czech, Smolen, Wiesenthal, Frank, Wiesel, Rajewski,Szymanski, Langbein, Wasowiz, Wolken, Zlobnicki, and other Kapo types.


The slaughter of the children by the SS Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando

Both the Christians and the Jewish have looked upon the exterminations of babies and children by the SS Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando as a Propitious Sacrifice (PS)

The Jehovah’s Witnesses inside Nazi Camps clearly prove Exterminationism with its Holocaust Extortion Cult is a fraud

Cult of the Holy Innocents Doctrine—Matthew 2:16-18, Jeremiah 31:15

Stalin robs the Judeo-Christians off their Cult of the Holy Innocents and turns it into Nine Hundred Russians Gassed Doctrine, Stalin’s first Martyrs of Stalin’s Martyrology Cult

By never criticizing the Extermination of the babies and children in the Six Million killing, or more, by the SS Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando they could be said to be accomplice in the crime of Pedicide, or Pedocide. Just as the Noah Flood in the Deluge exterminated most of mankind, even animals, Christians and Jews look upon the child slaughter by the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando as they were Propitious Sacrifice (PS). Much in the way how Calvin explained and excused them.

Where Christians and Jews differ is in the look of the claimed Massacre Of The Innocents, in which the Holy Innocents, become the first Martyrs of the Christian Church. And here the Christians and Jews differ.

There seems to be no criticism or condemnation by either the Christians or the Jews of the supposed Six Million, or more; many of them babies and children, by the Jewish cut-throats called the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando. To both, the slaughter has become a Propitious Sacrifice. Stalin on the other hand pointed the fingers directly at the Capitalists who are supposed to have committed the massacres. Seeing the super huge Kitchen at Auschwitz was in the way he simply painted it over from white to black, pretending Auschwitz didn’t even have a Kitchen. He now fabricated up his Nine Hundred Russians Gassed Doctrine, beating the Judeo-Christians with his million of Martyrs, directly stealing their Cult of the Holy Innocents which was begun to be celebrated a feast day in the Firth Century Judeo-Christian Church while Jews still held all the upper positions in the Synagogue Churches due to their Circumcision state and the Identity Card (IC).

The amazing part is, that not even the German SS knew about the slaughter. Only the SS Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando knew about them. And evidently felt them to be Propitious Sacrifices. For that reason, after some three months the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando were killed off to maintain the utter secrecy by a batch of new Sicarii cut-throats that would take their place. It was just as at Masada, only there Suicide was the popular way of dying.






Organized Jews cowardly blame the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church for not hindering the slaughter of the Six Million Jews. These Zionist Jews know quite well that the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando had themselves volunteered for the ghastly killing of their own race. Not only the Underwear goaded them onto the slaughter such as has never been seen before, but, the tribal God Jehovah had himself promised them gold, silver and jewelery and Sex to max. It was all in there in the Holy Bible.—Isaiah 60; Ezekiel 16:10, 11.


Legitimate and Distinguished scholars today equate the Holocaust Cult similar to the Torah and Bible snake handling Cults where all sorts of claims were made while handling poisonous snakes and being killed by them. When dying from the poisonous snake bites the death was excused by that God was ready to call them home to Heaven, so they had to die in any case. The argument is very similar to the Holocaust Extortion Cult which claims that the want of proof of their Cult, is in fact, proof of their Cult. It had to be deaths, or God wouldn’t exist as he created death.


Without Stefan Szende there could be no Exterminationist Cult. Stefan Szende was the first to recognize that to kill millions of the Chosen Race required special high level technique. And so he proposed a special type of Swimming Pool where the Children of Jehovah were executed inside.

Stefan Szende also recognized that some answer had to be given to all those surviving Jews claiming to have miraculously survived Hitler’s Final Solution. And so he came up with the New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine. The Jews survived because they had in an incredible surgical intervention donned onto their circumcised Penis a new fresh Foreskin.

And who could deny this stupendous medical miracle? Who dared to contest it? It was all Martyrology where Jews miraculously donned unto them Foreskins in order to hide against Nero’s lust to kill them off. Somehow Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, had forgotten to miraculously intervene by donning Foreskins with the slaughter by Herod of the Innocents, celebrated each year on December 28.


What does the Acronym IMF stand for?

One of the foremost meaning of the Acronym IMF is: Intense Masturbating Fornicator and often refers to the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando. They are supposed to stand behind the slaughter of the Six Million Jews or more, mostly done inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz. By communal masturbation of themselves, the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando squirted their ‘white stuff’ into the ‘gas chamber’ instantly killing all due to the potent killing strength of their Semen. See: Sperm Doctrine for further information.

What does the Acronym ECB stand for?

One of the foremost meaning of the Acronym ECB is: Erotic Corporation Bisexual and frequently refers to the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando, who in joint conference craved for women’s underwear to accomplish their task in killing Six Million Jews or more inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz. They all volunteered for the services in killing their own race all for the craving of women’s underwear. See: Underwear Doctrine for more details. Also consider the Strip Doctrine, another turbo Doctrine of Exterminationism. Legitimate Scholars include such Distinguished gurus as Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, and the Three Stooges: Richard Evans, Peter Longerich and Van Pelt, all famous PERVERTs and FARTERs as some of the foremost ECBs living today.

What does the Acronym CIA stand for?

The Acronym CIA can stand for Communal Intercourse Associate or Condom Intercourse Auschwitz. Both can refer to the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando. In either way may refer to the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando themselves or fans who commemorate the killing acts by associating together causing False Flags and other joyful vicious terrorist acts in memory of days past. One of the most famous of such False Flag acts was the Weapons Of Mass Destruction ploy falsely put onto Iraq in the USA war against Iraq.

What does the Acronym FBI stand for?

The Acronym FBI often stands for Fornicating Brother International. This Brotherhood pertains to the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando who fraternally were joined, linked together in performing their ghastly killing of Six Million Jews or more, most done inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz. Later FBI was the Acronym associated with fans of the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando, whose present killing activities have moved from Auschwitz to Gaza. Such fans can consist of either active or passive, or being mere agents of spreading the Cult of Exterminationism throughout the world. Associated with Wikipedia they can by virtue of being ‘legitimate’ and ‘distinguished’ carry on their propaganda war against people who have exposed their money racketeering.

What does the Acronym EU stand for?

THE HOLOCAUST CULT IN ACTION: Frequently the Acronym EU stands for Erotic Union and is connected with the abnormal obsession with love for stairs, anabathmosphilia, which word origin is found in Bible at Acts 21:35, 40, a ritual stair ascending, connected with the Holocaust erection of going up, ascend, to full plethora of superfluity of member, thus constituting a holy act in Phallic Worship. Just as the Pilgrims to Auschwitz go up, figuratively, to see the Holy Shrine with its super huge Chimney, the Auschwitz Erect Penis; so, the Pilgrims of old went up, ascended up to Jerusalem to partake of the nearness and spirit of the Jehovah Cult worship, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, whose earthly member was stationed inside the Most Holy of the Jerusalem Temple.

It is claimed that Holocaust Deniers (HD), frequently are EU members, suffering under the abnormal sexual gratification of stairs. Thus, the Three Stooges: Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, and Van Pelt are suspect of anabathmosphilia obsession along with other EU members as Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt. The legitimate and distinguished HD, Sibylle Steinbacher, as Ian Kershaw and Laurence Rees, have been pointed out as strong EU members, ready to fight to the moral finish for the Exterminationist Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult. For further information, consult the Stair Doctrine.

No known remedy is known for EU sex inciting anabathmosphilia. Patients suffering under the ailment, are recommended of at least six Pilgrimages to the Holy Shrine at Auschwitz Vomitorium, and daily bicycle exercises just as the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando partook of to maintain ultimate turbo stamina and gusto in their killing operations of the Six Million Jews or more. Pilgrims are warned from going down the stairs, or going up, as this may cause a severe increase of the ailment from which no medicine so far is available for cure. Not too long ago, former leader of Germany, Helmut Kohl, fell down the stairs, gravely injuring himself and now permanently chained to a wheelchair, thus; succinctly warning us from playing around with stairs unless you possess the skills of the Genocide Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando, who, with the help of Women’s Underwear became overommers in the art of killing for joy and for Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky.



European Big Wigs, all anti-democratically voted in the the huge business racket scam of EU, European Union, which hold dissenters inside Concentration Camps, demand Venezuela to abide by dissenters right to ”their right to freedom of expression” which doesn’t exist in Europe and never has in its whole history. For that reason European countries frequently persecute, conduct Show Trials, act as Book Burners (BB), and torture dissenters inside their Concentration Camps.

EU, European Union, with its European Commission all adhere to Hegel’s Censorship of no Free Speech. There is not one country in the whole of Europe which does not enforce Hegel’s Doctrine of denial to Free Speech. For that reason Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife came under several Terrorist attacks by Sweden’s corrupt politicians, and got all their cartoons, books, music, even funeral talks stolen by the Swedish Government, who then burned them up.

Even a discussion of the Underwear Doctrine may infuriate European’s corrupt politicians to that extent that they will hurl you into a Concentration Camp and put you to torture as Sweden has done. The Strip Doctrine, Fart Doctrine, Sperm Doctrine, Hair Doctrine likewise infuriates the corrupt European elite politicians. Germany puts you inside their Concentration Camps for mere DOUBT! In defending the Stair Doctrine by Israel and Germany made Sweden violently attack Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife. The Terrorist attacks originated from the Swedish Foreign Office, the Stockholm Synagogue, and youth education Big Brother outlets. Helmut Kohl had a taste of his vendetta demand for retaliation against doubt of the Stair Doctrine; when, he himself fell flat on his nose going down stairs and now restricted onto a wheel chair for the rest of his life, thereby proving the Stair Doctrine a hoax.

All these facts are kept away from Venezuela who are made to believe Europe’s politicians cherish Free Speech, when in fact they hate it and act accordingly. But as Lincoln said, you may be able to fool a world for most of them time, but you can’t fool some for all of the time. European’s war mongering politicians should instead take heed of Descartes to conquer themselves rather than the world. Corruption is flourishing all over. And nothing is done about it except for hurling dissenters into Concentration Camps for torture.

How EU, European Union, EP, European Parliament and Strasbourg lie to the world, this time Venezuela, about Free Speech, when such does not exist in whole of Europe, but to the contrary. Europe has today a more severe Censorship law than the Roman Catholic Church in the Dark Ages.

The Free Speech accusation attack against Venezuela and the violations of Free Speech by Donald Tusk of European Council, and Jean-Claude Juncker of European Commission, EC. None of these two potentates, nor their underlings have ever lifted one finger for Free Speech but in fact deny it through their Hegel Censorship.

Is the dictatorial Free Speech denying European Union (EU), a continuation of past Dictatorships? Is it a historical repeat of the scam outfit that started in a supposed Upper Room at Jerusalem? Tag Upper Room and read Acts 6:1-7 which shows the origin of the Christian Church. The Similarities with European Union are striking.

The brazen lie of Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker of EU, European Union, and their European Council and European Commission on Censorship and Free Speech targeting first the world with their Charlie Hebdo Hollywood spectacle and now their now found baby, Venezuela. This lie is specific created for the Auschwitz For War Doctrine; EU and NATO’S wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Syria, Libya, and now Ukraine. Europe does not have Free Speech for the precise reason European Union, EU, prevents it and does not want it.

KEEPERS OF THE GATE GUARDING CONTAMINATED WATER STRIPPED BARE NAKED. We investigate European Parliament (EP, not to be mixed with EP, Erotic Power), and the antics of what appears to be a drug possessed President, Martin Schulz of Free Speech violating Germany, attacking Venezuela with the smear of lack of Free Speech when main function of EP with its European Commission (EC, not to be confused with EC, Erotic Cult). Some 700 confused EU slaves involved, many abstaining, against, or not at all present – all preaching Europe’s most cherished activity is Free Speech, when all Europe has to offer their own enslaved subjects, is, denial of Free Speech. We penetrate the arcane, mystical activities even further penetrating their hymen of obscurity to go to the final act and disrobe their puerile nonsense before a critical world demanding an end to the money stealing farce.




THEY ARE ALL THERE KISSING TOGETHER: France’s Francois Hollande, Germany’s Angerla Merkel, and Spain’s Mariano Rajoy; all political con men who can’t even tie their own shoelace, met in France, being seen all kissing each other, this time not the Israel’s leaders. The kissing ritual concerned Germanwings Flight 9525, flight from Barcelona, Spain, to Dusseldorf in Germany, crashing in the French Alps on 24 March, 2015.

What possible could these people do to help in this tragic moment except for making tax payers pay out even more money for the theatrics? To tackle an accident such as this requires huge stress on the human body that few men can muster, much less political Bla Blaas. Their presence only hindered that more effort could be put onto the air crash.

And to put more injury onto the wound, flights went near the accident filled with visitors, curious onlookers, and those connected to the dead. For what reason? To find the bodies? We have been told the plane was totally pulverized. Can any recognizable body be found in such circumstances? Why weren’t the people told about this to save them spending futile time and money on an accident that will take years to solve, not the least for insurance money?

AIR ACCIDENT: Man denies looking when looks could be made to find out, and goes to places to find out where nothing could be looked at. Germanwing Flight 9525 from Barcelona, Spain, to Dusseldorf, Germany of 24 March 2015.

We test the Stair Doctrine in full Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando. The Pension Fraud Crimes in intensified viral methodology. We welcome Wolfson College Richard Evans, London University Peter Longerich, Hydrant Van Pelt, Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt, BBC and Laurence Rees, Ian Kershaw of University of Sheffield, testing out the Stair Doctrine, using established historical methodologies of Wikipedia enveloping distinguished and legitimate FARTers and PERVERTs.




For some time now European Governments with the aid of USA have sought to monopolize the words ‘terror’, ‘terrorism’, and ‘terrorist’, in order to dupe the public that this word originates with acts of ‘terror’ against politicians. It is now reported that Germanwing Flight 9525 crash was intentional done by First Officer, Andreas Lubitz, 28, who was under a condition of ‘burnout’ and ‘depression’. Command Pilot, Patrick Sondenheimer, had left his seat for a moment but in returning could not enter the door. France, Marcelle prosecutor, Brice Robin, along with others, declared evidence shows the crash was intentional. Articles of the German Germanwing Terrorist flight was spread over a huge area, a sight never seen before. As whole of Germany, with its corrupt politicians taking the lead, being in a neurotic state, we can expect more of such corporation Terrorist acts. That Germany has turned Hegelian mad can be seen that a new German Show Trial is upcoming in which toilet workers and kitchen workers are accused for ‘murder’ while the real culprits, the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando are made out as Israel heroes receiving huge pensions and benefits in order to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC).

If Andreas Lubitz was conscious to his last moment, an intentional Terrorist act is the word for it as ‘suicide’ concerns in most cases as an act in killing yourself, not 149 other people you are to help. If Andreas Lubitz had been an Islam person, the Corporation media would at once have labelled Andreas Lubitz a ‘Terrorist’. So watch out for Newspeak words. Like the word ‘Holocaust’ and ‘Antisemitism’; words are intentionally used to confuse and mislead us.

GOVERNMENTS WITH THEIR CORRUPT POLITICIANS FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE, YES, HOSTILE WHEN FOUND OUT THEY ARE USING SCAM WORDS, NEWSPEAK, IN ORDER TO COVER UP THEIR CRIMES. Europe’s corrupt politicians we can be sure won’t allow their created monopolistic con word, ‘terror’, to slip out of their hand as they can in this way stigmatize anyone with mere words just as the Jews did in Old Testament times and New Testament times. Remember the use of the word ‘Witch’, and ‘Trinity’ not so long ago when thousands were burned at the stake to safeguard the citizens from Satan the Devil. Apostle Paul begun his work by burning books and became the Apostle of Book Burning (BB). The corrupt politicians have an easy work before them, all prepared by the Censorship worshiping media. They will now camouflage the whole Terrorist act by simply claiming the individual was under ‘depression’ and mental tremor, terrified perhaps by his own shadow in order to deter any use of monopolistic words they use to cover up their own acts of terror against their own citizens.


We are now standing at the threshold and all human History indicates Civilization hasn’t come one step ahead of the Savages.—Ditlieb Felderer

Easter for 2015 is coming up and we must begin by asking some real hard questions dealing on the Material Evidence that our Distinguished gurus and legitimate media hacks refuse to ask, and which question could lead 10 years inside German Concentration Camp for asking


Cross wearing_2_322

Three Stooges present themselves along with Holocaust Denier (HD) Deborah Lipstadt of Emory University for the great moment of testing the Stair Doctrine. Three Stoogest Distinguished and legitimate Gurus are: Richard Evans, Van Pelt, Peter Longerich. All are leading men for Thought Terrorism (TT) wanting you inside Concentration Camp for abuse and torture for which they get payed by the corrupt systems we are forced to live in.

The evolution of the word Terrorism and Terror in association with Newspeak term Holocaust. Connecting words are: deter, terrible, terrify, tremble, tremor, all signifying fear, and shake with fear. Why do corrupt politicians deny using this term in case of pilot Andreas Lubitz of Germanwing Flight 9525? The use by corrupt States and Governments along with State approved Cults of Newspeak words for propaganda.

Underwear Doctrine of Exterminationism thoroughly tested and found naked of truth.The Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando supposedly went mad over women’s underwear. They are the ones behind the killing of Six Million Jews or more. Another extraordinary Exterminationist Doctrine filled with Holocaust passion, is, the Strip Doctrine, never outdone by the Sperm Doctrine and Fart Doctrine. The Underwear Doctrine is frequently dependent on the Erection First Doctrine. Those of the Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando achieving an erection first at Stalin’s Holy Shrine would be first in line for the underwear.

GERMANWING FLIGHT 9525 WAS IT A TERRORIST ACT? The use of the word ‘terrorist’ in dictionaries and history. How the word became changed from meaning intense fear to being an act done against corrupt politicians. How European politicians want to sell themselves as nobles, lovers of peace, lovers of Free Speech and righteousness. The fact that if Andreas Lubitz had been an Islam fan, the whole corrupt media along with the corrupt politicians would call it an ‘terrorist act’.

QUESTIONS ON THE GERMANWING FLIGHT 9525 TERROR FLIGHT AND THE VAST SPREAD OF DEBRIS. How can this vast spread be explained? Governments and State Media refuse to answer important questions. QUESTION: 1. Was the airplane exploded in a Terrorist act thereby explaining the vast spread of contents? 2. Plane hit the ground causing the impact to bounce far away. 3. After plane hit ground its bottom went open and as it continued flying the debris were spread. 4. The doors to the plane were opened causing the contents to fly out the plane. 5. Prior to the flight others had secretly placed material onto the ground in order to confuse investigators. Will we ever know? And, what is behind all of this?

ANDREAS LUBITS OF GERMANWING FLIGHT 9525. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE ON DRUGS TO CAUSE TERRORIST ACTS IN GERMANY. GERMANY IS FIELD WITH ZIONIST AND SCOFIELDITE CULTS TURNING PEOPLE WITH MAD MINDS. After presenting our doubts we are now told Andreas Lubitz was under treatment for suicide. But in Germany today its totally mad politicians, courts, an commerce all espousing terrorist acts it’s a wonder not more crazy things happen. Its big paper Bild claims acts of Terrorism is a must when it comes to Israel. War Criminal Angela Merekl feels Israel’s wars are just minor skirmishes. Nothing to be concerned about. While its courts are charging people for working in cleaning toilets and soon perhaps even decorators. The Scofieldite atmosphere of Jeudeo-Christianity tells its children that Israel’s flattening, pulverizing of Jericho, as Andreas Lubitz got, was a beneficial act. Bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya are all beneficial. Perhaps that is what Andreas Lubitz felt. He performed a beneficial act just as the corrupt politicians feel.

BILD ZEITUNG AND ANDREAS LUBITZ OF GERMANWING FLIGHT 9525. Did the Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Israel promoting Bild trigger Andreas Lubitz, or influence him in carrying out his Terrorist attack in which some 150 people died? Germany today is an insane asylum much described by George Orwell and others.

It is Easter time and we ask the question in connection with Christ Jesus, was the Mission of Christ a terrorist act and a suicide and what similarities are there between these two missions done some 2000 years apart?

Germany thanks to its sick media, sick corporations, sick politicians, is today a veritable madhouse. Germanwing Lubitz mission ix but an expression of what is Germany today.

Was Andreas Lubitz Germanwing terrorist Flight 9525 an act of Terrorism similar to the Mission of Jesus Christ. What similarities are there between these two? Give us your answer.

How universities such as those at London, Emory, Cambridge, Waterloo, Wolfson College, are used to lie to us. About fake historians and ‘experts’ as Evans, Pelt, Longerich, Kershaw, Rees, and the Germanwing Flight 9525 Terrorist crash and Andreas Lubitz. About the lies of Politicians, Corporations, Lufthansa and the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) and how it warns us about the Cult of Exterminationism, and how we are being manipulated.

Terrorism and Suicide in connection with Easter, Jesus Christ, and the Terrorist Lufthansa, German Wing flight of Andreas Lubitz. Was Jesus Christ a Sicarii Terrorist and Revolutionary? The strange circumstances about Jesus Christ. The Olah and Holocaust Cult. The Easter Passion. Jesus knew he would die by going to Jerusalem. Why did he go there? Was that not inviting suicide? What likeness is there to George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM where a gender confesses to a plot against Napoleon and commits immediate suicide?(page 81) The Bible records the Jews suspected Jesus would possible do suicide (John 8:22). It also records the disciples considered Jesus mad (Mark 8:21). Compare Luke 24:26.

Money fraudsters love people inflicted with Kathisomania, the uncontrolled compulsion to sit. We talk about the Telempromters and Three Stooges, Richard Evans of Wolfson College, Peter Longerich of London University, John Van Pelt of Waterloo and Toronto University, Deborah Lipstadt of Emory University, Laurence Rees and his BBC, all depending on gossip and seemingly smart chutzpah tales. The use of Thought Terrorism (TT) to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes. The frauds of Wikipedia article on Holocaust Denial (HD). The Morality of Lies. The end justify means.

The German Lufthansa Terrorist scam. Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Universities as fraud and scam centers. The con men Holocaust Deniers Deborah Lipstadt, Laurence Rees, Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, Christopher Browning, Ian Kershaw. All HD and TT Gurus refuse to discuss Doctrines as that entail work and they don’t like to work. Propaganda is easier. Besides it would expose Exterminationism as Hoax. Deny the Auschwitz Competition Swimming Pool. Refuse to discuss the Genocide Jewish Sicarii Sonderkommando. The Auschwitz For War Doctrine and NATO discussed.

DITLIEB FELDERER: A CATCH 22: WHAT IS WORSE: AN INSANE TERRORIST ANDREAS LUBITZ KILLING 150 PERSONS OR A SANE TERRORIST ANDREAS LUBITZS KILLING 150 PEOPLE? The madness of Germany analyzed with its insane politicians, judiciary, and business. The physiologically immature minds of people promulgating Exterminationism and the undeveloped minds of University Professors. Terrorist Andreas Lubitz of Lufthansa and Germanwing companies. We examine the ‘vision’ of those with eyes yet can not see as Holocaust Deniers Deborah Lipstadt, Three Stooges Richard Evans, Van Pelt, Peter Longerich; Ian Kershaw, Laurence Rees, Christopher Browning, NATO head Jens Stoltenberg; EU, European Parliament Martin Schulz and politicians either being mad, drug adics, or alcoholics or simple War Criminals. Our mad media as Genocide promoting Bild, and so much more. We face the fact, the world has gone mad and with its Auschwitz For War Doctrine anything can happen.

The ’emblem of evil’ Underwear Doctrine are tried out and experienced by the Three Stooges, Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, Robert Jan Van Pelt; Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt, Laurence Rees, and Ian Kershaw, all famous CUM men, PERVERTs and FARTers. Richard Evans knighted horse, Bravo, is with us and the PERVERTs try to put the underwear onto horse Bravo thus discovering the great truths of the Underwear Doctrine. Also, follow up on our continued renewal of passion acts dealing on the Hair Doctrine, Strip Doctrine, Tit Doctrine, Sperm Doctrine, Erection First Doctrine, Fart Doctrine and other Holocaust hot Doctrines.

THE WAR CRIMINALS AMONGST US. The terrorist attacks of Andreas Lubitz and Germanwing of German Lufthansa. Censorship all over Europe. Enforcing slavery upon Europeans. Use of Romans 13. The con man Jens Stoltenberg and his Censorship chutzpah. The manipulation of the Media. The use of Pension Fraud Crimes and Holocaust Extortion Cult to confuse peoples’ minds. The use of Universities for war and the Auschwitz For War Doctrine replacing Domino Doctrine.

EASTER 2015, 3 APRIL. TWO HAPPENINGS AT EASTER TIME: The story of two Terrorists some 2000 years apart: Andreas Lubitz on Lufthansa, Germanwing Flight 9525, 24 March 2015, and Jesus Christ. Both sought confirmation on their Suicides in books. Both felt called to commit acts of Terrorism. Was Jesus Christ as Sicarii Terrorist? Both felt to change the system of things. Did his Temple tremor terrify the Sanhedrin so much they had to get Jesus Christ killed? Why did whole of Jerusalem tremble? Jesus acts would result in thousands of wars, thousands of injustices, thousands of violence, thousands of cruelties. Two similar missions both ending in death. Both Terrorist acts solving nothing but causing more Terrorism. How much trust can we put in man? We can trust nobody and nothing.

ANDREAS LUBITZ MISSION WITH THAT OF JESUS CHRIST COMPARED. A talk on Fatalism and Suicide. Is Christ a historical person? Both works of Fatalism. Insanity of Bible and its religions. No source of Bible exist. We compare Bible, Andreas Lubitz, and Jesus Christ. Human Sacrifice and Suicides. Until Reformation, suicides were utterly condemned by both Church and State. As a child nothing was considered worse than Suicides, worse than killing people. The State confiscated the Suicide’s possessions. Traditionally, suicides were buried at crossroads, and with a stake through the heart. Judas the Traitor. And so much more.

TO HOLD A PEN IS TO BE AT WAR—VOLTAIRE. BIG BROTHER HOLDS THE GUN OF WORDS. ONLY ISLAMS ARE ‘TERRORISTS’. GEORGE ORWELLS NEWSPEAK SPEAKING IS LIVE AND THRIVING. Propaganda media steered by licensed jargon refuse to call Andreas Lubitza a terrorist act. Something like War Criminal Angela Merkel callled Israel’s Terrorist attacks against Palestinians only as a ‘minor skirmish’. The licensed jargon of NATO reigns supreme where only Islam people must be called for Terrorists. Yet Andreas Lubitz act has all the ingredients of being called a Terrorist act unless of course your vocabulary is run by Big Brother, who with NATO as guide censors all talk of ‘Terrorism’ unless kosher gurus legitimize other words.


AUSCHWITZ BURNING PITS At the Auschwitz burning pits the heat became so intense the SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando girls could no longer resist but had to dance the Auschwitz Waltz


All absurdities start by people beginning to use the Absurdos language!

TRAINING FOR THE AUSCHWITZ OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOL. The fact of the Auschwitz Swimming pool is causing severe anguish, gnashing of teeth, and torment, to the FARTers and CUM men.

At the sex orgy place of the Burning Pit showering us with multitude of Sexual fantasies bringing us into the culmination of a gigantic SS Genocide Jewish Sonderkommando climax Never to be Forgotten and Never Again reached except for here at the Auschwitz Erotic Sex Camp. How similar is this to the Bohemian Grove?



Auschwitz Schwimmbecken, Auschwitz Swimming Pool, Bundesamt fur Vergassungsshutz, Bundesminister des Justiz, Bundesministerium fur Frauen und Jugend, Bundesprufstelle fur jugendgefahrdende Schriften, Eine Laus Dein Tod!, Military-industrial complex, Uncategorized, Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Wesz to smierc!, Zentralen Stelle der Landesjustizvervaltungen zur Aufklarung nationalsozialistischer Verbrechen


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