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Three Clowns give their three reasons on what the Holocaust Denier (HD), CUM, TT, and Antisemitic clown, BHL, PHD, pseudo-philosopher, Bernard-Henri Levy, should have focused upon while performing his playacting at UN, United Nations, at Geneva, Switzerland, on 22 January 2015


Three Clowns give their three reasons on what the Holocaust Denier (HD), CUM, TT, and Antisemitic clown, BHL, PHD, pseudo-philosopher, Bernard-Henri Levy, should have focused upon while performing his chutzpah playacting at UN, United Nations, at Geneva, Switzerland, on 22 January 2015


We recapitulate the Charlie Hebdo Thought Crime Syndicate rapid events which cause caution for staged play and manipulation, and, anything but a spontaneous happening. 1. Charlie Hebdo start attacking for commercial lucrative business their first target religion outside of Europe. They make their first assault target the religion of Islam which is made as the first Scapegoat and readied for destruction. It is crystal clear the matter concerns various Censorship, anti-Free Speech groups which are fighting each other for big business and hoped for coming lucrative enterprise. The Charlie Hebdo racketeering resulted in an Al Capone type, Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre and MOSSAD, Norway, Lillehammer assassination and other MOSSAD and CIA violenct acts, such as those by NATO. 3. The anti-Free Speech carnival organized by Censorship chief himself of France, the gag enforcer Pontifex Maximus, Francois Hollande. 4. Antisemite and Philosophe impostor Bernard-Henri Levy delivers an Antisemtic sermon at the UN, United Nations at Geneva on 22 January 2015. 5. The killing by the Jewish Sonderkommando and Kapos of the 6 million and more Jews is celebrated on January 27 with various theatrical act performances in order to cover up the responsible actors of Jewish Sonderkommando and Kapos. Instead the blame is put on the Germans and others in order to extort the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). This carnival as stated took place on January 27. Hence, a whole rapid running succession of events brings the whole theatrical show act into suspicion of being staged beforehand and anything but a spontaneous event.

JANUARY THE MOST IMPORTANT MONTH FOR ZIONISTS TO EXTORT MONEY. IS SOMETHING MORE BEHIND THE CHARLIE HEBDO THOUGHT CRIME SYNDICATE (CTCS)? IT IS A KNOWN FACT THAT JANUARY 27 HAS BECOME THE ZIONIST’S MAIN DATE TO EXTORT MORE MONEY FOR THE PENSION FRAUD CRIMES (PFC). Three facts and the cons involved concerning the sermon hoaxer Bernard-Henri Levy sermonized before UN, United Nations at Geneva on January 22, 2015. 1. Cover up of the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). 2. Jewish Sonderkommando and their massive killings. 3. Jewish Kapos and their massive killing operations.

THE MYSTICAL ZIONIST MONTH OF JANUARY REVEALED FOR THE FIRST TIME. THE SMELLING OF A ROTTEN FISH. January is the most important extortion month for the Jews when it comes to the Gentiles and making them as extortion suckers. It was on this ‘holy’ month when the Charlie Hebdo Thought Crime Syndicate (CTCS) operation went on starting off with a direct confrontation and provocation against a religion outside of Europe. What is the mystery behind it all? Let’s find out.

We present some of the world’s most famous flyers in German handed out in the millions. They are put into strategic places all over Germany and elsewhere, and even discovered inside Scofieldite churches and inside the German CIA, MOSSAD, and Zionist front, Bild, the German chief Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing newspaper

Preview of “IMG_0051.pdf”

After having read our material, do you agree charlatan ‘philosopher’ Bernard-Henri Levy should give back the money, including all cost, for his Antisemitic sermon at UN, United Nations, Geneva, Swizterland, on 22 January 2015?


1. Why did TT, CUM, and PHD, Bernard-Henri Levy leave out of mentioning about the Pension Fraud Crimes, the PFC, the extortion of millions? Of the money stolen from European hard workers by BBS Israel for Stalin’s fake ‘gas chamber’ which he made into a Holy Shrine filled with Relics to cover up his War Crimes, such as the Katyn Massacres?

2. Why did scam boy Bernard-Henri Levy leave out mentioning about in his sermon the Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando? The SS. The Sicarii Sonderkommando (SS). Those who administrated all and who were responsible for killing Six Million Jews, or more? They were all Jews. Most of these Serial Killers ended up in BBS Israel.

3. Why did con philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy leave out mentioning about the Jewish Kapo in his sermon? Those responsible in sending Jews to the gas chamber? Most of them also ended up living in BBS Israel, living a hog’s life on German and others extorted money?

Hence: Bernard-Henri Levy deliberately covered up three of some of the most essential point of Exterminationism, the Cult of Holocaust Extortion Cult.
They were: 1. Extortion of money via the Pension Fraud Crimes, the PFC. 2. The covering up of the Jewish Sonderkommando. 3. The covering up of the Jewish Kapos.


1056_Blank 29”_2



1062_ 2”_69



Why did the pseudo-philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy hide all about the Jewish Gang Rapes? The fact that BBS Israel was created by Gang Rape when their tribal God Jehovah commanded all virgins, which include babies, were to be Gang Raped in order to create the state Israel. This vital fact is covered up by all Zionists as they know that would bring the BBS Israel to naught. In order to hide this fact both the BK Jews and the Christians are in full agreement never to mention about this outrageous fact.


Modern Exterminationists such as Bernard-Henri Levy do everything in their power to hide the originator of the Cult, namely Stefan Szende. He claimed that Jews survived (the modern ‘Holocaust’ Survivors), because the Jews put onto their Sex Penis a new and fresh Foreskin. Only some days ago on 28 January 2015, El Pais, reported (page 34) of a young girl dying from female Circumcision. This shows that Circumcision can cause death, either of male or females.

Exterminationism today do everything in their power to hide and elide questions about the originator of their Cult, Stefan Szende, as it brings back the origin of the Cult. Nobody who speaks about Exterminationism and the Holocaust Extortion Cult can avoid Stefan Szende. But because he is destructive to the whole HEC Cult, everything is done to hide him. It is like talking about Christianity without mention of Christ Jesus. The name Stefan Szende cannot be found in the Antisemitic sermon Bernard-Henri Levy gave before the UN at Geneva. That does not mean he may have spoken about Stefan Szende. But we can not find any mention of Stefan Szende in the TT and CUM payaso man Bernard-Henri Levy’s sermon.


1070_;” (2)

There is a close connection with the Charlie Thought Crime Syndicate (CTCS) and the gangsterism in Lillehammer in Norway when MOSSAD went on a killing rage even being caught for their murderous acts. Scofieldites in Norway then handed all the gangsters out to Israel where they could continue on with their vendetta. More similes can be found with the Italians fighting the Jews in America resulting in the famous Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre ending in that now France have their own (Charlie_FSVM). The fight between the two gangster groups ended with that the Jewish gangsters got all shot in a garage in Chicago on February 14, 1929. The Charlie Thought Crime Syndicate (CTCS) sought to monopolize the cartoon financial scams but got caught in the heat of big business and battle between Crime Syndicates wanting to enforce Censorship upon the world.


Make special note of the clothes Al Capone is wearing and the composition of the photo. It is in this way the Crime Syndicate of Thought Terrorism want to portray themselves. Then compare this with the dressing of European Union, European Parliament, United Nations, CIA, MOSSAD, and NATO. The similarities are striking.



Comparison of two Thought Terrorists (TT) and the art of expressing oneself for public consumption

THE SLIME BALL EFFECT: Compare the photo of gangster Al Capone with the one of philosophe impostor Bernard-Henri Levy. Con philosophers have since the beginning of photography wanted to portray themselves in this specific manner as expressed by Thought Terrorist Bernard-Henri Levy. It is evidently a pose he likes. The photo is presently found in Wikipedia (February 1, 2015). The pose indicates a person having fear (angst), an insecure person, a person keen on manipulation, arrogant, hidden aggressiveness, a coward, a braggadocio, and a sly racketeer.


WE ARE THE LEADERS OF THE PACK. Ditlieb Radio is: First Free Speech Radio ever. First multilingual Radio. First Participating Media Radio. Is anyone else out there? Let us know. If not, you better join and leave the others behind. Why curse darkness when you can light a candle?

The Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) was the most successful extortion ever done. A tiny Crime Syndicate compared to the Zionist Pension Fraud Crimes was Al Capone, and his famous massacre of 14 February 1929 which is soon coming up. But Al Capone never run around with guns. He used the best of clothes and perfumes and surrounded himself with the Establishment intellectual world of the day. So today, the Pension Fraud Crimes operators surround themselves with zero headed people which the Establishment have built up as pillars of the society. Especially if they can get ‘philosophers’ to join in which isn’t difficult. One only needs to play with ‘prestige’ and ‘establishment’, and, there they are. That such nincompoops as Bernard-Henri Levy joins the PFC team is logical. The Pension Fraud Crimes is Larceny. So is the BBS Israel fabricated by a supposed tribal God whose name is Jehovah, and which means, The Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky. I have yet to meet one person who doesn’t agree with that BBS Israel is Larceny.

Picture dated 14 February 1929 of the Sa

Palais des Nationes
1211 Geneva 10

Honorable Gentlemen,

Regarding Antisemitic sermon delivered on January 22, 2015, at UN, United Nations, Geneva Assembly, by the distinguished BHL, HD, TT, CUM, PBB, BB, BBS, HEC, HSTH, HH, the Honorable and Distinguished PHD, Bernard-Henri Levy. Going through the text of the sermon as presented on Internet, and the audible sermon, four vital topics are not discussed which could be due to incomplete text and missed audible voice. Could you investigate the original, complete works, which may have included these four missed sermon topics:

1. Free Speech is of vital importance in relation to Censorship and Hegel’s Limited Free Speech. As this sermon was delivered only some days after the Charlie Hebdo Thought Crime Syndicate (CTCS), provocations, it seems reasonable that the original text and audible recordings of the sermon would contain mentioning them. Please try and locate this essential part of the sermon which may have gone lost.
2. Did the sermon of the Distinguished and Honorable TT, HD and Cum, PHD, Bernard-Henri Levy contain the profound knowledge of the Pension Fraud Crimes, the PFC? The PFC are the Reparations extorted by BBS Israel and pertains to the million of dollars stolen from European hard earning tax payers. These extortion money were squeezed out on Stalin’s Holy Shrine which Stalin set up at Auschwitz and where he put his many Relics in order to cover up his Katyn Massacres at which some 20,000 Poles were assassinated inside woods and surrounding area. Please look through the sermon material and see if the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) are mentioned.
3. The killers who assassinated the Six Million Jews were the Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando, with acronym SS. The Jewish SS carried out the whole killing operation from start to finish. Are they mentioned in the original sermon and recording? Please find out so that the public will know.
4. The Jewish Kapos were those in charge at Auschwitz Selection, at the Ramp, and elsewhere. The Kapos decided who was going to be gassed or not. Both the Kapos and the SS Jewish Sonderkommando live today in BBS Israel and elsewhere. Did the Honorable and Distinguished TT, CUM and BHL, PHD Bernard-Henri Levy, mention about this selected group of cutthroats who would drag those to be gassed into the Holy Shrine of Stalin to be gassed with the assistance of SS Jewish Sonderkommando?

Yours very truly

Ditlieb Felderer

Email: ; Skype telephone: ditlieb

It is said that the huge hall in which pseudo-philosopher CUM, TT, and PHD Bernard-Henri Levy gave his sermon was virtually empty, with none capable of listening to the dreadful sermon for much of the time, and those still there, were sleeping. Below is one of the rooms at UN, United Nations at Geneva. Think of giving a sermon to an empty audience here!

DID UN, UNITED NATIONS AT GENEVA MANIPULATE AND FALSIFY THE FILM TAKEN ON CLOWN HONORABLE, BERNARD HENRI-LEBY? It is now said that the film taken on the sermon of Levy was cut and manipulated in order not to show the miniscule attendance at the theatrical show of Levy. United Nations is to have done the falsification in order not to show the lack of attendance of the circus as people then may question why they should have to pay for such a spectacle when it would be much better if they payed for a ticket and see a circus where real performance of capable artist do their beautiful acts and high performance of incredible works. United Nations at Geneva has not denied these accusations and may want to protect clown Bernard-Henry Levy from further grave scrutiny of his mediocre performance, and for fear of letting Zionism down at a crucial moment.
Ceiling by Miquel Barceló.




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