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Welcome to Auschwitz Swimming Pool on board of German liner ‘Main Shiff 3’

Welcome to Auschwitz Swimming Pool on board of German liner ‘Main Shiff 3’


German liner Main Schiff 3 in comparison to Auschwitz Swimming Pool


On board of German huge liner, Main Schiff 3, of the Company TIU Cruise you find the same swimming pool as found at Auschwitz today behind Block 6, only that, the one at Auschwitz was more advanced. It also had a jumping tower of 3 meter.

THE THREE STOOGES AND OTHERS: And here is the Competition Swimming Pool at Auschwitz which you find just behind Block 6. Some Holocaust Deniers (HD) such as Browning, Evans, Kershaw, Longerich, Pelt and other crack pots and famous TT men, still deny the existence of a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz. World championships are held each year in such pools.

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QUESTION: Why is the word ‘Holocaust’ used by the Cultists and not Exterminationism?
ANSWER: The word ‘Holocaust’ was never used by the originators of Exterminationism. It became used as a Newspeak word after no other word could be found that wouldn’t give out that it was Zionist Jews that stood behind it, and so they chanced on it without realizing that one day it may backfire.
QUESTION: But ‘Holocaust’ is Hebrew we are told.
ANSWER: Word Holocaust is not Hebrew. The word is an Antisemitic Aryan Greek word and has nothing to do with the killing of a supposed ‘6 million Jews’, or anybody else. It was a Fertility cult celebrating a Phallic event with good food, joy, dance, music, and a lot of kissing.
QUESTION: What does ‘HD’ stand for?
ANSWER: ‘HD’, stands for Holocaust Denial or Holocaust Denier. The term was used by Ditlieb Felderer often with the meaning people who denied the existence of a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz.
QUESTION: What are the names of these ‘Holocaust Denier?’
ANSWER: For a while one of the best Holocaust Denier gurus was Deborah Lipstadt of Emory University. If you click ‘Holocaust Deniers’ in the Tags a number of ‘Holocaust Deniers’ should come up. There is not one active HD amongst them and because they have so little interest in their Cult they refuse discussing it, unless the sectarian group are submissive to them, who are even more ignorant of the Cult than themselves, but they know then, that they would get away with their Sectarianism and bigotry.
QESTION: Where can I find the Exterminationists, members of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, who rally around the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)?
ANSWER: They are hiding more an more and prefer peddle their Doctrines in anonymous places such as Wikipedia. Ditlieb Felderer cannot remember any Exterminationist approaching him since the late 1970’s. Adepts of the Cult do their best to Censor those suspicious of their Cult. Right here, now over 1400 entries, not one Exterminationist has dared to come in the limelight to declare his great Visions and Revelations. Much less announce them to the world. The so called ‘Nazi Survivors,’ which later evolved into ‘Holocaust Survivors’ don’t dare telling their fables any longer in an open manner as they suspect their heavenly Revelations are being recorded. Much less do they want to be filmed. So they prefer to go about it secretly and anonymously. The Wikipedia is an excellent tool for this charlatanism. Another venue for rich peddling of their supreme obtained goods has been the United Nations but there they are now also getting flack. They are more and more escaping into Fundamentalist and Pie In The Sky religions, such as Pentecostalism. But things are happening rapidly these days, and even here they have been thrown out of. All that’s left are the Synagogues. But now they are getting afraid too, fearing they are being listened to and taped.

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