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Is the German Bild the cause of the mental illnesses in Germany today?

Is the German Bild the cause of the mental illnesses in Germany today?

Beliefs do cause insanity. This has been proven time and time over again
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Many serious investigators claim the source of many Mental Illnesses in Germany today can be directly found to originate from the Axel Springer Mad House (Axel Springer AG) which had its financial, Josef Goebbels propaganda start at its Hamburg pernicious mental drug inducing center, very similar in manifestation as the Anne Frank Drug Culture and fraud

The Zionist front for the hoax paper Bild today is Kai Diekmann, who himself may be insane, for how can any serious person claim that it is OK for a God to speak to someone and tell him that to steal, rape, and commit Genocide is perfectly all right?


Germany is as always Europe’s leading Censorship and denial of Free Speech country, holding strictly to Hegel’s Limited Censorship Doctrine. Today ‘thought crime’ has been extended so far with the help of Bild and other Racist papers and its corrupt politicians, that, you get 5 years Concentration Camp for the mere ‘crime’ of ‘doubting’!

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