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How does Thought Terrorism, TT, work in Europe? Let’s take an example of the German Genocide and Ethnic cleansing newspaper, Bild

How does Thought Terrorism, TT, work in Europe? Let’s take an example of the German Genocide and Ethnic cleansing newspaper, Bild

The German mental institution paper Bild and diagnosis of their deep ailment.

Some time around 1880 John Swinton told what Free Speech was in United States. Today we have progressed, thanks to Bild and other totalitarian immoral city filth that in Germany you get 5 years jail for the mere ‘crime’ of doubting
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Like all Totalitarians, Bild has found the Orwellian Newspeak terms for furthering of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in line with Bible Scofieldism. Anyone finding errors with their ‘divine’, State sanctioned propaganda, will be dubbed ‘Antisemite’. How far this can go can be seen by the Zionist, Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide champion of ‘Chosen People’ and ‘Chosen Race’, hoping for the culmination of the Euphrates To Nile Doctrine, using ‘proofs’ of this nature. Only, that Netanyahu prefers to call his ‘critics’ Amalekites, not Hamas. You simply get your ‘proofs’ from empty space

Like all State approved Cults, the Holocaust Denial Cults of which Bild represents, have found their leading stars, all applauding the incarceration of doubters inside the German Concentration Camps. Here is an example of their Guru, Ernst Elitz. If you can read German you will notice the exceptional high quality of this Zionist propagandist who evidently believes all readers, like himself, and nincompoops
Ernst Elitz. The fact is of course, that ISIS would never have existed if if wasn’t for such people as Matthias Brugelmann, Kai Diekmann, Dirk Hoeren, Rolf Kleine, Vitali Klitschko, Hanno Krautz, Julian Reichelt, Ralf Schuler, Franz Josef Wagner, and all the rest of these Old Testament fossils riding wild on their witchcraft broomsticks

Like their Old Testament idols they have discovered their Scapegoat: It is Islam which is the evil of all that goes wrong for them. In fact, the West using the best argument and weapon they know: that of bigotry

In fabricating their propaganda they often steal if they can get away with it. And so they all pride themselves of being ‘against’ Holocaust Denial, HD. But in doing so, they blindly rush ahead, forgetting who actually coined ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Holocaust Denier’, namely Ditlieb Felderer who already did so in the 1970’s. Holocaust is Aryan Greek, not Yiddish, Hebrew, German, or English. It means the Penis moving up into an erection to do the job is was meant to do

The Bild Cult is firmly trenched inside Scofieldism and Christian Dispensationalism who consider the ‘Jews’ to be God’s special ‘Chosen People’ and propagate this rubbish with intention to derive pecuniary profits thereby. Within this Cult is, that Jehovah’s promise of Nile To Euphrates will come true. After all, doesn’t the Holy Bible say so?
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Now, peddling Zionism does no longer go so well over, so one only re-invents, find new Newspeak terms for ones ‘enemies’, those black witches roaming around causing such discomfort amongst the holy Chosen Ones. Such terms as Amalekites, Canaanites, and Philistines are out. All the hocuc-pocus is solved by discovery of a new Revelations: That those not sufficiently obedient to the whip of the State, be called ‘Hamas’. All Hamas are ‘terrorists’, it is as simple as that. Do you need more proof than that?


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