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While Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy wants over 300 million Sephardi Jews move to Spain to partake of its Milk And Honey, his own people live in poverty, squalor and despair

While Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy wants over 300 million Sephardi Jews move to Spain to partake of its Milk And Honey, his own people live in poverty, squalor and despair

Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Partido Popular wants over 300 million biblical Sephardi Jews who live in Africa to move to Spain to partake of its Milk And Honey as promised by the Scriptures in the Holy Bible.

But where will he put them? There aren’t even homes available for his own citizens so they are forced to live in poverty, unsanitary conditions, squalor, and despair.

Here is the evidence. These three pictures tell it all and they concern Spain, not Latin America, Africa, or Palestine. Pictures were taken in the month of October, 2014.

These poor Spanish citizens and victims are forced by Mariano Rajoy to live in a concrete tube while Rajoy himself glamors amidst perfumes and the attendance of female cortege and luxury liners fly bye

These poverty stricken Spanish citizens are forced by Mariano Rajoy who presently is involved in a NATO war against Africa, to live in the most unsanitary conditions without him being able to provide a simple, cheap, decent home in spite of all the money from Repsol, Sacyr, and La Caixa bank. Observe that the doors are better made than those Stalin put up at the Auschwitz Vomitorium and its Holy Shrine ‘gas chamber’.

Behind these incredible ugly metal walls is a whole section of homes of poverty stricken Spanish citizens forced into squalor by Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy. The horrible looking metal walls are all what the bank could provide. The homes have no electricity, no water, and no toilets. Are such places where President Mariano Rajoy intends to put his well over 300 million Sephardi Jews hoping for that Milk And Honey?

BELOW: THE CORRUPTERS AND FIRST RANK THOUGHT TERRORISTS (TT) SHAMELESSLY DISPLAY THEMSELVES WITH CHUTZPAH SMILES. First government of the incredible corrupt Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who for this occasion has been cosmetic arranged, perfumed, and powdered up, together with his equal corrupt members and women cortege. It is feared that those ‘Sephardi Jews’ now in Spain, and coming in, will be of the ‘fat cat’ types, those of the Zionist linking who now will get all the fat jobs in Spain to further peddle their primitive Biblical Zionism of Milk And Honey Doctrine, and Euphrates To Nile Doctrine. How deep the corruption is, was first learned from a Spanish kidnapping whose victim was forced into African experimental depot of Barranco Seco in Spain. Mariano Rajoy who is at war against Africa, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and God knows where else, cannot pay for homes of his own people, while he bombs to pieces those of other nations
834_First Government of Rajoy

HIDING THOUGHT TERRORISM AND WARMONGERING BEHIND A SMIRK SMILE. Spain and Germany serve today as belonging to some of the foremost championing Thought Terrorism (TT). His Illustrious Highness ‘Savior’ Rajoy has for the occasion been souped up with cosmetics, perfumed up, and powder for mass production media. While he, and his party of War Criminals (just think of Libya here!) live in luxury homes, non-kosher certified Sephardi Jews will live inside garbage cans, concrete tubes, or in squalor rat infested paradise. Possible Rajoy’s followers may be passionately engaged with secret travels to preferred female or male desirables. Jose Antonio Monago was helped with tax payers’ expense to visit his favorite with tickets for 32 air travels, all secretly payed by the Spanish citizens, with our without homes.—SOURCE: El Pais, 12 November 2014:1, 16; La Provincia, 12 November 2014:1, 25837_2012_-_La_Moncloa

Thought Terrorism, the Ten Lost Tribes Doctrine, and the question of the Africa Sephardi Jews which more than 300 million live today in Africa. How will they all get room in Spain?


Do banks profit out of vandalism, ghettos, and slums?


Helmut Kohl with the assistance of Scofieldite fanatics had Ditlieb Felderer forced into Concentration Camp for torture and humilation. Helmut Kohl with help of Censorship law said that criticism of the Stair Doctrine was a crime. Stairs are not dangerous at all as Ditlieb Felderer had claimed. Helmut Kohl then fell down the stairs, severely injuring himself, ending up in a wheelchair with great loss of speech thereby proving Ditlieb Felderer’s claim: Stairs can indeed be dangerous. Clandestinely Helmut Kohl had made up secret bank accounts for the party, very similar to what is happening today with Partido Popular of Rajoy. The photo is an obvious fake. How can there be snow in Poland on 8 of July, in the midst of Polish summer? The fake is so glaringly obvious one wonders to what depth politicians go to lie to the public.

While Sweden held its Censorship Show Trials against Ditlieb Felderer with the help of Germany and Helmut Kohl, along with Israel, Helmut Kohl clandestinely had set up secret accounts much like Spain’s Rajoy with his PP party, the Partido Popular. Interestingly this court verdict written by a team of criminal elements of the utterly corrupt Sweden Svea Hovratt’s mafioso gang of Asbring, Lagerbjalke, and Lundmark, keep secret of mentioning the names of those countries they illegally set out to help in this Free Speech kangaroo trial. The secret countries not mentioned were Germany and Israel. Svea Hovratt was for a long time run by Sweden’s top Thought Terrorist, Herman Zetterberg. When the corruption of Zetterberg got too far he committed suicide, but not before his wife, Ulrika Lutkens, had done it. Sweden was never told about this but it was kept secret until Ditlieb Felderer revealed the criminal and sick state Sweden’s justice had sunk into.

BELOW: THE INCREDIBLE NOTORIOUS MARIANO RAJOY PENAL CAMP BARRANCO SECO Inside this notorious Concentration Camp building called Barranco Seco, TT man Mariaono Rajoy, threw people who had become too interested in the massive, continued corruptions going on. Thus, after having thrown Ditlieb Felderer into a dungeon of human excrement, the Mariano Rajoy kidnappers put him inside here where to their consternation and shame the Crime Against Humanity acts were brought to light. Continued Medical Experiments went on here, primarily on African people, used for Rendition and systematic torture and becoming a very useful building for the Bush fake war against Iraq for supposed Weapons Of Mass Destruction. The building activities going on here are under suspicion to be involved with the spread of Ebola into Africa. No clergy, Red Cross, European Union bigwig, or even corrupt politician were allowed inside to inspect it. It was a top secret center and still is.

ARRECIFE NATIONAL POLICE (CUERPO NACIONAL DE POLICIA) HEADQUARTERS AND ITS EXCREMENT AND KILLER DUNGEON. After being ordered by the Simon Wiesenthal Mafia gang to put Ditlieb Felderer inside a Concentration Camp, TT Mariano Rajoy and his gang had Felderer tossed together with excrement in the dungeon found inside the basement at the picture center building. The Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate claimed at Barcelona, making it out it was a UNESCO concern; that, Felderer was distributing videos on how to kill Islam people. This lie was picked up by the Mariano Rajoy gang and so Felderer was kidnapped several times and put into the basement dungeon. Here also occurred the claimed assassination of people, of which Antonio Fonseca was likely one on 20 May 2000. The Policia Nacional building was originally a maternity ward, and therefore of historic value. But in order to hide all traces of crime, Mariano Rajoy had the entire building demolished. Still standing is the Rajoy scam created Forum Filatelico building to left of which fraud is constantly before judges for years of this picture taken at Carneval. Spain was given European Union money to clear up such mess, but instead the money went into private pockets.

BELOW: HOW TO HIDE ALL TRACES OF CRIME. AT THE BACK OF THE POLICIA NACIONAL HEADQUARTERS. After Mariano Rajoy and his gang demolished the Policia Nacional building in which all sorts of criminal acts took place, the entire building was liquidated along with the evidence, and so today Mariano Rajoy and his gang can enjoy the safety of the sun and all there is to see is a huge hole with none of the tourists suspecting one blooming thing. To the right is the back of the scam outfit Forum Filatelico of which court cases have gone on for years.

BELOW: A DAMNING DOCUMENT All sorts of people are admitted into Spain while Ditlieb Felderer was denied by the Nacional Policia a certificate of stay which he payed some 30,000 pesetas for. It does not matter if you sell drugs, engage in murder, or business scams in cheating people – you are welcome by the Mariano Rajoy gang. And today the Sephardi Jews who have contributed nothing to Spain are coming in and handed all the benefits at the expense of the Spanish people for free. As long as you are for Israel everything goes. Here is the document legally providing Ditlieb Felderer with a certificate but denied by the Policia Naconal. If you are critical to Zionism that’s what matter. If you sell drugs on open street. That’s OK. But you must not criticize Israel without the approval of the Mariano Rajoy Thought Terrorist gang.


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