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Ebola scare strikes Spain and no one knows what to do about it!

The Ebola scare strikes Spain and no one knows what to do about it

Complete pandemonium hits Spain with first boat landing with a possible Ebola pest

Spain is welcoming their Sephardi Jews with garbage trucks, because the Africans forgot to tell them they were Sephardi Jews

Spain’s National Police handing the case not given even the most elementary sanitation items or sanitation instruction

Possible pest stricken black Africans left in the sand on November 5, 2014, for over 7 hours with no one daring coming close to them

After frenetic calls on the telephone the possible pest stricken black Africans were put onto a garbage truck bringing baby excrement to the garbage dump


AFRICANS GETTING THE BEST LUXURY TREATMENT THE WEST CAN GIVE. Alleged ‘Ebola victims’ are here loaded onto a Caterpillar with four wheels by two garbage collectors. At least one supposed victim is already inside the huge truck shovel. Photo taken from La Provincia, 7 November 2014, page 14.

Would they have been treated in this barbaric way if they said they were Sephardi Jews?

SOURCE: Canarias7, 7 November 2014:1, 2, 3; La Provincia, 6 November 2014:1, 13; La Provincia, 7 November 2014:1, 14

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