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Are Bible visions, dreams, and prophecies fulfilled at the Auschwitz International Youth Meeting Center, IYMC?

As materialism increases, superstition increase, strangely enough. Thus it is reported that the International Youth Meeting Center, IYMC, located at Auschwitz Vomitorium in Poland, that its youth have seen strange, mystical appearances of what some call ‘drone penises’, flying around at the former Nazi sport and recreation camp. Especially its Holy Shrine, the Stalin Gas Chamber, is to have been afflicted by these pernicious foreign invasion of unwanted elements.

The International Youth Meeting Center at Auschwitz experiences rare visits of foreign invasion of unwanted drone elements, not included in the package of weapons delivered by Obama America to save the Poles from the Ukrainians, the Russians, and now the ISIS.

Some interpret these mystical appearance elements as a fulfillment of Bible prophecy when youth will see visions and will have all sorts of strange dreams, all promised to happen in ‘the last days’.—Acts 2:17

We are indeed living in interesting times. And the more incredible, the more people believe it. ‘It must be true because it is so incredible!’.


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