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Rudolf Hoss writing a fiction

Rudolf Hoss, sometimes spelled Hoess, writing a fiction

Ditlieb Felderer is one of the few persons who actually has seen and touched what is claimed to be the ‘original’ and ‘authentic’ writing of the Auschwitz Relief Camp, Commandant Rudolf Hoess. Something which evidently Martin Broszat never did as he never even requested that he may see, touch, and study the original ‘authentic writing’.

There hasn’t even been done a simple control of if the printed German edition is that of the, in pencil, purported handwriting of Rudolf Hoess.

Ditlieb Felderer still ask the question after having seen, touched, and studied the ‘original authentic writing’. What proof is there for this? Having seen and studied it, we ask, ‘aren’t we being conned once again’?

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