The indescribable violence of those connected with the Bible indicates the Bible story cannot be true

The indescribable violence of those connected with the Bible indicates the Bible story cannot be true

Those involved with the Bible not only have to face Thought Terrorism (TT) of Free Speech but also constant physical violence

BEYOND MIND READING. INVENTING PAIN TO OBTAIN INSURANCE. THE PENSION FRAUD CRIMES (PFC): It’s like you go to the doctor telling you have pain and the doctors asks you where the pain is. And you answer: ‘I don’t know! You know. You are the doctor’.

A thought on Mel Gibson film about Easter

What is your opinion?

1. The Holy Bible is full of violence. No difference today. Those connected with its story conduct frequent violence such as that against Robert Faurisson.
2. Arson was often used against criticism in the Bible. Indeed, those in doubt of Jesus Christ will go to an everlasting burning Hellfire. Institute For Historial Review’s office and book storage was burned down by the Zionists. If Bible story is true, same would have happened to the followers of Jesus Christ. Nothing of that happened.
3. Ernst Zundel had to face continued violence by Zionist thugs. Even a letter bomb was mailed to him.

Now read the below. How can we explain nothing happened to the followers of Christ Jesus. Not even a stone was thrown. Is all this credible?



Is the Bible much a fiction story? How can all this Bible violence and present ideological violence conducted by tribal God Jehovah’s ‘Chosen People’ in Gaza and elsewhere be explained with peaceful undertakings after Jesus Christ had died?


How Crime Syndicates and corrupt politicians and courts operate for their cover ups

The women in the early Christian Church, Church Power, Authority, and Circumcision. How the Jews were able to keep Monopoly of the Christians

Robert Faurisson under TT LICRA-CAUST attack and the Modus Operandi of arcane fanatic Causts and their Acronyms

Robert Faurisson under TT LICRA-CAUST attack and the Modus Operandi of arcane fanatic Causts and their Acronyms


The Eternal guessing game of Acronyms

Will the real LICRA please stand up!

The Final Solution to Censorship crimes: the Alphabet is the criminal hard at work in creating Antisemitism

Courts and States require victims to be Mind Readers

Behind this madness stand the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) which Zionists do their best to hide with the help of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats

Your guess may be right. Give it a try. Which LICRA is the one that wants to rid Free Speech and create Causts?

Languages Increase Corrupt Revolting Associations
Lice Infect Constipated Running Rolling Antisemites
Licra International Causting Robust Antisemitism
Lies Increase Constipated Revival Antisemites
Lust Invokes Craving Refined Antisemitism
Licra Increase Constipated Righteous Antisemitism
Lesbian International Confederate Riders Aid
Long Inserter Condemned Rich Artifact
Liquor International Crime Riding Association
Liquor Incites Crime Runcaust Antisemitism
Liquor Incites Criminal Run Associations
Lesbiancaust International Combatting Revolutionary
Licra Invents Causting Running Antisemitism
Laughgas Israel Causting Revolutionary Ass
League International Con Association Function: Investigating the con man Simon Wiesenthal and Antisemitic Licra
Licra Inflames Criminal Running Associations
Lesbians Inject Corrupt Revolting Antisemitism
Licra Inflames Corruption Running Amok
Licra Incites Criminal Robot Actions
Larcency Is Causting Revolutionary Antisemitism
Lesbian Inflame Cute Robust Antisemitism
Long Insertscaust Create Running Antisemitism
Liberty Instantaneous Can Revolutionize Antisemitism
Licra Institute Create Robust Antisemites
Ludwigsburg Inject Caust Rich Antisemitism
Licra Incites Criminal Robbery Acts
Licra Instruction Create Repeatcaust Antisemitism
Lust Inflames Condoms Royal Ars
Licra Insane Caustology Reveals Antisemitism
Licra Inventions Create Rabid Antisemitism
Licra Inventions Caust Infinite Antisemitism
Licra Infested Caust Revolting Aggressions
Licra Investcausts Cause Rampant Antisemitism
Laughgas Increase Caust Running Ailments
Licra Increase Constipated Reptiles Anguish
Lice Infect Constipation Rubbing Aggression
Lies Increase Constipation Related Antisemitism
Lice Infestation Cause Revolting Antisemitism
Licralice Irritate Cuasting Rundown Assholes
Licra Instructions Create Repeated Antisemitaggressions
Let Instant Causting Revolutionize Ass
Lust Inflames Caust Rocking Antisemitism
Love Injects Caustlicra Riding Hogs
Lust Irritates Causting Rocking Agapelicras
Lust Infects Causting Loonies Riding Apes
Lips Irritate Courting Riding Ants
Laughgas Injects Cute Rubbing Ailments
LicraLarceny Injects Criminal Raving Antisemitism
Licra Inflames Craving Rusty Arses

”Censorship Crimes”, Police, State, Courts, their tricks to make you a fool and find you guilty before trial

SOURCE: On Portugal, Jose Socrates, prime minister 2005-2011; Ricardo Salgado, ex administrator of bank Espirito Santo; El Pais, 26 November 2014:1, 6. On voting: La Provincia, 19 November 2014:1, 35.

For the Pension Fraud Crimes fraudsters it is important to be close to Brussels where the big brooms congregate inside opulent corridors with gents covered with perfumes and tuxedo suits. Here, the Zionists just had opened an office at Brussels and take their chance to speak to Jose Barroso of Portugal, then head of European Parliament. Wonder what they talk about? Could it be about that nasty Iran having expressed doubts about the Holocaust Extortion Cult? Robert Faurisson had been invited there to talk about the frauds of Exterminationism. What a nasty man he is!

Holocaust Denier (HD), Deborah Lipstadt, who had used Emory University to peddle here Zionist Exterminationist nonsense, had accused Robert Faurisson to be a falsifier of history. As we had stated the same things, that of course also made us into ‘falsifiers of history’. So we went direct to the horse’s mouth and asked Emory University where we exactly were ‘falsifiers of history.’ That was years ago. And we are still waiting. You have to be patient with these children playing with history in between their change of diapers. When will they get their dainty fingers dirty and dig up some ‘facts’. Or, are they all hiding inside their Exterminationist rat holes, hoping that people will forget all about it. Here are just a few facts we asked Emory University for an answer. They are still working at it. Work does not make fun unless lucratively payed. And then the risk are, that by indicating life does exist, more nasty questions are asked. What does that speak of a major University, Emory University, claiming to be experts in fields they never studied?

Here is page 1 of of the Robert Faurisson article in Spanish Interviu of 22-28 February l979. It was the FIRST TIME that a plan of Crematory 1 and more was shown outside of Poland. Everything till then had been accepted as Gospel Truth as long it came from Exterminationists and their fabricators of grand tales.

And here is page 2 of that historic article. The Exterminationists and their Holocaust Extortion Cult with their Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) were now met with stark naked facts of Material Evidence. And away they all run to their corrupt politicians and courts, begging them to jail those daring to challenge their holy claims.

How many ‘International Auschwitz Committee’ exist there? One famous one was by the former Nazi Collaborator, Hermann Langbein, who did his best to cover up his past. For instance, his work with the Nazi Brothel at Block 24. And his work with the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. But then, he was only part of the Nazi collaboration team. Here is how they bandy around and do their best of con activities by covering up their Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine and their Four Million Martyrs Doctrine of Stalin. And where did all these ‘truth stones’ of the 4 million go to? To the garbage dump? Garbage in, garbage out.

In order to divert attention away from their own crimes and for the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) the Zionist Jews go after innocent people and investigators such as Robert Faurisson trying to find out what is behind it all. Thus, to this day Governments have hidden the Ethnic Cleansing Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando who stood behind the whole killing operations. The Jewish Sonderkommando are supposed to have been the REAL assassins, yet they don’t bother about them.
871_Blank 5”_2_9

Robert Faurisson, the Jewish Sonderkommando (JS and JSS), and the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)

The Jewish Serial Killing Sonderkommando and their dogs


Robert Faurisson, Search Warrant, Accusation document. The importance of document proofs, and the Nazi Collaborator Filip Muller

No documents given in case of Robert Faurisson or anyone else being accused. Open air interview with Ditlieb Felderer.


Robert Faurisson was the first person who seriously begun to investigate the Anne Frank Drug Culture fraud. No serious researcher today considers the Anne Frank Diary to be anything else but yet another literary hoax, the difference with this one: it brought in millions of dollars and helped in creating the Bible bogus state Israel
884_otto frank warehouse”_2

Radio Islam was the first one to put onto the Internet the Anne Frank Drug Cult and thus researcher throughout the world could read about the Anne Frank empire and their scams and frauds. For information go to:
601_anne frank radio islam_2

Thanksgiving Day the American Way

Thanksgiving the American Way

The Puritans came and they asked us Indians to shut our eyes and pray. And we did. We then found we had their Bible in our hands and they had our land. Then they sent us to Church and we had to pay Tithe to be accepted. Now we sing their song: ‘Nearer to God to you’ while making a down payment for our funeral. It’s so great to be Christian and we are so grateful.

Ecclesiasticus 13:8
Take care you are not hoodwinked and made fool of through your own stupidity


Thanksgiving, Conquest of Canaan, Conquest of America, Hypocrisy, Glamorizing Christianity

Deuteronomy 6:10, 11
…and you eat and are satisfied.
10 “Then it shall come about when the Lord your God brings you into the land which He swore to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give you, great and splendid cities which you did not build, 11 and houses full of all good things which you did not fill, and hewn cisterns which you did not dig, vineyards and olive trees which you did not plant, and you eat and are satisfied,—American Standard Version



The American and Canadian Indian Holocaust. An attempt to silence, cover-up, and confusion. A political conspiracy in action.

Should the German Bild tabloid be made to pay Reparation to Palestine?

Should the German Bild tabloid be made to pay Reparation to Palestine?


Is the German Bild responsible for the ever increasing drug abuse and addiction amongst youth, the increase of insanity, and the ever increasing Suicide amongst Youth?

A FUNDAMENTALIST DRUG ADDICTION TABLOID PEDDLING SCOFIELDISM, RACISM, AND GENOCIDE: Is the German Bild responsible for the ever increasing drug abuse and addiction amongst youth, the increase of insanity, and the ever increasing Suicide amongst Youth?


Bild Zeitung and their spread of apathy, drugs, racism, insanity, drug abuse, health eradication, hopelessness, despair, and war amongst European Youth

German Bild, although ostensible not being a religious paper, is deeply involved with its cover up the preaching of Scofieldism and Dispensationalist Revealed Religion Theology, claiming that the Jewish Tribal God, Jehovah, The Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, personally spoke to Abraham, promising Abraham huge real estate land of Milk And Honey and the entire globe to be the willing Slaves of God Jehovah’s Chosen People

From this lofty Temple Kahal building in Berlin the pernicious Zionist Cult is peddled out to the unsuspecting German youth not realizing they are being hoodwinked by a vicious Crime Syndicate in favor of the Auschwitz For War Doctrine, Israel Supremacism, and Biblical Zionist interpreted drug cock and bull stories 861_Berlin_-_Axel-Springer-Hochhaus

The Bible tribal God Jehovah was in fact a mighty Sex Penis in the sky demanding from his Chosen People that they do it often and do it well to subdue the mankind slaves whose Virgins were to satisfy his Chosen Race, the Jews; who, still are waiting for the huge land grab of Euphrates To Nile, and in fact, the entire globe was to be come their inheritance according to Jehovah’s promise in their Magalomaniac Holy Bible which they and the Christians have adopted as ‘holy writing’!

In order to beguile the youth and cover up its deep Theological indoctrination, new Euphemistic terms are invented for the cause of Racial Supremacism. No longer are such terms as Amalekites, Canaanites, and Philistines used as they would reveal its deep religious preaching. In true Orwellian way a new Newspeak term is invented, that of Hamas. The Hamas now take the part of the old Satan, and now becomes the new Satan and Devil in line with perpetual Witchcraft

Just as the Jehovah’s Chosen Race the Jews have stolen all the land from the Palestinians through war, bloodshed, and deception, Bild could not have achieved its dictatorial status without deception, using underhanded methods by distribution and sales. With your help we can find out how they eradicated their competitors to sell their Zionist nonsense. Youth have a great opportunity here to work in exposing one of the world’s greatest hoaxes and rackets

Like all CUM men (Cover Up Man) Bild uses False Flags (FF) to divert attention away from their Crime Syndicate and support for the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Thus they hide the meaning of ‘Holocaust’, ‘Holocaust Denial’, ‘Holocaust Denier’, and the fact that the Jewish Sonderkommando stool behind the killing of the Six Million Jews

Instead of helping youth away from drugs and war, Bild constantly create new war zones and conflicts. Bild warmongering is a foremost ideal as they strive for the enforcement of the Auschwitz For War Doctrine. To Bild War Is Peace and Greenpeace is out to eradicate Zion and the Holy Jehovah promised land even before God’s Chosen People have reached their Euphrates To Nile territory. When this extention of land is achieved, eternal peace will usher upon mankind with all nations of the earth running to the Chosen Ones and hand over all their belongings and life. The Chosen Ones will now rule supreme over mankind who now serve as their everlasting Slaves—Isaiah 60

THE MOTIVE IDENTIFIED: THE PENSION FRAUD CRIMES (PFC) Behind all this con and racketeering stands the money for personal gain, and the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Without it the fraudsters, the COM, the TT, and MOV, would have no interest in peddling their racist wares and working as catalysts for inducing insanity into the vulnerable youth. Money rules it all, and here is the source which drives their madness on

A discussion of a ‘Morality’ illustration and the vice of the German Bild

THE MORAL BILD ERSATZ. The German Bild has lost the battle on ‘Morality’ and so has to grasp some viable Ersatz in substitution and surreptitiously use Zionism as ‘Ersatz’ for their racist doctrine of the Scofieldite Cult. Scofieldism becomes the savior under which umbrella the New Morality is taught. Anyone daring to criticize Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky and dare to expose are touching the eyeball of God himself.—Zechariah 2:8

Is the German Bild the cause of the mental illnesses in Germany today?

Is the German Bild the cause of the mental illnesses in Germany today?

Beliefs do cause insanity. This has been proven time and time over again
; (2)_729

Many serious investigators claim the source of many Mental Illnesses in Germany today can be directly found to originate from the Axel Springer Mad House (Axel Springer AG) which had its financial, Josef Goebbels propaganda start at its Hamburg pernicious mental drug inducing center, very similar in manifestation as the Anne Frank Drug Culture and fraud

The Zionist front for the hoax paper Bild today is Kai Diekmann, who himself may be insane, for how can any serious person claim that it is OK for a God to speak to someone and tell him that to steal, rape, and commit Genocide is perfectly all right?


Germany is as always Europe’s leading Censorship and denial of Free Speech country, holding strictly to Hegel’s Limited Censorship Doctrine. Today ‘thought crime’ has been extended so far with the help of Bild and other Racist papers and its corrupt politicians, that, you get 5 years Concentration Camp for the mere ‘crime’ of ‘doubting’!

The Megalomania and stubborn arrogance of the German Bild in contempt of free man

The Megalomania and stubborn arrogance of the German Bild in contempt of free man

The contempt of Free Spech by the German Bild

The German Bild (Axel-Springer-Verlag; also called Bild-Zeitung) portrays itself the best by its own example

Arrogance portrayed the best by their own example. The Canadian Stephen Harper shows the way to ‘tolerance’ and ‘happiness’

But what stands behind all this hypocrisy? It is the money of course: The undeniable truth

And for this scam to work Censorship is a must. Without it, the whole thing falls like a house of card. Bertrand Russell right on the spot again