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German BILD newspaper says Germany has only 50 beds for sick Ebola victims

German BILD newspaper says Germany has only 50 beds for sick Ebola victims

Most of Germany’s money goes in paying huge pensions (PFC) to Israel and to pay for its wars against Palestinians so there is no money left over for health care

Yet another Missionary of San Juan de Dios from Sierra Leone, the same Mission from which the other Missionaries died, now isolated for Possible Ebola pest (El Pais, 17 October, 2014:1)



La Provincia (1 October 2014:39) continues its Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing mentality. Their latest ploy is to propose that Homosexuals, gays around the world have more right to Palestine than Palestinians. Critics are simply called ‘Hamas’, not as before: Amalekites, Canaanites, Goyim, Heathen, Pagan, Philistines, etc. But as can be seen from the article, ‘Antisemitismo’, Antisemitism, is still in, but evidently out is ‘Holocaust Denier’ and ‘Holocaust Denial’ (HD)

With the help of Zionist paper La Provincia, Ditlieb Felderer was kidnapped by the Spanish corrupt Government and thrown into beds filled with excrement, for then to be forcibly taken to the notorious experimental Concentration Camp, Rendition center of Barranco Seco. Barranco Seco is under suspicion of being used spreading Ebola and other diseases throughout Africa. It had total lack of sanitation although EU had payed money for it, which money ended into private pockets

Ever since the addition of East Germany, the European Union (EU) has expanded and now includes Africa at which wars are waged by Germany and others, while greatly assisting the spread of Ebola and other diseases. Interestingly, not one of the EU members spoke at the Marina Lanzarote inauguration, nor have the public been told how much tax payer money was used to pay for this doomed scam enterprise. It all seems to be a deep military secret. Equal military secret, is, the names of the EU people who committed this scam

Especially the Harbor Police are now at the receiving end of Ebola attack. With total lack of resources or expert people on the Ebola pest to help them, the Harbor Police stand helpless, being the sitting ducks of corrupt politicians and EU big wigs while Germany continues sending its tax money to Israel for its Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing wars against Palestinians which are hypocritically excused with an Euphemistic word: Hamas. For the moment Newspak words as: Amalekites, Canaanites, Philistines, Goyim are out, all replaced by ‘Hamas’

TELLING LIES ABOUT UNESCO: In order to get at Ditlieb Felderer, the Simon Wiesenthal Mafia gang got the Barcelona media to attack him, helped out by the Zionist, La Provincia and the Spanish National Police who then started to throw Ditlieb Felderer into beds filled with human excrements, for then to be kidnapped and Renditioned to the Barranco Seco Rendition, Medical Experiment and Rendition Concentration Camp. In order to achieve this, the Simon Wiesenthal Mafia told lies about UNESCO, making it out that their meeting at Barcelona concerned Ditlieb Felderer775

YET ANOTHER BARRANCO SECO SCAM: Not a word is said here that funds from European Union have been used for the Marina Lanzarote scam. It is believed that the perpetrators of the scam must know that it is a going flop and that money from European Union, EU, have secretly been transferred over to the business sector

The East African nation of Rwanda is requiring all visitors from the United States and Spain to self-monitor, fill out an extensive questionnaire and report their medical condition for the first 21 days of their visits because of the Ebola cases that have surfaced in the two Western countries.

The order by the Rwanda government to visiting Americans and Spaniards was posted Tuesday on the website of the U.S. Embassy in Rwanda:

“On October 19, the Rwandan Ministry of Health introduced new Ebola Virus Disease screening requirements. Visitors who have been in the United States or Spain during the last 22 days are now required to report their medical condition—regardless of whether they are experiencing symptoms of Ebola—by telephone by dialing 114 between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. for the duration of their visit to Rwanda (if less than 21 days), or for the first 21 days of their visit to Rwanda. Rwandan authorities continue to deny entry to visitors who traveled to Guinea, Liberia, Senegal, or Sierra Leone within the past 22 days.”

A logical step for European Union (EU) to take is to stop all tourism of liners until the Ebola pestilence is removed even though this may cause financial harm. But a major Ebola outbreak would cost much more than all the income from tourism put together. Here a luxury liner is seen, totally in blissful ignorance of the possible dangers involved

One of the most curious and suspicious places is without a doubt the top secret Barranco Seco in Spain where it is claimed such things as Torture and Medical Experiments are done, aside from stealing from the interned victims, whose large population come from West Africa. Many claim that Spain had a secret deal with CIA whereby victims would be sent to Africa infested with disease or having the disease planted into them for growth. Interestingly enough, the Roman Catholic Church authorities are forbidden to enter the place and no religious service are to have taken place there for the Roman Catholic Africans since the beginning of Barranco Seco. In 1993 Ditlieb Felderer was kidnapped after the Simon Wiesenthal Mafia had lied about UNESCO at Barcelona. Well, inside the dungeon, Ditlieb Felderer saw horrible examples of using Africans as guinea pigs for the New World Order and its Anglo-American World Empire774

Missionary San Juan de Dios, Saint John of God, may be carrying the corpse of an ancient Ebola Victim. It is this Roman Catholic Order, San Juan de Dios, that is now infested with the Ebola pestilence. Washing was a sin much in the history of Christianity. To prevent such epidemics the Germans built their largest building at Birkenau Relief Camp, the Sauna. When Ditlieb Felderer was thrown into Spanish filthy prison because the Simon Wiesenthal Mafia had lied about UNESCO, he was thrown into blankets filled with excrement by the Spanish National Police. With such a record of sanitation little wonder whey Spanish health now is littered with the Ebola pest 768_John_of_god_murillo

Source: Bild, Germany, 14 October 2014:6



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