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European Union (EU) inaugurates its new center for spreading Ebola to Europe

European Union (EU) inaugurates its new center for spreading Ebola to Europe

The Most severe acute health emergency seen in modern times is becoming a carnival by European Union (EU)

There exist a woeful lack of preparedness for an Ebola attack of all the Spanish African islands with no hospital capable of handling a scourge of Ebola



On Saturday October 18, 2014, European Union (EU) inaugurated its new high risk Ebola center on the island of Lanzarote near Africa and not far from West Africa where Ebola is raging with victims far higher than officials give by cooking the death book numbers.

An Ebola hot spot center without control of incoming boats ought to serve as a Quarantine instead of as an invitation place for Ebola, at least until the problem has been solved. Instead, the officials lie about the risk, or simply ignore them, or cover them up by placing fake signs of shops renting space for their merchandise.

It does not take much brain work to see that EU is here totally incapable to deal with even the smallest problem and each worker engaged with aiding or rescuing Ebola victims is himself running the risk of being the next victim.

Like all European Union (EU) inaugurations a ton of garbage is collecting all around the place assuring easy spread of Ebola if it is present.

The shops renting space here have little hope of surviving. This may be the reason why simply their names exist pasted on boards covering the alleged businesses. At the beginning of 2015 it will be seen to what extent EU fooled the public by their present gimmick of squandering public money.

Boats from West Africa are now heading for African Spanish islands hoping for protection or medical care in case of stricken by Ebola, or suspicious of their health condition. Nothing has been done to protect and isolate coming boats to safeguard the surrounding and European Union (EU) has given full freedom for the disease to spread, which spread will not only lead to infection on the islands but also head into Europe via the tourist trade. From there it will move further into Africa and a horror scene is real.

Only a short distance away from the high risk Ebola center are located huge luxury liners which can each take thousands of tourists not having a clue where they have landed. As they move on the water they can see the boats from West Africa below them, each one able to transport the Ebola disease even further away.

Totally oblivious to the ever Ebola risk, people present at the 18 October 2014 European Union (EU) inauguration day, partake of what seems scaring close to taking their Last Rites at Burger King.

Priest gives the Last Rites to stricken victim763_Last_Rites_ca_1600


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