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The European Union (EU) and its spread of Ebola and disease throughout the world

The European Union (EU) and its spread of Ebola and disease throughout the world

A congestion of boats at Arrecife, Lanzarote; all joined together like sardines in a sardine box are tightly cemented, jointly becoming breeding ground for Ebola and other infectious diseases. And this, all at the hands of European Union (EU). What is called the most severe, acute, health emergency seen in modern times is here boosted by the European Union on top of a mass of concrete ugliness. And absolutely no control and no interest is shown where and how all this money is going.

Spain is spearheading in spreading infectious diseases into Europe with the help of European Union (EU)


European Union and its spread of Ebola and disease throughout Europe

Yet another project doomed to failure by the European Union where millions are spent on totally useless and crazy projects. And they designate this as ‘sport activity’. Notice that the money spent on the doomed splurge is kept secret

The case of Theresa Romero, 40, catching Ebola shows the woeful lack of preparedness on the part of Spain and its hospitals to handle an epidemic. A port such as this acts as an assured center for the spread of infectious diseases753

There is absolutely no control of where the mass of people joining together here come from. Anyone may have come from the very epicenter of the deadly Ebola disease754

Ebola in spite

A Dallas health worker who looked after the first Ebola victim to die in the United States contracted the disease despite wearing a full protective gown, gloves and face shield as she cared for him.

Officials in Texas said they were “very concerned” that the first transmission of the virus on US soil occurred despite following health and safety guidelines.

The female nurse, who has asked not to be named, had been classified as having a “low risk” of carrying the disease before testing positive for Ebola on Saturday night.

Those caring for him were said by hospital officials to have abided by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines which stipulate that full protective suits should be worn while treating Ebola victims.

The Sinister Ebola Attack

A critic informs:

Having been in medicine for over 30 years (way over!) I have never heard of an infectious disease that is NOT communicable during the incubation period. Point is, we have no way to know who is incubating the virus. We also have no absolute knowledge on how it is transmitted. The “checks” at the airports are ridiculous. Moderate fever can easily be masked if one takes some Tylenol or sips cold water in an effort to get to the USA to receive our superior medical care. I have no ideas or solutions, but just pointing out how serious this is and how non serious it has been treated…. up until now. too late??

If the checks at the airports are ridiculous there are absolutely no checks at all close to the very epicenter of the disease with people coming in from everywhere, even those in direct contact with the infection.

Stench of Tourism into our nostrils. Urine contra chemical Perfume. Perfume stores are all around Puerto del Carmen but the perfume of Urine outdo all of them

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