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Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp had no Ebola but Barranco Seco easily could

Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp had no Ebola but Barranco Seco easily could

We were first in revealing about the Auschwitz Laundry

Barranco Seco, a Spanish Concentration Camp, had no means of washing. Not even your hands.

Auschwitz had running water and toilets inside each Block.

A comparison of Spain’s infamous Concentration Camp Barranco Seco shows it to be far below the worst of Auschwitz Relief Camp, and that at war.

Spanish papers such as El Mundo, El Pais, La Provincia, and all the others continue dishing out Zionist propaganda when they could start to look at their own and themselves.

In many respects, the slums in Spain, are worse than anything in Africa. All these places are veritable breeding grounds for Ebola and other infectious diseases.


Below is a picture of the notorious Barranco Seco where Medical Experiments could have been done, and may still be.

By Spanish focusing on Israel self created problems with their Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), and Colonial ambitions of Euphrates to Nile Doctrine, instead of solving own problems, all these doctors have a chance of being dead, with no help for the population once such epidemics as Ebola get out of hand 752_modern-health-system

”Homes” such as this are found all over Spain, often directly beside tourist centers. Absolutely nothing is done about it, and such papers as La Provincia, instead, focused in peddling lies about UNESCO and Ditlieb Felderer.

C244 Audio
Ebola force changes of man’s multiple Doctrines as they no longer hold and the puzzle does not fit together.
Language: English, MP3, Time: 5:24

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