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Spanish paper La Provincia accused of being responsible in spreading Ebola

Spanish paper La Provincia accused of being one of those responsible in spreading Ebola and for media silence

How the newspaper La Provincia lied about Ditlieb Felderer using Crime Against Humanity acts in order to bring him to the unsanitary germ ridden Franco penal Concentration Camp, Barranco Seco

La Provincia and the Simon Wiesenthal Zionist gang together fabricated stories about Ditlieb Felderer in order to get him with the help of corrupt politicians incarcerated inside the Barranco Seco dungeon

How La Provincia set out to lie about UNESCO

Such criminal kidnapping go under Crimes Against Humanity

In 1993 when the fabricated articles by La Provincia were made against Ditlieb Felderer, the Zionist newspaper had its location on Calle Amigos de Portonao 1, third floor, at Arrecife, Lanzarote. Thus it was located only some few meters from where Ditlieb Felderer was situated. The paper never bothered to go to Ditlieb Felderer to ask him about this and the UNESCO meeting at Barcelona, but depended on the Thought Terrorist outlet of Simon Wiesenthal Mafia gang. The conspiracy of silence which this Thought Terrorist (TT) concocted up to save the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) can now be told.



The incredible filthy Barranco Seco was used by Franco as a penal Concentration Camp. After him it was used by CIA as a place of Rendition. No one is allowed to inspect it. During Ditlieb Felderer’s stay there rampant theft and sex with female prisoners went on inside its secretive walls. The place had no sanitary provisions at all and if Ebola existed in 1993 it would spread like a bush fire. When Ditlieb Felderer informed about the unsanitary conditions, La Provincia, refused to publish it and pretended that Ditlieb Felderer never was inside the Barranco Seco germ infested dungeon. It was a lucrative place for workers who could steal what they wanted, but, this may now change with Ebola and those working there may want to get out quicker than said.

Even now, in 2014, things haven’t changed much with the corrupt politicians amassing wealth of stolen loot to themselves. Here is a picture of ‘Ebola safe’ location just close to La Provincia and which the paper tries its best to cover up. Observe that the doors in this picture are of better quality than those at the ‘Gas Chamber’ and Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz Vomitorium.

After Ditlieb Felderer, in spite of La Provincia’s ardent trying to prevent it, the information was spread about the incredible germ infested Barranco Seco, a veritable breeding ground for Ebola which just started around this time to get hold, Luis Roldan, the then head of Guardia Civil, went on a find and destroy the camera used to take ‘illegal’ photos inside the germ infested Barranco Seco Concentration Camp. Picture shows a 2013 shot of cars used by the National Police. These police who took this illegal and criminal act, may now themselves be faced with being contaminated with Ebola, having ignored the early warning when something could be done about it.

Picture below shows a headquarter of National Police, a former Maternity Ward. It was here inside the basement where Ditlieb Felderer was put in Ebola light infested cells. Blankets filled with human excrement were given to the victims to abuse them and remind them who is head of Spain. The sister of Antonio Fonseca, Amalia, and spokesmen at the time of Collectivo Independiente de Inmigrantes accuse Spain's National Police to have assassinated Antonio Fonseca on 20 May 2000, inside the basement of the National Police headquarters. The claimed cover up happened as soon as Antonio Fonseca was dead and by which the National Police supposedly used a fake autopsy by a corrupt forensic medic. Another autopsy was made, and this gave the opposite result of the death. That Antonio Fonseca died from various body strikes. Other mystical deaths are to have happened inside that building. Normally buildings of historical value are preserved, such as the Maternity Ward belongs to, but in this case the whole building was demolished to apparently cover up all traces of the crimes committed inside its walls. Directly to the left is seen the infamous Forum Filatelico building, another outlet involved with systematic crimes of embezzlement and swindling money, and which numerous trials are soon making a record in Spain's history.

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Did Ebola spread from Spain to Africa, and now from Africa to Spain. The UNESCO and La Provincia cover up.
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How UNESCO is used to hinder truth and help in spreading contagious diseases such as Ebola. The Simon Wiesenthal gang’s operation in spreading the virus of falsehood to promote the real virus that unsanitary actions give
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A Dallas health worker who looked after the first Ebola victim to die in the United States contracted the disease despite wearing a full protective gown, gloves and face shield as she cared for him.

Officials in Texas said they were “very concerned” that the first transmission of the virus on US soil occurred despite following health and safety guidelines.

The female nurse, who has asked not to be named, had been classified as having a “low risk” of carrying the disease before testing positive for Ebola on Saturday night.

Those caring for him were said by hospital officials to have abided by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines which stipulate that full protective suits should be worn while treating Ebola victims.

Did Ebolla originally spread from Barranco Seco in Spain and made its way to Africa?

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  1. Du är en vagel i ögat för myndigheter vart du kommer. Du avslöjar korruptionen och den finns i alla länder. Men måste du blanda in den spanska kungen.? Är det den svenska kungens fel att vi har samma korruption och koncentrationläger i Sverige.

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