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Why Ebola is bound to break out in Spain, or something even worse, considering its infamous Barranco Seco Concentration Camp case

Why Ebola is bound to break out in Spain, or, something even worse may happen, considering its infamous Barranco Seco Concentration Camp case.

Why Ebola is bound to break out in Spain, or something even worse, considering its infamous Barranco Seco Concentration Camp case

The dog Excalibur of Theresa Romero, 40, working at La Paz-Carlos III hospital at Madrid, gets euthanized fearing it may help in spreading Ebola. Theresa Romero who treated Missionary Manuel Garcia Viejo, was, the first person to contact Ebola in Europe after Spanish Roman Catholic missionaries died who had come back from Sierra Leone having caught the deadly plague.
Excalibur, the dog of the Spanish nurse who contracted Ebola, barks from her apartment's balcony in Alcorcon, outside Madrid

World Health Organization now reports 3,879 dead from Ebola.

When Ditlieb Felderer was illegally kidnapped in 1993 and put inside Barranco Seco Concentration Camp in Spain, he reported about the incredible filth existing inside the Concentration Camp, its inhuman treatments of its victims, and lawless handling of cases. Neither Spain or EU, European Union, did anything about it. It was later discovered that millions had been pocketed by political functionaries of public EU money given to clear up the unsanitary conditions.

The Spanish King and its corrupt politicians continue to refuse to clear up the Crime Against Humanity affairs, and much less, find out about all those fake invoices made to grab hold of the stolen loot. Below is a picture of the place from which public money landed into politicians’ pockets. Ironically EU scolds Spain for it sloppy handling of Ebola when EU itself encourages such.

744 Barranco Seco was a former Franco Penal Concentration Camp, at that time totally secretly situated. It is used today for Rendition and putting Zionist critics into.



At Sierra Leone Africa bodies from Ebola are secretly buried in the bush in fear of people knowing about it. Only the burial issues of a continuous flow of dead bodies, Europe is totally unable to handle. A constant stream of such bodies will infect the workers who will die along with their bodies. Soon everything will come to a standstill.

Spanish nurse contaminated with Ebola, Theresa Romero, was denied knowing she had Ebola and first knew it, reading it in the media.

The ‘Automatic Revolving Door‘. We have now entered into an Epidemic Automatic Revolving Door! (ARD)747

In Sierra Leone right now there is problem with the workers burying the dead are not getting payed. In Europe with a constant flow of dead bodies needing huge amount of people taking care of it, with some facing the possibility to die themselves – where is all that needed money taken from? Will God provide? He has promised to help us in all and in our darkest moments. But where is he?

Liberia cancels nationwide election. 9 October 2014.

It is evident that even if Ebola will not cause a major kill in Europe, this is just preliminary for the next one to come.

Social changes such as greetings and affection will now change.
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