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The Holocaust Cult, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Auschwitz, the Jewish Sonderkommando, the Extortion of Money (PFC), and the propaganda to get the lawless lucre without being noticed

The Holocaust Cult, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Auschwitz, the Jewish Sonderkommando, the Extortion of Money (PFC), and the propaganda to get the lawless lucre without being noticed


The Commandant Rudolf Hoess house and how it was run

Why Stalin’s Holy Shrine Gas Chamber never could function and why none were gassed there

Language: English, MP3, Time: 10:08

Language: English, MP3, Time: 4:25 Minutes

While Jehovah’s Witnesses were putting and planting flowers all around the Stalin Gas Chamber, his Holy Shrine, millions of martyrs were dying inside the Holy Shrine. All this to the bicycling sounds of the Jewish Sonderkommando, who had to be fit for the massacres, and while they not far away were cooking delicious meals inside the huge Kitchen, which Stalin said didn’t exist, had sex inside the Brothel, watched Cinema, danced to the Jewish Orchestra playing their Auschwitz Waltz, swimming and diving at the Swimming Pool, sending mail back home telling how things were fine while dogs were biting and barking all around, with thick, heavy smoke all around with horrible smell, while not yet Martyrs were reading books, with horses galloping race outside, and football being played at full speed. That was Auschwitz. It was all and everything. Time for yet another Monty Python film. And this one on Auschwitz Vomitorium.

703 How are we going to interpret Job of the Bible considering the Doctrine of the Six Million, or, even, 8 million? If God Jehovah is so powerful (omnipotent), why didn’t he stop it? If he can do everything, can he do evil? (Omnifarious). He works just like Satan? If none can stop God Jehovah, why bother praying to him? He does what he wants in any case. And are we to question him about this? He did the Noah’s Flood, killing perhaps millions of innocent people, even animals were guilty of Sin, for they also died. Is Jehovah God at all understandable (omniscient)? If he isn’t understandable, why bother about him? Better to pray to a stone.

The decoration work of the Wailing Wall never really has stopped. At Auschwitz Vomitorium and Birkenau the decoration continues, and this time the Palestinians are involved with the stench being the same, all lacking the delicious odor coming from the huge Kitchens all around.

And not only this. The Jehovah’s Witnesses were even printing their latest Revelations inside the camps, informing people on what was coming up. Whether this information included the latest news of how long Penis the tribal God Jehovah required is an interesting story of its own. Here Moses delivers the latest on the law requiring length of Penis to be in on the team as found at Leviticus 21:18. Wonder if Moses had some Auschwitz Waltz music accompanying him as he delivered the latest from Jehovah?

In trying to find sanity amidst all this reckless mass of insanity, we have George Orwell who told us Politic is but the next step on the ladder to Religion.

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