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Decapitation, Beheading in history and Saint Gines

Decapitation, Beheading in history and Saint Gines

Jewry is the only religion which honors beheading as a virtuous act doing it for their god Jehovah. Specifically can be mentioned the decapitation of Holofernos and David cutting the head of the Philistine Goliath. But there are many other cutting mentioned in the Holy Bible such as David cutting off the Penises of the Philistines as Bridal Gifts, or, his sawing people asunder. Christianity divide Terrorist acts into just and noble, and those of evil. Thus by getting the axe, Christians teach, will assure your reigning with Christ Jesus. In fact, while Baptism will award you a heavenly place, the axe will award you as ruler with Christ for a thousand years.—Revelation 20:4.

The supposed Beheading of Apostle Paul Christians interpret as an evil act done by heathen, pagan Rome, even though according to the Bible and Romans 13:1-7, Paul himself honored State violent acts and thereby opening the road for endless amount of Witch Burning, beheading, and torture activities, all justified for the spread of the Kingdom. Heresy and Blasphemy usually ended with the fire in some ways or another. Romans 13:1-7 is given by all great Theologians as the necessity of the State to use Terrorist acts against its subjects. It was also given as a pretext for cuttings heads of Indian natives by the Conquistadors and European Settlers.
657_Beheading of Apostle Paul_Simonet_-_1887

The alleged Beheading of Steven Sotloff is interpreted by Christians and the Atheistic West, not as Martyrdom, but very similar to those Six Millions Exterminatinist Jews claimed perished inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz. Atheist Stalin, called those ‘Martyrs.’ Osbserve the distinctive color of the uniform Steven Sotloff is wearing. It is of similar color as those color clothes USA put Islam people into. 652_Steven_Joel_Sotloff

The cutting head off Goliath by Jesus’ greatest ancestor David, is considered a must and an honorable act preparing the Salvation of Christ Jesus. Without this act, there would have been no Messiah, no Christ. But Goliath is not seen as a Martyr even though he had his head cut off; instead, the perpetrator of the Crime, David, is presented as a Savior of Israel and mankind. Using this role as an example, it would make Stefen Sotloff’s killer, if he was killed, the man of distinction, and like David, saved his people from Satanic man of the Anglo-American World Empire, the Philistines.

For two weeks the Festival of Saint Gines is celebrated on the island of Lanzarote, outside Africa. He is accompanied with song and mirth, music, dancing, joy and jokes. Here he is, inside his Church on 25 October 2014. Not weeping, no wailing, and no Wailing Wall; and, with a soft smile on his face. Never has a Saint been so happy in losing his head. A whole Tivoli is there for two weeks for children and aged to enjoy. And of course, plenty of good food. A Saint couldn’t have it better.

Looking at older picture on the Procession day of Saint Gines, the Army was always next to the clergy, walking almost hand in hand. This has now been changed. At least for the moment. Here we see the Army readying for the Procession of Saint Gines, waiting to be last in line, with the police in turn watching that nothing happens to the gallant Army men, accompanying the Procession. Soon, how soon we don’t know, there will also be female Army generals attending the feast. And who will be the first female Saint having lost her head for then to become a festival object?

THOMAS JEFFERSON OF USA: ”The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is their natural manure.”

Why are politicians so fearful of beheading? In their subconscious mind the French Revolution is lurking. There, everyone was a suspect and possible target of Decapitation. Just not the King and Queen. The slogan went: First the bureaucrats, then the King! It was a class difference which Hegel later picked up as an excuse for his belief in Censorship. Here someone is made ready for the Beheading while in the basket it seems one corpse, without head, is ready to be carried away. The victim may be the King, Louis XVI, himself.

Genocide, Decapitation, Beheading, Ovadia Yosef, Hate and Terror—It is all in there in the Bible. In fact, is that what the Holy Bible is all about?

Holy King David in the Bible cut off all sorts of things in his life, including whole Penises as Bridal Gifts, even sawing people asunder. Perhaps his Philistine penises were used as dildos for his women? Without him doing so there would have been no Messiah, no Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ stems from David. So cutting off heads and penises will land you on the privileged class as far as Christian Theology concerns.
663_ “foreskin for or against”_8

ATROCITY PROPAGANDA IN FULL SWING When Western Man came to conquer America they had to do it ‘clean’ and showing a ‘pure spirit’ in doing so. Depicting Indians as ferocious men scalping the ‘peace lovers’ was imperative to justify the carnage. The Christians of all domination found Bible Scriptures such as those in Deuteronomy 6:10, 11, just perfect for their peace mission in ‘civilizing’ the natives. To show Indians ‘Scalping’ became a favorite subject.

The ‘vicious and ferocious’ natives were shown to lack nothing in preparing a body clean, and this one looks like the best of butchers are at work. Observe the Scalps with hair which drew the fear message and Atrocity Propaganda home:

The Bible was considered not only the best guide in how to deal with and treat your fellow man. Especially so, if he was in doubt of your good intention. So the illustrators brought reality to home by Christians being able to identify themselves with the images and the Word of God. Here the best of Psalms has come to the aid of the party by illustrating Psalms 137:9, of dashing children against rocks to kill them in a Bible guided way. The hangings and the burnings can of course also be found within those holy pages.

WHAT SEEMS LIKE ATROCITY AND TERRORISM TO ONE IS SALVATION TO ANOTHER What seems horror and terror was in fact Salvation to the Biblical Conquistador who went there with the Church blessing first in line. The Jewish Torah does in fact demand hand cutting for offenses against the tribal God Jehovah. The Christian Theologians felt that brutality against the natives was the only thing that could save them in afterlife and not spend eternity in Inferno, the Gehenna, the everlasting Hell Fire. To them Jesus said so. The gouging out of eyes they saw demanded in Matthew 5:29 where Jesus demands you to tear your eye out, hence, voluntary mutilation. Hand cutting was taken from the next verse, Matthew 5:30, where cutting your hand off was beneficial for you to attain Salvation. The Christians came there as Missionaries. To save you from the eternal Wrath Of God. They viewed themselves as tools and soldiers for Christ helping you onto your Salvation. Gouging eyes out and cutting off hands was just part of that Mission to serve as soldiers and Slaves For Christ. Many American solders invading Iraq and Afghanistan can tell you a similar reason for a noble mission to save the world, the New World Order.

Very few of the invading Christians knew the other side of the story. That atrocities begun by the invading conquistadors be they Spanish or Anglo-Saxon. Here for one we find that Scalping was also done by the civilized Christians when necessity seemed to call for it.

And of course a useful illustration came with the successful Scalping by the ‘Whites’, came with it. Here the brave girls are on the way to slaughter. Killing people in their sleep. Sounds like Esther story in the Bible.

But there is more to it than this, so just hold on so we can sharpen our knives and deliver the goods.

There is an air of Carnival going on at the feast of Saint Gines. No Wailing Wall wailing here. How soon will this joyful activity get to Auschwitz Vomitorium?
Preview of “u”_29

Beheading and violence in Politic and Religion
Language: English, MP3, Time: 8:55 Minutes


How wars can start on Atrocity Propaganda of Beheading
Language: English, MP3, Time: 10:19 Minutes

Inside Saint Gines Church at Arrecife, Lanzarote, October 25, 2014
Language: English, MP3, Time: 4:31 Minutes

Language: English, MP3, Time: 3:33 Minutes
Losing your head necessitates music with accompanying church bells. Saint Gines never had it as good. Real hand struck church bells are heard here.

Beheading used in Atrocity Propaganda and in History
Language: English, MP3, Time: 17:30 Minutes


The use of Decapitation in Politic to support own political agenda.
Language: English, MP3, Time: 12:06 Minutes

About Judith, Saint Gines, Saint David, and other Saints losing their heads.
Language: English, MP3, Time: 12:57

Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 22 Seconds
Here in the year of 1979, Ditlieb Felderer is in Sweden and told by the deputy of the Jewish main Synagogue in Sweden, Rabbi Morton Narrowe, that Ditlieb Felderer will be decapitated because of denial in believing the Bible and denying the Chosen of God Doctrine, and Euphrates To Nile Doctrine. The first thing President Obama did in visiting Sweden, was to go to this violent promoting Synagogue for there to deliver his homage.

An official photo of President Obama visit to Sweden on 4 September 2013, inside the Synagogue which masterminded the terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife. The above voice of the Deputy was secretly taken by CIA agents in Sweden in 1979, and then handed over to Ditlieb Felderer to watch out for possible assassination attempts as happened to Moroccan, Ahmed Bouchikhi. In one attack, Felderer’s Philippine wife got severely wounded. The Swedish corrupt politicians have done everything in their power to protect the perpetrators of the crimes, and to deflect attention away from their culpability even started a war against Afghanistan. Raoul Wallenberg was assassinated by the Jews after he demanded payback from them for investment loans he had made. Raoul Wallenberg was a skilled broker. Behind Obama stands the Jewish Sex symbol, Menorah, with its seven Knobs (For more information about ‘Knob’ and ‘Menorah’, click tag ‘Knob’ and ‘Menorah’ ). Scholars believe that in the Temple at Jerusalem once stood a Menorah with seven donkey penises which the Jews celebrated and honored as their Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 6:53 Minutes
We are ending this special report on Saint Gines and his Beheading and history of Beheading.


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