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History of the HOLOCAUST Extortion Cult and Exterminationism


History of the Holocaust Extortion Cult and Exterminationism

From its very beginning to its fall


The Rise and Fall of the Holocaust Cult



















a complete Synthesis and Practical Systematic Theology of the Holocaust Commercial Cult, also called Exterminationism and Caustology


Edited December 2, 2012

We Challenge all to respond to the Contrary!
Appended to this treatise, the first one of this kind ever done, and which no historian and media can avoid who want to be abreast and alert, are; a series of pictures, photos, illustrations, mostly designed by our team. These images give further proof of what is herein claimed.
An Index consisting of a complete Encyclopedia, the Ditlieb Encyclopedia, already existsts and is constantly worked on adding more information. Most of the names, words, and topics on this special Blog will be found there for further details.
Anyone wanting to get into publishing and publish this material is free to do so, and make those changes he or she seems fit. As far as us concerns, the material belongs to the public, along with the images.
It is indeed irrefutable material. As far as us concerns this has been out since around 2006 on the Internet. And in print it started around 1976. Yet not one person has dared to challenge this material. Why? For the simple reason, we not only write history, we make history. We are part of this Cult war, the clashing of ideas and we have led the way since beginning.
In a way it is frightening to know there is no one there to challenge us. And this can let you into a situation of boredom. To be faced with a bunch of chickens, bickering old maids, scatter brains, scam men, cowards, riff-raff, goofballs, and Skirthangers can make you fall asleep. But thanks to our view of life, even the smallest ant revives our spirit and makes us alive
A stated, a complete INDEX is now available for this first in history, gigantic study written by those who make history, and just don’t look for 10 books to then write the 11th. It is DITLIEB ENCYCLOPEDIA and is presently found on until a place is made for its own. Please download this and the Ditlieb Encyclopedia for your own use.
No historian of credibility can avoid this Blog, for it is a test case for all other Internet material dealing on World War 2 and the Cult of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. All historians and media people are now forced to read this or on their own peril wonder around in a cosmic confusion to no-where. We are sure that you have seen and read much of this garbage of repeat idiotism dished out by the Cultists of Exterminationism. No wonder you are confused. The Holocaust Cultists want you to be confused for they are themselves confused. And they also want you to get bored for that is an important ingredient of the Cult. That makes you an easy target for their Cult conjuring and Orwellian reeducation work. So don’t yet be another sucker. Stay alert. Be aware, there are millions out there ready to make you yet another sucker in a world filled with con men.
The fact that you are here on firm ground can be seen that these are undeniable facts, or the Cultists would have responded long time ago. Some have, like which Censored the material to suit their political Israeli politic. We don’t have politic to sell. George Orwell called them all a bunch of liars, and that is what they are. Either to the left, right or center. To line their own pockets and feather their own nests is all what interests them and their hirelings, and oh so gullible Skirthangers.
For telephone contact you may, if lucky, reach us at Skype and ditliebradio. If anyone has the guts to answer this Blog, please go ahead and don’t be a chicken ready for roasting by fanatic Exterminationist Cultists. Our quest is knowledge and wisdom. Anything else don’t interets us. Life is too short to embroil ourselves into all the minds of warmongers and destroyers of our beautiful earth.
1. Complete exposure of the Rothschild’s Emory University and their Exterminationist Cult. Most of this has already been done with some of it published in Google’s at This was Censored and suppressed by in violation of USA Constitution, First Amendment, Article 1.
2. Special School Project: Find out how much money Exterminationists and Holocaust Deniers such as Christopher Browning, Richard Evans, Deborah Lipstadt, Peter Longerich, Peter Jan Van Pelt, Laurence Rees, and others have made on this scam. These mercenaries don’t work for nothing. Here is a project for all schools wanting to keep abreast in world happenings. They wouldn’t lift a finger if it wasn’t for money. To line your own pockets and feather your own nest is the name of the game here.
3. As these men have through their action supported crimes of nature Crimes Against Humanity, having orchestrated violence, persecution, and terrorist acts, they will be personally charged for recompensating the victims. Thus an intense organized work is ahead to prepare charges that will stick should they enter in countries where they now have to fact reality for their Crimes Against Humanity.
4. That charges be made against those people who under oath have pledged themselves to uphold the USA Constitution, but who in foreign lands have abetted in trying to get people convicted and jailed on Censorship charges.
In fact, the alert independent investigator will soon note, that already on this Site, most of Exterminationism is considered and found lacking in truth and facts. Also consult DITLIEB ENCYCLOPEDIA which further exposes the racket of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult.
After you have read all this material you understand why no one dares responding to it. It would open them up and they end up as laughing stocks for their lack of interest and knowledge on the matter. They have thought that by cursory peaking into the subject they now know it all. To their chagrin they find out hard work and study is needed to understand this Cult as it is for any Cult. Only that this one is supported by the gun and use of violence, and terrorist acts against the investigator as happened to Ditlieb Felderer and others.

The word Auschwitz Vomitorium is here used instead of the misleading Auschwitz Museum. With all its fake and false ‘’proofs’’ and endless of changing Doctrines, this can in no way be called a ‘’museum’’ except for a museum of fools and for fools.


STEFAN SZENDE: THE FATHER OF ALL Stefan Szende, was the Father of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, also called Caustology, the Theological scaffold of Auschwitz Vomitorium. Stefan Szende was also the originator of the Fresh New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine, and indirectly the Sperm Doctrine.
Stefan Szende was the first to introduce the claim that people were massively killed by entering into some kind of a huge Swimming Pool tank. This is to have taken place at Belzec in Poland where Szende gives the number Hitler killed at 5 million. No photos of this were given in Szende’s book. At a most remarkable speed, his book got translated into at least four languages, German and English being the main ones. His book may also have been translated into French. The Swedish edition was published by the Jewish Zionist outfit Bonnier in 1944, and had 316 pages. Stefan Szende told Ditlieb Felderer, he never had gotten ‘’ett ruttet ore’’ from Bonnier; he never got a ‘’rotten nickel’’ from Bonnier for the book.
In English, it seems to have been first published by the incredible active, and often confused, Victor Gollanz, who then may have got in contact with his companions at Roy Publishers in New York. So there was also an US edition of this pioneer Exterminationist book. It is interesting to find out Gollanz also published a purported book by Ella Reiner, a Nazi Collaborator, supposedly operating at Birkenau, under the title Prisoner of Fear, in 1948. Evidently written as a novel, it was not translated into German before long after when it was no longer possible to investigate many of the claims made therein, and when this fanatical Cult ruled by the gun, terror, and violence. The one-time, Nazi Collaborator, Ella Reiner, knew no English, so the book may have been ghost written, or part ghost written. Where the original manuscript is, no one seems to know. For good reason her book was kept out of the notorious Frankfurt Auschwitz Witch Show Trials. More of it later.
Auschwitz is not mentioned in Stefan Szende’s book, and was virtually never mentioned at that time as a place of significance. In spite of having published Ella Reiner’s book, Prisoner of Fear (1948), Gollanz, felt other camps were lot worse than Auschwitz. Evidently he felt the book to be a novel, a piece of fiction writing. In fact, the word Auschwitz isn’t even mentioned in many sources of the time. The word Auschwitz entered first as having some significance with the kangaroo Karl Eichmann trial in bogus Bible state Israel, ending up with Eichmann killed on false charges. Even then it had a hard time. Dachau was for a long time used as the worst example in Europe outside the Iron Curtain. It was not known then that American troops had in War Crime manner virtually executed the entire staff of Dachau, shooting them by placing them against the wall.
The word ‘’Holocaust’’ is not recorded in Encyclopedia Britannica of 1966. And the word Birkenau, Polish for Bzezinka, was still not in vogue then. Eichmann’s Kangaroo Trial lasted from 11 April 1961 to 14 August 1961. There was no mention of the Transfer Agreement, which was secretly left out by the Israeli extortion hungry propagandists as it would demolish the claims of the accusations against Eichmann. It showed full cooperation between the most important segments of Zionism and the Nazi regime. The whole of Jewry, either organized or not, vas a huge monster of Nazi Collaboration. It is for this reason that the so called Left has been desperate in cooking the books and to create some heroic story to cover up their collaborations with Nazism.
Stefan Szende was not very much liked by Stalin, him being suspicious of Szende being a Trotskyite, Menshevik, or some other suspicious Socialist, and his connection with the woman chaser, and Nazi Collaborator, Fritz Bauer, who later was set in by the New World Order as both prosecutor and judge in the Frankfurt Auschwitz Showtrials, and the West German, Willy Brandt, a sex obsessed chain smoker entangled with the sex maniac, Zoophiliac, Necrophiliac, Wilhelm Reich.
Willy Brandt who may have carried all the ‘’sex revolutionary’’ traits of Wilhelm Reich, was burdened down with constant Depression and Suicide thoughts. And on top of all this, his ailments as an alcoholic. Brandt later became a prominent German New World Order representative, secretly working closely with East Germany and the CIA, wearing several overcoats at the same time. In spite of his ailments, Brandt, managed to keep a whole harem happy and engaged, showing women are ready to spread legs for fame and fortune. But finally, Willy Brandt was nothing else but a puppet of CIA and the American, what General Eisenhower called, the ‘’military-industrial complex’’ who eyed Europe for its big arms sales.
The splinter groups of Socialists and Communists was enormous. It was like a universe of babbling mouths coming out of Babylon. Each one claimed to be the pure and right Socialist. Each one the only true Communist. Infighting went on all the time. Each one looked suspicious upon the next one for having been a Nazi, Fascist, or Capitalist collaborator. And in this world where all Fascists, Nazists, Capitalists, were pictured evil and the new Satans, what were all these new Saviors to do? Instead of Six Million dead, there were 6 million survivors, all calling themselves Communists, Socialists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, etc. Has there ever been in history with so many political groups, all fighting each other?
In this jungle of doctrinal fighting a solution was made up to maintain some peace amongst the warring groups. Why did the evil Nazis not kill Shlomo? Could it be that he was a collobrator? He must have been a collaborator, that is why he survived. There could be no other logical reason. And so, to maintain the peace amidst the warring warriors, the New Foreskin On Penis Doctrine was invented. Shlomo, and all the rest survived, not because Sholmo had collaborated with the Nazis, but because he had put onto his Penis a new Foreskin, so the Nazis thought he was a Gentile, a Goy. And seeing no one would check on whether Shlomo truly had a foreskinned Penis, all had to swallow the yarn, how hard it yet may have sounded. It was the escape parachute of all these warring groups, who mostly consisted of males. There were few Rosa Luxemburg amongst them.
And so all through the Nazi era, with all the evil reports made up by their competitors about them, some peace was maintained between the opposers. The New Forskin On Penis Doctrine came to their rescue, and of course, as Stefan Szende reminded us over and over again: It was all Gospel Truth. Through all these years, we were the only ones challenging the New Foreskin On Penis Doctrine. Show us a Penis of this nature. Visually we have shown and illustrated, over and over again, that this excuse made up to maintain the peace between Socialists and Communists, is extremely flimsy. It is not like putting on a ring onto a finger to put on a new Foreskin on a Penis. And then there was the risk it might fall off at a crucial moment of inspection. There it went! Into the Gas Chamber Shlomo and up the chimney you go!
The Jew had in this respect with the New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine a tremendous advantage over the Goy, the Gentile. Why some people felt that Communism was filled with Jews was partly for the reason they had the easiest way to deflect suspicion and criticism. No Gentile could defend himself out of the suspicion of being a Nazi Collaborator with the claim he survived because of his Penis. The Jew could easily do so, and often all he needed to say was that he was a Jew and as all knew a Jew was circumcised that was enough to quieten the attacker. He survived because they discovered he had a Penis with a handsome Gentile Foreskin on it.
One cannot let be but ask here how many Gentiles, knowing this Penis Doctrine, used this as an argument that he was a Jew and thus gain equal privilege status as the Jews? This of riding on someone else is the normal way of people reaching to the top.
By these initial operation contacts in connection with Stefan Szende, his ready answers, and his special contact interests, all of this, necessarily catapulted Szende as the unquestionable Dean, the Father of Exteminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult or Caustology as it also is called, for the West and its Capitalist System with what soon became a giant war industry employing thousands of people, including making coffins for those dying in conflicts. Szende was looked upon as the Guru number one. There were of course forgotten newspaper articles written by former USA, Israel, Stalin spy networks but they valued nothing and soon forgotten. Books is what valued then for research and opinion, as it is today. In this respect, Szende’s book, evidently a team work, and with its, at least 4 quick translations, the book had a terrific impact. It was the book given to Ditlieb Felderer as a young man, to show him the truth of Exterminationism.

How much was authored by Stefan Szende? We do not know. One of the English titles of Szende’s purported book, was, The Promise Hitler Kept. That was, those intricate killing machines going on at Belzec which required the ultimate of technical know-how. Ditlieb Felderer’s contact with Stefan Szende made it out as if he was not the main author, but he belonged in a team of authors and dreamers of utopia who met in cafes, speculating in how to get power the easiest way. In that team of utopian dreamers evidently was Willy Brandt, and Fritz Bauer, along with supporters of Sex Maniac, Wilhelm Reich, of which Ella Reiner was one. Wilhelm Reich yearned for a Sexual Revolution. That included love with animals and dead bodies.
The book carrying the name of Stefan Szende as author was the first book wherein it is realized that to kill millions of people in such a short time would require remarkable science, not the least for transportation. We have to remember, electric trains were scarcely, if at all, in use then. Szende’s purported book, is the first one to express realization that intricate science was needed for such massive massacres by Hitler. And such ultimate and modern technology was supposed to be used at Belzec. When Felderer visited the place in 1978, it was one of the most primitive in Poland, but with very friendly people. And of course, there were no electric trains there. Everything went by steam.
We should not forget here that Sweden had Concentration Camps. How many is being argued. You won’t find them today nor any notice of them ever existing. USA had numerous Concentration Camps, it being the country which introduced them to the world by throwing native Indians into them. It is remarkable how USA has been able to keep the silent lid on them. They threw Anarchists, Chinese, Communists, Fascists, Italians, Japanese, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, Libertarians, Mennonites, Native Indians, Qakers, and hosts of others into them.
As we have done a lot of experience with matters of Censorship do this for experience. Try and get hold of persons belonging to American Historical Association, American Academy Of Arts And Science, and others, and ask them about American Concentration Camps. You be surprised, their ignorance is so vast some of them don’t even know Japanese were put into Concentration Camps. It is even worse with such groups as Italians and religious sects.
Recently we got hold of a book published by National Geographic. It is called America’s Historic Places and was published in 1996 (ISBN 0-7922-3414-6). It is a good book with almost 400 pages. It has a good Index. Now look up the place Missoula. It is located in Montana. It is mentioned on page 325. A special Concentration Camp for Italians was located there. It had no Olympic Swimming Pool which Auschwitz had. No football was ever played there between the prisoners and the guards as in Auschwitz. Its largest building was not the Kitchen, and today in an Orwellian way it has been totally eradicated. As if it never was there. Never existed. And this book purporting to be on important historical events don’t mention about it. When they mention about the Indians they don’t mention of the endless of wars against them.
After the war the Italians, just like all the others, including Jehovah’s Witnesses, were informed their incarceration inside Concentration Camps was just. Why? For Hitler set out to exterminate huge sectors of people. Therefore, what USA did, bad as it was, and against civilized norms, in fact a War Crime, this is all excusable on account of Dachau, Auschwitz, and other places. And so Italians like so many of the others, went along with the yarn, and forgot about it. It is so weird, that most USA Italians are totally ignorant of their past history. That’s what reeducation can do. The USA-Spanish philosopher, George Santayana, wrote: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
But what is even more true, is, that those who cannot remember the past are forced to invent them. And if you have pecuniary interests, such as getting hold of easy money in pensions and a soft life, then that duplicates that fact many times over. So what is history good for? Evidently history at schools, especially universities, is used to mislead the students for some ulterior purpose be that under Communism or Capitalism. They all work toward the same aim. To con you and me and make us look the other way. This was the aim of Hitler, as it was the aim of Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin.

But as noted, Szende had nothing of history on Auschwitz. In fact, in discussing the matter over with people, Felderer was told Auschwitz was a waste of time. Belzec was the Real McCoy. The real stuff happened at Belzec. And so Ditlieb Felderer decided to see the evidences by going there and found nothing. In fact, all people he got in contact with claimed it was the Soviets who were the real killers, not the Germans.
In discussion with the caretaker of the alleged Belzec camp, Felderer discovered, there did not exist one shred of evidence of the Stefan Szende claim, a claim he repeatedly said was the gospel truth. In taking dendrochronology tests of trees claimed to have been planted by the Nazis, to ‘’hide all traces of their crimes’’, Felderer discovered, the trees were either too told or too young. That means, for the youngest ones, it was the Soviets who had planted them, not the Germans. So, in using their own Stalinist argument, it must have been the Soviets who had massacred these supposed millions at Belzec.
Even the official caretaker of the place seemed to doubt most of the stories. Asked if he had found some special money, and, or, other material to confirm the story, he shook his head, and displayed a can with a few coins inside. Felderer could find no garbage dump or area where things may have been burned up. Even the train station with the trains and rails seemed to negate the Stefan Szende story as totally preposterous. And this was the book Sweden’s main professors of history and the rest of the Western world depended on, and told Ditlieb Felderer to get the ‘’true facts of Hitler’s evils’’. It was all an Emperor’s New Clothes affair.
Behind the Iron Curtain, the Dean and Father of Exterminationism, goes to the Nazi Collaborator Tadeusz Wasowicz, by some claimed to be a ‘’Jew’’, and the first Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium. Once Stalin took over, Wasowicz quickly changed his Nazi overcoat and became a faithful Stalinist. He worked under Stalin’s Soviet War Crimes Commission, and managed the remarkable feat of keeping the Katyn Massacre out, both of Poland and the Capitalist West. This feat equaled a ‘’miracle’’; for in this formidable task, he had to overrun all West’s political parties including their religions, professors of history, scientists, and all. There was not one establishment scientist who openly stated much of this was scientific impossible. Like squaring the circle. And if some was true, where are all these fantastic doors? These fantastic chimneys? These fantastic water tanks? These fantastic crematory ovens? William Shirer, Gerald Reitlinger, Hoss, and others, had books in their name about them. There was not one of them that said: ‘’Let’s go there and find out. Let’s make forensic tests. Let’s measure. Let’s ask people who live there questions’’, let’s photograph and make sure. They all feared doing so as if it was to enter the center of a hyper contagious plague.
William L Shirer, who was made out as an authoritative on the subject never even had the interest to visit either Auschwitz or Belzec. The same goes for Gerald Reitlinger, another proclaimed authority on the subject. And no difference with the greatest academic Exterminationist ever, Raul Hilberg. He even told the court he wouldn’t know his geographic position anywhere! One would think that had to be basic knowledge of any authority who is interested in his case.
Further establishment certified New World Order ‘’experts’’ as Wolfgang Scheffler, Richard Evans, Robert Jan Van Pelt, Laurence Rees, Christopher Browning, Peter Longerich, Martin Gilbert, and all the rest, all dread to go there to find out. Only one from the outside, namely Jean-Claude Pressac dared to go. But he ended up spending most of the time at the Auschwitz Brothels, resulting in that he did not even see Auschwitz had hydrant and outside shower. Was he ever there?
The end result of Jean-Claude Pressac was that he left Exterminationism with a bang, declaring all was a colossal hoax. He returned to the camp of Ditlieb Felderer, although riding high horse on the Holocaust Commercial Cult for some years, all at the expense of the French Synagogue’s care and public taxes.
The Roman Catholic Church kept virtually silent and let itself be flagellated down to bare bones. Hitler was a Roman Catholic. So was commandant Hoss of Auschwitz and many others. What was not known then, was the deep Pedophiliac problem the Church had, which was a residue from way back to Jesus Christ who asked the children to come to him, and they were brought to him with even his Disciples rebuking him (Matthew 19:13). Curiously this was just before, when in verse 12, Jesus recommends Castration.
This text has been used as example of Pedophilia traits of Master Jesus Christ. A Church in such deep sexual morass was not quick to defend itself when they knew the West’s propaganda machine, mostly run by ‘’Jews’’ and Protestant Wasps, and Aktion Suhnezeichen type Cults; the Anne Frank Drug Cult Wailing Wallers, the Scofieldites, the Dispensationalists, the Bible Fundamentalists, the Pentecostals, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the World Jewish Congress, who were all set in at full speed to declare Hitler the foremost Satan the Devil. And while none of these crowds of Stalin Martyrologists thought of money, there was one of them who had a smell of it long before, and that was International Jewry, who were forced to embezzlement and extortion by their Bible tribal God Jehovah. [usury].

KATYN GERMANS HANGED FOR CAUSING KATYN MASSACRES Let us now trace back in history the crucial moments of the creation of what became the World’s foremost Cult, namely Exterminationism, or what it is often called, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, and at time Caustology.
In November 1945, seven officers of the German Wehrmacht, E Bohom, E Geherer, J Janike, H Remlinger, E Skotki, E Sommerfeld, K H Strueffling, were tried by a court of the victorious Allies: the Americans, English, the French and the Russians. They were condmned to death and subsequently hanged for the Katyn Massacres. Three more were tried on the same charge: A Diere, E P Vogel, F Wise, receiving 20 years of hard labor, and were turned over to Stalin and never heard of again. The charge was for having shot thousands of Polish officers in the forest of Katyn after the defeat of Poland in 1939. What evidence was used to hand these innocent people who couldn’t even have been near the place at the time of killing? Who fabricated the ‘’facts’’ that convinced the court that these men were guilty? Murderers? What do the judges, if they are still alive, have to say for themselves? What of the Prosecutors? What were these people hanged for or sent to Stalin?
Having gotten the clear light, Stalin, now begun in full earnest to set up his Auschwitz Vomitorium, and sent Nazi Collaborator, turned Stalinist, Tadeusz Wasowicz, and his friends to Auschwitz to clear the path for Stalin’s justification in enslaving Poland, East Germany, Bulgaria, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, and other places to set up a center of propaganda deflecting from Katyn and other sites of Stalin massacres. Consult: RH 1002 with full German translation; The Gazette, Montreal, Monday, Nov 5, 1990.

As for the Capitalist West, how important Stefan Szende was in Western Capitalist Protestant Wasp world, can be seen that as late as the 1990’s one of Stefan Szende’s most admired student was the Swedish pseudo historian professor, known for liking small boys, and intellectual Avenging Angel, Jurgen Weibull (1924-1998), who, never once wrote anything against his mentor expert on Hitlarian mass killing, Stalinist Stefan Szende, whom Stalin seems to have left out in the cold from its propaganda machine.

Jurgen Weibull testified his ‘’expertise’’ in this Swedish Kangaroo Show Trial, while the assaulted and falsely accused victim and Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, was laying deeply wounded on the floor reading George Orwell, 1984. It is claimed Jurgen Weibull, Bildt, Stephane Bruchfeld, Danelius, Laila Freivalds, Hedi Fried, Johan Hirschfeldt, Harald Hofmann, Gerd Jacob, Munck, Helmut Mussener, Lind, Alva Myrdal, Narrowe, Svante Nordin, Olof Palme, Lennart Selin, Claudia Spiewak, Jakub Swiecicki, Wastberg, Bertil Wennberg, and others repeatedly kicked and spat on the victim while laying helpless slaughtered to the ground. None have denied it so far. Because the corrupt Jewish Judge, Jan Levin, working for Rabbi Morton Narrowe and his Antisemitic Synagogue, secretly arranged the torture events to late hours, and excluding all media, these charged attain credibility. To add even more suspicion is the fact the pseudo-judge, Thug Jan Levine, later dismissed himself for the Show Trial to cover up all traces of his crimes.

We will say nothing here of Jurgen Weibull’s kleptomania, cheating, love for playing with tin soldiers, dependence of breast milk to ripe youth, his dependence on diapers till age of six, his wee-wee into the pockets of his maids, his deep moral perversion, masturbation of horses, voyeurism, fetish for women’s underwear, and playing with matches from youth on. The distinguished Emeritus Professor continued to try squaring the circle once he landed his professorship due to lack of knowledge. Nor shall we spend time on how he as teenager asked his nannies to pick his clogged up nose because he was too lazy to do it on his own; or that he later in life got masturbated by his dog Putz because he was too lazy to learn it.

The claim that Stefan Szende helped Jurgen Weibull to get Circumcised may just be a wishful rumor. Some claim he was a hardcore and deep-throat Scofieldite, voting for the Swedish Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) and its phalange of ‘’Israel is Always Right’’, an ideological Dispensational lunatic fringe, and one of the most violent in Sweden, always ready to use terror acts to win a case.

Jurgen Weibull had been asked to ‘’testify’’ on behalf of the Jewish Synagogue and their fanatic Rabbi leader cleric, Morton Narrowe, who got a notorious, con woman, known for her manipulating documents and facts, the Mafioso, Hitler inspired, Agneta Isborn Lind to make the racist charges for them. Agneta Isborn Lind managed to let the Jewish manipulating and document falsifier Judge, Jan Levin, handle the Show Trial, with the accused systematically tortured at Osteraker Concentration Camp, and other Rendition places. At her side, helping her out in her Judiciary Crime, were two equally notorious police thieves, known for their brutality, and manipulations, namely the sanguinary villains; Police-thief and Manipulator, Lennart Selin, and Police-thief and Manipulator, Svante Nordin, both working for the corrupt Taby Police, which had assisted in the Terrorist acts against Peace Activator and Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, and his Philippine wife Felicidad, whom they likewise sought to assassinate.

Agneta Isborn Lind and her Synagogue friends, got the malfunctioned, seemingly mental and physical pervert, and possible insane, Jurgen Weibull, operating as an ‘’expert witness’’ against Peace Activist Surivor, Ditlieb Felderer, in their Censorship and denial of Human Rights trials against him and in mocking universal human decency, between 1994 and 1995. They may just as well have picked Al Capone, Torquemada, or Santa Claus, or Satan the Devil himself.

There are striking similarities between Holocaust Denier Jurgen Weibull and Teleprompter Richard John Evans, both outstanding charlatans and examples of pseudo professors in their own rank. Opulent experts in academic Sleight of Hand. Both never spent one second in serious study of Exterminationism, with its central Auschwitz and Brzezinka geographical locations, and both were made into ‘’experts on the Holocaust’’ by Big Brother and its New World Order with the help of the gun and acts of terror.
Holocaust Denier Richard Evans, like Jurgen Weibull, appear to have gotten their well-paid laziness jobs by stealth and Kosher Politicians, where such Gentlemen on the Dark Side always strike tearful sympathies from their frail Votaries for their exquisite playacting. The show of conning people must go on.

The possible aberrant sex and decorum habits of the Three Stooges so similar to Jurgen Weibull can not be denied, nor discussed here. Suffice is, that alert readers and those interested in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health, forward their information on the Three Stooges to us, so that we can expand and further clarify the dark activities of these monstrous Luciferan men, always so ready to put you in jail and torture for mere filthy lucre. Such vital information can be forwarded to:

By delivering your helpful information to us, it should be the duty of us all to extend our deep love to such Holocaust Deniers as Deborah Lipstadt, Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, Christopher Browning, Martin Gilbert, et al., aiding them to happiness and vibrant mental health, away from their hate and constant miseries. With a little help they may recover their senses and once more become responsible citizens. Money is not all in this world. Even they have to get out of their Rothschild bank mentality for a moment, though lamentingly short. Rehabilitation work is here of upmost importance, and as you can appreciate we are well on our way to deliver them from causing further evil on this beautiful planet.
By you making small tracts, and both secretly and openly distribute them, using material from this Blog, you become team in the universal quest to enlighten mankind, defend righteousness, honest living, and free from the desire to rule over man. Conquer yourself rather than the world!

The Wailing Wall religion of Exterminationism (Micah 1:8) is repeatedly observed as such State approved, luminary Cult Guru hucksters as American Constitution Denier Christopher Browning, the Royal Highness and Rider on High Horse, Richard Evans, the ever blabber-mouthed Claude Lanzmann, the seeker of a friendly hand for mental rescue, Peter Longerich, Obscurant Robert Jan Van Pelt, BBC drag horse made rich, Laurence Rees; and other eminent gabbers at street corners, dishing out their latest teleprompter news of ‘’Survivor Testimonies’’, be that of Filip Muller scatology type, or that sweet Judith has got a new Revelation, giving her Testimony in how she was working inside the Auschwitz huge Massive Kitchen with its 12 chimneys, and how she was put into a sausage, but managed to escape by eating herself up.
Or, how sweet holocaust survivor, Ruth Less, who lost both her legs jumping into the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool, which, at that moment had no water, as the gigantic elephant by name of Baby Doll, had drunk up all the water after he had helped the Jewish Sonderkommando using the Swimming Pool to shower themselves clean. They felt Baby Doll’s showering gave them sensual erotic stimulation which the pool shower did less. Ruth Less got so angry over her foolish act she jumped straight over 6 electric, sparkling fences, and into the deep Sola River below. She swam all the way upstream to Krakow without her legs, and opened a shop next to Gestapo, selling women’s underwear, used toilet paper, and used Condoms to the Jewish Sonderkommando. The Bishop of Krakow had his own problems, having recently lost his Foreskin, after giving the Last Rites to a pedophiliac and convicted murderer.
And let’s not forget Survivor Chutz Pah who was eaten up by a crocodile in the Auschwitz Swimming Pool and survived by hiding inside the sweet smelling intestines like Jonah in the whale (Jonah 1:1-2:10). As the crocodile was aiming for Anne Frank who just had come to take her daily swim there, out jumped Chutz Pah, and in went Anne Frank, along with her Diary which her father Otto Frank had written. The ballpoint pen also went along in there, and one of her cats, Slimeball; all to keep Anne Frank busy writing inside cozy crocodile, illuminated by the Glorious presence of Jehovah Shechinah light.
Furthermore, just as Jehovah saw to it that Noah was not alone there inside the floating Ark, but had plenty of critters to help him sleep soundly with their loud howling, b-a-a-ing, trumpeting tu-tu-tu, and pussy mj-a-a-u-ing, and Vo-w-w-ing. Consequently Anne was provided with a postal address so the mailmen could deliver all the mail to her just as it was in good old Secret Annex at Amsterdam, Netherlands days, and, when the Bilderbergs kept them safe and sound. As soon as its Votaries hear such assured, serious testimony, they all stand awestruck, praising their fortune that they have Testimonies of such sterling electrifying, savory, Jehovistic Olah caliber.

While Ditlieb Felderer was under severe Torture by these brutes and other barbarian hirelings, and Abu Ghraib tormentors, Police Terrorist, Svante Nordin, said he had to do it, ‘’because he had to follow order’’! The whole torture procedure was approved of by then Sweden’s most influential Supreme Court Judge, Johan Munck. A faithful guardian of the Masonic Temple Ground and a Keeper of the Gate in good moral order and standing. The corrupt Swedish politicians later gave Agneta Isborn Lind a high position in southern Stockholm, as thanks for helping Bible bogus Israel out in a special difficult time and hot Olah case.

All this time, Ditlieb Felderer, was at the receiving end of endless of bomb threat calls, assassination threats,, arson, and stern warnings of that the Jewish Tribal God Jehovah was zealous and jealous, the Tetragrammaton, Hebrew: YHWH, translated: the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky, the I Am (Exodus 6:6-8), that he will not tolerate any criticism of his Chosen Race and people (Numbers 25:13), for that is like touching God’s eyeballs, which when translated correctly without Euphemism, should be God’s sex balls, his procreation tools (Zechariah 2:8). Moralistic Theologians will have it that Superstition made it they did not pronounce the name of Jehovah. When in fact it was that moral ground prevented them from stating it concerned a huge erect Penis in the sky.
The author God Jehovah said: ‘’Look at me! Sometimes it is hard. Sometimes it is soft, it is what it is’’. He was of course referring to the erection state of the penis, which when seen by its representation inside the Holy Temple, could be denied by no one. Here is the Olah-Holocaust religion of the ancient Semitic tribes of Jews and their singular dependence and worship of the procreative Penis. To be a Holocaust-Olah denier was to deny God in all his forms and existence.

The Kangaroo Court Trial hysteria run by State employed Thugs ended up, not by surprise, that Protestant Sweden became the first country in the world jailing people because of translation of a word! This had never happened before in human history. Roman Catholic Church in all its history and Censorship never attempted to go down so far into the gutter level. Protestants were condemning the Catholics for their Censorship. And now this one! Six times the full circle had been reached by Sweden’s gag actions against all civilized world and law.
How Julian Paul Assange could pick Sweden as his country for Free Speech must be a joke. Assange should have known how Sweden treats dissidence and how its corrupt police force steal writings, cartoons, etc.; help in throwing cartoonists and writers in jail, for then to use their homes, stealing the food and use it for their sex pleasure. Of this they are never charged but fully supported by the Sweden Court and State corrupt politicians. So why should Sweden treating Julian Assange care differently?
There are striking similarities here between Julian Assange and the case of Mordechai Vanunu who was framed by Mossad and tricked by woman to Italy. Robert Kennedy wanted to make Bible bogus Israel reveal its Dimona nuclear plant in which Vanunu was working. And Kennedy got killed. If shedding light on barbarism, what then is the danger in revealing State crimes? Or State dogmas, such as Exterminationism is? All this goes to show that if you engage yourself with Censorship and Free Speech you better look out who is in bed with you, or you may end up with a surprise.
Sweden has one of the most complicated and treacherous Limited Censorship laws, which they taken lock, stock, and barrel, from the French Revolution. Each paragraph seems to contradict the other one ending up with that according to Swedish laws anything and everything can be made to transgress liberty of speech; unlawful pictures and print. Its Tryckfrihetsforordningen is virtually unknown outside Sweden. And the matter is no better inside Sweden. In fact, 99% of Swedes either do not know it or can’t identify it. It is a no subject in discussion with foreigners in which Swedes like to make a show of their Free Speech and no Censorship. Swedes even brag of their Gag laws as being Free Speech. Ask them about what Limited Censorship is. We still have to meet one Swede who knows the meaning of that word. He is a total ignorant man. A barbarian taken out of the Stone Age. So stay away from Sweden if you want to retain your liberty and sanity.

Furthermore, there have been Court cases where Jewish Kapos claiming to have been in Auschwitz and who were charged for sexually molesting children. The Swedish Court judged, that the fact the molester had been at Auschwitz frees him from all sex crimes. Again we see Sweden’s duplicity here. And these were kids! In the case of Assange the women INVITED him to their homes and bedroom, which would status them as Prostitutes.

Either Julian Assange was fooled or deeply ignorant of what has been known for years about Sweden and its abysmal corruption and war mongering. When World Jewish Congress pestered Sweden to use its Censorship laws, or, and, create new ones, Sweden never told its USA representatives: ‘’Look here! You are causing treason by denouncing your USA Citizen Oath where you pledged yourself to uphold the Constitution. It demands Unlimited Free Speech’’.
Not long ago in Sweden, there was the Roman Catholic case of Bishop, Richard Williamson, who had made statements of the frauds of Auschwitz Vomitorium while in Germany. Now, the German corrupt politicians went after him, wanting him jailed and fined. There was not one voice of note, or, a known Swedish newspaper, or media outlet, condemning such violations of Free Speech. Therefore one should shut the mouth while visiting Sweden or never go there. Also beware, should you be called by the Swedish media. Likely they will trap you. Be polite and just hang up. He will look for another ready sucker.
The Roman Catholic Church has a special interest to delve into the Cult of Exterminationism because of the attacks against it , in that the Church not only kept quiet about the so called ‘’Holocaust’’, but, actively promoted it. Auschwitz Commandant, Rudolf Hoss, and others were Roman Catholics. So was Hitler. Pope Pius XII has been demonized and accused of promoting the HCaust. Books have been written, supposedly exposing the Pope as a Nazi Collaborator. All, while the real Nazi Collaborators, the Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Sicarii Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando have been made into Martyrs and victims. And there was not one official at the Auschwitz Vomitorium who was not a Nazi Collaborator. Brandhuber, Czech, Smolen, Szymanski, Wasowicz, and so many more, were all heroic Nazi Collaborators,
The persecution heat against the Roman Catholic Church were orchestrated both by the International Jews and the American Wasps, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others. And not the least, the USA Communists who hid behind the Nazi fear to promote their own schemes. One could almost say, that if you were confronted with a virulent anti-Fascist in USA, you had before you a Communist, be that a Stalinist, Trotskyite, or some other Socialist sect. For the Communist groups were innumerable, all fighting each other, each one accusing the other to be a Nazi Collaborator. But they all united under their hate of Nazism. Just like Christians united under the flag of Holy Trinity.
In spite of all the hate between the Communists and Nazists there was one thing that united them all. Both stood for Censorship and against Free Speech. Both used the French Revolution and its Limited Censorship laws as example of Free Speech, not the curtailing of it. Hitler was no friend of Free Speech, neither was Stalin. Nor was Churchill. Nor was Roosevelt. They all could take a drink to that one. And the situation was not much better elsewhere. United States with its Constitution and First Amendment of Free Speech had Unlimited Free Speech. USA is the only country in the world with such a Constitution. But what did it help? The proof is in the eating of the pudding.
Corporate might came in in USA and took away the practical use of its Unlimited Censorship. And if you did not belong to some corporation and did colpoerteur tract spreading you likely would end up in jail in USA. True, you could fight it all the way up to Supreme Court, but who had the money, time, and engery to carry out such a major battle? So most of those caught and jailed paid their fine and left the scene. Such groups as Jehovah’s Witnesses fought one court case after the other just to have a right to preach. They were about the only group to carry on the fight. And while Jehovah’s Witnesses would fight in courts for their Free Speech, within themselves they would fiercly fight against an Apostate and hinder him to stand near their meetings to hand out his tracts.
Much of this negative propaganda against the Roman Catholic Church begun when Rolf Hochhuth of West Germany when he came out with his novel drama, Der Stellvertreter in 1963; published 1963 in English as The Representative, and The Deputy. The novel drama put fuel against the accused Witches of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Witch Show Trials which started in December of that year.
As a Roman Catholic , John Fitzgerald Kennedy, had been chosen as President in 1961, the Jehovah’s Witnesses were fearful of being put into Concentration Camp due to its conflicts with the Church, and so came out with a leading Awake magazine article accusing the Roman Catholic Church for being in cahoots with the killers of Auschwitz and elsewhere. This propaganda lie brought thousands of Roman Catholics into the Jehovah’s Witnesses fold. Here are some important reasons why Bishop Richard Williamson had good reason to investigate the subject. He seemingly was unaware that Jehovah’s Witnesses were working for the Hoss family and in the Auschwitz Garden just by the alleged Gas Chamber of Crematory 1, today called Holy Shrine One.
Thus, the Jehovah’s Witnesses could with their own argument, themselves be accused for being Nazi Collaborators. It did not take long for East Germany to pick up on this, and so under Communist direction, Manfred Gebhard, came out 1971 with a book exposing how Jehovah’s Witnesses had collaborated with the Nazis. The fact that Communists themselves had collaborated with the Nazis was of course not mentioned. The title of Gebhard’s book was Die Zeugen Jehovas: Eine Dokumentation uber die Wachtturmgesellschaft. In a way the East German book pioneered book-making in Apologetic Secterism. Something like that had not been published before as technique for it was cumbersome and expensive.
Probably one of the most enlightening material on Jehovah’s Witnesses and Nazi Germany was the work published by a former Jehovah’s Witness who had worked for the Corporation fror some 30 years. His name was Wilhelm J Schnell whose book Thirty Years A Watchtower Slave , published in 1970, became a bestseller. But it was in his newsletters that he struck with some really revealing Info about the Corporation, showing it to be but yet an ordinary authoritarian international corporation working on a New World Order basis. So, in fact, Jehovah’s Witnesses were before the politicians, with their Globalism and New World Order. Schnell showed that the history given by the Corporation, the ‘’Visible Organization’’ on earth, was not what they claimed. It was quite a different story and one of collaboration of the Jehovah’s Witnesses with the Nazis, in fact, no different from the Jews with their Transfer Agreement and other collaborating activities such as those by the Jewish Sonderkommando. The general view was that Armageddon would come very soon, and the left over after the conflagration were the Jehovah’s Witnesses who would rule the globe from Jerusalem. Charles Taze Russell, the author of the Cult, because he had the money, was a Christian Zionist. Christian Zionism was discarded with the lead of Judge Rutherford, who in some respect was quite critical of the Old Testament as regards the business minded Jews. The ‘’If I was a rich man’’ didn’t quite get well over with him.
Quite a number of early Jehovah’s Witnesses in the early days, or Russelites as they often were called, if not most of the males, were active Freemasons. The Mason influence can be detected with the Russell writings on the Pyramids, and other books. It was a fusion of Masonry, Millinarianism, Zionism, under Protestant interpretation. On the matter of Circumcision, most early Jehovah’s Witnesses were not Circumcised. The introduction came after World War 2, when they swallowed the Jewish notion of all the benefits from Circumcision. Jehovah’s Witnesses had their own Stefan Szende book, peddling truths with fantasies. It was their Franz Zurcher book, Kreuzzug Gegen Das Christentum, book 458 in our Bibliography. Consult here RH 224, ‘’Jehovah’s Witnesses Declare War Against Germany!’’
While on the point of Circumcision within Christian circles, the discussion continues on what is the ‘’mark of the beast’’. Certainly, a reading of the Bible here shows it has something to do with BECOMING CONDITIONED. Rarely, if ever, do these Christians hint to that what fits best here is Circumcision which has been considered a ‘’mark’’, a ‘’sign’’ within Jewry from the time Abraham supposedly begun it. And USA and England are perfect examples. Its people, mostly those from USA, have been conditioned, slowly and slowly, that Circumcision should be done to Christians, although the Bible specifically informs Christians were not bound under it, and should abstain doing so. Circumcision was ONLY for Jews and Christian Jews. So it seems, the ‘’mark of the beast’’ would fit Circumcision more than anything else. The root however is to condition people into zombies and make them submissive to authorities. And the Holy Bible is the book of authority number one. It has made, and is making zombies of all of us.
The German magazine, Der Spiegel, came out with an article showing how Jehovah’s Witnesses, who had accused such clergy as Martin Niemoller for being a Nazi Collaborator, were themselves Nazi collaborators. The magazine mysteriously disappeared from the Stockholm Library archive. It truly had become the ‘’POT CALLS THE KETTLE BLACK’’! Manfred Gebhard mentions about this in his startling book, one of the best ever made on Jehovah’s Witnesses.
The mess of lies created by Rolf Hochhuth was so hysterical he seems to have finally woken up to put some sense into the whole debacle. And so in his Soldiers of 1967, he implied Churchill was involved in assassinating the Pole Sikorski and the Carpet Bombing (blanket-bombing) of Dresden. The were of coruse War Crimes as were those of Hamburg. His Juristen of 1980 was translated as The Legal Profession, and it went into the subject of collaboration with the Nazis. He seems to have been completely ignorant of how the Jews themselves collaborated and that those administrating the killing were the Jewish Sonderkommando. Hochhuth knew nothing about the Transfer Agreement, of Nazi Germany collaborating with Zionist Jews. One self-proclaimed mass murderer and Serial Killer was Filip Muller. A deal was made with Communist East Germany and West Germany. Filip Muller, the mass murderer of some four million, was secretly brought to Mannheim in West Germany. There he got a free home with all expenses paid and a huge pension, and free women. Ditlieb Felderer was able to track the self-claimed assassin down living a King’s life in West Germany. And let us not forget in mentioning again about all those Auschwitz Vomitorium who had all been former Nazi Collaborators.

The country of Sweden; violating the most basic of Human Rights is now engaged in war against Afghanistan where its soldiers and police teach Afghan people how to respect Free Speech and prevent Censorship!!! If any sanity is left here, those who brought Sweden into this senseless war, should be charged as War Criminals, which they all are. Sweden can contribute nothing to Afghanistan except Drones, sex crimes, prostitution, corruption, and political manipulation. Charging them for Crimes Against Humanity and creating war, would save us from further Globalism Ritual Slaughter, manipulations, wars, and bloodshed.

Even the Mossad agent Simon Wiesenthal was in on this case, and asked to come to Sweden to testify against Peace Activator, Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer. Sweden needed its place on this planet to sell arms and continue man’s racial conflicts. Bible bogus Israel was a major source to gain approval from USA and Great Britain. Former Nazi Collaborator, and now Israel’s Nazi State, Simon Wiesenthal, ranted against Peace Activator and Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, and demanded he be stopped. Those educational cartoons, were namely upsetting people and gave Israel a bad image and convulsive stomach noises, known as the Anne Frank Diarrhea. Stefan Szende was not in on the case because he had mysteriously died in 1985. Had his contacts with Ditlieb Felderer become known?
MOSSAD had previously been involved with numerous assassinations, known and unknown. One known, concerned Swedish diplomat Folke Bernadotte who was overheard in a room at Jerusalem, beside which MOSSAD (Irgun and Stern) was located, that he had seen nothing as bad in any of the German Concentration Camps as the treatment the Jews gave Palestinians. That was enough, and so he, along with his French companion, intelligence officer, Col. Andre Pierre Serot, were assassinated by MOSSAD on open road in the ‘’Holy Land’’, on September 17, 1948 , by the Jewish Terrorist group Stern. The killers have all been praised as heroes by Bible bogus Israelis.
Google with its will erase anything worthy pertaining to Bible bogus Israeli assassinations. They will keep you there for a while, then at opportune moment erase you, tell you they won’t need to give you any information why. Mossad regularly uses Facebook to gather information in making their false passports which their killers use around the world. That is why Facebook is so concerned about getting accurate details about you. We have been told CIA uses Facebook for the same reasons.
But most of Mossad assassinations were done secretly, or maneuvered by second Sicarii hands. Another Jewish Terrorist act that got exposed by mere sloppy work of the assassins was the mistaken identity murder of Moroccan Ahmed Bouchikhi, living in Lillehammer, Norway, who met his assassins on open street, like Olof Palme, on Saturday (Sabbath!), 21 July 1973. The whole affair got opened up, and finally, Norway, and its utterly corrupt politicians, gave the murderers, who had been taken, their freedom, resulting they immediately went to Israel. Involved with this assassination were also members of the Rabbi Morton Narrowe Synagogue in Stockholm, who later sought to assassinate Ditlieb Felderer, and his Philippine wife. Will Norway let off Anders Breivik for his killing? Seeing they did so with MOSSAD, perhaps thy do so also with Breivik.
One of the favorite works of spying was in using the telephones, listening to conversations, find enemies, and then strike. As special effective spy method they may use Ritual Slaughter, as was done to Catrine Costa, a Jewish prostitute in Stockholm who underwent Levitical Concubine Slaughter; no doubt by setting example for all Jews not to become spies against the Synagogues, which she had developed into by her drug use, obtained by the operations of the Anne Frank Drug Cult who were travelling back and forth from Netherlands to distribute drugs in Sweden and elsewhere. By that time MOSSAD had learned to be more careful with their assassinations. And so the assassins of Catrine Costa have still not been found, if for no other reason the corrupt Swedish police have no interest to investigate, it itself being infiltrated by MOSSAD operatives and actively engaged in Terrorist acts.

The arm-chair Communist, Stefan Szende, was in one way or the other involved with the Red Front and his friends had particular interest to put their failure and to blame it on Hitler and use a ‘’red house’’ as a claim of Hitler ‘’gassing’’ Communists to death. Many of these were actually Trotskyites who dreamed of a Communist world Revolution but were afraid to be outspoken about it. In a way they were somewhere out there in the nowhere land as few dared to show Stalin as their Guru since Stalin by this time had fallen a bit down in the classification range, but not yet a fallen star. Fallen no, and yet operative and not like pig Snowball in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. One simply wasn’t sure where Stefan Szende really was standing on political favoritism.

Like so many others who played anti-Fascists, Stefan Szende collaborated with the Nazis when he saw financial advantage from it. The Jew Stefan Szende was never called to witness at the Eichmann trial although his book was the first to reveal about mass extermination in the million by highly sophisticated swim water tank means. And it seemed Stefan Szende had some real vital personal information to reveal to the world. It could of course also be that Fritz Bauer by this time was not keen on further telling about his contacts with Szende. Willy Brandt, equally, started to keep his distance towards Szende lest he be found out where he stood. The climate between Stalin and the West had somehow cooled. The Jewish Judge Fritz Bauer may even have helped in editing Szende’s book. But Szende certainly didn’t fit in with his Belzec swimming pool tank and having missed to mention either Eichmann as the evil man or Auschwitz. It all happened at Belzec. If they now were to add Szende’s five million at Belzec and Auschwitz four million, that was too much. Beside, they had no Porno King, Hermann Langbein, Abortionist and Zoolatry supporter, Ella Reiner, Rapist Otto Wolken, Serial Killer Necrophiliac and mass murderer Filip Muller, at Belzec, to help the Frankfurt Witch Trial on steady foot.

Outside, the Iron Curtain under Stalin Communism grip domain, another important trial was conjured up by Big Brother in which for Stefan Szende indirectly had much more importance. It was our mentioned Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials which became a replica of German Witch Trial hysteria where Auschwitz, and Birkenau, in Polish Brzezinka, became important places of alleged mass extermination. How such Witch Trials should be conducted is graphically written in Witch Hammer, or Hammer of Witches, Malleus maleficarum, written in Latin.
The special arranged for and manipulated Kangaroo Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trial begun in December 1963, the same year Alabama of USA experienced grave racial disturbances, or insurrection. The Frankfurt Show Trials lasted from December 20, 1963, to August 10, 1965. These West German Kangaroo trials fomented intense interest in World War 2 history by Ditlieb Felderer who at that time suspected little foul play. He like all the rest, had swallowed, hook, line, and sinker the popular yarns of the day, little realizing what was behind them.
Interestingly enough, Stefan Szende, in spite of being friend with the Judge Fritz Bauer and Willy Brandt, and who all jointly had fabricated the Extermination Cult hoax, while all were OUTSIDE their own countries – as we have mentioned, did not appear at these Show Trials.
Although the former Nazi judge, Hans Hofmeyer, served as presiding judge at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Witch Show Trials where a whole slue of people were prosecuted at once for dramatic necessity and reeducation work of the Germans, the real judge was also a Nazi Collaborator, namely, Fritz Bauer who had the privilege to serve as Prosecutor as well. It was much like the Swedish judge, Hans Danelius, who acted both as judge and prosecutor at the same time. At Strasbourg court, Hans Danelius, voted against Ditlieb Felderer in a Censorship case, a fact which Sweden is concerned of keeping as secret as possible. How well Sweden has succeeded with their gag laws can be seen that this crucial Censorship trial, engineered by USA Constitution Jewish oath-takers and violators; the entire Swedish tax-paid media was in full silence, which otherwise repeatedly informs of Censorship violations in other countries.
These three men: Bauer, Brandt, and Szende, had all been Nazi Collaborators whenever they saw money was ready to be had. What could be the reason why Stefan Szende was not called in as important witness for this Witch Trial? Was it because he had himself not witnessed the events? Hardly, neither did any of the other witnesses. Was it because he was not at Auschwitz and Birkenau? Nor were any of the others. All the accusers were simply believed to be there by their own statements. And that was, because they were told money was to be had. And as we have shown, self-admitting Necrophiliac, Filip Muller, got to live a King’s Life once settling down at Mannheim in West Germany. The vague statements by the accusers makes on suspect something is really fishy here.
There were six criterions which Stalin required showing you had been either at Auschwitz or Birkenau if you wanted some restitution. All of them had to be fulfilled. If not, you wasn’t there and likely just made it up for an easy hand-out. Make note: none of the accusers were asked to show that they had ever been at Auschwitz or Birkenau, or both. It was just taken for granted. You just have to familiarize yourself with Auschwitz and Birkenau geography and then read Ella Reiner’s supposed written book, and you wonder if this person ever was at Birkenau. If she was, she may have been one of Commandant Hoess’ roommates. And that was probably one of the reasons why it took so long to get this book translated into English. And how fair is this translation? Has anything been purged? Like Otto Frank purged his Anne Frank Diary.
So there was no reason to leave the friend of Willy Brandt and Fritz Bauer, Stefan Szende out. But again he didn’t fit into the picture for some reason. He never mentioned Auschwitz in the book. Belzec would mess up the whole thing, if for no other reason there was nothing to be found there. Certainly Langbein and some of his Stalinist friends who arranged for the Frankfurt Show Trials behind the scene knew that. At this time one still believed that a huge ‘’extermination camp’’ was Wolzek. Commandant Hoss had invented this non-existing place as one of the worst ones. Confounding his interrogators it was like he said: ‘’There you are! I am inventing all these things because I have to. Wolzek doesn’t exist. Nor does most of the other things they write down’’.
But there was yet another vexing problem the Exterminationists had in building up their doctrinal filled Cult. Szende mentioned the sophisticated death tool as some sort of a huge swimming pool water tank at Belzec. The only one that would fit in here was the Olympic Swimming Pool at Auschwitz, precisely the one Stalin wanted to keep covered up. To reveal it would have caused permanent Tsunami to the whole of Exterminationism superstition which was then in its virgin phase of being created. That was not allowed. Stalin’s whole existence hinged on selling Auschwitz to the West to deflect from his Katyn Massacres, and he needed Auschwitz, not Belzec to sell it, and he wanted the Stalinist Poles to sell it along with himself. But that he had assassinated over 20,000 Poles at Katyn was just one of the reasons. To hold onto Poland and East Germany he needed the Exterminationist Cult to cover up his hoaxes. And he counted on Capitalist West to help, and to sell it.
Another reason of course, was, that it would demolish the No Water Doctrine and Starve Doctrine. Prisoners got no water because no arrangements had been made for it. This tank of water brought havoc to two major Stalin Doctrines. Sufficient reasons not to bring the Auchwitz Swimming pool up to the public, much less the West. And so Stalin made measures to see to it you wasn’t going to see it if you visited Auschwitz Resort Camp, as that would make it into at least a 10-star Resort Area. And that was perhaps one of the reasons Stalin now embarked upon making his own swimming pools for the public. Hitler and his Nazism wasn’t all that bad, after all.
Another reason why Stefan Szende was not called as witness for the Show Trials was his figure of 5 million Jews. By that time one wanted to sell the Six Million Jew Doctrine. But Auschwitz Vomitorium claimed 4 million died, not at Birkenau, but at the main camp of Auschwitz. As Szende does not mention that figure in relation to Auschwitz that would make the figure of death by water, gas, or such like, to 9 million. And if we include the 4 million figure later given for Birkenau, that would make a total of 13 million. Mathematically possible, but demographically impossible.
But that is not all. For let us not forget the word Jew was never mentioned by Stalin in relation to those killed. And this had evidently been approved by the leading Jews in Poland. This was typical Communist way of tackling race issues. He made it out that most of them were Atheist Communists and Russians. So that would bring the 13 million exterminated to even higher level.
If you know Greek and you read the New Testament in Greek you know that the word ‘’Jew’’ is a wrong translation. The word ‘’Jew’’ was invented to cloud over the fact that there were different groups of people living in Palestine. The Galilees, the Samaritans, etc. The correct translation should be Judeans, or Judaeans. Erroneous translation in this way make people believe it was all a unified front against ‘’Savior’’ Jesus Christ. It was not. Both the Galilees and Samaritians seem to have been out of that fight. RH 3 goes into this startling fact the word ‘’Jew’’ is a wrong English translation.
The above complicates the fact of such Newspeak words as Antisemitism. If you then add to it that most people living in Bible bogus Israel are of Khazar origin and hence whose ancestors never sat foot in Palesine, you are in a real racial mess with the supposed Twelve Tribes racial issue. And then the Ethiopian Jews who aren’t Circumcised. How does all this fit together with Scofieldism and Dispensationalism of ‘’Jews coming back to their former land’’? It is all nonsense.
Even up to 1990’s Auschwitz Vomitorium made it out the 4 million referred only to Auschwitz. A preposterous figure, and so there were good reason to forget about Stefan Szende and all the sophisticated machinery to kill the Nazi allegedly had invented. Even though he was the first to describe it in a book and assured the world that all that was written there was Gospel Truth.

Yet one more reason could have been Stefan Szende’s claim that Jews put onto their circumcised penis a new, fresh, Foreskin; or, Praeputium, Prepuce, in order to avoid detection. This is a hot potato no court trying to prove Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, would like to get into. That would put every court into a porno show. The Christians even have a feast day for having your Foreskin cut off, the Feast of the Circumcision, Praeputium Christi. In USA it became common to Circumcise even though you are a Christian. For what reason? Perhaps this article explains why.

The Skull cap (Calvarium) is the symbolic Foreskin which are put onto the head, symbolic of victorious Foreskin hunt of Jewish enemies, the Gentiles, the Goys, or the Christian enemies, the Infidels, or renegades (See RH 590). It was in memory of King David’s victorious slaughter of the Philippines and his running away with their Foreskins, or complete Penises. Certainly the Jewish Phylakteries are akin, being symbolic of the Foreskin in a Salvation meaning just as women felt their sex drive and fertility would increase at the nearness and touch of Jesus’ Foreskin. Olah-Holocaust is in reality nothing but a Sex Cult involved with a variety of fertility rites.
The Menorah candle and the Knob ornament, the round protrusion on the six! [make note] branches of the lampstand is another fertility object venerated by the Jews. The Hebrew word kaphtohr, or kaphtor is used here, meaning a round protrusion and evidently referring to the glans of the male penis (Exodus 25:31-36; 37:17-22). Again, showing the deep sex fertility root of Stefan Szende’s Jewish religion, and the religion of Christianity, contained in innumerable Sects, all claiming the right way to heaven.

GENTILES OR GOYS WORSE OFF THAN PIGS AND DOGS.To the Jew a Gentile, a Goy was an Orwellian non-person. He was a subhuman needed to be exterminated. Judaism, like its child, Christendom, is full of duplicities. Though a subhuman Goy, Jews were to take Interest, Usury from him (Deuteronomy 15:6 23:20; 28:12); which devolved into our Derivatives, from their enemies, the Gentiles, the Goys, but not from their own. Get all their properties to the point of fully stripping them, steal all their homes, orchards, wells, and olive trees (Deuteronomy 6:10,11), steal all their silver, gold, and riches, all ending up with that the Gentiles will humbly head for Israel delivering their wealth and hard toil with the Jews getting the praise from their Tribal God Jehovah (Isaiah 60). Just as Joseph did with the Egyptians (Genesis 47). And what shall we think in reading this of people saying they ‘’wished to be Jew’’, or claiming ‘’the truth shall set you free’’? Here you are entangled into slavery even more than before.

This Jehovistic sport of brutalizing, impoverishing, stripping all Gentiles from all their clothes and their last penny started already, as stated, with Joseph, where we can read about it in Genesis 47. The end result, and the End justify means, of all this Jewish Jehovah plunder, was, that all the Egyptians ended up in the stark naked nude state (Exodus 3:22). In fact, here started the first Nudist Camps, but unwillingly so. You had no choice but to run around naked in the nude. The Jehovah Jews had even stolen your underwear and all. Maybe that’s why the Jewish Sonderkommando crazed for them so much?
Will the day come to USA when you will be forcibly brought, or marched, nude to the FEMA Concentration Camps? Watch out for it! There are already precedents. All your preacher needed to do was to show this example, how people run around in the nude because Jehovah God wanted it that way, and now you got to run stark naked to the FEMA Concentration Camps, and once inside, you got to live with it either you wanted or not. God’s demands are just and pure, aren’t they?
Before we move on we should ask ourselves why Christians rail so much against Nudism and their Nudist Camps. Here was one of the progenitors of Jesus Christ, Joseph, with full Almighty, Jehovah backing, stripping Egyptians stark, naked nude. If it is good enough for the Egyptians why not for sweet, virgin sister Judith, sitting first in pew with her skirt far up for ventilating and toward the goggling preacher and male choir, telling about her best side to face the heat of Hellfire.
Ditlieb Felderer has suggested Auschwitz and Birkenau jointly be made over into a happy and thriving Nudist Camp. Aren’t there precedents here to follow? After all, Birkenau may have had the first Nudist Camp ever. Right there inside the Birkenau forest.
But to plunder in this way can cause problems at times with the plunderers as Jews were often to find out. To solve this reality, the Jewish Kahal met and so invented Christendom, where their Milking Cows were continued to be plundered but with acceptance. None are as happy as the happy Slaves. Without using duplicity this time, the alleged author Paul of the Colossians could write of the non-persons Gentiles, the Goys: ‘’…though you were dead in your trespasses and in the uncircumcised state of your flesh, [God] made you alive together with him. He kindly forgave us all our trespasses’’ (Colossians 2:13). Poor souls those uncircumcised Gentiles whose penis signifired if they were trespassing or not!
The trespass of the Gentiles however consisted in, not giving Jews all they demanded. Here we clearly see the importance that the Penis played in Judaism and its Phallic Worship. For Christianity and Judaism is all about the Penis, the Holocaust-Olah Worship. And they mess in all Gentiles with their adoration of Foreskin. You are an evil man because of your Penis, but thanks to Savior Jesus Christ you are now a delivered man. Talk about selling snake remedy as a cure for all.

Reason itself would tell that such Foreskin clad humans could have no part in a new concocted Christendom but were relegated as servants to their masters’ will, with their full approval and joyful pleasure. Primitive Christianity was a world denying Circumcision to the Synagogue slaves. Islam was still not there to challenge this Jewish sacred ritual. Here again we see the importance of Stefan Szende as he hits on the main Doctrine of Judaism, its Penis and its Foreskin.

Stefan Szende could find further support for his New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine from Jesus Christ himself who talks of tearing out eye and cutting off hand just because of some use of these organs for anything else but praising the Clergy-Kahal Ruling Class (compare Hebrews 13:17). Here is the Scripture portion:

Matthew 5:27 You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery’.

28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

29 If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge (tear) it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into Hell-fire.

30 And if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into Hell-fire.

Here Jesus Christ demands gorging, tearing out eye and cutting off hand, and there are examples all through history that this was done by pious followers of Christ.

When Christians condemned Jews for their Ritual Murder of Gentile Goys they forgot to look at their own Master Jesus Christ. If you should mutilate your body just to please the Jewish Tribal God Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, what stops you from Ritual Murder, chopping off of Penises, either through Phalotomy, or just the Foreskin? Stefan Szende people could have said to all those losing their Penises or Foreskins on behalf of the Jews: ‘’Your Master Jesus Christ commanded you to rid yourself of excess baggage causing Sin, temptation and lust. We have taken your Dick or Foreskin with us, to ease your way to Heaven, and be safe from Hell’’! Thus the Stefan Szende people acted as Saviors and protectors of the Goys wanting to play with their Dicks.

Circumcision, excision into the flesh, is in reality a deformation, nothing but Genital Mutilation. A whole set of mutilators of the flesh were needed, called Mohel (Philippians 3:2). Cutting into the flesh was an integrate part of Judaism to stay apart from the Slaves, the Gentile Goys. With the introduction of Islam which also demanded Circumcision, the Jews exclusive right for its ID card, its Identification Card, Social Security Number, the Number Of The Beast, ended. It no longer held right. It was no longer significant.
Competition begun, and with it the Jews lost the central exclusive importance within Christendom. How exactly Islam came to adopt Circumcision is unknown. It is claimed all Egyptians, including the Coptic Christians, perform female Circumcision, or Genital Mutilation (Newsweek, June 8:1998:31). Is it fair to say that more than 200 million people are today Circumcised? Perhaps even more. Again stressing the point that it no longer works as an Identity Card (ID card) as it once did. The competition has become too great.

THE LEGALITY OF TAKING EXTORTION MONEY, DERIVATIVES, USURY, INTEREST FROM GENTILES, THE GOYS: The Holy Koran or Quran, mentions nothing of it. Such Circumcision is not in there. All we know is, that the Jews lost their singularity to rulership. Their Doctrinal rights to take Usury, namely Interest, was about all reality left the Jews had, and so they decided to use that weapon with judicious sleight of hand. Indeed the Holy Bible commands Jews to Extort and the fact that they can not do so indicates Jehovah’s displeasure with his Chosen Race, the Chosen People of Jehovah God. Deuteronomy 15:6 demands Jews to Extort as this would give them domination over the Gentile Goys. The Jews themselves will not need to borrow, indicating huge wealth in their hands (Deuteronomy 28:6, 12). We have already touched on how Joseph impoverished the whole Egyptian nation by his New World Order banking.
Therefore it is of interest of the banking world to make the whole world population into slaves, dependant on them for sustenance, health, and life. It is all in there in the Holy Bible. You could not have it more clearer than that. And strangely enogh there is a Scripture in the Bible where Jesus Christ says that all those before him were plunderers and thieves (John 10:8). That would make Aaron, Abraham, Moses, David, all into thieves and plunderers.

That such domination would include snitching Foreskins, and complete Penises from Gentile Goys by the Jews is superfluous to state. It is right in there in the ordinance of Tribal God Jehovah. Their financial control over the Goys would make it that any demand to the leading Goys for Foreskins and Penises would be accommodated . The wealthy Goys had no remorse for their Slaves and could hand over any individual, or groups at their choice. Usury gave back to the Jews their full control which they had lost in the progress of the Christian Church as could no longer control the Christian Synagogues by their Penis.
The Jews simply loved, and love all the Christians who deny Usury amongst themselves as this gives them monopoly to do it. And if they use Scripture to prove it, the Jews well know that these Scriptures pertain to them, and not the Goy. Rothschild could never have gotten his empire without the help of the Christians. Christianity is the perfect Milking Cow and home of the suckers that is why the Jews can travel world over demanding countries should enforce Censorship laws to protect them.

Today our state is such that all finances have become pure speculation and gambling. We are huge gambling Casinos. Money Laundering, drugs and crime is today total. Crime and drugs rule nations and its politicians. With the elimination in USA of the Glass-Steagall Act, or the Banking Act of 1933, the World has moved into a full Mafia and Cabal control heading for total chaos. The Jews are not good at money. They are reckless with money. Their Bible demands it from them. And by being reckless thy impoverish all the nations, making them slaves for the Bankers.
The Christians who want to hold onto the Judeo-Christian religion and be Skirthangers, are embarrassed when confronted with these facts, and hide behind the Talmud and other Rabbinic writings, and in that way divert attention from their own book. But that is only as a Scape Goat. All is in there, right in the Bible. You don’t need Talmud or anything else to prove it.

It behooves therefore on the Pagans to fully understand the anatomy of Money and of the Penis so that he realizes the important role that Money and the Penis has within Judaism and World History. None has been so successful in teaching mankind the history of the Penis and its connection with World History and world power as Ditlieb Felderer, who, with visual perspectives has shown the anatomical structure of a tool set out to do the job it was meant to do. The importance of the male Penis can never be stressed too much. It should be basic instruction in all Sunday Schools; for the Penis with its connected words is found more, than most words in the Holy Bible.

Such Sex Foreskin claims are not new, and are as old as the Bible. Thus David by the wishes of Tribal God Jehovah, is asked to go to war against the Philistines whereby he kills the Philistines, cutting off their Foreskins or whole Penises, and brings them to Saul and his daughter Michal, or rather, to Jehovah (1 Samuel 18:25-27; 2 Samuel 3:14). What then happened to these cut off whole penis members, or just the Foreskins, acting as some sort of Trophies of Foreskins, Totems; a Fetish, the Bible does not say. Perhaps acting as primitive Sex Dildos? There may have been ways to put a cut off penis into erection and then dry it, for to be sold and used as Dildos. Just as horny farm boys used to fight each other, hitting each other with dried horse penises. We have been told by Scots and others made walking sticks of hardened horse penises. People are even supposed to have been killed with them in history. So watch out! They may have a revival coming on this one too.

The Penis Dildo was at the same time serving as a Trophy and prepared according to traditional preservation methods, something similar to head shrinking, and then used by the Jews to insert them into their slave girls as Chastity Belts (German, Keuschheitsgurtel, Florentiner Gurtel; Swedish, Kyskhetsbalte; Spanish, Cinturon de castidad), also called Connubial or Conjugal Belt. They were thus closing up (compare 1 Samuel 1:5, 6) the womb so that the special Selected (the origin of the Selection Doctrine?) slave girl for the Jew male, could not engage in clandestine sexual acts, the Dildo preventing insertion of another Penis into the womb. This in part explains King Saint David and his hunt for Penis Trophies. It was not a mere leisure hunting expedition he was sent out for, but strictly serious religious business matters.

There were always those nasty Amalekites, Amorites, Canaanites, Edomites, Ephahites, Ishmaelites, Kenites, Midianites,Moabites, Philistines, around, wanting to mess around with the slave girls the Jews had taken as booty. Closing up her Vagina with a good sized Penis would put an end to any unforeseen adventure. One could not demand from Jehovah God to watch over his plunder day long on a 24-hour basis, especially Sabbaths. He also had to take some rest (Genesis 2:2).

Such actual Penises which Holy Saint David cut off the Amalekites , Philistines, and others, were likely handed over to the mistresses who had them in some way dried up to stiffness, or just being slack. If stiffed up, the female Jewish virgins were encouraged to fold and rub, down and up the Foreskin in Onan way (Genesis 38:2-10; 46:12; Numbers 26:19), masturbating the dead, serious play tool, the Teraphim, but without result of squirts of semen, thereby signaling to the Jewish Virgins Jehovah’s victory was a fact. The Stiffed up member could not deliver that what it was intended for, even if you would masturbate it for a whole day, including forbidden Sabbaths. Holding the Penis up in a Fascist Heil Hitler fashion, they would jokingly declare victory over Goyim. Such Dildos acted a bit like shrinking heads of Head Hunters. As war Trophies and Totems in which Israelite females could express their victorious decapitation of the very organ of producing offspring. The death of all Gentile, Goy, Pagan, activity. Victory at last to Jehovah and his Chosen People!

It was fully in the hands of the Jewish virgins, who played with their trophies, the Teraphim, manipulating them at will, just as Jehovah had promised the Israelites they would do if they only obeyed and followed his commands, which means the Rabbinical Kahal. Even the great Biblical scholar, John Kitto, had to admit with a certain blush: ”It is observable that women were peculiarly addicted to the use of these teraphim”. It is said, that a woman without her Dildo, is a woman still not born.
The mere fact and sensation of the Jewess to be able to hold a Gentile Penis in their hand excerted their passion to sex and offspring. It was like holding a man in a woman’s hand without him being able to get out from her grasps as he wriggles hither and thither to esacape. She was squeezing the last droplets of semen from the Dildo, emptying it on the ground where it was useless for offspring. It was the Final Solution of the Goy problem.

Certainly a form of a Dildo was the Cilice, in Spanish: Celise. A self-injuring clothing used in Penance to please the fleshly ”wounded human nature”. Some were hairshirts which induced discomfort or pain as a sign of Repentance. But covertly, males and women, used them to achieve Orgasm, and some were specially made for the Sex region; stimulating the area to Erection, resulting with final explosive Orgasm, spitting out the Volcanic Semen for the male user, and cascade of wet fluid for the females, thus ushering in a fountain of Sex juices on her part.

It was but one branch of Orgasm Rituals of the Flagellantes, beating themselves red-blood, to stimulate Orgasm at the thought of Sin. There is no way as short as that from Sin to Orgasm. For with every Sin there is Sex involved. Man had soon learned how to get stimulation out of pain, itch, and abrasive clothing.

It was claimed Jesus Christ also used them, thereby showing his human nature of the Holy Trinity. Indeed, Jeus Christ was a living, active person, doing the will of his Heavenly Father Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky. All those farm girls and boys knew that if Jesus Christ was truly human, a part of it; he also must have had plenty of erections and vigorously done Masturbation to prove he was truly part human.

Closely connected to the Teraphim and Celice, was the Ephod, a sort of a Dildo Penis hanging down the neck of the Jewish priest. One can assume these were whole Penises taken by the Holy Jews from the Canaanites, Philistines, Amelekites, and other naughty Goy souls (1 Samuel 18:25-27; 2 Samuel 3:14). These were always ready for use in the Fertility Cult, not only as a Sex stimulus but also to ward off Evil Spirits, those Demons lurking everywhere. Again, we can appreciate Stefan Szende and his claim of getting fresh new Foreskins onto Penis to refresh the looks of the tool that was no longer free to move due to its restricted, Circumcised denuded state: a strangulated paraphernalia; greatly restricted by chopping off its life sustenance structure and urge for love to live.

Josephus tells the same thing of Saint David hunting for Foreskins to please Jehovah, but he gives a different number of Foreskins cut off. Josephus gives the Foreskin number to 600 (32:188). Remember here the various figures which become Holy with time: Six, Six in the Six Million Dead Jews, Four Million, Four fake lids on top of roof of Holy Shrine 1, Four fake crematory ovens, Four openings on morgue roof of Holy Shrine 2, where supposed Zyklon B was tossed in by the Jewish Sonderkommando, or where they squirted in their deadly sperm poison as the Sperm Doctrine demands. Four Virgins (Acts 21:9). Stalin who loved the number FOUR may after all have read the Bible. The intention was for him to become a priest. Three in the Trinity, etc.
Jehovah warns the sex tool of Moabites have been cut off, using Euphemism, which can be variously translated (Jeremiah 48:15).

The Jewish Priest was a Transvestite which is shown by his feminine clothes. He wore a skirt along with girdle, sash, belt, ornamented in typical female manner. If shaven, and not wearing a false beard, the Holy Congregation could not differentiate between the priest being a man or a woman. He was, and served, both in one. That was one more reason why it was imperative for every Jew joining in with the Congregation to affirm his male status by exposing his Penis to open inspection by the Congregation. This was also so within early, Primitive Christianity, but later abandoned when the Jewish leaders lost their direct control, a control they now had to get through proxies, just as the Jews today don’t go to war against Iraq, etc. They let their proxy Christians do the killing, butchering work for them. So there was nothing unusual in Stefan Szende’s claim that Jews donned Foreskins onto their Penises. The only way they could have gotten them was by snitching them from the Poles. And as seen, Christians were forever there to share their best parts to the Jews.

Somewhere along the line, the tribal urge to cut off whole Penises or its Foreskin, came in use in stories of other Cults. Otshirbani is claimed to have decapitated penises (McClintock, 105, Vol 12:622), and Western soldiers of both NATO and USA are reported in Afghanistan to have decapitated penises off Afghan men, reminding one of old ritualistic past habits. At times trees are hostile to the Jewish Tribal God Jehovah and so loathsome they are described as Foreskins (Leviticus 19:23-24), the worst term any Jew could think of. Jehovah had also commanded that the Jewish conquers must destroy and burn all trees.
Fire is always connected with Sex in one way or another. Pyromans for instance get erection and sexual pleasure with climatic outbursts in seeing fires. And the Jews of the Bible seem to have been blessed by their tribal God Jehovah with this orgiastic pleasure. There in obedience to divine command, the Jews took vengeance upon the Medianites consigning them and their properties to the fire (Numbers 31), while Gang Raping 32,000 of their baby girls, for then to kill them. Jesus Christ never spoke a word against this.
The Pyromanic urged can be seen on the hostilities conducted against Ernst Zundel at Toronto, Canada, when the Jews shouted outside his home to burn it down. And which was also done. Jews and Arson go hand in hand. The Holy Bible delivers many examples. Arson attempts were also done against Ditlieb Felderer orchestrated by members of the Jewish Synagogue. The repeated ‘’fire damaged’’ sales going on in Canada and USA is a cause of its own. And finally, the Bible records of fire and brimstone coming down from heaven just because man find it unpleasant to hand over his Foreskin just because the Tribal God Jehovah demands it.

For some 2000 years Christians have worried about what happened to Jesus Christ’s Foreskin, and numerous Foreskins, claimed to belong to Jesus Christ have existed and shown in Churches, each one claiming authenticity. It is a bit like the Gallows Door Doctrine. But Jesus Christ could never have had more than one Foreskin. That is, unless the original was taken from him, a new put on, and that one in turn be cut off. But how much put on and cut off can a Penis take even if it is claimed belonging to a Savior and one part of the Holy Trinity?

Here again we come back to Stefan Szende and his New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine. If all these Jews got a new Foreskin put onto their penises what happened to all these Aryans who were now without a Foreskin? Remember, Jewishness was determined on Foreskin content. They now being without a Foreskin were in danger of being targeted as Jews and so the hunt went on with robbing Foreskins from those Aryans who still had one. So we have a whole community in search of Foreskins for those the Jews robbed from them. Stefan Szende never explained the chaotic turmoil this snitching of Foreskins must have caused the Aryans who all now had to go wild to recuperate what was lost, to make up for lost and found.

In the last years a sort of Primitive Christianity has moved onto Auschwitz, as Adepts of that Sacred Faith, head for the Holy Sacred Shrine of Crematory 1. There to smooch and Masturbate and achieve orgasmic, climatic, fiery encounters, described much like the Pentecostals’ repeated electric shocks, surging through their trembling body. Very similar to the moment total climax is achieved and the body seems to swoon somewhere in outer space driven by Angelic turbo power heavenward. All having the sensation they are in there, inside the Holy Chimney, the Auschwitz Erect Penis, ready to explode and be shot out like the sperm shoots out from the head of the Penis.

Youth are reporting masturbating each other, while others claim they were made inside the Holy Temple of Holy Shrine One. Too bad Stefan Szende was not around to enjoy it, and report about it, as one of the great evils of Hitlarian sex-explosion, culminating in horrific sexual pleasure for the partakers of this Heavenly bliss, assuring every Adept activator to slide on the juices direct into Heaven, the Holy of Holiest. Here finally the great Sex Guru and friend of Ella Reiner, Wilhelm Reich, had come to his lasting home. But it could have been sooner. Just if Stalin had not been so strict. Or, is it true, that at times this place was used as sex center for Holy Pilgrims and Auschwitz Vomitorium officials? After all, just beside Holy Shrine 1 was Auschwitz Vomitorium Director, Kazimierz Smolen, who used the former SS-Hospital as a venue for tired Communist Secret agents to rejuvenate their tools.
Has the Final Solution to the Christian-Jewish question finally been achieved and finally found? The solution solving the sliding in? That of not fighting each other but glorify the Father in Heaven for being so gracious to be allowed to partake of such Lusts of Sin.

In sensual imagery we see how a Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, nearly holding hand with an emotional wound up, Dick Cheney, who is always so very ready for bombardments of sperm or dynamite, leaving their kid making Block 10 of Auschwitz, embracing, though distant, on star filled heavens, January 27, 2005; as if they both had partaken of heated emotions within the precincts of that semen- laden Block 10, which brought forth such heaps of newborn babies. And there she would have had the help of Doctor Josef Mengele in amorous embrace in case the emotion had overtaken brain. Make love not war, is the essence here.
Nostalgy enter into our shriveling and trembling bodies as we in Biblical vision can see Doctor Mengele, to the sound of Auschwitz children happily frolicking around in the Auschwitz Swimming Pool; politely asking Deborah Lipstadt to a dance while the Jewish Orchestra play their favorite tune of the Auschwitz Waltz, for then to jointly take a dip inside the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. And above glowed millions of stars, all smiling as the team of two cheered and frolicked together with their Jack Daniel, mixed with Jonny Walker Whisky, while both partook of Italian ice cream made inside the excuisite cuisine, with delicious odors seeping from every kitchen vent and window. It seemed like the good days would never end, and paradise had been achieved without the Almighty doing one thing to get there. Who can deny us this joyous scene of Olah-Holocaust, when lust was in the air, and there was not a mention of the word crisis which today has overtaken the vocabulary of mankind?

In yet more amorous distant embrace, yet close enough to feel the heat emitting from those 4 crematory ovens of Holy Temple Shrine, Crematory 1 at Auschwitz, they could victoriously walk out of baby making Block 10, well knowing if the horse play of Usury and Derivatives were well acted, here was money to be made, and a ready world to conquer for the gab and Wailing Wall aerobics.

All this has brought new relevance to that Sacred Holy Shrine of Auschwitz, reminding one of the never dying urge for Sex for the continuation of the human race. Even for the smallest Sperm, ”arbeit”, work, motion, is needed to move on and ahead in a world run by Globalists and other dying cells of flesh and desires, mortified in Stones of Remembrance.

Exterminationists pull out their hocus-pocus by calling all Jews collaborating with the Nazis for Aryans, or such like. Maybe they had all put on a Stefan Szende Foreskin. Robert Pelt’s Euphemism Doctrine makes all Jews appearing in a bad light as ”Aryans”. This, not the least for the ever present real reason of Exterminationism, that of extorting money (Genesis 47, Deuteronomy 15:6; 28:12; Isaiah 60; Matthew 25:14-30). Of course it would not be good business for a world to know that most of those killers were Jews. So the word Aryan becomes handy.

It is not good when demanding extortion money, Reparation, in German, Wiedergutmachung, to remind of all those Jews like Filip Muller, that they collaborated most willingly with the Nazis when things were good and for personal gain. And so the term Aryan becomes handy. And so hocus-pocus, Sicarii Serial Killer, Filip Muller, is made into an Aryan.

This sleight of hand literary trick becomes beautifully exposed when Robert Jan Van Pelt mentions of the Swimming Pool at Auschwitz and those who used it. For, at least for some of them, they have received flashes of light, realizing what they see is what they see, and just not a baby plastic pool for kids of Block 10, or a tank where circus elephants can drink their water. In a small way they have become Ditlieb Felderer Revisionists.

And so the new revelation, is, It was of course not the Jews who used it, but those nasty Aryans. This, orginally an ironic question posed by Ditlieb Felderer, was then taken over by the then short made Gury, Jean-Claude Pressac, who then twisted it into a fact. The Jews did not use it. Pressac manages to cover it up, and Pelt purloins it from Pressac, making it more extreme, by naming those using it for Aryans. At least we have come this far. A 10-star hotel for the Aryans! Progress! Progress!
That leaves it now out from being an Extermination Camp which the Exterminationists termed it for so long a time. They have now made it into a 10-star resort area for the SS and the Aryans. And come to think of it, shouldn’t it be a 20-star Resort Area? Or more? For where on this whole planet earth existed an Olympic Swimming pool inside a Resort Area with a huge Kitchen to bring you food, cinema, brothel, art school with Jerzy Adam Brandhuber as leader, dentistry, eye doctors, library, orchestras, sport activities, educational schools, et al.?

So now we have to watch out for the Dirty Pelt Aryan Trick Doctrine, an ugly example of Euphemism for filthy lucre sake. Pelt is a teleprompter and pseudo-professor at University of Waterloo where architecture is his strong point. Yet he is still not able to see that Auschwitz had hydrant. It got there about the same time the Water Tower of Auschwitz was ready. Via conduit the water from the Water Tower, or High Water Tank, was lead into the huge Auschwitz Swimming Pool. Pelt’s material is used by States to justify acts of terrorism against dissenters. In an Toronto Star article of 27 December 2009, he finally admits Exterminationistsm is built upon sand, stating ‘’Ninety-nine per cent of what we know [and evidently don’t care to know] we do not actuall have the physical evidence to prove.’’
That does not hinder this scatterbrain from making himself out as an expert on the holocaust while cashing in good money from it. Some people have no scruples and are ready to sell themselves for anything. Had Pelt used his legs and not worried about soiling his dainty fingers, he would have seen there are lots of physicals evidence if he left his comfortable religious Cult holocaust pew. But then, he may never have visited the Auschwitz Vomitorium. Or the ‘’architect’’ would have seen lots of interesting things. For instance, that Auschwitz does have hydrant. Garbage in, garbage out, so what can we expect coming from a Cultist defending the indefensible Holocaust Commercial Cult?
Moreover, this should have been known for him before the David Irving libel trial begun. So why did he then make himself out as expert? An expert of 1%. Evidently that is all the evidence the Cult of Exterminationism has. No honest person worth his honor for truth would admit for one second to participate in a trial such as this. But then, there was all that money to get. To line your own pockets and feather your own nest is the name of the game here.

When investigation was made of the accusers of Canada’s Censorship Show Trial against Ernst Zundel, which ended up with nothing but ”holocaust survivors”, there could not be found one Jew who had not collaborated with the Nazis and who now were made into victims in order to get huge pensions. It has developed into a huge embezzlement with fraud and arson, at times homing in several pensions under one name. Arson has been a common way used by those fearing money frauds to be revealed in which they have participated in one way or another.
And now we have to ask how it was so easy for the Establishment to get conned? Or, is the very requisity to get conned when you belong to it? Now people will demand an answer from such opulent outlets as American Academy Of Arts And Science how they could get so easily conned? Of the American Hisotrical Association. Of the America Historic Society. And all the others. How could they get so easily conned?
Are these men the same type of gullibles as were conned by Bernard Madoff, where even Elie Wiesel got conned from his own kin? And why have these men supported Censorship, persecution, terrorist acts, and violence against dissenters? Or, by their very silence made acts of violence Kosher?

Whenever a Russian or Polish Jew is involved with something like drugs, or child perversion, he is not a Jew, but a Russian. Or, an Egyptian, a German, and American, a Spaniard, a Swede, a Dane, a Dutch, a Latvian, a Ukrainian, etc. As soon as when he gets a Nobel Peace Prize like Elie Wiesel, he becomes a Jew. This is all done for money’s sake, such as Reparation, in German, Wiedergutmachung, where 99% of the recipients were German collaborators.

For Bibliography on all subjects and controversy of ‘’Foreskin’’ consult: Numerous bulletins published by Bible Researcher (ISSN 0347-2787), Sweden; 3354:172-173, 182; John W. Haley, Alleged Discrepancies Of The Bible, 1525:382; 32:188; 3360:77, 127; 3362:231; Hastings, Vol 10:655; 1359:67; 2225:7; A.V. Muller, Die ‘hochhheilige Vorhaut Christi’ im Kult und in der Theologie der Papstkirche, Berlin, 1907; O. Stoll; Das Geschlechtsleben in der Volkerpsychologie, Leipzig, 1908:684 following; Krafft-Ebing, Psychopatia Sexualis.

The humble Apostle Paul states he wishes to cut off the Sex members of his enemies (Galatians 5:12). Did he do so? And seeing he had so many enemies that butcher performance would give him plenty of work, and little time over for Salvation Work. Seeing there is no direct indication of Paul’s work, close reading indicate he was involved with the Slave Trade, and possibly selling Dildos to aid women wanting pregnancy, and just as a pleasure tool, and as a teaser for wealthy noble men and Jews. The use of feathers for instance was often used to stimulate women to Orgasm by softly, and sometimes hard, touching their labia majora, Clitoris, nipples, and other sensitive parts. So if Paul was not looking for Foreskins and Penises, the search for useful feathers would occupy his time and from getting into Sinful pleasures himself. Fortunately feathers could always be found at the Synagogues (Leviticus 1:16).

CONCISION: THE CUTTERS, HACKERS, OR CUTTHROATS, AMPUTATION, TROPHY HUNTERS, AS JEWS WERE CALLED (Philippians 3:2, katatomen), AND THEIR TRADITION, CULT, SICARII CUTTHROATS, AND RITUALS. The cutting off of sex members is a recurrent episode in the Bible, both the New and Old testament. It was an integral Jehovah Cult within Israel. Prophets cut themselves repeatedly, reminding of the cutting of the Foreskin (1 Kings 18:28-29).
The most famous Cutter may have been Judith considered as the Ideal Jewish Woman. She ended up with cutting her lover Holofernes’ head off and presumably with it went his Penis. A whole Bible book is written about her. There are whole lists of Martyrs supposedly having their heads cut off. With some of them still waking around carrying their cut off heads. Saint Denis even managed to walk, carrying his severed head for some six miles from Montmarte (Martyr’s Hill) to the site of the future Benedictine Abbey and Cathedral which bore his name.
In Christian art is the Box for the storage of varied items, such as relics or the severed head of one’s enemy. To be really nasty the Christians would place heads of their decapitated enemies in different locations so that the dead would know no rest. That’s being really nasty!

It is reported of one of Tribal God Jehovah’s most beloved Saints and Prophets, Prophet Samuel, literally hacked, cut, Agag, the Amalekite to pieces in front of all. King Amalek was defeated by King Saul in fulfillment of Jehovah’s decree (Exodus 17:14; Deuteronomy 25:17-19; I Samuel 15:1-7). However, Saul failed to butcher Agag and allowed the people to keep some of the spoil, plunder (which Jehovah in fact gave them, Deuteronomy 6:10, 11), and this resulted in Samuel’s pronouncement of God’s rejection of Saul as King (1 Samuel 15:8-29). With full hypocrisy the story goes on that Samuel gives as excuse for his butchering Agag, that, he had killed (1 Samuel 15:32, 33; compare Judges 1:5-7). Something which the Jews were commanded to do at the conquest of the Holy Land, the Land Flowing with Milk And Honey and that was promised to reach from Euphrates to Rive Nile. We can be sure that this hacking by Samuel, included hacking of Agag’s penis which then was kept as Trophy by Jehovah God’s Chosen holy people. The Holy Temple was always ready there to be decorated with the latest Trophy ornaments.

A Castrated male member, or with his Penis cut off, decapitated, amputated, could not enter the Jewish Congregation (Deuteronomy 23:1). That restriction was binding even if someone else had cut his Penis off. Here again we observe the Phallic nature of the Hebrew Jewish God Jehovah. In the Stefan Szende case that did not matter, as those involved with being amputated off their Penis, or just their Foreskin, were Goys, cattle, dogs of the earth. This injunction was binding also inside the Christian Churches as long as Circumcised Jews run them; all up to the time when they lost most of their direct power without proxies, and it became the cosmetic Goy Jews who took over the scheme Cult. Again we see the Cult of the Cutters hold a strong influence upon early Jewry.

The question of course must be asked how was all this determined? Whether a man was Castrated or if he had no Penis? Direct inspection was the matter here, and that’s where the Most Holy and Temple, or earlier, the Camp, comes in. The Bishops, Older Men, were duty bound not to besmirch Holy Ground with man having no Penis or defect Testicles. Inspection of Penis was easy, it was either there, or not. Testicular sterility was another matter. This was tested by the Holocaust, Olah action. By Masturbation of the Penis the target was heated up (Swedish: uphetsad, thereby their treasured law, hets mot folkgrupp, to emasculate all dissent and dissenters), and if Semen would squirt out, it was clear proof the member of that male was in good Kosher standing order. If Exterminationists had inspected their sites of alleged massacres as well as the Jews inspected their sex tools, we would have gotten somewhere.

It is evident that neither Holocaust Deniers, Christopher Browning, Richard Evans, David Irving, Deborah Lipstadt, Peter Longerich, Jean-Claude Pressac, Laurence Rees, Robert Jan Van Pelt, had spent one serious second at Auschwitz studying the evidence. Anymore than Raul Hilberg had. Here, all of them could have learned a lot from the serious Penis inspections done by the Jews, the Chosen People of Jehovah God, inside the Camp, and later inside their Holy Temple. The Cult Inventor Jean-Claude Pressac, after skipping the nonsense that Auschwitz did not have a Swimming Pool, now begun a new invention: That Auschwitz did not have a Hydrant; the Auschwitz No Hydrant Doctrine, and therefore the camp needed a tank fully constructed like an Olympic Swimming Pool, to quench the fires, not of Hell, but literal earthly, above ground, fires.
And here is one they did not purloin from Ditlieb Felderer because nowhere did he state there was no Hydrant at Auschwitz. This would seem to indicate neither Jean-Claude Pressac, nor his purloiner, Robert Jan Van Pelt ever visited the place or both were wearing Burka, that type which especially shuts off all sight from the eyes. They had voluntarily foreskinned their eyes with Stefan Szende Foreskins.

If a fight broke out between two men and a woman tried to rescue her male, grabbing hold of him by his privates, his genitals, his Penis, her hand was to be amputated. The Jews should feel no sorrow for cutting off the hand of the woman as punishment of her touching his sex organ (Deuteronomy 25:11, 12). Eye For An Eye Doctrine could not be followed here as woman does not ordinarily have a Penis, unless she is one of those Stefan Szende Man Woman. How do USA Fundamentalists react to TSA grabbing hold of their sex organs to inspect contents? Using Romans 13:1-7 as excuse?
Here again, Stefan Szende and his companion Adepts would have no problem as it concerned the fight between Jews, but Szende’s amputation of Penis content concerned Goyim only. If a Jewish woman grabbed hold of a Gentile’s Penis there was no rule here that her hand should be chopped off as punishment. Here again we see that any amputation of Penis of a Goy would be considered honorable just as David amputated his tools off Goys at Jehovah’s command.

That Christianity could be called for The Cutters, or, The Hackers, is further attested to by Jesus Christ and his positive admonition that Adepts should Castrate themselves if they truly want to be real followers of Christ Jesus. This is confirmed by reading the Holy Bible. Scriptures warn of the ‘’lust of the eyes’’, 1 John 2:16. The most effective way to relinquish such lust of Sin which will make you burn in Hell, tortured and beaten for all eternity, was to get Castrated. And so it follows that some Christians have followed through on Jesus Christ’s admonition to emasculate oneself for the sake of the Kingdom of the Heavens, and Christ Jesus. Let those who are able to do it go ahead and do it, is the command for certain road to pearly Heaven. That would rid yourself from ‘’the eyes of an adultress’’ (2 Peter 2:14) and certain straight down to Hell path filled with bitter clamor, pain, torture, heat, suffering and pain. Once more, Stefan Szende has full backing of his cutting operational Sonderaktion for the preservation of Choseness, Race and Religion.

Indeed, it was so literally interpreted by early Christians. Early Church Father, Origen, interpreted it literally and is said to have exemplified it upon himself, and got himself emasculated, castrated, decapitated, for his everlasting salvation (See: Anelecta Theologica; Emphatic Diaglott:78). Again, all this shows we cannot just dismiss Stefan Szende and his New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine.

Little wonder why the historical Christian Church saw nothing wrong in employing Castrato children singers. Their path was a straight way to Heaven as man’s greatest vexation, his Sin was virtually extirpated through the blink of a moment by Castration. Very possible those children coming to Jesus Christ did so for being Castrated by him and his Apostles. The road to eternal Heaven is wrought with hardships, pain, and suffering, and those pushing forward will gain it (Matthew 11:12). What is a moment of pain when you know eternal Heaven is there waiting for you? What is the loss of a Foreskin, or Penis, when you know you have helped a Chosen Person of God gain Salvation by saving his life from the Gas Chamber? Stefan Szende had nothing but being optimistic of the outcome. Ten Gentile Goys would hold the skirt of a Jew the Holy Bible tells, thanking them for their loss of Forskin, member, and all (Zechariah 8:23).

Most curiously the very next verse, after Matthew 19:12 tells of Jesus Christ asking people to bring little children to him. Theologians of today, while of course not wanting to get into the Castration Solution Doctrine of Christ Jesus by Adepts Castrating themselves for their heavenly Salvation, solve it by avoiding mentioning the Castration part, but relish in mentioning the part of parents bringing their kids to him. Think of it! Where is the connection here? Between Castration and bringing kids to the Savior Jesus Christ?

The only conclusion worth considering is, that Jesus Christ acted here as the Head, Chief Castrator, with the conscientious aid of his soon to be Martyrs and Heavenly Apostles.

Scripture text of Matthew 19:12 mentions how Jesus Christ admonished his followers to Castrate themselves for his sake and the Kingdom of the Heavens. In no uncertain term, Jesus Christ requests that those who want to truly follow him should get themselves Castrated, to eradicate all lust and feel for woman and man. The danger of looking at a woman is too risky to allow yourself not to get Castrated. That is the whole content of this dire admonition here. And where does this sound Bible interpretation bring us with Abortion? Abortion was prohibited by Hitler. It was denied at Auschwitz and Birkenau. What will all those Eugenic attackers of Hitler do with this one? We thought Auschwitz was an Extermination Camp, not an Abortion Clinic to rescue babies.
Going back to the Bible. If Castration is the thing to do to gain surety of Salvation, why would it be wrong to Abort? The Bible can be twisted any way you want once you enlighten yourself to cosmic realities.
All this shows we can not dismiss Stefan Szende’s Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine. Exterminationist are totally right that we must listen to Survivors’ Testimonies, and emotional testimonies do indeed count, such as the Sperm Doctrine, though it may feel sticky at times.
Such Exterminationist Martyrologists as Christopher Browning, Richard Evans, Claude Lanzmann, Peter Longerich, Laurence Rees, Robert Jan Van Pelt, have done their best to bring us the finest of testimonies of Survivor Witnesses, be that Filip Muller, or others. Instead of ignoring these exquisite performers of the gabtelling art, we ought to listen to them and see what they want to tell us. Be that, if we are told for some 60 years with full Gospel Truth, that victims walked through a thick concrete wall to get into the Gas Chamber at Auschwitz. The Gallows Door Doctrine. Or the Sperm Doctrine. Or the Horse Doctrine. That of Stefan Szende, that the unfortunate victims went into a huge water tank, never to be seen again. The finale here was that the gigantic water tank also fianally vanished along with the Stalin Szende five million Martyrs.
There is a time for everything underneath the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1-7). A time of walking along and feeling the pain of those suffering victims who meticulously, and with the greatest persistence, squeezed themselves through dried concrete, and managing this arduous task, for then to get gassed and going up the chimney that was not connected to anything but to God’s Spirit. Miracles do happen. And we must not become Backsliders of eternal Exterminationist Cult truths. Let this be the last, and lasting proof that so is the case. By the grace of God we know there is nothing too great for God that he could not do. All things are possible for God (Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27). This proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt that so is the case. So be it. Amen. Maranatha. Shalom!

Being proud of being the Messenger of the Almighty Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky, Jesus evidently wanted to prove his Penis content and so let his tunic, skirt go up for the Samaritan Woman to have a peak, as she could determine by her sight, his Penis was indeed Circumcised and so he was a Jew who had been duly cut (John 4:1-30). This would indicate that cut condition could at times be seen by some more, less intrusive type inspection. There seems to be some evidence that at Wells, if a man was isolated with a female, the male had to expose his tool, to assure proper decorum at a Well.

Even Jesus Christ himself was target of being hacked, or cut down. The Roman soldiers, at the Jews’s request, broke the legs of the men impaled on stakes, crosses, alongside Jesus Christ, but, finding Jesus already dead, they did not break his legs. Consequently, the Prophecy at Psalm 34:20 was fulfilled, —John 19:31-36; compare Exodus 22:46; Numbers 9:12. Reading this it becomes evident the hacking of legs was an important Jewish method in the process of execution as they asked to Roman soldiers to do it.

Are we, with all such Testimony behind us, not taking serious Stefan Szende’s claim of loading onto their Sex tool fresh, new Foreskins, cut off from Poles? Poles in a drunken state would especially be target for such Penis and Foreskin snatching as there was little they could do to prevent the forced surgical intervention. Once Selected target (observe here the Selection Doctrine), the Poles were forced to became but willing tools to hand over their Foreskin, either voluntarily, or by force. ‘’Here I am, take me, take me’’, as the Holy Psalm goes, reminding Gentiles to please the Tribal God Jehovah well for the praises of the Wrathful God, and hand over all he got, including his genital organs for assured blessing of the Most High, the Mighty and Erect Penis In the Sky Jehovah (Isaiah 60).

We can be certain that once the Pole lost his Foreskin, or complete Penis, there was little he could do but grin and bear it. His superior priest would not do, and could not do much to restore it. Even Miracles have a limit. We never hear of Jesus miraculously restoring Penises to full erection in case of impotence, and thus truly showing he was a master of Miracles. Or restore a Penis to its former place which the Sicarii Cutthroats had decapitated. There a good reasons to believe that the Pentecostal mass meetings and their request to ‘’stand up’’ has reference to antiquity when man was hoping of Restoration from that which pious Jews had cut them off from. The Restoration of his Penis to full activity to do the job once more it was intended to do.
Tribal God Jehovah for instance condemns a long sex penis (Leviticus 21:18). That the Jewish Temple housed at least one huge Penis in remembrance of Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, is certain. And what happened if you penis was too long? Was it automatically cut down to proper, allowable size? What the legal size should be the Holy Bible does not state. Evidently, Jehovah, meaning, the Mighty And Erect Penis In the Sky, was jealous of his Penis and did not want anyone have a long one as that would compete with his.

So the main purpose of the Jewish Temple was not offering of animals and its rituals, or be reminded of Sin, but the offering of a Penis of any man who had one that was deemed too long. That meant the real worship of Jehovah.

Stefan Szende is striking some real issues here with his New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine. The Penis has a central role within Judaism. The issue of Circumcision shows this. Disregard of that ordinance was equated with death. Later the Hasmonean Aristobulus 1, forcibly Circumcised the Iturean people as part of the campaign to reestablish control of the old Israelite territory (Antiquities,13.12.318-19). In other words, control or power over the then known world was centralized in the Penis. And so the Penis once more becomes a central focus as Stefan Szende relates its important part in shaping world history. It stands to reason therefore on the above historical evidence, irrefutable taken from Biblical sources, there was nothing Rabbinical wrong in snitching Foreskins from the Poles who in any case were worse off than any dogs around. The loss of a piece of flesh was considered as visual evidence Jehovah was indeed with his Chosen People. All this, again shows Stefan Szende to be more true than he himself had wished for, as he openly declares all he writes is Gospel Truth.

Out of this sex claim has evolved the Foreskin Penis On Jewish Survivors even further. A number of Penis Woman can be seen on Internet and photos are at times sent to us proving this point. There you can see women with complete Penises with Foreskins. We doubt such surgical operations could be done in those days. Remember it was war time, and where would such operations take place? A lot more investigation have to be done on this matter as these claims are appearing more and more frequent. We deal on it in a special page on this Blog.

How these Foreskins were obtained Stefan Szende does not tell us, but he does say it is the very Gospel Truth itself. Were they taken from animals, but which animal has such a skin like the human Foreskin? Or were these Foreskins stolen from the Poles, the Aryans, to aid the Jews out from being exterminated? Robert Jan Van Pelt makes out that the Aryans did a lot of things to help the Jews, especially in the killing. But which willing person, though an Aryan, would humbly submit and let his Foreskin be cut off to please the Jews? Wasn’t he now at risk of being exterminated seeing he now no longer has a Foreskin? Endless of questions come up if we are to accept New Foreskin On Penis Doctrine. None of us here have ever seen such a Penis, but judging by the millions of Survivors, they ought to be around all over.

As we have shown, for some reason Stalin liked the figure Four. Four million exterminated at Auschwitz, mostly by gas or sperm, or drowning, inside its Holy Shrine One and Swimming Pool. Four million gassed at Birkenau or Brzezinka, mostly in Holy Shrine 2. To prove this, Stalinists put up an information board, near Holy Shrine 2, and a whole set of stone slabs. There are the four fake openings on roof of morgue of Holy Shrine One. Four supposed holes on morgue of Holy Shrine 2 at Birkenau that arent’t there. Four fake crematory ovens at Auschwitz Vomitorium that can’t work, and the goodies that go with them, as the rails and four heat channels to the huge chimney, the Auschwitz Penis outside that aren’t there. Then there is the 4 million figure written in huge letters by former Nazi Collaborator, artist Jerzy Brandhuber, who later in life turned back in drawing nude bodies. His nude bodies painted while Nazis were still running the camp, were enjoyed by all. Except for Stalin. He got them all burned up.
In none of the former Stone slabs or Info board at Birkenau, mentioned the word Jew in connection with the number four. And seeing Jews aren’t mentioned, one could argue their number must be added, and that preeminently so, to complete the Martyr Shrines. And that includes Auschwitz as well, for Jerzy Adam Brandhuber did not paint the word Jew on the wall. That would make at least a total of eight million, between Auschwitz and Birkenau. And when Jewish Martyrs are included, added to the Goyim, the Stalin Martyr deaths becomes staggering.
Four holes on the roof chiseled out by Stalin claiming Zyklon B or Sperm went through them. Four fake crematory ovens, with an enormous capacity and speed supposedly taking care of the 4 million, which of, no bodies can be found. And if we take the 4 million claim of Birkenau, there comes at least another four. An additional, at least, 4 million has to be counted in going to be exterminated if the Four Million Birkenau Doctrine is true. That is, unless we take head historian of Auschwitz Vomitorium, Danuta Czech, who claimed with authority all gassings ceased with the completion of Holy Shrines, Crematory 2 and 3.
Six was not a favorite number by Stalin but the word million was. Why not six? Did he know sectarian Jews were using it for their own purpose and he wasn’t joining in with them on this one?

There is an enormous amount of trashy writing on this issue, and modern way has been as soon as one mentions Auschwitz they also threw in Birkenau, or Bzezinka in Polish. Most of the writers dealing on the subject know only one language and have to depend on translation. When Ditlieb Felderer asked about the 4 million figure, then found in Room 1 of Block 4 in large letters, painted by Brandhuber and his friends, he was told the figure referred only to Auschwitz. Birkenau was another issue. Auschwitz was not Birkenau.
The officials also were faced with the embarrassment in giving factual numbers of each Camp. How many had died at each place? It was categorically stated the 4 million referred to Auschwitz, which is an incredible high number. So what shall we say, when we now are told hardly anyone was gassed at Auschwitz, or none as the crematory ovens can’t work? To rescue the sunk ship they now threw in Birkenau which already was there in a tiny way, only to be dusted off for use.
In fact, when Ditlieb Felderer discovered there were no proofs of extermination program at Auschwitz, he suggested it may have happened at Birkenau as he early on thought Exterminationism conclusive. Thus he was one of the first, if not the first, to real tackle this assumption. Now this Felderer proposition has become the escape route of Exterminationists. It all happened at Birkenau, which is the reverse of what was first told. In fact, that is totally opposite because Birkenau was not even mentioned as a Memorial at all. This Ditlieb Felderer discovered through further research. The slab stones with 4 million inscribed and the Information Board just by Crematory 2 were later additions.
As much as they have tried, and hoped for, no pictures have been found with all these millions standing in line to enter Holy Shrines, Crematory 2 and 3. And if you take a look at the staris going down you know the reason why. The stairway going down just was made for such a task.
All this would make one lead to think none were gassed at Birkenau. If we once were told 4 million got deliberately killed at Auschwitz, and this was Gospel Truth, there is no reason why we now should accept this happened at Birkenau, a place that wasn’t even in the picture except at some distance.
As late as the 1980’s most people at Auschwitz had not visited Birkenau, and in private conversation, all denied Birkenau was an ‘’extermination camp’’. How could they? There were still people around who had helped in various ways when the camp was alive in German hands. And Ditlieb Felderer happened to meet them. None saw, smelt, or heard anything resembling people being killed. Even Jan Urbaniak, the keeper of Birkenau ended up in denying extermination there. All what he wanted to talk about was how the West were treating their workers as slave labors. The extermination happened there. Not Birkenau.
When Ditlieb Felderer first met Jan Urbaniak, the guard of Birkenau, Urbaniak was surprised, for this was the first time a foreigner had come to him to ask questions about Birkenau. So little interest was there about Birkenau in the l970’s and 1980’s. People were told, Birkenau had no real interest and they should concentrate on the Auschwitz Camp. Guides would tell you it was a wate of time.
And there were good reasons for this. Jan Urbaniak was one of the most knowledgeable person around on subject of Birkenau even though he was not there during World War 2. But he had contacts with all the farmers and people living around the area. He therefore had good reasons not to highlight extermination going on at Birkenau. He knew it wasn’t true.

To rescue their sunk Exterminationist ship they find a way out of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool dilemma by conjuring up their newfangled silly Doctrine that it happened at Birkenau, a place that wasn’t even in the picture as having much importance, if any at all.
CIRCUMCISION AND THE ORIGIN OF CHRISTIANITY Just as Circumcision and putting on a new Foreskin was important for Stefan Szende, whether real or not, Circumcision had an enormous importance in creating Christianity. Primitive Christianity was all run by Jews. The Gentiles only served as forced tools, serving as slaves for the Jews, for true conversion was likely nil. Read the whole Bible and you can’t find one bona fide Gentile accepting Jewish Christianity. Almost all were like Philemon, a slave. By their Circumcision, Jews could hold onto power in an occult manner without Gentiles knowing about it, something similar to pig Napoleon and his minions holding power of Animal Farm as told by George Orwell in his Animal Farm.
Even the Ethiopian Eunuch reported about at Acts in the Bible was nothing but a puppet, a slave. Likely yet another slave owned by the Jews as this was their main trade. A paid mercenary employed to guard their stolen loot of slaves. The very fact of mentioning Eunuch shows his subordination and a slave. It makes no difference whether he was Castrated or not. Some claim he was a Circumcised Jewish proselyte (Acts 8:27-39). And he could have been one of those castrated by Jesus Christ when he asked children to come to him. One that helped in leading the children to Christ Jesus. He may have been one of those Jews on the Dark Side who had a falling away, and so the Sacarii cutters, chopped off his penis and all, thus forcing him into slavery for the Kahal Jews. Nothing more is told about him, showing his purpose in history was but to build up the scaffold of Christianity to make conversion to the Cult agreeable.
Likewise is the case with Cornelius, the first Gentile Christian named by name, who around 36 AD is supposed to have been converted and Baptized along with a group of others (Acts 10:1-22). Some claim he was a Jew, and not a Gentile. Cornelius, likewise was a slave, a slave for the Roman army. The Roman army had to have slaves as they attended to the chores of cleaning, toilet hygiene, washing clothes, preparing food for soldiers, etc. Cornelius and his group were insignificant except for building up the scaffold of Christianity. After this, nothing more is reported about them, again showing their complete insignificance, except as a drawing point for conversion. His option of taking up Christianity may have been as a possible escape route.
Cornelius may also be one of those caught by the Jewish Sicarii cutthroats who chopped off his penis. No longer having his tool intact, he could not return to the army as he would be derided, and so was forced to join the Christian circle. Or he may be a completely fictitious person.

History of the early Christian Church tells how the Apostles and their friends got so involved with bureaucratic work in governing the Churches they had to organize themselves into an authoritative class, and a slave, or serving class. One group, pig Napoleon types, were the thinkers. The other group, were the slaves, those who attended to the thinkers . Reading the Bible this becomes crystal clear (Acts 6:1-7). An Apostolic Council, an authoritarian Mafia type run Cabal was set up, dictatorially running everything with full power of Excommunicating, Disfellowshipping those resisting its commands (Compare: Galatians 2:1-10). Here we see the pathetic chameleon duplicity of Christian leadership with their dictatorial handling of all affairs deemed necessary for directing its universal striving power where Slaves would become the willing dupes for the Cabal. Although feigning different from Judaism, Paul wrote: ‘’To the Jews I became as a Jew’’, making pretension of being different, yet not different.– 1 Corinthians 9:20.
The evolution of this new Jewish clergy class all dressed up for the conquest of Pagans, the Gentiles, the Goy dogs to serve, is clear to see. After endless of failures to rule the Goys, a leading Cabal at Jerusalem decides on a plot to run them without them realizing it. The trick was for the Cutters to let these fleeced Pagan souls enjoy it. The first step is found at Acts 6:1-7. The door was still closed for Goys to link in with Jewry. But by all these slaves working for the Jewish households there were plenty of Goy slaves around, assisting with various chores at the Synagogue, in the Jewish homes, and at public places. Cleaning up the lavatories, handling the garbage, feeding the animals, and being sex objects were some of the daily routines handled by the slaves.
Remembering this, the situation was something similar to that of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. It begun with that various animals were engaged at the top, ending with that only pigs took the lead. After working through with Acts 6:1-7 they were all Jews, those at the top, and those at the bottom. The slaves handled the mediocre shores as described above. Every Synagogue had lavatories, and these needed to be cleaned and maintained.
All this worked fine for a while until murmuring broke out, just as in the Korah case (Numbers 16; Jude 8, 11). Jesus said none are you leaders. Somehow this did not fit in with what the serving Jew Class were doing. Of course this friction caused problems and contentions. Being made second class citizens was not appreciated by all. One now invents the Cornelius conversion story to make Goyim join the Jews claiming Cornelius had a vision (Acts 10:3), and Cornelius is asked to get Peter at Joppa and bring Peter to him.
In some mysterious way, this apparent Roman soldier is made out as a worshiper of Jews, a totally incredible story in view of how Romans looked at the Jewish religion as a bunch of soothsayers, predictioneers, magicians, clowns, cheats, and scoundrels with upper class mentality.
The next scheme in the plot is to make Peter at Joppa get into a trance where in a vision he sees all kinds of unclean, defiled food being served. This now becomes the pretext to allow Goys to join the Synagogue and Peter goes to Caesarea to sell this revolutionary change of Jewry, by them accepting the scheme. But the scheme was nothing new. Things didn’t change. Pagans still ate ‘’defiled’’ food, while Jews ate their Kosher food. So nothing had changed as respect to eating meals.
What changed, was, that now the Synagogues could get an even stronger hold by letting those murmuring Jews off and let their work be taken over by the Goys. The Korah rebellion problem was thus served, not by killing the murmurs as in case of Moses, but shifting, and smoothing over the power structure. Read whole of Acts 10 and you get the hang of it. So letting Gentiles become Cosmetic Jews had nothing to do with Salvation but is all about money and power, how to line ones pockets and feather ones own nests. It made it now possible for the Jews to rule the world as they were the ideological leaders, just as they want to be the ideological leaders today, making the rules on State Policy, Politic, Censorship, Free Speech, Palestine, World War 2, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, war and peace. There is always that helpful Jew there wanting to serve and help out in decision taking.

As Christian leaders did Slave Trade for a living they had a ready source of Adepts looking for a change of their mediocre life. This is no different as wealthy Jews employed Gentiles in their homes to clean up, light their candles, or be used as sex toys for their sons. If getting pregnant the girls were then re-located to the monasteries where they either were killed, died in child-birth, or of some ailment, or became nuns for the rest of their life. Many of them were transported by the Jews to be sold as sex tools in Morocco, yes, anywhere they had their contacts. Peter is reported to be at Babylon known for its Sorcery and Slave Trade. He is claimed to have written at least one of his letters from there (Galatians 2:7-9). Jews were flourishing in Babylon mainly for their Slave Trade. Even then, it was difficult for the Cosmetic Jews, the Christians, to find converts in such places. Somehow, the Jewish faith was repugnant to most Gentiles, the Goys.

That the Apostles and all their minions was an authoritative, ruling class, where plenty of dark violence was used, and we may include here cutting sex members off of detractors, the Apostates is clear. This is evident in reading the above mentioned Acts 6:1-7. The matter there concerned such things as meals. But what about sharing meals together?
Sharing meals were fully regulated. The ruling class must not eat together with the slave class, the workers. Meals must be separated. This becomes clear in reading Acts 11:3, where Peter is accused of eating meals with Gentiles. It is evident from this text that the ruling class with Apostles and others shared their meals only with their own status class. This example went into Christian daily life so that the high class did not share their meals with the maids, butlers, cleaners, cooks, etc. This had been the rule all along in Jewish homes who employed Gentiles. They were apart from the Jews who considered themselves a higher and ruling class.
They are the God’s Chosen People, more than an ubermench, of God, the Tribal God Jehovah. In fact, Goys were considered not to be humans at all, and to the Rabbinical question why Jehovah made Goys look like man, the answer was to please the Jews, as Jehovah did not want them to be served by someone looking like an animal. To be a dog becomes something therefore almost like a title of honor, for while there is no Scripture commanding Jews to kill all dogs, they were repeatedly commanded to kill all Goys. For any such system to be able to function, it shows the Christians were in with those ruling, not those persecuted, but in fact the persecutors. Christianity was never meant to be anything but to become Cosmetic Jews, willing tools for the elite of Jehovah’s choice. If your life is at stake, there is no time to think about to have separate meals with your big shots. It means run for your life.
Meals at Auschwitz came from its huge building, the largest building inside the camp, its Kitchen with 12 chimneys. Volunteer Jews and others worked there, most with previous experience as cooks, butchers, pastry makers, ice-cream makers, diet experts, bakers, dish washers, etc. There were no meal separations and thus the Jews, used to such, simply had to grin and bear it. Stalin had the whole building painted over to black to obscure its former use and the pious Pilgrims were told it was used to contain garbage. Later, when UNESCO money became of interest to the Stalinist doctrinarians, it was once more painted white. This is the only Kitchen in the world known to have been painted over in this way because of propaganda reasons.
UNESCO requires criterion to be fulfilled to become a historical site and obtain money. Auschwitz Vomitorium fails in all this. It is a scam from beginning to end and nothing can rescue it from being a Hollywood ploy. It is there clear for all to see.

So we see, Stefan Szende and his New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine, indicates the importance of Circumcision, even at war. It became a constant talking point with the Jews. Szende was picking up on something which was common jargon within the Jewish community.

To continue on the authoritative lineage, Apostle Paul, the claimed Apostle to the Gentiles, had Timothy Circumcised so he now could join the authoritative ruling class, the Animal Farm pigs, to distinguish him from the serving, or slave class. Acts 16:3 tells of Paul circumcising Timothy. Next verse tells it should not be done in obedience to the Circumcision Decision which has been dated to 49/50 After Christ. So there was plenty of time this plot could be schemed out so that the Jews remained as sole leaders of Churches or Synagogues. All Churches started off as Synagogues.
Evidently Paul carried with him his Mohel butcher knife just not for his Dildo operations. He also operated as a Circumciser. With Timothy having lost some flesh on his dick, he was now ready to become the boss and boss those others around who had their flesh intact. Virtually all Gentile Christians were slaves owned by the Jews. In the final end, it was from these slaves that Christianity has its root, and once the hegemony of Jews had declined with the inrush of Islam, who likewise adopted Circumcision, these Gentile uncircumcised slaves got in power, pushing the Jews out as Circumcision no longer was possible to serve as an assurance of Identity Card (ID card) to Jews only.
When Stefan Szende, the Father of Exterminationism, dealt on Circumcision he knew it was of terrible importance to the Jews. It was so important that to disregard Circumcision was equaled with Slander and punished by death. Happy are they that are keeping the Law, the Bible says (Proverbs 29:18). Deuteronomy 7:9, in no uncertain ways says that those faithful to God who love him, and keep his commandments, Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis In The Sky, will protect for a thousand generations. That is virtually forever, humanly speaking.

That does not preclude that Genital Mutilation of the Sex Penis is not wrought with danger that eventually may result in death. Time of May 24, 2004, mentions of David Reimer, age 38. He was reared as girl, known as John (Joan), Joan Case, which resulted in suicide due to Circumcision failure. That means that all those Poles who had their Foreskins stolen likewise run the risk of mental disturbance and isolation, in fear of letting their neighbor know that he now no longer had the necessary tool intact to make him truly Christian and certified by Baptism. In fact, some claim Baptism, is the Christian way of Circumcision. If he now no longer had his Foreskin, that follows he was not Baptized according to Christian norms. So for Gentiles it was the other way around. There a denuded Penis was a shame and a hindrance to Salvation.

Now and then one can read of that Jews circumcise corpses of uncircumcised males interred (Jerusalem Post, August 28, 1993:3), or discovered non-Jewish soldier gets reburied because of intact Foreskin (Jerusalem Post, August 21, 1993:24).
Owen Chadwick in his A History of Christianity, 1995:14, mentions that Circumcision is such a key rite to the Jews that some undertakers in the state of Israel still circumcised Russian immigrants before burial. This in term causes problem to Israel whose stolen country is for so called ‘’Jews’’ only. If the Russian is not circumcised what assures them that he is a ‘’Jew’’? He could just have played that role for the easy ride. Being aware of this, of cutting Foreskins off corpses, one certainly wonders about Szende’s claim of putting new Foreskin of Circumcised Jews for protection. If buried people get Circumcised, what stops from snitching Foreskins from Gentiles to save life? What stops them from cutting off Foreskins at the undertaker? Nobody would know. But there is one thing of stealing Foreskins from Gentiles. It is another thing to put them on, at least so they won’t fall off at first inspection.

Circumcision had functioned as an Identity Card by the ruling Jews. It was the best Identity Card one could think of. It was always there with you, wherever you went. Once in a new Church, the Penis was examined to see if it was Circumcised and once established the travelling Jew could identify himself with the rulers of the Church wherever he went. And business could be started. All Gentiles were simply left out in the cold. They had nothing to show but condemnation and loathsome flesh.
Jews have through the centuries always thought themselves to have the best tools. Superior tools to those of fleshy Christians. They looked with contempt at Christians with their flesh covered Penis which they felt was a hindrance to procreation.


We now come to an important text that is certainly never discussed at Sunday Schools. That is, Apostle Paul’s claim of called Circumcised men not to become uncircumcised, exactly that which Stefan Szende claims was done to Jews to avoid detection. At Corinthians 7:18 we read: ‘’was a man called circumcised? Let him not become uncircumcised’’. Evidently, from this, Circumcised males could in some way, by some means, obtain a Foreskin onto their penis again. And as it is given as a warning, it evidently also was done by some. The Greek word used here is epispaomai, something like putting on, or drawing onto your penis a condom, but in this instance a Foreskin. A drawing, by drawing the Foreskin over the Glans for Masturbation. It was epispaomai which the Jewish girls did to their Philistine and Amalekite penises which their soldiers had cut off. They would Masturbate their dried Dildo penises, but without result, thus showing the victory of the Jehovah Sex Cult over the Pagans.

Euphemism is here used, for back of the ritualistic language, indicates, that secretly the Christians were a Sex Cult, a Phallic, Fertility Cult, and Masturbation was closely connected to that rite. It encouraged the Jews to mutually Masturbate each other in the Churches and to see if the tool was fully functional by spitting forth its Semen onto the Holy Altar where Jehovah was represented by a huge Penis, likely an enormous fully erected human, or animal Penis. This was indication of The Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost was upon the Adept. The Menorah and the protruding Knob became just some of the many symbols and an important one for Judaism, until the Romans carried it away in war victory against the Jews.
Visually, one of the most identic human Penis to animal is that of some asses. It has a protruding Glans, the Knob in the Holy Bible, and it could be, yes likely, that such an animal Penis was worshipped inside the Holy Temple.

The traditional interpretation of ‘’was a man called circumcised? Let him not become uncircumcised’’, has been that it was possible to make a circumcised male, uncircumcised, thus putting focus on Stefan Szende’s claim of putting a new fresh Foreskin on a circumcised Penis. We have yet to see such a Penis. Theologians try to explain how this is done. Remember this was not the days of modern surgery. Evidently this makes it possible to put a Foreskin on a Circumcised Penis. But where is a photo of such? Of a circumcised penis without its Foreskin, then another photo of the same Penis showing it now with a Foreskin? That would make Stefan Szende’s claim credible and authentic. The proof is in the eating of the pudding!

IN TIME OF THE MACCABEES Antiochus Epiphanes had women and their sons who had been circumcised despite his proscription killed ( 1 Macc. 1:60). This shows the terrific hold Circumcision held within Societies. Antiochus Epiphanes no doubt knew the secret rituals behind Circumcision and how it was used to bring covert authority to the Jews. There was always that traitor Jew who would reveal the innermost secrets to the Goyim, and started to collaborate with them.
It is a mystery how Islam got to adopt Circumcision. It is not demanded in the Koran (Quran). Until now this has been a riddle by Social Historians why Islam adopted Circumcision. But that riddle is now solved. Somehow the followers of Mohammed (Muhammad), knew that it was used as a secret weapon for power and authority. By making all Circumcised the Jews could no longer use it for their own. It is interesting to see in history that only Communism and Islam were able to contain the Jew ambition for power promised to them by their Bible. The Communists by ignoring Circumcision and the Bible. Islam by adopting it as their own.

So s ome Palestinian Jews managed to undo their Circumcision and stood apart from the holy contract, yoked themselves to the Gentiles, and sold themselves to do evil (1 Macc. 1:15). Here again we see evil is equated with being non-Circumcised. It is debatable whether some sort of surgical reconstruction was involved here. But how far did this Hellenization go? Did these renegade Jews just say they had a Foreskin? How was it determined without inspection? Liberal Jews became so completely Hellenized that Orthodox Jews said they were no longer Circumcised. But with words come inspection, controls.
With every controversy of this sort when religion, rituals, and dogma are at stake, the differences sharpen up, and so the issue of Circumcision became a focal issue for both the Cutters and the Maintainers, those maintaining that their Penis should not be mutilated. This went so far that full war raged between contestants on this issue alone.

Thus we have past history telling us the relevance of Stefan Szende’s claim of Jews putting onto their Circumcised Penises new Foreskins, whether they were stolen from Poles (Deuteronomy 6:10, 11), or handed freely over to them, perhaps for substantial money, gold, and silver (Deuteronomy 6:10, 11; Isaiah 60). If money was given the crafty Jews may have cheated the Pole using old traditional gimmicks. In this regard it is noteworthy that there were times when great profits were made on the sale of sacrificial animals.
An old traditional trick Jews were using was to give counterfeit money. Once the reciver had gotten the money and noticed it, it was too late as the Jew had vanished. The Bible shows it was always stolen, plundered goods the Jews obtained from their non-circumcised dog Goy creatures. Thousands of domestic animals and many gold articles were taken as spoils, ending up with killing all the Gentile Goy. All except the virgin babies and young girls who were all Gang Raped and then killed (Numbers 31).
The Mishnah tells of a time when the price for a pair of doves was a golden denar (25 silver denars). This prompted Simeon the son of Gamaliel to declare: ‘’By this Temple! I will not suffer the night to pass by before they cost but a [silver] denar’’. On that very day the price was drastically reduced.—Keriot 1:7.
But why should the Jews have to pay for something they could be got for free? Prowling around in cemeteries at night could be one way of getting something for free. Jews were noted for hanging around at cemeteries and they always do things for a reason based on profit, so this might be the answer to this historical riddle and, cleared up thanks to Stefan Szende. They graced their presence at the cemeteries not for laying any wreath or flower, but, to either get reserve Foreskins ready for emergencies, or get Dildos for their lady friends. They had the old recepy handed down by Generations in how to prepare their Dildo Penis, just as those knew how to shrink heads.
Christians for their superstitions were too afraid to hang around at cemeteries and the Jews knew that. So in the midst of darkness he could just get any Trophy that he wanted, and Gentile Penises were in high demand, and their most valued Trophies. Their women folk were all hungering for them.The David Penis Trophy hunt proves that.
But there are other ways such precious Trophies could be had. If the prowling Jew saw a drunk Pole in an alley he just pulled his dick out as David and his gang did to the Phillistines, and off it went. Jews are experts in bargaining so the poor Pole had little chance to strike a good bargain for the skin Trophy now in the Jew’s hand. It was just to grin and bear it and accept circumstances. He was too drunk to identify exactly who the Jew culprit was and the priest would just laugh at him if he told what happened. ‘’All sins bring miseries,’’ the priest would tell him, thinking about all that money he would have got instead of him spending it on alcohol.
Today there is flourishing business in selling your kidneys and other body parts for big money. Or, they are just stolen from corpses as Israeli army is accused of doing with Palestine corpses. But most of them were obviously taken clandestinely. When Poles were in drunken state, at nights in dark alleys, overrun inside their barns, or simply working as butlers for the Jews. Perhaps even at Brothels the Poles found themselves now without a Foreskin, but, they did not dare make commotion of it as it would reveal their illicit behavior and promiscuity. Thus the Poles were run, both by the Roman Catholic Church and by the Jewish Synagogues.
In fact, Foreskins have been big business for years. Americans, though Christians let themselves voluntarily be Circumcised. Each surgery brings in money. The Foreskin is not thrown away but brings in additional money. It is ‘’If I was a rich man?’’ song, all the way to the cash register. Of course, if they are kids, you got little choice. Just like baby baptism, you have no say in the matter. It just gets done. And Christian Theologians equate Circumcision with baptism. Again showing Christianity is nothing but a fake form of Judaism. A bad replica which they try to imitate. Christianity for that reason will never be anything but a bad copy of Judaism and serve them as ready and obedient Skirthangers (Zecharian 8:23).
Inside the Jewish Brothels a Prostitute may herself have been paid to snitch the Foreskin off her lover just as some Christian and other women cut off part, or whole penises of their lovers, either for money, or jealousy. No Pole would have dared to tell about it, forced to keep the amputation as totally secret. To bargain and get a decent price for it was hopeless. Besides you was too drunk to defend even your most precious tool.
The Jews were known as the master Cutters, or better translated, Cutthroats, Trophy Hunters (Philippians 2:3, Greek, katatomen, cut down), their Kosher Ritual Slaughter, not being the only reason for such renown in antiquity. They were Cutthroats for their cutting extended far from just cutting Foreskins and Penises off, to cutting throats of men. It is from this that the Masons learned their ritual of slitting throat from ear to ear if you were to reveal any of their sacred secrets.
The Jewish Sicarii Cutthroats were notorious for assassinating their own Apostates who had rebelled from Rabbinic Kahal rulership. Claiming to serve Tribal God Jehovah meant nothing. What meant was acceptance of the Rabbinic visible organization, and no claim of God’s Spirit being within you mattered. Anyone could claim such. To reject the alleged representatives of the Wrathful God Jehovah meant certain death. One example one proffered was Korah, a Kohathite Levite, and his assembly’s swift destruction (Jude 8:11; Numbers 16:1-3, 11, 19-21). Secular powers have used the Korah text as justification for its Dictatorship along with Romans 13:1-7, and State Supremacy. Here again, Stefan Szende strikes home some historical realities.

That individuals engaged in participating of such religion where Cutthroats had gone wild and with Sicarii Serial Killers running amuck, one should not be surprised about those engaged in cutting off Foreskins, or complete Penises to sooth the vengeance of a Wrathful God Jehovah who would kill them if they resisted following his commands as stipulated by the ruling Rabbinic Kahal dagger clan.

A Theological explanation has been made that liberal Jews and Jewish Christians stretched the remaining Foreskin to make Circumcision less obvious (1 Corinthains 7:18). The term ‘’Circumcision’’ was also used metaphorically. Someone who did not accept divine teaching was said to have an uncircumcised ear (Jeremiah 6:10), and a stubborn person had an uncircumcised heart (Leviticus 26:41; Jeremiah (:25-26).
This claim of stretching the Foreskin on the Penis seems debatable. How far can such a Foreskin be stretched? Is it in centimeters, or millimeters. Here is another subject needing detailed study which Christian Theologians have missed. It is easy to make a claim but harder to follow up on it once made. A tremendous amount of time must be involved in stretching the Foreskin to such length, even if possible, that it would even come near the ring part of the Penis. And Christians are supposed to preach the Good News, the Evangelium, not running around stretching Foreskins on themselves or others.

Circumcision was traced back to the Covenant or contract the Jewish Tribal God Jehovah made with Abraham, and thus is widely practiced by Muslims as well as Jews. It was called the ‘’sign of the covenant’’ (Genesis 17:11), the covenant in the flesh (Genesis 17:13), and the ‘’covenant of circumcision’’ (Acts 7:8); the traditional European Jewish, namely Yiddish term for Circumcision, bris, is an alternate pronunciation of the word for ‘’covenant’’ (Hebrew, beret).

In earliest Christianity, in its primitive stage, there was considerable debate over the requirement of Circumcision (Acts 15:1-21; Galatians 2:3-14). Christian establishment historians have completely missed the point, focusing on the issue of a new supposed ‘’covenant’’ with the introduction of Jesus Christ, when in fact it was covert work behind the scene to control the Gentiles who switched to Christianity, in order for the Jews to control Goyim. Thus becoming Cosmetic Jews without realizing it. In reality it was nothing more than a Control Factor. The Cabal had already met in Jerusalem deciding how to control the Gentiles and make them subservient to the Jews without them realizing it. This was not a problem in any case as most of the Gentile Goys were slaves, used in being bullied, beaten, and spat at. Tortured and killed.

Thus, Circumcision became binding to the Jews but evil for the Christians who thus could not compete with the Jews for Authority. They simply had no Penis to uphold authority status, a status imperative for the Jews who then were in the whole world. Anyone could prove they were Jew by simple inspection by the Rabbis and authorized Church members. Was his Penis found foreskinned he forfeited his right of leadership within the Christian Church. All this again showing the importance of Stefan Szende and his claim of Jews donning a new Foreskin onto their Circumcised Penises.
It is also questionable whether any Gentile Goy would dare claiming to be a Jew when he knew his Foreskin would tell him away. For trying to fool the leaders in this way was not taken likely. Furthermore, slaves were sold in the nude to detect defects on them. A Jew who had bought a slave for his resale would know at once the condition of the slave’s Penis. And if the slave by natural ways has no Foreskin, which is possible in a small percentage of humans, then he would have been adopted as a Jew, not as a Goy.
In the erect position it is not such an easy task to determine whether a Penis is Circumcised or not. So inspection was done in this case on the non-erected, slack, Penis. When it comes to testicular manhood inspection inside the Temple and Synagogues, the Penis was of course brought up to full erection and then by its squirts of semen assurance was made if was in full working order. Only then would the member be accepted as fully Kosher for adoption into the Church Synagogue.
AUSCHWITZ VOMITORIUM An Exterminationist is a person who adheres to any of the multitude of Doctrines of the Holocaust Commercial Cult. An Exterminationist Cult member invariable frowns on hard work and getting his shoes and hands dirty. They are Government puppets, State agents; their mercenaries. They act both as duped and as conning agents and always operate as stooges by threes or more. Violence is a necessary trait for these brutes. Thus one is reminded of the Three Stooges against David Irving, and the notorious manipulator and liar, Richard Evans, the liar Peter Longerich who made notions that he knew Ditlieb Felderer, and Robert Jan Van Pelt, a religious quack who equates Auschwitz as a religious and doctrinal matter. A religious experience of a sort on par with Elie Wiesel and his farfetched religious quackeries. Together these snobby men of non-touchables, skipping around like in Animal Farm with their noses stuck high, are called within forensic historians and alert academians, as the Three Stooges Of David Irving Trial. Jean-Claude Pressac who has been declared a mole for Revisionism had abandoned Exterminationism already in 1995. His abandoning the Cult was published June 15, 1995. There seems to have been total silence about Pressac’s treacherous change of heart.
The Three Stooges along with their other bewildered souls, straying from the path of righteousness for evil sake, participating in the work of violence and terrorist acts, always have a troubled past as their parents never taught their children to expect an opinion other than their own. That is why they applaud state violence against detractors and always have State benefits coming to them.

All these mythomaniacs value money and fame and don’t want to be outside the status quo where easy money won’t be had. A Vomitorium served for the snobs of the High Society as a special place where people during feasts could make way for other food. Vomitorium is here used as the Temple ground where constant new Doctrines are fabricated to make way for old once to continue on with the hoax. As example we mentioned Jean Claude Pressac who once preached Auschwitz No Swimming Pool Doctrine For Jews, replacing it with his new, Auschwitz No Hydrant Doctrine. As for the alleged Gas Chamber at Auschwitz there is the unforgettable Gallows Door Doctrine, replaced by the Corpse Door Doctrine. When speaking both of Auschwitz and Birkenau, there is the Four Million Killed Doctrine with the One Million Killed Doctrine. At Birkenau the Stalinists put in a slew of new stones giving their latest Gospel True number. Modes do change, even within Stalinism.

Here the essential point is the eager readiness to discard old Doctrinal Truths, for new ones. Such as described by George Orwell in Animal Farm, the changes of Stalinism, The New Light Doctrine, the Corpse Door Doctrine which replaced the Gallows Door Doctrine, the Birkenau Doctrine which replaces the Auschwitz Doctrine, etc.
George Orwell in his Animal Farm gives a variety of Doctrines required by all participating in the Revolution, but which, piece by piece were altered to finally adopt the very Doctrines they were supposed to rebel against. The Rebellion for freedom and no slavery had gone the full circle. First it was ‘’All animals are equal’’. This became, ‘’some are more equal than others’’, the basis of all Governing class, be that Stalinism, Communism, or Capitalism. It is an ailment and final outcome of all isms.

One of the first abandoning of the Holocaust Commercial Cult ship was no one less than the head historian of Auschwitz Vomitorium, Danuta Czech. After Ditlieb Felderer had drilled on the Survivor subject, making it clear that if Exterminationism had any sense of truth, then those alleged ‘’survivors’’ such as Filip Muller, Kazimiersz Smolen, Tadeusz Szymanski, Tadeusz Wasowicz, and all the rest were perpetrators in the crime. Not victims.
Apparently Tadeusz Szymanski got the hang of it and tried to resolve it with help of Czech. Her remarkable conclusion that all gassings ended with the introduction of Birkenau Crematories going active, was indeed revolutionary considering it was totally anti-Stalinist. By doing so, this brought matters back to Auschwitz as the head center of extermination and its alleged gas chamber at Holy Shrine, Crematory 1. She was forced to do so by circumstances the Stalin Auschwitz Vomitorium officials had built upon themselves, or they be faced with that all at Auschwitz were actively involved with extermination. So this brought the 4 million figure of Auschwitz back to its original importance, while leaving the 4 million at Birkenau out in the cold. More of this incredible somersault later on.
And with Czech’s Revisionism, out the window went the Euphemism Doctrine for now of a sudden the German documents did mean what they say. After all they were all written down by inmates who all had collaborated with the Nazis and who none dared to ask them about it or the house of Exterminationism cards would fall to pieces. One could go just that far with revision. Admitting collaboration would make the Cult explode, so one still had to deny it. You may call this ‘’Holocaust Denial’’. Confirming the Euphemism Doctrine to be Stalin propaganda is also seen how one later depended on the German records to give pensions. Here again, the claim of Euphemism did not stick. The records did mean what was written. Again showing ‘’ money talks when money paid’’.

VIOLENCE A BASIC INGREDIENT Psalm 140:1 men of violence rescue us. Violence is a basic ingredient of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult also called Caustology. Cult members, although they may not participate in violence themselves, always support it by their silence of it. Thus they may all make pretense of not Supporting David Irving jailed, yet none did anything about it to prevent it or protest. There is not one record of any of the Three Stooges, and their holy brethren at arms, ever protesting of violence being used. And Christopher Browning, is, beside being a Hardcore Stalinist, an American Constitution denier.
They need violence and terrorist acts to maintain their craze for Supremacy, the money bags: to line their own pockets and feather their own nests. When Ditlieb Felderer was tortured in Swedish jails he never received a notice of any of these con men feeling bad about it. Or any of their associates who may be older than them. In fact, they even say it was a good thing. And how could they send any message of abhorrence, regret? They all stand behind the terror. Each one of them belong to the Exterminationist Mafia Procession of silent men whose VIOLENCE not only demands to see nothing, hear nothing, and feel nothing, but they do so for filthy lucre sake. They do so, by actively engaging in spreading the Cult while doing all to hinder contrary views to be heard. And of course, they never dare to openly debate the subject as this would further show what they are, each one of them, engaged in spreading violence.

To prevent people seeing their own ignorance, they; give such perverse high- nosed excuses as their Holy Truth is so big and impeccable it can’t be discussed. They repeatedly hypnotize the public by such superstitious claims making themselves out as Riders of the High Horse and Knights of Righteousness and Truth, even bravery, if they can get away with it. This ruse is likewise done for good reasons. A debate would indicate their ignorance. The only ‘’debate’’ they dare to make is a fake circus played amongst themselves making onlookers think they have contrary views.
In countries such as Sweden, violence and terrorist acts have become an art in itself and frequently enlisted by its corrupt politicians. The corrupt politicians then enlist the national School system as part of the terror acts. This happened in the case of Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife when the Swedish, drug infested, Skoloverstyrelsen was enlisted in helping out to carry out terrorist acts. The very top brass of Skoloverstyrelsen was called in by the Swedish Synagogue , Birgitta Ulvhammar, to carry out the terrorist acts. After it is done and over, they then change the name of the outlet, and it is now called Statens skolverk. The science of violence and terrorism has been perfected, ready for export to such as to countries as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc.
The lives of Jan Sehn,Tadeusz Wasowicz, Jerzy Adam Brandhuber, Kazimierz Smolen, Tadeusz Szymanski, father of Danuta Czech, and others, all German collaborators, are in danger, as Stalin threatens death to collaborators, and his necessity to put the blame over to the Germans in such cases as Katyn. This was essential for Stalin who now wanted Poland incorporated into the Soviet machinery. Katyn stood in the way for that. Jan Sehn had himself been involved with trying to trace the Polish soldiers, some 20,000 who could not be found but feared killed or in some Gulags, but later found murdered.
Prior to Germans taking over Auschwitz, it was an important Polish military camp and some of the Katyn dead belonged to it. Their bodies were discovered in the Katyn forests at the German invasion. Hence, Auschwitz with its prior military importance was essential to Stalin. The group under pressure from Stalin, decides to play along with the Soviet War Crimes Commission, also called, Extraordinary State Commission, and so the Auschwitz Gas Chamber Doctrine begins with its Chimney Doctrine, Cremation Doctrine, Gallows Door Doctrine, Go Through Chimney Doctrine, Go In Chimney Doctrine, Hot Soup Doctrine, Nude Doctrine, Instant Death Doctrine, Red House Doctrine, Smoke Doctrine, and a host of additional Doctrines trying to explain Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult.
Later on the Sperm Doctrine is introduced. That, that the Jewish Serial Killing Sicarii Sonderkommando, squirted their sperm, or sperm from elsewhere, into the four chiseled out holes of Holy Shrine 1 and Holy Shrine 2 (it has no such holes), instantly killing the Stalin Martyrs in their death chambers. At the same time this is to have happened at the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool. There was also the claim that the sperm aided the Martyrs to slide into the water tank used by the Jewish Sonderkommando to liquidate their kin.

We should also not forget here the propaganda films Stalin made on Auschwitz. Especially should we focus on Holy Shrine 1 and Holy Shrine 2. We do not know what was cut out, but perhaps Stalin had something sinister going on with the Swimming Pool. Perhaps he stated it was a tank where people were drowned to fulfill the 4 million figure already at an early time. Few Soviet soldiers came behind Block 6 to visually see the Swimming Pool. And those that did, likely didn’t know what it was as they had nothing to compare it with. When Stalin entered it was winter and cold. It was not time to think about a pool for it was freezing cold.

The most crucial and important years of Auschwitz and building it up to what became Auschwitz Vomitorium was under the time of Director Tadeusz Wasowicz. When Kazimiers Smolen took over the Auschwitz Vomitorium in 1955 all major Doctrines had been constructed. The Scaffold of the Auschwitz Vomitorium was virtually complete. The center was Auschwitz. Birkenau was hardly, if ever mentioned. The 4 million claimed exterminated were exterminated at Auschwitz, not Birkenau.
GESTAPO BUILDING The Gestapo building is burned down likely by Tadeusz Wasowicz, Smolen and his friends, fearing the Soviets would find incriminating documents of collaborationists who now suddenly became Martyrs and not abettors in the mass executions. But Stalin had his own reasons to burn it down. What about all those former Stalinists who now turned Nazis? This was an embarrassment to Stalin. And now, what about all those Nazis who now turned Stalinists? Put on a new coat, replacing the old one, with the same person inside.

Then there was the problem of some members not being Stalinists but Trotskyites. The Gestapo documents may say so. Or any other of the non-Stalin Communists. The Jew Trotsky was supposedly assassinated at the order of Stalin in Mexico in 1940. They all had a reason of their own to get the Gestapo building burned up.

HOLLYWOOD STAGE ART COMING TO USE: The burning down of the Gestapo Building makes it easier to enter the Gallows Door as it was being prepared as the entrance door for the alleged four million Martyrs. It also had a Peephole useful for the ruse. It is not exactly known when the Corpse Door with its no Peephole, wooden plank door, got changed for the ‘’authentic one’’. Nor are we told the day when the latest Corpse Door was installed, which certainly happened when Hard Core Stalinist, Piotr Cywinski run the show. The former holy ‘’authentic door’’ was so, for some 60 years.

Since then the ‘’authentic’’ Corpse Door has also been put into the grave. As told, a new one was put in by the new Director, Piotr Cywinski, without telling the public about it, nor tell where the old ‘’authentic’’ door, which for some 60 years was with Gospel Truth sanctimony preached to be there when Stalin invaded the camp; how it had mysteriously disappeared. Talk about who is the REAL ONE destroying material evidences. While there was a huge scream about the stealing of the Arbeit Macht Frei sign at the Main Gate, which had nothing of proof to give on the verdict of Zyklon B being used, here was an authentic door, said to be used to help to kill most of those 4 millions, all vanished to nowhere. Do these clerics of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult really believe their own Doctrines? Can you think of Egypt’s museum throwing one of their most valued treasures into the garbage? Or, burn up the American Constitution?
And what does the above knowledge that Auschwitz Vomitorium director, Piotr Cywinsky, tosses one of its most treasured proofs of Nazi extermination, the Corpse Door into the garbage , while secretly putting in a new one without telling the public, or UNESCO, about it? What does it say to the Hiding Of Material Evidence Doctrine, that the Nazis methodically destroyed, or hid all evidence against them while here the very Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium, destroys what is supposed to be one of the main evidences against Nazism and proving their extermination program and the Final Solution?
At least the destruction of all those 4 million ‘’memorial stones’’, at Birkenau, also secretly carried out without telling the public, by its prior Auschwitz Vomitorium Director, Jerzy Wroblewski, had no value as ‘’authentic replicas’’ of Nazi times; the Corpse Door does have such, as it was for some 60 years shown as proof of Nazi exterminations.
Even that being the case, one would think for sake of history, at least a few of those four million slab stones would be left over to show what was once believed. But no, the whole thing of mass of stones get obliterated in a Napoleon, Animal Farm, way action. Granted people are so stupid and brainwashed in thinking that what they see are authentic Nazi articles that most of them even believed these slabs of stone were put there by the Nazis. That’s how stupid people have been made to get through all this Stalinist propaganda.

Leaving the Gestapo Building (politischeabteilung) which was located outside the Camp, there was bound to invoke endless of curious questions, such as: Why did not all the Gestapo people working in the building so close gas along with the others as this was such a potent gas? And, why would Germans be so stupid to set up a Gas Chamber just by the Gestapo Building? Only that, should put an end to Auschwitz Gas Chamber Doctrine. Not far away lived Commandant Rudolf Hoss. He and his family along with Jehovah’s Witnesses employed would have been gassed to death were 4 million gassed there. And so it happens, the only one we have some assurance dying in the area was Rudolf Hoess, also spelled Hoss in English at time; was claimed to be hung there on April 16, 1947. By that time they had already burned down the Gestapo Building for obvious reasons and so Stalin marked the place with a gallows to remind faithful Pilgrims of what may happen to them should they dare ask questions. Every guide was faced with the gallows and knew their way was straight to the Gulags or prior death should they denounce the fraud or criticize. And then there was the Zloty to be gotten. Or, if fortunate, American dollar which was in great demand all over Communist Poland.
GALLOWS DOOR: The Gallows Door is being made out as the entry door for Stalin’s alleged 4 million Martyrs. In the first crucial years of the creation of the Exterminationist Cult myth, Birkenau, Brzezinka was not even mentioned. Even as late as the 1970’s, Birkenau was still not prominent. And one still had not chiseled out the holes on top of roof of Holy Shrine 2 for the Crematory 2 Fake Holes Doctrine. Without these holes the whole thing of Holy Shrine 2 Gas Chamber was a palpable, Stalinist hoax.
The opening for the Gallows Door was first made after crematory ovens had been built at Birkenau and the old one was removed. Hence a dilemma already from start. Seeing the 4 million Martyrs came through the Gallows Door; remember, to enter the ‘’gas chamber’’, to get gassed, where went the bodies? The oven was no longer there. Prior it was just a thick concrete wall. But the sweet Pilgrims are not told about it, for that would make people ask: And how could these 4 million soon to be Martyrs, walk through a concrete wall? It was also a useful door because of having a Peephole and being of metal. Few people looked through the Peephole.
That door was always left open and you had to close it to see anything. All that you would see was the wall next to it. Hence of no use to see whether the Martyrs were all dead inside the Hollywood type made Gas Chamber. The Peephole was actually there to look out in case of air attack. Not to look in. The original Corpse Door found at the opposite side had no Peephole and was made up of wooden planks. The religious Pilgrims were for years told in gory details how the Nazi Gestapo was just nearby watching through their windows as Stalin Martyrs were given discourse from atop the mound prior to entering this door. Prior to getting there, evidently coming through the Main Gate, they were told they will get washed and get hot soup to enjoy, so spun the Hot Soup Doctrine.
Rumors begun to circulate that the Jewish Sonderkommando who administrated the whole killing got to be so lazy due to their privileged and comfortable life, sperm was squirted onto the mound, so all they needed was to slide down without effort.
All this was done with the help of the Jewish Sonderkommando, a group of Jewish volunteers who got privileges for their work, such as condoms, women’s underwear, whisky, tobacco,snuff, etc. While the Jewish Sonderkommando goggled through the Peephole they could see heaps of dead bodies inside. And watch all those naked women. Filip Muller and his companions were accused of performing Necrophilia with the corpses, something which got supported by the revelation that the circle around Wilhelm Reich performed such ghastly rites.
In his book in German, Sonderbehandlung, Filip Muller tells about how he poked his fingers into female vaginas in search for hidden treasures. This is found on page 217 of the 1979th edition. With such an admission of sexual extremes, one may suspect that those Necrophilia charges against him and his friends of the Jewish Sonderkommando are true.
This self-confession and admission by Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller, that he and his team on regularly basis spread the legs of dead women, virgins, babies, et al., in order to search for valuable treasures has created the Muller Sex Double Doctrine, that, that Filip Muller and his team of Jewish Sonderkommando sex maniacs both prowled into the vaginas of corpses and also conducted Necrophilia. It is a short way of enjoying prowling into vaginas from using the corpses for sex pleasures which so many around the circle of Wilhelm Reich and Ella Reiner did.
Filip Muller’s confession has also lead to one further Doctrine, the Muller Sex Triple Doctrine, namely that the Jewish Sonderkommando on regular basis had sex with animals. There were farms all around where the Jewish Sonderkommando sneaked in to have sex with animals, and the dog cages of Block 11 which are shown to the pious Pilgrims are supposed to have been used for this by the Jewish Sonderkommando. There were horse riding schools at Auschwitz and Birkenau for the inmates, and there the Jewish Sonderkommando are supposed to have sneaked in at opportune time, and like Wilhelm Reich, had sex with the horses. In other words, massive sex orgies of Zoolatry and Zoophilia supposedly went on, and such people as Hermann Langbein and others knew it, but kept their mouths shut. They may even have participated.
By that time all this supposedly went on, the Gestapo Building had not been burned down. The nearness of Gestapo Building made Stalin’s propaganda that much more awesome. How the Gestapo could stand all the yelling and screaming (Scream Doctrine), being covered in thick smoke (Smoke Doctrine), and horrible stench (Stench/Smell Doctrine), and all the barking, snapping dogs, the Dog Doctrine. The faith believing Pilgrims were never told to ask about the whys, as any question in that direction would be considered anti-Stalin. Moreover, the sheep-like Pilgrims were not told how deadly Zyklon B really was. One of Sweden’s most famed poets, Dan Andersson, died in a hotel in Stockholm from Zyklon B on 16 September 1920, AFTER his room had been aired. Sweden was buying its Zyklon B from Germany. Zyklon B was openly sold throughout the whole world. There was nothing secret about it. Rooms having used Zyklon be had to be aired for 24 hours, sometimes days. It is extremely deadly and more than one worker working with it has died. The Jew, Philip Auerbach, was in charge of Zyklon B at Auschwitz and Birkenau.
PEEPHOLE DOCTRINE: We are told the Jewish Sonderkommando, more rightly called for the Serial Killing Sicarii Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Jewish Sonderkommando, used the Peephole(s) to watch naked women as they were acting as a commando of Peeping Toms. This has also been given as a reason, and an excuse, why Jews joined the Jewish Sonderkommando. They adored naked women and their underwear we were told; as a reason for them to so willingly join the killer team.
At Holy Shrine 1 peepholes are fond on the Corpse Door and the Gallows Door. When Piotr Cywinsky secretly in conspiracy way altered the Corpse Door at Holy Shine One he did not let out placing no peephole on his faked door as it did not have such in beginning, but put a peephole in on that one as well. Filip Muller, a notorious and famous member of the Jewish Sonderkommando team had however a more close up view of naked females and did not need the peepholes to do so, as he was working inside the Crematory, according to his ghost written story. We are yet waiting for a Hollywood movie on that subject. Or, why not a Monty Python comedy? And movie? We have already mentioned about the claim that Filip Muller and his friends conducted Necrophilia as well as Zoophilia on the corpses of both animals and man, and used the Holy Shrine as a ritual outlet for a Satanic Cult they had created. It should be noted here, that Filip Muller never denied these charges which he could have easily debunked while living at Mannheim in West Germany.
The former morgue and cremation building, prior a Polish military ammunition storage place, is now surreptitiously altered over to suit the Auschwitz Gas Chamber Doctrine. One had discarded the Execution By Swimming Pool Doctrine of Stefan Szende. The help of such people as the father of Danuta Czech was taken, to alter the building for Stalin Communist, Hollywood historical propaganda evidence and consumption.
Tadeusz Wasowicz , Jerzy Adam Brandhuber, Tadeusz Szymanski, Kazimierz Smolen, and others were all in it fabricating their Stalin hoax. They all well knew that once they had joined Stalin, it was either to get on with the faking or be purged and go up the chimney, as the parlance went. Doctor Piotr Setkiewicz puts it interestingly defensive. Using Vomitorium argument to rescue fallen Doctrines he manages to lament: ‘’because of pseudo-conservationist modifications were introduced, changing the appearance of certain places’’.

What it was, was of course outright lies and manipulations orchestrated by Stalin to make Poles unite in his conquest of Poland and to cover up his Katyn Massacres. And what about Tadeusz Wasowicz, Jerzy Adam Brandhuber, Franciszek Piper, Jan Sehn, Kazimierz Smolen, Tadeusz Szymanski, and all the others who not only participated in ‘’pseudo-conservationist modifications’’ but actually helped in executing the fake of material evidences to prove Exterminationism to that effect? With exception of Piper, they were all Nazi collaborators who now had turned Stalinists. And what shall we say of such people as Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller who participated in the fake fabrication by creating even more myths? And the participation in the myth by such people as Jerzy Brandhuber, Rudolf Kauer, Hermann Langbein, Olga Lengyel, Miklos Nyiszli, Ella Reiner, Kazimierz Smolen, Otto Wolken, and host of others? True, such as Otto Wolken, was a notorious Rapist, but why were they even chosen as accusers at the Auschwitz Frankfurt Witch Show Trials? Or, could it be so, that for the Show Trial to have any success at all, such lunatics and sex maniacs had to be enlisted?

Any guide who would go against the Doctrines of Gallows Door or any other of these contradictory Doctrines, would be dismissed on the spot, and if persisting, sent to Stalin Gulags. Some were, and it is about time that we find out what happened to all these people who got purged away from the Auschwitz Vomitorium Cult. What happened to their families, their friends?
A huge fake 8 meter high Chimney is erected by Stalin resulting in the Chimney Doctrine, Go Through Chimney Doctrine, Go Into the Chimney Doctrine. Later on it is jokingly called the ‘’Auschwitz Penis’’ for its erected look. As the Auschwitz Vomitorium officials lost all credibility due to all their manipulations, another theory came up with the Holy Shrine One area. One was, that the soon to be Martyrs entered through the huge chimney. Just like Santa Claus. Another one was, that the Jewish Sonderkommando squirted their deadly semen poison into the chimney, killing all below. We have already mentioned how Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller tells he poked his fingers into female vaginas in search of treasures. One wonders if God’s Chosen People also did that with those 32,000 women they Gang Raped as told in the Holy Bible. Searching for precious goods, after which they were raped, and then killed. It’s all in there in the Holy Bible.
As stated, a new Corpse Door is put in, four crematory ovens are built, and vents are chiseled out on the roof for claimed Zyklon B entry. Szende’s Execution or Death By Swimming Pool Doctrine is extirpated to focus completely on the Auschwitz Gas Chamber Doctrine. Stefan Szende is slowly made into an Orwellian 1984 non-person. The shift is now away from Belzec to Auschwitz, just as it became later a shift from Auschwitz to Birkenau.
Ditlieb’s Felderer wrote about it and showed the design of Auschwitz Swimming Pool in Flyer 149 and other places. In Flyer 550 he describes each slide. Flyer 517 reproduces a Talmud Section on how a Rabbi Jose expelled his gas, instantly killing thieves who pursued him. His gas was so potent it even made far away ships lose control, seemingly killing also their crew swimming around. It seems to be the FIRST ever story of killing people en masse via gas. It has the additional surplus tale content of stating ships far out at sea got more or less shipwrecked by the potent, deadly gas. Sounds like the first Zyklon B ever. Consult: RH 517.

Birkenau, Brzezinka in Polish, is in those crucial early days of fabricating the Stalin hoax hardly mentioned as Info was spread amongst local population that the SS had a Nudist Club and Saunas there. In fact farmers were daily delivering food there for which they got paid for. Rumor circulates via goggling farm youth that kinky sex activities are conducted inside remade and converted barns. These became then in populace lingua called the Red Houses, and by the Communists so for their own reasons.
Youth sneaking to see what was going on find nudism being practiced and the spots become popular Peeping Tom places. The Germans had set up there the preliminary, provisional, temporary Saunas waiting for the big one. In fact, the biggest and best made building of Birkenau later became the Sauna. And Birkenau had the most modern hospitals where Germans, Jews, Russians, Ukrainians, and Poles worked together to treat patients. Local civilians were also treated at the Birkenau hospitals. All in a most modern hospital with latest Siemen equipment, being run as stated by Jewish, Polish, and other doctors.
Birkenau had, as told, Finnish and Russian Sauna, sport fields, super modern hospital with latest equipment. And close to it were the sport grounds for football, volley ball, and other invigorating, healthy sports.
The Soviets decided on putting the center killing to Auschwitz while at the same time denying and discouraging former Auschwitz citizens still alive and living in Auschwitz to visit Birkenau. This restriction of movement was so severe that as late as 1970’s people inside Auschwitz could be found who had never visited the place. This was later very useful to Auschwitz Stalinism as some shift was taking over to focus attention on Birkenau once incriminating buildings as the Hospitals, Canada, the smaller Saunas and nudist places were burned down or eradicated. Some of the useful materials is then used in building and strengthening homes nearby. Perhaps even some of those bricks for the four fake crematory ovens at Auschwitz came from there. And its huge chimney.
THINGS TO WATCH FOR: Watch out when they use AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU. They do so for specific reason to peddle the Birkenau Gas Chamber Doctrine which first got preached into prominence with the Auschwitz Frankfurt Show Trials. But at Auschwitz itself, Birkenau was still an isolated case as late as the 1980’s. Very likely the word Birkenau/Brzezinka is not found in the original document but was fraudulently put in there to support new twists against Revisionism.
THE MYSTERY OF THE RED HOUSES AT BIRKENAU Officially Germans begin by setting up two Saunas at Birkenau. One of the Russian type, the other Finnish type Sauna. These are later brought over to the huge Sauna building. Unofficial they also have what may be Poland’s first ever Nudist Club there and some nudist activities go on inside the birch wood, perhaps even sex. The ‘’sex holes’’ are now called Red Houses (red meaning sexual heat and blush) to disguise them as goggling farm kids sneak there to spy on the activities. To hinder further goggling the participants spread rumor the Red Houses were gas centers as the Germans don’t want to clash with the Catholic Church which frowned on Saunas and Nudist Clubs, claiming them immoral and against Christian standards.
PRELIMINARY, PROVISIONAL, TEMPORARY SAUNAS AT BIRKENAU. There exist a variety of Saunas. Steam Baths are old. Hippocrates, the Greek medic, writes: ‘’Steam bath helps to cure diseases when all other means are helpless’’. The Russians are famed for their Saunas. So are the Finns with for instance the Smoke Sauna (finnish: Savusauna). The smoke coming out of the buildings made it later easy for Stalin mythomaniacs to call it ‘’gas’’. That people were ‘’gassed’’ there, not that they were taking their sauna which actually happened.
Another claim Exterminationists made was that the smoke showed the burning of corpses in pits. This was one of the reasons all those buildings got burned down to make the Smoke Doctrine more plausible even though one could see many chimneys from the burned down buildings.
It was during the Reformation in Scandinavia that the popularity of Saunas expanded to other countries because the European bath houses were being destroyed. The Christian Church had from its very origin frowned on using the bath to keep clean. There is no mention in the whole Bible of Jesus ever bathing himself, so why should the Christians? it was reasoned.
It was not so long ago that bathing was something to be done only rarely or never at all. With the Saunas Finns were cleaning themselves in them at least once a week. Finnish mothers, almost all, gave birth in Saunas. The Germans knew this and wanted their health care return to Greek and other useful practices. They stressed on increased sanitary conditions, communal need of cleanliness, and Auschwitz and Birkenau set the way. They set up the huge Sauna at Birkenau for a Maternity Ward, having gotten the hints from the Finns. All this was now twisted by Stalinism into ‘’gas chambers’’.
RED-LIGHT DISTRICT AND THE RED HOUSES AT BIRKENAU. The use of color red for sex as Red-light District: a district in which houses of prostitution are numerous, Heat, Red hot, Sexual Heat, blush. A Red-light District also relates to Menstruation. Blood, killing murder, menstruation; save and salvation (Red Cross), dangerous living as Red Flag, (Red Riding Hood who in one story is eaten up by a wolf but in Grimm is rescued at last moment), in State and Politic as Red Guard, Red Shirt, Third International Comintern 1919, Palmer Raids; in Crime as red-handed; Morality in Fire, Hate, Sin, Hell, Hellfire, Purgatory, Red Mass, Witch, Witchcraft; disparagingly in Redneck.
Who first spread the Red House Doctrine is hard to say. The Germans themselves or the snooping farmers and kids frequenting the area. Auschwitz itself had a high Jewish population and Prostitution in Poland was virtually all in the Jews’ hands. And of course Auschwitz therefore had its own Red-light District long before the Germans came there. As Communism scare went ballistic in USA, with its Red Scare of 1919-20, they of course had an interest of their own to make German ‘’Fascism’’ blamed for various atrocities as they themselves had been, and therefore used Red House or Red Houses disparagingly against the Nazis claiming them places for ‘’gassing people’’. The throngs of farm boys and girls hiding behind the trees peeping at the activities of course brought erotic motion, suspense and activity to the place. It was common for Sauna users to ‘’steam themselves up’’ and then run naked into a pool of water, which were close in Birkenau, especially before drainage activity had started. This whole sexual and erotic filled incidences would make stunning success for an excellent Porno film about the Red Houses inside Birkenau birch wood.
RED SCARE DOCTRINE which Communist retaliated against by inventing the Red House(s) used for supposed gassing at Birkenau. A period, 1919-20, in US history characterized by intense hate and distrust of so called radicals and foreigners, set out by the Palmer Raids. The general fear of foreigners was engendered by World War I and the foundation of the Third International or Comintern in 1919. American fear of radicals was such that labor unrest, a series of bombings and strikes, including the steel-workers strike of 1919, and the alleged attempted murder of John D Rockefeller, Oliver Wendell Holmes and Attorney General A Mitchell Palmer, were all claimed and thought to be Communist inspired. Numerous people were imprisoned and some deported on usually false charges. The Communists now had their own good reason to spread a scare of their own by the claim of Red House(s) at Birkenau.
RED FRONT AND FAILURE OF POWER, German: Roter Frontkampferbund, RFB) Another good reason to manufacture Red House(s) gassing was the failure of the Communist Red Front with some members, if not going over to Hitler, ended up inside Concentration Camps. It was a paramilitary league which used the streets to fight out with weapons their preferences. The organization was founded by the Communist party, KPD, in July 1924 as a counter-weight to the monarchist Stahlhelm and the republican Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold. Its membership grew, but it was banned by the authorities in May 1929 after bloody disturbances between it and the police in Berlin. It nonetheless continued to operate and was involved in violent confrontations with the Nazi SA (Sturmabteilung), created by Ernst Roehm, in the early 1930’s. After Hitler’s takeover and with the Inflation stabilizing it ceased to function effectively with some of its members deserting over to SS. Here was another good reason for Communists to make Hitler look black by inventing the Red House(s) ‘’gas chamber(s)’’. The claim was not much about so called ‘’Jews’’ being gassed but Communists who wanted themselves portrayed as ready Martyrs for a just cause.
Hitler and his isms in turn painted Russians as unclean and dirty, but there is more than one doctor who was with the invasion of Russia who claimed this was propaganda. One doctor even mentioned, as he treated Russian woman, the Russian woman had fine firm breasts, and not like those sagging German breasts. Evidently the Russian woman used their bodies well and so had a better form than the Germans.
During all this time of Auschwitz propaganda little is mentioned, if anything at all, of Israel’s cruelties against Palestinians whom they robbed off their land, commanded to do so according to Deuteronomy 6:10, 11. The Jews are commanded by their Tribal God Jehovah not to feel sorry for committing horrendous crimes against civilians, and people of a different race than God’s Chosen People, Deuteronomy 7:16. Those lucky not to be exterminated by God’s Chosen, are to be milking cows for them, generously showering His Holiness people with gold, money, silver, by forcing Usury Interest onto them, Genesis 47; Deuteronomy 15:6; Isaiah 60. And Filip Muller was lucky enough to enjoy himself with poking his fingers into vaginas in search of golden treasures, as did all his Jewish Sonderkommando friends.
Little is heard of how the Canadian, USA, natives, such as Indians were robbed from their land, put into Concentration Camps, killed, and abused. At times whole Indian tribes were simply liquidated by the European invaders. Then there were the Inuit or Eskimo North American tribes who lost all in a huge Holocaust in ADL definition. Nor do we hear of the British Indian Holocaust and Bengali Holocaust. The Holocaust of African man, his cruel transport, and Slavery. The Belgian and Dutch Holocaust in Congo and elsewhere. The various Opium Wars against China to force them to smoke Opium by England, and Europe. On and on we can go. Yet here was Auschwitz with an Olympic Swimming Pool which no 10 star hotel to this day can equal. Ask Jews of Israel how many Olympic Swimming Pools they have built for the Palestinians, the rightful owners of the land, and not some Khazar invaders from Russia.
Bernd Naumann, a State teleprompter and CIA approved writer is set in by the occupation forces of Germany, which lets him cover the then upcoming Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials for the occupation paper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Later Naumann publishes a book on his writings, Auschwitz-Bericht…. The Fischer edition which was published in Band 885, April 1968. Naumann manages to spread refurbished Stalin yarns to, ‘’The same fate befell a group of Jews from Upper Silesia, who, in January 1942, were gassed in a converted barn in the razed village [Birkenau was never razed] of Birkenau’’. He mentions only ‘’a converted barn’’, making it out as only one barn. Color red is not used. Thus what originally was a Sauna is now turned into a gas place, partly claimed to be so to stop goggling youth, and elders, from making the place a Peeping Tom center. The forest of trees enabled the youth to sneak behind the trees to see, what Germans called, the ‘’sport activities’’. The place may also have served as a preliminary Brothel at times before one official was set up at Auschwitz, inside Block 24, just by its largest building, the huge Kitchen; and as a preliminary Brothel, or permanent Brothel for Birkenau inmates. It should not be forgotten here, inmates are reported to be able to buy condoms from the canteens, and one would expect some sort of Brothel activity was at work, and possible these converted barns at Birkenau at times served as such, making these condoms useful. Thus, part of the barn was made into a Sauna, another part into a Brothel.
With the fall of Germany and Communist takeover and for pension reasons some now claim they were inside Auschwitz as inmates but who had never been there. It was seen as a lucrative road for easy money. Huge pension frauds begin, the preliminary step of the New World Order banking firms stealing the pensions from the countries is beginning to take shape, culminating in Bernard Madoff, Robert Maxwell, Werner Nachmann, and endless other pension frauds, to end up in defrauding pension money from entire countries by the mega banks run under Rotschild, Federal Reserve Bank, Goldmann Sachs , and others. The American Federal Reserve Bank operates by the scam Derivatives by which whole nations become slaves. And Stalinism had its own growing and vexing pension problems. For some time these alleged ‘’Survivors’’ got sympathy from the Soviet Communists running the show, until it was discovered it was beset with frauds.
To mention just one case. It was discovered after thirty years, that a bus driver who had claimed to be a former inmate at Auschwitz, never sat his foot there. He had fabricated the whole story. All these frauds of claimed people being interned makes Stalinism now require 6 criterions for a person to have been interned by the Germans. Stalinism now had to go to German documents to assure themselves of the facts. Suddenly all the claims of ‘’euphemism’’, ‘’code words’’, etc., which it was claimed all these documents contain, no longer hold true.
A new coat is put on Stalinism. And so Stalinist denied documents now become Stalinist approved documents. Summersault again! Evidently money talks even for anti-Capitalist Stalinists. If you did not fulfill these criterions, there was no pension for you. Judging by Ditlieb Felderer’s own experience, most never seem to have gotten any pension anyhow, as it all ended up inside bureaucrats’ pockets. Kazimierz Smolen, the second Director of Auschwitz vomitorium is accused of taking pensions for himself and for his friends and mistresses. It is George Orwell’s Animal Farm and pig Napoleon all over again. The full circle was running and all that was lacking for the dance around the Golden Calf was the Auschwitz Waltz.
In West Germany, one pension fraud after the other erupts while West German corrupt politicians do everything in their power to hide from the people. But sometimes that does not work even though hard they tried. Just one example of massive fraud.
Werner Nachmann, chairman of the Central Council of Jewish Communities is discovered to have stolen more than 20 million dollar. This conservative figure was claimed to be a lot higher; over 100 million dollar, or more. Soon others, such as Alexander Ginsburg, are also accused to be in on the blatant theft, stolen from West Germans tax money. Even Heinz Galinski, president of Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland (Central Council of Jews in Germany), does not escape the charges in spite of his trying to make it out he did not know. Although search was made for the money, none was recovered, and it was believed the money was put into bank accounts in Israel, the Bible bogus State.
How easy it was to extort money can be seen by those people who told us they went under different names. As no control was made if they even were at those places they claimed to be, it was easy to make up as being one person, with for instance with six names. Thus one name would be for USA, another for Sweden, another for Argentina, another for Canada, another for Israel, another for Marocco, gotten legitimate through crook attorneys and friends. Contacts were then arranged to pick up the pension at respective place. It was all a Jew Bernard Madoff, Jew Martin Frankel, Jew Robert Maxwell, Jew Reed Slatkin, Jew Shalom Weiss-a massive Ponzi scheme in order to get Reparations from Germany, Austria, and elsewhere.
The first you should think of when you hear the word ‘’Holocaust’’ is scam. If we understand that we have understood the real meaning of ‘’Holocaust’’. The worship of Mammon. The prostitution of man and the dance around the Golden Calf.

Other embarrassing facts also become more and more well known. While Germans put up the fence for inmates not to escape and against thieves running away, people now hear about all the attempts of the public trying to GET INTO the Camp for some favoritism and goodies.
People tried to get into the huge Kitchen for some benefits. They have heard ice-cream was made there, probably the first place in Poland for that. They tried to get into the canteen for whisky, condoms, women’s underwear, alcohol, tobacco, etc. To see some sport event going on there. Germany was the first to introduce condoms to Poland which the Roman Catholic Church condemned. Some tried to get to the Swimming Pool. Hear some educational lectures being told. For sport activities. Into the Cinema.
But some of the more hilarious stories concern how people tried to get into the Brothel at Block 24. Everything was attempted to get to the girls at Block 24. The windows, by luggage, and even through the chimney, it was said. Here was Santa Claus chimney activities going on, supposedly the whole year round. There are no rumors that travel as fast as gossips . The difference between the chimney of ‘’Auschwitz Gas Chamber’’ of Holy Shrine One and the Brothel was that the Brothel was for real.

As noted, the Communist now begun stipulating six criterions which would prove you really was an inmate and just not another fraud. One wonder if Stalin used Six here intentionally to refer to the Jewish method of Usury and Derivatives. With time Poland gets some money from West Germany to give to people who had been inside its camps, but Ditlieb Felderer had throngs of people coming to him stating they never had received a penny. At times the air was very thick with anger as one alleged victim after the other declared how he and she had been cheated by the Polish Communist leaders.
At Auschwitz, much of the pensions were in the hands of its Director, Kazimierz Smolen, who himself was accused of being a thief stealing pension money and favoring selected people. Perhaps here the Selection Doctrine was once for all true. Hardcore Stalinist, Jan Urbaniak, is accused of stealing money from the cinema. Possible for his abusive alcohol use. And here we see again, the Selection Doctrine does seem to have some truth in reality, but not for fictive ‘’gas chambers’’ but money.

But did not the Communist officials themselves feel they may just as well get the money seeing all those fraudulent claims were made by people who were never there or collaborated with the Nazis? And while there, they had a better life than those on the outside. Hence, who could blame them seeing the people just wanted unearned advantages? Officially the Communist Party was not for Arbeit Macht Frei Doctrine, but they never denied its practicality.
The Auschwitz Gas Chamber Doctrine which is at the center of Auschwitz Vomitorium, becomes more and more silly as rumors circulate of all the people working there, none who had heard, smelt, or seen anything unusual. All the people could smell was the delicious odor from the largest building inside the Camp, the super huge Auschwitz Kitchen. Any smell, usually came from the huge kitchen and it was only good. And then there were all those super modern Kitchens at Birkenau filling the whole air with delicious odor. The Jewish, Polish, and Russian cooks knew how to prepare delicious food and the whole camp was anxious for their next meal.
Stalin tried to get Jehovah’s Witnesses and others to testify against Rudolf Hoss and others but soon found out it would mean certain failure. Interned Jehovah’s Witnesses had worked for Rudolf Hoss, in his house, in the outside flower and vegetable garden, and being questioned by the Communists, they could not verify anything about ‘’gas chambers’’, ‘’odor’’, ‘’screams’’, ‘’smoke’’, etc. They were working around the alleged Auschwitz Gas Chamber. Moreover; they asked, how could they? Just beside Holy Shrine One was the SS Hospital with all its windows, the Carpenter and Uniform Building, the SS Buildings, and other buildings. The Communists should ask those people. That ceased practical any future attempts to get Jehovah’s Witnesses to witness on behalf of Stalin.
The Soviet supporting officials now realize a change has to be made, and focused interest is put on Birkenau. With those fraudulent claims of being Auschwitz inmates, suspicion is brought more and more that Auschwitz is being used as a propaganda tool for Stalinism. Citizens of Auschwitz begin more and more to dare to voice opinion contrary to those of Stalin Auschwitz Vomitorium. And so a focus on Birkenau becomes essential for the survival of what was now the Holocaust Commercial Cult which begun with Auschwitz Vomitorium Director, Tadeusz Wasowicz, whose work was taken over by the next Nazi Collaborator, Kazimierz Smolen. All the while, all attempts were made to keep the Katyn Massacres under the carpet.
But what of the buildings there, such as the Hospitals? They now decide in a secret operation to burn down the Hospitals to avoid being questioned what that building was all about. A Hospital just by alleged Gas Chambers was too risky for propaganda use. The Hospital now gets burned down along with other buildings such as the big Bathhouse used for disinfection prior to entering the Camp. But it would take some time outside the Iron Curtain, before Birkenau takes over Auschwitz as the main killing center as people were now asking what kind of buildings were burned down. To directly claim it as the killing center number one was not a wise approach, it was seen.
When people who had been inside Auschwitz Camp asked former Nazi Collaborator, Director Smolen, about the supposed gassings at Auschwitz, Smolen would tell them this happened at Birkenau. When people of Birkenau would ask Smolen about gassings, he would tell them it happened at Auschwitz. It all depended on which location your feet were standing.
To hide all references to Survivors and claims of property, Canada, as it was called; a storage place for inmates personal belonging, is also burned down. It got that name as it was hoped Canada would be one of the places for prisoners to go to once the war was over. And some claimed there was a deal between Germany and Canada to transport inmates to Canada if they wanted.
It would not be good propaganda hearing people discover their property from inmates who reportedly by the Stalinists had died and who belonged to the Stalin four million dead, either at Auschwitz or Birkenau, were fit and well. A fire would also avoid people from getting a small Communist pension as they couldn’t give material proof of being there. The full names were often found on the luggage. But remember six criterions were necessary to show you had been in a Polish German camp.
So down again went Material Evidence which otherwise was used to prove crime. Even kitchen utensils were displayed supposedly proving crime at Auschwitz. A toothbrush. A hairbrush. A comb. How one could square that with Stalin Starve Doctrine is a good question. Furthermore, why did the Germans save the luggage when it was at the same time argued they did everything in secret, eradicating all traces of their crime? They should have burned them up at once to maintain credibility to these Doctrines.
Piece by piece, the small Saunas at Birkenau are turned into gas chambers and killing places, Newspeaked into ‘’converted barn’’, ‘’converted farm houses’’, and such like. The Nudist Camp is eradicated all traces of. The local Birkenau people are not told of these changes and manipulations by the Hollywood makers of Soviet supporting Stalinist officials.
Ditlieb Felderer now meticulously tracked the area of Birkenau finding whatever evidence there was, for this, or for that. He would ask the people living in the area about anything strange. The search was also for the Saunas at Birkenau, and the Nudist Club with its camp, reported to be located there. These were later changed into Gas Chamber places as written above by Stalin who never was fond of either Saunas for enjoyment and cleanliness, swimming pools, and even less, some Nudist center. Nudism could only be done secretly in Stalin kingdom. If found out, it was straight to the Gulags. And Stalin wanted nothing of the Wilhem Reich Sexual Revolution. The Russians however had some of the finest Saunas around using their own ways and which were experimented with at Birkenau.
Stalin had an early clash with those Communists who wanted a Sexual Revolution. The Sex Guru, Wilhelm Reich, got excommunicated from the Communist party at an early time. The very word ‘’Sex Revolution’’ made the Stalinists see red, red upon a red flag. It was an unbarable affrontry to everything Stalin stood for. In this, at least, he had the Christian Church with him, who neither wanted to hear of any Sex Revolution.
Everything is done to hide the farmers around Birkenau from telling their story. They in turn were told the REAL things happened at Auschwitz, while those too curious at Auschwitz were told it happened at Birkenau. Geographic blame calling was the name of the game here from people getting suspicious of foul play. It was a bit of: How did you escape being persecuted by Hitler? If he was smart he would say: Well, I put a Foreskin onto my Penis and Hitler let me go!
In search of the Stefan Szende huge Swimming Pool tank. Having spoken to Stefan Szende, Ditlieb Felderer travels to Belzec to find Evil Number One, the Beast Riding On the Whore, the scientific advanced water pool tank. Instead, he finds cows, chickens, and very friendly people. And no dangerous beasts.
He investigates the whole area but finds nothing of ‘’the smoke gun’’, and now moves on elsewhere, to possible discover some evidence for it to other places. Such as Auschwitz which by this time was declared the largest kill machine ever invented by humans, with people executed daily by the tens of thousands. Just as at Belzec. People had forgotten all about Stefan Szende and his Belzec killing center. A new gossip had taken over.
Remember, this was the time when the 4 million dead hoax was preached. Writers such as Danuta Czech, Tadeusz Iwaszko, who died in 1988, and others, did their darned thing trying to accommodate the 4 million with the German records. Probably no one was more employed with this hopeless task than Danuta Czech. Yet it was her who then turned the whole apple cart over by stating extermination activities had ceased by the time Crematory 2 and 3 at Birkenau were ready. Suddenly those claims of Euphemism of the German records had ceased as by a Miracle. The records did mean what they said. Office keeper Hermann Langbein and others who were involved with it, were not using code words.
And here is yet another dilemma for Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. Apologists for the Cult using the Euphemist Doctrine claim that the German records can only be explained by their use of Euphemism. But these records were not written by robots but by human beings, and we hardly, if ever, are told who they are.
Now we can tell. They were such people as Jerzy Brandhuber, Hermann Langbein, Filip Muller, Kazimierz Smolen, Tadeusz Szymanski, Tadeusz Wasowicz, and others. When told this, now of a sudden the Stalinist Martyrology Cult makers no longer want to hear about Euphemism, nor about a ‘’Holocaust’’. That would implicate these men as accomplices in the crime of gassing 4 million at Auschwitz alone.
In his search for proof of a huge Swimming Pool tank, Ditlieb Felderer discovers an Olympic Swimming Pool behind Block 6. The year was 1978 and a breakthrough for Revisionism against Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. If you want to find it, go through the Main Gate, past the huge Kitchen and the Brothel of Block 24, past Blocks 14 and 3, and you see it to your right.
Investigating the Swimming Pool Ditlieb Felderer could find no clue how this one was used in mass killing 4 million people, the figure given officially at that time. Evidently, searching for proof of Stefan Szende Execution, or Death By Swimming Pool Tank had to be continued.

Investigating the Swimming Pool, measuring it, and taking samples, he ends up with taking numerous photos of it. Evidently the first one to ever do so. His investigation of the Swimming Pool and how it was made to keep it secret convinced Felderer there was something radical fishy with Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. Ditlieb Felderer was himself an expert swimmer, once trained while a boy by Sweden’s Olympic Champion, Arne Borg.
Ditlieb Felderer now begins to write about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool (Flyer 149 and others), and also publishes a folder with a set of pictures where this gigantic Swimming Pool is included. To this is later added a flier he published, describing each photo (Flyer 550).

While in USA Ditlieb Felderer delivers lectures on Exterminationism, where mention of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is made of. The Swimming Pool matter also gets into the radio. See below.
THE BIRTH OF THE DEATH BY SPERM DOCTRINE AND REVIVAL OF STEFAN SZENDE’S DEATH BY SWIMMING POOL DOCTRINE. On 23 September 1982, Ditlieb Felderer is on a talk show with the Jew Merle Pollis in Cleveland, Ohio, where Ditlieb Felderer mentions about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. The talk show can be found on cassette tapes 8000 and 8050. One Jewish Survival testimony woman calling in seems to suggest the Swimming Pool was used for killing, something which Stefan Szende had claimed already in 1944 about Belzec, also located in Poland.
Thus Stefan Szende’s Death by Swimming Pool Doctrine gets revived after being dormant for some time. And so the Death by Swimming Pool Doctrine that Stefan Szende originally launched gets a revival treatment with a new twist to it. This may be the first time the American people ever heard of there being a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz. It came as a chock to all believers of Exterminationism, whose Cultists found it hostile to their Survivor Witness Testimony Doctrine. They felt emotional testimony of survivors was the essence here, not Documents or Materal Evidences. The talk show was then put onto cassette tapes which carried number 8000 and 8050 for historians and investigators to use.
EXECUTION BY SPERM DOCTRINE. But now, the self-claimed woman survivor at the Merle Pollis talk show on 23 September 1982 gives birth to a beforehand never recorded Doctrine, the Execution By Sperm Doctrine. Along with drowning, the women testifies of some ‘’white stuff’’ being around there. This is now interpreted as the Nazis used sperm from the Martyrs, and/or the Jewish Sonderkommando to assassinate Martyrs at the Swimming Pool. As Germany gave compensation for any long hair which they recycled for various products, it has been suggested Jews voluntarily handed over their sperm to the Nazis for use. While others claim this was all a secret operation. Even the Nazis did not know about it.
And so the Execution By Sperm Doctrine is born trying to explain the killing methods at Auschwitz and elsewhere. What the four million were killed with was sperm, not Zyklon B. This is why no residues of Zyklon B can be found at the Holy Shrines of Crematories 1, 2, and 3. Hence the objection that no Zyklon B of note is found at the Holy Shrines Crematories 1, 2, and 3 explains why the Fred Leuchter report could not find traces of it. If a tiny amount could be found of Zyklon B it was used for regular Sanitation of Delousing. The Fred Leuchter report does not include any investigation and test for sperm. This sounds extremely close to the Rabbi Jose gas incident of thieves getting gassed along with crew members on distant ships at sea as noted in Talmudic writing. Consult such as: RH 517, 639, 846.
The Death By Sperm Doctrine, however; may just be a way to get out of the dilemma that the Jew Paul Warburg and other Jews were busy in selling it, as focused interest was made on the production and sale of the poison. The Jew Philipp Auerbach was in charge of Zyklon B at Auschwitz, Birkenau, and elsewhere.
Thus the Jews were not responsible for its use, for the real killing agent was Sperm. Sperm was the killer. Nor Zyklon B. Warburg was one of the initiators of Federal Reserve Bank to make it go and supposedly sold Zyklon B to USA. And in this way, the Jews could now get out of the responsibility for having sold Zyklon B and for handling it at Auschwitz and elsewhere.
The date of 23 September 1982 is unique and should be put into your calendar. It was the birth from the womb of the Execution By Sperm Doctrine and it happened at Cleveland, Ohio, USA. For the first time sperm becomes the real death weapon, the Smoking Gun. Very rarely do we have accurate dates of the origins of Exterminationist Doctrines.
Another Doctrine we have exact date on is the New York Times and their Grotesque Auschwitz Swimming Pool Doctrine. But this Doctrine was not original and only a rehash of older Doctrines. It was in line with already circulating Doctrines as Burn Doctrine, Death At Once Doctrine, No Water Doctrine. The Execution By Sperm Doctrine was novel. Never before on record had any made such a claim. Once again Exterminationists got wind on their wings as they happily flew away with their latest discovery. The inmates got killed by Sperm! Making Pension demands even more grotesque than they already were.
Finding out at Holy Shrine One about the four fake crematory ovens, the fake chimney, the four fake lids on top of roof, and fake Corpse Door and Peephole at Auschwitz Holy Shrine One, the fake rails of Holy Shrine One; Ditlieb Felderer, now begins to investigate Birkenau, called Brzezinka in Polish which is located outside Auschwitz. He takes the Swimming Pool at Auschwitz as example that the Germans wanted fit and healthy people, all going against such preached Doctrines as Death By Thirst Doctrine, Death at Once Doctrine, Dog Doctrine, Kitchen Doctrine, No Water Doctrine, No Sport Doctrine, No Leisure Doctrine, Work Till Death Doctrine, Ramp Doctrine, Selection Doctrine, Starve Doctrine,Three Month Doctrine, and other cherished Creeds, religiously preached by the Exterminationist Cult.

It was also important to investigate the Holy Shrine Two, Crematory 2 Fake Holes Doctrine. To determine the facts about these openings, and, if shown to be fakes, to determine when they were made, and who was responsible in making them. The claim had sprung up like a Hydra head, not the least by the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials, that Crematory 2 had four (sometimes 2) openings on the roof of the Morgue into which was poured Zyklon B, and now Sperm, by the Jewish Sonderkommando and their helpers. The color white is given as the killing agent, but Zyklon B is not white. It is bluish, not white. So maybe it was Sperms after all?

In discussing the matter over with Jan Urbaniak and the farmers, it was determined these holes were made some time after Germans left and evidently Jan Urbaniak was involved with the hoax. He felt it was not a hoax, and what was done was to create those openings, which according to testimonies existed. In other words, when a witness claims there was a chimney at a place but there never was, one has to put one there as the witness testified under oath that there was a chimney there.
When Jan Urbaniak was asked if Franciszek Piper had something to do with chiseling the holes out, Jan Urbaniak would neither affirm or deny. Apparently they were also made to illustrate movies of the fact of Birkenau being an Extermination Camp. Evidently it was but a continuation of the Hollywood creation run by Stalinists for Stalinism. Bierkenau was felt necessary to keep the lid on the ever so living and present Katyn Massacres which every Pole blamed Stalin for, and not the Germans. And then there was that hoped for money from West Germany, UNESCO, and others. As we have already mentioned Jan Urbaniak was extremely vague on ‘’gassing’’ at Birkenau. To him the gassings happened in Capitalist West. Here was a sceptic, and he was the guard of Birkenau.
JEAN-CLAUDE PRESSAC JOINS THE FRY. In the meantime a certain person gets interested with the discoveries made by Ditlieb Felderer. Request for material and photos are asked for. Ditlieb Felderer later finds out that the person was Jean-Claude Pressac. Ditlieb Felderer hands over material such as his Auschwitz Exit and photos. When he finds out the person is a chemist, Felderer, rejoices hoping this is the time for chemical analysis of the material he took with him from the Camps. Instead he finds out, Pressac, has no interest in this. Around this time Pressac, who, apparently was in some money problem, got in contact with the French Synagogues which now step in to financially help him with their Chutzpah and other necessary Synagogue tools for verbal and political domination. The two faced dichotomy in the art of Chutzpah, Sperm or otherwise, was going to get vibrated to full climax.

Jean-Claude Pressac was now becoming the Dildo for the survival of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. It is evident Pressac, who at Auschwitz apparently housed himself in the then, new active Brothel , that, he was not keen on walking and being a good standard chemist hated of course to get his fingers dirty. And so most of the time was spent either vibrating at the new Auschwitz Brothel, or in the Archives of Auschwitz Museum, which was located at the former Auschwitz Brothel, Block 24; where he was helped to his climatic findings by Tadeusz Iwasko who was then head of the archives at Auschwitz Vomitorium. Pressac thus became literally double-brotheled. As it was very cold at Auschwitz at that time, presence of a good warm woman would help to bring Pressac’s ‘’discoveries’’ for Exterminationism to fruitage. Maybe he would find some evidence for the Execution By Sperm Doctrine by means of sperm residues at the center, to fulfill his chemist urge. Money was not lacking as the political arms of the Synagogues were going to pay him from taxpayers money.

Pressac made himself out as a firm believer in Survivors’ testimonies to entertain his banal mind and substitute the necessity of getting fingers and shoes dirty. While at the Auschwitz Vomitorium, he built up a huge expense which evidently the Synagogues gladly paid for, seeing they in any case got the money from the public. Watching some of the photos in his book one sees the Swimming Pool while forgetting to include Auschwitz as a 10 Star Hotel and resort area. The area is covered by white snow. Or could it be sperm? A final proof of the Execution By Sperm Doctrine?

Without perhaps noticing it, Pressac, launched Auschwitz as a 10 Star Hotel by his trying to deny Revisionist findings. He now becomes the first one to admit it was a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz, something which the Auschwitz administration never had denied, but which the ‘’Free World’’ considered ‘’grotesque’’. The ‘’grotesque swimming pool ‘’, and for which people were jailed for in stating, was now becoming the most normal thing of German Concentration Camps. In fact, the Auschwitz Vomitorium even had some maps showing the Swimming Pool by name. But not missing out of his lucrative Synagogue state pay, Jean-Claude Pressac, said it was used for firefighting, as a water tank, and by SS.
Hence, the Nazis now had an Olympic Swimming Pool at their disposal right INSIDE the Camp. Conclusion: Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, not even a concentration camp. Wow! That means it was more than a 10 Star Hotel at least for the Germans. It was in fact a resort area for the SS and their Jewish and Aryan collaborators who could leisurely enjoy their swims while attended to with delicious food from the huge Auschwitz Kitchen. And of course attended by the Prostitutes operating at Block 24 not so far away, and elsewhere.

Thus Jean-Claude Pressac in a short moment destroys what there is of the No Water Doctrine, Naked Doctrine, Starve Doctrine, and other cherished and essential Doctrines for the yarn to stick onto the Exterminationist Wailing Wall like mud on a brick wall. For the yarns and their accompanying Doctrines went for a long time that all was done to ‘’starve’’ the Martyrs before arrival, and once there, there was no water available. But here was a huge 6 by 25 meter Swimming Pool, or tank, available at least for the Germans and their faithful collaborators as Sicarii Genocide Ethnic Cleansing necrophiliac, Filip Muller, who was so fortunate he could gaze at all the naked women inside the ‘’gas chamber’’ while poking his nose into vaginas as he himself so faithfully records in his book (page 217 of the German edition).

And having firemen ready on the spot to quench any fire was at odds with No Safety Doctrine. That Germans did all to get rid of the occupants as soon as possible. Fire Department, and an extensive one at that, would rather show concern for the Martyrs, something which Stalin had religiously hammered in wasn’t there. Hitler used Auschwitz for slavery and death. Little reason why Pressac was now looked upon as some kind of a Revisionist mole who had infiltrated the camps of the Holocaust Commercial Cult, namely Exterminationism. Which 10 Star Hotel has today an independent fire squad at immediate disposal and ready to battle any fire? They all have to go through the official channel which take time in usefully operating.
And here was now the fact of plenty of water, at least for the SS and their trusting Jewish Collaborators. And did the firemen quench their thirst for their hard work, or was that also staged by just tossing them into the very pool they got their water to stop the fire? There to get drowned? A much more easier way of death than having to walk through a thick concrete wall at the Auschwitz alleged Gas Chamber, Holy Shrine One. Or having Sperms tossed onto their heads. By this time we have to agree, Stefan Szende Death by Water Tank Doctrine seems a lot more believable.
JEAN-CLAUDE PRESSAC LAUNCHES HIS AUSCHWITZ SWIMMING POOL ONLY FOR SS DOCTRINE. This claim was actually first launched by Ditlieb Felderer, but was then put up as interjection to Franciszek Piper. That the Auschwitz Swimming Pool was used for the SS, to which he answered no. It now becomes as a fact to Jean-Claude Pressac who no doubt was asked to come up with an answer and so uses Ditlieb Felderer’s question to get nasty doubts eradicated like lice. Before we move on, let us dissect part of Pressac here.
He claims that such a pool has no value to the negative of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. By claiming this Pressac is in fact making Auschwitz into more than a 10 Star Hotel, a resort area for the SS and their faithful Jewish collaborators, who none has been charged. So how does this harmonize with Auschwitz being the place of 4 million dead which was then preached by the Stalinist influenced officials who were bound to keep onto the original Doctrines? More than a 10 Star Resort for SS and their Jewish collaborators, where Jews and Aryans joined in to enjoy themselves!

Let us again dissect Pressac as he tries his best to sell his Exterminationist mythopoesia to The New World for consumption. He states: The presence of a swimming pool has no value as negative evidence against the gassings at Birkenau.
Pressac is being deceptive here. By switching the killing place to Birkenau he denies the fact that Auschwitz with its Holy Shrine One was the place for the four million dead. And as we have shown, Birkenau is no better off as a killing place than Auschwitz. When Pressac wrote this, there were farmers still alive who tendered to Birkenau and none of them could testify of any such thing although they were there every day. If it so pontificically was preached Holy Shrine One was the killing place, and all this is wrong, why should we now accept anything different with Birkenau?
And such a presence of a swimming pool does have tremendous value for historical investigation and forensic research. And that for many reasons. Remember Stefan Szende claimed that at Belzec, highly sophisticated killing methods took place by means of a type of a swimming pool tank. Could not the Auschwitz Swimming Pool be an extension of that project of killing, the Final Solution? So it behooves us to examine the Auschwitz Swimming Pool to see whether Stefan Szende, the originator of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult was dealing with facts or myths when he on Gospel Truth claims, stated that at Belzec Germans massacred millions in some form of a swimming pool tank.

Evidently also, Jean-Claude Pressac and his purloiner, Robert Jan van Pelt, were missing and would have helped Stalin out. Far from Stalin hiding the Auschwitz Swimming Pool and keep it secret, he should have openly displayed it, telling that the SS and their Jewish and Aryan collaborators were using it for their own enjoyment even if it wrecked the whole of Stalin’s mysterium tremendum Exterminationism.
Next Stalin could invent that at Katyn the Poles were not shot at his orders, but that the Poles shot themselves, all enjoying it and no one complaining. But Stalin would not have any of that kind. He was out to win, not to become yet another political loser, and the resulting reality of the Cult of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, shows he was right. As Abraham Lincoln stated you can make people believe anything if you have the Chutzpah to do it.

Certainly the first Director of the Auschwitz Vomitorium, Tadeusz Wasowicz, and his friends felt it to be of tremendous negative value because he did all what he could to hide it. So if you were a Pilgrim to Stalin’s Holy Shrine and there at Auschwitz Vomitorium, you wouldn’t get to it. The guardians of the gate would make you go back unless you were brave enough and ready to be jailed or sent to the Gulags.
As Swimming Pools of this nature were new in Poland, and also in Russia for that, most of them wouldn’t know what to do with it, but there was always that risk there, so the diving boards got removed too. And indeed, Wasowicz felt it so important he didn’t even write about it saying it was a water tank for firemen. For wasn’t that Hitler’s purpose? Kill people as quick as he could, by thirst, starvation, and even fire? So firefighting was out of the question. This was a place for killing. How it was done didn’t matter. Stalin had ordered so with his Soviet War Crimes Commission.

The Bible shows the Chosen People of Tribal God Jehovah to be experts in burning down places. The art of arson making. Nothing was too sacred. Nothing was spared. In fact, the origin of Jerusalem, from Jehovah perspectives, was, that the Jews put Jerusalem to the fire (Judges 1:8). Men, women, children, animals, all got conflagrated in a huge Dresden and Hamburg fire ball. The allies had taken over the role of burning Jerusalem down by Carpet Bombing Germany. Not surprisingly, that task of Carpet Bombing went to the son of an Indian Civil Servant who was accused of helping massacring Indians and treating them worst than slaves, Arthur Travers Harris, a vanity hungry War Criminal, ever thirsting for Royal and State titles, much like Holocaust Denier,Richard Evans, who finally got Knighted for his payaso performance at the David Irving silly trial against Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt. It is interesting to see how many of these War Criminals and supporters of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, had some involvement by causing Holocausts in foreign lands.

The Extermination myth with its Cult of mysterious tremendum would never have seen the light of day had any mention been made of there being a Swimming Pool INSIDE the ‘’extermination camp’’ either it was used by the German SS and their Jewish and Aryan collaborators, or intended for the inmates and used by the inmates. Any swimming pool was a novelty in those days. The world had never seen anything like it for it lacked the technical means to maintain hygienic conditions and easy water supply in huge tanks as a Swimming Pool does. Basically it is nothing but a huge tank of water which then has been modified for crowd use. Also, less than 1% of the world’s population in those days knew how to swim. Only the word SWIM was electrifying. It was something extraordinary to know a person who knew how to swim. At Auschwitz they were looked at with awe and respect, either they were Jews or Aryans.
Big water tanks were a novelty in many places. Ditlieb Felderer can still remember that water was fetched from wells at various locations when he came to Sweden. With each swimming pool there are sanitation problems to consider. Urine in the water is one of them, especially with crowds of kids using the pool.
And let us not forget here how Stalin did his best to hide the largest building inside the camp. The huge kitchen with its 12 chimneys and air vents from which the whole area permeated with delicious aromas so that people of the Auschwitz town could still remember it years after. Stalin now got it painted over in black in an Orwellian, pig Napoleon way. Napoleon who was always so ready with his friendly other pigs to get things done using the best secret moments. And oh, yes, if you asked about that building you were told it was of no importance, and a place used to put garbage into.

The Germans by constructing their High Water Tank , or, Water Tower, ensured that a steady stream of water was now available in the Camp and before the connections to the Swimming Pool was made, there was Hydrant connection to fight fires. All the Blocks have flowing Tap Water (Leitungswasser).
Inside the Kitchen modern Flush Toilets are installed, as in the Blocks. These later became wash basins by Stalin’s troops who did not know what they were. That was more important than a Swimming Pool. Once the Hydrant (German also ‘’Hydrant’’), was functioning, the Swimming Pool came next ensuing a steady flow of water to the pool. Think of all the backs the Germans saved by that! Or, the inmates would have had to carry buckets of water to it, and the Shower Heads could not be used, but pool users had to shower themselves with buckets of water. Even if we have come this far, the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is light years ahead of Crematory 1, Holy Shrine One, where Jewish Sonderkommando helped in murdering 4 million people, most Jews; his own kin.
And for being so brave in killing their own, we were told the Jewish Sonderkommando got women’s underwear, alcohol, condoms, tobacco, and a whole of other goodies.
And inside the pontificated Stalin ‘’gas chamber’’, Holy Shrine One, Stalin removed the toilets which had to use flush water to function. Why did Stalin remove them? Did flush toilets somehow not fit in with Stalin’s doctrine of a ‘’gas chamber’’?
And how can an ‘’expert’’ on the ‘’Holocaust’’, and an architect at that, scatterbrained Robert Jan Van Pelt, the con man and Torpedo, set in to aid Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, not consider for a moment: Why have flush toilets inside Holy Shrine One and the camp not have hydrant? At one moment they say the Germans were super smart. Next moment they take it all away from them.

We just mentioned Shower Heads. Yes at the Swimming Pool such were found. The height of idiotism enters here. The shower heads are never mentioned, mainly because neither Jean-Claude Pressac, nor his purloiner, Robert Jan van Pelt, ever inspected the place though making show of it. And because of their majestic ignorance they spout out that Auschwitz had no Hydrant thereby making goofballs of themselves! Why would the Germans have a Swimming Pool? Why would they have running water in the taps? Why would they have Shower Heads? But no Hydrant! Their abysmal ignorance is both pathetic and typical of a Cult based on mysterious tremendum religion. This is religious quackery. Garbage in, garbage out.
This garbage is peddled out in a supposed modern age and here is the proof right before you from Exterminationists’ own mouths.
And let us not forget one thing here. Robert Jan Van Pelt is supposed to be an architect. That a chemist can not see it and get things straight is perhaps excusable. But an architect? Teaching at university. How can you be an architect not even realizing such things even if you never spent a serious second at the place? Aren’t such things basic knowledge of being an architect? That brings up the question: How did this clown get his architecture degree? Did Stalin’s friends hand it to him? Something like Jerzy Buzek who first realized Auschwitz Vomitorium was a fake when we pointed out to him nothing can work there the way Stalin fabricated the place. The faked Corpse Door can’t work, the huge chimney can’t. Neither the ovens inside. Nor the lids on top of the roof. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Maybe we should not be so surprised. After all, these clowns tell us that ovens can cremate without proper heat channel to a chimney. They never told us about the Crematory 1 chimney of Holy Shrine 1. That it is a total fake. Just a pile of bricks made to stand up like an erect penis. For that reason the huge chimney is also called the Auschwitz Penis by Polish youth and others.
After realizing the total ignorance of Jean-Claude Pressac and Robert Jan Van Pelt, we are forced to ask the question: ‘’Was Jean-Claude-Pressac and Robert Jan Van Pelt ever at Auschwitz’’? Robert Faurisson seems to think so. Ditlieb Felderer claims it probable. But most of the information was already there from the works of Ditlieb Felderer and Robert Faurisson. Pressac contributed nothing new. Neither did ‘’architect’’ Robert Jan Van Pelt. They just accommodated the Doctrines to be in line with warding off Revisionist attacks.
And Pressac, by a brief visit, or letter, could have gotten the other material from Auschwitz Vomitorium. This place was not allowed a photocopier for fear of ‘’anti-Communist activities’’, and so everything was photographed. He just could not go there and ask for photocopies. That means, the material Pressac got were photographs not photocopies. And these took time to make, and even more time to get. Such must have been approved by Director Kazimierz Smolen, who in turn had to get permission from the Communist leadership at Warsaw and Czeslaw Pilichowski.
That is, if Pressac’s claimed contact, Tadeusz Iwaszko, did not somehow do this on his own in helping Pressac. If so, he was in real trouble. And the waves caused by this, after Pressac’s publication would not have put Iwaszko on a good line with the Communist Party machinery who were in fear of just such free handed activities. That is, that one cannot be sure of what caused the death of Iwaszko, supposedly on December 2, 1988, at Legnicia in a car accident. It could have been either suicide, stage caused by Polish Secret Police, or an unfortunate accident. We don’t know.
Suffice is to say, Pressac, if at Auschwitz, spent most of his time inside the former Brothels at Auschwitz . He spent no, or little time elsewhere. Even inside the Auschwitz Camp. Or he would have seen Hydrant there. That is, unless he was just making up a lie, hoping no one will catch it. The Auschwitz No Hydrant Doctrine is alive even to this day. So some success for the Exterminationist cause was certainly obtained by using this yarn.
The presence at Auschwitz claim is even weaker for Robert Jan Van Pelt, which we shall go into more. There we have no Iwaszko to back him up, and he is totally dependent on Pressac and hysterical, emotional, extortionists of alleged ‘’Survivors’’. The material seems concocted together by the Simon Wiesenthal manipulating gang.

This now is what Jean-Claude Pressac says of the SS using the Swimming Pool for themselves: I am convinced that it was reserved for the SS.

This was published in 1989. And we are not including the use also by the Jewish and Aryan Nazi collaborators here which is a massive can of worms in itself. In other words, Revisionists knew about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool more than ten years before the Exterminationists barely got to know there was a Swimming Pool, and the Exterminationists then start off by claiming it was reserved for the SS. That should be reason enough to link up with Revisionism if you want to stay abreast with facts. Think of the irony here. First we are told Auschwitz was a super secret place intended for the Final Solution and eradication of Jews. The Auschwitz Mysterium Tremendum Doctrine, the Secret Doctrine, etc.

Four million are to have perished there, perhaps by a swimming pool tank, as to Stefan Szende, or in a building claimed to be a ‘’gas chamber’’, Holy Shrine 1. An here, at this place, the Nazis managed to construct an Olympic Swimming Pool which place was intended to kill people as rapidly as possible. At least Pressac and his purloiner, Robert Jan Van Pelt, would had to admit the place was a super 10 star resort area for the SS for which other place had such luxurious constructions then, on the whole planet earth? The whole start of beginning to make public Swimming Pools in Western Europe had just begun.
So now these Apologetics of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, inform a startling world that Auschwitz was after all NOT an ‘’extermination camp’’ but a 10 star resort place for German SS and their Jewish and Aryan collaborators. Or, how do they want it? They haven’t even prepared themselves on Doublethink for this one. Where does that leave Stalin? Hitler couldn’t build a ‘’gas chamber’’ but he could build a Swimming Pool. Hitler couldn’t built a ‘’gas chamber’’ so Stalin built it for him!

We are also told by Jean-Claude Pressac in 1989, that there was a low diving board and a high diving board, purloining the information from Ditlieb Felderer.This increases the ten star Auschwitz rehab camp to the most modern sport resort place in the whole of Poland at this time. And no Scandinavian place equal to Auschwitz existed. Not even in Germany! Not on the whole planet earth!

Now, why were we not told of this from the beginning? That Auschwitz was not only a place to kill mostly Jews but also a 10 star sport resort for the SS? Hence a combination sport and extermination camp. Makes sense? Evidently so for the Cultists of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult.

Vow! Here Pressac is destroying the very thesis he was set out to prove. Let’s face it: these two Doctrines don’t get together and little wonder why it is getting discarded and why Pressac got viewed as a mole and potential enemy by the Jewish Lobby. Give me the old time Religion: the Execution By Sperm Doctrine sounds a lot more convincing.
Pressac contradicts himself in the next sentence by picking up the information he again purloined from Ditlieb Felderer, of the SS sporting together with the Jewish Sonderkommando. Why were the SS not sporting with them at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool? Holding each other under the water to see who could last the longest? Under the water. It is interesting to see in this respect how people have purloined Ditlieb Felderer to then make it out the origin came from the purloiner.
And why did Pressac not think of the irony here. The Jewish Sonderkommando leisurely playing game together with the Germans as if nothing happened? As if nothing was going on? And perhaps that is the real answer. There were no gassings going on and all such was part of Stalin’s game to distract the world and his Katyn Massacres. Or as Urbaniak told Ditlieb Felderer until he discovered the silliness of it all. ‘’Why didn’t the prisoners at Birkenau notice all those people going into the gas chamber, and why didn’t the prisoners suspect something?’’ Urbaniak’s answer was: ‘’Well, you see they were distracting the victims by playing football. So the prisoners were fooled and didn’t expect anything’’. ‘’Oh!’’ Felderer answered, ‘’But I just read in an official book I bought at the Museum, the reason why prisoners did not know and expect anything going on was because the gassings took place in the middle of night’’. ‘’If it was in the middle of the night it happened’’ Ditlieb Felderer asked Urbaniak, ‘’How did they see the football, and how could this quieten things down? It was pitch dark!’’ Curtain down. Suddenly Urbaniak discovered the utter nonsense of it all, and begun shifting the blame on Capitalist West. It was there were these things happened.

Thus Jean-Claude Pressac turns Auschwitz, not into an extermination camp but a leisure resort, modern, high-class luxury hotel for the SS. Let us be conservative here and give the place 10 stars. But is that enough? Which place then, in 1944, could say it had an Olympic Swimming Pool inside it. Did the American Concentration Camps have such a Swimming Pool? Do the Israelis have any such Swimming Pool for their Palestinians heroical victims?

Moreover, by admitting there was a Swimming Pool there at Auschwitz, Pressac had to face the fact that health concern; by using sport activity was the essence here. Hardly harmonious with the Starve Doctrine and Death At Once Doctrine, even if we were to say only SS used the Swimming Pool. And didn’t Hitler prepare to build a Swimming Pool in town of Auschwitz? In fact, wasn’t he building it?
Furthermore, it was claimed that the Jewish Sonderkommando conducted sport by doing their sporty bicycling inside the Gas Chamber in order to keep fit (Nurnberger Nachrichten, 11 September 1978:15). At least here, Exterminationists, will have to admit keeping fit and healthy was part of the Hitlarian daily life. Ditlieb Felderer took with him his bicycle from Sweden to try out this Special Service provided by Hitler for the Jewish Sonderkommando to keep fit. How such men wanting to keep fit for visit to the Brothel could be Martyrs, only Chutzpah can explain.

But the embarrassment that Jean-Claude Pressac brought forth does not end here. The Auschwitz Swimming Pool was reserved only for the SS! Aha! Really? But were not the Jewish Sonderkommando as Filip Muller linked in with the German SS? All the Kapos? All the desk writers as Hermann Langbein, Kazimiers Smolen, etc.? And what about Szymanski; Tadeusz Wasowicz, the first Auschwitz Vomitorium director? Jerzy Brandhuber, Otto Frank, and so many more?
Did not Pressac also mention the Jewish Sonderkommando played jointly with the SS? So in fact, did not all these also join in with the fun? The SS were joined in with their collaborators, all frolicking around in an Olympic Swimming Pool, all to the enjoyment of visitors and those looking through the windows of the various Blocks! Vow!!!

And here is yet another interesting point of the Exterminationist mysterium tremendum which we shall deal more on. Why are we so often told of the Jews and Aryans of special selection also enjoyed these luxurious services? Why are their names never given? Those privileged special class? They are never mentioned because that would let the cat out of the bag. This special privileged class of Aryans and Jews were the VERY ONES set in to create the Exterminationist myth of mysterium tremendum. So there you have it. The very ones who created the Holocaust Commercial Cult were also the former Nazi collaborators of special class! Read more of this fascinating fact further on.

And think of this, Pressac is here opening cans of worms. If the Swimming Pool was only for SS, then the super huge modern Kitchen was reasonable only for the SS. And that brings in the dilemma of seeing only SS using the huge Kitchen, what use was there for all these Blocks which at the same times are claimed to be over-filled with sick people? They had no food. It was only used by the SS! So, in fact, that means the Blocks were empty of people for without food there were no people. But then, how at the same time are we told that Doctor Clauberg was attending to the Maternity at Block 10. There were no prisoners inside this Block. The SS and the Jewish and Polish doctors who helped had eaten up all the food. The babies had all starved to death. The Jews and Aryans had eaten up their food.

JEAN-CLAUDE PRESSAC OPENS THE CASE OF THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE JEWISH SONDERKOMMANDO IN THE KILLING OF 4 MILLION AT AUSCHWITZ The Serial Killing Sicarii Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Jewish Sonderkommando were a special privileged group who administrated and executed the killing of 4 million at Auschwitz, inside its claimed Crematory 1 Gas Chamber, Holy Shrine 1. Jean-Clauce Pressac mentions of these leisurely playing football against the German SS. Hence, by all means of that term, they collaborated with the Nazis. In fact, they were the once administrating the killing for which they got special privileges such as condoms, women’s underwear, whisky, tobacco, free Brothel sex, cinema visits, Circus show voyeurs, listening to the Jewish Orchestra, getting special food, entry to intellectual education activities, sport activities, etc. Very few of the German SS at Auschwitz knew about the killing. The Jewish Sonderkommando knew all.

Now, was the Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando also using the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool? Seeing their close ties to the SS, we think Pressac had to agree, the Jewish Sonderkommando also used that reserved place for their own enjoyment. We have no pictures of it. But perhaps one day, a picture will arrive where we see Jewish Sonderkommando, the necrophiliac Filip Muller jointly playing ball inside the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool together with Doctor Josef Mengele. And wouldn’t all this make an excellent Monty Python movie? The Jewish Sonderkommando, all shepherding the flock of 4 million for the killing (Zechariah 11:4). And when all is over, end up with huge pensions from West Germany, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and what have you.

WAS THE AUSCHWITZ HUGE KITCHEN THE REAL KILLING PLACE? Now, this in turn brings unwanted attention to that huge Kitchen, whe have spoken about, the most modern kitchen in the whole of Poland. It was light years ahead of its time with its Siemens equipment. It functioned. Not like the primitive, and alleged Auschwitz Gas Chamber where not even a little mouse could be cremated. Perhaps those 4 million Stalin claimed exterminated ended up in the soup bowls? As food for the SS, the Kapos, the Jewish and Polish doctors and all other collaborators as Brandhuber, Otto Frank, Filip Muller, Jan Sehn Smolen, Szymanski, Tadeusz Wasowicz, Ella Riener, and all the rest? Did Stalin hide and paint over the Kitchen to black because it would prove his new ideological mercenaries exterminated the 4 million inside this huge and most modern kitchen? Why is it that this most important building has been closed off all these years? Intentional? Pressac doesn’t even mention about this most suspicious case of foul play.

And if Swimming Pool was only for the SS so was the Gynecology Maternity at Block 10. It was only for the use of the SS. For their wives, housemaids, concubines, or what have you. And for the Jewish and Polish doctors. The Kapos. Those who played in the Jewish Orchestra. Those who played the Auschwitz Waltz. The Aryans. All those collaborators.

The Laundry was also only for the SS. So was the drinking water. And who did the firefighting? The SS of course as there were no prisoners there to help out. In fact, we are at the same time told the prisoners were all so weak they couldn’t even lift a pencil. So it must be the German SS who did the firefighting.

If we drive this to the extreme, we end up with that only the SS were used to build Auschwitz and Birkenau. What does this do to the Work To Death Doctrine? Where mythomaniacs rage in outbidding their next in telling labor horror stories? The Starve Doctrine? Mengele Doctrine? Instead of helping Exterminationism out, Jean-Claude Pressac destroys its very foundation while throwing up numerous additional questions, all contradicting those already told. Little wonder why Exterminationists abandoned Pressac from the very start. Before he came out with his declaring Exterminationism a hoax. Jean-Claude Pressac had made himself into a persona non grata. That was, before he capitulated to Revisionism.

One wonders here why Jean-Claude Pressac did not stick with Ditlieb Felderer, the person who gave him so much information? It was for money. With it he could to go to Auschwitz for his short visit and stay warm and cozy inside the new Auschwitz brothel. Men like Jean-Claude Pressac and Robert Jan van Pelt, apologetics for Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, work like parasites. Thrive on the host who have sucked them in for corporative use, for next to be sucked by those whom they have enlisted. Both these mercenaries lived well on the host until they abandoned the ship as it was evident they became the talking clowns of the town.
Furthermore; the Auschwitz Swimming Pool was located at the Birch Alley which sick inmates used for rehabilitation. And there were Blocks facing the Swimming Pool. Why would the Germans be so stupid to use the Swimming Pool only for themselves when they were surrounded by goggling inmates full of envy for letting them out of the fun? And who aren’t supposed to even have been there as they had all been starved to death, or too weak to go. Yet being treated by Jewish and Polish doctors who had only on thought in mind, not to gas them, but to cure them! Here were yet some more reasons for Exterminationists to abandon their Defender of the Faith, and this they did.
Also, as must never be forgotten and reminded over and over again; the German SS had the full cooperation of the Kapos, the Jewish Sonderkommando, the Polish and Jewish Doctors. Jerzy Adam Brandhuber was there. So was Kazimiersz Smolen who later became Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium in 1955. So was Tadeusz Wasowicz, the first Director. So was Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank. So was Tadeusz Szymanski whose life was spared by German SS doctors and who landed up in being cured inside the German SS hospital with all its many windows just by the alleged Gas Chamber. Yet, he, like all the rest had never seen, heard, or smelt anything resembling death. So was Hermann Langbein, one of the head Kapos and responsible bookkeeper. So was the Jewish Sonderkommando, self-claimed necrophiliac, Filip Muller. Did they also join in in the fun at the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool? If not, why not? They were all there at the inauguration of the Swimming Pool.
The sides of the Blocks facing the Auschwitz Swimming Pool had windows making it possible for sick patients and Maternity Block 10 to look out at the swimmers and people attending to the Auschwitz Swimming Pool and those walking in the Birch Alley (Birken Allee). Thus they could see any of their friends participating either as spectators or swimmers themselves. Ditlieb Felderer has many a time sat down at the Birch Alley and wondered over the beauty, serenity, bird life, and incredible feel of vitality of the place.
Jean-Claude Pressac nicely demolishes the No Water Doctrine which claims Auschwitz had no, or little water, and people dying of thirst, some even before getting there. Here they had even a huge Swimming Pool at their disposal and pleasure. But of course, the water was only used for the SS. At least here the Exterminationists have not come up with the claim the water was contaminated or they lose out on the singular use of the Swimming Pool only for the SS. OK. Let’s not forget some of the tales go that the Aryans also joined in with the fun.
Still, we must not forget the Jewish Sonderkommando, Kapos, and all the rest. The Exclusion of the Jews being involved here is simply because authors like Jean-Claude Pressac and Robert Jan van Pelt were paid by them and evidently Pelt’s book was for most, or in part, ghost written by the Simon Wiesenthal gang. They Jewish Kapos who were in on the swim were also those men who had gotten huge reparations with pensions for being victims, not perpetrators. All those testifying at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Witch Show Trials were the privileged class, the Kapos, the inner circle, all Nazi Collaborators who now switched side when they saw where money was to be had for free. They now became ‘’victims’’ not the perpetrators.
As as we delve into Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, also called Caustology, we find that all were victims making one wonder who then managed to get all those four million of Auschwitz executed. As there are no perpetrators. Even Filip Muller, a self-confessed necrophiliac, turns out a victim, not a perpetrator and ends up with being secretly brought from Communist DDR to West Germany, and settles down with a huge pension, all expenses paid, and a plush home!
During all this time Bible bogus Israel is repeatedly asked to try and match Auschwitz conveniences, more higher than a 10 star hotel, for its Concentration Camps putting their Palestine Amalekites and Philisties into them. Seeing they get billions from American tax payers one would think some of that could be used in helping improve their image to the rest of the world looking at them as a rouge state because of their handling Human Rights with War Crimes. Which Israeli Concentration Camp has a Swimming Pool for its prisoners? None of course.
Bible bogus Israel is also asked to match the Auschwitz Kitchen, the largest building inside the Auschwitz Camp. Which Israel Concentration Camp has such a huge kitchen?
And so what happened? In declaring the Good News of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, the Synagogue in Stockholm, then headed by the fanatic Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, decides on several terrorist attacks against Peace Activator, Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife, both of whom they almost killed. Felderer now gets threatening bomb calls and mail, house door completely destroyed, attempts to arson, and hit over the head by an iron bar by sympathizers of the fanatic Rabbi. The Swedish authorities refuse to investigate the terror acts on grounds of needed friendly relationship with Israel.
Being determined to tell the Good News, Good News declarer Ditlieb Felderer is now put into Concentration Camp for torture in Sweden, and scheduled for several Kangaroo Court cases. He is mishandled there during 1982 to 1983. And again in l994.
No charges were put against Ditlieb Felderer, which were all made up later in a Star Chamber Court way by Sweden state prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson, who was aiming for the big job of becoming Sweden’s new principal, State Prosecutor. A notorious Thug and a Mafia mobster if there ever was one set in to protect the drug and military industry.
In 1982 Ditlieb Felderer had been in USA declaring the Good News six million Jews did not die, and showing evidence of the fake Auschwitz Gas Chamber and the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool. The State Prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson, later got indirectly messed into a nasty narcotic deals affair resulting in various deaths and murder cases. Some claim this scandal begun before he put Ditlieb Felderer under torture in Concentration Camp, and that his case against Felderer was just another of his cover ups. The end result was the shooting to death of Olof Palme on 28 February 1986, which is still not cleared up today, much less investigated, as the leads go to embarrassing sources. Olof Palme, while outwardly soliciting for peace, secretly was busy in selling Swedish arms. He also got messed in with a love affair with a Rothschild member.
Surrounding these Murder Incorporated cases was of course the every so willing drug supporters, the Anne Frank Drug Cult. This Cult, excusing the use of drugs, because Anne Frank used them, had great influence on Swedish children, resulting in that many went to drugs. Almost every Swede at that time knew of someone using drugs, dying from drugs, peddling drugs, or excusing drugs. Doctor Nils Bejerot sought to fight the ever increasing drug use and ended up with that his home was burned down in typical arson manner as related above.
While in exile, Peace Activator, Ditlieb Felderer, is called to help out Ernst Zundel whom Felderer had prior met in Sweden as Ernst Zundel became one of the recipients of the Good News that six million Jews did not die and the fake artifacts at Auschwitz Vomitorium along with its cosmic amount of hoaxes.
Ernst Zundel was living in Canada, where a group of former Nazi Collaborators and Kapos, got wise to that it was necessary here to cover up all traces of ones past crimes lest one should fall short of those fine pensions from West Germany, Austria, and god knows where else. And perhaps, even being found out as a Kapo activist or belonging to the Serial Killing Sicarii Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Jewish Sonderkommando who masterminded and run the whole gassing operations, such as Filip Muller.
Ernst Zundel now prepares to visually demonstrate ample proof to the court, showing the various fakes and incredible swindle sites all proving Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult a total fraud and a hoax. But at the last moment the Judge Hugh Locke refuses it. The Judge chickens out, and allows Ditlieb Felderer only brief verbal note. Such thing as a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz was too much for him and the jury to see. And especially the Canadian public.
While at the Show Trial the Prosecuto of Ernst Zundel, Peter Griffiths, shows a condom, and asks Ditlieb Felderer for details about it. Perhaps the Prosecutor had discovered evidence for the Execution By Sperm Doctrine at last?
Ditlieb Felderer as witness for Ernst Zundel verbally informs people in a Canadian, Toronto court, on 12 February 1985, about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, and thereby debunking the Auschwitz Vomitorium, including the Grotesque Auschwitz Swimming Pool Doctrine. Some newspapers mention of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool the following day.
Toronto Star of Canada mentioned Auschwitz Swimming Pool in a 13 February 1985 article.
Being denied the visual proof of the claimed Auschwitz Swimming Pool to exist there by Judge Hugh Locke, Felderer, is approached by Canada’s Globe and Mail, for allowance to publish a photo of it. Allowance given, the stunning photo is ripping the Exterminationists completely into doctrinal shreds with an ensuing pandemonium. It was published in Globe and Mail, 1 March 1985, page 7. Thus Globe and Mail of Canada became the FIRST publisher to show a photo of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool of any Establishment media.
Seeing their argument for Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, shaken to its very foundation, the Exterminationists now countered with that this couldn’t be so. The photo was a fake photo, faked by Ditlieb Felderer, and they tried their best to ignore it only to make their Exterminationist Cult look more and more suspicious. Up to then, none seem to have conjured up the idea of a water reservoir, seeing Exterminationists were telling inmates died of thirst and were put onto trains without water. Yes even naked! Finding a huge water reservoir hardly fitted into the No Water Doctrine they had created.
Nor could they conjure up the argument of a place for firefighters seeing their doctrine was that the Nazis didn’t care of the inmates and were only too happy if they died (No Safety Doctrine and No Fire Protection Doctrine). Talk of firefighters just didn’t fit in here either as that showed citizen safety project, and, concern of not only the place but also of the inmates. You can’t say shut the fire while at the same time put fire to it. One still had a trace of intelligence left seeing illogical thesis would destroy ones house of cards.
This was all eliminated, much to the thanks of Jean-Claude Pressac, who evidently had not put himself informed of the various Doctrinal claims. Or, how can one explain Pressac’s information of that there were firefighters operating at Auschwitz with the other Exterminationist claims? If he had been smart he would not have mentioned about them and so avoid opening up new can of worms. He was destroying, apparently without seeing it, one of the main Auschwitz Doctrines. That, that the Stalin Martyrs were sent there on a Satanic plan by Hitler, the Final Solution, to kill all Jews as soon as possible and as fast as possible. Drinking a lot of water from a tank like they were elephants, and teaching them to be firefighters and how to swim, hardly fits well in here. More of the Firefighter Doctrine later on.
Arson, by the way was commanded by the Jewish tribal God Jehovah who had Jerusalem, Jericho and other places burned down in their Genocide Ethnic Cleansing plan while Grang Raping the virgins.
Arson was also done with the Ernst Zundel home, as was done against the home of Ditlieb Felderer. The Swedish corrupt politicians know who stood behind this but because this Mafia team of mobster belong to them, they refuse to investigate the matter until now. A God who is ready to tell his Jews to plunder, steal, rape and kill, and then sends Ten Plagues upon those who resist, such a people and under such command is ready to do anything.
The Jews who joined the firefighting team must have been a pretty good lot at it for no fires of note occurred while Germans run the camp. That means the Jewish inmates could now spend more time at the Swimming Pool. The fires started when Stalin run the show. It started with the Auschwitz Gestapo building being burned down. Then down went the big Bathhhouse. Then came the modern hospitals at Birkenau and other buildings. The storage place Canada also got burned down, and that for good reasons as we have observed above. The old Birkenau Saunas and possible Brothel is burned down or simply removed.
NEW YORK TIMES BEGINS ITS ‘’NEW YORK TIMES GROTESQUE SWIMMING POOL DOCTRINE’’. During all this time the Stefan Szende Execution by Swimming Pool Doctrine was dormant. The New York Times dismissed the whole thing of a Swimming Pool as grotesque, and that was that. They knew it for they had the money where they could send their reporters to investigate. It seems highly probable however, that this ‘’grotesque’’ claim of a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz was written by John F Burns, the author, not at Auschwitz, but in his office in England.
The New York Times was viewed as a highly respected newspaper up to this time, and, which had the money to send their reporters around the world. The fake stories first got revealed with its writing about the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which Bush junior claimed were secretly kept by Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, and other scandalous fake writing. Nevertheless the New York Times writing on the grotesque Auschwitz Swimming Pool managed to sway the jury and public against Ernst Zundel. What he was telling was pure invention, and New York Times knows that. And now you know it. So shut your mouth. The people nodded at Ditlieb Felderer, there you are, with your non-existent Auschwitz Swimming Pool. The Grotesque Auschwitz Swimming Pool Doctrine is that to go by.
One can of course at this moment wonder why the Stefan Szende’s Execution By Swimming Pool Doctrine is not revived and bring it back to popularity by the Exterminationists? But Stalin chanced on the Auschwitz Gas Chamber Doctrine. Too much water could make the whole doctrinal structure sink into abysmal morass.
STARVE DOCTRINE AND KITCHEN DOCTRINE STOOD IN THE WAY OF STALIN One of Stalin’s main teaching, was, that Capitalism leads to starvation and the Capitalists use the workers only for their own good, and give a damn if the die. In fact, Capitalism aim to kill all workers once found no longer useful. That in turn means that Capitalists could have no Kitchen, especially so if the place concerned exterminating the workers through hard work, gas, or some other means.
And so Stalin obliterated the Auschwitz huge Kitchen, the largest building inside the Camp. It simply wasn’t there. Stalin could burn it down but seeing it was still used, and continued to be used, by the Soviets, who now liberated any Communist in good standing order, and now put in Trotskyites, Mensheviks, and any suspicious person, including clergy. Burning it down didn’t fit it. Once it became a so called ‘’Memorial Place of Fascism’’, that is Capitalism, Stalin had the building painted in black, and people were told the building was used for garbage. If you insisted in knowing different you stood good chance to land up in a Gulag. Up to this day the huge Kitchen is kept secret lest snoopy Pilgrims ask: What’s a Kitchen doing in an Extermination Camp? I thought they were going to be gassed to death at once and not be catered to like at McDonalds or Burger King. Ah we forget! This is a 10 star resort area and that means not even the best restaurants in the world have that today. Which hotel, or resort area has an Olympic Swimming Pool and with the largest building being separate is not the hotel but the kitchen? And at Auschwitz fresh food was brought in every day. How did the Germans manage to do all this?

Although Stalin went ballistic over his Starve Doctrine let us consider this for a moment. There was the largest building INSIDE the camp, its huge Kitchen with 12 chimneys. Hundreds of people were involved with working there, including bringing food to all the Blocks for the sick people. Here were plenty of people Stalin could use as witnesses for his Starve Doctrine. Who could testify about no food being made there, just used for euphemism purposes, an Emperor New Clothes show. And if food was served it was pittance. He would have endless of witnesses proving him right. Yet, Stalin did not use ONE witness working for the Kitchen and for his needed Starve Doctrine. Even admitting there was a Kitchen was dynamite against his Starve Doctrine, and he knew it. So he simply painted the building over to obscure it, also for photography purposes. It was no longer there. Problem solved. Making Stalin Martyrology Doctrine was at full swing. He soon would outdo everything the Cristians ever had in martyrs. Four million alone at Auschwitz!

Inside the Kitchen worked hundreds of workers. Stalin could have used any of these workers to corroborate his Exterminationism Doctrine in his case against Commandant Rudolf Hoss and others, but that wouldn’t do. For then it would be recorded Auschwitz DID HAVE a real and functional kitchen, a pretty big one at that, in fact the largest building inside the camp, having 12 chimneys with many vents and windows where everything could be seen.
And the same conspiracy line went on at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials. Not one of those self-proclaimed people at Auschwitz or Birkenau, appearing at the Show Trials had worked inside the kitchen. And at Birkenau there were numerous. And why not? Well they knew it would let the cat out of the bag that the farmers all around the area brought in food on daily basis. And seeing it was claimed that only the privileged were allowed working at the kitchen, that excluded them all to mention it even if they had worked there.
Then there was the risk of odor. The good smell that came out from the kitchens. That was also taboo to mention. Only the smell of burning corpses was accepted as the pure and unassailable truth. And what about all these kitchen workers? How come no one of them saw all these millions of people, at least a good part of the 4 million, being lead to the ‘’gas chamber’’ just up the street?
It is indeed significant that not one person from the Kitchen were used testifying to Exterminationism, what became the Holocaust Commercial Cult. Not even as witness for starvation! But it was Doctrine that mattered. Starve Doctrine and Kitchen Doctrine could not be played with or it would demolish Stalin’s intention to make Auschwitz over as a worst example of Capitalism. And make people forget about Katyn and other places.
When Ditlieb Felderer spoke to Jan Urbaniak, the guard of Birkenau, Urbaniak had to enlist the help of his wife, for Urbaniak was illiterate, so his wife had to read those articles Urbaniak pointed out. He would point to one ‘’evidence’’ after the other that people outside and inside Capitalism were all starving and slaved to death. Urbaniak simply could not see it otherwise. There was proof right there, as he repeatedly pointed to the newspaper articles with the help of his wife, and, which he felt corroborated the Slave Doctrine and Starve Doctrine. When asked about the Kitchens at Birkenau, Urbaniak got stuck. There were constant holes in Urbaniak’s reasoning, but somehow he managed to resolve it in his mind. Capitalism was evil and meant death. Communism came as Savior and rescued mankind from Slavery.
NO WORKERS WORKING INSIDE THE HUGE KITCHEN WERE USED BY STALIN FOR HIS STARVE OR STARVATION DOCTRINE. Seeing there were so many people working inside the huge Kitchen and attending to food, such as bringing food to the various Blocks with sick inmates, one would think Stalin here had plenty of people to testify to his Starve Doctrine. But alas! That would destroy his Starve Doctrine and so he prohibited any of them from testifying, and some who opposed all this were sent Gulag way.
ONCE A CATHOLIC ALWAYS A CATHOLIC? ONCE A PROTESTANT ALWAYS A PROTESTANT? Today on November 29, 2012, the following Holocaust Deniers still deny, or scoff off the existence of a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz:
■Laurence Rees. Google with its evidently feel Laurence Rees needs Special Treatment by protection and had Fahrenheited 451, Censored. Google is today the world’s largest Censorship organ and Book Burner, frequently manipulating searches by protecting certain Israeli prone ideologies that are in danger of being exposed. Its searches on vital historical issues are totally biased, bigoted and inadequate as any person can see trained in Index building.
■Richard Evans. This Holocaust Denier recently obtained Knighthood which means he is now fully occupied to gaze at the reward, making him forget all he ever knew about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.
■Robert Jan Van Pelt. A Cult member of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, and purloiner of Jean-Claude Pressac. Thus a huckster and con man in his own right. A literary mercenary who joined the team of ‘’specialists’’ on the ‘’Holocaust’’ in the silly David Irving libel suit. After Pressac he became the second Exterminationist to admit about the diving boards at Auschwitz. In a Canadian newspaper he is quoted as saying 99% of holocaust evidence is wrong. Consult Ditlieb Encyclopedia here.
■Peter Longerich. A German Cult member of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult and a literary mercenary who joined the team of ‘’specialists’’ on the ‘’Holocaust’’ in David Irving’s silly Libel Suit against Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt. He was the only one on the team who mastered German well, being born and brought up there. He was set in as a specialist also on Ditlieb Felderer, although he never once ever spoke to him. Nor did he ever speak to his Philippine wife. A State paid puppet, who like all the above, never spent one serious second looking at the material evidence of Auschwitz, all which glaringly prove Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult a hoax. Peter Longerich, Robert Jan Van Pelt, and Richard Evans are titled the Three Stooges of David Irving Trial. All still deny the Auschwitz Swimming Pool for inmate use, if for nothing else, then by their silence.
■Jean-Claude Pressac. Deceased. Pressac had obtained his information to large extent from Ditlieb Felderer and was THE FIRST establishment person in the West, admitting there was a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz. He was at that time nannied and paid by various Jewish lobbies in France, in a similar way which later happened with the new Cult Guru, Robert Jan van Pelt. His book under the cloak of supporting Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, takes much of the Info from Ditlieb Felderer. It was a stunning blow to the Cult who hated Material Evidence come into the limelight and wanted fabricated ‘’survival testimonies’’. On June 15, 1995, Pressac lets the cat out of the bag, stating all those Survivor Testimonies are fables and fakes, and totally untrustworthy, thus, joining Exterminationist Raul Hilberg to state so. By doing so, Jean-Claude Pressac virtually gave Exterminationism the death blow. Pressac was waiting for his pension to ‘’reveal’’ further flashes of truth but before doing so encumbered his prior death. Some believe he was assassinated. He became the third instance in the West to publish pictures of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool after Ditlieb Felderer and the Globe and Mail.
■BBC continues to deny the Auschwitz Swimming Pool and a strong contender as one of the world’s leading Holocaust Deniers. They frequently fabricate articles, which George Orwell discovered, who once worked for them. Google with its had Censored and had all documents destroyed.
National Georgraphic which has repeatedly ignored the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is supposed to have entered the fry by publishing photo. It has to be confirmed.
Establishment media reports that a relative of President Obama was involved with ‘’liberating’’ Auschwitz. This is strange, as he in such a case must have been a soldier in Stalin’s army. Nothing is said of this relative seeing the Swimming Pool, Brothel, Gas Chamber, Kitchen, Cinema, Library, Mail Office, Child Birth Block, Flower Garden, Theatre, etc. Supposedly Obama himself is to have certified the intervention claim.
DECORUM, SWIM WEAR, STYLES, MORALITY, BIKINI, THE CLASCH WITH THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, AND MORE. Germany, being the originator of Swimming and Diving pools had no easy task in launching its building of Swimming Pools all over Poland and elsewhere. There was compact inhibition, hypocrisy, clothes standard, religious bigotry and moral condemnation to consider, along with Theological chutzpah.

There seemed to be an avalanche of Bible text which could be used against building Swimming Pools by clergy and theologians who either were dead against it or just sitting on the side of the fence, silencing supporting the Negationists, the Deniers of building Swimming Pools.

Did not the Bible instruct women to be obedient and learn in silence without questioning anything? (1 Timothy 2:11). Putting women inside pools would make that great admonition difficult to obey. What about if she was drowning and yelling for help and a man would have to jump in and hold his arm around her to rescue her? Here alone, were multiple moral decorum rules at stake. All saying NO SWIMMING POOLS!

And putting your arm around a woman to rescue her wouldn’t that be defiling oneself with women? All such were doomed to destruction and Everlasting Fire Burning Hell (Revelations 14:4). Again, NO SWIMMING POOLS!

A favorite text was Matthew 5:28:

But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

This was a powerful text abolishing any positive view of Swimming Pools. That means every male at a Swimming Pool looking on a woman, which none could avoid, were committing Adultery and on their way to a burning, fiery Hell.

The male fared not much difference from the women. The Church was there with its Sriptural advice and warning, reminding the people who is riding the High Moral Horse. Jesus warned about looking on other women. But what about woman looking at man?

For males to uncover their legs was bad, and Bible text of Isaiah 47:1, 2, was given as proof text. Poland, a compact Roman Catholic Church was a virulent defender of such morality via Bible texts. Legs of man were bad, clergy warned its Adepts. To prove their point such texts as Psalms 147:10 came on handy. All this resulted in, that in swimming one either forgot all about it or virtually went fully clothed into the water. A good modern example is to examine many suits for Baptism. Although it is evident early Christians got baptized in the nude, many baptismal take place inside complete uniforms, covering but the head, and showing no strong body outlines lest females and males were showing off their body contours. Persons were formerly baptized in literal nakedness, in total nudity (Micah 1:8, 11; John 21:7).
Nudity and nakedness should not surprise us. Often it is in relation to revelation, prediction, prophesying, declaring, etc. As John the Baptist declared his message in the nude, using erotic causing hairshirt at his services. One record of John the Baptist is, that he wore clothing of camel hair and a leather girdle around his loins, typical of nude preachers at the time (2 Kings 1:8; Matthew 3:4; Mark 1:6). Leather by itself was erotic, just like Homosexuals today enjoy dressing themselves up in leather, while Masochists enjoy prancing around in them while being slapped on their behind.
Again showing the importance of Stefan Szende, the Father of Exterminationism, and his claim of the central focus on the Penis is the Bible example of Apostle Paul and the mention of ‘’aprons’’, ‘’napkins’’, ‘’handkerchiefs’’, as found in Acts 19:12 where the previous verse tells of that God did extraordinary Miracles through Paul. This text has been a complete mystery to Theologians, but keep in mind here about how women would pilgrimage to churches and places claimed to have Jesus’ Foreskin. If infertile, or having low sex lust, a touch, or look at the Foreskin would cause the illness to depart.
That we are here dealing with a Fertility Cult, be that of Mushroom type, or pure mental ecstasy is obvious. The meeting was one of Christian Sex orgy where physical parts would be introduced to cause evil spirits, the lack of Sex Lust to disappear.
Remember how Jesus Christ had promised his followers that they would do greater Miracles than those he had done. There is no mention of Jesus ever curing infertility. Or the problem of erection. The lack of stiffening up the tool to make it do what it was intended for. Or, of Penis too long, which the Bible condemns. Or of semen lack in testicles. Or lack of erection when masturbating Penis. Or, of a Penis too short. Yet Jesus specifically promised his Adepts would do greater Miracles. This was now happening, and Apostle Paul, could say: Look, here is the proof of that I am a true follower of Christ Jesus. And this orgy meeting demonstrated to all, Christ was living, and just not dead letter.
Evidently the gathering throng wore aprons, Greek, simikinthion. These were not Ephods, but narrow coverings for the genitals hung down below the waists. We have an illustration of such in our photos. Such are called cache-sexe, a covering for the genitals, and as such were not Chastity Belts. Wearing such would impart cathexis, (Libido)besetzung), to the wearer and those looking on. They were like a battery that would accumulate charges to be used as energy for driving something. Rather than a condom, restricting the movement, this was liberating the afflicted object for energetic sex action.
Such would now be brought to Apostle Paul, making the wearer stark naked nude. The wearer of the Apron was stooped down, and now as Paul prepared his Magic art, the possessor of the Apron would stand up with full erection visible to all, indicating to all Christians present that God Jehovah was indeed present and had wrought Miracles and healing to the place. And no one could deny the result, as Brother Joseph was there standing, with his proud tool in full erection, to the applause of all those present to whom it was a terrific testimony and witness that God indeed was not dead but a God for the living (Mark 12:27). Indeed these followers of Christ were doing greater Miracles than Jesus Christ who never had performed such an exhibition with an erect penis visible to all as proof.
Such orgiastic gatherings were ordinary Christian services done not only for internal use of conviction that the Faith was right, but as and external proof of God’s healing power and master over wicked spirits (cacodemon), those hindering sexual progress being the most nasty ones. The Greek word translated ‘’get a hard-on on’’ in Luke 17:8 (perizonnymai) literally means ‘’get your hard-on working’’, compare Ephesians 6:14), that is, actually visually proving to the congregation that the tool functions in full. Thus, Primitive Christian meetings were our modern peep-shows when the male mounts the female to perform the sex act. And it was for this fact, that Christianity spread with leaps and bounds. Without Eroticism, its porno shows, it would be dead.
The Love Feasts mentioned in the Bible were the same thing. Erotic porno shows where the Adepts would go to revive sexual energy.
It is something similar to the fall of Communism. It has nothing to do with Ronald Reagan but with Sex. Soviet people as they went abroad would gather up porno to be brought home. Sailors would do so in the thousands and they could also visit porno shows which they talked about in coming home. This human need, animal instinct for sex, convinced the Soviet population something was needed. A sex explosion was in progress. Communism could no longer hinder the urge. It was explosive. And so Communism fell on the porno which now for the first time came in full color with sharp details to see everything about sex. Communism fell on the issue of sex. There is no doubt about that.
The reason why so few historians can see this is because they are totally out of reality. They have no eyes to see, nor do they dare to walk in places where the heat is on to discover things for themselves. Ronald Reagan has nothing to do with the fall of Communism. If anyone in USA, it was the USA courts which no longer were used in censoring pornography.
Ditlieb Felderer noticed this phenomenon while behind the Iron Curtain and was asked if he had any porno to give. We don’t know if there exist any similar historical example. Book printing and magazine printing did not exist in those days. But certainly it must have been some sort of a porno show when the Israelites stripped the Egyptians stark naked nude. And the Scripture indicate such might have been done with the Martyr doing it voluntarily as he had no other choice. This must have brought both Jewish male and females to horny Olah-Holocaust heat. We should not forget that Gang Rape was integral part of Jewry from beginning. Perhaps even Gang Raping animals. For what was Noah doing there inside the Ark with all his animals? Tied down, and with a boat swaying in the breeze, the animals could not resist when being mounted by Noah and his relatives. Here again we see the important role of Stefan Szende and to take note of what he is saying, for Phallic Worship, is the theme of Jewry, past and present.
Some devout Christians would object stating such is Bestiality, Zoophilia, condemned by the tribal God Jehovah. They forget there are clean and unclean animals. The prohibition was against unclean animals. They also forget that there existed Executive Orders all since Bible beginning. The American Constitution is in effect worthless. All that a President needs to do is to get an Executive Order in, and the whole Constitution lands in the garbage heap. The Bible is filled with Executive Order laws. All making the Ten Commandments to nil effect. ‘’Though shall not kill’’, the command says. Yet Jews were commanded to kill all Gentile Goys at sight and rape their virgins, who then would be killed.
And while some Christians may object to Noah and his animals having sex together, they seem it is perfectly all right that the largest Gang Rape recorded in history is in the Bible. There, at Numbers 31:35, we are told the Jews Gang Raped 32,000 virgins, evidently most of them baby girls. Obviously, as only virgins were to be spared, Aaron and Moses investigated each pussy of the women to determine virginity, for sexing a non-virgin would be death and a breaking of the Law. Such enjoyments were only reserved for the virgins. So the Christians are stuck with their immoral Bible. If it is all right Gang Raping 32,000 virgins, most babies, what prevents from Noah to have sex with his animals, especially as no rule against it up to this time had been made?
And what was done once those 32,000 virgins had been Gang Raped? There is no recourse other than that they were offered, like Jepthah (Judges 11:30-33), for sacrifice to tribal God Jehovah. Or like the Levite Concubine. So they were all slaughtered up for the glory and grace of Jehovah God and our Salvation. A type of Gentile Scapegoat.
Certainly another curious facts is the Bible mention of Four Virgins, all daughters of Philip the Evangelist who prophesied (Acts 21:9). Nothing more is mentioned of them, nor what they prophesied about which should be of foremost interest. Observe also that Stalin’s choice of 4 comes in here: 4 Virgins. Stalin was supposed to become a priest.
What was going on here? Yet another orgiastic gathering, of being entertained by 4 Virgins exposing their Virginity state to all those goggling Christians, Paul and the others? A real porno show. They had nothing to prophesy about, because Paul and the others did it, and had the best prophesying that could be had. So what was going on here? Paul and his Adepts were being entertained. Here were 4 Virgins all showing their bodies, entertaining Paul and his friends. They needed it, as they moved on to the next project in some other town.
Jews were commanded to kill all Gentile Goys. All except for the Virgins, which of course included baby girls. These were to be raped after proven to be Virgins. Now how was Virginity found out? Of course, there was no other way than by visual inspection, and actual sex act, proving there was a Virgin at hand. So Moses and Aaron would inspect each pussy for Virginity. If not a Virgin, they be killed on the spot. If a virgin, a bit more time for living was allowed the victim. It was all very Kosher and orderly done. Nothing was left to haphazard willy-dilly playacting.
So Philip, who entertained, was here giving his four daughters to get Deflowered, and there was no greater love for Philip to get the work done by Jehovah God’s main representatives on earth. Thus Paul and his friends could now enjoy and share the joy between them with four fresh Virgins, they possibly also loved every minute of it. And so getting their battery fully charged with this invigorating Revival experience, they could now move on to next town for their next orgy and experience. God was indeed merciful and plentiful, giving the best to those that truly search for him.

Sceva, a Jewish chief, or high priest, is reported in Acts to have seven sons involved with casting out Demons in name of Lord Jesus. Doing it to one man who had the Wicked Spirit, the Wicked Spirit came out of the man, leaping upon the sons, and got master over them, one by one, prevailing upon them, making them flee naked and wounded out of the house (Acts 19:11-20). It is also here where the Paul Book Burning, the Fahrenheit 451 is mentioned. Here we see that Demon procession involves nudity. Somehow the Wicked Spirits get hard-ons and agitated by seeing dressed young men. Thus we see, nudity was not an unusual thing in time of Christ Jesus, who himself may have had the longest Penis going, but in no way competing with his Heavenly Father, Jehovah. And as we have seen, at the Well with the Samaritan Woman, Jesus may have been naked, washing up his clothes, so the woman could notice the Penis of Jesus, and saw it Circumcised.
A previous case of Demon expelling is the case of the Wicked Spirits of a man who all went into a herd of Swines in Galilee. Jesus is to have rebuked the Demons, who then went head-long into the herd of swine, drowning them(Luke 8:32-33). Now swine, pork, hog, can swim, and swim well. Getting into the lake wouldn’t hurt a hair on their thick skin, because all they needed to do was to swim to the nearest shore and continue on their happy bating. Evidently the writers of the Bible had little knowledge of animal behavior.
Certainly the baptism in the nude was a safeguard, a precaution for both Jews and Christians. Jews could see that each person baptized were Jews by the looks of their empty Foreskin on Penis, for the call to the Gentiles had still not begun. If he had a Foreskin, he would be rejected as the call had still not come to get Goys into the Holy Ghost soup. So nudity was an absolute must to get baptized. Anyone with a Foreskin would simply be thrown out of the line of baptizers and told to stay out.
Later on this got reversed, as often is the case. Now, if anyone was baptized and seen having a Foreskin, such a one would be suspected of being a spy, a mole, an agitating Jew seeking to infiltrate the Holy Church. The Christians by that time knew they had nothing to offer the Jews. They were but a copy of it, and a much inferior, at that.
The making of baptismal uniforms has become a whole industry of ready made uniforms, short of Burka. Here we have a good modern example of the difficulties Germans faced in introducing Swimming Pools to Poland, and even in their own country. And whole of Europe was in the same fix, who were all following Hegel Germany on this one. Even today, some won’t even get near a Swimming Pool for fear of Lust and a swift way to Brimstone and Hell Fire.

1.Ditlieb Felderer discovers an Olympic Swimming Pool at Auschwitz in 1978.
2.Ditlieb Felderer produces pictures for distribution of the Swimming Pool.
3.Ditlieb Felderer produces text to the various pictures.
4.Globe and Mail of Canada publishes a picture of the Swimming Pool becoming the first Establishment paper to do so.
5.Michael Hoffman shows a picture in his book of the Swimming Pool in his book, The Great Holocaust Trial, Institute for Historial Review, USA, 1985, ISBN 0-939484-22-6. It is interesting to see Exterminationists never mention books exposing their Cult. That also goes for Wikipedia which articles evidently are edited by the Simon Wiesenthal gang.
The New York Times denies in 1986 there is a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz calling it grotesque. Jean-Claude Pressac shows pictures of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool in 1989 where he includes the diving towers. In spite of that the Swimming Pool is located INSIDE the camp, Pressac is certain it is reserved for the SS. He asks for photo to show him otherwise. But did the SS bath in Pressac’s claimed SS Swimming Pool with their uniform on? So in this case what use is a photo? Also, where is his photo to show his point? Did he have photos of German SS swimming inside the pool? He seems totally out of contact with reality as Pressac should have seen if he really inspected that the Swimming Pool was workable, fully functioning, while the alleged ‘’gas chamber’’ could not cremate even a small mouse. By reserving Swimming Pool for SS he is making Auschwitz into a 10 star resort area, even if only for the SS.

1. Auschwitz Exit, Bible Researcher, Sweden, 1979, ISBN 91 85560 15 4
2.Bible Researcher flyers, varia, starting 1976
3.Anne Frank Diary – A Hoax? Volume 1, ISBN 91 85560 02 2

Various slides which were professionally enclosed into a see-through plastic folder which included the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool
This is a small part of DITLIEB ENCYCLOPEDIA. Please go to this one for further information. The Encyclopedia is constantly worked on so watch out for expanded editions.
ABERG Einar of Norrviken, April 20, 1890-1970 October 6. A super sharp Swedish investigator of World War 2 who claimed that the Gas Chambers were a hoax and technically impossible. In this way he followed Revisionist Paul Rassinier. Aberg was unusual in that he also propagated his views world wide causing Zionist leaders to rent and rave, resulting in several Censorship trials against him. He also published about his trials and other matter. Corrupt Swedish politicians deeply involved with sexual orgies at the time, and, with Mason and Jewish help; they then introduced Tryckfrihetsforordningen, curtailing all views except those approved by the State, and protecting such views as expressed by Extermiationist, Stefan Szende. Aberg died around the time when Ditlieb Felderer begun to get suspicious of that the Holocaust Commercial Cult was a hoax and an attempt to extort money from the world.
ABORTION Was prohibited at Auschwitz and had Maternity Wards, such as Block 10, for child births and ailments connected with birth.
ADAMCYK Tomasz Hardcore Stalinist. Secretary of Committee for Dialogue with Judaism. A Scofieldite and Dispensationalist of the no Protestant type.
AGAPE Greek for love, mutual effection, either principal of erotic. Latin: Caritas. Also see: Agapemone, Brotherly Love, Caritas, Charity , Christian Love, Christian Love Feast, Eucharist, Free Love, Homosexuality, Love-Feast,
AHMADINEJAD Mahmoud Historically became the first major politician to question the conventional ‘’Holocaust’’ legend. Thus, he in fact, was the first politician of note, suspicious of Stalinist Doctrines as it pertains to Auschwitz and the Holocaust Commercial Cult, also called Exterminationism. On his view of ‘’The World Without Zionism’’, see Time, November 7, 2005:17. Alsto Time,December 17, 2005:6; December 19, 2005:13; April 24, 2006:15; May 29, 2006:25. Time, June 12, 2006:18, reported of him stating: ‘’I will only accept something as truth if I am actually convinced of it’’, on Der Spiegel when he claimed the Holocaust ‘’a myth’’. The request by Iran to be allowed to investigate Auschwitz Vomitrium was denied by Poland, under its Foreign Minister, Stefan Meller, on Feb 17, 2006.
See: Investigation of Auschwitz Vomitorium, Iran, Meller, Politic
AKTION SUHNEZEICHEN A State organized and paid disinformation Cult run by Wasps and CIA, to discredit Roman Catholicism and make it out the Roman Catholic Church collaborated with Hitler. The Cult was frequently engaged with sexual dilly-dally in which its Virgins were especially wanted objects for fantasy and pleasure. Very much like the Israeli Fascist type Kibbutz. They are closely linked in with the Anne Frank Drug Culture and have had their own share of scandals and misuse. It was one of the few groups, if not the only one, which Stalinism allowed to enter East Germany, Poland, and other Soviet States without problems. Its Adepts could be found at Stutthof, Auschwitz where Tadeusz Szymanski enjoyed taking care of the Virgins, and elsewhere. The group has been accused of sexual misuse not without reason.
ALABAMA Grave racial disturbances start in Alabama, USA, in 1963, same year Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trial begins.
ALLEN Gary (1936-1986). His book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy got published in Sweden with the help of Ditlieb Felderer, and publisher, Levande Jord. A writer who at early stage recognized the system and its New World Order.
ANNE FRANK See:; Amheim, Anne Frank Drug Cult, BECKER Minna, Censorship, Conjuring, Crystal Ball Gazing, Cult, Fahrenheit 451, FRANK Margot, FRANK Otto, Homomonument (Gay Monument), Gay Monument, GIES Jan, GIES Miep, GOSLAR Hanneli,Hotel Bilderberg, KLEIMAN Johannes, KUGLER Victor, Literary Forgery, MARGOT Frank, Miep, Netherlands, Mystery, ORWELL George, Otto, PELS Hermann van, Palmistry, Prinsengracht 263, VOSKUJIL Bep
ANNE FRANK CENTER USA 44 Park Place, lower Manhattan. See: Anne Frank Drug Cult
ANNE FRANK DIARY The fake diary concocted up by father of Anne Frank, Otto, including material which likely belong to Anne Frank and her sister.
ANNE FRANK DRUG CULT the Cult was used to bring in drugs to Europe, mostly from Holland, Netherlands. The aim was to hit the youth with it and make them docile and inactive to consider the world. See:
ANNE FRANK HOUSE A center for the Anne Frank Drug Cult and a meeting place for recruiting spies for CIA and Israel. It is located in Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam.
ANNE FRANK HUIS See: Anne Frank House
ANNE FRANK MONTESSORI SCHOOL 430 De Mott Ave, Rochville Centre, NY 11570. Established 1965. See: Anne Frank Drug Cult
ANNE FRANK SEX See: Anne Frank Drug Cult
ANNE FRANK TRUST See: Anne Frank Drug Cult
ANNE FRANK ZENTRUM 39 Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin, Germany. Next to Haqckesche Hofe.
ANTISEMITISM Also spelt anti-Semitism, Anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism.
APOTROPAIC Magicry designed to avert evil. See: Anathema, Anne Frank, Curse, Minna Becker, Magic, Sibylline Oracles,
APRON Acts 19:12 A Sex girdle used by early Christians in the Fertility Phallic Rites such as Love Feasts to heal Impotency, lack of Erection, lack of Sex Drive, shorten lengthy penis, Foreskin adoration, heal Circumcision.
ASCHBERG OLOF A Swedish Jew turned New Order Banker helping Lenin and Stalin out with their finances. Busted a bank he started and known for his theft of Icons from Russians.
ASHERAH Wife of the Jewish Tribal God Jehovah.
ASSANGE Julian He was accused of raping two women in Sweden who had invited him to their beds. What made him go to Censor and Free Speech denying Sweden is still not clear. The case has similarities to that of Vanunu.
AUSCHWITZ according to such Exterminationist Martyrologist gurus as Edwards, Pelt, and Pressac, Auschwitz must have held a luxury recreation 10-star hotel.
AUSCHWITZ INSTITUTE OR PEACE AND RECONCILIATION A German camouflage of making Auschwitz For War into a peace act. A hardcore Stalinist scam supposedly concocted by hardcore Stalinist Fred Schwartz.
BARAK Ehud War Criminal and Israel Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister. Was invited by Poland’s corrupt politicians to the Auschwitz Museum For War, on October 15, 2009. Was greeted by Bush torture and rendition expert, Bogdan Klich, October 14, for his Pilgrimage to Auschwitz Vomitorium.
BARTOSZEWSKI Wladyslaw Poland once Secretary of State. A surviving Jew, perhaps through the Stefan Szende operation of putting onto Penis a fresh new Foreskin, turned Politician, Commercialist, and what have you. Strangely enough, he never seemed to have confirmed the basics of Stalinism with its Exterminationist, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. Seems to have been aware of many of Stalin’s dirty tricks played on the Poles.
BARTYZEL Bartosz Auschwitz Vomitorium spokesperson.
BAYLE PIERRE 18 November 1647-1706 December 28 Early Bible critic.
BECKER Minna A Crystal Ball Gazer the father of Anne Frank, Otto Frank, used to get his faked ‘’Diary’’ accepted in media and courts. Otto Frank could then say, not that the diary was Kosher, but that the ‘’courts declared it such’’, leaving him out of the responsibility cake. As a conventional soothsayer, Minna Becker got caught into the Sibylline Oracles/Secrets which raced much of Europe at the time, after some time of quietness. A similar craze raced after World War 1, in which the alleged ‘’oracles’’ were translated into various languages. It seems that after every major war there goes viral a craze for oracles, mysteries, crystal ball gazing, future telling, etc. A sort of Epiphany. It is said that Otto Frank never paid Minna Becker one nickel for the work she did in conjuring up her court paper. Similar to what happened to Stefan Szende? At least she never declared for it. She never wanted to discuss about the money she was to get, except perhaps to close friends. Some even claim she was assassinated.
See: Aleuromancy, Astrology, Bohemian Grove, Chill, Crystal Ball Gazing, Divination,Eromancy, Forgery, Fortuneteller, Gelomancy, Graphology, Gyromancy, Magic, Occultism, Omen, Oracle, Patsy, Prophet, Scam, Scarpomancy, Sibylline Oracles, Spiritism, Superstition, Sibylline Oracles, Sychomancy, Satanism, Zodiac
BEHEAD See: Decapitate, Decollate, Execute, Guillotene
BELT Israeli priests wore feminine dress and were Transvestites. Also: Chastity Belt, Clothe, Conjugal Belt, Connubial Belt, Dress, Ephod, Girdle, Sek, Sash, Teraphim
BENEDICT XVI German born Pope Pilgrimages to Auschwitz Vomitorium, Sunday, 28 May 2006. He was denied to see the Swimming Pool. And that’s not all, denied also to see the ‘’Gas Chamber’’.
BICYCLE it is claimed the Jewish Sonderkommando bicycled inside the Gas Chamber to keep fit. What type of bike was used would be interesting to know. The bicycling by the Jewish Sonderkommando inside the Gas Chamber was reported coming from testimony given at Nurnberg. See: Nurberger Nachrichten, 11 September 1978, page 15. Following up on this claim, Ditlieb Felderer took with him a bicycle from Sweden to try it out for himself.
See: Auschwitz Swimming Pool, Boxing, Sport, Tennis, Tour de France-Le, Tour de Francia, Volley Ball, Water Polo, Wrestling
BJORKENFELDT Mats Kungsgatan 33, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden. In Sweden corrupt lawyers are making a fortune in helping persecuting writers, musicians, cartoonists, religious people, whistle blowers, etc. Bjorkenfeldt was one of those. In his helping the Prosecution out in a Censorship Show Trial against Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, this con man pseudo ‘’defence lawyer’’ made: 37074, 35000 kronor of this for work, 1700 for time lost, 374 for expenditures caused. An enormous sum of money considering he did not once come to the Concentration Camp to speak to the abused and tortured victim.
See: Ref. 98704646, Date 1995-05-12, B 36/95:1,6. For forcing this pseudo lawyer upon Felderer, see 1994-11-30, mal nr B 577/94, Aktbil 66. The case was appealed to Strasbourg, 6 July 1995. All this indicates the deep criminal nature of Swedish justice which has gone on from the beginning.
BLOGSPOT.COM A major Anthony Comstock firm, part of Google, specializing in tricking artists and writers to use them for to spy on them for Bible bogurs Israel and authoritarian regimes, for then to destroy all their hard work in Fahrenheit 451 operations. The Censored victim is never told of the reason. They usually wait long enough until sufficient material, text, photos, cartoons, etc., exist before they proceed with their Book Burning. Even accounts of individuals are Censored, such as was the case of Ditlieb Felderer, completely removed, or put on ‘’risk page’’ claiming people disagree. Who these people are you are never of course told. It’s a form of a Gang Rape of print by them which they obviously enjoy doing. Their master Book Burner, Google, in turn manipulate its Index to suit certain political and religious aims. Thus you won’t find anything on the Auschwitz Swimming Pool on its first search page even though it is the ONLY one going into the subject. And information has been on Internet for years, and for years censored by Google.
BLOOMFIELD Sara A pin-up girl for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and its Director, closely linked in with Zionist activities of Cywinski and his Stalinist work. She has been invited to be the first to jump into the Auschwitz Swimming Pool due to her sexy appearance.
BONHOEFFER Dietrich 1906-1945 Political religious activist heavily infected with Scofieldism and Dispensationalism.
BORG ARNE Swedish Olympic Swimmer who taught Ditlieb Felderer the sport of swimming. He was a powerful swimmer, breaking 32 world records during 1920’s, and helped in making swimming popular not only in Sweden, but also elsewhere. Thanks to this, Ditlieb Felderer, recognized almost at once that he stood before an Olympic Swimming Pool at Auschwitz when he first discovered it.
BROAD Perry 1921-1993
BREIVIK Anders Behring
BROTHEL Auschwitz had three main Brothels. Block 24 , Pilgrim (Visitor) Hotel, and Theatre. Stalin made the main Brothel over to a center for documents against the Nazis, but still used the Hotel. At Birkenau at least one Lust House was inside its Birch Wood which Stalinists later made into a ‘’Gas Chamber’’. The Birkenau Brothel was later moved inside Main Camp.
See: Auschwitz Red Light District, Bagnio, Bawdyhouse, Bordello, Call House, Cathouse, COMSTOCK Anthony, Conventional Authority, Den of Iniquity, Den of Vice, Dirty Books, House of ill repute, House of Red Doors, Joyhouse, Lewd, Lust, Massage Parlor, Obscene House, Obscene Literature, Prague Red Light, Peepi ng Tom, Prostitute, Prostitution, Perversion, Puritanism, Red Light District, Society for the Suppression of Vice, Sportinghouse, Vice, Voluptuousness, Voyerism, Warsaw Red Light District, Watcher, White Slavery, Whorehouse. See: Prostitution,Sex, Whore House,
BROSZAT Martin West German propagandist heading State paid Institut fur Zeitgeschichte in Munchen, West Germany. He became suspiciously critical and his rapid death may have been caused. Both Robert Faurisson and Ditlieb Felderer had contact with him, possible causing him a switch to Revisionism.
BROWN Gordon Pilgrimages to Auschwitz Vomitorium with wife Sara, 28 April 2009. By that time the Corpse Door had been changed once again, declaring it authentic Stalin replica, just like the former was for some 60 years. Historical Artifact manipulator, Piotr Cywinski, have both of them going through the fake Corpse Door as the new Stalin Doctrine was in force. That, that most of the 4 million Stalin Martyrs did not enter through the back Gallows Door, but through the Corpse Door. Next choice may be they entered through the huge Chimney outside. They are denied seeing the Swimming Pool, huge Kitchen, Theatre, Brothel, and other important historical buildings.
BUSH George Walker 6 July 1946- It is claimed he visited Auschwitz Vomitorium first as a Governor of Texas, 30 September 1987. His second visit is more clear. He is seen in picture together with his wife as he visits on 1 June 2003, in preparation for more wars, using Auschwitz For War Doctrine as an excuse. He is lured together with his wife Laura into the false ‘’Gas Chamber’’ by Director Jerzy Wroblewski, who evidently did not tell him the huge Chimney outside, the Corpse Door, the 4 crematory ovens, and so much more, are all fakes. That his wife Laura was with him needs confirmation. You could not even cremate a little mouse inside the ovens. He was of course denied by Wroblewski to see the Swimming Pool which at that time was propagated either as if it was not even there or just a water tank against fires. Nor is he shown Stalin’s most loved Doctrine, his Starve Doctrine, that there was not even a kitchen at Auschwitz, and so Stalin painted it over with black paint. Katyn Massacre was of course never discussed. Nor is Bush shown the Brothel, Theatre, Sport places, Photography School, Orhestra School, and of course not invited in for the Auschwitz Waltz. He continued on his father’s War Crimes and Auschwitz For War Doctrine. If his 1987 Pilgrimage is correct, the Auschwitz Vomitorium Director was Kazimierz Smolen. On his second Pilgrimage in 2003, it was Jerzy Wroblewski. See: Auschwitz For War Doctrine, Cheney, Clinton, Piper, Smolen, Szymanski, Wroblewski.
BUSH George (Herbert Walker) 1924- Bush Senior. USA President who ushered in the New World Order at fall of Soviet Communism and responsible for War Crimes in Iraq and elsewhere. He was one of the first to use the Auschwitz For War Doctrine as an excuse for his War Crimes. See: Auschwitz For War Doctrine, Bush Junior
BUZEK Jerzy July 3, 1940- Hardcore Stalinist. Prime Minister of Poland, 1997-2001 who took his orders from the European Jewish Congress. Polish engineer, academic, lecturer, politician, and leading propagandist of Auschwitz Vomitorium and their Holocaust Commercial Cult. He became President of the European Parliament on July 14, 2009. From start Israel’s Mossad have used him as patsy for its schemes. He is claimed to have Pilgrimaged and ‘’investigated’’ Auschwitz Vomitorium several times, one Pilgrimage being done on September 21, 2009, not long after he became President of the European Parliament. He apparently to this date has not seen the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool, its huge Kitchen, Brothels, Theatre, and other places. After numerous educational photos were brought out on the Internet, Auschwitz Vomitorium Director, Piotr Cywinsky, changed the official ceremony place for Buzek’s Pilgrimage on September 21, 2009, to the former football court between Block 10 and 11, just by the Maternity where endless of Jewish kids were born. Although supposedly being chemical engineer he still maintains Zyklon B was used at Holy Shrine One, Crematory 1, and that the 4 million Stalin Martyrs walked through a concrete wall to get to it. He has never denied any of the Stalinist Doctrines set up for the Shrine and Cult place of Holy Shrine One, Crematory 1. He apparently also believes the huge chimney at the place functions although it has no connection. Honorary doctor of the universities of Seoul and Dortmund. Was nominated as European of the Year by the European Union Business Chambers Forum, and Man of the Year by a Polish political weekly, Wprost. After losing the parliamentary elections in 2001 he stepped back from Polish political life. Aiming for more power he then became President of European Parliament. He pledged to make Human Rights his focus and approved of incarcerating and torturing Revisionist to that end. In 1999 he took Poland into NATO and helped with the USA Rendition torture of ‘’suspect enemies of the West’’, and on October 15 opened the office of the European Jewish Congress in Brussels.
See: Auschwitz For War Doctrine, BARROSO Jose-Manuel, Engineering Institute of Science in Gliwice, European Commission, European Parliament, International Youth Meeting House-Auschwitz, Solidarity, POTTERING Hans-Gert, REINFELDT Fredrik
CACODEMON Demon, wicked spirit
CACOETHES Itch of gab, sex, writing, etc. Itch of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult
CAGLIOSTRO Count Alessandro di, Giuseppe Balsamo 1743-95
CANADA Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper Pilgrimages to Auchwitz Vomitorium, Saturday, April 5, 2009, and goes through a Piotr Cywinski fake Cleansing by putting him in a Ceremony signing book, just at the fake Corpse Door at Holy Shrine One, Crematory 1. By the time of England’s Gordon Brown Pilgrimages on 28 April, 2009, the fake Corpse Door was changed yet one more time, describing the new fake as the ‘’authentic door’’ just like the previous door was. See: BROWN Gordon, Corpse Door, SS Hospital
CASTRATE See: Amputation, Castrati, Castrato, Ebed-Melech, Emasculate, Ester, Eunuchism, Galatians 5:12, Matthew 10:12, Origen, Zedekiah
CASTRATO See: Celibacy, Ebed-Melech, Esther, Ethiopian Eunuch, Eunuch, Geld, Kastratsanger (Norwegian), Kastrasjonskompleks (Norwegian), SpayTestes,
CHAMELEON The ability of Cults to alter their appearance through frequent changes, of which Exterminationism is the best example.
CHASTITY According to Augustine, lying is wrong even to save Chastity. See: Abstinence, Celibacy, Chastity Belt, Decency, Deflower, Innocence, Morality, Purity, Righteousness, Superstition, Virtue,
CHASTITY Belt Also see: Cilisio, Flagellant, Innocence, Masochism, Masturbation, Modesty, Mortification, Onan, Sex, Superstition, Virginity
CHENEY Dick See: ADDINGTON David, Auschwitz For War Doctrine, BREMER Paul, Children Block 10 Doctrine, Lipstadt, Maternity, War Crime,
CINTURON DE CASTEDAD Spanish for Chastity Belt
CIRCUMCISION The removal of Foreskin from the male Penis, a Ritual in some Semitic religions, such as Jewry. The word is frequently found in the Bible. Children are forced into it, while parents often cajoled to do it without any specific good reasons given. The fact it is of such importance within Jewry shows it to be a Phallic, Fertility Cult where the Penis becomes the central physical important part on the human anatomy. See: Ablation, Abraham, Amputate, Castrate, Clitoridectomia, Concision, Deformation, Excision, Epispasm, Foreskin, Genital Mutilation,Infibulate, Labiotomia, Lip, Mohel, Mohel-Khitan, Moses, Mutilation, Penis, Phalotomy , Praepetium, Reconstruct, Surgical Reconstruction,
CIRCUMCISION Date of decision claimed to made years 49 or 50. See: Acts 15:6-29 and the operatives of the Apostolic Council.
CLIMAX APOGEE A basic ritual within Jewish women showing they are masters over Goyim by them not getting Climax and thus unable to procreate. This was done, especially by Jewish virgins, to masturbate a Teraphim Dildo with Foreskin on, without resulting semen climax, thereby indicating complete victory over the Gentiles.
CLINICAL SEXOLOGY Holds an important part in the study of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult.
CLOTHE Self-injuring clothing used by early Christians to achieve sexual climax, often placed around genitals.
COLE David An early Jewish Revisionist using film camera to investigate Auschwitz Vomitorium. He came to about same conclusions as most Revisionist did. Disillusioned over the blatant fakes and excuses given, he went public with his films, probably being the first one to describe the swindle by motion picture.
COMMITTEE FOR DIALOGUE WITH JUDAISM Tomasz Adamcyk is Secretary of this Zionist, Stalinist splurge.
CONCUBINE Most famous Jewish Concubine was the Levite Concubine who was Ritual Slaughtered up into pieces and then mailed to others.
COSTA CATRINE Jewish drug user influenced by the Anne Frank Drug Cult who turned prostitute and then was cut up in Levite Concubine way, typical advanced Ritual Slaughter.
CRACOW See: Krakow
CRIME far from crime not being beneficial to Society, the way Societies run makes crime must. Without crime we don’t need police, judges, social workers, prisons, guards, weapons, media to report it 24 hours a day. Evidently Crime is beneficial for modern societies.
CUT Philippians 3:2; Also: Concision, Cilise, Circumcision, Cutthroat, David, Flagellant, Foreskin, Hack, Hamstring, Hypatia, Judges 19:28-30, Levite Concubine, Mail, Masochism, Mohel, Mortification, Philistine, Sicarii, Toes cut in Judges 1:6, 7.
CYWINSKI Piotr M. A. Auschwitz Vomitorium Director who took over the Stalin Doctrines from Hard Core Stalinist, Jerzy Wroblewski, who took over the job from Hard Core, Kazimiersz Smolen, a one-time Nazi collaborator. Chosen by the new Capitalists and New World Order fans, Cywinski received nomination June 12, 2006, assuming the position, September 1, 2006. He begun secretly to refurbish Stalinist Doctrines to accommodate Revisionism, which his predecessor, Wroblewski, had felt the brunt of. Instead of openly going out, telling his altered Stalin Doctrines, Cywinski, secretly went behind the scene, altering things as rumors had become that great something had to be done. For the first time the Auschwitz Swimming Pool gets a board set up claiming what you see was a water reservoir for firefighting. The date for this new board coming down from heaven like the 10 Commandments, was conveniently left out, making people believe Stalin had put it there at the invasion of the Camp and setting it up as a ‘’museum’’. Pilgrims are no longer told that most of the 4 million entered the ‘’gas chamber’’ through the Gallows Door but through the Corpse Door, and the Gallows Door is closed off for public entry. All those Polish children who came for their political education to see the Stalin Truths thus came in through the wrong door. Not a word of all these refurbished lies which are kept out from the Polish public and foreigners Pilgrimaging the fake Hollywood ‘’museum’’. He continues to bash Revisionism, while he secretly revises Doctrine which were fundamental Gospel Truths for some 60 years. And his friend, Franciszek Piper, who once served as chief for the ‘’material evidences’’ of the fake museum, seems to have been in on the Scam, if not actively the most responsible for them. The fake ‘’museum’’ of course supported the torture and incarceration of Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, and so many others. Not a word from them when Robert Faurisson was brought before courts. While all this happened, these Directors and helpers ate their good meals, got their Pilgrims from the opulent society leaders, such as Ehud Barak, Jerzy Buzek, Hans-Gert Pottering, and others, and obtained their pleasant salaries. The 4 million certified martyrs had gotten a face-lift and dwindled down to about 1 million Stalin Martyrs, mostly so called ‘’Jews’’. While the public were told that the former ‘’Truths’’ were based on Courts, Testimonies, SS and Germans, Chemical Tests, Photography, Documents; and sometimes, but rarely, from the Soviet War Crimes Commission. The sacred silence on the Katyn Massacres is continued. Being faced with all he fakes at the alleged ‘’gas chamber’’ of Holy Shrine 1, Crematory 1, he switches the ceremonial greetings from the Hollywood fake Holy Shrine 1, Crematory 1 to Block 10 and 11 and elsewhere. He still denies the hard work Revisionism has done to set the house in order. How much longer can he keep on his way of Censorship and support of persecuting Revisionists?
CZECH, Danuta
DAHLMANN Barbara Just-Dahlmann 2 March 1922-2005 July 27. A totally naïve West German judge from Mannheim, Germany, set in by the Wasps to assist in its propaganda work and used by Mossad to find out about the West German police and courts. She was also used against Ditlieb Felderer, wanting him to be tortured for his writings. A fanatic Scofieldite she dabbled into Dispensationalism, where her Protestant futuristic interpretations was ventilated in her contacts, speeches, and writings. A totally biased and bigoted person, and one in the amorous cortege of Willy Brandt, she accused Ditlieb Felderer of falsifying Swedish stamps which she claimed showed Nazi Martyrs on their way to camps.
DECAPITATE Christian women are at times reported to decapitate Penis off their men lovers whom they suspect cheated on them.
DECORUM Proper manner which all depend on Society. Thus there was nothing wrong in wearing or worshipping the Penis by the Jews, nor use it in decoration and ornaments, or as necklace. Also see: Dignity, Etiquette, Good Taste, Grace, Propriety,
DEPARTMENT of Public Information. See: the Holocaust and the United Nations Progamme.
DERIVATIVE See: Casino, Embezzlement, Extortion, Gambling, Money Adiction, Usury,
DEUTERONOMY 6:10-11 A major text for Zionism and Christians dealing on stealing others property and land. See Aesop here: 78, on those who enter by the back may expect to be shown out by the window. Square this with Exodus 20:17 where you must not desire your fellow man’s house. Evidently those targeted were not such. Psalm 44:3 even puts the whole blame on Tribal God Jehovah, for it was not by their own sword that they took possession of the land, and Gang Raping the Virgins which it does not mention but implies. See: Deuteronomy 19:1; Exodus 13:5; Psalms 104:28; 105:37; Jeremiah 3:16, 18, 19; Isaiah 36:16, 17. Watch special photo illustrations where this leading Scripture is touched on. See: Dispossess, Home Sweet Home, Insurgent, Intruder, Jesus Christ, Plunder, Rob, Rouge State, State, Thief
DIRTY PELT’S ARYAN TRICK The art of riding on two horses at the same time and getting full ovation by circus onlookers. A common trick is to avoid mentioning the word Jew whenever they are involved what to the Cult deems negative. Thus, the Jews are metamorphosed into Aryans.
DRUG See: Anne Frank Drug Cult
DUKE DAVID Important on race relations and Jewish Racism. An early awareness to historical frauds another strength.
DZIADOS Edward Head of Majdanek Vomitorium at Lublin in Poland. Its office brought out a stream of atrocity stories.
EISENMENGER JOHANN ANDREAS 1654-1704 December 20 Not only a critic of Jewry with insight but awareness of Bible being used for Cult making.
EPIPHANY See: Eschatology, Second Coming Of Christ
EPHOD A Dildo Foreskinned sex Penis cut off from Amalekites, Canaanites, Philistines, etc., the Jewish priest would hang down from his neck indicating victory over Goyim, the Gentiles
ERNST ZUNDEL CANADA ZIONIST SHOW TRIAL The Kangaroo Trial proved nothing but ‘’Holocaust Survivors’’ and that they were collaborating with the Nazis, hence perpetrators, not victims.
ESCHATOLOGY See: End-Time, Epiphany, Parousia, Return of Christ,
Euphemism Frequently used in Exterminationism to prove something suspiciously created by Stalinism. Robert Jan Van Pelt uses is, as do all Exterminationists.
EVANS Richard John
EXTRAORDINAY STATE COMMISSION for ascertaining and investigating crimes perpetrated by the German-Fascist invaders and their accomplices, and the damage inflicted by them on citizens, collective farms, social organisations, State enterprises and institutions of the U.S.S.R. This is the same as the ‘’Soviet War Crimes Commission’’ which held virtual Stalin dictatorship in Poland. Anyone objecting would either be liquidated or sent to the Gulags, their families many times with them. As soon as they entered Auschwitz they begun by putting their opponents, such as Trotskyites in prison. Looking for collaborators of Stalin they discovered such former Nazi Collaborators as Jan Sehn, Kazimierz Smolen, Tadeusz Wasowicz. They chose Wasowicz as the Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium, who virtually, together with his aids, concocted most of the basic Dogmas of the Exterminationist Cult.
EXECUTIVE OFFICES By Executive Laws a Constitution can be made to say the opposite as is happening in United States where it frequently is used will full approval by both parties.
EYEBALL Euphemistic translation for Testicles.
FAURISSON ROBERT An early investigator of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. There does not seem to be one case in which his conclusions have not been shown to be right. A worthy follower of Paul Rassinier, one of the first investigators delving into the Cult. He did much to help defeating the Exterminationists in the Canada Ernst Zundel Show Trials.
FELDERER DITLIEB He was slaughtered down by the corrupt Swedish politicians who attempted to assassinate him and arson his home.
FELICIDAD Ditlieb Felderer’s Philippine wife who was instrumental in opening the Iron Curtain for investigation. She had several assassination attempts tried against her at the instigation of Stockholm Rabbi Morton Narrowe.
FIKENTSCHER H A German medic who went into Russia stating things at times different from the Hitler propaganda. Book 206 in Bibliogrpahy.
FIREPLUG See: Hydrant
FLUSH TOILET To cleanse or wash out with or as if with a rush of liquid. Is a miniature Water Tank into which water goes into a tank, for then to be released which force cause the toilet to empty its contents. Flush toilets depend on a Water Tank and only work with it. Flush toilets were installed in the huge Auschwitz Kitchen, the largest building in the camp. When Stalin’s soldiers took it over they thought them to be wash basins, so they started to wash their vegetable and other food in them. Other Blocks also had them. Flush toilets were rarely found in Soviet Union and many Polish places did not have them in 1980, and later. Also see: Douche, Douse, Drainpipe Drench, Irrigate, Latrine, Lavatory, Rinse, Septic Tank, Sewer, Sewage Treatment Plant, Spray, Treatment Plant

FORESKIN The Foreskin of the male penis plays the most important role in the Bible describing the human being. It became a Cult and extravagant ritual to remove it and played an important role in World War 2 legends, where the Father of Exterminations Stefan Szende, mentions about it that Jews put onto their Circumcised Penises, new Foreskins. No such Penis has ever been photographed. Claimed Foreskins of Jesus Christ exist in various places making Jesus Christ undergo numerous Circumcisions if all these Foreskins are genuine. There have been a number of Foreskin Wars in history. Spanish: Prolongacion de la piel del pene que cubra el glands.
See: Abner, Dancing, Forhud, Ishbosheth, Knob, Michal, Palti Philistines, Penis, Phylakteries, Praeputium, Prepucio (Spanish), Safari, Saul, Skull Cap, Trophy, Vorhaut
FOUR See: Stalin Four Doctrine
FOUR MILLION SLAB STONES AT BIRKENAU Exact dates for placing them there, and their removal is virtual a ‘’sacred secret’’. If Exterminationism is true and logical, most of these ‘’Stalin Martyrs’’ must have been Nazi collaborators. Hence, anti-Stalinists.
FRANK Anne See: Anne Frank,
FRANKFURT AUSCHWITZ SHOW TRIALS December 20, 1963-1965, August 10. A court run according to the manners of German past Witch Trials style Witchhammer, malleus maleficarium. At its head was the German Nazi Collaborator, Fritz Bauer, who worked together with Stefan Szende and Willy Brandt. The Kangaroo Court came to an end with reading of the verdict on August 19. It was in 1963 when grave racial disturbances went on in Alabama, USA.
See: Bauer F, Fritz-Buer-Institut, Hermann Langbein, Staglich/Staeglich, Szende S,
FRAUD, LITERATURE See: Anne Frank Diary, Anne Frank Drug Cult, Literature Fraud
FREE-LOADERS Jews must be according to tribal God Jehovah as indicated from Deuteronomy 6:10, 11 and other Bible places.
FULFILL Christ came to fulfill the Law. What about Usury, the way of Interest and Derivatives mentioned in the Bible? Where, and how, did he ‘’fulfill’’ this?
GEBHARD MANFRED, author of Die Zeugen Jehovas: Eine Dokumentation uber die Wachtturmgesellschaft, Verlag Hubert Freistuhler, Schwerte/Ruhr, DDR, 1971, 317 pages, our Bibliography number 445. One of the best books ever written on the Jehovah’s Witnesses, written for East Germany’s Communist party to combat Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was one of the first books ever introducing quotes and excerpts in Apologetic works, giving the book a powerful message.
GENTILE If you was a Gentile, a Goy, all you was was a piece of flesh ready to be butchered as the Levite Concubine. Your sole duty is to praise the Jews, Jehovah God’s Chosen Race and People. Once you are in heaven, the praise continues, making honest people begging to go to Hell.
GLOWNA KOMISJA BADANIA ZBRODNI HITLEROWSKICH The important Stalinist think and extortion tank, headed by Czeslaw Pilichowski, located at Al. Ujazdowski 11, in Warszawa, Poland. See: Pilichowski, Wieczorek,
GRAPHOLOGY See: Anne Frank Drug Cult, BECKER Minna
GOD FOR THE LIVING, Jehovah is This depends all on which shoes you are standing in. When it comes to Amalekite, Canaanites, Philistines, and others, it meant death. It’s doubletalk all the way.
GOOGLE, a company of NSA.
GRABNER Maximilian
GROLL LENNART An utterly corrupt and wicked Judge masquerading as a bona fide judge, who helped in torturing Ditlieb Felderer by his vicious acts. He manipulated his own Stockholms Tingsratt court to falsely convict Ditlieb Felderer. Later on, his next target was Ahmed Rami who run Radio Islam in Sweden. From there this fiendish brute got Lennart Petterson falsely charged of having assassinated Olof Palme. He also was chosen by Sweden to be its main representative for Free Speech and no Censorship. Surprised?
HAGEE John Leader of Megachurch, Corner Stone Church in San Antonio. A fanatic Israel Scofieldite, those ever prophesying Dispensationalists, one of the most dangerous Cult on our Planet Earth. His teaching is pure Racialist and continues on the Utopia of God’s Chosen People who the Phallic Jewish God, Jehovah, is supposed to have made his own, and who still are waiting for their Jehovah border of Nile to Euphrates. In good Stefan Szende style, it is claimed that most of his members are Circumcised, including Hagee himself. If that has changed, he may have put on a new Foreskin like those Szende Faithfuls. See: Dispensationalism, Fertility Worship, Foreskin, Penis Worship, Phallic Worship, Sex, Skirthangers, Scofield, Scofieldte, Szende
HAIR Often used for various purposes, such as stimulating sex pleasure by the Jews and others. To hide this, the writer of 1 Corinthians 11:13, 14.
HAIRSHIRT Used to induce comfort through discomfort and pain, to achieve full Orgasm as a sign of Repentance. John the Baptist used such a shirt evidently for erotic reason which he could not avoid as he baptized his naked Adepts in the nude.
HARDCORE STALINIST A person who by his personal act, by words, mouth, or otherwise support Stalin’s basic Doctrines, his Fundamental Dogma. Example of such is: Starve or Starvation Doctrine, Auschwitz Gas Chamber Doctrine, No Swimming Pool Doctrine
HOCHHUTH Rolf An instigator of Dogma creator causing Stalin’s Auschwitz Vomitorium Doctrines to gain foothold in the West. Implied Pope Pius XII was guilty of fomenting extermination. Feels the Pope should have intervened. But how could he intervene with something that was not going on? The Pope knew religious services went on inside Auschwita, be that Evangelists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jewish, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, etc. Even Communists had their meeting. There were clergy and Rabbis of all sorts at Auschwitz. His theatrical novel Der Stellvertreter was published in 1963, the same year the Auschwitz Frankfurt Show Trials begun, and flavored the whole session with his fabrications. He may have gotten the hint of his criticism from Jehovah’s Witnesses.
HOESS Rudolf See: HOSS Rudolf
HOFFMAN Michael The second outlet to show a photo of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool in his book which shortly came out after the first Ernst Zundel Canada Show Trial.
HOLOCAUST Newspeak Cult Word The attempt to square the circle.
HOLOCAUST AND THE UNITED NATIONS PROGRAMME, The; UN Holocaust Program. A Zionist scheme to get Islam through the back door. It champions such frauds as the Anne Frank Drug Cult with its hoax the Anne Frank Diary, edited by the father of Anne, Otto Frank. See: Department of Public Information.
HOLOCAUST DENIAL A term introduced by Ditlieb Felderer and then purloined by Deborah Lipstadt and others.
HOSS or HOESS Rudolf Commandant of Auschwitz. Jehovah’s witnesses worked there and in the adjoining vegetable and flower garden. They denied witnesses against him when Stalin requested it. According to Pressac and Pelt, using their primitive and absurd argument of the Hydrant Doctrine, Hoss did not have running tap water. In fact, it was not available in the whole Camp although Birkenau had it! He was hung on false charges by Stalin, April 16, 1947. Hung on the same place where Gestapo Bilding was located, which was burned down likely by Tadeusz Wasowicz, K Smolen, Brandhumber, Szymanski, and other Nazi Collaborators who then turned hardcore Stalinists.
HUMAN SACRIFICE Ritual Slaughter practiced by the Jews.
HYDRANT German: Hydrant. Jean-Claude Pressac may have been the first one suggesting Auschwitz did not have a Hydrant. He did not pick this one up from Ditlieb Felderer. The dependence of Robert Jan Van Pelt on Pressac is shown in how he picks Pressac’s error up, and likewise gives it an excuse in describing the Auschwitz Swimming Pool as a tank for firefighters. The idiotism of carrying buckets of water to fill that tank does of course not enter into these scatterbrains. By the time the Swimming Pool was in use, Auschwitz had a High Water Tank, a Water Tower, shower placed at the Swimming Pool, flush toilets installed in all the Blocks, and various hydrants where water flushed out via a hose, such as at the vegetable and flower garden. Also see: Faucet, Fire Hydrant, Fireplug, Lavatory, Showerhead, Tap Water, Toilet,
HYMEN The Jewish Tribal God Jehovah ordered Aaron, Joshua, Moses, and other Saints, to Gang Rape all virgins, which include babies. They were to live for a short moment, for then to be killed like the others had been. To determine Virginity, God’s Chosen People had to inspect for hymen on their victims, probably assigned to Aaron, Moses, and the Older Men, the Bishops. The largest recorded Gang Rape is found in the Bible where 32,000 females, evidently mostly babies were Gang Raped by command of Jehovah God.
HYMEN SACRIFICE The Jewish Tribal God Jehovah commanded Jews to rape in Gang Rape all women and then kill them in Hymen Sacrifice.
HYPATIA Greek mathematician assassinated by Greek Orthodox for jealousy.
ICKE David Strong on Occultism and its influence on Politic, the Bank Empire, wars, and religion in general. Strong on British and Rothschild corruption. Has published several books. His films on YouTube and elsewhere carry great educational worth.
INCRIMINATE The very fact Exterminationists avoid, eliminate mentioning Jews as culpable, assessors in the crime, makes this Cult suspicious. It’s like putting ‘’Jews’’ instead of Italians as the culprits.
INFOWARS.COM A Libertarian political group centered in Texas.
INSTITUT FUR ZEITGESCHICHTE (IFZ) A West German State approved and paid outlet giving the rouge State right in persecuting, torturing, and assassinating opponents. It was headed for a while by Martin Broszat who stated no gassing was done at Dachau. They were in constant clash with Ditlieb Felderer who mocked them for not wanting to do serious research. A main agency for Israel and its Zionist world ambitions. Felderer mockingly designated IFZ as Idiots For Zionism.
INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN EMBASSY JERSALEM See: Internationale Christliche Botschaft Jerusalem
INTERNATIONALE CHRISTLICHE BOTSCHAFT JERUSALEM A hardcore Stalinist Christian Scofieldite Dispensationalist group of bewildered scatterbrains following any crowd leader they can get hold of. Good example of this was Dahlmann. Full worshippers of the fakes of the pilgrim Holy Shrine of Auschwitz, Crematory 1. In Norway they are known as Internasjonale Kristne Ambassade Jerusalem. A Israel Always Right like Napoleon of Orwell’s Animal Farm.
INTERNATIONALE JUGENDBEGEGNUNGSSTATTE See: Aktion Suhnezeichen, Education, International Youth Meeting House, School, Szymanski, Youth
INVESTIGATE Iran was refused to investigate Auschwitz Vomitorium by Poland’s Foreign Minister Stefan Meller on 17 February 2006.
IRAN When Iran requested allowance to investigate Auschwitz Vomitorium, Poland’s Foreign Minister, Stefan Meller refused it on February 17, 2006. Good article found in Time, September 25, 2006:25, where Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is questioned on the Holocaust. Iranian information activities helped the world a lot to understand Exterminatonism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult with its fake ‘’Gas Chambers’’ and other swindle artifacts. No wonder Poland’s Stalinist influenced leaders don’t want anyone to investigate.
IRVING David One of the few Establishment Historians who tries to get at the source, often failing. His Libel Suit against Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt turned out a flop with him having to pay. It follows the rule: Do not reason with anyone according to his foolishness or you become equal to him. Thanks to him he made mediocre fanatical Cult adept Lipstadt into a Guru for Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult.
ITCH CACOETHES Itch for Cult and Cult making, Doctrines, Dogmas, etc.
JACOBS-AMBROSEWICZ Jolanta, Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs Attractive woman, hardcore Stalinist and Holocaust Denier. Director of the Holocaust Studies Center at Jagiellonian University, Cracow. See: OLEKSY, SWIEBOCKA
JAGIELLONIAN UNIVERSITY Krakow. A center of peddling Stalin and his Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. Working there is the attractive Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs. See: BARTOSZEWSKI Wladyslaw, OLEKSY Krystyna, SWIEBOCKA Teresa,
JAPAN Japanese were put into American Concentration Camps at a very early stage. There, there was no huge kitchen, Olympic Swimming Pool, theatre, brothel, Cinema, variety of sport activities, circus, orchestras, etc. See: Concentration Camp, Concentration Camp-American, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Race, Racism
JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES The Corporation Watch Tower was successful in keeping secret how many of its members were interned in such countries as Australia, Canada, Sweden, USA. A speculative figure for USA alone is some 6000, who at one moment were interned inside USA Concentration Camps like they did to the Italians, Japanese, Jews, Mennonites, Native Indians, Quakers, Russians and others. What were its motives to keep such secret. The aim was to build up Jehovah’s Witnesses to a New World society. After it was shown that its Corporation, The Watch Tower, deliberately kept interned witnesses out of its history in World War 2, questions have been asked how many were interned like the Italians, Japanese, and others, in USA alone. The estimate range from 4000 to 6000. But the figure may even be higher if all are included regardless of time interned. They were put into Concentration Camps in such countries as: Sweden, Australia, Canada, England, Norway, etc. Stalin of course did it on his own.
JENSEN Olaf Hardcore Stalinist and Holocaust Denier. Lecturer in Holocaust Studies, University of Leicester. Director of Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust Stdies. See: SZEJNMANN Chris.
JESUS’ FIRST MIRACLE Making water to wine, John 2:1-11.
JESUS’ SECOND MIRACLE Some claim it was on Passover 30 AD when Jesus drives traders from Temple. Others claim it was when Jesus cursed the barren fig tree. Se enlightening article on this controversy.
JOHN PAUL II The Polish born Pope Pilgrims to Auschwitz, June 7, 1979.
JONES Alex strong on health, guns, State, Banking Empire, bank schemes, wars, he can be heard all the way to Africa. His Internet radio is also shown on You Tube and operates under
JONES Terry A comical Koran burner who evidently realizes the crazy media we got.
JONG Loe de A Bilderberg gate keeper set in to guard the Holy Temple of the Anne Frank Drug Cult.
KACORZYK Andrezcj hardcore stalinist and holocaust denier, linked in with INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR EDUCATION ABOUT AUSCHWITZ. SEE: YOUTH
KANGAROO TRIAL A mock trial such as that against Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer.
KACZYNSKI Lech Polish politician who opened the door for the New World Order and bank capitalism with its Derivative swindles to enter Poland without hinder.
KITTO JOHN Euphemistic stated the Jewish woman were peculiarly addicted to the use of the Teraphim, the Jewish Penis Dildo cut off from Philistines, Amalekites, and others, and later off Poles.
KLICH Bogdan Polish politician, Minister For War, and responsible for torture and rendition of the Bush enemies. Pilgrimed to Auschwitz Museum For War, February 19, 2009.
KNIGHTS’ and Officers’ Crosses of the Order of Poland Reborn
KYSKHETSBALTE Swedish for Chastity Belt
LARES and Penates There was no difference of these from Jewish using their Dildos, Teraphim. Also see: Eros, Lingam, Penis, Teraphim
LEICESTER See: JENSEN Olaf, SZEJNMANN, University of Leicester,
LEVIN Jan A Swedish Jewish Thug and pseudo-judge set in by the corrupt politicians to fight Free Speech, and a Mossad informer, run by the Kahal of Stockholms main Synagogue. Operating his crimes of torture and persecution from his crime nest of Sodra Roslags Tingsratt in Stockholm, Sweden, he manipulated the hearings against Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer. With the victim slaughtered down, Thug Prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind , requested him to continue on with the abuse and torture of Felderer who was slaughtered down to ground. Jan Levin requested the Swedish psychiatry to incarcerate Felderer for life. He is the first person in Europe history who granted torture and abuse of victim on account of ‘’improper translation’’ of a word, which the Roman Catholic Church in all its powers and authority never went that far. Accused of being partial, in cahoots with the Thug Prosecutor Agneta Isborn Lind, a racist, hatemonger, bigot, and biased he finally got the hint of his immense crime nature and fired himself from the Mock Show Trial. He is claimed to be the FIRST judge ever in history dismissing himself because of corruption being shown. He is also supposed to be the first judge in Swedish history getting the hell out of a State trial by running away. He was involved with numerous scandals and served as the Mr Terror for the Courts.
LEVITICAL SLAUGHTER Ritual Slaughter conducted by Jews angry over a person’s decorum. Frequently involved with cutting off Foreskins and complete Penises as Trophy and Dildo of Amalekites, Canaanites, and Philistines.
LEVIN Meyer American Jewish play writer who sued Otto Frank for stealing his work.
LID See: Lid Fake Doctrine of Crematory One, Lid Fakes Of Crematory 1
LID FAKES OF CREMATORY ONE Stalin claimed there were four vent, lid, openings, for poison gas, Zyklon B, on top of roof of Holy Shrine 1, Crematory 1, when he invaded the Camp. This was a lie. They were all made by him some time afterward by Tadeusz Wasowicz, Czech, Smolen, and others. Similar chiseling out was done later by Stalinists to morgue roof of Hoy Shrine 2, Crematory 2 at Birkenau. This was but a continuation of the former swindle to scam the public. See: Opening, Roof, Vent, Zyklon B.
LIDFORSS Bengt Swedish Socialist politician and Bible Critic whose book Kristendomen published in 1911 caused an uproar. Book 1032 in Bibliography.
LILLEHAMMER in Norway were Mossad secretly worked in its Sicarii assassination activities, this time resulting in that they assassinated the wrong person, the Moroccan waiter, Ahmed Bouchikhi, on a Saturday (Sabbath!), July 21, 1973. It is still being investigated how many Israeli Mossad secretly assassinated, and still assassinate, working together with and others. Several such assassination attempts were attempted against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philipine wife. As a rule at that time Mossad operated through the help of the telephone. Today Internet has taken over.
LINGAM Another word for the male Penis.
LIPSTADT Deborah Guru Cult leader born 18 March 1947 in New York City. Claimed to be USA greatest Holocaust Denier, but it is evident much of her work is done behind the scene as she knows no German. She purloined, stole the word Holocaust Denier from Ditlieb Felderer making it out she invented it. A rabbit Cult member of Exterminationism and the Holocaust Commercial Cult. She methodically is a Holocaust Denier by denying the Collaboration with the Nazis with most of the claimed Survivor Witnesses, such as Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller, where she and her Faithfuls make them out as ‘victims’ instead of perpetrators. To this end plenty of deflection maneuver hocus-pocus is needed. By David Irving foolishly suing her with Libel, he opened up for this mediocre woman to become a Guru of the Cult. She has called David Irving a ‘’Falscher und Lugner’’. She denies the meaning of the word ‘’Holocaust’’, meaning the Olah act of Penis moving up into Erection, along with the Auschwitz Swimming pool, evidently sticking and getting stuck with the Sperm Doctrine. Seemingly Auschwitz Vomitorium Director, hardcore Stalinist Jerzy Wroblewski, and super Censor of Stalin Katyn massacres, denied Lipstadt and Dick Cheney, then USA Vice President looking for support for the Auschwitz For War Doctrine; to see the Swimming Pool, Brothel, Theatre, Kitchen, and other places when they together Pilgrimed Auschwitz Vomitorium. Lipstadt has never spent one second of serious study of the Material Evidence and Auschwitz Vomitorium, or elsewhere, obviously fearing she will be made a laughing stock there. She may have had something to do with censoring . While she pretends to respect First USA Amendement and Free Speech, behind the scene she does all to get facts contrary to her Cult Censored and those responsible charged before State Kangaroo Courts. She certainly did nothing to get David Irving out of his Concentration Camp in Austria, nor anything of all those persecuted, of which the various Jewish Synagogues stand behind. Her book, Denying the Holocaust: the growing assault on truth and memory, is standard reading for Cult members. It was published in USA, in 1993, and in Britain in 1995. The books is replete with fictitious claims, all since refuted by Hilberg, Pelt, Pressac, and other Exterminationists. Seeing the Cult has its origin in Talmudic-Biblical Old Testament fantasy world, one expects her to use Hebrew words for the Cult, but as all Cult members interested to sell the Faith, she uses the Greek ‘’Holocaust’’, which of course refers to the ancient Greek Phallic Fertility Cult, the ceremony of making the male Penis move up (Olah), to a strong and effective Jehovah position to do the job it was intended to do. Our suggestion to Lipstadt is to start investigating Israeli Concentration Camps for Palestinians, the world’s largest camps, and find out which one has an Olympic Swimming Pool, huge Kitchen as in Auschwitz, special Theatre building, Cinema, Orchestra, school for photography, art, etc. It does not take much to find out that Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt’s main work is for diversionary purposed to get attention from Israeli War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. See: Caust, Evans, Exterminationism Holocaust, Holocaust Denial, Holocaust Commercial Cult, Irving, Newspeak, Orwell, Rees,
MAD New Testament claims Jesus Christ was a mad man, Mark 3:21.
MAGIC Exterminationism is deeply involved with Magicry and its Guru Faithfuls admit it is a Mystery, like musterium tremendum, the Holy Trinity, the Mass, etc. See: Apotropaic, Augery, Crowley, Curse, Minna Becker, Demonism, Devil, Devilry, Divination, Ephod, Jehovah God Of Fear And Terror, Satanism, Seer, Sibylline Oracles, Soothsaying, Sortilege, Speaking in Tongues, Thaumaturgy, Tongue, Urim And Thumim
MAIN COMMISSION FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF NAZI WAR CRIMES Same as Stalin’s Soviet War Crimes Commission which Stalin used to camouflage Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes. They put in charge Nazi Collaborator, Tadeusz Wasowicz, as the first Auschwitz Vomitorium Director to that end.
MAJDANEK MUSEUM See: Majdane Vomitorium
MAJDANEK VOMITORIUM This fake ‘’museum’’ has almost as many swindles as its brother, Auschwitz Vomitorium. Headed for some time by Director Edward Dziadosz.
MANDELBAUM Henryk A claimed former Jewish Sonderkommando and a German Collaborator surviving well and living long after he was supposed to die after three months. Not as big of a tale maker as Filip Muller. Stalinism never dared making a documentary out of him though he was living right there in Poland.
MARK Of The Beast In this controversy of Biblical interpretation, what fits best is Stefan Szende’s putting new Foreskin of a Circumcised Penis, which would mean such Foreskins had to be stolen from Gentile Goy. Who then would be without a Foreskin. Thus, the American people fit best as they have been conditioned to believe that Circumcision is a must for Christians, making one wonder why this exerted push is of such importance to the people.
MELLER Stefan 1942-2008 Polish Foreign Minister who ruled out on February 17, 2006, allowing any Iranian researcher investigate Auschwitz Vomitorium.
MERTA Tomasz Set in by the New World Order as the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, a continuation of the Stalinist work of Nazi Collaborators who then turned Stalinists, Czeslaw Pilichowski, Tadeusz Wasowicz, and Janusz Wieczorek.
METAMORPHOSIS The constant changes, alterations of the Holocaust Commercial Cult, Exterminationism.
MILITARY ACADEMY WARSAW Claimed to be run by Israeli instructors.
MIRACLE Exterminationism in its basic is a continuation of Martyrology. Hence all Exterminationists are also Martyrologists, where dependence rest on propaganda, Stalin, and emotional and false testimonies. See: Jesus” First Miracle—John 2:1-11, Makabre Judenwitze, Making Water To Wine, Minna Becker Power, Powerful Works
MIRACLE EXTERMINATIONISM, the Holocaust Commercial Cult is a continuation of Bible Miracles and Martyrology. Stalin used it to create his own Religion under the guise of Infidelity (Secularism).
MIRACLE, THE Film of Federico Fellini of how an innocent peasant woman is seduced by a shepherd who becomes convinced that her pregnancy will produce a second Jesus Christ.
MIRACLE JESUS CONTROVERSY Curious enough Miracles were not believed by Jesus’ closest ones. His brothers did not believe, John 7:5; although he had performed so many signs in their presence, they did not believe into him, John 12:37; account of their lack of faith caused problems for Jesus, Matthew 13:58; he wondered at their lack of faith.
MIRACLE, JESUS’ FIRST See: Jesus’ First Miracle
MIRACLE, JESUS’ SECOND: See: Jesus’ Second Miracle
MONTESSORI Maria 1870-1952 See: Anne Frank Drug Cult
MORTIFICATION Jewish women would humiliate greatly the Goyim by their masturbation of Dildo Teraphims, and these being impotent without achieving Semen climax.
MOSSAD Lillehammer
MUSIC See: Auschwitz Orchestra, Auschwitz Waltz,
NAPKIN Paul and his Miracles with
NETHERLANDS See: Anne Frank Drug Cult
NEVER See: Never Again, Never Forget, Never Forgive, Thee Never Doctrine
NEWSPEAK See: Animal Farm, Nineteeneightyfour, Orwell,
NIEMOLLER (Friedrich Gustav Emil) Martin 1892-1984 By some as Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of being a Nazi Collaborator, by others as resisting Hitler. He was embroiled in many scandals and became president of the World Council of Churches in 1961. To get some insight into the man one is virtually forced to reading older Jehovah’s Witnesses sources, who like him, were incarcerated inside Hitler’s Concentration Camps. By his acts, he kept some balance on the controversy to not totally swear into Stalinism. A question raised up has been why he was not executed like Bonhoeffer. See: Absehr, Bell, Dohnanyi, Ecumenisism, International Law, Kennedy, Masonry, Odessa, Oster,
NIGERIAN LETTERS fake Internet emails requesting for money and information that will result in losing your money.
NINE ELEVENTH The October 11, 2001, incident when two airplanes struck World Trade Center and its twin towers, making both buildings fall as if prepared by demolition experts. Curiously a third one fell the same way without being struck, bringing the whole act under severe suspicions of an Inside Job. See: CIA, Inside Job, Mossad, Twin Towers, World Trade Center
NUDE BAPTISM See: Baptism Nude
OBAMA Barack World media reports that a relative of President Obama assisted in liberating Auschwitz. In such a case he was fighting in Stalin’s Communist army. He seems to have been denied seeing the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.
OBAMA And His Auschwitz Swimming Pool No information has been given of Obama’s relative seeing the Auschwitz Swimming Pool at his liberation of the camp.
OLAH Clinical Sexology and the Olah-Holocaust Cult.
OLEKSY Krystyna Hardcore Stalinist and one-time Deputy Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium. Was active Holocaust Denier.
OPIUM WARS 1839-42; 1856-60.
OSTERAKER CONCENTRATION CAMP A rendition camp in Sweden where political, philosophical, and religious dissenters are put into, situated outside Stockholm in the north part. It is secretly put, covered by the forest surrounding it. Olof Palme’s murderer was to be put in there, and it was this place where Ditlieb Felderer underwent some of his tortures by brute Abu Ghraib type guards.
PACIFISM See: Conscription, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Just War, Mennonite, War, War Crime,
PALME Olof Sweden’s Prime Minister Assassinated likely by his wife, Lisbet, on Wednesday, 28 February 1986. He was instrumental of bringing the Anne Frank Drug Cult to Sweden and to imprison Ditlieb Felderer inside Concentration Camps.
PARALIPSIS Obfuscate by various means.
PARAPHERNALIA Items such as Dildos, Cilise, Foreskins, Penises dried up, to achieve sexual pleasure and climax.
PARASITE Jews commanded by their tribal God Jehovah to be, Deuteronomy 6:10, 11.
PAROUSIA See: End-Time, Epiphany, Eschatology, Return of Christ, Second Coming of Christ
PATIL Pratibha Devisingh Indian official woman whom Cywinski tricked into the Auschwitz fake Gas Chamber on April 26, 2009. She was denied seeing the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.
PELT DICHOTOMY DOCTRINE The art of riding on two horses at one time.
PENANCE The act of Masturbation with full climax often done via Dildos of dried Penises, abrasive clothing places at genitals, etc.
PETTERSSON Christer The alcoholic which Mafia Judge, Thug Lennart Groll, falsely sentenced for having killed Olof Palme.
PHALOTOMY Cutting off of Penis by the Jews.
PHOTOGRAPHY See: Forensic Photography,
PILICHOWSKI Czeslaw Former Nazi Collaborator who then turned faithful Stalinist and whom Stalin put in to follow on with the Soviet occupation of Poland. As such he put full censorship on any Soviet atrocity caused in Poland by Stalin and elsewhere. One absolute taboo was to mention Katyn and the Polish soldiers whereabouts, whom Stalin then pushed onto the Germans. He headed the Auschwitz Vomitorium and decided what was allowed and not. All documents given out had to be approved by him. That means, Auschwitz Director, Smolen, was his complete puppet. Head of Glowna Komisja Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich, Pilichowski’s work was to continue on the Stalin fabrication of German atrocity camps, either fictional and real. Through his office went a stream of propaganda work, most of unsustain charges and falsifications. When Ditlieb Felderer went to his office at Al, Ujazdowski 11, in Warszawa, he was met by his secretary mistress, dressed in cowboy outfit, all faulting were her pistols. He constantly attempted to get West Germany to pay for their ‘’war crimes’’, and as such had vested interest to maintain the fakes on material evidences there, at Birkenau, and elsewhere. When West Germany finally did pay, the money did not get to the victims but to Pilichowski and his Communist friends. No investigation could be done without his approval, which means everything done in research and such must be OK-yed by him. It is still a mystery whether Pilichowski approved of Tadeusz Iwaszko’ work in supposedly helping Pressac out. If Iwaszko did it on his own, perhaps being paid for it, he was in real trouble and may have been assassinated in a staged car accident. But there were others in on it seeing Iwaszko got punished, not the least the Zionists, who hated Pressac for ignoring ‘’Survivor Witnesses Testimonies’’. A main Pilichowski Stalinist work was to maintain all fundamental Doctrines. That’s why the Gallows Door Doctrine took such a long time to change, when suddenly by some mysterious hocuc-pocus, the Corpse Door becomes the central door of the faked ‘’Gas Chamber’’ at Auschwitz. He also served as a spy agency, making sure of who spread ‘’rumors’’ about Katyn, and to liquidate such ones.
PIPER Franciszek Hardcore Stalinist. Once Chief Archivist and historian. Senior Curator and Director of Archives of Auschwitz Vomitorium. He managed to keep Katyn Massacres out of the Zionist propaganda center. See: Jerzy BRANDHUBER, CZECH Danuta, IWASZKO Tadeusz, SETKIEWICZ Piotr, SMOLEN Kazimierz, SZYMANSKI Tadeusz, WASOWICZ Tadeusz , WIECZOREK Janusz
PIUS XII He has been accused for not notifying and doing something about the so called ‘’Holocaust’’. How could he, or he would have reported about the Stalin Martyrs swimming in the Swimming Pool.
PLUNDER Jesus Christ accused that all those come before him were thieves and plunderers, John 10:8.
POLIAKOV Leon Hardcore Stalinist of Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaine. An early Cult exponent of the Holocaust Commercial Cult.
PORPHURY ca 233-305 AD Bible critic at time of Christian beginning.
PRANCING around Jews often do skipping around to strike home some dogmatic issue, reminiscent of George Orwell in his Animal Farm, and those theatrical acts at the Wailing Wall.
PREDATORY Jews are commanded to be by the tribal God Jehovah, Deuteronomy 6:10, 11; Isaiah 60. See: Booty, Extortion, Plunder, Spoil, Temple, Usury.
PRESIDENT’S COMMISSION ON THE HOLOCAUST Zionist propaganda outlet teaching hardcore Stalinist Exterminationism. Location according to Flyer 305: Suite 7233, 726 Jackson Pl., NW, Washington DC 20503, USA.
PRESSAC Jean-Claude 1944-2003. A purloiner of the works of Ditlieb Felderer, who was sold as an anti-Revisionist, who published for the Jewish Lobby. He was able to fool Robert Faurisson for his pecuniary ambitions. For a while a much liked Guru by the Exterminationists until they discovered his Physical Evidence approach was attacking their Emotional Witnesses Testimony Doctrine. He was thrown on the dung heap by Exterminationism in 1995 when he came out with his claim those Survivor Witnesses are themselves perpetrators and victims at the same time and everything is false, thereby following the line of Raul Hilberg. Pressac, like Hilberg, may have been assassinated.
PROFESSOR In respect to the Three Stooges, Ditlieb Felderer, has stated ’’the dumber you are the more likely you become a Professor’’.
PROFIT Profits always come before principles no matter in which State or Religion. Corporate interest is what matters in the Banking casino world of today.
PROVAN Charles O Ditlieb Felderer describes him as one of the worst liars he ever has come across, his worst sport, using his many kids for his lie machine acts. A Christian Birther who had 10 kids and who used his children to fabricate his lies. Unfortunately connected with Michael Hoffman who seems to have been beguiled by him.
PURIM At Purim feasts the stomach becomes a Vomitorium, cramming into it all sorts of food, often resulting in vomiting. See: Vomitorium.
PURPLE A color often used indicating Eroticism, Prostitution, Sex. Lydia in Bible was selling of Purple in Philippi, Acts 16:14, 15.
RADA OCHRONY POMNIKOW WALKI I MECZENSTWA A Stalin Soviet propaganda outlet for setting up monuments all over Poland against Fascism, meaning Capitalist West, headed by Janusz Wieczorek, at Krakowskie Przedmiescie 48/50, Warsaw. His friend, Czeslaw Pilichowski, headed another part of the Stalin propaganda, in charge of Auschwitz Vomitorium.
RAMI Ahmed
RED SCARE 1919-20 See: American Indian Phobia, Blood, Bloody Mary, Canada, Canadia Indian Phobia, Fear, Foreign Hate, Hell Fire Phobia, John D Rockefeller, Oliver Wendell Homes, A Mitchell Palmer, Palmer Raids, Red Flag, Red Guard, Red Handed, Red Hot, Red Indian, Redneck, Red Mass,Red Riding Hood, Red Shirt, Sin Phobia, Strike,Third International Comintern 1919, USA Italian Phobia, USA Japanese Phobia, USA Jehovah’s Witnesses Phobia, Zundel Phobia
RITUAL SLAUGHTER Good Jewish examples are Judith and the Levite Concubine, Agag, Jesus Christ
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH The Church is often attacked for having collaborated with Hitler and aided in the cause of Extermination, misnamed ‘’Holocaust’’, the Olah-Holocaust Worship. The fact that the REAL collaborators, the Jewish Sonderkommando with such heads as necrophiliac Filip Muller, are never mentioned as such indicates this Dogma to be fully fictional.
ROMANS 13:1-7
ROOF There are 2 roofs of special interest for Revisionists which were manipulated by Stalin and his close Communist friends for the Holocaust Commercial Cult. First, the four fake openings on the roof of Holy Shrine One, Crematory 1, where Stalin claimed Zyklon B was emptied into by the Jewish Sonderkommando, sometimes ‘’thrown into’’, landing on top of the heads of the supposed Stalin Martyrs inside. Second roof of major interest is the roof of the morgue of Holy Shrine 2, Crematory 2, where opening were chiseled out, after those made at Holy Shrine 1, Crematory 1. See: Lid, Crematory 1 & 2, Vent
ROTH Heinz
RUDOLF Germar An early chemical trained Revisionist who debunked many Exterminationist tales. His studies are must reading by anyone wanting to get in on the subject. See: LEUCHTER Fred, Zyklon B
SACRIFICE Jews were commanded to Sacrifice Gentiles by Jehovah God.
SALVATION While the Christians talk about Salvation, the Jews talk about how to get their money from the Goys which is Salvation to them according to Biblical Theology.
SAUNA Saunas were part of communal need for cleanliness and sanitary conditions. Famous are Finnish and Russian Saunas, taken over by Nazi Germany, as interest in foreign ways of cleanliness was encouraged. Hippocrates said of them: Steam bath helps to cure diseases when all other means are helpless. At a time in Europe history when bathing was to be done only rarely, or never at all, Finns were cleaning themselves in Saunas at least once a week. Finnish mothers almost all gave birth in Saunas. There were different kinds of Saunas, the Smoke Sauna; Finnish: savusauna, emit what seems to be smoke. Germans had at least two preliminary Saunas inside Birkenau, built onto barns. People using them would then rush naked into water pond, to all Pole’s amazement who got to see it. Officially these were later moved to the huge building Sauna, the largest structure inside Birkenau Camp. The old ones were apparently still used. Hans Stark is to have said: ‘’In an ante-room…I would ask them to get undressed’’. This almost appears to refer to the use of Sauna. See: Bathhouse, Birth, Dry Heat Bath, Frog, Maternity, Naked, Nude, Peeping Tom, Pond, Savusauna, Smoke, Smoke Sauna.
SAWICKI Pawel Auschwitz official. Helped in getting going the Stalinist splurge of rejuvenating Stalinist Doctrines via its Facebook, . In good Stalinist footsteps and style he promised that Revisionists, whom he called ‘’Holocaust Deniers’’, a term introduced by Ditlieb Felderer, that, they would not get a platform. Only Stalinists would get a platform, so that excludes all serious historians and investigators. Old Stalin keeps marching on, now on the rip-off Capitalist, facebook. The above was announced October 15, 2009.
SCHEFFLER WOLFGANG 22 July 1929-2008 Novemer 18. West German State employed historian and State approved aid to give reason for jailing people who think otherwise. Like all the rest of Mafia agents, he never investigated Auschwitz or anything pertaining to it. God involved with literary
SCHNELL WILLIAM J Thirty Years A Watch Tower Slave: The Confessions of a converted Jehovah’s Witness, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids 6, Michigan, USA, 1970, 207 pages, book 455 in our Bibliography. Schnell was a friend of Victor V Blackwell, a Jehovah’s Witness lawyer, who also became critical and wrote a book about them.
SCHWARTZ Fred Hardcore Stalinist used to deflect Stalin War Crimes such as Katyn Massacre. President and Founder of Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation.
SCOFIELD Cyrus Ingerson 1843-1921. The Father of Scofieldism, the Cult which gives total freedom for Bible bogus Israel to engage in any atrocity at their will. The Cult is closely connected with the Holocaust Commercial Cult. See: Christian Fundamentalism, Dispensationalism, Fundmentalism, Holy Rollers, Joachim of or Floris or Fiore,PETRACH Francisco Petrarca, Sabbatai Z’vi, Scofield Reference Bible
SCOFIELDISM Same as Dispensationalism, see: Fundamentalism, SCOFIELD Cyrus
SCRUTAMINI SCRIPTURA By turning to the meaning of words, such Cults as Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, finds out words bommerang. John Selden was aware of this and used it.
SELDEN John (1584-1654) He used Scrutamini scriptura in looking at the Scriptures, stating, ‘’These two words have undone the world’’—Bible, Scripture
SETKIEWICZ Piotr head of the Archives of Auschwitz like formerTadeusz Iwaszko, instead of going straight out telling about the Stalin hoaxes, puts it mildly, by stating of Auschwitz: ‘’because of pseudo-conservationist modifications were introduced changing the appearance of certain places’’. For some 65 years these ‘’pseudo-conservationist modifications’’ were claimed to be original as such as when Stalin entered into the Camp. If asked further, you were told they rest on assured records, testimonies, chemical proofs, scientific studies, court cases, and what the accused, such as Rudolf Hoss, had given. This was Gospel Truth for some 65 years, all now becoming Gospel Lies. Can anyone believe one word what these charlatans of faking history dish out? Hence proving our point, Auschwitz is not a museum but a Vomitorium for making a stream of new Doctrines to replace old lies or deflect from them.
SHOWERHEAD Existed at Auschwitz Swimming Pool and first mentioned by Ditlieb Felderer. Never mentioned by Exterminationists as they call it a firefighting tank and Showers don’t fit in with firefighters using them. It would also debunk the No Hydrant Doctrine. Why have Showerheads and no Hydrants? What is most important? Inside Auschwitz there was also the risk of Pyromaniacs. So a Hydrant was essential once Water Tank got working. See: Flush, Flush Toilet, Hydrant, Tap Water, Toilet
SIBYLLINE ORACLES Collection of oracular prophecies in which Jewish or Christian Doctrines were allegedly confirmed by a sibyl (legendary Greek prophetess); the prophecies were actually the work of certain Jewish and Christian writers from about 150 BC to about AD 180 and are often confused with the Sibylline Books, a supposedly much earlier collection of sibylline prophecies. A rage of Crystal Ball gazing, magic, and wonders happened after World War I as did World War II. Otto Frank’s help in forging documents was partly done by Minna Becker, a Soothsayer and Magician, whom he enlisted to license his forgery for State use. Minna Becker is to have been cheated out of the money promised her by Otto Frank. Similar what happened to Stefan Szende? See: Anne Frank Drug Cult, Anne Frank, Anne Frank House, Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s Diary, Hoax, Jehovah, Literary Forgery,
SIEMENS The latest modernity of Siemens was used inside the many kitchens as Auschwitz and at Birkenau, inside the Birkenau Sauna, and inside the various hospitals, such as at Birkenau.
SIKORSKI Radoslaw Born 23 February 1963. A covert Stalinist who lived it up in the swinging world in Rotschild England and then chosen Foreign Minister due to his knowledge of English. Under his services Zionism becomes a major force in Poland with their Exterminationist front Cult. His wife, Anne Applebaum, wrote an interesting book on the Soviet and Stalin Gulags. How many guides and other workers at the Auschwitz Vomitorium were persecuted, killed, or sent to the Gulags we still do not know.
SMOKE The reports of Smoke at Birkenau may have some truth as Germans used the method of Smoke Saunas which emit what appears to be smoke. But the real smoke was actually done by Stalin and his friends who got the big Bathouse and Hospital burned down at Birkenau as they interfered with their Exterminationism dogma. And subsequently they also got Canada burned down. Here is when real smoke came up from Birkenau and any report about real smoke must have been done then. Smoke do not come out of the Crematory ovens.
SMOLEN Kazimierz Former Nazi Collaborator who turned Stalinist and important Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium from 1955, taking it over from yet another Nazi Collaborator who turned Stalinist, Tadeusz Wasowicz. By the time Smolen took it over most of the Cult’s Doctrines had been made, along with the artistry, done by Brandhuber, Szymanski, and others, under the direction of Stalinist, Soviet War Crimes Commission. He was a reputed Woman Chaser, estranged from his wife, who also worked at the Auschwitz Archives, Block 24. He was accused of manipulating pensions of former inmates. He served as a Kapo and was taught administration, which evidently he learned fast, becoming very efficient at it, including learning German. He aided in convicting Rudolf Hoess on false charges and may have witnessed his hanging near the Gallows Door which later was turned into the Gallows Door Doctrine, the entrance door where most of the 4 million went into to get gassed. He may have been involved with burning down the Gestapo Building, and certainly Birkenau Bathhouse and Hospital, along with the Saunas and Brothels. As he was in complete charge, he must have been behind the chiseling out of the holes, openings, at Crematory 2, where heavy concrete lids were placed to make it appear genuine replicas from German time. He was present helping out with the Fankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials in West Germany where he did his best to keep Katyn Massacres out of the way, and loyally followed Stalinist orders, which was more than could be said of his co-worker, Jan Sehn, who evidently got assassinated just after the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials.

SODRA ROSLAGS TINGSRATT A vicious Mafia nest and a Swedish pseudo court engaged in the help of persecuting innocent victims the Swedish corrupt politicians discover. It was here where the Thug Jewish pseudo judge Jan Levin operated his crimes, manipulating and aiding in the torture of victims.
SOCIALISM, unless equally adopted and functioning it becomes parasitic.
SONDERKOMMANDO, German for Special Command.
MARK Bernard
WIESENTHAL Simon Former Nazi Collaborator who then turned Stalinist in his teaching and a Mossad agent. The perfect liar, he caused the imprisonment and torture of Ditlieb Felderer. Rented and raved about Felderer and his humanitarian work to spread the Good News, which Wiesenthal ranted out as evil. Had secret meetings with the Swedish Government on how to stop Felderer. His office was at Salztorgasse 6/IV/5, A-1010 Vienna, Austria. An exceptional vicious and ugly looking man of Khazar origin, whose looks gave away whom he was and would scare any woman at long distance.
SPORT See: Bicycle, Recreation, Ten Star Hotel
SS HOSPITAL A hospital for the SS just by the alleged ‘’Gas Chamber’’ not for to gas the SS but to cure them. In fact, one of the Directors of Auschwitz Vomitorium, Nazi Collaborator, Tadeusz Szymanski, was treated back to life there, after almost ending ‘’going up the Chimney’’. After being cured by Mengele staff he worked there at times, as did German Collaborator, Kazimierz Smolen, the longtime Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium, who then turned Stalinist. The building is covered by windows at all sides, making it impossible for those inside not to hear, see, and smell what was going on outside. Yet Stalin could not come up with one witness working inside telling anything about it, including Smolen and Szymanski. Smolen in turn had at his disposal plenty of rooms for his lady friends, and those of the Secret Service and politicians. The building has over 70 windows!
STALIN JOSEPH Not long after the Stalin Great Purge (1937-1938) he invaded Auschwitz creating his Dogma and various Doctrines of the Holocaust Commercial Cult, Exterminationism.
STALIN FOUR DOCTRINE Consists of: 1. 4 fake Crematory ovens at Holy Shrine 1, Crematory 1 2. Supposedly four fake openings with lids chiseled out by Stalin on roof of Holy Shrine 1, Crematory 1. 3. Four openings into which Jewish Sonderkommando tossed poison gas (Zyklon B) into supposedly existing, but don’t, on Holy Shrine 2, Crematory 2 at Birkenau, introduced by Stalinists. See: Four
STOCKHOLMS TINGSRATT A Mafia court and Stockholm’s main preliminary court run for a time by the notorious criminal, Thug Lennart Groll, who in good Swedish standard manipulated and held total control of his nest of criminals. He aided in the torture of Ditlieb Felderer. To help the estranged wife of Olof Palme out, they were then living separately, Groll falsely convicted Petterson, an alcoholic, unable to defend himself, for having assassinated Olof Palme.
SURVIVOR WITNESSES See: Babble, Blabbermouth, Cackle, Chatter, Chatterbox, Chew the fat, Chitchat, Felderer, Gibber-jabber, Gossip, Hilberg, Holocaust Survivor, Jabber, Pelt, Prate, Prattle, Pressac, Rumor, Shoot the breeze, Windbag
SWEDISH POLICE Operate like muggers invading homes and stealing property.
SWIEBOCKA Teresa Auschwitz Vomitorium woman official.
SZYMANSKI Tadeusz Nazi Collaborator, then hardcore Holocaust Denier, Stalinist, and leading Exterminationist, member of the Holocaust Commercial Cult. Art Supervisor of Auschwitz Vomitorium, taken it over from Bandhuber. Claimed birth at Gostilla, Bosnien on 18 May 1917 and died at Auschwitz, February 28, 2002. An important Stalinist who sought contact with the West. He was taught German by Doctor Mengele and others who cured him, nearly dying of Spotted Feber and other complications. Was cured at SS Hospital while full gassings were supposed to take place just outside. Became leading Kapo, and was put in charge for Art works at Auschwitz which he handled so well he got promoted. Used International Jugendbegegnungsstatte as vehicle for his new faith of Stalinism. Lived at the Auschwitz Vomitorium like so many others. Under repeated questioning from Ditlieb Felderer, he confessed the Chimney of Crematory 1 was a fake, but more of a symbolic Chimney. Asked what it was symbolic of he could not answer. Gave out that he was arrested for being a Boy Scout, a common excuse given by Nazi Collaborators who later became Stalinists. He survived some 5 years at Auschwitz Camp, while Stalinist Doctrine claimed only Collaborators could survive, and if not directly killed, could survive only a few weeks, mostly 3 weeks. Jewish Sonderkommando were supposed to be killed after 3 months. Ditlieb Felderer had a liking to him, for his at times display of honesty. He charged in at a conversation Felderer had with Czech and Piper, mocking Felderer for his skepticism, which he himself had brought to him. He enjoyed getting young Virgins into his Block 25 which centered the Art work. At times his conclusions were correct, and he may have seen there wasn’t really much difference from Stalinism to Western Capitalism. They both seemed to use people as suckers.
TAP WATER German: Leitungswasser. Water as it comes from a tap via a Water Tank. All Blocks at Auschwitz had them, as did the other buildings, as the huge Kitchen.
TERAPHIM Swedish: Husgudar, Spanish: idoles familiares, German: Hausgott A play Dildo consisting of a foreskinned Penis cut off by the Jews of Amalekites, Canaanites, Philistines, and others, which Jewish women use to play an tease each other, by masturbating the dry Penis, drawing its Foreskin back and forth but without achieving semen climax, thereby showing that the Gentiles have been conquered and exterminated. See: Chastity Belt, David, Dildo, Ephod, Flabellum, Genesis 31:19, Image, Kitto, Lares, Magic, May Pole, Michal, Penis, Philistine, Pseudocopulation, Uncanny Power
THAUMATURGY The performance of Miracles especially by Magic, such as those told by Commercial Holocaust Deniers. See: Apotropaic, Hocus-Pocus, Mysteries,
THIEF Jesus Christ claimed that all those before him were plunderers and thieves. The Jews were commanded by Jehovah God to be such, Deuteronomy 6:10, 11.
THREE NEVER DOCTRINE Never Again, Never Forget, Never Forgive. A Doctrine mockingly started via Satire by Ditlieb Felderer, but then taken over by the Exterminationist, the Holocaust Commercial Cult as their own. They do of course want not only to forget but to hide the Collaboration Doctrine, on how most of those ‘’Jews’’ using it were Nazi Collaborators. Hence, they have themselves repeatedly excused it, forgot it, and forgiven it, for filthy lucre sake, Pension, Reparation, Wiedergutmachen.
THREE STOOGES estafadores, fraudsters, teleprompters, consisting of three pseudo-professors: Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, and Richard Jan Van Pelt; State approved luminaries, shining forth the ever sparkling changing Doctrines to their world of Faithfuls. These three thugs used by States to incarcerate and torture its victims were declared ‘’experts on the Holocaust’’ although not spending one second of investigation into the matter. They became State luminaries and puppets by David Irving foolishly charging Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt with Libel, a case which he lost and had to pay for. Instead of using that money to go to Auschwitz himself to investigate. By using down-stream, contaminated sources, the Three Stooges can present their fraudulent claims as none of them wish to dirty their dainty, delicate fingers, in doing research of lasting quality. They make their hoax claims well knowing the State protects them and will prosecute anyone daring to voice an opinion contrary to theirs. That means they all preach Stalinism, and as such become hardcore Stalinists, either they want to accept it or not. Virtually each one of the Doctrines stem from Tadeusz Wasowicz, the first Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium and the Soviet War Crimes Commission run by Joseph Stalin who just had finished his Great Purge. In fact, they continued to go on. Prior to entertaining the world with their hodgepodge of lies, they had never done one speck of research into Exterminationism which they became champions of.
There are numerous telling things indicating the Three Stooges to be deficient of thinking ability and possible victims of early Alzheimer. Take the case of their No Hydrant Doctrine At Auschwitz. That would meant a Well, or Wells were used to fetch water. And seeing the Swimming Pool is not a Swimming Pool but actually used as a water tank, be that for firemen, or others, they would go to fetch water from this huge tank as this was the water location place. That would mean Commandant Hoss had no Tap Water for his household, but water was fetched from this tank made out as a Swimming Pool. So how then were the toilets inside their 4 million dead Gas Chamber flushed? From those 4 fake openings on the roof? How were those Flush Toilets inside the huge Kitchen emptied? Those which the Stalin soldiers used to wash their food such as vegetables in? And how did the water get into the supposedly euphemistic Swimming Pool? By carrying buckets of water and empty them into the tank? And how is that Birkenau has Tap Water, but Auschwitz did not? Remember that one of these scatterbrains, Phelp, was presented as an Architect. From where did this ludicrous clown get his schooling from? A school for monkies being trained to read?
The fact is, that this No Hydrant At Auschwitz puts into serious question whether anyone of them, including Pressac, had visited Auschwitz. And was the reminding of at the phony David Irving Libel trial against Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, that Irving had not visited Auschwitz, a deflection maneuver to hide the fact they had themselves not been there, or been there just for gimmick purposes for them becoming ‘’experts’’? How dumb can you get? Is there no limit to what idiotism these ‘’experts’’ involve themselves in? A lot of questions could be raised up here, and they have, or will be raised up as unfolding of this Scam of the Holocaust Commercial Cult gets along.
A present project is to find out how much money the Three Stooges have made on this Exterminationist hoax. Joined with this one, is, for people who have been persecuted by the States using violence, torture, hate and terror, the Three Stooges will be prosecuted as abettors in Crime Against Humanity, and charged with paying to the victims for their cause of Crime Against Humanity. That means, should they leave their respective countries, charges will be waiting for them. And this time it won’t be so easy to play ignorant of their vicious attempts to prevent Free Speech.
TOE Were cut off by the Jews, Judges 1:6, 7. See: Amputate, Castrate, Circumcision, Cut, Cutter, Epispasm, Foreskin, Mohel, Phalotomy,
TOTEMISM See: Flyer 704
TRANSPARENCY it is in the interest of a Cult to occult and mystify its Doctrines, as making all visible will destroy it. Thus Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult has become mysterium tremendum which works that it will prevent people to investigate it.
TUSK Donald After his Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Bible bogus Israel, Western Wall, on April 9, 2009, it was jokingly said he got Circumcised there, a bit like Stefan Szende type, and spent more time in Bible bogus Israel than in Poland.
UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM Its sexy Director, Sara Bloomfield, has been invited to be the first to jump into the Auschwitz Swimming Pool in the nude. It is adjacent to National Mall, Washington, DC.
UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER Used to peddle Holocaust Denialism, Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. New World Order and Zionist propaganda center. See: JENSEN Olaf, SZEJNMANN Chris.
UNTOUCHABLE Jews are due to guarding the balls, testicles of their Jehovah God.
VENT See: Lid
VENTURA JESSE His voice which can be heard at times all the way to Africa is always a welcome as he digresses his views on mostly Current Affairs. Has published several books on Current Affairs.
Visible, see: Transparency
VISITORS BOOK (Pilgrim Book) A holy book Piotr Cywinski runs around with, getting his political high brooms and religious quacks to sign into. Once before the fake Corpse Door at Holy Shrine 1, Crematory 1, then at Block 10 and 11, and next, only God knows.
VIVISECTION Animal cruelties, which include Hamstring of Horses.
VOMITORIUM AUSCHWITZ a Dogm creating factory. A place for urgent vomiting used by the rich when forcing into themselves food, to be replaced by next dish. Here used doctrinal for Auschwitz (Auschwitz Vomitorium) as a place where Doctrines are created, to be replaced by other Doctrines, or make way of cramming further Doctrines down, often contradicting the previous. See: Auschwitz Vomitorium, Disgorge Eject Violently, Emeth, Emetic, Puke, Purim Feast, Spew, Stomach.
WAILING WALL Careful observers have noticed this has nothing to do with wailing for Sin but actually a symbolic Fertility Cult act, where the Phallic Worshipper performs the sex act by his movements. The Wall was built by Pagan Romans and as such ought to be sacrilege for Jews to encompass or perform religious services at.
WASOWICZ Tadeusz Unquestionable Dean and Father of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult in the Stalin Soviet Empire. What Stefan Szende was to the Capitalist West, Wasowicz was to the East. Nazi Collaborator who then turned Stalinist and the unquestionable Father and Dean of Exterminationism to the Stalin Soviet Empire. He got the Director job of Auschwitz Vomitorium from Stalin and his Soviet War Crimes Commission, whose main intention was to dominate Poland for Stalin. He forced any mention of Katyn Massacre and every other War Crime imputed onto Stalin under the table. The most important Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium, he served as such unti 1955, when Kazimierz Smolen took it over. To discuss Katyn meant imprisonment or sent to the Gulags as discovered by Ditlieb Felderer who was jailed in Poland on Katyn and questioning the Six Million Doctrine via cartoons. See: Directors of Auschwitz Vomitorium, Cywinski, Smolen, Wroblewski,
WASP USA White Supremacy group running USA until now. That did not hinder that these Wasps went into wars against Europe for its own interest, such as giving employment to people by soldiers in World War 1 and 2. The word was coined in 1957 to designate an American of Northern European origin, esp. British ancestry and Protestant background as member of the dominant and the most privileged class of people in the U.S.
WEIBULL JURGEN A Swedish pseudo-professor connected with Stefan Szende. He was used as ‘’expert witness’’ in Sweden’s Show Trial against Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, with the victim slaughtered down to the floor in good Jehovistic Jehovah slaughter.
WIECZOREK Janusz Was head of Stalin’s propaganda work of preserving monuments against Fascism, meaning Hitler and others. It was named Rada Ochrony Pomnikow Walki I Meczenstwa, located at Krakowskie Przedmiescie 48/50, 00-325 Warsaw.
WIEDERGUTMACHUNG German for Reparation. See: Banking, Deuteronomy 6:10-11, Extortion, Embezzlement, Werner Nachmann, New World Order, Reparation,Theft, Thief,
WIKIPEDIA ON ANNE FRANK See: Anne Frank Wikipedia,
WILLIAMSON Richard Bishop A Roman Catholic clergyman framed by Germany and Sweden to go to jail for Free Speech. In view of such acts, it becomes mighty difficult to understand why Julian Assange went to Sweden.
WOMB Jehovah closed up the wombs by means of Dildo Penis, 1 Samuel 1:5, 6.
WORLD TRADE CENTER Twin towers in New York that in a demolition work way fell down after being hit by airplanes on September 11, 2001. There are so many anomalies about this case, one suspects dirty play all the way. See for instance the prior happening of Ditlieb Felderer recorded elsewhere. See: al-Qaeda, Dispensationalism, Inside Job, Islam, Scoefieldism,
WROBLEWSKI Jerzy Third Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium after Kazimiersz Smolen. He took it over in 1990 and served to 2006. It was in his time that the slab stones telling 4 million were killed at Birkenau, which did not mention the word ‘’Jew’’, were secretly changed to one of a much less number and mentioning ‘’Jew’’. When asked about the 4 million memorial stones you were told they were based on secure facts, giving chemical proof, witness testimonies, court cases, survivor testimonies, confessions of SS and others, Soviet War Crimes Commission, etc., as proofs. Why of a sudden the World should now believe the latest yarn was never explained. Seeing the Holocaust Commercial Cult was made on the ‘’facts’’ of 4 million there is no reason to skip the Four Million Doctrine to one for less. Without it, the Cult would never have seen the light of day. Under his lead, Zionism got a strong hold of Auschwitz, at times fighting it out with the nuns in the former Theatre, where the Cross became central issue of ‘’facts and truth’’. Under his direction most of the Stalin Doctrines were maintained. The Stalin habit of not mentioning Katyn Massacre continued. He was the first Director to introduce the Zionist created Auschwitz For War Doctrine. See: Auschwitz For War Doctrine, CYWINSKI Piotr, Directors of Auschwitz, SMOLEN Kazimierz, WASOWICZ Tadeusz,
YAD VASHEM A Stalin Doctrine outlet at Jerusalem, maintaining the fundamental dogmas of Stalin Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. Its faked ‘’Witness Testimonies’’ are claimed to reach into the millions.
YIDDISH See: Chutzpah
YOUTH See: International Center for Education About Auschwitz, Internationale Jugendbegegnungsstatte, International Youth Meeting House, KACORZYK,
ZIOMECKA Ewa Junczyk Junczyk-Ziomecka Undersecretary of State in the Chancellery of the President of the Polish Republic. A hardcore Stalinist determined to keep Stalinism going with a link of Zionism that Stalin kept away from.
ZURCHER Franz Kreuzzug Gegen Das Christentum, book 458 in our Bibliography. A propaganda weapon Jehovah’s Witnesses used against Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church, keeping secret about the Collaborations.
Ditlieb Short list of Scam Historians
Ditlieb Long list of Scam Historians

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