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We gave the KO to the Holocaust Extortion Cult and there is nothing to revive it!


We gave the KO to the Holocaust Extortion Cult and there is nothing to revive it!

The fake trains was one of the things which gave the Holocaust Extortion Cult its last breath.

And there are more than 1300 blog entries covering the whole corpus of Exterminationism, with endless of pictures showing the fraudulent Cult and blowing it wide open.

618_train and brandt”_2

Language: English, MP3, Time: 1:17 Minutes

Language: English, MP3, Time: 6:22 Minutes

History is filled with cons and con men. In fact, it is the usual thing. Just consider the case of the Bible Magician Simon Magus. A whole slue of stories circulate about this Magician, all equally impossible to accept for a person critical and aware of the fraudulent schemes surrounding man’s events and history. For interesting Info on Simon Magus, try Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons, page 208.

BEWARE! YOU MAY BE FOOLED. Just in these days there is a lot about heads being cut off. All this came to be used by Christianity to justify its acts of Terrorism and violent acts. Was ‘Saint’ Denis’ head cut off? In fact, did Saint Denis ever exist. Or, was he invented? American historian Henry Adams warned: You can trust nobody and nothing. Below you see an illustration of the head of St. Denis head being decapitated along with his companions. This scare ‘Terror’ developed so far that even a huge Church came to be build around him, just as Stalin built up his Holy Shrine at Auschwitz claiming more than 6 million died there. He outdid the Martyr (Martyrology, Hagiology) counting to the millions, more than the Christian Church had been able up to then to do.

REPEAT HISTORY: We are having a repeat of history. The settler leaders put the scare into the Conquistadors of Canada and USA. By creating scare and fear, they managed via acts of Terror of cutting heads of the Natives, impaling them on poles, as Terror scare for the white invaders making the Natives, the Indians, and the others out as being the threat and to justify their invasion and taking over the land. Stalin created his Holy Shrine at Auschwitz claiming more than 6 Million got killed inside there at his Holy Shrine. No one was ever gassed there. And we have no record of anyone being gassed inside the building which was OUTSIDE the camp and where the civilian population congregated. Below you see Saint Denis walking around with his head in arm. Curiously he must have had two heads. Maybe this is closer to the truth. It was a Christian theatrical play, or even a scheme to fool the public. He had two heads, yes. The other one he was holding was just made up head. The peasants thought it to be real. And so this whole legend started. Or? You got an answer of your own? Jesus is to have had only one Penis which to have sex with. Yet a whole slue of holy places came to be purporting to show the Foreskin of Jesus. How many Penises did Jesus have to have Sex with? But he was God. Does God need a Penis which to have Sex with?

THE EVOLUTION OF FRAUDS AND THE BEGINNINGS OF THE ‘AUSCHWITZ FOR WAR DOCTRINE’ AND THE PREPARATION OF THE ‘WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION’ —THE ORWELLIAN WORLD IS HERE! The fraud of Saint Denis walking around with his decapitated head developed into a small shrine to then become Saint Denis Basilica. The HEC Cult fraud is no difference. Birkenau which Stalin wanted to be made into a school ground, after his death; and with the inception of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials, slowly developed into Pilgrimage center of its own. Fake memorial stones were put up giving the number of 4 million deaths. The former Hospitals were burned down where Ella Lingens and others worked. The former sport grounds were turned into a memorial center. Here you see Hilary Clinton, on 2 July 1996, the wife of President Bill Clinton who had secret sex with Monica Lewinsky at this time, is standing, at this moment, not near the Auschwitz Brothel and its super huge Kitchen, but at Birkenau at the former sport ground and near the deliberately burned down Hospitals and near to what developed into Stalin’s Holy Shrines 2 and 3. The sex word ‘Holocaust’ was by this time still not fully in vogue. That first begun with the foolish trial David Irving had against Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt. Even many Revisionists swallowed the propaganda down, hook, line, and sinker, and some tried to even outdo the Exterminationists in using that Newspeak, ‘Holocaust’ Pension Fraud Crimes jargon.

: Stefan Szende is the Father of the Holocaust Extortion Cult. And he put a new spin on Circumcision. He claimed, stating it was the Gospel Truth, that Jews put onto their Penises new Foreskins in order to fool Hitler. That is like saying, David put back on Goliath the head he had cut off. Stefan Szende was asked to get his Penis photographed for proof. He refused and died with his secret. Should we believe Stefan Szende? Was Miracle involved? From where did they get all those Foreskins? From the Poles? The mystery of the secret is deepening.
623_szende penis”_2

DAVID CUTS OFF THE HEAD OF GOLIATH THE CHRISTIANS, THE JEWS, AND THEIR ARGUMENTS. When I was a child I was forced into Sunday School and there I was told and given pictures about ‘brave David’ cutting off the head of Goliath. Supposedly it was one of the most honorable thing done in man’s history. Well, can’t these people look upon USA and Israel as the Goliath? And maybe James Foley’s head was not cut off? Where is his body? And if it is found, who did the cutting? ‘King David’, we are told in the Bible also cut off whole Penises, or parts of, such as Foreskins of his enemies. And what were the Penises to be used for? As Dildos? ‘King David’ also cut up people into pieces for fun, the Bible tells us. The world’s greatest Mass Murderer and Serial Killer ever, Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller, was invited as special citizen, given a plush home, a huge pension, and free women in West Germany. He became for a while Wikipedia’s most beloved proof of the Holocaust Extortion Cult. And from where did Stefan Szende get all his Foreskins? From the Poles?


American Academy of Arts And Sciences, American Historical Association, Auschwitz, Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp, Historiography, History, UN, UN ''educators'' in 63 countries, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Press Release Note No. 6403, UNESCO, United Nations, United Nations Department of Public Information, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Organization (UN), United Nations Outreach Programme, Weapons Of Mass Destruction, World War 2


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