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SOS Islam World! Wikipedia articles written by hard core Zionists

SOS Islam World! Wikipedia articles written by hard core Zionists

But not only is Wikipedia’s hard core Zionists controlling Islam with their biased and bigoted articles. So are all other Faiths!

Wikipedia’s Zionist authors do of course not recognize that there exist huge controversy about the Cult of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, which Cult is based on pure air. Either it is the Lock Doctrine, Stair Doctrine, Secret Doctrine, Hinge Doctrine, Peephole Doctrine, Chimney Doctrine, Kitchen Doctrine, Door Doctrine, Lid Doctrine, Auschwitz Swimming Pool Doctrine, Ramp Doctrine, Mengele Doctrine, and endless of other cherished Wikipedia Doctrines all supported by pure air.

And all these magnificent Doctrines to uphold the Cult of worshiping air, are, of course, never mentioned lest you become suspicious of the whole Cult machinery.

Just take a look at the below image discussing the Jewish Sonderkommando, those Jews who evidently were responsible in killing the Six Million Jews if the Holocaust Extortion Cult is correct:


Let’s now move ahead to Germany, the country which today is involved with conquistador ambitions in Africa and elsewhere. Germany assisted in bombing Iraq, then they moved to Afghanistan for more War Crimes, and are today committing War Crimes in Gaza and Africa.

The German section of Wikipedia is in complete hands of the Zionists, the German Secret Service, and CIA. Not only do they write the most significant articles, they do so much of the time by surreptitiously ‘correcting’ those articles in which criticism of Exterminationism and Zionism can be detected. From Frankfurt, Berlin, to Ludwigsburg the Zionist tentacles embrace the country into an Iron Hold.

But as stated, not only do the Zionists and MOSSAD control the German Wikipedia media, they also use it for spying. By having control of Wikipedia they can spy out any criticism of Exterminationism and Zionism and put those people, in a stronger Iron Hold, than STASI of Germany ever did; into a special category of ‘dangerous’ people, and they will eventually either commit Terrorist acts against them or put them into a memory hole. Or, why not inside German Concentration Camp for 5 years for ‘doubt’.

With the help of Wikipedia these Zionist spy agents ‘sweep’ the pages for ‘dangerous contents’. All criticism of Exterminationism and Israel is considered ‘dangerous contents’. All criticism of the corrupt German parties is considered dangerous contents. Thus you can not state that Angela Merkel and her staff are War Criminals and commit War Crimes, that in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Africa, Gaza, and elsewhere. With the help of Wikipedia Zionist insurgents, whips… you are put onto their refurbished STASI list, today much operated by Verfassungschutz and the scatterbrains of Ludwigsburg, who, all have a remarkable clear mind on how to rake in the filthy money.

Let us now make a short list on how this Wikipedia Sweep is done, often by just using simple Newspeak terms for their ‘hits’:

1. You are on their ‘hit list’ if you call Angela Merkel, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and the rest of the Zionist puppets and Gaza War Crime supporters for ‘War Criminals’.
2. You are on their ‘hit list’ if you are called the Aryan term ‘Antisemite’.
3. You are on their ‘hit list’ if you question the outrageous origin of the creation of Bible bogus state, Israel.
4. You are on their ‘hit list’ if you get attacked for being a Holocaust Denier, HD, a term in fact started by Ditlieb Felderer, which was used for such as a denial of the existing Swimming Pool at Auschwitz.
5. You are on the hit list if you criticize, or doubt, Exterminationism.
6. You are on the hit list if you doubt or criticize the Stair Doctrine, or any other fanatical religious hold System Doctrine. And foremost heretical crime is to question, even inform, about the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC.
To this date, Wikipedia, censors any mention about them in connection with Exterminationism.

Wikipedia is the perfect vehicle to secretly work inside once you have infiltrated the Wikipedia head. And Germany is perfect for this. All these biased articles inside Wikipedia, where even fictitious court cases are concocted up, could never have been written unless some financial interests, Zionist interests and State interest were there to maintain an Iron grip on the people.

But this was known long before Wikipedia got going. Already in the l970’s Zionism had full control of the media, politicians, and the courts. If you know Swedish, you can hear the voice of the Deputy of Sweden’s top Rabbi, the Seditionist Morton Narrowe. The Deputy brags about that the Zionists control all. Everything! Is he just kidding about it? Or, could it in fact be true? Wikipedia shows it as reality. You could never get away with writing all these pro-Israel slanted doctrine in Wikipedia unless you were in the Censorship team. Orwell is well and fine. The l984 has gone far beyond and we are but puppets jumping according to the whips of the corrupt rulers. That this indeed is the case, could only be done by such outlets as Wikipedia and all the others who fight Free Speech and adhere to the Hegel philosophy of Limited Censorship.

Language: Swedish, MP3

Language: English, MP3, Time: 12:03 Minutes


Language: English, MP3, Time: 3:30 Minutes

Using United Nations and UNESCO as fronts in Barcelona, Spain, the Zionists under their umbrella claimed Ditlieb Felderer was distributing material in how to exterminate Islam people, especially Turks. This at a time Turkey was holding secret talks with Israel. This was in 1993. Zionism regularly uses lies against their critics to deflect their predatory nature. In contacting UNESCO about it, they said the Simon Wiesenthal gang had fooled them and thanked Ditlieb Felderer for warning about their behavior to character assassinate people. Using Wikipedia, is just the next move to spread disinformation, lies, and fabricated stories. The Zionist concoction about Ditlieb Felderer is written in German, but entered into the world media. IMG_0053_2

United Nations, UN, UNESCO fooled by Zionists and Exterminationists and Jan Eliasson’s track record against Free Speech

In order to stop information of such massive lies concocted up by the Zionists, Deputy-General of United Nations, Jan Eliasson forbade any discussion about ‘Holocaust’ as that would reveal this criminal act conducted by the Zionist and Simon Wiesenthal gang and their massive lies and fabrications, be that of ‘German gas chambers for humans,’ fake videos, Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine, or extortion with their fake Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC.

Jan Eliasson and his lies and Censorship. Censorship in Europe. Limited Censorship contra Unlimited Censorship.
Language: English, MP3, Time: 12:54

Jewish Zionist head brags that all Islam, Arabs, and critics of Zionism will be assassinated. Tape secretly taken on 21 March 1979 in Swedish language:


Bible bogus Israel ambassador, Raphael Shutz, mails secret letter to El Mundo editor calling David Irving, using a term Ditlieb Felderer invented, but for different reasons, a Holocaust Denier. On top of it, David Irving becomes a ‘charlatan criminal’ because of having an opinion and doubts Exterminationism.

Furthermore, this ‘charlatan criminal,’ ‘was sent to prison in Austria because of denying the Holocaust really happened.’ Judging by the mountain of different Doctrines of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, which one are we to believe? The Jewish Sonderkommando Doctrine perhaps, which declares that it was the Jews who massacred the Six Million Jews and not the Germans? And, talk of moral: Why hasn’t Bible bogus Israel been chasing after all these ‘war criminals’ with all the Zionist power they could muster? Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller was even invited to live in West Germany, where he ended up living like a king, even writing a book about his Serial Killing activities.

Obviously we recognize here some real ‘lack of will’ on part of God’s Chosen People. Maybe their God Jehovah hasn’t called on them yet? The end of this enlightening letter again reminds about David Irving and his ‘crime’ of thinking: ‘So the unfortunate decision to interview criminal Irving.’

So there we have it. The proof is in the eating of the pudding. Thank you Raphael Schutz for letting us know what is on your mind.


Language: English, MP3, Time: 2:02 Minutes
SOS all faiths outside of Christianity and Zionism!
We are being targeted as puppets for Zionism and being spied upon. The Wikipedia spy network:

Wikipedia and German spying
Language: English, MP3, Time: 4:38 Minutes

Wikipedia spying!
Language: English, MP3, Time: 3:43 Minutes

Wikipedia, Germany, and Censorship
Language: English, MP3, Time: 5:38 Minutes

601_anne frank radio islam_2

The Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, Wikipedia, Jewish Sonderkommando, Radio Islam and Ahmed Rami,,
Language: English, MP3, Time: 7:50 Minutes


Adams Henry Brooks, Auschwitz, Auschwitz Schwimmbecken, Historiography, Verfassungsschutz, Wiedergutmachen, World War 2, Zentrale Stelle der Landesjustizverwaltungen zur Aufklarung nationalsocialistischer Verbrechen


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