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The Roman Catholic Church and the Zionist Jews fall in love again. This time over Gaza

The Roman Catholic Church and the Zionist Jews fall in love again. This time over Gaza

The pot calls the kettle black

The Auschwitz For War Doctrine going full speed at Gaza against the Palestinians again



On March 21, 1979, Ditlieb Felderer got a telephone call from the Deputy of Rabbi Morton Narrowe, the chief Rabbi of Sweden, in the Swedish language, stating that unless Ditlieb Felderer stops giving out information about Zionism, he will be assassinated by the Jews. The Jews of Sweden had organized themselves threatening all critics and fervently used the telephones. Many of their hate, threat, bomb, and death calls emanated from their Hillel school at Stockholm which was by secret agreement protected by the Swedish Secret Service, SAPO, so that they could freely operate using the phone as a vehicle for Zionist Supremacy.

The secretly recorded material was then handed over to Ditlieb Felderer with a notice of precaution for possible Terrorist attacks.

GAZA WAR IN OPERATION IN 1979. BEING ON THE RECEIVING END OF A DEATH LIST AND ACTS OF TERRORISM: Listening on the recording which is in Swedish it is evident they intend to conduct Terrorist attacks against, and assassinations, not only of Arabs, Islam faith people, but also everyone else critical of Zionism. That would include the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope of course. They are also on the receiving end of Terrorist attacks and assassination unless they submit themselves totally to their terror. Here is a clip from that historic recording that no one thought was able to get:
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 22 Seconds

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