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The Wikipedia information Scandal continues

The Wikipedia information Scandal continues with no end in sight

The Wikipedia Scandal has something similar to the Auschwitz Vomitorium Canada Racketeering Scam. There, Canada’s head, Stephen Harper went to Poland to secretly work out an arms deal and the war against Afghanistan. The Poles had just come out of Stalinism and Soviet Kremlin power. They were now deliberately fooled by their Political heads, making it out as Canada always was a land ruled by Europeans, when in fact it was occupied, and still is. With its native population murdered or put into Concentration Camps, and its children placed into camps, abused and violated. These Pedophilia camps were run by the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches.

Apparently Wikipedia’s Zionist authors were never requested to give proof of references to most of their accusations. Thus, they were never requested to give reference to the claim that there existed ‘gas chambers’ for humans. Anything was accepted without references. And some say, still is the case.

Fictitious court cases were fabricated of anti-Zionists in order to character assassinate them before the public.

Free Speech Crimes were put on the head of crimes, ‘proving’ the extent of your wickedness. Thus it was an honorable achievement when a European state as Germany could put you inside their Concentration Camp 5 years for doubting!

Wikipedia: ‘No central organization should control editing’. Really!

Language: English, MP3, Time: 7:59 Minutes

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