Sex and Hypersexuality – Psychopathia Sexualis, Sexual Psychopathy, a Clinical – Forensic Study of Auschwitz

Sex and Hypersexuality – Psychopathia Sexualis, Sexual Psychopathy, a Clinical – Forensic Study of Auschwitz


Stefan Szende the Father and Dean of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult

Brothel activities and Sex at Auschwitz

The Jewish Sonderkommando and their killing of Six Million Jews

Abortion as a cause of being sent to Auschwitz or Russia

Abnormal and wild sex activities going on at Auschwitz and Birkenau today, such as Frotteurism, Auschwitz Swimming Pool Sex, Holy Shrine Sex, Door Sex, Key hole Sex, Lid and Vent Sex, Chimney Sex, Stair Sex, and other outlandish Sex at Auschwitz and Birkenau

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BUSH AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FALL IN LOVE WITH STALIN. BUSH AND WIFE PILGRIM TO AUSCHWITZ VOMITORIUM TO HONOR STALIN. The American Republican Party, supposedly the strongest to fight Communism, but instead we see Bush Junior with wife doing Pilgrimage to Stalin’s Holy Shrine and Relics to give their devout veneration and homage to Stalin, now long dead. Just some steps away from the Main Gate with sign ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’, and, where this picture was taken, is, found the Auschwitz Sex Brothel, Block 24. To the left of Bush, but outside of Auschwitz Relief camp, is Stalin’s Holy Shrine where the Jewish Sonderkommando killed their Six Million Jews, or more. Straight up of Bush is found Auschwitz Swimming Pool where Reliefers played Water Polo and other sports. There exist conflicting dates for Bush Junior visit to Auschwitz, 31 May or 1 June of 2003. Right date seems to be May 31, 2003. Particularly observe the tense look of Bush Junior. What did he think?


Word Holocaust means super Sex: the Penis moving up into an erection to do the job it was meant to do. It has nothing to do with killing Jews. The word Holocaust is Aryan and Greek, not Hebrew, and super Antisemitic, referring to the Greek and surrounding area Fertility Cult of Phallicism.

It is not known if Bush, who visited Stalin’s Holy Shrine this time, was shown the supposed entry places of the White Stuff (Sperm Doctrine) from the Jewish Sonderkommando whereby the Jewish Sonderkommando are to have instantly killed their Six Million – or more who were inside the alleged ‘Gas Chamber’.

The Sperm Doctrine with its White Stuff holds an immense importance within the corpus of the Exterminationist Cult. Here you hear an early Nazi Survivor testimony given at Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on the Merle Pollis talk show, 23 September 1982, where the esteemed Reliefer reveals about the White Stuff of the Sperm Doctrine. Is the white stuff Colin Pollins holds in his fingers part of that secret and potent killing White Stuff by which the Jewish Sonderkommando killed their Six Million? And is that ‘stuff’ which Colin Powell holds in his fingers, some of that potent killing Jewish Sonderkommando ‘White Stuff’?

COLIN POWELL DOES HIS THING ON ATROCITY PROPAGANDA AT THE UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL: On 6 Febuary 2003, Colin Powell reveals to the world that Iraq indeed has Weapons of Mass Destruction. While USA itself have such, evidently Iraq should not. Israel of course should, as that is necessary to ‘survive’. 643_Powell-anthrax-vial

Now, let us go back. The date of Bush Junior with his wife’s visit to Stalin’s Holy Shrine was 31 May 2003. Observe the look of the face of Bush in the above picture. Just prior, on 19 March 2003, President George W Bush addressed the nation from the Oval Office, to announce the beginning of Operation Iraq Freedom. Considering what is happening just now these days, that should open the eyes of some people. On that day of his revelation of Auschwitz For War Doctrine to the world, Bush had this look on his face, evidently filled up with cosmetics, and with a smirk on his face as he had just been inside the cookie jar again. And with a look in his eyes as if he was drugged down. And what was one of the good reasons Bush went on his Pilgrimage to the Auschwitz Vomitorium? His family had been accused to have partaken of the killing of Six Million Jews to discredit his War of Aggression against Iraq.

626_Nayirah_(testimony) ATROCITY PROPAGANDA: While all this went on Atrocity Propaganda went full speed. In the famous Atrocity Propaganda of the Iraq Incubators, ‘nurse’ Nayirah, in fact the daughter of Kuwait Ambassador to USA, gave her Nayirah Testimony giving justification for war against Iraq. Here she is full of tears. The Auschwitz For War Doctrine, having replaced the Domino Doctrine or Domino Theory, was now in full swing.

638 MORE ATROCITY PROPAGANDA. STILL CLOSE TO THE AUSCHWITZ BROTHEL. AND THE CONTINUATION OF THE COVER-UP OF THE PENSION FRAUD CRIMES (PFC). It is now 3 July 2010, what ought to be, the second Pilgrimage of Hillary Clinton to Auschwitz Vomitorium and to Stalin’s Holy Shrine. Both the American Democrats and the Republican Party had swallowed Stalin’s Holy Shrine dogma, hook, line, and sinker. Hillary Clinton’s Pilgrimage was done on 2 July 1996. The Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky sex affair and scandal is all about forgotten. But the new war Doctrine of Auschwitz For War Doctrine is in full swing. This time we see a photo, not of Hillary Clinton so very close to the Auschwitz Whorehouse and the huge Kitchen, the largest building INSIDE Auschwitz Relief Camp, and, which Stalin painted over from white to black in order to hide it, but inside the exhibition Block together with former Nazi Collaborator, Wladyslaw Bartoszewski. None of those present seem to discover the irony here. Millions of Martyrs according to Stalin were executed inside the Holy Shrine. Stalin had to do so to cover up his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes. But what we see depicted on the display is not the Holy Shrine, but primitive train wagons, those which the Dean of Exterminationism and the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Stefan Szende, made out to be super modern, super trains transporting Martyrs in the millions to some kind of underground Swimming Pools for liquidation. And at Auschwitz Relief Camp, we were solemnly told the figures went to Six Million Martyrs and more. In fact, at times even 8 and more millions. Vow, with all those Martyrs the Auschwitz Brothel must have been really busy. What fun all those Clintons would have inside there! And what about the Nazi Survivor, Wladyslaw Bartoszewski himself? And Kazimierz Smolen? And others? Did Wladyslaw Bartoszewski also enjoy the Whorehouse? Just like Hermann Langbein? It’s getting hot. Unanswered questions still not answered. It’s about time to do so. In the meantime, to cool off, why not take a swim inside the Auschwitz Swimming Pool just behind where Hillary Clinton is standing?

On 31 May 2003, Bush Junior, is supposed to have written the following in the Auschwitz Vomitorium ‘Guest Book’:

“Thank you sincerely for the deeply moving tour. In dedicating your lives to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and the Martyrdom of Poles, you honor all who were victims here. May your work inspire future generations to stand ever vigilant against the return of such unspeakable evil to our world”.

While hypocrisy can not put words to this, Bush, wrote this while fully engaged as a War Lord creating Atrocity Propaganda, Operation Iraq Freedom, and fabricating Weapons Of Mass Destruction fantasies. This while standing at the Auschwitz Brothel and close to the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, its huge Kitchen, its Mail Office, its Theater, its Cinema and on the very spot where the Jewish Orchestra played the Auschwitz Waltz? And the huge Kitchen which was on the right of Bush was still denied entry to just as in the times of Stalin, the maker of Auschwiz Holy Shrine.

Despite all the frenetic diggings at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials the searchers with a loop could not find an Abu Ghraib case. Compare this now with what Hillary Clinton wrote some years after, in 2010. The Auschwitz For War Doctrine had now developed into veritable Bible excuses for United States and Israel to wage its wars.

‘’The preservation and continuation of Auschwitz Memorial is essential so that future generations can see for themselves why the world must never again allow a place of such hatred to scar the soul of humankind”—said Hillary Clinton on that day of 3 July 2010.

A cheated political woman thus tries to impart new spirit into her wounded body by preaching the Never Again Doctrine, often done to maintain climatic hopes of the members of the Exterminationist Cult. Certainly it could not be denied that the Auschwitz Swimming Pool would cheer up the spirit and with bikini clad bodies many an Exterminationist would once more revive his wounds, inflamed by a Wrathful Jehovah God, to further erotic activities.

This was pontificated in 2010 all the while the Auschwitz For War Doctrine was in full swing and the world has seen nothing else but new wars and new conflicts. And wasn’t it the Jewish Sonderkommando who did all those million killings? And right now USA is in with a new race conflict. Didn’t George Orwell say hate is part of politic? Are you still a Believer? A Believer in political fairy tales? Political Pies in the Sky.

Language: Swedish
The Deputy of Sweden head Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, calls Ditlieb Felderer in 1979, informing him that all Islam and Arab thinkers will be assassinated and that Ditlieb Felderer will be brought to court on Censorship charges by the Zionists:

Zionist Joshua Muravchik of American Enterprise Institute on the invasion of Iraq by USA: It will unleash a tidal wave of democracy and modernization:

644 POLITICAL PIE IN THE SKY AND SEX GONE WAR: The war against Iraq will unleash a tidal wave of democracy and modernization.

Just some steps away from Hillary Clinton, the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is located where Water Polo and other sports were performed:

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Ukraine and Ukrainians

Europe and its Censorship
Language: English, MP3, Time: 3:07 Minutes

Bible and Spying. No mention of Caesar spying on the Christians
Language: English, MP3, Time: 3:25 Minutes

Language: English, MP3, Time: 6:07 Minutes

Censorship and Sweden
Language: English, MP3, Time: 15:05 Minutes

Farce trials and Show Trials in Sweden
Language: English, MP3, Time: 9:11 Minutes

Corrupt law and corrupt politicians
Language: English, MP3, Time: 4:12 Minutes


31 August 2014 (Watch for updates and our coming book filled with explosive revelations of secret sex that you never dreamed about ever existed).
An illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex Habits in Antiquity and Today
An exhaustive Dictionary of Auschwitz and Holocaust Perversions

Thoroughly and tightly illustrated for men and women of all ages especially adapted for Christian and Jewish Kahal Rabbi bishops and clergy
By Ditlieb Felderer

Sex ailments and perversions in alphabetic order as to foreign, most, Greek words. Watch for special section on Glossary of Manias such as Aphrodisiomania, Ablutomania (Baptism), Bibliomania, Coprolalomania and other forms of Exterminationist, Holocaustomania, and Holocaust disorders:



Shoe Obsession Disorder, SOD

ABBREVIATIONS specifically used for this forensic study

AV Auschwitz Vomitorium
BB Book Burner, Book Burning
BS Bible Sovereignty; Bull Shit
BZD Bild Zeitung Doctrine, a political Scofieldite, a political Dispensationalist, from the German Zionist Bild propaganda disinformation Kahal center.
CAUST Multi use word
CD Chimney Doctrine, that Chimney is authentic, also aid in sex feel and activity
CHUTZ Chutzpah, Jewish, Jehovah, and Bible arrogance
CRAP Confederate Rapid Anal Provider
CZ Christian Zionism, also called Scofieldism, Dispensationalism
DD Door Doctrine
ED Emphatic Diaglott, Bible New Testament text using Greek text of various versions.
EU European Union, also Erotic Union
FS Final Solution, also the White Stuff of the Jewish Sonderkommando
HA Holocaust Anabathmosphilia
HD Holocaust Denial, Holocaust Denier
HEC Holocaust Extortion Cult
HETM Holocaust Erection Toy Man
HOPO Holocaust Obscurum Per Obscurius
HOT Holocaust Orgy Team
HS Hate Speech; also a Holocaust Survivor; also Holocaust Simikinthophilia
HS Holocaust Simikinthophilia
HS Holocaust Survivor
HS Holy Shrine, Holy Shit
HSC Holocaust Sex Cult
HSTH Holocaust Sexual Transmitted Heat
IYMC International Youth Meeting Center
JEW The composite religion of Old Testament Synagogue Doctrine
JS Jewish Swine, Jehovah calls his ‘Chosen People’ as such; also a person who believes he is a ‘Jew’ because he doesn’t like eating swine. Same as ‘Pork Jew’.
JW Jehovah’s Witnesses
JWW Jerusalem Wailing Wall; also see WWD, Wailing Wall Doctrine
MD Manifest Destiny, a necessary work of imperialistic expansion to expand borders of Israel from Euphrates to Nile.
MD Manna Doctrine
MOV Man Of Violence
MP Monty Python
MPM Monty Python Movie
MS Morality Squad, person feeling superior due to ‘higher’ morals.
NAD Never Again Doctrine
NFD Never Forget Doctrine
NS Nazi Survivor, also called Reliefer
PD Peephole Doctrine, that Peepholes are authentic and aid in sexual gratifications.
PFC Pension Fraud Crimes
PJ Pork Jew: A person who believes he is a ‘Jew’ because he does not like eating pork. Also SJ.
RC Roman Catholic, also Roman Catholic Church
Reliefer Called by Exterminationists often as Nazi Survivor, Holocaust Survivor
SCOF Scofieldism, also called Christian Zionism, Dispensationalism
SD Shower Doctrine, also Sperm Doctrine, also Semen Doctrine
SJ Swine Jew: A person who believes he is a ‘Jew’ because he does not like eating Swine. Also PJ
SOD Shoe Obsession Disorder, a crave for shoes for Sex
SS Sonderkommando Serialkillers, Jewish Sonderkommando
TD Tear Doctrine
TS Three Stooges
TT Thought Terrorism, Thought Terrorist
UN United Nations
WASP White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
WC War Criminal, War Crime
WS White Stuff; supposed Semen Jewish Sonderkommando squirted into lid openings, Final Solution (FS); White Stuff Doctrine; Manna Doctrine; see: Sperm Doctrine (SD)
WSD White Stuff Doctrine, also called Manna Doctrine (MD), also Final Solution (FS)
WU Woman Underwear
WUD Woman Underwear Doctrine
WWD Wailing Wall Doctrine
YAD Yadology, Yadvashemology

Holocaust Anabathmosphilia, HA Stair Doctrine Greek, anabathmos, found at Bible Acts 21:35, 40. Being sexually exited by seeing the Auschwitz Swimming Pool STAIRS and the stairs going down into the morgue of Crematory 2 and 3 at Birkenau. It is claimed that the Stair Doctrine originated by perverse minds suffering under Anabathmosphilia many of which are included and clinical designated Holocaust Deniers, HD, Three Stooges, and Thought Terrorists, TT. Anonymous Wikipedia writers referring to Crematory 2 and 3 as being ‘gas chambers,’ are suspected of being contaminated with Anabathmosphilia both in respect of the Swimming Pool stairs and the morgue stairs at Birkenau. Even the huge Chimney at Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz is said to stimulate sexual pleasure for Anabathmosphilia, and the strong, erect Chimney, is therefore, called the ‘Auschwitz Erect Penis.’

Anabathmosphilia is frequently connected with HD Frotteurism. That is, the Jewish Sonderkommando were prone of situating themselves at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool stairs, and the Birkenau stairs, getting close contacts with the Worshippers going up or down the stairs, manipulating their tools onto the soon to be Martyrs thereby obtaining sexual gratification with Turbo ejaculations. It is claimed that even today, Anabathomosphiliasts situate themselves at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool Stairs and the Birkenau stairs, waiting for their visiting Pilgrim victims to the Relief Camps, whilst secretly take the opportunity to give them the White Stuff as a Never Forget remembrance. Of course many Anabathmosphilia possessed victims cannot visit the Auschwitz Swimming Pool Stairs, or, the Birkenau Stairs, and instead use the mind way, Masturbating themselves to repeated Never Again (NAD) and Never Forget (NFD) turbo climax. The sex act is hinted to in the Songs of Solomon 2:14 and Isaiah 57:8 on what is going on behind the door, the Door Doctrine (DD).
Both Helmut Mussener, Jan Levin, and Agneta Isborn Lind, Svante Nordin, and Lennart Selin, are, accused of Holocaust Frotteurism and Holocaust Hybristophili or Hybristophilia. Hybristophilia infers being sexually magnetized to criminal persons, and as proof of this the Deputy assassination threat call below is given (C150Audio), along with their assisting with the modern Genocide conquest of Israel of Palestinians and Gaza, so well expressed in Deuteronomy 6:10, 11. This Wailing Wall-Dacryphilia must continue till the conquest of Euphrates to Nile has been achieved.

Holocaust Glossolaliaphilia, or Shower Doctrine, Greek, taken from Bible and Acts 2: 2-4, where Christian potential Martyrs were congregating in expectation of stimulation for a sex Revival with passion. The ailment consists of aspiring adepts longing for a warm shower with the White Stuff administrated by the Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando . The Stalin Holy Shrine at Auschwitz Relief Camp became the central core for Sex stimulation. Another claim is that the coming to be Martyrs inside the Holy Shrine of Auschwitz cohabited in a mutual Orgy whilst showering themselves with the White Stuff which worked as a stimulus much like Viagra, Cialis, and such sex products catapulting the coming Six Million Martyrs upwards in a forceful suction; all experiencing a horrific sweeping suction (Sweep Doctrine); up the Chimney, and into a glorious swoon of Heavenly revelations of Never Again and Never Forget caliber. Glossolaliaphilia is closely connected inside the Exterminationist corpus, with Martyrology.

HA Holocaust Anabathmosphilia

HD Holocaust Denial, or, Holocaust Denier. One of the best representatives of the Holocaust Denial Cult is considered to be Deborah Lipstadt, a woman. Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, was catapulted into world notoriety thanks to David Irving. Also, Holocaust Dacryphilia.

Holocaust Dacryphilia

HF Holocaust Frotteurism, or, Holocaust Frotteur

HG Holocaust Glossolaliaphilia, or, Holocaust Glossolaliaphiliast

Holocaust Frotteurism The sexual appetite of going down or up, mostly down, the Auschwitz Swimming pool Stairs (Stairs Doctrine), or the stairs of Crematory 2 and 3 at Birkenau, and, thereby imagining, or even attempting, to close body contact with Nazi Survivors (NS), doing Pilgrimage in effort to obtain full ejaculation, delivering the White Stuff (White Stuff Doctrine, WSD) onto the Pilgrims or cosmetic Martyrs, as many visualize themselves as such. Not only do people crave to be ‘Jews’, they also crave to be Martyrs. The Swine Jews or Pork Jews are those who claim they are ‘Jews’ because they do not like eating prork, or imagine to be allergic to pork.

Both Helmut Mussener, Jan Levin, and Agneta Isborn Lind, are, accused of Holocaust Frotteurism , and it is generally considered , that, if not all, then a great majority of TT and HD members are engaged with Frotteurism in one form or the another, even if it only stretches to the sexual pleasure derived from sliding down the stairs of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, by putting the rail between the crutch. This Holocaust sliding could be done by either sliding up or down the Auschwitz Swimming Pool Rails. For those who have tried it, it must be admitted, it is a lot easier to slide down. Some claim it is like sliding into the Holy Tabernacle, the Vagina. Some, such as Holocaust Denier, HD, Deborah Lipstadt, are suspect of being victims of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool slide Frotteurism.
Holocaust Frotteur A person who performs Frotteurism, while imaging, or actual performing direct contact with alleged Nazi Survivor (NS), or Survivors, while going up, or down the Auschwitz Swimming Pool stairs (Stair Doctrine), and the stairs down to the morgue of Crematory 2 and 3 at Birkenau. A later development was to go up the Stalin Holy Shrine chimney stairs, or steps attempting close contact with Nazi Survivors by delivering the White Stuff as a Witches’ Mark (Isaiah 57:8) onto the Pilgrims. All Holocaust Deniers, HD, are under suspicion of either being active, or latent Frotteurs, which would include even women, such as Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, although; until now, never proven to be such. Nor has it been proven that Hillary Clinton belongs to this group and that is the reason for her Pilgrimage to Auschwitz Vomitorium. But neither can it be denied. It’s all a Catch 22.

Holocaust Hybristophilia In Exterminationism the sexual gratification of jointness driving the possessed to ever closer contact with criminal elements deriving thereby sexual climax either by actual intercourse with the criminal, or, imagined such.

Jesus Christ declared that all those before him were criminals and thus shared support from their subjects (John 10:8; Greek for thieves: kleptai; kleptes, a thief who steals secretly rather than in the open). In Exterminationist contents it is the amorous sexual drive and to the Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando. Thus, the world’s largest Mass Murderer and Serial Killer if Exterminationism is true, was, Filip Muller. He is to have participated, or aided, in the mass slaughter of Six Million Jews inside the Holy Shrine of Auschwitz. Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller is to have had numerous fans flocking to his side and women trying to get hold of his address to mail their affection and love letters to him. At the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trial is was particularly noted how the prosecution female workers seemed to have an abnormal attraction to him even though he physically looked like a rotten tomato and the criminal taken out of Hollywood’s best crime movie.

It is often connected with Masochism. Apostle Paul, who may have been a hard-core criminal, wrote in 2 Corinthians 12:10 of the New Testament that he derived sensual pleasure from various forms of hardships, even insults, and Hate Speech (HS). And he may have had ejaculations just by thinking the way he did, spurring him on to get others involved into his orgiastic world of Christianity. Apostle Paul wrote: ‘Therefore I take pleasure in weaknesses, in insults, in cases of need, in persecutions and difficulties, for Christ. For when I am weak I am powerful’. Here we have the traditional sexual orgy operator before us.
Hybristophilia is a paraphilia of the predatory type (Deuteronomy 6: 10, 11) in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed an outrage, cheating, lying, known infidelities or crime, such as rape, murder, or armed robbery and atrocity propaganda.” The term is derived from the Greek word ὑβρίζειν hubrizein, meaning “to commit an outrage against someone” (ultimately derived from ὕβρις hubris “hubris”), and philo, meaning “having a strong affinity/preference for”. In popular culture, this phenomenon is also known as “Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome”.

Many high-profile criminals, particularly those who have committed atrocious crimes, receive “fan mail” (example convict: Filip Muller) in prison which is sometimes amorous or sexual, presumably as a result of this phenomenon. In some cases, admirers of these criminals have gone on to marry the object of their affections in prison.

Hybristophilia is accepted as potentially lethal, among other such paraphilias including, but not being limited to, asphyxiophilia, autassassinophilia, biastophilia, and chremastistophilia.
Holocaust Hupodemaphilia A sexual gratification or unnatural attraction of shoes either in seeing, touching, or wearing them. From Matthew 3:11 from Greek hupodemata, transliterated hupodema, a sole bound under (the foot), a sandal. King James translates this at times with shoes. The Greek word today for shoes is papoutsia. The sexual allurement of shoes is found at Ezekiel 16:10 and elsewhere where in fact the whole chapter 16 of Ezekiel dwells on Prostitution and Sex fantasies. It is evident that the sexual obsession with shoes, sandals, and such, go back to beginning of man.
Hupodemaphilia is an addiction, an obsession , a fixation for shoes, often for sexual gratification by which the entering of the shoe is the entering of the Penis into the Vagina. The engendering of sexual feel may also be accounted with that shoes have a specific odor and those who have Pilgrimed to such places as Auschwitz, Majdanek, and Stutthof can not let be but notice the distinct odor.
Hupodemaphilia is a common obsession and at times referred to as Shoe Obsession Disorder, SOD, which may lead to spending a fortune just in shoes. Perhaps Imelda Marcos of the Philippines is most famous for the craze of shoes. Such sexual unnatural attraction will make the Pilgrim fall in love with the exhibited shoes, and even lead to stealing, if he or she knows to get away with it.

Jesus Christ warns of wearing shoes when evangelizing (Luke 10:10), and as Clarke says, the word evanggelion should be translated with prize or reward (Emphatic Diaglott: 577, under 1 Corinthians 9:23). Indeed, in reading Luke 10 the proper meaning may be ‘gambling’. The missionary gambles his fortune on the fact of events encountered and for this he needs as little physical load as possible, even excluding his shoes. The wearing of a lot of clothes and shoes hamper swift sexual contact.

The shoe exhibits at Auschwitz become temptations to the Hupodemaphiliac and in his shoe craze he may spend his last penny to see them exhibited at the Holy Shrines of Auschwitz, Majdanek, and Stutthof. These shoes convinces the obsessed Hypodemaphiliac that the Holocaust Extortion Cult is true and not fiction. He will exclaim: Does he not see the shoes? And do people not normally wear shoes? But what he sees before him are just empty shoes. This convinces the deranged Pilgrim victim to proclaim the truth of the Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine. And he feels empathy with the fictitious Martyr visualizing sexual act with him or her. How many such Hupodemaphiliac Pilgrims turn their shoes to Pilgrim to these Holy Shrines is not known, as this is kept secret by the obsessed, but a good number seems certain.

Shoe, feet, and legs, are associated with sex, such as losing the Penis by either a physical Castration or a symbolic one. But it is hard not to conceive that actual Castration is the result of denying the Levirite Marriage, the brother-in-law marriage, with the widow of a brother, a form of enslaved love affair, or to force sex from an unwanted person. Christians hate to dwell on this point as it questions basic morality of Christianity (Slave Morality), but certainly this could be classified as unwanted rape that is forced onto the person through the Rabbinic Kahal. Deuteronomy 25:9 is a real demonizing of the person who refuses forced sex, or forced Rape. The widow at the presence of the Kahal pulls off the sandals of the refusing wanted Rapist, which implicate Castration, either symbolic, or real.

That real, and not symbolic Castration is meant here can be seen that just after a person is condemned for refusing Levirite Marriage, the Bible mentions of a two men fighting and a woman wife of one of the fighters grasp hold of the genitals, her hand is to be amputated (Deuteronomy 25:11, 12). Under such circumstances one would think Castration as punishment for refusing Levirite Marriage.

Another sexual act is evident from the Bible is seen at Isaiah 47:2, in speaking of ‘uncovering the leg. And in 2 Samuel 10:4-5, the shame of uncovering and nudism becomes apparent. Nakedness meant humiliation. Bible men of dignity cover entire body, even legs, and shoes or sandals are part of the clothing. Therefore Jesus in requesting no shoes be worn in evangelizing seems to go contrary to established former norms. In fact, one could draw the conclusion that the 70 men sent forth (Fornicators?; Luke 10), did so in the nude, in puris naturalibus, stark naked. Some form of Naked Philosophers, the Gymnosophists which Pyrrho is related to. And the fact that they were taken into homes may just be that with the men at work, the women had their chance of a ‘piece of ass’ which they so innermost longed for and so took the opportunity at once when offered to them. Maybe that’s how Mary got her Jesus?

Holocaust Hydrophilia The sensation and sexual gratification obtained by douching oneself visually on top of a hydrant with the water at full force hitting the sexual organs. This is done at the Auschwitz hydrant where such Pilgrims congregate to achieve that feeling of bliss which supposedly only a vibrant hydrant can give.
Such sensation cannot be so readily obtained at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool showers as the water goes from top to down and the real sensation is when it goes up, and especially so, direct onto the sex organs.

Some visualize themselves as being the Great Harlot of Revelations 17:1, sitting on top of the Hydrant doing the Sadomasochistic act of playing the Great Harlot, where she is in full control of the squirts, pumping out one climax after the other from her victims. And as for Christianity it is totally hypocritical always looking for a prize and a reward in sucking the people, dreaming of reigning as Kings and Queens for their ability to con man. No wonder why the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, has been such an easy scam to extort the hard earned money from them.—1 Corinthians 3:6-8.

Many a Pilgrim can testify to their sexual arousal and invigorating spiritual feeling obtained at the Auschwitz hydrant, a Never Forget affair and a Final Solution to boredom.

Christians often interpret water to symbolize the moral and practical cleansing effected by the removal of defilement by our taking heed to the Word of God in heart, life and habit. In 1 John 5:5, it mentions of who is the one that conquers the world? And gives the person of Jesus Christ as the one who is supposed to have done so with water and blood, the blood signifying the sword. But Descartes gave the answer to all those Conquistadors who want to conquer the world: Conquer yourself rather than the world.

Holocaust Kleptophilia Sexual arousal by stealing, especially stealing of land. Rather than a person who falls in love with a thief, a Holocaust Kleptophiliac is a person who falls in love with stealing items, inevitable causing massive social conflagrations. It is centralized on the Bible and Deuteronomy 6:10 and 11 and the Jewish Tribal God Jehovah’s demand that his slave Abraham leaves Ur as Conquistadors and steal the land of Canaan, a country supposedly flowing with Milk and Honey. But the theft does not end here but only increases and Jehovah God, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, supplements the theft with a territory stretching from River Nile to Euphrates. This possibility cause multiple of Erections with ejaculation and brings the possessed victim to endless of extreme sexual acts in order to gratify and satisfy his lust.

Scofieldism and Dispensationalism could certainly be classified as Kleptohiliac religions seeing they their whole scaffold of religious doctrine is built upon justifying the predatory behavior of Deuteronomy 6:10, and 11.

The obsessed victim thinks himself of missing out on something and only by theft will it quench his erotic lust. Closely connected is Kleptomania. The word is found at John 10:8 (kleptai), where Jesus Christ is supposed to have said that all those before him were thieves and robbers, which would mean such men as Abraham, Moses, David, and a host of others were all robbers and thieves and as such being possessed with a demonic sexual urge to rob and steal huge territories.

In the contents of Exterminationism, the word originates with the Greek kleptai found in John 10:8, in which Jesus Christ says that all those who came before him, which would include Moses, David, and all the Prophets, were ‘thieves’.

Some argue that Apostle Paul’s mania of sending out all sorts of unintelligible letters which whole of Christianity has fought bloody over to interpret, was Paul’s Kletophilia, his fetishism of honoring persons of deep criminal nature, such as Emperor Nero and others (Romans 13:1-7). He simply derived sexual pleasure from seeing how the adepts were fighting over the interpretation of his tedious and outlandish rants.

The word Kleptophilia has a special central meaning to the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, by which the Zionists have surreptitiously stolen workers’ money from Austria, Germany, etc., where they derive sexual excitement and pleasure from knowing they have succeeded in their theft. In other words, in Exterminationism, Kleptophiliacs obtain sex pleasure and satisfaction from stealing from the Goyim, the Gentiles, expressively graphically depicted in Deuteronomy 6:10, 11, and Isaiah 60. And the demand of Usury from Goyim, the Gentiles, and to keep them under domination as slaves.—Deuteronomy 15:6; 28:12.

To take Usury from own Chosen Race was expressly prohibited.—Exodus 22:25; Leviticus 25:36.

Here indeed we have the purest form of Slavery. That of actually making the Slaves believe they are fortunate in being Slaves and willing to do whatever commanded by the Chosen Ones, the Chosen Race. This form of domination later crept into the Christian church under Authority and obedience to Nero and Caesar.—Romans 13:1-7.
The Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando raved over women’s underwear, and if they didn’t get them for free, they would steal them. Even stealing them from each other. These women’s underwear spurred them onto their killing activities with the Six Million Jews.

Interestingly, Agneta Isborn Lind, Helmut Mussener and Jan Levin are seemingly intrigued by God’s Chosen People appeasing the Wrath of Jehovah, the God of stealing and Genocide against the Canaanites in the Conquest of Canaan, and today Palestine and Gaza, as so lucidly expressed in Deuteronomy 6:10, 11. Kleptophilia was very active with the Jewish Sonderkommando inside Auschwitz were they continuously stole each other women’s underwear, used condoms, hair, shoes, kitchen utensils, etc., all of which excited them with sexual orgies

TAGS: Avarice, Bernard Madoff, Borrow, Chutzpah, Conquer one’s Weakness, Consumer Protection, Cupiditas, Debt, Filthy Lucre, Gain, Greed, Haggle, Horse Trading, Indeptedness, Interest, Inneren Schwein , Labor, Loan, Mammon, Money,Racket, Radix malorum (root of evil), Simony, Slavery, Ocker, Pawnbroker, Schacher, Security, Sordid Gain, Trade, Usury, Wucher

Holocaust Nolimetangerephilia Nolimetangerephilia sex obsession is more frequent than we believe. It is Latin and the words noli me tangere are found at John 20:17 where Jesus warns Mary of Magdala, also called Mary Magdalene (John 20:1), not to ‘touch’ him, evidently implying some very hot stuff was going on here. The word ‘napkin’ is found in verse 7, again showing the deep mystical sex play going on, almost hinging on Necrophilia. The Greek here is me mou aptou, and therefore this sex deviation is also called memouaptouphilia sex obsession.

At Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp the sex obsession consists in touching one of the Jewish Sonderkommando or Nazi Survivor, man or woman. The Scripture and morality is found at Zechariah 8:23 is given as proof for the legitimacy of such sex touching, or Necking. For some, even touching an SS makes them horny.
Such touching is supposed to impart fertility in case of bareness, sex potency, lust, and superior health, and an extraordinary long lasting Holocaust Erection with the Penis obtaining some extra length to do the job it was meant to do.

Holocaust Oikodomeophilia The obsession with the sexual lust and gratification of standing close to the fake Auschwitz Huge Chimney, also called the Auschwitz Erect Penis, just by Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz Vomitorium. Some Pilgrims use it to treat their Medomalacuphobia, their fear of losing an erection. The spot just before the chimney is also used by some to consolidate those Martyrs who ‘went up the chimney’, an expression used in connection with the Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine.

The word oikodomeo is taken from Matthew 21:33 which concerns the Jesus Christ parable of the ‘Wicked Husbandmen’, also called ‘Wicked Tenants’, Matthew 21:33-44, Mark 12:1-12; Luke 20:9-19; . A more apt term for the Serial Killing is ‘The Murderous Cultivators, or, Murder Incorporated, as it describes the cutthroat activities of Sicarii Jews operating to swindle their own kin, and the story is about building, or, erecting a tower, Hebrew: mighdal, Ezekiel 29:10; 30:6, which the owner, the builder and maker is ready to let out. This almost appears like an old Pension Fraud Crime, PFC, which certainly was not strange to Sicarri type murder and their Murder Incorporated.

The Tribal God of the Jews is Jehovah which means the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, which Erection, a protruding tower, a strong tower, Psalms 61:3, and under his huge Phallus is finding protection. For those who recognize what is name stands for, and who trust in and faithfully represent that name, have nothing to fear, for ‘The name of Jehovah is a strong tower. Into it the righteous runs and is given protection’. —Proverbs 18:10. Compare 1 Samuel 17:45-47. Just as in English, ‘necking’ means sexual arousal and Penis Erection, the Song of Solomon 4:4 alludes to the stiffness of the tool made so, in order to do the job it was intended for.

The Auschwitz Erect Penis has an ancestry in the Sacred Pillar, the Sacred Pole, the Asherah, of the Jews, translated at times as Grove, and an early case of Oikodomeophilia is found at Genesis 31:51 where Laban erects what is an obvious Phallic stone between him and Jacob. The Tower of Babel may have been in the shape of a Penis. The same can be said of Saul erecting a stone monument for himself with obvious Phallic contents.—1 Samuel 15:12. While Christians like to apply to Jesus Christ Psalms 118:22-23, and their attraction to this ghostly type figure can only be materialized by the real McCoy in shape of the Phallus so much loved amidst the Israelites.

Holocaust Ombrosphilia
Ombrosphilia, the sexual gratification of being near a shower, or having a shower, or being urinated upon, mostly obtained and performed at, or inside, the Auschwitz Holy Shrine, its huge chimney, or at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. Sometimes the mere hearing about the Showers in connection with the Holocaust Extortion Cult turn some Ombrosphiliacs on craving all the pleasures derived from Showers. The Stairs at Birkenau of Holy Shrine 2 and 3 are also at times being used by the Ombrosphiliacs. Real showers are found at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, at the Delousing buildings, or inside the Sauna at Birkenau. Real Showers evidently never existed inside either Holy Shrine 1, found at level floor; Holy Shrine 2 and 3, except for those used by the Jewish Sonderkommando which were on top floor. Since beginning of the use of Crematories some type of showers were made for the workers to clean up themselves.

Healing Effect: Many depraved with Ombrosphilia feel a healing effect of being close to the Auschwitz Showers and consider their affliction a Blessing from God and a freedom from Slavery. It has in practical become a Ritual act by the Ombrosphilia actors, where some use Ezekiel 34:26-28 in support and proof of the healing action of being possessed with the Ombrosphilia sex urge. The play on Sex and fructification and the blessing of showers for the vegetation and man is duly noticed in Deuteronomy 32:2 and Psalms 72:6. For such reasons a swarm of Ombrosphiliac Pilgrims stampede to Auschwitz each year, enjoying the healing power of Showers.

TAGS: A portable roof, Baby party, Baby shower, Bumbershoot, Canopy, Cloudburst, Conopeo, Conopeum (latin), Cover, Deluge, Dew, Doctrine, Downpour, Drip, Drizzle, Erection, Faith, Fertility, Flood, Fructify, Fructification, Gulley washer, Hail, Mist, Noah’s Flood, Ombrellino, Ombros (greek), Padiglione, Parasol, Rain, Rainfall, Shade, Shower, Sleet, Spit, Sprinkle, Storm, Sunshade, Trickle, Umbraculum, Umbrella, Urine

Holocaust Simikinthionphilia

The sexual pleasure of women’s, female’s underwear, abbreviated HS. It is evident this sex pleasure is of old heritage. The ritual sex ailment with its Greek word stems from Acts 19:12 of the New Testament where Women Underwear (WU), supposedly healed many who seemed to have been suffering under sex neurosis. Its modern use came about in connection with the Jewish Sonderkommando who all craved for females’ underwear and needed them in order to continue on with their work of killing Six Million Jews.

But how were such Women Underwear (WU) used? In the Serial Killing and Mass Murdering, Jewish Sonderkommando orgies, they would dress up in Women Underwear (WU), dancing and jolly around in full ecstatic mirth, often skipping around in their Women Underwear to the famous Auschwitz Waltz. A hint of such past activities is expressed in the Holy Bible at Luke 17:8, where Jesus Christ tells about a Jewish Kapo who orders his servant slaves, probably a Goy, Gentile, to put on his females’ underwear, evidently being involved with some Sex orgy. Thus the Jewish Sonderkommando at Auschwitz. all fervently devoted in killing their Six Million Jews derived their sex rituals from of old and it is claimed that this was regular ritualism within the Sicarii cutthroat Serial Killers gang.

The Women Underwear were also known as the Truth Underwear, due to the fact that in wearing such, the Sex God would protect his faithful slaves and turn away his eternal Wrath from slaughtering them all just as he did in the Noah’s Flood. Reference to this is found at Ephesians 6:14 and elsewhere in the Bible.

Female youths today who have been inside the Stalin Holy Shrine, close to the Peephole, Door and Lock, near the huge Chimney, at the Wailing Wall either of Jerusalem or at Auschwitz Vomitorium, at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool; present gifts of their underwear with the boys who thus derive some sexual pleasure from the mere fact of that the clothe pieces have been close to such sacred Relics as the Auschwitz Chimney, which is also known as the ‘Erect Penis’, or, ‘Auschwitz Penis’.

Holocaust Trichophilia French: Tricophilie, Spanish: Tricofilia, Swedish: Trikophili, a sexual agitation and arousal over hair. A hair fetishism. Any body hair, including Pubic Hair, and those of animals agitate the possessed with the Holocaust Perversion. The word is Greek for hair, trixa, tricha, and found at Luke 7:38; John 12:3, and elsewhere in the New Testament Bible. The word is of course also found in Hebrew at the Bible pornographic book, Canticles, also called Song of Solomon, and Song of Songs, and of course in Greek at the Septuagint Greek translation.

The common perversion manifest itself at Auschwitz, Majdanek, Stutthof, and other places by staring at hair put on display by the Stalin Hollywood artists. Trying to get hold of some of the hair displayed which some claim to be most Pubic Hair which Stalin turned on can drive the possessor of the perversion to try and steal some of the exhibits for his sexual cravings. Some claim that such persons as Kazimierz Smolen, Jerzy Brandhuber, Hermann Langbein, Tadeusz Szymanski, Otto Wolken, were all infected by Trichophilia and was one of the reasons they swung over to Stalin’s side.

In the Bible hair is referred together with leg, feet, which in fact are euphemistic words for Holocaust Trichophilia. Jesus Christ is to have had a work out on his legs, his feet, by women, where the feet or leg signify the male Penis (Ruth 3:7; Isaiah 7:20). Thus Jesus got a deep-throat massage by having his Penis manipulated which meaning is hidden in euphemism (Luke 7:37-39, 44, 46; John 12:3).

The question has often been asked by youth whether women are required to shave off their pubic hair when going into the Auschwitz Swimming Pool in order to show due respect to the Pilgrim service. There seems to be no consensus on the popular ritual so far. Apostle Paul warns against cutting off hair but this warning does not seem to have affected those who cut it off for display at Auschwitz Vomitorium and elsewhere.

Holocaust Wailing Wall Dacryphilia, also Holocaust Dacryphilia, HD.
Holocaust Dacryphilia: Wailing Wall-Dacryphilia, the sexual attraction of seeing people weep, wail and scream (Scream Doctrine) at the Jerusalem Wailing Wall (JWW).
Is the obsessed urge for sexual pleasure of seeing and hearing people weep and wail at the Jerusalem Wailing Wall. All Thought Terrorists, TT and HD’s such as Jan Levin, Helmut Mussener, and Agneta Isborn Lind are over-heated Skirthangers, hanging onto the Olah-Holocaust Cult (Zechariah 8:23; compare Isiah 4:1). It is obvious that ‘hanging onto’ often implies the grasping hold of the male sex organ, the Penis, to thereby obtain some strength, comfort and hope (Isaiah 57:8). The mere beholding of the male organ has a refreshing performance upon the beholder. The Jews derived pleasure by looking upon the Penis is evident from the statement the ‘Penis that you beheld’.

Dacryphilia in Exterminationism has its origin with the Greek word for ‘tear’, dacryon, as found in 2 Timothy 1:4, where Apostle Paul declares the tears of Martyrs made him full of joy and that he ‘longed’ , a sexual urge of closeness, to see the secret throng of adepts, evidently using the Church as a central abode for the sex orgies.

THERE MAY BE MORE TRUTH IN THOSE ‘GROANS’ HEARD INSIDE THE AUSCHWITZ HOLY SHRINE THAN WE THINK OF. Also, the sexual gratification at Stalin’s Holy Shrine swooning about the wild sex activities going on inside the sacred room filled with participators shedding endless tears of joy (Psalms 80:5; 2 Corinthians 2:4 ). Acts 9:39 mentions a veritable orgy with Striptease going on inside the upper chamber, the Upper Room, reminding the Exterminationist adepts of the Holy Chamber of Stalin’s Holy Shrine. In Luke 7:38 we read of the sex act going on at full swing, with the fetish of ‘hair’ being used as aid, closely resembling the Hair Doctrine of Auschwitz where supposedly hair, some of it, pubic hair, was used in the sacred orgy meetings of those initiated in the Holocaust Extortion Cult. Evidently there, Dacryphilia was a strong sex action of the Initiates.

Holocaust Wikipediaphilia Wikipediaphilia is the sexual urge and thereafter the arousal of knowing one has conned the public via the use of encyclopedia work. The satisfaction of having successfully fooled millions invigorates Wikipediaphilia missionaries of disguised Zionism to further greater ventures of bamboozling the world with fake stories, such as ‘gas chambers’ at Auschwitz and Birkenau, while at the same time doing deflection activities of the real responsible ones for the Six Million Jews, supposedly most dead by the Auschwitz ‘gas World War 2. chambers’ which Stalin built so badly it couldn’t even cremate a little mouse.

The fact that you can’t be found out is another spur to Wikipediaphilia Zionist adepts and goads them onto fabricating yet more nonsense, all to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes, which to this date have never been mentioned in connection with spurious articles on World War 2.

Stair Doctrine The claim by Exterminationists that the Germans used stairs going down into the morgues of Crematory 2 and 3 at Birkenau were used to magically transport people into a mysterious ‘gas chambers’ which to this day has not been found. Any doubt of the Stair Doctrine delivers today a five year Concentration Camp internment in Germany. Stairs are often used with sexual meaning, and the sexual desire, or urge for Stairs to fulfill sexual satisfaction. See: Stair and Anabathmosphilia.

Swimming Pool The Auschwitz Swimming Pool is connected with several sexual abnormalities within the Exterminationist Cult. One of the most active perversity is Anabathmosphilia referring to sex longing for the Stairs of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool or the Morgue Stairs of Crematory 2 and 3 at Birkenau. All Exterminationists are suspect of being contaminated in more or less degree by Anabathmosphilia.

White Stuff The potent white Manna type substance ejaculated into the Stalin Holy Shrine gas chamber by the Jewish Sonderkommando who shot their poisonous sperm (Sperm Doctrine), into the Stalin four lids on top of roof of the Stalin Holy Shrine, instantly killing the Six Million, or more, Martyrs inside the death chamber.

Going up the chimney
From where is the expression : ‘Going up the chimney’ originating?
The first trace of the expression ‘going up the chimney’ is found in the Old Testament of the Bible, at Hosea 13:1. Already from the beginning the narrative warns that Israel who is in a state of utter fornication and adultery, will be stripped naked by the Sex god Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky. Evidently stripping to bare naked nude isn’t altogether that easy, so a bit of ‘thirst’ will help to accomplish it (Hosea 2:2, 3). The story goes on that Jehovah will in fact force Israel into the stark naked nude state and all the people will get hot over the porno show where the genitals will be viewed to open display (Hosea 2:9, 10). Evidently some form of Group Sex, an orgy of high class is going on. Hosea 2:8 would in fact make this Sex God Jehovah accountable for all wickedness. Jehovah has given the Israelites all which they then turn over by using it in making Sex idols. Verse 17 also in fact makes this Tribal Jehovah God accountable for the mess he now is condemning. Jehovah is going to set matter straight again, not the Israelites, the perpetrators of the crimes. Almost sounds like the Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller’s and others case. They simply aren’t the perpetrators. Only the victims.

It is at Hosea 13:3 where some translators in fact use the word ‘chimney’. The Sex God Jehovah is making them go up the chimney like smoke which euphemistically stands for the semen, the sperm (See: Sperm Doctrine and White Stuff). Thus, the reports of Nazi Survivors seeing smoke, is in fact the ‘sperm’ going heavenwards to join the maker. Here the tribe of Ephraim is reproved as Jehovah will tear them to pieces for the sexual misbehaviors (Hosea 13:8, 9). So up the Chimney they will go, sucked up and into the blue sky they head. A true ‘going up the chimney’, is here going to be done by the Jews’ own God whose name is Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky.

And indeed, some Oikodomeophiliacs standing before the Auschwitz Erect Penis, its huge Chimney, visualize their sperm, the ‘White Stuff’, being sucked out from them and going up the Chimney, and it is even reported Masturbation is performed at times before the huge Penis statue. And so some Pilgrims can’t resist the temptation for sexual pleasure and the Chimney offers them the needed aid for sexual fulfillment .

The sexual perversion, lust and obsession of Oikodomeophilia is frequently found in the Bible. The Stone, Sacred Stone, Pillar, Sacred Pillar, Pole, Sacred Pole, Baal, Asherah, are words which signify stong connection with Oikodomeophilia gratification (Exodus 23:24; 2 Kings 3:2; 10:27). Before entering their stolen loot of ‘Promised Land’, Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, commanded them not to erect any Sacred Pillars and were instructed to break down or shatter the already existing sacred pillars of the Canaanites (Exodus 34:13; Leviticus 26:1; Deuteronomy 12:3; 16:22), again showing the area was replete with worshipping Sex God of various types and of the Oikodomeophilia perversion.

The territory of the Kingdom of Judah and that of the Ten-tribe Kingdom became chock-full with Sacred Pillar penises and female genitalia (1 Kings 14:22, 23; 2 Kings 3:2; 17:10). And at the period of the Judges, of all, the Jews ‘went serving the Baals and the Sacred Poles [the Asherim] (Judges 3:7, compare 2:13). Jezebel, the Sidonian wife of Ahab the king of Israel, entertained at her table 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of the Sacred Pole, or Asherah (1 Kings 18:19).

The idea of sturdiness of Oikodomeophilia, the erected Penis, is found in the allusions to pillars in describing the feet of a strong angel (Revelations 10:1). The legs of the Shepherd lover of the Shulammite girl were like ‘pillars of marble’, being beautiful as well as strong.—Canticles 5:15. For this reason religious people Pilgrimage to the Auschwitz Vomitorium and partake of the Chimney nearness, imparting to them a strong erection position by infusing strength into the ‘Sacred Pole’ to do the job it was meant to do.

TAGS: Adultery, Anath, Asherah, Ashtoreth, Auschwitz Erect Penis, Baal, Bacchus, Breast, Chimney, Cocked, El, Erect, Erect Phallus, Erection, Fertility, Fornicate, Ithyphallicus, Lewd, Masturbate, Naked, Nude, Obscene, Phallus, Standing, Standing straight, Perpendicular, Phallus, Pillar, Pole, Priapus, Priapism, Put up, Sacred Pole, Smoke, Stone, Straight, Strip, Striptease, Tit, Upright, White Stuff


Language: Swedish
Ditlieb Felderer is told by the Deputy of Sweden head, Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, that in Sweden reigns prejudgement and that he and all those critical of Israel are found guilty long before court starts:



The Father and Dean of the Holocaust Extortion Cult was the Trotsky-Stalinist Stefan Szende who was the first to recognize the technical difficulties in killing massive amount of people. One of his famous Doctrines was his New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine, just one of his many Doctrines. He never used the word ‘Holocaust’ in his book. This claim of putting on new Foreskins onto a Circumcised Penis goes all the way back to the Greek Maccabees and has close connection with the White Stuff Doctrine of the Jewish Sonderkommando and other Doctrines of the theological and materialistic Corpus of the HEC Cult, namely Exterminationism.


ORWELL: WAR IS PEACE – PEDDLING WAR UNDER GUISE OF PEACE. The reason Bush Junior, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, two Popes, and others, visited Auschwitz Vomitorium is to legitimize the new ‘Just War’ Doctrine of Auschwitz For War Doctrine or Auschwitz Is War Doctrine which has now replace the Domino Doctrine for the Anglo-American World Empire, the New World Order.

EYE FOR AN EYE: When Obama visited Sweden, the first place he went to was to the Jewish main Synagogue in Stockholm, Sweden, responsible for the Censorship laws in Sweden and for its corrupt courts, politicians, and State run media. In 1979 the Synagogue deputy called Ditlieb Felderer, threatening him with Terrorist acts, persecution, Show Trials, and violence which included assassination. Here is part of that threatening call, miraculously preserved as a warning for all lovers of peace and toleration what happens when the EYE FOR AN EYE Doctrine takes over the mind:
C179 Audio
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 1:16 Minutes

Ukraine in focus and other events in history

Ukraine in focus and other events in history




We are being deceived every second in our lives

Language: English, MP3, Time: 8:54 Minutes

RIGHT SMACK INSIDE STALIN’S FAKED HOLY SHRINE AT AUSCHWITZ VOMITORIUM: The 14th Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibetans, is being deceived inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine filled with Relics, on 18 May 1993. The Capitalists had now taken over the Auschwitz Vomitorium, and its former leader, Kazimierz Smolen was out. The Dalai Lama wants to warn the world by doing homage to Stalin’s major weapon against Free Speech and Capitalism, and to cover up his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes. The viewer of this picture are deliberately not told that the Dalai Lama is right inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine. At the exhibits when this picture was shown, this was the only one showing THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of the Auschwitz Vomitorium, its Holy Shrine. It is here where the interesting and important history was made.

611_5”_4 (4)

In the Show Trial against Ukraine John Demjanjuk Germany used all of Stalin’s war time arguments and his fabrication of the Relics at his Holy Shrine at Auschwitz Vomitorium. And the guru of that ideology was none the less than the hard-core Stalinist, Stefan Szende, who claimed that Jews put onto their Circumcised Penises fresh new Foreskins in order to hide they were Jews. Stalin used his Holy Shrine to cover up his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes. These ‘holy’ and sanctified arguments were now used against John Demjanjuk, and Russia seemed to have been totally unaware that the West was now using Stalin’s arguments for their new war doctrine, the Auschwitz For War Doctrine, which was replacing the Domino Doctrine, or Theory. Germany is today using Stalin’s Doctrines in support of its new war against Russia. Germany hopes that in its wars against Africa, there will be a lot of Cannon Fodder soldiers ready for their army just as Spain is using the poor stricken Latin American families’ kids to fight their wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and elsewhere.


We gave the KO to the Holocaust Extortion Cult and there is nothing to revive it!


We gave the KO to the Holocaust Extortion Cult and there is nothing to revive it!

The fake trains was one of the things which gave the Holocaust Extortion Cult its last breath.

And there are more than 1300 blog entries covering the whole corpus of Exterminationism, with endless of pictures showing the fraudulent Cult and blowing it wide open.

618_train and brandt”_2

Language: English, MP3, Time: 1:17 Minutes

Language: English, MP3, Time: 6:22 Minutes

History is filled with cons and con men. In fact, it is the usual thing. Just consider the case of the Bible Magician Simon Magus. A whole slue of stories circulate about this Magician, all equally impossible to accept for a person critical and aware of the fraudulent schemes surrounding man’s events and history. For interesting Info on Simon Magus, try Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons, page 208.

BEWARE! YOU MAY BE FOOLED. Just in these days there is a lot about heads being cut off. All this came to be used by Christianity to justify its acts of Terrorism and violent acts. Was ‘Saint’ Denis’ head cut off? In fact, did Saint Denis ever exist. Or, was he invented? American historian Henry Adams warned: You can trust nobody and nothing. Below you see an illustration of the head of St. Denis head being decapitated along with his companions. This scare ‘Terror’ developed so far that even a huge Church came to be build around him, just as Stalin built up his Holy Shrine at Auschwitz claiming more than 6 million died there. He outdid the Martyr (Martyrology, Hagiology) counting to the millions, more than the Christian Church had been able up to then to do.

REPEAT HISTORY: We are having a repeat of history. The settler leaders put the scare into the Conquistadors of Canada and USA. By creating scare and fear, they managed via acts of Terror of cutting heads of the Natives, impaling them on poles, as Terror scare for the white invaders making the Natives, the Indians, and the others out as being the threat and to justify their invasion and taking over the land. Stalin created his Holy Shrine at Auschwitz claiming more than 6 Million got killed inside there at his Holy Shrine. No one was ever gassed there. And we have no record of anyone being gassed inside the building which was OUTSIDE the camp and where the civilian population congregated. Below you see Saint Denis walking around with his head in arm. Curiously he must have had two heads. Maybe this is closer to the truth. It was a Christian theatrical play, or even a scheme to fool the public. He had two heads, yes. The other one he was holding was just made up head. The peasants thought it to be real. And so this whole legend started. Or? You got an answer of your own? Jesus is to have had only one Penis which to have sex with. Yet a whole slue of holy places came to be purporting to show the Foreskin of Jesus. How many Penises did Jesus have to have Sex with? But he was God. Does God need a Penis which to have Sex with?

THE EVOLUTION OF FRAUDS AND THE BEGINNINGS OF THE ‘AUSCHWITZ FOR WAR DOCTRINE’ AND THE PREPARATION OF THE ‘WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION’ —THE ORWELLIAN WORLD IS HERE! The fraud of Saint Denis walking around with his decapitated head developed into a small shrine to then become Saint Denis Basilica. The HEC Cult fraud is no difference. Birkenau which Stalin wanted to be made into a school ground, after his death; and with the inception of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials, slowly developed into Pilgrimage center of its own. Fake memorial stones were put up giving the number of 4 million deaths. The former Hospitals were burned down where Ella Lingens and others worked. The former sport grounds were turned into a memorial center. Here you see Hilary Clinton, on 2 July 1996, the wife of President Bill Clinton who had secret sex with Monica Lewinsky at this time, is standing, at this moment, not near the Auschwitz Brothel and its super huge Kitchen, but at Birkenau at the former sport ground and near the deliberately burned down Hospitals and near to what developed into Stalin’s Holy Shrines 2 and 3. The sex word ‘Holocaust’ was by this time still not fully in vogue. That first begun with the foolish trial David Irving had against Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt. Even many Revisionists swallowed the propaganda down, hook, line, and sinker, and some tried to even outdo the Exterminationists in using that Newspeak, ‘Holocaust’ Pension Fraud Crimes jargon.

: Stefan Szende is the Father of the Holocaust Extortion Cult. And he put a new spin on Circumcision. He claimed, stating it was the Gospel Truth, that Jews put onto their Penises new Foreskins in order to fool Hitler. That is like saying, David put back on Goliath the head he had cut off. Stefan Szende was asked to get his Penis photographed for proof. He refused and died with his secret. Should we believe Stefan Szende? Was Miracle involved? From where did they get all those Foreskins? From the Poles? The mystery of the secret is deepening.
623_szende penis”_2

DAVID CUTS OFF THE HEAD OF GOLIATH THE CHRISTIANS, THE JEWS, AND THEIR ARGUMENTS. When I was a child I was forced into Sunday School and there I was told and given pictures about ‘brave David’ cutting off the head of Goliath. Supposedly it was one of the most honorable thing done in man’s history. Well, can’t these people look upon USA and Israel as the Goliath? And maybe James Foley’s head was not cut off? Where is his body? And if it is found, who did the cutting? ‘King David’, we are told in the Bible also cut off whole Penises, or parts of, such as Foreskins of his enemies. And what were the Penises to be used for? As Dildos? ‘King David’ also cut up people into pieces for fun, the Bible tells us. The world’s greatest Mass Murderer and Serial Killer ever, Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller, was invited as special citizen, given a plush home, a huge pension, and free women in West Germany. He became for a while Wikipedia’s most beloved proof of the Holocaust Extortion Cult. And from where did Stefan Szende get all his Foreskins? From the Poles?

Sex Question from the Listeners and Readers 1



SEX QUESTION 1: When Pilgrims to Auschwitz Vomitorium enter Stalin’s Holy Shrine gas chamber, do they also have Orgasm when they are in it?

ANSWER TO SEX QUESTION 1: When you go to Auschwitz Vomitorium you better put on a Wet Suit and carry an umbrella, for Security and guard yourself against the White Stuff just as the Popes have wisely done.

Observe how the Pope doing Pilgrimage to Auschwitz Vomitorium and Birkenau Recreation Sport And Relief Camps, from the picture at right carries an umbrella while wearing a special protection suit to cover for the occasion:

Below: Holy men in Procession of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, Bruges, protect themselves for any eventualities against the White Stuff, carrying a needed umbrella and protection suits just as the Popes have done at Auschwitz Vomitorium:

First Sex question on perversion asked by listener and reader
Language: English, MP3, Time: 4:18 Minutes

White Stuff1Audio

Wearing this Bikini below when entering into the Holy Shrine of Auschwitz may not protect you but encourage entry of the White Stuff
278_sexy bikinis at the Auschwitz Swimming pool

Why does Wikipedia hide the Sexuality of Sex Holocaust?


Reason One: What has become a Newspeak word for the Zionists, the word Holocaust means the Penis moving up into an erection and has nothing to do with killing Six Million Jews or anybody else. It pertains to the Phallic Worship of the Greek. The word Holocaust is Aryan Greek and an Antisemitic term number one. It is found in the Greek Septuagint of which you see a photo below, and the word Holocaust is found in every Greek Bible of the New Testament.



Behind the Wikipedia palpable fraud stand the Pension Fraud Crime, PFC. That through the Exterminationist hoax the Zionists will be able to extort huge sums of money from the public, hiding behind corrupt politicians to do so.

Wikipediaphilia, perhaps one of the world’s most prestigious sex perversion

THE CHUTZPAH OF WIKIPEDIA: Wikipedia lies to the people with the Zionist article about the Antisemtic Newspeak word ‘Holocaust’.


Wikipedia and their Zionist lies about the Holocaust.
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The Wikipediaphiliacs greatest hoax; that, of peddling the Exterminationist Doctrine of the Holocaust Extortion Cult. That of ‘Not to deny history’s greatest crime that of Jewish Holocaust’, an Antisemitic term ‘Jewish Holocaust,’ which was never used by the originators of the Holocaust Extortion Cult before they saw they could make loads of money on their Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC. Bernard Madoff finally didn’t get away with his Ponzi scheme and evidently the end finally came also to the Exterminationist Cult.


HOLOCAUST is an Antisemitic, Aryan word. Use Exterminationism or Exterminationist instead, or, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult.

White Stuff2Audio

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Meet Nazi Survivor and Holocaust Survivor Judith Goldstein. What prevented the Wikipediaphiliacs and the Jewish Sonderkommando to carry out their perversions against the poor almost to be one of the Six Million Martyrs but rescued at the last moment?

Perverse Sex places at Auschwitz 1

At times Frotteurism or Frottage may even happen at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool

Perverse Sex places at Auschwitz 1

You may be stalked and a play object for Frotteurism

At Stalin’s Holy Shrine of Auschwitz Vomitorium

Frotteurism and Frottage: Non-penetrative sex. The practice of rubbing against or touching the (clothed) body of another person (usually in a crowd) as a means of of obtaining sexual gratification.

Frotteur: A person who indulges in Frotteurism or Frottage. Probably most early Christian leaders (Rabbis) were vibrant Frotteurs invoking support for the sex habit from Esther 2:12 and other places.

Probably the most famous place for Frottage or Frotteurism at Auschwitz is at the Holy Shrine where close contact with the Pilgrim crowd watching the holy place of Martyrdom, give an excellent chance to carry out the perversion without being caught

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Frottage or Frotteurism can also be an act of mutual Masturbation. In fact, the woman inside Stalin’s Holy Shrine at Auschwitz may indeed crave for it, and thankful for the services

The at times crowded place of the Stalin Holy Shrine at Auschwitz Vomitorium offer excellent chances for Frotteurs to carry out their secret rubs on the innocent Pilgrims thinking it too sacred for massage of this type, all forgetting that ritual massage normally carries with them Frotteurism of one kind or another.

595_1fAT STALIN’S EROTIC HOLY SHRINE: Stalin’s Holy Shrine is where the world’s best Frotteurs congregate as they were in church, to carry out their perverse sex acts on the Pilgrims, which surprisingly often causes that some of the Pilgrims just go there to get the sex movements done to them and thus both victims and perpetrators join as one into a massive positive orgiastic Holy Shrine climax without the use of Viagra or Cialis. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

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The World’s most Bizarre Sex Trial: the world famous Sweden Holocaust Sex Trial

The World’s most Bizarre Sex Trial: the world famous Sweden Holocaust Sex Trial

The Trial was not about who had the largest Tits:

Nor who had the tightest Bikini for the Auschwitz Swimming Pool:
mr Frank visit brothel_2_273

Nor who had the right size Penis which the Jewish God Jehovah approves:

No, it was all about Holocaust and whether the Penis goes up into an Erection to do the job it was meant to do.


The plaintiff was Sweden with all its force and Zionist Jehovah Penis worshipers, and Christian Scofieldites who now linked together; all contra Ditlieb Felderer, the accused.

As expected, he verdict was obtained before in one of the greatest prejudged Show Trials ever. The Sweden corrupt State with its world famous corrupt judges, headed by Johan Munck of Hogsta Domstolen, decided as to the prejudged rules set down by the Deputy and his Kahal court. In unison, in remembrance of: ‘United we stand, divided we fall,’ without one daring to disagree what Big Brother already had commanded, the accused was found guilty. He was now to spend time inside Sweden Concentration Camps, punished for stating the Penis goes up into an Erection when whole of Sweden knows the natural forces of Government makes it go down. And that what the Government states is down, must never get up.

During the trial, the State prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind, requested for the help of what possible could be an insane professor, a Helmut Mussener. At her side stood two pseudo policemen, corrupt agents, Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin. Both pseudo police helped in falsifying documents  with the help of Fahrenheit 451 Bertil Wennberg. This was done in order to make it out that the Jewish judge, Johan Hirschfeldt would be hidden to have stood behind the false charges and judiciary crime.

The possible insane Helmut Mussener was to show to the court, and Jewish Zionist, pseudo judge, Jan Levin of corrupt Sodra Roslags Tingsratt; that, the Penis does NOT go up into an Erection when cause is called for action. In fear of further discovery, the utterly corrupt pseudo-judge, Jan Levin, disqualified himself for further Witchhunting and Show Trial activities, firing himself from the trial. He thus became the first judge, although a pseudo one, in Scandinavian history to fire himself due to incompetence and corruption.

The possible insane Helmut Mussener, successfully persuaded the prestigious Hybristophilia Sweden court, by demonstration that the Penis does not go up into an Erection when called for. And lo and behold the Zionist pseudo court decided in Helmut Mussener’s favor, and so, the accused was forced inside Concentration Camp for further Witch Trials and Torture.

ALL IS SHOW TRIAL IN SWEDEN AND THE ACCUSED ALREADY IS FOUND GUILTY: Chief Jewish pseudo judge, Johan Hirschfeldt, who was in charge of the character assassination, hat his deputy Fahrenheit 451 Witchhunter General, Bertil Wennberg, one of Sweden’s most prestigious thugs; together with police hooligans and Book Burners, Svante Nordin, and Lennart Selin,assist in the Murder Incorporated operations of committing Crime Against Humanity, all in order to cover up the Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC.

AGNETA ISBORN LIND AS BB AND PBB: The Sweden State pseudo prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind, is world famous as one of the most prestigious Pure Book Burners and Fahrenheit 451 operators in the world.

A Pure Book Burner, PBB, is one who concentrates, not in the torturous burning of farms, horses, cows, chicken, dogs, dog puppies, lambs, pigs, house pets, cows, and other defenseless animals, but concentrates in burning books, Bibles, religious books, historical records, baby food instructions, children’s songs, family photos, love letters, funeral speeches, baby recipes, food recipes, cookbooks, doctor’s prescriptions, sport guides, yoga sports, jogging books, fish recipes, poetry, nature drawing, paintings of animals, homes, nature and families, music composers of hymns and songs of joy, dance music, and music of praise.

END JUSTIFY MEANS. BIBLICAL PRINCIPIUM NOW STATE PRECEPT. JEHOVAH THE CONSUMING FIRE—Hebrews 12:29. The modern State has taken over the old Church principium that the State has to persecute and burn out of saving souls and to continue on the Wrath of God Doctrine, that to please him fires have to be kindled to extirpate the Sins of man.


Thus, Agneta Isborn Lind, Helmut Mussener and Jan Levin are seemingly intrigued by God’s Chosen People appeasing the Wrath of Jehovah, the God of stealing and Genocide against the Canaanites in the Conquest of Canaan, and today Palestine and Gaza, as so lucidly expressed in Deuteronomy 6:10, 11.

Both Helmut Mussener, Jan Levin, and Agneta Isborn Lind, are, accused of Holocaust Frotteurism and Holocaust Hybristophili or Hybristophilia. Hybristophilia infers being sexually magnetized to criminal persons, and as proof of this the Deputy assassination threat call below is given (C150Audio), along with their assisting with the modern Genocide conquest of Israel of Palestinians and Gaza, so well expressed in Deuteronomy 6:10, 11. This Wailing Wall-Dacryphilia must continue till the conquest of Euphrates to Nile has been accomplished.

They have also been accused of Wailing Wall-Dacryphilia, the sexual attraction of seeing people weep, wail and scream at the Jerusalem Wailing Wall.

591 WAILING WALL-Dacryphilia is the obsessed urge of sexual pleasure of seeing and hearing people weep and wail at the Jerusalem Wailing Wall. All Thought Terrorists, TT, such as Jan Levin, Helmut Mussener, and Agneta Isborn Lind are warm Skirthangers hanging onto the Olah-Holocaust Cult.

Observers of Sex leanings have also noticed the obsession of Pyromaniac obsession and some investigators even claim that all such sexual preferences mentioned above, have latent Pyromaniac urges. This becomes manifested in Book Burning, Acts 19:19, 20. The text here in fact says that thanks to such Book Burning the holy faith Judeo-Christianity went on increasing!

Indeed, the Jewish Tribal God Jehovah, meaning the wrathful Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky, is himself accused of being a Pyromaniac God for having created Hellfire, Purgatory, and hellish Guilt and Sin. The Thought Terrorists and Skirthangers are thus but an image of their Holy Father in Heaven (Numbers 15:37-40; Zechariah 8:23).


Deputy to Sweden Zionist Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, threatens with court and assassination in a secret call to Ditlieb Felderer which was recorded, telling Ditlieb Felderer he is prejudged, already found guilty even without a Show Trial:
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 52 Seconds

593 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HARD-CORE ‘PURE PYROMANIAC’, PP, AND WORD ‘PYROMANIAC’? A ‘Pure Pyromaniac’ gets sexually excited by burning books, and hence is a Book Burner, BB. A ‘pure pyromaniac’ is similar to a PBB, Pure Book Burner, who gets sexually agitated, excited by burning literary matter including photos, certificates, birth certificates, marriage testimonies, love letters, funeral speeches, orations, etc. A ‘pyromaniac’ gets sexually hot by burning farms, animals, even human beings. For a Pyromaniac, fires acts like Masturbation. It drives him onto further heights of burning crimes just as it did to Joshua in the Bible and his horde of Pyromaniacs.

The case of Pure Pyromania, PP, its history till today.
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Ditlieb Felderer is told in Swedish by the deputy to Rabbi Morton Narrowe that he is already a guilty man for the coming Censorship Fahrenheit 451 Book Burning trials:

Sexual perversion within Exterminationism, Wikipedia, and the Holocaust Extortion Cult with a full table of sex madness and perversions in word and picture, fully illustrated for all ages.
Just as there are phobias there are stimilus for sexual appetites and Auschwitz and Birkenau stand at the center.