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The Zionist writers behind the Wikipedia articles

The Zionist writers behind the Wikipedia articles



If you were to DOUBT, make note, you don’t even need to question or deny, the myth Dogma of Exterminationism today, Germany’s War Criminals Angela Merkel and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the man who stood behind the Iraq War Crime; they, along with the rest of the German corrupt politicians will give you 5 years in Concentration Camp with Torture. Germany’s ‘brave soldiers’ and War Criminals have today invaded Africa, teaching Africans ‘Toleration’ and ‘Free Speech!’



1. Did you know Wikipedia is used today to incarcerate and torture investigators?
2. Did you know Wikipedia is used to incarcerate and torture people for the mere sake of DOUBT?
3. Did you know that Wikipedia is used today as an excuse to commit violence and Terrorist acts against peace-loving people?
4. Did you know Wikipedia is used to allow police to enter your home without a charge?
5. Did you know Wikipedia is used to allow police to take over your home, rape your wife and children while you are put inside Concentration Camp, eat your food, drink your drinks, sleep in your bed while inviting their lovers for a party inside your home?
6. Did you know that Wikipedia is used by States to commit any crime against you as you wish?
7. Did you know Wikipedia is used accusing people for having committed crimes which are non-existent, just as their alleged ‘gas chambers’?
8. Did you know Wikipedia is used smearing and attacking any person with fabricated lies just to uphold certain State monopolized Cults?
9. Did you know that Wikipedia is used by Germany to put you inside their Concentration Camps for 5 years just for doubting the Stair Doctrine? A Doctrine Helmut Kohl helped in creating, while he himself fell down the stairs and is today in a wheelchair. Only this mention would land you 5 years inside Concentration Camp in Germany.
10. Did you know that the Exterminationist Cult has full monopoly in Wikipedia? All others are denied access.
11. Did you know that Wikipedia is used today to censor information about the Pension Fraud Crime, PFC? Try and find it mentioned in any of their articles. You can’t find it.
12. Did you know that Wikipedia is used today to call anyone a ‘Terrorist’ who does not subscribe to Zionism and their Cult of Exterminationism?
13. Did you know that in fact, Wikipedia has been in such degree manipulated that even to question Exterminationism with their ‘gas chamber’ cult can put you inside Concentration Camp for 5 years? This could put every Wikipedia author inside Concentration Camp under abuse and Torture for 5 years in Germany, 2 years in Sweden. Sweden wants to extend it to 10 years, with the full applaud of Wikipedia!
14. Did you know that Wikipedia’s mention of supposed existing ‘gas chamber’ used in World War 2, the Wikipedia Zionist writers can not show, or give proof OF EVEN ONE GAS CHAMBER USED FOR HUMANS! Yet they keep dishing out this Zionist propaganda over and over again.
15. Did you know Wikipedia is used to hide how Censorship entered into Europe? Today Islam is accused of introducing it after World War 2 when in fact it was the Zionists.
16. Did you know that Wikipedia does not stand for Free Speech? No, they are champions for something quite different which they hide, namely LIMITED CENSORSHIP which means you are but a piece of trash for Governments. To this date, Wikipedia has not one article showing the difference between LIMITED CENSORSHIP and UNLIMITED FEE SPEECH, a difference between night and day.
17. Did you know that Wikipedia Zionist writers not only are professional engaged in writing their ‘truths,’ but also watch you in order to report to Governments to imprison you?
18. Did you know Wikipedia articles allow police today to enter your homes, steal your family photographs, steal ll your books, all your documents, all your research, and finally your complete mind as has happened in Sweden and in Germany.

Extraordinary Historical Voice Recording! If you know Swedish language you can actually hear how the Deputy of Sweden’s supreme Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, brags about the introduction of Censorship laws and that the Jewish Zionists are in full control of the Court and that you are judged beforehand, thus making all trials as mere Show Trials. The recording was secretly made on 21 March 1979. Here you will hear several clips from the assassin threatening Deputy. A true historic memorial. The top secret recording was then handed over to Ditlieb Felderer.
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 2:25 Minutes

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